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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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o a terrorist organization. also this morning, a solemn ceremony at police headquarters in paris paying tribute to three police officers killed in last week's attacks. the president placed legion of honor medals france's highest honor on flag-draped coffins. a funeral for fewer jewish victims of the attack on the kosher grocery store. prime minister netanyahu among those delivering eulogyieseulogies. and the surviving staff of charlie hebdo is preparing to release a special edition tomorrow, in the past hour staffers held an emotional news conference talking about what it was like putting this special edition together. >> translator: we had to make this newspaper. and we had to make a newspaper with intelligent drawings not just any other newspaper. we needed it to be emotional, something sensible.
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something with a lot of heart for us. more than anything we tried to put drawings of those who are no longer here in the newspaper. >> nbc's ron allen is joining us live from paris. ron, the new edition of charlie hebdo which was attacked for printing a tarcartoon of prophet muhammad on the cover, are there concerns that this may spark more violence? >> there are concerns this will upset a significant number of people in the muslim world and the world generally. and there's a lot of concern about why the magazine might want to do this now. obviously they are very adamant about expressing their right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression. you talk to people in the square leaving tributes leaving candles and gathering here they're supportive of the magazine, their editors, the cartoonists and right to free
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speech. i heard one commentator say something to the effect that there are rights freedom of expression and speech but rights come with responsibilities as well, and it harkens the idea of yelling fire in a theater without repercussions repercussions. people are concerned what it might mean, how people will react. no one is predicting violence but there's a lot of tension. again, you can hear sirens in the background. every time we're on the air it seems there are sirens in the background. the security is very very tight. the police are responding to all kinds of calls. some false, some not. again, it is a volatile environment. it will be interesting to see how the magazine effects the mix. there will be some 3 million copies produced in 16 languages, distributed in many places. it is usually a small
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circulation magazine 30 to 50,000 copies. it will be an interesting dynamic to what's an interesting and still somewhat tense situation because there's still a lot of questions about how the gunmen were able to pull this off and what other associates accomplices are out there, behind them plotting something. >> absolutely. to that end, ron, can you tell us anything more on the search for possible accomplices? >> reporter: well, you mention the arrest of the man in bulgaria, trying to cross into turkey. he was linked to the kouachi brothers, officials say. here we heard all kinds of reporting suggesting how many accomplices they may be looking for or not. it is unclear. the government says they're looking for any number of individuals and still trying to sort out this network. also today in the parliament when the national assembly met, a moving moment when they gathered to have a moment of silence and sing the national anthem in honor of 17 people killed here then the prime
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minister made an empassioned speech, talked about practical steps the government will try to take in the coming weeks and months to try and increase surveillance here. almost like the french version of the patriot act that the united states experienced after 9/11. they want to for example, increase surveillance on the internet create a new system for monitoring air travel here. they want to do some more work in the prisons to monitor and see what happens to people when they're in prison where a lot of the radicalization seems to happen. the internet seems to be a key thing they were talking about because it is such an important tool for how the jihadi groups recruit and spread propaganda. here in france a lot of talk about how much more surveillance, how much more can they detain suspects hold them longer. the kind of thing that happened in the u.s. after 9/11. that would fly in the face of all the calls and french value of liberty and freedom to some extent like it has in the united states. that clash is to come as well.
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>> it was a new norm after 9/11 here sounds like a new norm coming there as well. thank you very much ron allen. and an emotional funeral for those killed in the attack in the grocery store in paris. >> reporter: it was, it certainly was for the families and hundreds of mourners. the bodies of four victims arrived this morning into tel aviv. hundreds gathered to pay final respects. a big part of mourners were the french jewish population here in israel. many of them carrying signs saying the expression we have seen around the world, je suis charlie, expressing solidarity with the families of victims. some comments came from eulogies, a lot of important people in attendance israel's president and prime minister both paying tribute to the four individuals that were killed.
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in addition to that really raising concerns about the growing anti-semitism in europe and at the same time calling on world leaders to do more to combat that. all of this has triggered a bit of debate in israel and abroad about whether or not the country's leadership has been calling for the jewish population in france to emigrate to israel. there's been a point of contention with the french authorities. the french government doesn't want to see mass exodus of the jewish population. at the ceremony itself today, it was a moment of remembrance for four fallen victims. we heard from the widow of one of them. we heard from other relatives that paid tribute to these individuals. one of the key points that stuck out from the eulogy of the president was saying this is not the way we wanted to bring you to israel. these four individuals, they were hoping to make their way to israel, they wanted to see them alive. unfortunately today they came unfortunately were laid to resin
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jerusalem. >> an emotional time. thank you for reporting from jerusalem. developing now, president obama and vice president biden in the first official meeting with leaders of the new republican led congress. among those attending, senator mitch mcconnell, house speaker john boehner nancy pelosi and harry reid. the white house says the bipartisan meeting will discuss, quote, a wide range of issues including national security. we are awaiting remarks from the president at the top of the meeting which comes a day after white house press secretary josh earnest admitted they should have sent a higher official to the rally in france the unity march. kris jansing is joining me now. kris, sounds like a mea culpa on this, but was the reason behind not sending the president or someone higher in stature because of security concerns? >> reporter: well that's always a possibility, right, and that's something that they have to weigh, the white house saying they had just 36 hours, and not
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only would it have been a lot of security around the president or if it was the vice president but also the inconvenience it would have caused to others. i think in addition to the apology, which rarely happens in this white house or any other, admission of mistake was the fact that this never got to the level of the president, alex. i think that's an indication that somebody on his staff, and we don't know how high up it went, somebody miscalculated the number of world leaders that would be there there were at least 44. and also the number of marchers that would turn out, and how significant this would be in terms of not even a photo op but in terms of a message that it sent so the white house with a rare admission that they wish they had done things differently, and as you mentioned, the president now in a meeting with congressional leaders. there's what we call a pool there, a small group of reporters that would be coming out of that door behind me. we will see if the president has any comments on that issue, alex. >> it is important to note the united states did not go without
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a representative we had newly appointed u.s. ambassador to france, jane hartley there, the highest ranking american in france. you mention that meeting under way now, kris. a lot of issues swirling about this. you have funding for department of homeland security immigration, the obama veto threats, how does the president plan to work with republicans to get something done? >> reporter: let me say first i just learned before we came on the air, alex that harry reid will not be there, as you know he is recovering from some injuries. so that's one less democrat who will be there. there were 16 invited, four leaders of each house of each party. and this is something that the white house has said that they're going to do. they're going to try to have more regular meetings with congressional leaders. as you know there's been a lot of criticism of this white house that they don't have relationships on the hill not just with republicans in congress but democrats as well. but this is a new era, obviously a republican controlled congress, and there's certainly
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reasons for both sides to try to get some things done. the president looking at his legacy and closing time before the 2016 elections take over the news cycle, and for republicans who, alex want to show now they're in control of both houses of congress can get things done. >> very quickly, may we also talk about the first public meeting of the president's taskforce on 21st century policing that was established last month to foster better relationships between police and communities. what's expected to happen today on that? >> reporter: we have a number of big city mayors that will be there, talking about what they call best practices. what the president said in the wake of ferguson and cleveland and staten island there are police departments working together well with their communities and they're showing the kinds of things that work. one of the things that's going to turn into a legislative priority, and by the way, members of the taskforce met yesterday with the congressional black caucus to talk about body cams. we know in some limited
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experiments that they've had that they had major reduction in the number of confrontations between police and members of the minority communities, lowering of the number of arrests. so those are the kinds of things they're going to talk about. as you say, this is just a first meeting and start for something they hope will develop between the federal government police officials throughout the country, and their communities. >> all right. nbc senior white house correspondent, kris jansing. thanks so much. >> sure. panic on the d.c. metro. one passenger died while dozens are trapped underground as smoke filled the subway. >> there was a lot of smoke and people could barely breathe. >> a real disaster situation. >> we will have new details on the cause of that. plus embarrassment for the u.s. military, sent kaumz pages hacked. and talks under way to restore the school's victories taken away in the wake of the
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as the president meets with top congressional leaders this morning, one item up for discussion is a series of legislative proposals to discuss security concerns. it comes a day after centcom was hacked. ironically, that attack took place about the same time as president obama was delivering a speech about cyber security to the federal trade commission yesterday. >> if we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected. as americans, we shouldn't have to forfeit basic privacy when we go online to do our business. >> those accounts are back up
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and running this morning. while the administration has not officially said who is behind it the hackers posted pro-isis messages. one reading isis is already here we are in your pcs in each military base. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me. as far as we can tell, it was limited to twitter and youtube? >> that's right. officials here in the pentagon and in the military do not consider this a serious hacking into a u.s. military website. after all, it was a social media site twitter and youtube. it contained no classified information, no military secrets whatsoever. the suspicion is because these websites are used thousands of them actually they're involved with many separate users that
8:17 am
log into that site so the suspicion is that it was hacked into probably because there was a failure that password protection wasn't up to snuff. and in fact centcom overnight labeled this hack attack cyber vanld vandalism. >> something of a wakeup call there are a couple thousands sites that the pentagon manages. >> they take it seriously, in the fact that it is a wakeup call and they're going back want to look at every one of the twitter and facebook accounts that or youtube accounts that the u.s. military relies on frequently. but there are thousands of them. so this will take some time. the investigation is now in the hands of the fbi to try to trace back exactly who was responsible. >> mick thanks from the pentagon. appreciate that. the nation's cyber security falls in the hands of homeland security. a member of the homeland security committee, loretta
8:18 am
sanchez. welcome. good to see you. i want to get your reaction to the cyber attack yesterday. how much does it concern you? >> well it really doesn't concern me from a military standpoint but it concerns me always from a privacy, a personal standpoint. i remember when i became the chair of cyber security committee on armed services the very same day my personal account was hacked into. that's when i began to realize just how important it is to have double confirmation when you have your personal site. i don't do online banks, for example, nor do i pay my bills through that because it is very easy. the most important thing. people leave passwords all over the place. some don't have passwords on the accounts et cetera so it is very easy to get into them. but from a security standpoint, from a national standpoint it does not effect us. >> this is considered a big
8:19 am
nuisance. imagine generals and military leaders, several dozen who had cell phones put out there. lots of changing of cell phones going on today, no doubt. let's talk about what happened in the president's speech in which he gave a preview of cyber security proposals he wants to outline in the state of the union speech. that's also going to be on the agenda in the meeting with the congressional leaders this morning. some will require collaboration from congress. so do you think he's going to get it especially with the increasing threat? >> look even inside of the congress within the republican side of the house and the democratic side of the house and the senators this whole issue of cyber security has a lot of people working on it many of them not talking to each other. we really haven't been able to pass a bill of significance in the last three or four years that i have been working on this, nothing with teeth, nothing to really help us. the president has been doing this whole thing. this is a big issue for us. i think it is going to be very difficult to get something
8:20 am
through the house and senate that the president would sign or that would have any teeth or meaning to it. i just think it is a very difficult issue. and everybody has ideas and nobody is cooperating very well to tell you the truth. >> often times it comes down to follow the trail of the money, and as the hill is pointing out, the white house is arguing this. here's the quote. republicans are threatening to muck around with crucial funding for the department of homeland security by rolling back the president's action on immigration. listen to john boehner who as house speaker had this to say. >> this week the house will act to fully fund the department of homeland security appropriation while blocking the president's unilateral action with regard to immigration. >> okay. well, the president already said if that happens, the president is going to veto that. is this the time to be having this fight, to cut back on funding or at least not approve
8:21 am
funding for homeland security? >> look the homeland security bill was carried last year carried the year before so we're working programs that are three or four years behind the times, with paris, with what happened yesterday on cyber attack all of these things we have brand new things happening every single day. we need a bill that addresses that and the fact of the matter is the republicans have been very dumb and very dangerous with the americans' security so i think that they're going to continue this with these poison pill amendments with things that go in after the president and that they're not going to get a department of homeland security bill up to date moneys in the right places programs that we need all programs that don't work taken back et cetera. i believe it is a very dangerous game that these republicans play. >> all right, california democratic congressman, loretta sanchez. good to see you.
8:22 am
thanks so much. >> thank you. up next details on the investigation on what filled a d.c. subway with smoke, killing one woman and terrifying passengers in the evening rush hour. and the measles outbreak linked to disney parks in california spreading to several states. and here is a look at what's happening today, tuesday january 13th. right now, the house foreign affairs committee is holding the first public hearing in the wake of sony hacking attack. officials will discuss potential threats of north korea. this afternoon, in trenton, new jersey the governor will deliver his state of the state address. many political watchers wonder if the speech is focused on new jersey or aimed to a national audience ahead of his possible run. rick perry set to deliver a farewell speech of joint session of legislature there. he is considering another presidential run. ps it intersting? she mixes it up. with nice'n easy, you can shift a shade and still look like your most amazing you. with our broadest spectrum of natural looking shades. you know what i love?
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washington, d.c. metro
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subway system is operateding on a modified reduced schedule. smoke filled a tunnel yesterday. tom costello has been following this for us. tom? >> reporter: alex good morning to you. really this has been a tragic terrifying incident for the people on board this train. 84 people taken to area hospitals, 3 in critical condition. tragically, one person died after she was in a train with other passengers. the tunnel suddenly began to fill with smoke, then the train filled with smoke, trapping passengers for nearly an hour. panic on the subway. a train conductor, urging passengers in a smoke filled car to stay calm. for hundreds of passengers that was impossible choking on smoke so thick they could barely see. it happened at washington's station as the evening rush hour was getting under way. a virginia bound subway car
8:27 am
stuck on the tracks. >> no electricity, no visibility. >> reporter: so much smoke passengers stayed in their cars struggling to breathe. by the time firefighters arrived, some passengers were unconscious, others having seizures. >> once i got out, started coughing, could taste blood in the lungs, it was nasty. >> pitch black smoke everywhere kicked everybody out. >> reporter: dozens treated by medics transported to area hospitals. so many they had to use city buses. >> there was a woman in distress on that train and i'm sorry to say she has passed away. >> reporter: the root cause remains unclear, but the ntsb has narrowed the source of the smoke. >> there was an electrical arching event involving the third rail. the train did not derail there was no fire on the train. >> reporter: the d.c. metro system has a checkered safety history. in 2009 nine people were killed and 70 injured after one train
8:28 am
slammed into another. now the ntsb is looking into exactly how this incident involving smoke in the tunnel how it all started. alex, back to you. >> tom, thanks so much from d.c. up next developing news about who is in the running to replace this woman, retiring democratic senator barbara boxer in a race that could be one of the most expensive in the country this year. today's first read. and this. >> the ohio state buckeyes the first national champions of the playoff era. >> there you go. ohio state defeats oregon in a big way in college football's first ever playoff championship. we will look back at the win for the record books. what sparked a guyser that brought down the roof at an oklahoma gas station? one of the stories we are following around the newsnation. that one's delicious. it's yoplait! what? i love yoplait! the other one is chobani. really. i like this one better. yoplait wins again! take the taste-off for yourself. ♪ ♪
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developing now at the white house. president obama and vice president biden are meeting with capitol hill leaders from both parties. the president spoke moments ago
8:32 am
and mentioned cyber security. let's listen. >> there are opportunities for us to streamline government so it is more responsive and on each of these issues i'm going to be listening to everybody around this table and i'm hopeful that with a spirit of cooperation putting america first we can be in position where at the end of this year we'll be able to look back and say we're that much better off than we were when we started the year. so i just wanted to thank everybody for being here and i'm very much looking forward to not just this discussion but some real collaboration over the course of the next several months. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> of course a timely topic there with the sony hack at the end of last year and centcom social media hack the last day.
8:33 am
california attorney general harris jumping into politics. in the past hour the 50-year-old democrat long time friend and ally of the president announced she is running for the senate seat vacated next year by barbara boxer. that's a seat boxer held since 1992. harris launched her official 2016 website pledging to build a grass roots campaign promises to be a, quote, fighter for middle class families. the move follows gavin newsome's announcement that he will not run. former los angeles mayor is considering running as well and billionaire environmental activist tom stier is weighing a bid. joining me from washington nbc news senior editor mark murray. good day to you. mark this is going to be huge california's first open u.s. senate seat in almost a quarter century. first of all, it is incredible to think that boxer and feinstein would be there representing california in the senate, but tell us a bit about
8:34 am
harris, who are formidable she will be as a candidate? >> alex you're right. california might be the most interesting to watch in the next three years in 2016 and 2018 when the governorship and another senate seat may open. your question on harris she's the state attorney general, always a good platform to run for higher office the top law and order official in a particular state. she's african-american also south asian, and a very good friend of president obama's. he got into hot water in 2013 when he called her the best looking attorney general in the united states. >> yeah i remember that. well she's attractive what are you going to do. let's talk about the fascinating california politics at work. on behalf of gavin newsome, he said yesterday he would support harris if she chooses to run. i'm a huge fan and supporter of hers and so maybe you can read between the lines.
8:35 am
all right. politico did that calling the decision a powerplay, because he is aiming for california's governorship. >> alex as i mention, there are going to be potentially three offices open in the next three years. harris is running for the barbara boxer seat open in 2016. jerry brown, current governor term limited. gavin newsom the lieutenant governor would make the logical conclusion to go and run for that top job as governor and then there could be another open senate seat in 2018 if senator dianne feinstein decides she will end up retiring and then you end up having new generation democrats like los angeles mayor eric garcetti and other folks that might decide to eye that. for the barbara boxer seat the most interesting thing is does a tom stier or antonio villaraigosa challenge harris? in california, a top two primary, regardless of party. who end up getting in the race is interesting to see who makes it to the general election.
8:36 am
>> it is also important in california in particular in that state, it is an expensive state to run any sort of a campaign. does harris have the support from big time democratic donors? >> so far she has gotten support from emily's list, the democratic women's fund-raising organization that always is good at raising money. the democratic senatorial campaign put out an interesting statement an hour or so ago in which they said they're happy with candidates like harris. it sends a message that harris might be the favorite in there. i don't think she will have any trouble raising money. the wild card is if someone from silicon valley or hollywood with self financed money is also able to compete, kind of creating a very very high stakes and expensive contest. >> mark murray in washington, thank you, mark. >> thanks. up next a former miami dolphin gets emotional recounting the fight of his life.
8:37 am
>> two beautiful daughters. i was hitting that shore. >> nine miles, rob konrad fell off a fishing boat spent 16 hours swimming to safety. hear how he did it. talk about a private plane. a man tweets pictures on board a nearly empty delta flight. where were all of the passengers? one of the stories we are following around the news nation. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. [cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about
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i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. the recovery of the second black box from the wreckage of airasia flight 8501 tops our news around the news nation. they recovered the cockpit voice recorder, it will be flown to jakarta. it could be a key piece in finding out why it went down. officials say it could take up to two weeks to analyze all the data contained in those boxes.
8:41 am
health officials say seven more cases of measles were linked to disney theme parks in california which brings that total to 26 cases in four states. most visited disneyland or california adventure in mid december. disney officials are working with public health authorities to provide any necessary assistance. a massive water break in tulsa, oklahoma gas station caused tornado like damage all caught on surveillance video. you can see the huge guyser of water as it shoots 30 feet in the air, blows through an awning taking out several gas pumps underneath it. it quickly grew into a huge gush. no one was injured there. amazing pictures. call it the ultimate dream flight. no crying babies. only empty seats. chris oh'learyo'leary, lived the dream as the only passenger from cleveland to new york city. apparently the flight was delayed for several hours. all other passengers jumped on
8:42 am
other flights. o'leary sat in first class, was given a personal flight safety demonstration. but didn't have the plane entirely to himself. there was one other passenger on the flight. lots of overhead space though. a former nfl player at the center of an incredible survival story is speaking out. for the first time rob konrad discussed how he made it through 16 hours swimming to shore after being knocked off a small boat nine miles off the east coast of florida last week using only the sun to navigate. the 6'3" 250 pound konrad says the determination to get home helped him get through the ordeal. nbc's kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: rob konrad knows he beat the odds. he still chokes up thinking of his ordeal. it began last wednesday on a fishing trip. he was alone nine miles out when he hooked a fish and just as he went to grab the line a big
8:43 am
wave crashed into the boat knocking him overboard. the boat on auto pilot sailed away. he had no life jacket no radio. >> quickly realized i was in a real bad situation. >> reporter: if rob konrad's name is familiar it may be because for six seasons he was a powerful full back on the miami dolphins. but no test on the gridiron would ever match this. >> bit by a jellyfish, i was circled by a shark. luckily did one circle around and left. >> reporter: twice konrad saw help a fishing boat 50 yards away. later, a coast guard chopper overhead. he saw them they did not see him. >> i just said look i'm not dying tonight. i've got two beautiful daughters. i was hitting that shore. >> reporter: alternating between breast stroke and back stroke konrad swam for 16 hours. swift current pulled him north,
8:44 am
turning nine miles into an estimated 27 until finally he saw the lights of palm beach. exhausted and dehydrated he says when he finally made it to shore, he didn't walk out like i am now, rather he crawled up onto the beach. then because he was so cold he pulled himself into the fetal position. his wife tammy says it is a miracle he survived. friends joke konrad who swam the impossible has given a new definition to what it means to be a miami dolphin. >> what a story, right? that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. up next our news nation gut check. talks under way in school wins. and ohio state winning the first ever playoff national championship. coming up, what the historic win means for the school and players. be sure to like newsnation on facebook. at
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developing now at the white house. president obama met with top congressional leaders at the white house. hear more about what the president had to say about the cyber attack on centcom. >> i have a state of the union next week. one of the things we're going to be talking about is cyber security, with the sony attacks that took place, with the twitter account that was hacked by islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much more work we need to do both public and private sector to strengthen our cyber security and make sure that families' bank accounts are safe, to make sure public infrastructure is safe. i talked to both speaker and mitch mcconnell about this i think we agreed that this is an area where we can work hard together, get some legislation done and make sure that we are
8:49 am
much more effective in protecting the american people from these kinds of cyber attacks. >> the president a short while ago at the white house. a lot more going on this morning. some of the things we thought you should know. we just thought you should know. that's how that works. the director for the centers for disease control believes the ebola outbreak in west africa can get to zero cases. dr. tom freed ensays it will take monitoring and surveillance. former secretary of state national security adviser henry kissinger is recovering after fracturing his shoulder. happened three days after christmas. no word how that happened. he was due to testify in front of the senate foreign relations committee but will have to miss that hearing. republican senator marco rubio's new book is out, titled "american dreams." restoring economic opportunity for everyone. outlines his plan to boost the middle class and fix the immigration system. rubio said he is considering whether he will run for the
8:50 am
president. that is not the case for congressman paul ryan as he told nbc news yesterday, he will not run in 2016. he says he feels like he is in position to make a big difference where he is new york governor george pataki is considering a run. not sure when he'll make that decision and those are the things we thought you should know. got it right. the inaugural college football championship is on the books with ohio state university taking home the first title. while the game was played in dallas, the celebrations on the ohio state campus in columbus took somewhat of a dangerous turn. at one point police had to use riot gear and tear gas and pepper spray. about 8,000 students forced their way into horseshoe stadium and tore down a goal post and dozen small fires were reported. as for the game itself the buckeyes led by the third string quarterback cardale jones and final score of 42-20. and it might as well have been a
8:51 am
home game with much of at&t filled red and white and that would include lebron james. joining me now, the nation sports editor dave zyron. we want your reaction to the game. ohio state winning this inaugural national championship. >> a remarkable accomplishment by the ohio state buckeyes starting a third string quarterback in cardale jones. in three games he won the big 10 championship sugar bowl and national championship. three games started, three championship rings. i don't know if that's ever going to be reported. the second thing they slowed down an oregon team that hadn't scored less than 42 points since the first week of october. and any time you can take a high powered offense off the field, you're going to do very, very well. the third quarter, for example, ohio state held the ball for 13 out of 15 minutes. old school smash mouth football against a new age offense and
8:52 am
old school won. >> cardale jones seems to have made a big impression, you wrote about the game and fact he's a third string quarterback who leads them to the win. you really couldn't have a more appropriate starting quarterback in the first college football dham onship for a playoff system the critics is a a lucrative money grab serving to extend the season and pull players from the pretense of going to class and further establish division i colleges as football factories, jones is perfect. you noted in the tweet in 2012 why should we have to go to class if we came here to play football? we didn't come to play school. classes are pointless. you describe that as a casual observation that the emperor happened to be naked. explain that. >> when you consider the amount of travel these kids are now asked to do during the year the salaries that the coaches now make when you consider the $7.3 billion television contract that
8:53 am
college football now has with espn to speak about this as amateur sports is just beyond laughable. and cardale jones when he sent the tweet in 2012. he had to have his twitter account deactivated for a time. that was the punishment for saying that. the main point is that we have to start recognizing this for what it is which is a highly professionalized operation. only difference between college football now and 100 years ago is the lack of powerlessness among players. ohio state coach woody hayes, his last year coaching which was i believe 1978 he made $40,000 that year. $40,000. for urban meyer, his base salary is $4 million. it's a different world. >> absolutely different world. how about the playoff system? that's different now. it's the first year of this new system. how do you rate it and do you think there are changes to come by next year to it? >> let's be clear, as entertainment it was a huge win. ratings were through the roof.
8:54 am
the only thing we'll see in terms of changes, it's going to be expanded. that's going to be the natural response to this more games. the problem though is we have to keep in mind we're now asking these 18 to 22-year-olds to play 15, 16 game seasons, those are frofgsal seasons while asking them to maintain a full class load and travel the country and not see compensation for it. that in and of itself sets up so many seeds for corruption and people who then say, i'm shocked and appalled this is happening in college sports when these stories are practically writing themselves months before the scandals take place. >> tell any about it. i went to usc, i know all about college football and few scandals there. dave zirin, good to see you. the gut check involves another storied clenl football a new deal would be in the works between ncaa and penn state. this would restore 112 wins under coach joe paterno.
8:55 am
the school was forced to vacate those wins as part of sanctions over the school's handling of the infamous jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. the punishment dropped paterno's career total from 409, dropped to 298. he was fired as coach in 2011 in the wake of the scandal. later died. jerry sandusky remains in prison serving a sentence up to 60 years and this potential deal comes after they restored postseason eligibility and full a lotment of scholarships in september of last year. what does your gut tell you? do you think penn state's victories could be reshould be -- should be restored. yesterday's gut check on the big playoff game between the packers and cowboys and controversial call against dez bryant. we asked, do you think dez
8:56 am
bryant made a fair catch? 59% said yes, you did. 41% saying no referees got it right. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. stay tuned up next, "andrea mitchell reports." introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections that's preferred rewards from bank of america. ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety
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9:00 am
the white house admits now the decision not to attend sunday's march was a mistake. >> whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile and it's fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> hack attack, after centcom social media victimized by isis inspired hackers, they say it should be a warning. >> not a crisis but needs to be looked at. >> this is not a threat to critical infrastructure. this is much more of an annoyance than anything else. >> and power shift, congress's leaders meet with the president. they at least find something on which they can agree. >> to the speaker, i want to point out, i said there are going to be some things we agree


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