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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  January 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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dramatic video shows cherif and said firing on police following their attack on "charlie hebdo" headquarters days ago. we are joined from paris byron. and what can you tell us about the search for additional accomplices in the terrorist attacks? >> reporter: well, joy, dallas obviously intense. and when you look at the video just released you see why theseco auchy brothers were well trained and the attack was well-planned, they arrived at the newspaper on a day when there is an editorial meeting when it doesn't happen every day. they have some advanced notice about that. watch these stunning pictures. they are calm and collected and they take their time when they come out of the building and reload their weapons and put them on top of the car in one case and then as they are making their escape they are firing at the police officer. imagine the propaganda value this video will have for jihadi
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groups like isis and al qaeda and others. there have dallas pictures of the windshield of the police car in a they are shooting -- that they are shooting at in the pictures and you can see the bullet holes were well sited and targeted and the aimages of the officers retreating and when they go around the corner you don't see them encounter the other officers and that is where the officer is executed in the street. there is another shoot out and then he is shot in the head and executed. just absolutely stunning. the authorities obviously have more video from other surveillance cameras in the area so they know they are going up against a very well-trained adversary, enemy, and they have to wonder how many more like these two and the other, amedy coulibaly who attacks the grocery store and killed four people before he made his escape
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in a hail of bullets and dying on the scene, how many more of them are out there and what capability do they have? that is why there are some 10,000 soldiers military troops on the streets in the cities. there were police before and now there are military around the eifel tower and other sites. they are taking no chances. this is serious business. >> ron allen live in paris. and we are joined live from where the funerals are being held what is the atmosphere in jerusalem, aymen. >> it was a somber day throughout the country. the israeli prime minister who himself had flown to france to attend the funeral and tour the scenes where the shooting happened and participate in the unity march was on hand for the funeral. today the bodies arrived from france at 4:00 a.m. local time and brought to jerusalem where they were buried at a settlementcemetery,
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following a somber tribute. the president of the country delivered a powerful eulogiology, describing that is not how they wanted the four individuals to come to israel to come to visit the country alive instead they are coming as murdered victims. instead the prime minister also called on world leaders to do more to combat anti-semitism. and he also paid a tribute to the four victims that were here. we saw hundreds of mourners gather in the early-morning hours. many of them waving the israeli and the france flag and the sign je suis charlie. but it has to do with the growing threat the anti-semitic on the rise here and many say
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they should do more to bring jews to israel and that is something the french government has expressed concern about. they do want the jewish population to remain in france but that is a point of debate taking place as the country mourns the four victims. >> and very quickly, ayman, the egypt religion community dar el hefta, has warned that "charlie hebdo" does feature the prophet muhammad on the cover does have provocation for the muslims an the significance of that. >> reporter: it is significant within egypt. they are the largest muslim company and this is the edict authority that issues religious edicted and respected among the world but it is condemning the violence against "charlie hebdo"
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and it is absolutely not warning or calling for violence but saying that a new publication with more caricatures or cartoons would only widen the gap between cultures and civilization and increase discrimination against muslims in france and around the world. so it is an important condemnation of the new issue expected to be released tomorrow, joy. >> a men moy headine in europe. thank you very much. and coming up we'll hear from "charlie hebdo" writer who is helping to put together the magazine's new issue with a special tribute to those who were killed. in washington a incendiary comment about his decision not to attend the rally this weekend with other leaders have democrats up in arms. randy webber from texas tweeted the following yesterday. quote, even adolf hitter thought it more important to get to paris for all of the wrong reasons. obama couldn't do it for the right reasons.
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nbc's luke russert joins me. and there is good-wynn's law that something will inevitably provoke a hitler defense. how much is this rocketing this morning. >> reporter: i'll tell you, every republican shakes their head and says i have nothing to say about that or that was completely out of line. and interestingly enough randy webber's tweet before i came on your program, it is still up there. he is not willing or wanting to take it down. can i tell you he was no a no- -- was a no-show at the conference meeting and reporters wanted to ask him why this was still up comparing president obama to adolf hitler. steve israel the former head of the ddp said this was vile and this stooped to a new low and
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then more problematic for republicans is that steve israel tied this to the recent controversy surrounding the majority whip steve scalise and his appearance before white supremacists and that this combined with scalise is evident of a troubling pattern of hate coming from the republican party. that is from steve israel. so this is something that i think is fair to say was not -- not something the leadership wanted to deal with today and it definitely, i would say, places the republicans in a light they've been trying so hard to get out of since the election of president barack obama. it seems one of the members always wants to make an unfortunate comparisons or say something completely out of line, joy. >> and are you hearing at all, quickly, luke, because this is the complication of having steve scalise there, he is always there and available to bring up in these situations that maybe it might not be to have him in
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the top three leadership position. >> reporter: there are few that believe that but as of right now they are behind scalise. they take him at his word that it was amistake for him to appear before the meeting at the group in 2002. but this is the liability with steve scalise. you nailed it on the head. every time one of the members says something like this the tie will always go there. so right now, he looks good. he should be fine. but every time this happens, he'll be the at forefront, joy. >> indeed. we need a new godwin's law that every time on the hill -- >> in congress you should not want to do that. a bad decision. >> and now congressman webber has apologized for the tweet. that is an update that we got via my magical producers. thank you, luke. >> thank you. and in washington, the national transportation safety board is investigating an
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electrical malfunction that led to a metro station being filled with smoke. it happened at the beginning of the rush hour. one woman was killed and dozens were sent to area hospitals. tom costello has more on the investigation. >> hi, joy. good day to you. for most part the metro system has been functioning normally although with some delays here and there. in all, 84 people taken to area hospitals, three in critical condition yesterday and tragically one passenger did die after the train tunnel and then the train filled with smoke, trapping passengers for nearly an hour. >> please stay calm. >> reporter: panic on the subway. a train conductor urging passengers in a smoke-filled subway car to stay calm. but for hundreds of passengers that was impossible. choking on smoke so thick they could barely see. it happened at washington's l'enfant metro station just as the evening rush hour was getting underway. a subway car stuck on the
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tracks. >> no electricity or visibility or nothing. >> reporter: so much smoke in the tunnel the passengers stayed in their cars, struggling to breathe. by the time firefighters arrived, some passengers were unconscious and others having seizures. >> once i got out, i can taste blood in my lungs, it was nasty. >> it was black smoke everywhere. >> dozens treated by medics and transported to area hospitals, so many they had to use city buses. >> there was a woman in distress on that train and i'm sorry to say she's passed away. >> reporter: the route cause is unclear but the ntsb has narrowed the source of the smoke. >> there was an electrical arcing event involving the third rail. the train did not derail. there was no fire on the train. >> reporter: so now the ntsb is trying to determine exactly why that arcing event or the smoking event occurred. this d.c. metro system has a checkered safety history. in 2009 nine people were killed
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and 70 injured after one train slammed into another. this incident yesterday was the first involving a fatality with a passenger since 2009. joy, back to you. >> nbc's tom costello thank you. and ahead on "the reid report," does freedom of expression mean free of consequences what is satire and what crosses the line. and bipartisanship may be the driving dream of political watchers but we'll take a deep dive into the issues that has the white house and congress at odds as the new session gets underway on capitol hill. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health.
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just like you.
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more now on the apoolg from republican -- the apology from congressman randy weber under fire after a tweet for
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criticizing the president for not attending the rally in paris. he said i need to first apologize to all of those who were offended by my tweet. it was not my intention to trivialize the holocaust or compare the president to hitler. i now realize that the use of hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those effected by the atrocities of the holocaust and victims of anti-semitism and hate. on capitol hill today, congressional leaders of the brand new 114th congress met with president obama. afterwards members of both parties gave wonderfully positive hopes for the meeting and efforts to achieve big-agenda items. >> we're in a position to make sure that 2015 is an even stronger year and relative to our competitors, we are holding much better cards. the key now is for us to work as
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a team to make sure we build on this progress. obviously there are disagreements around the table on a whole range of issues but there is where we can agree and that is where we're going to focus. >> however some of the big-ticket items on things like immigration, keystone and immigration appointments are to face tough law when they vote and not to mention the caucus. and mark is the senior political editor. so let's do away from the rosie talk. it has to be rosie for the photo talk, but when we get down to brass tax, let's talk about the issues up on capitol hill. and let's start with immigration. this is what john boehner had to say about whether the vote on the president's expansion of -- of i guess you could say relief for 4 million immigrants if that could backfire on the republican party. let's take a listen. >> it is not about actually the
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issue of immigration. what it is it is about the president acting lawlessly. >> it is the same rhetoric we heard for months. that doesn't sound like a change in the republican stance. what do you make of it? >> reporter: joy, it does seem like we're headed on a path toward confrontation and it made it clear that house speaker john boehner and the republicans want to use the funding from the department of homeland security to have a fight with president obama over his executive action on immigration he took last year. and they said it was the president who started this with the presidential action and they say no republicans are trying to retaliate. and this is risky for both sides. with the current events, the terrorist attacks in paris, having a fight on homeland security and when you are dealing with immigration, and invoking this could be shut down is always very risky. now it is worth noting that in
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the last government shut down in october of 2013 the department of homeland security wasn't touched. a lot of this is driven by user fees. so if somehow the funding wasn't -- the appropriation process just wasn't working at all for the department of homeland security, most of the functions would still be happening and that is why some people actually think that republicans were on the losing side of this argument. because even if they try to stand their ground they might not be able to change all that much. >> because mostly the president's executive order to have it carried out would be covered by fees. there is nothing congress could do about it and it would be symbolic with everything in paris it wouldn't be wise. and now let's move on to keystone. now it divides a democratic caucus as well because you do have some red state -- what remain of the red state democrats. let's have you listen to what senator heidi high camp had to say about the votes.
11:19 am
she said the first go around we won't have 67 votes, we'll probably have something in the neighborhood of 63 so we need more votes. and the question will be would members be willing to reconsider a no vote based on other priorities. >> the democratic party is divided an that is why president obama has been delaying an action and a decision on this for such a long time because you end up having parts of the environmentalists against keystone organized labor is for it, red state democrats are for it. and it puts the party in a very interesting pickle. but i don't think that you'll end up getting the 67 votes at all. the math isn't there. and the question on keystone whether it goes forward, is whether president obama could get a deal out of this with republicans. i think in the last two years of obama's presidency keystone
11:20 am
gets done on the sense that the white house realizes maybe they are for it or against it but if we could get a gasoline tax increase to pay for highways and roads in return for approval of the keystone pipeline is that something we do? do we get unemployment insurance and trade it off. and that is one of the things as the white house delays it it is as though they are using this as a negotiating tactic. >> and there in lies a potential clash with the liberal wing of the democratic party which is larger than before the election and more influential. and let's talk about the treasury, the person they would have liked to have nom ated was rejected in large part of the advocacy of elizabeth warren. how is that playing, especially with house republicans on the other side looking to go after financial reform again? >> reporter: well, this was a big win for elizabeth warren and for part of the democratic caucus -- populous caucus has gotten bigger and bigger.
11:21 am
one of the ironies is that antonio weis was a liberal democrat who worked for president obama's presidential bids but he was seen as a paria for having worked on wall street. and i think that is the big messages going forward, that the democratic party had a lot of successes in 2006 and 2008 when it was seen as the big tent democratic party, as long as we're on the same page on 90%, 95% of the issues you can be with us. and one of the messages on wall street who are die-hard democrats is that somehow that wall street and the democratic party can't go hand in hand. if you are elizabeth warren or other democrats, you say wall street is the problem we have to go after it but it does lead to 2016 is the democratic party going to be a big or small tent. and kamala harris interesting she wants to jump into a very big race for the
11:22 am
senate seat. are the democrats looking at her as potentially a future star on a national scale? >> right now she has to be the favorite in this contest. of course, it is still early and we have to see who else gets in. but make no mistake about it, she as the potential to be a big star for the party and a generational start, where there are new california democrats coming to washington and serving in sacramento. it is just a question of whether other democrats like tom styer, the environmentalist former los angeles mayor, villaraigosa, will kick off a race. >> yes, and tom styer has a whole lot of money. thank you very much. >> thanks joy. and three things to know on this tuesday. the studented killed at the sandy hook elementary school have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town and the school board. they said security measures at
11:23 am
the school were inadequate. the second black box from airasia has been recovered, one day after they recovered the flight data recorder. the flight disappeared less than half-way into a flight from surabaya to singapore. all 163 passengers were killed. and after ohio state beat oregon in the college football playoffs, about 8,000 students and fans forced their way into ohio stadium and tore down the goalpost. almost 90 fires were set in columbus. police used teargas and pepper spray to control the crowds and several people were arrested. >>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the....
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he is being hailed as the kosher grocery market hero. the man hid shoppers in his basement storage during the siege. 15 lives were saved. he was called the mali muslim referring to him as humanity that surpassed all grounds. malian muslim good to see this in the midst of tragedy. and you are talking about the boko haram killings in nigeria. video posted on social media shows the leader of the group massacring 2,000 people last week. nbc cannot independent lyly confirm the video but you are saying hash tag pray for nigeria and boko haram killed 2,000 people. and you are taking this cartoon viral, showing the victim who asks mommy, why isn't the world
11:28 am
standing up for us too? meanwhile, many are standing up to mcdonald's. some are calling the fast food chain tone death for this golden globes ad showing restaurants with supportive messages in the midst of the strategies. you say, that mcdonald's commercial, no no and just no. mabin stead of making that horrifyingly cynical golden globes commercial mcdonald's could pay employees a living wage. hash tag i'm not loving it. and the national championship was last night and you can't stop talking about ohio winning over oregon. you can't stop talking about newhart and the referee.
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all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. the attack on the magazine "charlie hebdo" has inspired millions of people to declare je suis charlie. from social media, the signs carried by demonstrators around the world, most visibly at the unity march in france and at the golden globes and the nba. the words i am charlie have emerged as a rallying cry for freedom in the face of tolerance and terrorism. and something of a counter movement has emerged with a growing number of people feeling they should feel ashamed saying i am charlie. these people condemn violence
11:33 am
but who don't want to co-sign offensive speech or mockery of other people or their beliefs in order to defend those freedoms. it sparked a discussion about sat hire and whether freedom of speech is freedom from nonviolence. from theco author of the book is satire saving our nation and then jo is from the onion. i'm going to start with you, joe, because you wrote a piece on msnbc and you from the onion and you said that satire must always accompany any free society. it is an absolute necessity. even in the most repressive medieval kingdoms they understood the need for the court jester the one soul to tell the truth through the disaster. you said it always has to push push, push comedy.
11:34 am
and so how far can satire push before it is not revealing something about the society, but just ridiculing people? >> i think that is in the eye of the beholder. and what we're trying to think now, especially living in america and not being in french culture and having historical respect to "charlie hebdo" and not understanding that magazine versus our own context for muslim-americans and muslims in general is what is the difference between good taste and offensive speech? when is it bad taste and when is it satire or something worthy of our pluralistic scorn and when is it just poking fun? >> when do you -- >> i'm sorry. >> go on. >> i don't think there is any subject that should be off limits from sat hire but i also don't feel while i'm uncomfortable with the images i've seen from the cover of
11:35 am
"charlie hebdo" that i've been viewing over the past few days i don't feel completely comfortable saying that something is racist or not without having more exposure to the context of the magazine. >> and that is a important point. the difference between the american satire and the boundaries in europe and most of us were not familiar with this magazine. and remy you were right about that satire in europe. and i want to skip to something you said about europe. you talk about white men mocking non-white people. and you say, muslims already face discrimination in europe as in america and mocking them is not courageous or beneficial. there is nothing brave about secular white men mocking everybody else. you can't satirize intolerance without being intolerant. with the politics in france is that a fair statement about
11:36 am
"charlie hebdo"? >> well i'm certainly an expert in american satire but we do have information about the context of france. we know that muslims are a minority that have been questions on whether they can be considered french because they are muslims and secularism is a huge value in french culture, but i think to have cartoons portrayed the way they are, i often agree with the points "charlie hebdo" is trying to make in their multi-layered satire. >> and you say true satire doesn't punch down or doesn't go after targets that don't have power. and i want to go to you, joe, on, they talked about the context in terms of french politics and they showed a past issue of "charlie hebdo" which on the cover shows young women who are supposed to be nigerian girls, victims of sex slavery essentially in nigeria, and vox
11:37 am
said on the surface it would appear the magazine is ridiculing nigerian human trafficking, but that is not what the cover is portraying. it is saying the opposite of critics' interpretation. what this cover says is that the french political rite is so monstrous when it comes to trafficking of victims, that many are just here to steal welfare. they are lampooning the idea that sex slaves are the problem. and so they are showing a stereo typical image of non-white people, something similar happened in the u.s. when the new yorker tried to lampoon the right for going after the obamas but she showed a lot of stereotypes wrapped up in one new yorker cover. is the problem with satire the context is lost because the imamgs are -- the images are
11:38 am
just offensive in and of itself. >> well it doesn't all work. "charlie hebdo," like the onion, it to be funny or provocative and shocking and they are just a group of people sitting in a room trying to come up with things that they think will accomplish those aims. but it doesn't always work. and i do think that -- i'm heartened that this kind of a conversation can take place so soon after an unthinkable act like this. going back to 2001 september 11th there was no talk about the muslim perspective on things. so i think it is great we are able to talk about it but a lot of us are just sort of trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong and we're in this moment when we want to be sensitive to all sides and we're just not sure where exactly we fall on it. >> indeed. and remy i want to talk about you, when you speak of american satire, talk about the difference in your view a a
11:39 am
southpark that is just ridiculing people and the daily show and the comedy central shows that get satire. i'll pay you stephen colbert's report as the way to do satire right. let's take a listen. >> everybody asked for personnel changes so the white house has personnel changes. and then you write, they are just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. first of all, that is a terrible meta fore. in this administration is not sinking, this administration is soaring. if anything they are rearranging the deck chairs on the hindenburg. >> so remy president bush was sitting right there as stephen colbert in his character was making that joke. why was that not offensive essentially with the leader of the free world sitting right next to him? >> well satire shouldn't necessarily stay away from offending everybody. i think what made that moment so particularly important is colbert is one of the only
11:40 am
people in the world, certainly in american media who is willing to criticize the president in that way and doing it in a satirical fashion doesn't take away from the point he was trying to make. >> remy maise and joe randazzo thank you. we'll be right back. and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪ alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain.
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drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever. today's funerals of the four victims of the attacks in paris are examples of what jews in europe are calling a rise in anti-semitism. some families preferred an israeli burial fearing any graves in france might be desecrated and attacks on jews on synagogues and the murder in brussels last year led to fears of anti-semitism. according to one jewish nonprofit, immigration from france to israel has gone high.
11:44 am
some call it a social climbity. they believe that last year's attacks might double this year. hemi charret is a journalist. so hemi let's talk about the rise in anti-semitism and how recent and tied to events taking place in israel particularly gaza? >> it is a wave growing bigger and bigger through the past years, even through gaza there was a spike in anti-semitism but over the summer there was an increase. in france it is most noticeable because they have a large jewish community about half a million strong. the third largest community in the world and so it is quite noticeable there and it is exacerbated by the fact there is a large muslim minority in france, much larger than the jewish minority which harbors,
11:45 am
at least among part of it anti-israeli feelings which are translated into antisemitic feelings as was the case in mass demonstrations that took place over the summer in which there were cries of death to the jews and go back to the gas chambers which also evoked france's dark history in this era from the holocaust. >> and i'm glad that you made that point that the political anti-israeli mood regarding israeli policy gets transferred on to ordinary jewish citizens in france. on that vain benjamin netanyahu did attend that gathering of world leaders, the march of world leaders in response to the paris attacks. there was some scuttle beforehand that maybe there was a difference between the government in france and israel over whether he should attend. was the politics part of this back and forth between the political entities in france and israel or is that another example of the fear that anti-semitism would mar the
11:46 am
event. >> i think this is a legitimate difference of opinion but i think they should not have made any problems for him attending, is that netanyahu and other israeli leaders have been calling on french jews to come to what israeli jews consider to be their home in israel and continued to say this after the recent terrorist event at the kosher supermarket. but this is not what the french government wants to hear doesn't want to project itself as someone that can't take care of the jewish minority or see a flight of jews to israel or anywhere else and there is a vote of no confidence in the french government. if you say to the french jews you are not safe come over here and i think that was the disagreement between the two governments. >> and you mention france has the third largest population of jews in the world. but the unfavorable view of jewish citizens is low when you look at the rest of europe. we have a poll in greece the
11:47 am
unfavorable opinion of views, far lower in france. meaning that maybe france has less of this climate. but across europe is the problem worse outside of france in a sense? >> well first of all, it is true in many countries in which there are no jews antisemitic opinions run high and they are theoretical. in france, i don't think jews consider france to be an antisemitic country. i think there is a concern that the french government has not done enough to combat anti-semitism mainly for political reasons and perhaps that might change now. but there is a large enough minority of antisemitic people in france that is enough to make the jews feel uncomfortable and worse it is enough to attack the jews and make them feel unsafe. >> and very quickly, netanyahu is up for re-election and being sensitive to the fact they are burying people in israel and
11:48 am
this public moment around the attacks, has probably bolstered him within israel i would assume. >> well there haven't been any polls yet and without being cynical, the answer is yes, this does serve him. from two points of view. one, it takes off the agenda of the news operations there, the social economic of theoo elections which -- elections which are thought to be his weak point and that he is an expert on combatting terror and when there is a sense of us versus them, the jews versus the arabs or the anti-semites this works for them. good to see you. >> thank you. coming up rebuilding the trust between the community and law enforcement. will it work? we'll discuss the reforms on the table and the president's new task force on policing as it holds its first session today in washington. renews surface cells to even skin tone. in just two weeks, see pearlescent, luminous skin. regenerist luminous.
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right now, president obama's
11:52 am
task force on 21st century policing is holding the first public meeting in washington. it was created by the president to address issues raised in the wake of the michael brown and eric garner deaths. the topic of today's eight-hour session, building trust and legitimacy. they are hearing from five panel of witnesses each with their own opinion on improving relationships between law enforcement and their community. >> i think the police officers should be not just officers but they also need to be social workers. what? what is he talking about? they need to get out and play a role with the community and make a big difference and make the difference in their lives. >> msnbc alex seitz wall joins me live from the white house. it sounds good when we hear the sound bites but it doesn't seem the two sides are getting off to a a very communal start. listen to the national president of the fraternal order of police on what he thinks needs to change. >> the f.o.p. wants to be part
11:53 am
of a changing culture of policing but we as a society and nation also have a responsibility to make changes. we must first reject any notion that the law enforcement culture intrinsically racist. it is wrong to think that a criminal because of their color -- the color of his skin is a criminal but it is equally wrong to think a man is racist because of the color of his uniform. >> so alex from your reporting, is this task force getting off to a start that sounds like they are singing in one tune or are they already squabbling? >> reporter: well they are certainly not singing from one hymn book there but they are trying to get to someplace to get to meaningful changes to prove what is poor relations between the police and the community. and the recommendations from the reform advocates are things i heard when i was in ferguson this summer from old folks, black and white, when remember when police were not in patrol cars and would interact with the
11:54 am
community and from younger groups that want to be treated as individuals and not criminals. and police said we need more money and better treatment. it is definitely going to start from a tough spot. >> and what we heard from the f.o.p. director sounded like recognition the law enforcement and about overpolicing and the way people are treated and the deaths that have occurred. >> it depends. the law enforcement community is not monolithic. you have forward-thinking thinkers like bratton in new york city and others feel they are fairly -- unfairly targeted and their officers are facing danger every day. so it is going to involve some kind of compromise and working with various factions within law enforcement to move forward. that said they are speaking a good game and they do say they want to move in a better direction. >> and let's talk quickly.
11:55 am
buzzfeed had a piece last week talking about the chasm is in contrast to the white house expectation for quick result especially with the tight 90-daytime line on the task force laid down by the president for expectations and the task force executive director said he intends to hit the deadline. that does seem realizic based on your reporting? >> they will produce something, but whether it is a comprehensive meaningful blue print to change something, that remains to be seen. they picked march -- the white house picked march to show how serious they were about this to show they wanted to move on this quickly in response to the deaths of michael brown and eric garner but the tight time line will make it difficult for them to find meaningful compromises to move forward. >> indeed thank you, alex seitz-wald. and that wraps things up
11:56 am
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i'm krystal ball and new video has surfaced of the gunman behind last week's french terror attacks. here are the moments after the koachi brothers killed ten people inside of the "charlie hebdo" newsroom. [ yelling ] >> you can hear them shout, we have avenged the prophet mow muhammad muhammad, looking extremely calm they reload their weapons an jump into the getaway car. all of this seen from a nearby rooftop. and then this happened. [ gunfire ] >> that is a shootout with
12:00 pm
police. the brothers fired repeatedlyality the police car as -- repeatedly at the police car as it pulled away in reverse. and the gunman follows and continues to fire at the retreating officers. today it is a very different scene in paris. french president francois holland paid tribute to the three officers killed saying they died so we could live free. four injuryish victims killed in the market siege were laid to rest in jerusalem. 2,000 people came to paid their respects. coming up we'll dig into the decades of anti-semitism that is driving many french jews to move to israel. and back in paris, the french assembly met for the first time since the attacks and they broke out into a spontaneous rendition of the french national song after the


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