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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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everyone. as investigators widen the net for suspects new video of the paris terror attacks. it is tuesday, january 13th, and this is "now." >> new developments in the international manhunt. >> security officials are trying to determine the exact relationship between last week's attackers. >> the search for more people with ties to the suspects. >> the passage of time allows them to move. >> the first funerals for the victims are being held. >> in paris and jerusalem. >> it has been a very somber day. >> people are on edge. >> security is very tight. >> the attacks against paris and the continuing propaganda. >> lots of questions after the u.s. central commands twitter and youtube sites were hacked. >> this is a huge embarrassment for the pentagon and military. there is also defiance here. >> the staff was determined to
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get back to work. >> plans to release new special edition tomorrow. >> on its cover, yet again, another cartoon of the muslim prophet muhammad. this time he's holding a sign saying je suis charlie. >> new video shows the unfolding horror. this is the most close-up video of the attack to date. it shows the gunmen outside the "charlie hebdo" offices after the massacre changing the magazines on their automatic weapons and getting into their car. they drive away only to encounter police coming in the opposite direction. they make their getaway after murdering 12 people. francois hollande led an emotional ceremony honoring the
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two police officers killed in last week's attacks. two jewish victims in the attack on the kosher supermarket were laid to rest. french police said the weapons used in the attack those firearms came from outside the country. investigators are pursuing the source and possible financing. that news came after a bulgarian prosecutor announced the detention of a french citizen with a possible connection to one of the kouachi brothers in the attacks. there are without a doubt accomplices still within paris. there will be tighter surveillance with proposals to be put forth in the coming days. this afternoon, president obama unveiled new measures here in the u.s. to protect businesses
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and the government from cyberattacks the day after centcom's social media accounts were hacked by isis sympathizers. >> just yesterday, we saw the hack of a military twitter account and youtube channel. no military operations were impacted. so far it appears that no classified information was released but the investigation is ongoing and it's a reminder that cyber threats are an urgent and growing danger. >> joining me now is ron allen. we're hearing that weapons may have sourced from outside the country. there's a dragnet that extends to bulgaria. can you give us a sense of the scope of the investigation, standing as you are in paris? >> there's indications that the weapons may have come from serbia or russia.
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we know that the turks are involved and we know that bulgaria is now involved. those countries as part of the root that some of these individuals traveled upon. this is a network obviously that has some depth to it. all these people are related. and that's what we have been learning over the past couple of days. it is not just a fly by night group. we know that french authorities were aware of one of the kouachi brothers back ten years ago. we know that they were on no fly lists in america and surveillance lists here. this is the network that the authorities here are trying to unravel. how far it will go how wide it will go is unclear, but it all seems to follow the same path. from here to turkey and back to isis. the brothers said they were all aligned with al qaeda. one said he met in yemen with anwar al awlaki. the bottom line is this is not a
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fly by night thing. these are guys that have some level of skill, the weapon is very powerful they are not at all intimidated by the authorities. that is an incredible scene that you see of how they confront the police. now they have some 10,000 military troops here for security. >> ron allen, thank you for the info and the update. joining me now is our bbc correspondent and a foreign affairs affairs affairs commentator. the french prime minister suggested that increased surveillance would be necessary. do you envision that the surveillance dragnet in france will be in any way comparable to
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the united states if indeed further measures are taken? >> that's very hard to tell right now. i can tell you for sure that the whole debate about nsa surveillance has gone seriously to the background after these events. france has very strong anti-terrorist legislation and it's intelligence services do have pretty powerful possibilities to carry out, either online or physical surveillance. what happened today in paris was a very very strong minded speech by the prime minister who said that france was at war with jihadism islamic fundamentalism, and those words at war resonated very strongly. there was very loud applause standing ovation. he added france was not at war
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with muslims or its immigrant population population. it's very important because over the last few days there have been attacks atmos mosques and other spots in france. >> how do you think these further attacks might shape french foreign policy in the coming weeks? >> we have a retrenchment of french foreign policy. i think the way "charlie hebdo" went ahead with a cartoon depicting depicting muhammad, they showed it in a way to say they're not cowing to violence. they will not be cowed by what
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is basically a bunch of radical thugs using religion to justify their thirst for power and their desire to kill people they disagree with. but i think france is at a key moment in its history. i think that so far we have seen solidarity. we have seen people coming together in that amazing march on sunday. but speaking to many of my friends in france i think they do feel that the coming days are uncertain. the unity could unravel. there could be more attacks. there could be rising islamophobia. all of that is going to determine how france will move on from the attack we saw last week. >> natalie, i want to talk about the "charlie hebdo" cover coming out tomorrow featuring the prophet muhammad saying all inging
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inging -- holding a sign saying all is forgiven, je suis charlie. this represents a doubling down on -- standing by blasphemy caricature. do you think the french public is as accepting of this kind of cover at this time? >> this particular issue of "charlie hebdo" will be sold out in hours, literally, when it comes out in french newsstands. the symbol of "charlie hebdo" somehow overcoming this attack, surviving, seeing its surviving
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cartoonists continuing to work. they gave a press conference today and explained their choice for the cover. seeing all this is seen in france is a sign of not only resilience, but some kind of national resilience. there will be and there already are comments critical comments from representatives of the muslim community, but the overwhelming feeling in france i would say, is that important that "charlie hebdo" continue to exist and the cover itself i would rank it among some of the most moderate covers of "charlie hebdo." >> that's true. our president here in the united states, president obama, was talking about cybersecurity threats due in part of the attacks on sony from the end of last year and brought to the fore to some degree that centcom social media accounts were
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hacked yesterday. the french are looking at cyber surveillance or the grass roots online communities that may foster into more extreme communities. when we talk about france and the aggressiveness of which they have pursued cyber security how would you grade those efforts? >> there is quite some distance between how the french approach cybersecurity and surveillance and the way the u.s. does. i'm not sure if we're going to see france double down and adopt the u.s. approach to cyber surveillance and security. when it comes to surveillance of social media, of activity
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online, messages being passed trying to track people and their movements, i think the french are already quite good at it. they have a history in the region. they have a large muslim community. so they are able to understand how these groups operate and how they might be communicating. and i think that you'll see that paying attention to social media is going to become increasingly important in the coming months. >> thank you, guys, both for your time. after the break, bush/clinton and now romney. and president obama met with congressional leaders today to see if there is anything they can agree on other than college football. more on that just ahead. ehh, i mean get away. like away away. road trip?
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i think jeb is an excellent person, could be a terrific president, i think that a lot of the people running on the republican side. among those people we're going to find someone who catches fire, who ignites the interest of the republican base and you're going to see someone who can go on to be president. i'm not planning on running. >> and the person who can supposedly catch fire with the base is mitt romney? yesterday, a thunderbolt dlir delivered by "the washington post." mocking gifts and internet
1:17 pm
memes. in some corners, there has been outright denial and in others famed edd edd indifference. >> it's a very open process. maybe the best person win. >> the most pressing question is what effect would romney have on jeb bush? who might grab the serious cash? and can mitt romney convince republicans to vote for him for a third time? perhaps most shocking of all is the man who epitomized the 1%. that guy. politico reports he wants to tackle poverty as one of the pillars of his campaign. can he rebuild his campaign and his campaign strategy? >> who usually comes out the winner? >> not him.
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oh baby. >> joining me now is the senior writer for politico magazine and another guest. you know what happens in these races. is this real? is mitt romney really thinking the third time might be the charm? >> look there's perception and then there's reality. all we're dealing with right now is perception. mitt romney wants to give the perception he's extremely serious about getting into this contest. the reality of what's really going on in his brain is this pushback on jeb bush or trying to make sure there's even playing field or he feels respected? who knows. he's really serious. >> glenn, breakingish news. the romney face tattoo guy says he's not supporting romney in
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2016. if you're losing the vote of the man who had a tattoo of your face aren't you reaching? >> jeb might be the only candidate in the universe that allows mitt to run to the right of him. a couple of the early stories we ran on this has mitt running to the right of jeb. the thing that i really liked was apparently mitt reported, i think, that laura ingram visited mitt at his utah ski chalet to discuss solutions for the middle class. >> let me ask you, james, romney has been making a lot of phone calls. he's called the folks in new hampshire and in boston and who
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he would need to call to get his campaign off the ground. why are they taking his phone calls? they would much rather campaign for jeb bush who would seem at this point to be a likelier nominee than romney. >> mitt romney still text messages with state senators. he has a house there. he has built up relationships for eight years. jeb bush has not been in new hampshire in 15 years. they know his phone call when he calls up. they see it on caller id. it's mottmitt romney. they're going to answer the call. they do know that bush has got some problems with the conservative base on common core and immigration. they're comfortable with mitt romney right now and so they are intrigued. >> i have to go back to notion of tackling poverty.
1:21 pm
this is the man who wants to get the nomination of a party that at present is trying mass deportations that is passing the umpteenth abortion bill. >> well he's taking a page of the playbook of his one time running mate paul ryan who claimed he is not going to run in 2016. i think this is much more having to do with flavoring than the meal. republicans want to be perceived as being kinder, gentler, trying to defuse the antagonism. i think they're intended to diffuse the criticism. >> you'll be spending some time
1:22 pm
with senator rand paul in new hampshire tomorrow. he had an interesting assessment of the romneys potential third bid. >> if he runs to the right of jeb bush he'll still be to the left of the rest of the party. it may be a difficult spot to occupy. look, i liked governor romney. i like him personally. i think he's a good person. i think he was a great businessman, but that's yesterday's news. he's tried twice. i don't really think that there is a third time out there. >> and there you heard it. james, my question to you is do the entrance -- do the potential entrance of jeb bush and mitt romney in this race do they help or hurt rand paul? >> i'm very much on one school of thought. it is very good for rand paul. you have all this money and all the establishment divided, or at
1:23 pm
least frozen for the time being. this is the greatest news that rand paul has had in a long time. he's trying to grow beyond his father's two particular campaigns and build upon that at a time when the feel for the other people who can tamp him down are frozen. this is really good news for him. >> glenn, everybody had a daddy in politics. if you look at rand paul mitt romney and jeb bush everybody had a daddy in politics. bush and romney could cancel each other out. all the oxygen in the room could then focus on the establishment candidates if there is a blood feud between them in 2016. >> don't you remember that whole thing about my dad beat up your dad. >> dad, you can probably beat everybody up. go ahead. >> the way rand paul went about criticizing both of them apart
1:24 pm
from the political issues -- he is a far younger man and both of these guys when you compare them to paul ryan the new generation of republicans, that will be a tremendous advantage if rand paul got out of the primary and faced hillary clinton. >> so where does this leave chris christie? generationally, he's sort of in the middle of -- he's sort of rand paul's generation, but where does this leave him if there are two establishment candidates and an insurgent? >> they're focusing on the big four. this field is always changing. it seems to be every single day. you have mitt you have jeb, you have rand and then you have christie. you would have to put christie in fourth place. he clearly needs to find a path. i want to step back for a second. we've been talking about how
1:25 pm
this is going to be a defining moment for the republican party, a rebranding primary for the republican party. which direction will they go? with jeb and mitt, maybe they'll go backwards. >> we have talked about the great republican rebrand. do you think this represents a rebrand rebranding? >> it is kind of like dominos where the pizza tastes like the pizza box. i hope they're not a sponsor. >> they're a sponsor of my lunchtime. go ahead. >> this reminds me of the 1988 democratic field where it was eight candidates of relative parity. i think the debates are going to be -- i hate to say it but i think the debates and watching these guys contrast one another
1:26 pm
are going to be telling. >> >> always good to see you guys. thanks for your time. coming up president obama's task force on 21st century policing had its first public meeting today. are we getting any closer to turning cops and their communities into partners to fight crime? that is next. the sugar in one regular can of soda. and this is a soda a day for a year. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped over one million business owners get started. visit us today for legal help you
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1:30 pm
ferguson. i'm trying to get more people involved in law enforcement. that is our key. >> the panel has until march 2nd to deliver final recommendations to the president's desk. but reform at the local level is already underway. today new york city agreed to eliminate the brutal practice of solitary prison confinement for all inmates 21 years and younger, placing the city at the forefront of national efforts. je suis charlie has become a rallying cry, but it has become a debate over just who charlie is.
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jerusalem. anti-semitism in france also comes as deep anti-immigrant sentiments are moving across europe. last night, 25,000 anti-islam protesters gathered to rally against the muslim influence in europe. today hundreds of others joined a march to promote inclusion. joining me now is jeffrey goldberg. always good to see you, my friend. >> good to be here. >> tell me a little bit about what your feelings are in terms of concern for europe generally when it comes to the issue of religious tolerance. obviously the events of last week were a terrible moment for
1:35 pm
the community, for the continent, but -- >> the muslim community in france feels generally speaking -- again generally, aggrieved. there's a colonial history. there's poverty. there's a whole set of issues. however within that muslim community are people who are victimizing, quite obviously, another religious minority community, the jews who have been victimized by the same group of people who have victimized the muslims. it's a very complicated and it is paralyzing to people. you have muslims who are victims of a society. you have jews who are victims of society. jews who are victims of muslims. it is a very complicated and dangerous mix. >> you talk about historical
1:36 pm
precedent. it sounds like the anti-muslim camp and the anti-jewish camp are no longer the same camp. >> this is very interesting. i have spent a lot of time in the paris suburbs. these jews by the way, are mainly immigrants or ref jewugees from north africa. they're thinking and voting for parties on the far right because they're standing against muslim terror, however they frame it. so the french-jewish leadership which is inside paris, is talking to those guys and saying, hey, don't forget those guys are fascists. if you think racial politics are confusing in this country, it's really deep over there. you have these people saying i'm going to vote for them because they're the only ones talking about straight the problem that
1:37 pm
we're facing. >> you had an interview with manuel valls. he says that if the jews flee the republic will be a failure. first of all, let's just unpack that for a second and then i wonder how much you think that sort of -- if you were a marginalized muslim in society -- there's a proclivity to the words of anti-semitism. how much does that confirm their suspicions? >> it might be. there are some jews that worry when the french government talks like that. what he means is something very specific and rooted in deep history. the idea of the french republic was built on a number of principles principles. so what he's saying is our ideals, the ideals of the
1:38 pm
republic will be judged, whether we carry them out, we'll be judged on how we treat this historically persecuted community. the muslim is a more modern community, but of course they have their own set of complexities because a lot of those people are -- in the muslim immigrant neighborhoods, are people from algeria or former french colonies. >> let me ask you, the next edition of "charlie hebdo" is going to have a cover that we're not -- >> the gunmen did not achieve their goal of keeping cartoons out. >> this network is not showing those images. there are other media outlets who have decided not to show them. i don't know what the split is. some folks think this is a really powerful statement and there's a smaller segment of the
1:39 pm
population that thinks -- egypt has its opinion about this. there are some people who say this just puts more people in harm's way. talk to me about whether you think, a, we should be circulating these images more widely and, b, your reaction to egypt egypt. >> in europe holocaust denial is criminalized. when you're calling for the murder of people you can't do that. people are saying this is come and murder people because people are so upset. print whatever you want. i would say this about our profession, which is that if you're an organization that
1:40 pm
posts people journalists, photographers, reporters, in places like libya or covering the syria conflict, even in the surrounding area of syria, you have to make this -- i'm sympathetic to this. you have to make this calculation. do i want to draw special attention -- in the easiest way to get back at the organization you can't target them in america, but you can target them overseas. there has to be some sensitivity on that front. obviously, my sympathy is with the demonstrators who say, you cannot tell us what to print, even if you hate it because everybody hates some kind of speech. everybody is offended by something in the world. the idea of modernity is satire is permissible, mockery is permissible. that's how democracy came about.
1:41 pm
>> it seems like the decision to circulate the images needs to be a group decision if you're going to have safety. if the question is these images are incindiary -- >> you can't kill everybody. >> there are definitely stated goals as such. >> they have the aspiration. >> thanks for your time. coming up they agreed on having a college football playoff, but they could not agree on much else. what happened behind closed doors at the white house today just ahead. is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms?
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we're voting to block the president's overreach, his executive overreach, which i believe is beyond his constitutional duty and frankly violates the constitution itself. >> that was house speaker john boehner this morning announcing a bill to defund the president's actions that will allow 5 million immigrants to stay in the u.s. this is all made it kind of awkward because minutes later after boehner said that he sat
1:49 pm
down with the president of the united states to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda and also other things. >> to the speaker, i just want to point out. i said there are going to be some things we agree on. having a college football playoff is clearly something that we can agree on. i called for it when i came into office. i think it turned out pretty well particularly for ohio. >> does john boehner agree with that? the minutes after that meeting the house took up legislation to undo one of the central tenents of the presidential wall street rule. then there were the actions of the man sitting to the right of the president this morning, mitch mcconnell. last night the republican controlled senate followed the house's lead and passed a procedural bill to approve
1:50 pm
construction of the keystone xl pipeline. all of those bills, every single one of them has received a presidential veto threat. no word on what the gop would like to do about college football playoffs. it is a lot of action on keystone. i wonder if you think the white house's signal that they would veto the congressional bill is a sign that the president may stop the pipeline from being constructed after the state department finishes its approval process. >> we do hope that we're going to get a little two-step with the president. we hope that he not only vetoes the bills that come to his desk but that he also rejected the presidential permit. it's a little bit, i have to say, hash tag super awesome that john boehner is complaining about presidential overreach. it violates our constitution.
1:51 pm
it violates presidential separation of powers because congress actually has no authority to approve keystone xl. it's not only a ridiculous bill. it's also an illegal bill that they're passing. >> i feel that sort of argument there, this is the approval process, we're sticking with the way this is outlined the separation of powers that seems to be the reason they would veto this and not potentially a substantive disagreement as to whether keystone should be approved. i wonder what you think of the nebraska state court has approved the construction of the pipeline. >> the silver lining with the supreme court case is the president can move forward with it finalizing the state department review and rejecting the keystone xl. we know that he wants to show
1:52 pm
continue to show, a position of strength on climate change. anybody with any level of common sense knows if you are going to expand tar sand production you're going to hurt climate change. we feel about the position we are in right now. >> in terms of the landscape as it stands oil prices are down to a five-year low, six-year low. how much do you think the cheapness of gas affected the debate over keystone? has it raised the stakes? >> it absolutely has. there are some good things in the state department report. if gas prices get as low as they are, keystone xl is necessary to expand tar sands, which therefore expands carbon pollution and climate change. it's not only that there's so much oil on the market.
1:53 pm
it's also that demand is so low in the united states. people just didn't see coming, both of those two things coming together. there's lots of reasons he should reject keystone xl like water rights property rights, tribal rights. he'll veto it on procedural moves. >> it is an interesting time to be having this debate. it is always nice to see you. thanks. >> thanks. >> joining me now is our capitol hill correspondent. football is the order of the day. i will use a football metaphor. are republicans trying to flood the zone with poisoned bills for this president?
1:54 pm
it is not just a coincidence that their three main priorities have been threatened with a white house veto. >> the one thing i do find fascinating is you're hearing a lot from republicans saying well the president is already showing his veto pen not even listening to our proposals. he has been pretty outspoken against repealing the vocal rule for a long time. he's been pretty outspoken against trying to repeal his own executive orders on the immigration rule. the thing regarding keystone he has also been pretty outspoken about letting the process play out at the state department. what you're seeing is this show of force by the gop. we're here. we're in control. we're going to try to force the president's hand and get that veto pen out. they want to show that they are moving priorities that are popular on the conservative side. the one i'm most fascinated with is immigration. you're going to see this bill
1:55 pm
coming through the house tomorrow that defunds the department of homeland security. this repeals dhaka. you're seeing a bill that goes to the right of where a lot of republicans are comfortable being. >> steve king just this hour has proposed a bill to repeal the 16th amendment to the constitution, luke. for those of us who thought there are not a lot of surprises left from the right flank, this is hugely surprising. i it seems like he's clearly still to the far right. >> i think what is surprising is the level to which the leadership allowed this bill to move rightward. if mcconnell puts this bill on the floor, he's going to expose more of the guys from blue
1:56 pm
states who are up in 2016. not only that people like marco rubio and ted cruz are going to jockey in in a presidential manner. john boehner was sick and tired of taking the heat for not passing a bill that was conservative enough. so he's going to pass that on to mitch mcconnell. they can call his office this time and mitch mcconnell can come back and say, look, we couldn't pass this. john boehner can say, hey, even though we control the senate this is the reality. we'll see if this is the reality. >> usually reality is not accepted. always good to see you, luke. happy new year. >> we'll have more coming up after the break. what makes it an suv is what you can get into it.
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fight are the justice department, he will not go to jail. federal prosecutors say they would not force him to reveal his sources. that's all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. >> it is a somber day for paris. >> 10,000 military troops have been deployed around the city and around major cities. >> it's largest deployment of armed forces since world war ii. >> the survivors of a massacre are back at work. >> we had to make a newspaper with intelligent drawings. >> on its cover, yet ag


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