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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> thanks, chris. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. we're going to talk with richard engel live from turkey. we have a report out of cleveland that is mind bending and there are two decisions just made by the national republican party. both of which were a surprise and will have a big impact in politics over the next several months. we have a lot going on in the news tonight. we're going to start with isis. when the american journalist james foley was killed in august, amid the shock and disgust at his killing. the way they killed him, turning it into a propaganda video, amid that horror, some of the people that news james foley in the last months of his life were able to provide a different picture of james foley.
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they were able to basically, for a lot of us, replace the terrible images we were fed by isis of the way he was killed. we were able to replace those with his descriptions of how he behaved among his fellow hostages while they were in captivity. one french journalist that was held alongside him, he specifically spoke very movingly in public after james foley died. he talked in some detail about how generous he had been with his fellow captors while in captivity in the terrible circumstances in which they were held. >> we spent seven months in a very extreme situation together, including for one week, we were handcuffed, one to the other day and night.
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in circumstances where you're held captive, you come up with some kind of survival instincts meaning that for instance, are you try to grab everything you can find. and james was the total opposite. basically everything he could share, he would share it. if we were missing blanks, he would share, if we were starving and missing food, he would share his ration. that is a french journalist who was held hostage for ten months. seven of the ten months was with james foley. nicholas hanine and others were released. they got out last spring. so when steven and james were killed afterwards, the french
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journalists were able to describe their captivity, their sacrifice, and the kind of men they had been in those circumstances. but nicholas was also able to describe to law enforcement and the public something very specific about how they were held hostage and by whom. in may of last year, a man took an assault rifle and a handgun in a museum. he killed four people. he got away, evade a man hunt for a week. when police published the name of the man who carried out, allegedly carried out the museum attack, when they published his
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name and photograph, nicholas hanine recognized him. he said it was one of the men that held him and the other journalist captive in syria. and that he took delight in torturing and beating prisoners being held by isis. he said that he punched me in the face, and then showed off his gloves. he said i bought these gloves just for you, to punch you in the face, did you like them? that sums up the violent personality of him which i frequently saw. that was according to that french reporter. other reports indicate that all four journalists released from captivity, they all singled out
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is this guy as one of the people who held him captive and tortured him before he apparently left syria. so he left there, so he could travel back to europe and use his european passport to travel freely to attack that museum and very nearly get away after. the guy named by the french hostages, picked up by police six days after the assault on the museum, he is now in french custody. belgium is a small country. the population is about the same as the state of ohio. in europe, it is smaller than countries like the netherlands or poland. but on a per capita basis, more people have gone to syria to fight with isi is from belgium than any other european country. they're not a country with a large absolute population. when you look on a per capita basis, it is a big deal. this week in belgium, they were
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do to get a verdict in the largest ever trial of islamic militants. they put 46 people on trial for running a jihadist ring. the verdict in that big case was due to be handed down for those 46 defendants this week. they say they are now going to release that verdict next month. today, belgium announce a special terrorism court approved ten search warrants for raids across that country today. when they were serving them, one or more of the people in the place where they were raiding open firing on the police with automatic weapons. two suspects were killed and one person take into custody.
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the raid today, the announce want by police of what happened, came on the meals of other reports from belgium last night that a man turned himself in with the conjunction of the press attacks. a man turned himself in and told police that he provided the weapons and guns used in the "charlie hebdo" in paris, and the policewoman in the kosher market. those are press reports, they're not being directly confirmed by belgium police. this was publiced today, the array of weapons found at the apartment of the terrorist who mounted the super market attack and killed the french policewoman last week. belgium police are not confirms that they definitely came from the belgium arms deal near turned himself in yesterday, and there is no link between that
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guy turning himself in yesterday and the raids today that resulted in the shoot out, and the arrest. but belgium police are saying what they believe they just disrupted today was an imminent terrorist attack. they believe it was an attack in keeping with the type of attack mounting in france. they say specifically they believe it was targeted against police in belgium. they say they broke up that plot. specifically, belgium police today went out of their way to say that the suspect's plot they believe they disrupted including citizens that went to syria to train with isis before returning to belgium. this is the news now, right? this is kind of how it goes. this is what it's like in the fight against isis and international islamic terrorism. today one arrest and two dead in a shootout with police in belgium.
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presumably the other nine or so search warrants still being carried out in that country. in germany today, police announce an arrest of a 26-year-old german citizen that they say fought and trained with isis last year. in spain today, importants say they tracked coulibaly into spain before the paris attacks. his wife or partner went to france, went to turkey, and syria. spain says now that he was with her for part of that journey. that he drove here into spain before he turned around and went back to france to carry out his attacks. spanish police say they're working intensely to find out who else he talked to in madrid and any contacts he might have had in spain immediately before the "charlie hebdo" massacre. this is the world we're in now.
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individual man hunts, search warrants, one or two arrests here and there. but this man hunt for the outstanding suspect in france, that man hunt for her leads right back to syria. the arrest in germany, he just returned from syria. the belgium authorities say that the suspects just came back from syria. the released hostages say the perpetrator of that attack was a captor with isis in syria. syria is a open wound at this point spewing out into the world these trained, motivated terrorists. and in multiple countries tonight, terrorism suspects. but recognizing that fact about
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syria does not describe a specific thing to stop that about syria. it's true it doesn't tell you how to end it, right? if there was an easy thing to do to fix it, it would have been done by now. but the predictions about the civil war in syria, becoming a viral engine that would turn out trained, motivated terrorists for the world, trained motivated terrorists who would then wreak havoc in their ohm countries nap is where we are. a quiet backdrop to this loud news about terrorism today. the search warrants, the trials, the very quiet backdrop, there is headlines in the international section of your national next of your newspaper. isis in syria expanded the
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amount of territory it controls. there has been 800 air strikes in syria alone in the last several months. 800 air strikes have not slowed them down in personals of controlling territory or continuing to gain more. and them controlling territory in syria has significant implications for syria, what happens to is that government, that country, in that civil war. but them controlling territory in syria has significant implications apparently for belgium and germany, and france, and us, presumably. there is basically to debate about the type of millation action that they're taking against isis right now whether that is a good way to fight is s, a bad way, productive, counter productive, an effective
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use of resources, or something else that can be done with the resources demoted. this is not a discussion in american plucks. republicans and democrats don't talk about that not amongst themselves or when they're fighting with each other. our country does not produce discourse about national security except for name calling and criticizing words uses right after something happens. as the politicians fail in that regard, if we, as citizens are not content to just keep our heads in the sand, pretend it's not happening or relevant because there is no par isn't a fighting about it and it will
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not get american press attention. if we want to be smart about the threats we face, and what we should be debating even though our politicians won't, then it's worth asking. how much of isis's ability is tied to their strength at home in syria? how long is syria going to the stay the key connection between terrorist attacks and isis. what is the menu of options available between syria and the rest of the world. joining us now is richard engle. nice to see you. >> absolutely. >> i want to ask you, first, about some late breaking reports tonight. reports from french police that they're actively looking for another potential accomplice. french police saying someone
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dropped him off at a kosher grocery store he attacked. dropped him off and left. do you know anything about that reporting? >> i know the french sports long believed that he had at least another accomplice that was with him at the time of the attack and after the attack. someone that filmed his video, his last testimonial. they were clearly looking for his wife, and we have been struggling with this term wife, common law wife, it appears they were married in an islamic ceremony, but never got an official french ceremony which is the only one recognized in paris, so i leave it up to you, wife, common law wife, but that was the relationship. french authorities believe there may be another suspect.
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they are also investigating the lingt to the arms dealer in belgium. they don't think it was a coincidence that he turned himself in. apparently he knew that he sold the weapons to jihadists, but says he didn't think they were that bad. that they would carry out this kind of spectacular activity attack in paris and do something so disgusting. when he saw that his weapons had been used and that counter terrorism raids were coming, and they had been lethal thus far, he turned himself in and decided to cooperate. >> richard, it is -- i don't know if that counts as a remorseful arms dealer, or an arms dealer afraid of being raided. >> being shot as the police come through his house -- >> yeah, we can't parse that from here, but we do we know if there is a connection between him coming forward and this new round of raids in belgium.
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there is one that is very dramatic, but it seems like they search warrants to do alose loss across that country today. >> i don't think know at this teenage, we don't know if the arms dealer coming forward and the raids are related, but perhaps it's more than a coincidence. we know that the french authorities are looking into it, that if he sold weapons and they were passed on. and they are assault rifles, a rocket launcher, and he turns himself in in belgium, there may be a connection. >> one more question for you on the syria connection. police say there is a syrian connection with the two people they killed today, the person they agencied. ger nan police say there is a connection with the person they arrested today.
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is any of this emerging activity and these arrests and this targeting going to change anything the way that syria functions as an international problem and the way that the west deals with them and the traffic in and out of the country? >> it might make a small impact. it might make an impact for the actors already in europe. syria is an enormous black hole and that is not changing any time soon. the war on isis, they are still finding a home there because of the civil war in syria that is still going on. because the civil war in iraq is still going on. there is fundamental differences and isis managed to plant itself on this rnls fault line that goes all of the way back to the
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iraq war. it started as al qaeda and iraq, and they found a home in syria when syria imploded three to three-and-a-half years ago. the european security officials are taking a wake up call after paris and it will help their ability to deal with the militants already in their towns and villages. this is not just an issue as you saw today of the militants being in paris or berlin, they're in what you would think of as small, quaint little opportunity tos where you would get nice chocolate and beer. these are not the kinds of places you would think of a safe haven for terrorists. and as long as syria is unaddressed, i think they're yo still going to see extremists attracted to it or inspired by
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it and that will be a problem that these european law enforcement officials and u.s. officials will have to deal with because they're not just going to have to fight the ones that are already back. there is a throw of people back and forth, physically and a flow of ideas. >> richard engle live for us in turkey tonight, thank you. appreciate it my friend. all right, it was a packed news day today, and much of it revolved around the city of cleveland ohio. stay with us.
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in a galaxy not that long ago, this happened which might have been one of the weirdest things to happen in american politics. >> mr. president, how do you handled promises you made when you were running for election, and how do you handle it, i mean what do you say to people? do you -- do you just -- i know
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people are wondering -- you don't, no? okay. i just wonder with all of these promises, and i wonder about, you know, when the -- what? what do you want me toe tell romney? i can't tell that to romney, he can't do that to himself. >> that happened. i think that long moment dropped into a memory home. clint eastwood bad mouthing a foul mouthed president obama. the clint eastwood empty chair thing was the big night. they made mitt romney's warm up
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act one of biggest, weirdest, thing that's has happened on prime time television in front of millions of people. the entire season that year, the herman cane's, the michelle bacman's, now they decided what to do for 2016 is to change everything for 2016. they said there will be far fewer debates, maybe half of the number of last time. they will try to choose moderators for those that are friendly to the conservative cause. they moved up their entire
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primary calendar, they will have to choose a nominee faster so the other guys have to clear the stage sooner and it cannot drag out. they already announced all of that stuff. now today republicans announced one more big change, and it has to do with that disastrous clint eastwood convention, his home in the chair, that was at the republican national convention in tampa on august 30th. august and september is typically when they hold their conventions now. the democratic one was a week later. in mod erp times, conventions are almost held in august and september. but republicans just announced that for 2016, it will not be in september, it will not be in august, it will be july 18th to the 21st in beautiful cleveland,
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ohio. more than a month earlier than they held it in 2012. we're told the democratic convention will be sometime in late august. the other big thing happening that summer is the olympic games in rio. we could end with a situation where they hold their convention in july, the olympics take up practically the entire month of august, and after the olympics, the democrats hold their convention weeks later, political light years later. the republican party says they're holding it so early is to give the party more time to unite behind their candidate. that should also note that it might serve as a nice insurance policy. a guarantee of clean up time in the event that there is a repeat
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want to know a secret? i wasn't always a redhead. you'd never know it though because it's nice'n easy color so natural looking it's clairol's #1 authentic color that's always true to you. so shift a shade and still look like your most amazing you. in august 2010, a woman got to her home in cleveland, ohio. she called police to have a car towed. cleveland police were already in her area. the officers responding to that totally unrelated case, they came upon a man and woman walking down the street in the neighborhood. it all happened outside of her
1:37 am
house. from inside her house she heard motion with the police, and she thought that arrest in progress had something to do with her call about the driveway. she just wanted a tow truck, not someone arrested for her complaint. she went outside and argued with the officers about what was going on. one of them rushed her, put her in a choke hold, tackling her to the ground, twisting her wrists, and started punching her. the city of cleveland ultimately paid $100,000 to that woman to settle that case for that officer beating her up. they didn't fire the officer. they kept him on the force. ultimately they paired that officer with a younger officer. they got the younger guy from
1:38 am
the cleveland suburbs from independence. his time in independence went poorly. this was in his personnel file, due to his dangerous loss of composure during live range training and his inability to manage this personal stress, he will not work for us. in law enforcement, there are times when instructions need to be followed to the letter and i'm under the impression that the patrolman will not follow. i do not think time or training will be able to change or correct these deficiencies. that was at his old job. but cleveland never looked at his personnel file from his old job. he was pushed out for immaturity
1:39 am
and losing his composure around firearms and other law enforcement agencies he applied to in the region looked at that file and would not hire him. cleveland never checked and they thought he was fine. and they hired him and partnered him with the cop in the situation with the woman with the car in the driverway that they had to pay $100,000 for. they rolled up to a 12-year-old and three seconds later, he was dead. ever since the police killing of the child, there has been a lot of talk about the cleveland police department, what happened that day, and what led up to it. last week we got this new video showing police handcuffed his 14-year-old sister when she ran
1:40 am
to help him after these officers shot him. they handcuffed her, put her in the back seat of the patrol car as her brother lay dieing in the snow while no one gave him first aid for several minutes. one of the central questions in this case, from the very beginning, has been why those police officers were never told that the gun he was seen with in that park was probably a fake. it was a 911 call that started this whole incident, it included that information. why didn't the 911 dispatcher pass that crucial information on to the police that responded to the incident. this was the call. >> i'm sitting here in the park at west boulevard by the west boulevard rapid transit station, and there's a guy in here with a pistol. you know, it's probably fake, but he pointing it at everybody. he keeps pulling it out of his
1:41 am
pants. it's probably fake but he is starring the [ bleep ] out of me. >> he says it twice, it is probably fake. turned out it was a realistic looking b.b. gun. somewhere in the chain of communication between the person that took the emergency call, and the dispatcher, that crucial impression that was repeated twice was lost and never passed on. >> in the park by the youth center, there's supposed to be a male sitting on the swings pointing a gun at people. he's wearing a cam flag hat, gray jacket with black sleeves. he keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people. >> caller saying the gun was probably fake, twice, that never made it to the officers who were dispatched to the scene. we do not know yet whether the dispatcher got that information and then failed to relay it, or
1:42 am
if she never got it. but we learned today from the cleveland plain dealer that the dispatcher who just talked to the cops there, she was fired from her previous dispatch job at a different department. she was also arrested once for bringing a gun into a bar. she has been given high markets for her performance in cleveland, but now we have three people, very closely involved in this case, each with a back story that is cause for worry about cleveland and it's police department. and how they do their hiring. the killing of young tamire rice is one of the most disturbing cases recently where they have killed an unarmed african-american male. the way think case played out in cleveland, it is also very worrying just about cleveland,
1:43 am
right? it is a majority. one of the largest cities in the midwest. the republican party just picked cleveland for their 2016 convention. what is going on in cleveland that you scratch the surface of a single tragedy and case like this and you find all of this just beneath the surface. joining us now is cleveland city councilman zack reid. i have to ask you first, if this looks worse than it is, are the problems in cleveland as bad as they look from the vantage point of this case? or is this case just a point that are not a systemic problem. >> i think this is the case where we finally get help from the program government. the problems in the police force have continued, continued, and continued and finally thanks to eric holder and barack obama
1:44 am
help is on their way. >> the federal justice department investigated the cleveland police department twice in the last few years. they called for big reforms. the city has been welcoming forward that intervention, but this is the second time that the federal government has come into cleveland in the past decade. do you have more hope that this second time, the intervention could make a big enough difference? >> the first time was voluntary. this time, thanks to marsha fudge, she asked for consent decrees to be put into place, that means we'll have a federal moderator, a monitor, a federal judge, and therefore it is almost like in the civil rights days when you had the bull conners, the situation just kept going on and on. so we'll have a consent decree in place and the federal
1:45 am
government is going to do what i wish that would have done years ago and that is to continue to look at this police force until we get a police force that the people can trust and that is working with the citizens so that we can have the best police force in the entire nation. >> do you feel like people in cleveland are hopeful that the resolution of the tamire rice case in particular, and the federal takeover you're talking about, do you feel like there is optimism in cleveland. how many high profile incidents there have been the systemic problems in things like hiring and background checks. i feel like it's hard to look at that and envision a better time. what's the mood in the city? >> well, when you know a 12-year-old boy tragically lost his life, the optimism comes from the federal government. if you look at the analogy of the civil rights movement they
1:46 am
started looking at and evaluating, there was no hope for an african-american community. the federal government is coming in and there will be a consent decree in place. there is more hope and optimism that things will get better and we're going to get the police force that we deserve in a major city like cleveland, ohio. >> thank you for talking with us. >> thank you much. >> we have lots more ahead tonight, including one of the best new things in the world which is one of the best new things we have had in a long time. if you had a tough day today, i have the cure. stay with us.
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warshack? when you drop dye into water and it creates that warbling and it does that funny -- it's like pee splatter but then it gives warshack, then it gives kind of funk. am i going out on a limb? >> no, no. >> no, you are not going out on a limb too far. no, everything is fine. it is paint splatter, it is funk. models are models, sweaters are selling. and then this happened. my latest nominee for the greatest moment in television history. watch. >> gorgeous. >> this is what we call emerald, but it's more like a sea foam. >> i love that color. it's so happy and rich. >> it almost looks like what the earth looks like when you're a
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billion miles away from the planet moon. >> from the planet moon? the moon is a planet, darling. >> the sun is a star. is the moon really a planet? >> the moon is a planet. >> the sun is a star. is the sun not a star? >> i don't know what the sun is. >> the sun is a star. the moon is not a planet. i knew it! you were trying to take me down that road. >> chunky, if you're listening to me, google the moon, okay? >> i can guaranty someone is googling right now. the moon is not a planet. >> what else is it if it's not a planet? >> i believe it's a star or something. >> it's a moon. it's a moon. >> didn't you do that thing in grade school when you had to name the planets and tlrvegs uranus and saturn. the moon was never in there because it's not a planet. >> someone call chunky. look, they've broken the model.
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she cannot take it anymore. >> i don't know what it is. come on, it's a planet. >> the moon is what? >> a natural satellite. you can live on it. the moon is a planet. >> i don't know what that means. i use google all the time. yahoo is really good, too, i just don't use it. >> people live on it. the moon is a natural satellite. chunky googled it. it's true. not a planet. the moon is not a star because it doesn't give off sunlight. it reflects sun lite, but none of that matters, because in the end, they were right, that sweater does look like earth from a million miles away.
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best new thing in the word. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." "first look" is up next. breaking news this morning on "first look," new raids carried out early this morning in france. arrests are made and on the heels of the shootout in belgium with would be terrorists. we're also awaiting the start of a live press conference out of belgium with the latest on yesterday's raid. at home, did the government's wiretapping program prevent a plot to blow up the capitol? and pope francis speaks out on striking out at others. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on this friday. we have breaking news out of paris. police are questioning 12 new suspects in connection with last week's terrorist attacks. they were arrested following a raid early this morning and just moments ago, secretary of state john kerry laid a wreath at the offices of "charlie hebdo" and


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