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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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tin steel, owner of bar marco, and a great employee andrew heffner. congratulations. i think it's a model for the country. i think it's great. because i've known people in the service industry who feel like they've been shafted for years. you're changing that you're paying attention. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead the president going on offense. today in a joint news conference with britain's prime minister president obama delivered a message to congress warning he would veto any new sanctions on iran because they could damage negotiations over that country's nuclear program. >> congress needs to show patience. so respect to a veto i said to my democratic caucus colleagues
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yesterday that i will veto a bill that comes to my desk and i will make this argument to the american people as to why i'm doing so. >> it's the latest in a string of veto threats aimed mainly at stopping the series of right wing bills in their tracks. and it's in line with the aggressive strategy the president outlined in a closed door meeting with senate democrats. according to two in attendance, the president said quote, i'm not going to spend the next two years on defense. i'm going to play offense. the strategy includes vetoes a bold economic agenda he'll outline in next week's state of the union and new executive actions like one today on police militarization. it's ambitious, and it's in stark contrast to what we're seeing from the gop.
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so far the newest idea to come from their retreat is old and stale. political reports, quote, if you listened to them at their annual retreat onned this only one person could scuttle everything president obama. it's the obama excuse. >> the president's focus is on the past. on the old politics of pitting, you know one set of americans against the other. >> once again, like on tax reform, the only one of us of 330 million that can sign something into law needs to be a part of the discussion and needs to agree to the outcome. >> i just don't understand why every, every proposeal that comes out of the administration is just going to kill thousands and thousands of more american jobs. >> it's the gop's obama excuse. it's a backward-looking defensive approach to a president who's on the offense. joining me now are e.j. dionne
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and jason johnson, thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> leading up to the state of the union, what's your take on his strategy here? >> i think it's clearly a good strategy when you look at what's happening in the polls. i think before the election he was really constrained partly because of where so many of the vulnerable democratic seats were. and i think democrats let that fact constrain them too much. most of the key races were in very conservative states where the president was unpopular. so they held back particularly, for example, on the immigration executive order. now he's looking forward to "a," his retirement and history, and "b," to an election in 2016 that the democrats thing they can win because it's a nationwide election. and he's picking issues that are popular with people. the idea of providing sick leave
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to every american is a popular position. the idea of having everybody be able to go two years at community college without paying for it is a very popular position. now, he's not going to win all these things with a democratic congress, but he's laying down some markers for what is worth fighting for in the future. and i think people both among his supporters, who are clearly happy to see him aggressive but people who like the president to see leadership -- >> -- strong leadership. jason, politicos had more about what he said in the meeting yesterday. quote, obama vowed to defend his agenda against republicans in congress promised to stand firm against gop efforts to dismantle his agenda and called on his democratic colleagues to help sustain his expected vetoes. this is a battle-hardened white house that's been in a lot of
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fights with republicans, isn't it jason? >> yeah i think obama -- president obama has finally learn the lesson that people were wondering when he was going to get when he was elected, that is the opposition wants to see you fail more than they want to pass their own agenda. we're seeing a bit of a flashback to 2011. president obama is a terrible front-runner but boy is he a great comeback kid. because after the mid-term elections is when we see the sophisticated and legislatively creative barack obama. right after the democrats lost the midterms in 2010 there were all things in the president's agenda that got done. now he's been efficient again. he'll push the ball up the field for the next two years and set things up for the democratic party in 2016. >> e.j. the president's been touting his economic ideas in a series of remarks ahead of the state of the union. listen. >> america's resurgence is real.
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don't let anybody tell you otherwise. i'm going to take a new action to help even more responsible families stake their claim on the middle class and buy their first new home. our support and advocacy on behalf of a national seven-day, seven six day policy. i'm announcing an ambitious new plan to bring down the cost of community college tuition in america. i want to bring it down to zero. >> now, these are very popular items that he's talking b inging about, e.j. wouldn't the republicans serve themselves well if they got on board with at least some of these things? >> well i think so. but i'm not sure they think so. i thought at the beginning of that segment you showed an important clip because it's been
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very hard for most of the year for the president to brag at all about the economy and the fact that it's come back from a catastrophic point because most americans still weren't feeling it or seeing it. what you're seeing from the polls is that there are still a lot of americans who need their wages boosted, but people are finally starting to believe that we've come out of the worst of it and that the economy really is growing. that puts the president in a much stronger position to fight for these other things. i think maybe the republicans will go tore the sick leave proposal. if you're pro family you ought to be for it but i am not holding my breath to see them pass any of this stuff. >> jason, you know the hill is reporting some in the gop don't think the house bill attacking the president -- >> right. >> -- on immigration can even pass the senate quote, you look at the hand you're dealt. there are not 60 republicans. so you have to convince six
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democrats to move with them said one border-state republican congressman. pigs will fly out of my rear end before that happens. is the far right going to see the light on this or will they lead to further chaos or infighting in the gop, jason? >> i don't see any flying pigs coming, rev. i don't think that's going to happen at all. >> i was trying to not repeat that line but go ahead. >> you know i think it's really clear. the republicans in the senate while they are unhappy with the president's agenda and while they have their own ideological plans they also understand how legislation works. it doesn't take a civics class or schoolhouse rock. they still do not have enough votes to override a presidential veto. they have to find some way to work with him. the house's attempt to get rid of president obama's immigration order, that won't work.
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no, legislateively they can't defund the affordable care act. but they'll find agreement on some energy policy some tax policy and it's key to look at the senators running for president in 2016 rand paul ted cruz marco rubio, they'll be a the forefront of the senate getting things done because they want to look productive when they're telling the american people to put them in the white house. >> e.j. before we run out of time, i want to get your take on big news from the supreme court today. the court will take up a case on whether same-sex marriage is legal nationwide. the "times" writes the court, quote, made it likely that it would resolve one of the great civil rights questions of the age. your take e.j.? >> well the betting right now, although it's always dangerous to bet on this supreme court, are there are five votes to
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basically declare gay marriage nationwide. and it is really astonishing if that is what actually happens, i do not think we've seen a social change of this sort take hold so quickly. four years ago we were nowhere close to this. and not only is it the courts acting, but if the court does act to legalize gay marriage it will actually reflect enormous shift in public opinion. this is an astonishing thing that's happening in our country. >> this will be a huge ruling there's no doubt about that. e.j. dionne and jason johnson, thank you for your time and have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> you too, reverend. straight ahead a south florida police department under fire for using black people's mug shots as target practice. imagine the shock when a sergeant showed up and saw a picture of her brother. >> they were like gunshots
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there. and i cried a couple times. i was like why is my brother being used for target practice? plus why is ben carson comparing our founding fathers to isis? and the 2016 campaign unofficially kicks off this week. and so did the campaign to destroy hillary. big show ahead. stay with us. >> the nominees are to white that just became the front-runner for the 2016 republican nomination. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
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ohio court today where a judge denied bond for 20-year-old christopher cornell. the accused isis sympathizer arrested wednesday, charged with plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. today, as cornell entered the courtroom, his father shouted out, don't trust anyone chris, while his mother yelled we love you. this happened just moments after president obama's joint press conference with prime minister david cameron of the united kingdom. vowing a united front and a unified effort to fight terrorism. >> we both recognize that intelligence and military force alone is not going to solve this problem, so we're also going to keep working together on strategies to counter violent extremism that radicalized, recruits and mobilizes people especially young people, to engage in terrorism. this is a problem that causes
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for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. it may be his most high profile speech since losing the presidential election. in just a few hours mitt romney will speak out for the first time since saying a presidential run this week. every gop contender was out making noise this week too. the 2016 campaign is under way. and so is the campaign to attack
3:17 pm
hillary clinton. the rnc chair brazenly saying 2016 would get personal. quote, bill clinton's activities are fair game for hillary clinton to answer, absolutely. then he told "the washington post," quote, i think she's just not very good at politics. and last night wisconsin governor scott walker kept the hits coming. >> it's almost overwhelmingly likely that hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, is going to be the nominee for the other party. and i think the other big loser on november 4th wasn't just washington and the president. it was hillary rodham clinton. she embodies washington, she lives in washington, she worked in washington. you look at everything that people dislike about washington she embodies it. what we need is a fresh, new perspective that says the
3:18 pm
answers to the ailments of our nation do not come out of our nation's capital. >> what strikes me are these attacks are so brazen and the election is still nearly two years away. this could get ugly and fast. joining me now is susan miller and dana millback thank you both for being here. susan, going after hillary clinton this early, couldn't that backfire? >> well, yes, and i don't understand the point of it. because the republicans can't really rebrand her at this point, the people who really dislike her, she's not good to win them over and the people who love her are with her. they're long past the point of trying to define her. she's already defined. so i think that's a tactical mistake on their part but they're smart to ramp up now because i think she's certainly the leading person to be the nominee. >> now, you know dana priebus is also saying that the rnc is
3:19 pm
digging up dirt in arkansas. i mean listen to this. >> we're writing a hillary clinton book now. we've got a research team that is in little rock. i mean so we're not going to be shy. >> how many people you have in little rock. >> what we have to to share the word about hillary clinton and bill clinton. >> did i miss something? after 20 years don't the american people know all about the clintons? >> i don't know. if people believe that reince priebus will come through with something new in little rock i've got a land deal i'd like to sell you. it's been 24 years. they've been at this again and again. are we going to do paula jones again, the white house travel office and the visitor logs and hillary care? we've been through it over and over again. i think that the clinton folks should be flattered that they've decided that she's already won the nomination. this will raise her visibility. and ultimately the republicans
3:20 pm
are going to have to come up with a nominee themselves. so they can go through this right now -- >> they look like they're scared of her. >> you think? >> but susan, reaction to mitt romney's possible third run has not been great. one of his former campaign chairs told bloomberg, quote, i'm not happy, frankly with the way he's chosen to re-enter presidential politics, and i think his friends need to be honest with him about that. does romney need a reality check, susan? >> i think so. you know look you can ask any single woman. there's always some man who comes into you're life and he wants to date you and you gently push him away and he goes. then he decides the reason you didn't go out with him is he didn't take a full campaign. you say i'm going to date this guy. then you break up with that guy. and he hears about it. instead of realizing it for what it is he realizes this is proof
3:21 pm
positive he was really right for you all along. that's really what mitt romney is in this situation with the republicans. somebody needs to give him a book called they're just not that into you. i really don't understand that he sees he has his chance and in 2012 the president was vulnerable and he lost. so i don't understand it. >> dana since susan went through my high school back and forth. >> sorry reverend. >> one of the speakers was ben carson who compared our founding fathers to isis fighters. listen to this. >> a bunch of ragtag militiamen defeated the most powerful and professional military force on the planet. why? because they believed in what they were doing. they were willing to die for what they believed in. the british were not.
3:22 pm
fast forward to today. what do we have? you've got isis. they got the wrong philosophy but they're willing to die for what they believe. while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness. and we have to change that. >> now, dana what do you -- what's your reaction? because in fairness, i have dr-- give a lot of speeches and you're caught up in your own passion and it could be just a bad analogy. what's your reaction there? because i'm not convinced that he really meant to say what it appears he said. >> he must be sincere because he's whispering a lot and it sounds more convincing that way. >> i think he was trying to be more passionate. i think he was trying to put a punch in. and he's talking
3:23 pm
extemporaneously. he doesn't use a script which i never do. he was reaching for an analogy that just didn't come with the right one. i'm not taking cheap shots. >> that probably was not what he was looking for. certainly now that he's seeing the reaction to it it's not what he was looking for. this is the choice the republicans have. they can go with the known commodity, the guy with the dating problem susan was talking about, or another guy like jeb bush we've been through before or they can take a gamble on somebody like ben carson or somebody like ted cruz. it will be exciting. it will be completely unpredictable. and that's the choice that they're going to be up against. and by the way, reverend i think all those girls in your high school can see you now and i'm sure they're very sorry. >> all those girls? there's one girl dana. you see how you already embellished the story. >> i'm sorry. >> while you're laughing the president was asked today about
3:24 pm
a certain someone possibly running for president. watch this. >> if i may, mr. president, i would really like to hear your reaction to the news that mitt romney is thinking about running for president again. >> on your last question i have no comment. >> yes or no is he running? >> is romney running? >> yeah. >> i think he is. look i think the problem with his 2012 campaign is that it was pretty insular and he was surrounding himself with people who were telling him that every other poll was wrong and theirs was right and he was certain he was going to win. they went into pennsylvania not because ohio was lost but because they wanted to expand the map. it takes an ego to run at all. i think he doesn't really see the numbers in front of him. that doesn't mean he's not a
3:25 pm
nice person or good businessman or whatever. that just means that he had a shot and i think that shot is gone. >> dana you know the president pretty well. you've covered him. what do you think he really wanted to say there? he kind of paused. what do you think he was really thinking? >> i think he was biting his tongue. i'm sure he was saying i hope he does run. because the democrats know that playbook already. >> and thank you dana susan, i don't know if i should thank you, you went through my high school girlfriend and said it takes a lot of ego to run for president. you just don't like me at all tonight. >> i don't think that's a bad thing. coming up why was a florida police department using mug shots of black people as target practice? the man who broke the story joins us. and it's a real live bonnie and clyde. how are two teenagers eluding
3:26 pm
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we're just a few days away from president obama's state of the union address. on tuesday he's expected to lay out his agenda for the coming year focusing on economic fairness and opportunity for all. it's always fun to see who will give the republican response. it's a big honor, given to a rising star. and this year they tapped brand new senator joni ernst. you might remember her as from -- from her hog castrating campaign ads. and they've given their response congresswoman bachmann
3:30 pm
didn't quite see eye to eye with the honor. this year that goes to congressman kurt clausen. over the summer he mixed up indian american u.s. officials with members of the indian government. >> i am familiar with your country. i love your country. and i'm hopeful with the new change in regime that the future and the land of promise and the land of opportunity of india can finally become so. i ask cooperation and commitment and priority from your government in so doing. can i have that? >> i think your question is to the indian government and we certainly share your sentiments and we certainly will advocate that on behalf of the u.s. >> of course. >> good thing he'll just be talking straight to the camera on tuesday. anyway congratulations to senator ernst and congressman clawson, but is this on a more of a blessing or a curse? republican bobby jindal a few
3:31 pm
years ago? his star has fallen since that epic awkward stroll to the camera he did. and bobby mcdonnell was mentioned as a presidential contender. he's now headed to prison for two years for public corruption. and then my personal favorite marco rubio's water world. we have to see this one again. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between government or big business. >> so maybe it has been a bit of a curse for these folks, but what's the one thing that these responses had in common? they offered no real solutions. their responses over the last few years can pretty much be boiled down to repealing the affordable care act and tax cuts.
3:32 pm
so good luck to joni ernst and curt clawson. they've got some big shoes to fill tuesday night, but until then, these right wingers think we would notice their responses are all talk and no real action? nice try. here's my response. we got you.
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time now for the justice files. we start tonight in southern florida where the north miami beach police department is under fire for using these mug shots of black people for target practice. this is the picture that brought this to light. this man's sister is in the florida army national guard. she went to a shooting range right after the north miami beach police department had left and she noticed the mug shots of six black men with bullet holes in them on the top.
3:36 pm
imagine is shock she had when she looked closely and saw her brother's face. >> there were like gunshots there. and like i cried a couple time. i'm like why is my brother being used for target practice? >> 15 years ago woody dion was arrested in connection with a drag race that left two people dead. he spent four years in prison. >> now, i'm being used as a target, and i'm not even living that life according to how they portrayed me as. i'm a father i'm a husband, i'm a career man. i am working 9 to 5. >> north miami police chief says their officers could have used better judgment but denied any racial profiling. joining me now is nbc 6 south florida reporter willard shepherd who broke this story and mark claxton, director of
3:37 pm
the black law enforcement alliance. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. >> willard, are you hearing any backlash against this department from the community? >> well very much so. i mean people were actually shocked that this was actually transpiring. the police chief here and the police department in this community that's 20 minutes north of downtown miami, haitians african-americans, latinos, big jewish population there, caucasian population and the police department has said that overall they've reached out to this community in general. however, now people are asking the question how could this have transpired. i frankly when i first got the call about this from the national guard member i spent many years of my life flying fighters in the military, so from being out on the range, when they contacted me and were telling me about this it was just really hard for me to comprehend what they were saying. it wasn't until they sent those
3:38 pm
pictures to me that it really settled in what was transpiring out on the weapons range. >> now mark i mentioned the chief denied profiling. he expanded on that. listen to this. >> our policies were not violated. there's no discipline that's forthcoming for the individuals regarding this. we use an array of picture, we'll have six pictures of people that look very similar. we have an array for black males, we have an array of white and hispanic males. >> your reaction mark? have you ever heard of any training like this? >> i tell you, rev, i mean the practice itself is disturbing. his explanation for the practice is baffling and his commitment to continue the same type of training defies logic and common sense. and the current climate and the talk of reforming police and
3:39 pm
training practices. it's really disturbing and something that needs to be done. >> you know willard, let me ask you, what changes will the police chief make about training? >> well the police chief's point in all of this is that this training is vital, that should the time come and one of these snipers actually need to take a shot at his community, he wants them to be up to that task and receive the best training as possible. that's why he says this facial recognition exercise being able to pick out the exact target amongst that array and the arrays have to look similar so so vital. >> so he's not going to change? >> no he's genuinely concerned about people in his community having contact with officers who have been a part of this photo array. he is halting the training at this point. none of the training like this is being done right now. and what he wants to do is go outside this community, really out of state to get some
3:40 pm
safeguards to obtain a broader database of photographs that could be used for the training down the road once he thinks enough safeguards are in place to continue it. >> have you heard from any other families involved in this? willard? >> yes, today another family came forward. they had pretty much the same reaction that the deants had. they couldn't believe their loved one's photo could be used for this kind of weapons training that was out there. we indicated to this family that the police department says they do have others from a different background in terms of different types of photos but the woman's simple question was she did not see anything other than african-americans' photos that were being used at that particular time. not any mixture of photographs. >> willard shepard, great reporting on this.
3:41 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> marq stay with me for the next story. a real life bonnie and clyde. kentucky authorities are searching for an 18-year-old and his 13-year-old girlfriend. they've eluded police for two weeks. now they're wanted in a statewide crime spree. they were seen on surveillance cameras at a south carolina walmart monday where they are accused of using stolen checks. they've also been spotted in their home state, kentucky and in georgia and now the last sighting is in florida. marq, police have reportedly been close. how do they keep getting away? >> well you know it's a challenge to find someone who is trying to avoid being found, but i think what the police investigation will accomplish is really following the bread crumbs following those transaction points the view can points following the video,
3:42 pm
following wherever it is they're going to and hoping to close down to close in a smaller area to really locate where these individuals are. >> now, the police are saying they have stolen trucks cashed bad checks and they may be in possession of stolen guns. is there concern that their behavior is escalating? >> tremendous concern. you can see the escalation of behab your from what may have started out as a simple juvenile runaway situation, taking that you've nile across state lines, stealing vehicles acquiring weapons, using forged instruments, being the check at different locations. so there's a clear escalation. law enforcement's concern, of course is number one, protect and observe human life but also recognizing they want to stop this escalation before it goes too far. >> marq claxton, thank you for your time. have a great weekend. >> you too, rev. coming up the oscar
3:43 pm
nominations controversy. does hollywood have a diversity problem? and wait until you hear what chris rock said. plus it's not just mike huckabee. why is the right wing so obsessed with beyonce? conversation nation is next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪
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time now for conversation nation. joining me tonight,'s plank, msnbc's toure and midwin charles. we start with the controversy that's dominating the oscar nominations. despite overwhelmingly positive review, "selma" walked away with just two nominations, one pore best picture and one for best song. but the academy denied actor david oyelowo a best actor nomination and missed out making history by refusing to nominate ava duvernay the first african-american woman for best director. many publications are questioning what happened, pointing to the predominantly old, white and male academy
3:48 pm
voters for the snub. but some like "variety" suggests the fault lies with "selma's" studio paramount pictures for not mailing free dvd screeners to guild voters. the oversight sparked debate even within the celebrity world. last night just hours after the nominations were announced actress jessica chastain gave an impassioned speech about diversity in hollywood. >> today's martin luther king jr.'s birthday. so it got me thinking about our need to build the strength of diversity in our industry. and to stand together against homophobic sexist misogynistic, anti-semitic and racist agendas. martin luther king jr. said our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that
3:49 pm
matter. and i would like to encourage everyone in this room to please speak up. thank you. so toure, what do you make of the snub? does hollywood have a diversity problem? >> of course hollywood has a diversity problem. we don't have enough black directors and actors who are able to make the pictures they want to make. the "selma" situation really lies with paramount mounting a terrible oscar campaign for this movie. i mean they just didn't do the basic thing of sending out screeners to enough folks who are voting on the oscar nominations. that's the crux of the problem. these are people that did give the award to "12 years a slave" last year. but yes, there's a diversity problem. they got the money and they got the liberty to make the film that they wanted to make. that's where the victory is. and we have this beautiful film
3:50 pm
that we'll be able to watch for years and years. >> but the issue is -- >> they didn't need a nomination to get that. >> the issue isn't just "selma." the issue has been the oscars period. i don't think -- i certainly didn't speak out just because "selma" didn't get nominations. it was across the board that in every area you do not see nominations and you haven't seen a lack of diversity like that since '98. >> exactly. we have to point out that this is the whitest oscar nominations since "babe" was nominated for an oscar. "babe" the movie starring a pig that talks, that movie is almost 20 years old. and yet we've -- we've moved forward in so many ways and yet we're going backward. >> whoa, whoa whoa. >> what is the film that should be included here? >> let's call a spade a spade. the academy voters are 94% white, and male. that's just a lead-in to this
3:51 pm
conversation. to toure's point as to whether or not "selma" has gotten and received enough accolade and perhaps ava duvernay doesn't need it the oscars are still one of the most important areas for people to showcase their film. millions watch the oscars around the world. the access that's given to a film once the film is nominated and the film wins that's huge that's massive. i don't think we can necessarily underplay the significantce of the snub. >> they're in the best picture category. >> i get that. >> they will get some of that love. but the problem is not so much with the oscars but with hollywood in general. what is the other picture that you think should be nominated -- >> that's the point. no let me answer. >> the pipeline. the pipeline. >> the point is if you have no open line of people that can greenlight films, we don't know the great films that could have been there.
3:52 pm
that's the problem. the problem is the same we raised when sony e-mails came out. it reflects the context of how there's no diversity in hollywood. it wouldn't be an issue if you had diversity in hollywood. you don't. >> it doesn't reflect the audiences. moviegoers are 46% made up of actually people of color. most moviegoers most people who buy tickets are women. yet look at the nominations. look who is voting look who is party of the academy. >> and that's another area that gets snubbed, too, and people don't talk about it a lot is women. women directors women filmmakers cinematographers, those huge sort of categories that really bring cachet to that artistry. women are snubbed well. >> i agree with what you're saying, but unless "selma" shows serious box office momentum then we've not voted with our wallet. and if we don't show them that they can make a lot of money doing that then those films
3:53 pm
won't exist. >> but you can't show that they can make a lot of money if it's not in the movies demonstrated at the box office. the only way you can do it is not support the industry unless they deal with diversity. you can't support something that's not there, liz. >> exactly. to your point, movies that are about people of color, movies that are about black and brown people just don't get the green light, they don't get the funding. >> at least the good ones. >> actors of color just aren't backed by the industry at all. >> i think midwin that the solution here is again, not about one film or one nomination. it really doesn't matter. i think the solution here the solution around sony is we've got to see hollywood step into the 21st century in terms of its executive levels of where people are included of all backgrounds in some of these decisionmaking in hollywood. hollywood has this liberal image. it's not true at the top. >> you're absolutely right.
3:54 pm
black actors black actresses often talk about how difficult it is for them to even get in the door in order to audition to have access to these sort of films where they would be considered for an oscar for their ability. >> well let me end it by quoting no more of an astute observer of hollywood than the comedian chris rock. he says the problem goes far beyond just the academy. quote, this is chris rock it's a white industry. how many black men have you met working in hollywood? they don't really hire black men. a mexican guy or black guy's qualified to go and give his opinion about how loud the boings are in dodgeball. it's like we only let white people do thatp about. he has a point. >> this is from someone well loved in the industry and incredibly successful in the industry. for him to speak out about this
3:55 pm
i commend him for doing that and sort of shining the spotlight. >> we'll be following this with liz, toure, midwin, we'll be right back. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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legend muhammad ally. one of the mesmerizing figures of sport, of boxing and one we've never seen before or since his caliber. there is so much to celebrate him for. it was his wit, his determination to win and his generosity toward others. but when i think of the greatness of ali, i'm especially reminded of his conviction in giving up so much by refusing to fight in vietnam. >> don't let me go shoot my brother or some darker people or some hungry people in the mud for big powerful america and shoot them for what? they never lynched me they never put no dog on me thissy didn't rob me of my nationality how am i going to shoot them poor people? just take me to jail. >> it's been 30 years ago since the champ was diagnosed with parkinson's disease.
4:00 pm
he's battled before through battles in and out of the ring and battles all across the world. today he was released from the hospital after a short stay and we all know this greatest of fighters will continue to fight on and to dazzle us all. happy birthday champ. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now. the threat of terror in europe and at home. this is "hardball." good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews. let me start with that roundup of suspected islamic extremists in europe today. two dozen have been swept up as authorities crack down on potential threats all across the continent. in belgium,


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