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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  January 17, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PST

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e actually running? all right. good morning. thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. a lot to get to today, including the supreme court has set the stage for a historic decision on same-sex marriage coming this spring. anger continues in europe and beyond in the wake of terror attacks and continuing raids. elizabeth warren scores a big win over the white house. we'll be delving into more of that this morning. we want to begin with this. after a week of speculation of mitt romney told a group of donors behind closed doors he is considering another run for the white house, he has now made his very first public remarks on the subject. it came last night, late last night, at the rnc meeting in san diego. the meeting was held aboard an
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aircraft carrier. romney spoke for 20 minutes. the speech ended with a standing ovation from the crowd. but lots of questions about how well he was being received behind the scenes. romney said to be taken aback by the cold water that some leading republicans have been throwing on the idea this past week. he does seem to have his family onboard, a seeming reversal from a few months ago, when ann romney told "the los angeles times" quote, not only mitt and i are done but the kids are done. done, done done. seemed definitive when she said that back then. her change of heart is front-page news in "the new york times" this morning. you can see the story there. if there's one takeaway from romney's speech it's this. this is not just a behind closed doors thing right now. romney has publicly confirmed he's considering another run for the white house. no one has won a nomination for president and lost the general election and come back to win the presidency since richard
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nixon in 1978. not many have tried since then either. matt was at the speech last night. he joins us from san diego this morning. 5:00 a.m. this morning out there. we're going to have some sound in a minute to show everybody. set the stage last night. mitt romney shocks everybody with this news. now, he makes public statements. what are people saying after that speech. what's the reception like? >> this was a big moment for romney. it was a skeptical crowd. you know, the days leading up to it there were a lot of sort of negative comments about the potential romney campaign. people were appreciative respectful warm. it wasn't -- i wouldn't describe it as overly enthusiastic. everyone was polite. people thought he did a good job for the most part. and he tried to address some of the issues that he sees as justification for getting back into another campaign.
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>> we have some -- we want to take everybody to that aircraft carrier last night. let's play one clip. >> the world is not safer six years after barack obama has been in office. and the results of the hillary rodham clinton/barack obama foreign policy have been devastating. >> matt, i guess the other issue here, too, is how romney himself and the people around him have been interpreting the skepticism you're talking about of the last week. i hear reports they're taken aback. >> that's accurate. eviscerating, an editorial in "the wall street journal." you talk to romney people they never had a great relationship with the editorial board at "the wall street journal." stinging rhetoric for the former nominee of the party. they're surprised at the degree to which they were getting blowback for him considering running again. i think last night, they felt a need to go a little further and
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articulate a little bit of his rationale because, to date he hasn't done that really. he's described to a close knit group of donors what he wants to do. but he hasn't done that publicly. last night we saw the first articulation of that. but he's got a lot of work to do within the party. >> i'm just curious. you've been covering this guy for so long. you probably never thought you would be covering mitt 2016. where do you think this is going? he's dipped his toe in the water publicly here. is there a tremendous for a candidacy here? >> it was perfectly clear that he's thinking about getting in the race. but he kind of had some pregnant pauses about that. joked about, you know i'm not going to run for u.s. senate in massachusetts, he said at one point. kind of making light of his potential decision. i think a couple days ago, people around him thought he was in. you know? it was just a question of when.
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i do think that the blowback has caused him to sort of -- and mitt romney himself, to re-evaluate that and test whether this blowback is something that will subside over the next couple of days. if there's work they can to further make the case you know for his candidacy. >> yeah. of course, we should say, no senate races in massachusetts until 2018. still time for him to reconsider that i guess. thanks to matt viser getting up this morning. our panel fortoday luke russert, capitol hill correspondent. jessica tander. and crystal ball co-host of "the cycle." we have more of the sound of the romney speech last night. let's give you a taste of it right here. >> there's some speculation on whether or not i'm about to embark on a political endeavor on which i've been previously unsuccessful. let me state unequivocally that
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i have no intention for running for u.s. senate of massachusetts. i should tell you that the last few days the most frequently asked question i get is what does ann think about all this? and she believes that people get better with experience. [ applause ] and heaven knows, i have experience running for president. i'm giving some serious consideration to the future. regardless of what happens in the primaries and the political process that goes on, ann romney and i are going to be fighting for our nominee. and make sure we win back the white house for the american people. >> that's what mitt romney was saying in san diego. but what matt was saying struck me. he thought the tone might have been more restrained than romney had been planning on or had been saying privately in the last week. that maybe the blowback he's
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gotten from republicans here has had some effect on him. >> i think they're a little surprise. i think maybe they thought he would come in and be the savior of the party again. or people would be clamoring for him to run. that's not what i've been hearing up on capitol hill. one of the biggest obstacles is he lucked out. you had chris christie mike huckabee jeb bush passing on running. that's not the case this time. the big question is who isn't going to run, but who is going to run? everyone is jumping in and seeing this. you saw walker this week making it very clear, rand paul never afraid to take a punch. romney, you time is past trying to send him this signal. and he could be an elder statesman in the party and take that role. but if he guess forward and tries to do this and really emparseem embarrassing himself, it further tarnishing his legacy. >> he survived the juggernaut of
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rick sanatorium and herman cane. they think about their legacy. >> politics is all timing. president obama can tell you that. he came in at the right time for his brand. the right time for mitt romney's brand was 2012. and that brand got destroyed. mitt romney did not just barely lose. he got destroyed in the electoral college. he lost every swing state with the exception of north carolina. when you talk to members, like i did in hershey, p.a. nine out of ten go this is lunacy. this is absurd. this is not what he should be doing. this is going to take away donors from early on for jeb bush. and that could create problems in the establishment wings. he wants to do a push on poverty. he talks about his time as a poster in the mormon church how he catered to the sick and the poor. mitt 3.0, it's difficult to rebrand yourself after 47% and after the way you were a venture
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capitalist and so many people lost their jobs. you can say that's the way business rolls. but it just doesn't work. and when i was talking to republicans, these are not just rank and file. high-level republicans that people would know with name i.d. they throw their arms up going, this guy is out of his mind to do this. >> and nobody thought -- the thing about romney he was supposedly from the same reasonable logical -- he's the calculating business man. that's the image of him. you would think -- i don't know can you make the case this can work somehow? anybody making that case? i'm fascinated. >> he has to be looking at the poll numbers. i'm leading in iowa i have a shot here. that's what he's thinking. in a way, his data and the numbers are doing him a disservice right now. someone with human common sense would go this is insane. on a personal level, why would you want to do this again? you have a great family. a great life.
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you have all of the money you could possibly need. there's so many things to do in the world. why put yourself through this? >> is part of it -- we talk with the midterm elections, the president elections. but is part of it you run in 2012, you're mitt romney. yeah, the electoral college wasn't too close. but a four-point race basically. and you look at obama over the next four years. the approval ratings drop. the republicans have is a huge win in the midterms. do you say the country's changed a little bit? >> democrats aren't his problem. republicans are his problem. he was flawed. the winds are in his favor. the reason why he lost is his inability to sell himself, which came across as awkward and not able to relate. and on top of that he started off first with the speech last night. foreign policy saying the obama/hillary clinton foreign policy. he didn't mention afghanistan in his rnc speech in tampa.
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we were all shocked by it. how do you re-create yourself as the foreign policy and the poverty hawk. >> what rebranding number are we on now? he was the, you know the social liberal running against -- >> i remember that. >> left on gay marriage. then, the social conservative trying to win iowa against mike huckabee. then, the severe conservative. there's been so many rebrandings, i don't know how many time swres to be subjected to this idea that if we only knew the real mitt romney we would clamor for him. >> what happens now? jeb bush is making an aggressive play right now. is this a thing? does this encourage donors to go to jeb bush to send mitt romney a message? does this create an opening for somebody to stand up? the joe mccarthy moment? >> we've seen several donors that have solidified their support for jeb. mitt romney's own florida chair in 2012 says he's behind jeb if he runs. and thinks too, a lot of people
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wanted jeb to run last time. he passed. i think that if -- if some of his big donors and his big bender wills may be there. but with the field the way it is, i think eventually, like you said, he is a calculating businessman. eventually, he looks at this. i feel like someone's got to sit him down and say, look mitt. >> it's like -- >> emblematic with everything that's wrong with the system. the media hears about this and we feed on it. we can't believe this is going to happen. then all of the people around him, all of his operatives, they want to go on for another round. why not? they want to get rich out of it. he has plenty of money. he's listening to the donors. who are the donors? guys just like him. why did he lose? because he was out of touch with the rest of america. you're listening to the guys who are just like you, talk like you, have the same amount of money in their bank statements. you're taking their advice to take over a country that's diverse with 300 million people. >> what you said he probably
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looks at the polls where we've seen. all of the talk about jeb bush every time they put me against jeb bush i've been winning. you see on the screen. psychological, that does. >> he wanted to be president. he's looking at the polls. he's saying maybe i still have a shot. and i'm sure he misses being the center of attention. there was this little mitt romney boom like how much -- on the republican side how much better things would have been if mitt had won. that did not equate to therefore we want you to run again. that was the sentiment i don't think he understood that distinction. >> raise some money for me. but go on your way, thank you. >> we have to end it here. i have a feeling we'll be talking about mitt in the next few days. thanks. we'll see you throughout the show. still ahead this morning, elizabeth warren scores a big win against the white house. we'll have the postgame. and what began in paris as a french problem is turning into a worldwide problem. the latest on the terror raids and the violent protests overnight on the other side of this break.
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these are some of the headlines we're waking up to this morning. at the end of a truly remarkable week. dozens held across europe islamic suspect sweeps. europe on alert. u.k. police on highest ever terror alert after belgian arrests. the anger that began in paris, directed at a magazine, "charlie hebdo" is spreading far, far beyond. >> a muslim backlash is building. in algeria, police struggled to contain huge crowds, angry that the french magazine has once again published a cartoon of the prophet muhammad.
5:18 am
in jordan, demonstrators carried pictures of the killers. and police fired tear gas in karachi. there were protests in iran turkey and elsewhere. muslims are rallying. and europe is rattled. >> that's nbc's bill nealy reporting. here to talk about this michael kay, a former british senior officer and foreign affairs correspondent. the response we've seen in europe this week the raids, the preemptive strategy right now, what do you make of this strategically? there was so much criticism after paris, these guys had been under surveillance before. does this change the equation this strategy very proactive. >> i think there has been a paradigm shift, when it comes to the posturing of the intelligence community and the security forces. what we saw post-"charlie hebdo," in terms of the brothers going on the run.
5:19 am
the hostage crisis. and then in the city center that puts the intelligence community and the security forces and the police, it put them on the back foot. it was a reactive posture in terms of how they had to deal with the outcome of that. what's happened now, is europe has gone and has changed. it's gone to a proactive shift. we've seen that by the decision to put police on the streets, for example, 10,000 troops on the streets of france and paris. there has been this rally around anti-terrorism, in belgium at the moment. it's trying to make it easier to deploy troops on its home soil. trying to make it easier to strip suspects coming back from syria, for their citizenship. you can't do that under international law. and france amended a law on hate speech. if someone is charged for the spoken word they can get potentially convicted up to five years in prison. on the internet 7 years and $120,000 fine.
5:20 am
there's reactive posturing from what we saw in "charlie hebdo." what we see from bill nealy's reporting, there are muslims reacting to the "charlie hebdo" covers. but we mustn't mistake a protest against what a muslim finds offensive to becoming a radical. and that is not one in the same. so there is a broad range here. that's what the intelligence communities will be struggling with at the moment. >> it does feel like the heat is getting turned up on all sides here. the crackdowns this week. the aggressive crackdowns by authorities. the laws you're telling me about being passed. and certainly, there's probably most if not all, the people we just showed there, they're protesting something they find offensive. but obviously, it was "charlie hebdo's" work that created -- didn't create it but fed into the violence. where does it go from here? >> it's a very fine line. we've been talking about and debating and struggling with the balance of tolerance of
5:21 am
religion, versus charging people for inciting hatred extremism or violence. and the u.k. has been prominent in that. hyde park, one of the biggest parks in london. you have one of the speakers corners in hyde park. the people can come and talk freely about whatever they want. and that includes people who want to talk about extreme versions of islam. they've been allowed to do that. but there's a contemporary debate about what is the balance? what is the line? one thing we were talking about before we came on is terrorism looks different in the context of globalization. that's something we also have to struggle with. we knew there were insurgencies in vietnam. now, there's insurgencies in syria. and it's easier to jump on an airplane at jfk, and fly to europe and travel all the way through europe into turkey and into syria. the access is easier. getting passports is easier. the ability to spread rhetoric over special media is easier. and i think all of these things
5:22 am
are convoluting and making it more complicated for the intelligence services to counter the threats. a couple of months ago, six months, a year ago, there was a debate about the nsa and the nsa's ability to troll e-mail accounts and look for that needle in the haystack. the intelligence community has a really difficult job. damned if they do damned if they don't. but the effects of people coming back from syria, the intelligence community has a difficult role. they do a job behind the scenes that no one knows about. and we only hear about it when "a," they get it wrong. which isn't very often. and when the raids start occurring. the work that goes into all of that is phenomenal. and maybe we should take some of the resources that we're putting into foreign policy. we will have spent $6 trillion in iraq and afghanistan, when it comes to 2020. maybe we need to funnel that into more domestic resources, financing on the security forces, home security forces for intelligence. >> there's so much that we see. so much that we don't see, as well. thanks as always to michael kay.
5:23 am
we appreciate you getting up and joining us this morning. still ahead, if you're old enough to drive, should you be old enough to vote? the young woman who made the case in maryland. up next it's not sunday. but talking to chuck todd on the other side of the break to weigh in on the biggest political stories of the morning, including mitt romney. stay with us.
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5:27 am
have chuck todd here to discuss. he joins us from washington. thanks for getting up. this romney speech last night, we played some clips at the top of the show. do you think that changed anything? all of the resistance we've been hearing. the skepticism we've been hearing. do you think he changed anybody's mind last night? >> i don't. and i'm surprised that it was not more definitive. i think at this point, you know he can't waste too much time. if he's in he's got a lot of work to do. he's got, frankly, jeb bush if he's not careful, is going to eat up a lot of his donor base. i guess i thought he was going to be if he was going to run, he was going to almost say that more definitively. i was surprised he didn't do that. but you know, look. i don't know if the speech was going to change things. there is plenty of former supporters of his who want to remain on the sidelines are aren't sold. >> where does this go from here? at some level, and there's been reporting on this this has
5:28 am
surprised him a little bit, the blowback this has generated. do you think this leads to a point where he sort of looks around and says, all right. i'll stay out. or is he so far in now, he has to stay in for a while? >> i look at it sometimes, what's logical and rationale to outsiders, you have to remember, we're dealing with human beings here. number one, he's a very competitive person. number two he's not used to failing. and i think when you think about that as part of his own just sort of dna, i would have a -- i was a skeptic. and then last weekend, he's the one making calls. you know? i was a skeptic because it was others making calls on his behalf. but he was certainly calling john mccain, calling kelly ayotte calling folks, to gauge reaction. i think he's out there. and i think the competitor in him is going to make it hard for him to pull -- i would be
5:29 am
surprised if he would pull back. if he does it's admitting he can't beat jeb bush. i don't think he's ready to admit that. >> we talk about how early these things start. this one -- the aggression in the earliness. what is it having on donors and the rest of the field? >> you know it so well in your days of covering new jersey politics and the northeastern donor community, wall street et cetera jeb bush -- i think he clearly has been very methodical about his planning on this campaign. this was not a sort of fly by the seat of your pants situation by jeb bush down to the fact i think he lost 15 pounds over the calendar year of 2014. he got himself physically in shape. and then sort of got his own financial house in order. got his family house in order.
5:30 am
and knew he had to go somewhat early because number one, there's people that never believed he was going to run. he had to show more leg because other candidates because people didn't believe him. that's one. two, he has work to do with conservatives. he has to figure out how to win them over. so, you need a longer run-up time. and then three, this is a shock and awe on the financial front. their whole plan here they're not going to be hiring campaign staff in the next six weeks. their whole plan here is to choke off financially mitt romney and chris christie as fast as possible on that front. and possibly do damage to scott walker, who also wants to -- i think has potential to do well in the establishment donor community. that's what jeb is doing. he accelerated this thing. and suddenly romney who had been pondering it more seriously than we realize, he had to accelerate his case.
5:31 am
ditto to everything else. >> the other thing in the news this morning. i want you to talk about the politics of it. is the supreme court agreeing to take up same-sex marriage. a hypothetical here. but if the court were to say same-sex marriage was the law in all 50 states looking ahead to 2016, there's never been a republican that said i'm okay with same-sex marriage could that change the equational all? >> i'm wondering if it will. it might in the primaries. but i say that. and i know you've seen these comments. to watch mike huckabee walk this line. where he wasn't -- you know he's accepting the law of the land atmosphere when it comes to same-sex marriage. not saying he's going to be a supporter of it. but it doesn't sound like he wants to achemake it part of his platform, the idea that this has got to be stopped and things like that. if even mike huckabee's not
5:32 am
ready to do this and he has an evangelical base who does? rick sanatorium? i talked to rick sanatorium. he doesn't want to be the social conservative guy this time. he wants to be seen more frankly, as a national candidate. more as a wholistic candidate that can speak to different parts of the electorate. i don't know beyond ted cruz goes on this issue, maybe down this road. i'm looking around in this republican field steve. and i don't see somebody who is going to decide to make it their be-all, end-all. it's a possibility to use the issue to do well in an iowa. there's a lot of evangelical voters who feel that evangelical leaders haven't fought hard enough on this issue of marriage. i don't see politicians prepared to run comfortable doing it. >> all right. chuck todd the moderator of "meet the press." still ahead this morning, the supreme court sets the stage for a historic decision on same
5:33 am
of sex marriage. once and for all, either way. and next republican lawmakers on a sugar high this weekend. charlie dent joins us on the other side of the break. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped over one million business owners get started. visit us today for legal help you can count on to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. you had your choice of spending a few days in san diego, where it was sunny, and temperatures in the 70s this week. or hershey, pennsylvania, where it barely got above freezing. which would you choose? hershey has chocolate. if you were a republican, chances are you were lucky enough to visit one of those destinations. the rnc had winter meetings in san diego. congressional republicans, house and senate members gathered in hershey, pennsylvania. a rare joint meeting. republican leaders and legislators from both houses. the retreat featured a performance by jay leno. and a speech by former prime
5:37 am
minister tony blair. and joanie ernest will give the gop rebuttal to the president's state of the union this tuesday night. we are joined by congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. and luke russert, who was rereporting from there. he's back at the table now. congressman, let me start with you. this was in politico trying to recap what happened at the retreat. they called it little more than a chocolate-infused meat beat. the chocolate fog. saying that you in the house and the senate got together and there's not much that but were able to settle on policy-wise. is that a fair way of summarizing it? >> well first, let me say, as the congressman who represents hershey, pennsylvania, i'm very proud of it. i prefer being in hershey. we had a lot of chocolate, reese's and everything else. and lebanon baloney.
5:38 am
we needed to manage expectations. that is an argument that we needed to hear from the senate. the house is only able to accomplish as much as the senate is able to pass. that drove much of the discussions. whether it was the recent homeland security appropriations bill. i know the senate will not take that bill in its current form. members of the house have to accept the reality of the senate -- >> is what you're saying basically -- it sounds like what you're learning the lessons of the shutdown. learning not to push too far. is that what you're getting across to members? >> that's one of the messages we wanted to get across to members. manage expectations. bring them back to reality. second thing, we have to talk about what issues, where can we collaborate? i don't think the senate is in a position to do tax reform.
5:39 am
i thought going into the retreat, the senate might be in a better position to do limited tax reform. i walked out pessimistic on that front. on trade, infrastructure, i had the impression that the senate was more amenable to those issues and we can work with the president on those issues. >> luke you were there. and the congressman alluded a minute ago, one of the issues coming up is the funding for homeland security. and the republicans passed a bill that could do away with all of obama's executive actionon this, in exchange for funding. democrats say that's a nonstarter with them. a nonstarter in the senate. where does this go? what's the end game on this one? >> they're kind of stuck the right now because they moved this bill forward. it started out very far to the right. we should mention congressman dent voted against something that was the repeal of dacca. the president did in 2012, that allowed the children of
5:40 am
undocumented immigrants to stay in the country. and talking to leadership folks, they thought the bill wednesday too far to the right. by but they did that so boehner could send it back and say, we can't move it. they're in a tough situation because they want to stand up to the president on immigration. they want to make a point they were not okay with the executive orders the president did the most recent round in november. but they've chosen -- they've chosen to do this on terrain which now does not look good for them, in light of what happened in paris and the foiled terror plot against the capitol. one of the central pillars of republican philosophies the national level, is strong national security. to play games with homeland security money leadership will tell you, mr. dent will tell you, is probably not a good idea. they have to figure out how to stand up. and it's unclear how they're going to do that to the president. >> congressman, so as luke says, you voted against that
5:41 am
amendment, most republicans voted for it. but you and a dozen or -- >> 26. >> 26 voted no. but those republicans, who are basically saying we need to take something off the books here. we need to make some kind of stand here against what the president has done on immigration. obviously, the white house and democrats say no. none of that's coming off the books. where is the give? >> here's where the give is going to be. clearly, all house republicans very much object to the president's executive actions on immigration. that said, many of us in the republican conference believe that we mustard immigration legislatively. that simply expressing our dis displeasure with the dacca is not enough. we have to come up with a plan on immigration. not just border security. i support that. we have to deal with high-tech visas, we have to work with interior enforcement and the children who came to this
5:42 am
country, through no fault of their own. simply saying no to the president's action isn't enough. we need to deal with it legislatively. and walking out of the retreat, i have a sense that we are going to be dealing with several pieces of immigration reform. so that's really the issue for republicans. we're having this discussion. we have to be proactive on this not just talk about redealing what obama has done. president obama has done. what we're going to replace his actions with. >> before we let you go congressman, i have to ask you. probably a lot of talk about this at the retreat, too. mitt romney running for president again in 2016. do you think it's a good idea? >> well third time is not a charm. and i -- as much respect and admiration i have for governor romney, i've not -- i'm not one of those who is encouraging him to enter the race right now. i just don't think there's much to be gained by a third kick here. i don't think -- i don't think it will work out for him. >> okay. there we go. another republican on the record on that one. congressman charlie dent
5:43 am
representing hershey, pennsylvania. thanks for getting up. luke russert. see you again. up next this morning, making income equality a reality. that's on the aidagenda for world leaders this morning. out of 42 vehicles... based on 6 different criteria... why did a panel of 11 automotive experts... ... name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons the all-new volkswagen golf starting at $17,995. there's an award winning golf for everyone. this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular can of soda. and this is a soda a day for a year. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice.
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5:46 am
exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. this afternoon, former president bill clinton will speak at the hope global forum. he's the keynote speaker at this event, where ceos and world leaders lay out their vision how to better shape the world's economy and move closer to income equality. tell us what we can expect. >> this is the second day of the forum. we have 700 registered attendees. behind me they're just getting started. and the goal is kind of how do we reimagine the relationship between big business and underserved and depleted communities. how do you provide microloans to
5:47 am
communities that don't necessarily have access. so many people have come together with the idea of how do you play to the multimillionaires, the big businessmen, the chief executives, next to a kid that is trying to start a lawn service. later today, there will be a pick session with teenagers who have grand ideas for starting businesses. and the foundation provides the winner of that with a microloan to get started. it will be two days of meetings of minds. there's panels on ferguson and tapping into budding technologies to open up the financing to underserved communities. it will conclude today. but president bill clinton addressing the crowd. a sense of excitement. and everyone is ready to get started and get the work done. >> all right. leave in atlanta again. bill clinton speaking a little later today. up next the youth vote gets a little younger. the high school student who convinced the city council in
5:48 am
her hometown to lower the voting age to 16 is here to tell us how and why she did it. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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5:51 am
the minutes from a city council meeting tell us the most interesting story we've seen all week. you have to wade through the legislative language to find it. but he's the key part. it's a motion to get the mayor and the city council to lower the voting age to 16 years old for city elections. and that motion passed 7-4. if you're 16 years old, and you live in hyattsville, maryland you're going to be able to vote for political office in that city. when the hyattsville city council opened up the. >> narrator: for comments before before the vote they heard from a young woman named sarah leonard, who told members of the council, hyattsville should lower the voting age to 16 so young people can get active in their communities, which will continue with them in their entire lives.
5:52 am
when the number of voters increases, the city government is bound to be better represented and backed up by more support. we're happy to have on the set, sarah leonard, who brought this campaign to fruition this week. and luke back at the table with us. you're 15 years old. you're going to start voting, 16-year-olds will start voting in a few months. you won't be eligible at first. you have to wait another year. tell us about how you would get this idea in the first place. where did it come from? >> my council member came to me and told me about the legislation he was trying to pass. and i thought it was really really interesting and a great opportunity. and i wanted to speak at the city council meeting because i thought it was really important to get involved politically and not just like thinking about getting involved like in the future. but thinking about getting involved now. and how cool it would be to vote next year instead of waiting. and going to college and not
5:53 am
being -- living in the same place and being able to vote while i'm still living in hyattsville. >> have you been interested in following local politics for a while? and it's been something you were interested in to begin with? >> this year i started taking a government class. and i think that got me interested and involved in like, government and like local and state and national government. and so it got me interested. what does our city council do? and what does all of our government do? this year i really got involved. >> what was the argument against this? to me it makes so much sense. you're in high school. the city council is talking about roads. schools, all things that impact you really directly right? what was the argument against lowering the voting age? >> the only arguments i heard were that we didn't have enough life experience which i don't -- >> that's so overrated. >> i mean i have a job and i pay taxes.
5:54 am
and i am learning how to drive on the city roads. i feel like that is enough life experience to be able to vote in a city council election. >> they didn't have a whole lot to offer in terms of a counter? >> yeah. >> clearly, your argument won the day. >> from conversations with your friends, do you think this will spur civic activity? it's remarkable you showed up in the numbers you did. and you're well-spoken and pushing forward. it stems from your interest in a government class. do you think your friends will be talking about the municipal elections around the cafeteria at lunch break? >> definitely. my friends were like what is a city council do? how do you vote for that. and interested about what their opportunity meant. and i thought they were interested. they were asking if they could run for mayor. >> how about any plans to -- can you run for office at 16 now? >> yes. >> you can? any thoughts. >> you want to make an announcement today, sarah?
5:55 am
>> i would consider running for council member. i think it would be cool. and anyone who is 16 and can convince their neighbors to vote for them should have that opportunity. >> we just made news in hyattsville hyattsville, maryland. the first conversation with the 2016 candidate for city council. this applies to city elections. municipal elections. it does not apply to voting for governor or president. is that something you want to see, though? >> i think we should get, after, a lot of cities try to lower the voting age. and it shows how it increases voter turnout and increases political awareness and activity, then state governments might consider lowering the voting age. to increase voter turnout, just like this. >> you think there's a direct correlation. you mentioned your friends were talking about it at school. i would assume if you're 16 and you come into school and your teacher says you can exercise
5:56 am
your right to vote you can make a difference these are what the issues are to me you're a better informed voter because you're getting it from school. and you have your friends who are collectively trying to do something. >> yeah. i think we are really informed voters because we're currently learning about it. we learn about it every day. and we research it. >> what's more than some 75-year-old who hasn't been brushed up on the issues for a long time. >> it's exciting because you know we've seen a huge drop-off between presidential years to midterm to city council, is usually the lowest turnout that you see. to me i think it's exciting the idea of being so invested and so focused on those local elections, which really have the biggest impact on people's day-to-day lives. >> yeah. >> and more of a chance to have an impact. if there's lower turnout and you mobilize, you can have -- sarah leonard, activist and potential hyattsville city council member. really appreciate you coming in. an hour of news and politics
5:57 am
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see if startup-ny can work for you. go to gay marriage goes to the supreme court. thanks for staying with us this saturday morning. a lot this hour including elizabeth warren versus the white house. her big win this week. and why chris christie is telling everyone to calm down. and maybe comparing himself to a duck, too. and the latest on the "charlie hebdo" protests overnight. we want to begin that the supreme court is setting the stage for historic decision on same-sex marriage. it was only last week that florida became the 36th state in the country to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the number of states that allow
6:01 am
same-sex coverage has doubled in the last six months. it's the supreme court to decide once and for all, in what might be the cultural issue of our time. the justices announcing late yesterday, whether same-sex couples have a right to marry everywhere under the constitution. this morning, believes the court will do just that. a litigation partner at gibson and dunn as well as a former clerk to sandra day o'connor. thanks for joining us. it's early out there. you say you're confident that taking this case means the supreme court is going to rule in favor. why? >> thank you, steve. the supreme court's decisions over the last two decades really compelled that result. going back to lawrence versus texas and just not even two years ago, in the doma case and
6:02 am
the proposition "a" case the supreme court has recognized that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same equality and that marriage is a fundamental right. they've held that over a dozen times over the last century. these are principles that are fundamental. and the constitution protects every american. and just again, the doma decision which was written by justice kennedy, truly compels that result. that justice scalia noted in his disscent dis dissent. he says every person in every state has the right to marry the person they love. >> what does that mean? kennedy is the swing vote. are we looking at a 5-4 ruling do you think here? does it matter if it's not unanimous? what does it look like? >> i would not limit it to 5-4, steve. i think that it's possible for there to be even more justices who will agree. again, these are fundamental
6:03 am
principles. and they've been reaffirmed many times. and the supreme court is consistently struck down discrimination in all forms, against a variety of disfavored groups over the decades, women, racial and ethnic minorities. it's now clear in a laws like these, these discriminatory marriage bans truly harm not just gay and lesbian couples, but their families and their children. as justice kennedy said, in the doma decision these children are humiliated by laws like this. but their voices are asking the court to protect them. and that's the role of the courts. the courts are there to protect the rights of minorities and our constitutional system. >> what would happen if the court, if you're wrong on this, and the court ends up saying no and we're going to strike down gay marriage 36 states all of the people who have gotten
6:04 am
married in the last few years, what would happen there? would there be a basis for another legal challenge? the couple saying we had the right and now it's taken away. is that a separate legal mat center. >> absolutely. first i think it's unlikely that the court would uphold the laws that are at issue, in the four cases from michigan ohio tennessee and kentucky. but even if they did, if a right is granted and then it's taken away, as we argued in the proposition 8 case, that allow is a constitutional violation. >> all right. my thanks. we'll keep a close eye on this story story. a big decision coming down this morning. and turning to the battle between the white house and elizabeth warren. and a big win for the massachusetts senator. wall street investment banker antonio weiss, withdrawing his name from the number three post at the treasury department. he cried uncle after attacks
6:05 am
from elizabeth warren. in a letter to the president, weiss said, quote, i do not believe that the treasury department would be well-served by the lengthy confirmation process my renomination would likely entail. on paper, weiss looked like another routine appointment. but opposing him, warren may be setting a new precedent. >> enough is enough with wall street insiders getting key position after key position. and the kind of cronyism that we have seen in the executive branch. >> democrats and republicans, more sympathetic to wall street are worried about the impact warren's win will have on future nominations. former obama spokesman ben labolt saying, she established a new litmus test if you worked on wall street to regular lair agency or even agency that touches economic policy. here to try to answer that
6:06 am
question, perry bacon jr. and josh green. thanks for joining us this morning. you wrote an interesting story this week. the headline put it up on the screen. "queen elizabeth." talking to people who are on wall street, close to wall street. in the financial industry what's their reaction to what they're seeing what happen here? >> their reaction is a combination of horror and frustration. first of all, because weiss was only the latest white house nominee with ties to wall street, who elizabeth warren was able to kind of push aside. and real concern because, by any traditional measure, weiss wasn't a flawed candidate. he hadn't worked for one of the big banks that got a federal bailout. he didn't have any ethical problems, anything like that. and yet, still, he was essentially forced out of the role that the president had nominated him to simply because of his ties to wall street. and specifically warren said
6:07 am
because he was involved in something called tax inversions where u.s. companies purchase smaller companies overseas and move their headquarters to escape u.s. taxes. so, in defeating weiss' nomination, the worry on wall street is that she has expanded the list of what are considered to be unacceptable financial sins. and that potentially hurts or eliminates an awful lot of people on wall street who would like to someday serve in government. >> perry, in terms of government, this is a nomination that was probably going to sail through if elizabeth warren doesn't speak through. when it's on the issue of banks and on the issues of big business corporate america, when she speaks up an awful lot of democrats don't want to be against her. >> she had a lot of -- josh's piece was excellent. one thing he noted was barney
6:08 am
frank noted the point that people in your district care what elizabeth warren thinks even if you don't live in massachusetts. a lot of liberals nationally look to elizabeth warren as a guide. if she says this nominee is bad, the house and senate members fell like, i can't vote for this person. she wasn't the only person opposing weiss. you have dick durbin, the senator from illinois, very close to the president, i don't want this nomination, either. i think she's gaining a lot of power. like josh said this is not the first person she opposed. she was behind the scenes opposing larry summers, heading the federal reserve, as well. she is not just attacking people with wall street experience. people that are close to the clintons, who are more pro-wall street in policy even if they didn't work on wall street. just the broader schism between a pro-wall street view of the democratic party, one that can work with wall street. and warren is almost anti-wall
6:09 am
street anti-citigroup, break up the bank vision of the democratic party. >> the democratic party, when bill clinton was president, made the alliance with wall street. put this on a broader context. republicans have made it to go of dodd frank. hillary clinton tweeted on that subject. attacking financial reform is risky and wrong. better for congress to focus on jobs and wages for middle-class families. are we watching the end of that alliance that bill clinton started between the democratic party and wall street? >> i don't think so no. i think what we are seeing is the full measure of warren's expanded power. one of the things that frustrated her, if you talk to her allies is that obama had not been nearly as vigorous in defending the dodd-frank financial reforms. there were provisions slipped in with the tass et agreement of
6:10 am
the white house rolling back some of the financial reforms. warren objected to that. and one reason she came out so hard against weiss, is to essentially let democrats friendly to wall street know there is a price to be paid for this behavior. she will knock off the nominees if they don't stand up for the laws. i don't think it's any coincidence that hillary clinton is out there tweeting about the need to defend financial reform laws. she's seen the flight and knows what's at stake. >> she had been a little cute with the speculation saying i am not running. putting in the present tense. a lot more definitive this week. have we heard the end of that? >> i think we have heard the end of it. i think the base groups that want her to run, the draft warren groups are going to keep going. the iowa caucus doesn't start until next year. and they have a year to change her mind. i don't think they're going to do that. but josh is right.
6:11 am
elizabeth warren's campaign is to push the democratic party to the left without running for president. i think yesterday's hillary clinton's tweet told me that hillary's noticing what warren is doing. there's a strong part of the democratic party that's excited about warren. there's nervousness from democrats i talk to is hillary going to be tough enough against wall street. i think hillary knows she's adjusting to that. and warren may be success in moving the party without running for president. i don't see her running for president at this stage. >> perry bacon jr., and josh green from bloomberg business week. chris christie is telling backers to relax. but again, he compared himself to a duck. we'll explain after this. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement.
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6:14 am
what is chris christie
6:15 am
telling people these days? with wnbc's report of looming indictments in the bridgegate saga and other candidates aggressively pursuing the gop establishment, people in christie's corner, what is the governor saying these days? this is what he told a new jersey radio station. >> what i told everybody supporters of mine potential donors of mine, staff, is relax. >> christie's message may be laidback, but here he was at yesterday's inaugural for iowa. iowa, the first state to vote for the presidential nomination. and here he is, on the steps of the statehouse in south carolina. christie angling for '16. but the headlines have been whether he's at risk of getting elbowed out before the gop race even starts.
6:16 am
can he even catch up to jeb bush and mitt romney when it comes to lining up the support. "the record" in new jersey recording that some of the home state backers crossed the river to manhattan for a secret meeting with jeb bush. while jeb bush and mitt romney turn up the heat on donors is chris christie at risk at getting left in the dusk? talking about state government in that radio interview, he may have said something about his presidential strategy, too. >> all of the biggest issues you remember over the years, i'm like a duck on the pond. all calm up front. but paddling like crazy under the water. >> joining me now is robert costa, political reporter with "the washington post." christie saying everything is fine here. paddling like a duck under the water. is there a risk here with aggressive moves from jeb bush
6:17 am
and mitt romney that chris christie is losing out on what he needs to be doing at this point? >> governor romney and governor bush have sped up the clock. you see all potential contenders moving up their efforts to get staff, get the fund-raisers in line. but the confidence that christie and his people have comes from the national political network they established last year running the republican governors' association. they believe they can go to the governors they helped to elect and put them in their camp eventually. >> the other issue here and we said this at the top here we have a report from wnbc in new york that six, maybe more indictments, of people around christie, no expectation, christie himself, but people around him, may be getting indicted in the bridgegate thing. one of the potential wall street donor was quoted in politico this week about christie saying i like him. and under other circumstances, i could support him. but not with mitt and jeb in the race. and christie has so many other issues. and i wonder robert when you
6:18 am
say so many other issues i think he means bridgegate the scandal around christie. is that a way that donors look at christie saying, we want this resolved more first? >> certainly. i spoke to members of the republican national committee, in san diego, and members of congress in hershey for a retreat, they speak positively about christie. they think he has a conservative record in new jersey. they have reservations about the bridge episode. they think it continues to cloud his possible candidacy. >> the radio interview at the top, chris christie was asked about his relationship with the bush family. >> that's just the way it goes. so if jeb decides ultimately to run, and i decided ultimately to run, i think i've said this to you before. i hope that what we do is to run based on our particular vision for the country and for our party. and may the best person win.
6:19 am
>> it's interesting because we talk about these republican primaries. we're so used to saying there's the establishment candidate. and then the conservative, grassroots candidate. they split up the vote and allowed the accomplishment candidate to win. mccain or romney. christie and bush are angling to play the same role. what would the dividing line between them be? >> the dividing line is temperament. you see jeb bush courting christie's people in new jersey, that sends a signal about how the bushes are going to play hard for christie's own base. and christie is in a tough spot. you look at his political career. gets his start in '92. helps george h.w. bush's campaign. and it was the bushes that were calling for christie to run in 2011 when he declined to run for the white house. running against the bushes that machine, that will be difficult for the governor. >> interesting. this morning you a story, the
6:20 am
2016 turning into a fight between veterans and newcomers. how do you assess the big picture? >> you have huckabee romney jeb bush all the names from the past running against a new class of republicans. scott walker, ted cruz rand paul. who is going to lead the republican party in the post-obama era? that's the generational flight. >> robert costa, appreciate you joining us this morning. if chris christie does run for president, he needs to bay ware of this photo. the lessons learned from martin o'malley on a horse. that's next. ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 mpg highway... ♪ can feel like royalty in the nissan altima. ♪ now get great offers on the 38 mpg highway nissan altima.
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6:23 am
confident retirement today. everybody, today, we're setting up the right to rise pact which is a pact to support candidates that believe in conservative principles that allow all americans to rise up. you're interested go to that's jeb bush announcing
6:24 am
the formation of his pac, in a video posted to instagram. it's one of the newer forms of social media. and how the candidates are using this. give you a tour of what's going on there. there's attention when you have politicians that are trained to do scripted on-message political things like you see on jeb bush's page here versus the politicians that are let loose a little bit on social media, especially instagram and have fun with it. jeb bush just joined. only 13 posts so far. not many shots of him doing fun or adventurous things. some of the other candidates, using it differently. we noticed on the republican side lots of hunting pictures. bobby jindal we think, the louisiana governor, had the most. you can see he's been on this thing for a year and a half. another bobby jindal with the kids going hunting right there. rand paul. rand paul has a lot of fun with
6:25 am
twitter. here, using a bow and arrow. not as many hunting references. but he mixes the explicitly political with the personal personality building stuff. a good following. you see paul ryan. he is into hunting, as well. he took himself out of the mix for 2016 this week. ted cruz giving the example he's a little less personal. and little more on the explicitly political messages. he had one exception on his page, we want to show you. when george h.w. bush had his 90th birthday. ted cruz took out his socks. a tribute to him there. what do we notice about scott walker's instagram account? he had the most references to ronald reagan. the most pictures to ronald reagan. we counted five or six on that page. he's been on it only for a few weeks now. chris christie we noticed this.
6:26 am
chris christie, he's somebody who seems to have a lot of fun with instagram. nearly 10,000 followers. but a number of pictures that seem to be showing leadership. assuming the role of a coach here almost in talking to a high school football team. that's something we actually also saw with the vice president. with joe biden, by far the most instagram followers. with the u.s. national soccer team. the leader role the coach role. this we thought was the funniest picture we found on anybody's page. this is martin o'malley the ex-governor. 588 followers. this is the guy that may be running againstrun ing against mchk. elizabeth warren was pictures from her 2016 campaign. nothing since then. the interesting thing we found, on the democratic side besides
6:27 am
martin o'malley hillary clinton, no official page. jim webb no official page. bernie sanders, no official page. no official account. if instagram has anything to say about who the next president is they want to get involved in that. that takes us to the end of our little tour of instagram. we'll have news when we come back about a violent protest overnight. new concerns about a potential attack in europe. up next who officials fear terrorists may be targeting next. stay with us. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice.
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6:31 am
jordan, in niger, where four people were killed. 20 people have been arrested in raids in belgium, france and germany. belgium sending in armed soldier soldiers to beef up its police presence. the u.k. this morning, at its highest terror alert ever. stay with msnbc and nbc throughout the weekend for the latest developments. this morning on the show why john kerry brought along a friend with him to paris. and up next, where in the world are we taking our contestants in the second-annual up against the clock tournament of champions. that video, the only hint they're going to get this morning. no one said becoming a champion would be easy. stay with us. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself.
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6:35 am
against the clock." he's practically a member of the e. street band since he's been to 41 bruce springsteen concerts. say hello to luke russert. she's the reigning "up against the clock" champion and plans to do it all over again. please welcome krystal ball. she played the french horn. and looking to hit the right notes today, it's jessica taylor. now, the host of "up against the clock," steve kornacki. >> thank you jim cutler. thank you, contestants. thank you, studio audience. everyone tuning in at home. and welcome to a very special opening round edition of "the up against the clock," 2015 tournament of champions. all three contestants you see here today, well this, is actually not true. i'll explain this in a second.
6:36 am
jessica and luke won their qualifying matches earlier in the season. maybe you remember those games. krystal ball as the returning national champion from 2014 out tomatically placed in the tournament. >> i thought i was world champion. >> we change the title. galactic why not. she is the number one overall seed. the next three weekends opening round match-ups. the winner from each of those games will compete in a very special national championship edition or world championship edition of "up against the clock." one bit of news about the rules. they remain the same for tournament play, but we're supersizing the round. instead of 100 seconds, they will now be 105 seconds. maybe an extra question or two there, depending on how fast you are on the buzzers, contestants. the rules remain the same. you can ring in at any time. you will be penalized for wrong answers. instant bonus and quoted note bonus, as they come up. with that i will ask you to put
6:37 am
your hands on the buzzers. we'll put 105 seconds on the clock. and the tournament of champions will begin with this. caramel popcorn was on the dessert when president obama had a working dinner at the white house with this world leader. >> david cameron. >> jessica on the board. on monday arne duncan proposed changes to this education act. >> no child left behind. >> jessica with the early lead. a congressional delegation let by patrick leahy is departing for -- >> cuba. >> jessica, with 300 points. with their bare hands thursday, tommy summoned -- >> el capitan. >> it's located in what -- >> yellowstone. >> incorrect. >> luke? >> yosemite. >> in yosemite. 100 points for luke. he's on the board.
6:38 am
she will not run for governor in 2016. krystal? >> barbara boxer. >> incorrect. this missouri democratic senator. >> mccaskill. >> stop the clock. a lot of early activity. luke, you have triggered our instant video bonus question. no penalty for a guess on this one. we have a special celebrity guest who will read you a famous political quote if you can identify who spoke those words. direct your attention to our video monitor. and susie essman. >> i'm susie essman with this week's up against the clock of note. which former first lady said the following in her wellesley college commencement address. someone in this audience may be someone who will follow in my footsteps and preside over the white house as the president's spouse. i wish him well. good luck. >> hillary clinton. >> incorrect. it was barbara bush at wellesley
6:39 am
college. no penalty. that was a bonus question. we'll set the clock back in motion. this major u.s.-based retail giant, announced this week it will be closing. >> target. >> 133 canadian stores. the national republican senatal committee announced that this texas senator -- >> ted cruz. >> will no longer be the chairman of grassroots outreach. president obama held a white house screening of this controversial movie. >> "selma." >> "selma" is correct. the cadbury candy company announced it is changing the recipe for this iconic treat. >> cat cadbury eggs. >> dairy eggs? >> we can accept that. only in the united kingdom. cream eggs. which probable 2016 contender said in an interview, it's the definition of insanity. >> rand paul. >> about a mitt romney
6:40 am
presidential campaign. 100 points for krystal. jessica taylor out to the lead with 400 points. luke behind her at 200. krystal getting it to zero. easy to make up ground in the 200-point round. questions a little harder. twice as valuable. 105 seconds on the clock. the 200-point round begins with this -- the obama administration's new proposal to require companies to provide paid sick leave to their employees on what site. >> linkedin. >> 200-point toss up. marijuana smoke was high in the air as the local band string cheese incident and the lumme nears played at tuesday night's inaugural festivities for what colorado govern center. >> john hickenlooper. >> hickenlooper's inauguration. on thursday this person said quote, compromise is not a dirty word if it moves texas forward.
6:41 am
>> senator john cronyn. >> rick perry. in his farewell address. not only do you get 200 points for correctly identifying rick perry, but you have trig ured our use it or lose it bonus question. here's how it works. we have a question that is related to the one you just answered. if you choose to take the question and correctly answer it we will double what you just won, giving you an additional 200 points. if you're incorrect, we will take the 200 points away. i have the bonus question. will you use it or lose it. >> the tournament of champions. go big or go home. >> i like that attitude. here's your follow-up question. rick perry goes out of office as texas' longest serving governor in history. who was the second-longest consecutively serving governor of texas? >> kay richards. >> it was george w. bush actually. eight full years.
6:42 am
we take the 200 points off the board. you're in the lead. and the clock back in motion. on monday ohio state won the first-ever college football playoff national championship. name one of the senators from the state whose -- >> luke? >> rob portman. >> incorrect. i'll complete the question. whose school lost that game. >> krystal? >> patty murray. >> incorrect. >> jessica, want to answer? >> whose school? >> whose school lost the game. we call time. we would have taken john widen. >> next weekend, a number of potential 2016 republican presidential candidates will be attending an event in iowa. >> steve king. >> 200 points for jessica. 200-point tossup. after president obama announced his proposal to make community college tuition free, this actor -- >> tom hanks.
6:43 am
>> jessica turning up the heat here. it was announced that this broadway and animated film star would be performing the national anthem. >> idina menzel. >> 200-point toss up. paul lepage said he -- >> angus king. >> may challenge angus king up for re-election in what year? >> 2018. >> ends the round. luke gets to zero. jessica, 1,200. krystal behind. things can get funny moving to the 300-point round. the hardest questions we have. the most valuable. we have seen crazy things happen. we'll dim the lights for dramatic effect. to the final round. we'll put the clock up on the board. we begin with this. gun legislation, supported by the nra was vetoed this week by this republican governor of a blue state. >> jessica? >> rick snyder.
6:44 am
>> rick snyder in michigan. 300-point tossup. at a lecture on world peace on tuesday, this global religious leader declared as far as socioeconomic theory i am -- >> dalai lama. >> i am marxist. this coming wednesday, boyd rutherford will take the oath of office in the state of maryland becoming the third-consecutive african-american to hold this -- >> lieutenant governor. >> the lieutenant governor of maryland. 300 points for you. paul ryan announced this week he will not be running for president in 2016, referring to focus -- >> chairman of the house ways and means committee. >> incorrect. i'll finish the question. how many ways and means chairman in history have gone on to become president? krystal? >> zero. >> incorrect. you want to guess? the answer is three. in the wake of barbara boxer's retirement, this lieutenant governor -- >> gavin newsom. >> gavin newsom will not run for
6:45 am
her seat in 2016. on thursday this western state became the first in the nation to require high school students to pass a federal civics test. >> arizona. >> chip englander. >> i'll complete the question. successfully -- >> bruce rounen. >> failed to make the district of columbia the 53rd state was introduced by in nonvoting delegate. time. she got it in. that is the game. jessica taylor very impressive opening round performance. 1,800 points. you will advance to the national championship game. and upset victory, defeating the national champion. you see the bracket for the championship game. the other two match-ups to come. now, we will tell you what you win if you win the national championship game. >> with your victory today, you
6:46 am
earn a spot on contestants' row, in the "up against the clock" tournament of champions title game. putting you one step closer to earning this season's grand prize, an unforgettable night at the ballpark. yes. that's right. we'll send you and three of your closest friends on a free new york city subway ride to historic mcu stadium in brooklyn, home of the new york mets single-a short season minor league affiliate, the brooklyn cyclones. but wait. there's more. you'll be escorted to the pitcher's mound before the game by sandy the sea gull, the official brooklyn cyclones' mascot where you throw out the ceremonial first pitch. all of this could be yours. but only if you're smart enough fast enough and tough enough to win the "up against the clock" championship. >> all right. our thanks to the brooklyn cyclones for taking part in our grand prize. very excited for that. jessica, that is what you'll be
6:47 am
playing for a few weeks from now. >> got to be warming up. >> a very impressive performance today. krystal and luke you leave with the home edition. up next you may not want to brew another pot of coffee this morning. maybe it means you do. the top headlines catching our eye this morning. they are next. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points
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6:50 am
want to do a little housekeeping before we start with the panel. headlines this weekend, in the game we just played we had one incorrect piece of information there. we asked the second longest serving governor in texas history. it was not george w. bush. it was alan shivers.
6:51 am
did not affect the outcome of the game, but we want to make that clear. you remain our champion. >> did twitter tell us that? >> it usually catches us. this is our catching up segment. we have a bunch of headlines make ing making news that people are talking about. some a little more serious than others. but we'll go through them and see what's in the news this it morning in america. the front page of "the new york times" and "washington post," both papers leading with this. 2014 the warmest year in recorded history. recordkeeping began in 1880 extreme heat blanketing alaska during 2014. much of the western united states. >> that must be a hoax. >> this shows you where american politics is. republican leaders never get a clie question about climate change. this time around someone asked john boehner and mitch mcconnell if they believe in climate change. he says i'll leave that up to the scientist but everything the
6:52 am
president proposes kills jobs so it's wrong. so 2014 was the warmest year on record, but that's still the gop response that anything in that area kills jobs. >> the interesting thing on this is there's a bernie sanders has put this amendment on the keystone bill that's basically asking senators do you believe climate change is real? they are going to have to go on the record and vote on that. >> that was one of my favorite. >> i'm really interested to see how this plays out. a couple other things, we have the philadelphia inquirer with the big news in pennsylvania. the ncaa and penn state have cut a deal. they are restoring the wins of joe paterno. his legacy was ruined by that child sex abuse scandal. it keeps the $60 million fine intact but allows penn state to
6:53 am
give that money to child protection services instead. 111 victories are restored. >> this is absolutely absurd. the hockey team is going to put 409, the number of wins on the helmet. the basketball team is going to wear shirts that say 409. let's not forget what happened here. penn state decided that football and their university and all the legacy of joe paterno was more important than keeping children safe. i'm shocked that there's not more outrage over this. >> i've had a tough time. i was a huge paterno fan for years. i bought into the whole idea this was the sainted coach. this is what everybody should aspire to be. trying to assign blame, was this a guy who willfully turned the other way or he was 70 years old and didn't understand. >> his legacy has been tarnished
6:54 am
forever. this is something that that's what we're always going to associate them with. >> in 200 years from now someone is look through the record book and assume his name will still be up there, in the past a there would be a huge asterisk. that's the huge win for penn state. the further and further we get away from this that will be on every graphic next year. >> your point that they are celebrating this fact and putting 409 on the helmet that to me is really gross and shows that the community didn't actually learn anything from this whole horrific situation. >> let's see what else here. npr reporting that public sales of google glass are going to end later this month, which leads to an obvious question what is google glass? are they eye glasses? >> they are very creepy. >> you can take pictures with them but people don't know.
6:55 am
you're wondering are they taking a picture of you. >> my partner in crime frank thorp wore these for like a week. a lot of members of congress were like this is interesting. when he has them on all the time and realize he can videotape you, he can look you up and it's very creepy. michele bachmann liked them. >> do you blink and it takes a picture? >> can you google things with your eyes? i feel like the thing of the future. i want to google this so it will google this. >> technology serves a purpose. the watch that apple just came out with. >> somebody in line at starbucks whipped out their wrist and that was it. they paid. >> you may have seen this last night. secretary of state john kerry and james taylor together at
6:56 am
last. >> i thought this would be a trivia question. >>. we don't have the sound. >> i'm going to be the only person in america that thinks this. i loved it. i thought it was great. he's getting destroyed. the right is going after kerry saying this was a lame thing. a lot of people are saying i grew up with james taylor. my parents used to play cassettes. james taylor is great. "you've got a friend", there's not a better song than that. >> great song. it was my eighth grade graduation song. a quick final note here. we want to get this in. chelsea clinton she tweeted this about as a lover of coffee, the study about skipping your morning cup. if you regularly withdrawal
6:57 am
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can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. this morning, my question, can you call dibs on the presidency? plus the epidemic that's far from over and the debate over free speech. but first, fear and terror taking hold throughout the world. good morning. i'm melissa


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