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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  January 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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good afternoon, and happy mlk day. this is "the reid report" and i'm joy reid. today we'll look at how the nation is remembering dr. king and his vision for america. that is coming up. but first we'll start with the many unanswered questions in the investigation into gunshots heard near the home of vice president joe biden on saturday night. the shots were believed to have been -- the shots were believed to have been fired from a moving vehicle while the president and mrs. biden were away. the vice president was did not -- did not comment on the case. and this morning at a mlk breakfast in delaware as fbi continues to search for clues. casey hunt is at the white house.
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to update what i said a moment ago, i should have said the vice president and mrs. biden were away. do we know if there were any bullets that struck the residence? >> reporter: at this point, joy, we don't know that. but this was outside of the driveway that goes to his home. you can't see the home from the foot of the driveway. so there were secret service agents stationed at the end of the drive when this happened an they and other witnesses reported that four to seven shots were fired from a car moving quickly past the home and leave immediately. and they set a check point and an hour afterward they arrested a person that was fleeing. that person has not been linked to the shots that point. but we have the local police fbi and secret service continuing to investigate and the vice president didn't
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mention this in his remarks today on mlk day. >> thank you very much. >> thanks joy. new details on the sony hack attack and u.s. officials know that north korea was behind it. it turns out the nsa was deep inside the north korea systems long before the sony scandal broke. a new york times report confirmed by nbc reveals a secret nsa program started four years ago was the reason u.s. officials were able to identify ip addresses used by the north koreans in the recent attack on sony. however nbc news has been told that the u.s. intelligence agencies did not have any advanced warning of the attack via their monitoring of north korean computers and the first time government officials learned of the hacking was on november 24th when sony alerted the fbi cyber crimes unit. and meanwhile, bobby jindal has doubled down on a controversial already discredited notion that there
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are so-called no go zones for muslims in europe. it came in a closed door speech before a conservative british think tank. after the speech he gave an interview to nbc news where he repeated the claims. >> well we spent several days there and had a chance to meet with several elected leaders and what you hear from them is the so-called no-go zones which is a mistake to allow their neighborhoods or other areas where the same law and the same values and rules simply don't apply. >> jane tim is following the story for msnbc. so even fox news has walked back from this story that emerged on that network, jeannine pirro on saturday. trying to say that the city of birmingham england, that muslims were not allowed to go there. what has been put forward for
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this that was thoroughly discredited. >> we thought this was done on thursday when fox came out and said there is no credible proof these zones exist. i've seen the transcript in my in-box in this closed door speech he was going to give and he said not only do these exist but i'm condemning them and we need to prevent these zones from existing. he's talking about europe but say the ideas apply to american immigration policy. it is sort of shocking that he is doubling down so hard on this but i think what we're seeing here is that a likely candidate is saying i'm stepping to the right on this specific issue. he's staking out ground in a conservative immigration policy. >> is there any sense that republicans might be concerned that continuing to push this discredited claim, the prime minister of the u.k. david cameron called the person who put forward this idea clearly a
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complete idiot. so someone credible on foreign policy are there rumblings from the republican party this might discredit him as a potential candidate. >> i'm seeing conservatives that jindal gets it and look at this smart, not politically correct speech. so i think we'll see if anyone comes out and say this doesn't exist. but for now, we haven't seen it. >> msnbc jane tim, thank you very much. and across the country, millions of americans are observing and honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. right now the president and mrs. obama are at the boys and girls club of greater washington. earlier today joe biden and jeh johnson led mlk events in washington. and right now memorial parades and services are taking place from coast to coast and in
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between. residents of selma, alabama, retraced the steps dr. king and others like john lewis and fred shuttles worth took when they led a march in the south. craig melvin is in selma where a special screening of the film was held last night. craig, how -- let's go to craig. >> reporter: hey there, joy. good day to you from selma. as you know in civil rights history, selma is special. and a special screening of the film happened behind me. oprah, one of the producers of the film was here and so was the man who plays dr. king in the movie. along with those 2,000 others who descended to be close to where history happened nearly 50 years ago. again, they came to selma by the
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thousands, toting signs and singing anthems of the movement. sunday's march ended with a concert on the same bridge where our national consciousness was rattled in the spring of 1965. three marches from selma to montgomery to make the case for voting rights laid bear shocking brutality, two weeks after the last march dr. martin luther king appeared on the press knowing a page had turned. >> i think it was the most dramatic civil rights protest that has ever taken place in the south. >> and for those parents who were not alive in 1965 sell paw shines a light on their history and home town. >> that's mazing with just one movie about a certain situation can do. >> reporter: hundreds showed up for a special screening on sunday night. the stars of the movie walking the red carpet and turning the spotlight back on the community. >> selma hopefully will be known
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in a way it hasn't been brxt the truth of the matter is very few people knew the significance of the selma campaign within the civil rights movement and hopefully this film will change that. >> oprah said she was overwhelmed by the outpouring. >> as we were walking, david was wow, this is quite a spectacle. this is nothing like the walk they took originally. but i think to have the spirit and energy of the movie resonate in such a way with the people of the community, that is -- you live for that. >> reporter: and she added she could not have asked for more. >> wasn't that something on that bridge craig? even you know that. don't try to be subjective. >> reporter: and i asked oprah and david about the snub. as you know last week a greet deal had been made over the fact that he was not nominated for best actor and that the movie itself did not pick up more nominations, the director not getting one.
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both of them said they didn't consider it a snub at all. david said quote, you ain't seen nothing yet. he's working on a number of other projects that he is sure we will all enjoy. he's predicting future oscar nominations and working on a film next about a 12-year-old chess player who he zfrs in central -- who he discovers in central africa. the latest here in selma. back to you. >> craig melvin thank you. and coming up as we honor dr. king's legacy we ask who are the civil rights leaders of today and are they sanitizing king's legacy. and brand new poll numbers that show americans believe that dr. king's dream has actually been realized. and coming up next a preview of the themes we expect to hear in tomorrow night's state of the union address. how aggressive will about the president be? sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline...
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president obama is putting the finishing touches on his state of the union address which he will deliver tomorrow night. and for more i want to bring in kplarns page columnist for the tribune and author of culture warrior. thank you for being here clarence. great to talk to you. >> thank you, joy. >> so let's talk about the neems we -- the themes we expect to hear. he's talked about tax reform and talked about a tax reform cyber security immigration, policing. is there anything expected to come up? >> i think there will be surprises. he's had long speeches. and he's gone through goals and agenda items and maybe only a
11:14 am
fraction of them do you see much action on. but this is an occasion for the president to have a big stage and he's going to use it. >> well let's talk about the tax reform plan because it is interesting and it seems to be of a piece with this more aggressive what lame duck the president seems to have going in and proposing a capital gains tax hike which he said is closing the trust fund loophole. what does that mean for the potential for a showdown versus any kind of kpromize on the -- compromise because that is about as in your face when you talk about republicans. >> well it is. and it portends a direct slash between the conservative and liberal visions. one of my republican friends said what is the fun of being a republican if you can't cut taxes. and democrats want tax fairness. everybody loves the idea of tax cuts and tax fairness. how you define them is what defines american politics right now and we'll hear president
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obama talk about middle class economics as an alternative to trickle down economics, the reagan era vision. and that means, number one, rolling back what he calls capital gains loophole and the state loophole which was an essential era that from ronald reagan to jack kemp have tried to eliminate, the death taxes. president obama is going into your face saying we're not only going to eliminate it we're going to increase it. >> it does feel the president is liberated from having this blue dog caucus in the senate where you have half a dozen more moderate and conservative democrats he had to cater to because they had elections coming up. and it is more like the caucus descended. do you read it that way? >> i do. and i think he feels liberated and not just because the blue
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dogs are gone but the senate majority is gone too. and with the republicans controlling both houses they have little excuse not to come up with their big agenda items and little excuse not to get something done which means they now come to president obama with some new bill that he will either veto or sign. so now all of a sudden you have a strong incentive on both sides to do serious negotiating so they don't look like a do-nothing government. so i think president obama is taking advantage of that by pushing the line as for as he can to the left and let the republicans come back with their response. >> and talk about the new environment we are talking about with the president. his approval rating is up gas prices are down. we now have essentially, when you look at his voter approval at 50% which is not a bad marker, close to where you need to be if you were trying to get re-elected but you have interesting changes in the
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country. when the president took office the unemployment rate was at 7.8% and it is now down to 5.6%. and the median income is down and the deficit is significantly down. does the president have more breathing room because the economy at least is stronger by the numbers, even if people don't necessarily feel it. >> yeah i'm waiting to see how he opens his speech. the presidents get up and say, ladies and gentlemen the state of the union is -- fill in the blank. i suspect he'll use a strong adjective of some sort if not strong he will say sound or improving or we're getting better. the essential message is that -- number one, i'm not a lame duck. number two things are getting better. and it is starting to be felt by working class and middle class americans which up until now has not been the case and that is a big democratic theme too. that the wage gap and stag napt
11:18 am
wages. >> well i have to talk about the cultural environment. 40% of americans saying that the country is divided now. and you wrote an interesting thing that i pulled out of your really great book culture warrior and you wrote this back in 1995 and you said if we americans do not deal with the reality of race our national sense of justice will unravel as swiftly as the case against o.j. simpson. you are writing about the o.j. simpson trial but talk about the president and how does he respond to this moment where there feels to be much more racial division but demand from the streets for things like policing. >> first of all, i'm surprised by how brilliant i was back then. i wonder what happened to that guy. but i'm waiting to see if the president does go into race in this speech. he has little excuse now. i mean up until now he's tried to avoid being too out front on racial issues for fear of being viewed as playing favorites but
11:19 am
right now race is in the headlines here and overseas in europe. and it is obviously -- i think people are waiting to hear him make some kind of a guiding statement here. you also have selma in the news. he had just had a showing of the movie back in the white house. and when you look back at where we've come over the last 20 years, since the days of o.j. simpson and also the days when you had oprah, michael jordan colin powell you had black heroes if you will rising up that had great cross-over appeal in america. so we're always going in both directions at once as president obama has mentioned. but in the long haul we move forward so i expect him to give a long range view. >> clarence page who stayed brilliant, author of culture warriors. thank you so much for being here, clarence. i appreciate it. happy mlk day. >> you too. and rachel maddow and chris
11:20 am
matthews will bring you special coverage of the state of the union address starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. and up ahead, the new era in u.s.-cuba relations. we'll discuss whether both nations can move past the history of mistrust and take advantage of the opportunities that could be mutually beneficial. and later, school kids across the country watched the movie selma and discover that it is more than just history, it is a version of their own story. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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request. m'm! m'm! good.® before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. it's time for we the twee-people. and today you are celebrated mlk day. you are sending a whopping 37,000 tweets an hour. for many this is a national day of service. but the rival hash tag reclaim mlk is trying to resurrect king's legacy as a social
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warrior. more on that later. and in souther states people are deciding to celebrate robert e. lee day, being the confederate general's birthday. at the same time. oh, irony, how you taught mef. and state of the union is trending. and this viewer called his veto game strong. and this man called him the worst president ever. let me see, great depression watergate -- that makes sense. and the thoughts of the state of the union on our msnbc #sotuis and you can tune into that. but the biggest is occupy playground. today school children in kenya were teargas after demonstrating against their playground being seized by a private developer.
11:25 am
on facebook you are recounting their trial as they surrounded the grounds. now thousands of tweets are being sent on the occupy hash tag. >> shame on the government for teargassing the corrupt. and you are calling these kids braver than my whole existence and that from the former vice president of kenya added our school children were promised laptops, not canisters of teargas. someone must be held accountable. the officer who ordered that the teargas be used has been suspend suspended but the matter is still under investigation. and now for something completely different. you are still tweeting about this surprise honor of betty white's birthday by a flash mob. >> the hot in cleveland star looked thrilled as her dance just got bigger and better. afterwards she teased they
11:26 am
shouldn't have done that to a 93-year-old woman. but this comic golden gear in her later years has you tweeted, betty white is 93 and about 250% sexier than me and most of us. and you can join the conversation with fellow readers on twitter, facebook instagram and and now this super bowl 40 is set. the seattle seahawks will face the new england patriots. after both teams won their division titles on sunday. but there is questions today about whether the patriots used some sideline sin an begans in the match-up against the indianapolis colts.
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credit? karma? free? credit karma. really free credit scores. president obama will deliver his sixth state of the union address tomorrow night. and while the house has already unveiled several proposals in the lead-up to the speech from beefing up the nation's cyber security defenses to making community college free to students the final rewrites focus on picking just the right words and deciding which ones to hammer home. and to decode all of those words, i'm joined by ariar -- ari melber. >> this offers a snapshot of the nation. take a look at this. these are the words president obama used in all four speeches from the first term including the 2009 address to congress. and you can see the focus on domestic policy urgency, jobs
11:31 am
and appeals and that now is the time to act. you can see some strategic rhetoric pushing government on health care and the stimulus but rarely used the word government. here is his first state of the union in '09 and the more often he used the word the larger it is. this was after the financial meltdown and he offers two things fixing the economy, jobs banks and budget and true recovery required action across society on energy education and health care. you could see the pressure that optimism puts on a president's word choice. we knew we were in a depression but he rarely said the word. and contrast to president reagan in 1982 he pounded government taxes and federal programs. this was the year he proposed dismantles the department of education and energy and it was time to control entitlement
11:32 am
spending that was uncontrollable. and now another model for the speech is to define america's place in the world. now take a look at president bush in 2002. first address after 9/11. he told a frightened nation about terror war, training camps and afghanistan and president obama may hit these themes tomorrow. and people say in the end, is it all just talk? not exactly. unlike many other speeches ideas pushed in the state of the union become real is. this is the success rate from states of the union addresses. about 43% enacted by congress on average, that is cording to a 2006 -- that is according to a 2006 study. so when people say it is all just talk? no. some of the talk leads to action. >> ari melber. and i notice the word "america"
11:33 am
gets bigger and bigger. >> we're all patriots tomorrow. >> and don't miss ari and his fellow cyclists here on msnbc. and the battle over president obama's decision to engage with cuba will be trobt and center at -- front and center on the state of the union address. sitting with mrs. obama will be someone from cuba. and the point counter point is a human reminder as the white house holds high level diplomatic talks this week after relaxing travel and other restrictions and as a team of congressional democrats return from a weekend trip to meet with cuban officials, conservative republicans who control congress largely oppose any deal they see as benefiting the castro brothers. fernando mandi is a veteran of
11:34 am
the clinton and obama campaigns. thank you for being here first of all. >> always a pleasure joy. >> let's talk about the politics of this. you have marco rubio who in his career centered his political rise around the notion his parents fled from castro and that didn't turn out to be true but he is trying to lean on this issue and use it to his advantage. is there a advantage in being hawkish on cuba in the united states? >> joy, if you look at the opinion polls and the reality of where you might see political pressure, i would have to argue, in this day and age after the aftermath of the decision frankly, no there isn't. and if you look at opinion polls over the weekend, 53% of the americans support the president's decision. and if you were with us here in miami, which is ground zero where political backlash might be felt on cuba policy you look outside of the windows and there is silence. no type of fan festation --
11:35 am
manifestation of a political backlash saying the issue has moved past of the cold war politics of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and how this might bring about the changes, on the conservative side they are almost stuck on the wrong side if you see the timetable for challenges, which policy melee the table for. >> and is there more of a desire for more contact, one of the things the new policy would be to increase remittances and increase the amount sent home and increase contact with family members and is that the reason for the deafening silence even in miami. >> we have to understand that the cuban mif american community has changed and demographically over the last few years. what used to be an exile population that fled in the 50s
11:36 am
60s and 70s and you have some with ties and a younger generation that while they want to see regime change in cuba the tactics and the way to go about it is where the disagreement is and i think that is what you see underscored here. so for folks like marco rubio and congress diaz ballard and ross slaten who are against the measures, i thip the challenges -- i think if you see the challenges begin to accelerate in cuba they will be seen on the wrong side of history. that is the concern that being on the opposite end of this issue creates for them. >> let's talk about the dollars and cents. you did have the delegations, the governor of new york is going over and they are there to talk about trade. right now 100,000 americans who have no family or direct ties and 400,000 with family ties visit cuba every year. talk about the economics of increasing these ties.
11:37 am
you can't just get on a plane yet and go for tourist reasons but what is the potential of cuba to become an important sort of tourist destination or an important economic hub from -- for americans? >> that is what is so fascinating about the changes. first and foremost we have to understand the embargo to cuba is still very much firmly in place therefore massive u.s. corporate investment is not allowed according to the law. and given the stipulations travel for tourism is also not allowed. it works welcome back different categories. but i think the opportunity here and where people look the onus of change on the island as more americans travel to cuba even cuban-americans, begin to express themselves and bring the same american values they have here in the united states to cuba, what is the reaction of the cuban government? will they be stifling or risk international incidents by
11:38 am
detaining folks and trying to silence their voices? if that doesn't happen you'll see the splinter effect of greater consent of folks to speak out and express themselves without the push-back and i think that is what castros have benefited, they can't control that because the jeanne isn't out of the bottle. you've seen remittances quadruple and more capital into the hands of the cuban-americans and changes on the island politically that folks in favor of the policy are counting on and those on the other end, if they do see work will have to reverse course quickly. >> fern and amandi thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. as a country we've been observing this days a holiday for 30 years. this year the holiday coincides with the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act and the movie about selma, the march in support of that bill. and it follows months of nationwide protests over the death of black men in the hands of police in the cities such as ferguson, missouri cleveland, ohio, and new york city. black lives matter marches are going on in minnesota, echoing the dr. king calls for justice and without a leader. so today as we reflect on the man who led the greatest civil rights leader the question is who are the civil rights leaders today. director of africa studies. happy martin luther king day. and the author of the book -- of the hip-hop underground in african-american culture.
11:43 am
got to get that in. so james, let's talk about the state of the country in terms of people's racial understanding. we have a new nbc wall street journal poll that finds slightly more than half americans believe his dream has been realized but seven in ten african-americans believe we are not there yet, saying they don't agree that people are judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. white americans are much more likely to believe people are judged fairly regardless of race. what do you make of that? >> that is because, joy, most white americans are more likely to be judged by the content of their character and too many african-americans and people of color and poor folk are not likely to be judged by the context of their character. they are judged by where they live and how they dress and yes, still, sometimes judged by their complexion or the color of their skin. so that poll makes sense because it is polling the experiences along racial lines.
11:44 am
>> and even that sound bite that i have a dream speech that so defines what people know about dr. king has it become too home othenized and too much of a greeting card that gets away from the violence and terror the people were facing on that bridge. before dr. king got to selma, it was brutal -- police brutal violence on people. do you people have sanitized it too much. >> sanitization is a great word. it is a great achievement and people worked hard to establish that but the economy of the exchange of making a holiday is you get the greeting card effect where we get a flattened out sanitized version of mlk. if anyone who what mlk was engaged in at the end of his life which was a robust anti-poverty launch, if you look at income equality gaps now,
11:45 am
there is no way his dream was effected. but the holiday of mlk has flattened them out and not allowed people to see the richness of not just his character and a leader and fully engaged. that is why a film like selma rounds things out and gives us a rich texture to mlk's life in that movement at the time. >> saying nothing of his anti-war activism in the history of the woshld and robustly against the war and was arrested dozens of times. he is not somebody who was popular broadly at the time. >> no. he was not. >> do you think this hash tag for mlk is trying to put forward the radical dr. mlk, jr., make people rethink of who he was? >> i think hope. it is nice to see the justice league, dream defenders,s different movements on social
11:46 am
media where younger people are trying to claim this radical aspect of the mlk legacy because i hope they are learning more about that and understanding and respecting what sort of radical politics and movements can do to change the nation. but for me someone with young people in the classroom, i've seen this energy for years. young people in college classrooms have had this energy for years but it is interesting to see it outside of the university spaces and the role social media uses in connecting folks across state and regional lines. >> is it fallacious to look at the young movements and say who is the leader of that group? who is leading them? you do have a lot of prom innocent people phil bagley and ashley baits. is it wrong to say mlk was the sole leader in the first place. >> that is right. a scholar by erica edwards has a book that follows the singular
11:47 am
gifted careharismaticcharismaticly effort of a character and that is why the movie is so great because it shows you the cast of characters. and there are leaders and you named a couple of them but the organizations are what is leading the moment. so the justice league the dream defenders, the ferguson action group. there are different organizations very well organized an they communicate across regional and state lines and maybe we're looking for the wrong kind of leader. if we are look for another mlk in the 21st century we're looking for the wrong thing but if we are looking for a group of people energized they are out here marching in honor of mlk and that radical legacy. >> and one question is the question of volunteerism to honor dr. king. we have a couple of pieces at talking about dr. king left a legacy that saying all
11:48 am
lives matter let's recall that effort to go beyond volunteerism and the nostalgia and making his birthday about a day of giving back, that just defames his ability. >> i think there is great work to be done on the volunteer side of things. we talk about the prison reform movement we need people volunteering in our prisons and in philadelphia we need people volunteering in our public school systems. so there is an important thing to happen through the volunteer efforts but it is a both/and thing here. try to take a week and do a range of different things that honor mlk legacy. people need to find out what is going on in their own communities and get involved. >> james peterson thank you for joining us. as we go to break, i have a
11:49 am
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and welcome back. on this martin luther king day, thanks to a group of generous donors, school kids across the country have a unique opportunity to see history come alive in the movie selma. tremain lee has more. >> reporter: the oscar-nominated movie selma takes history from text book black and white to color. recreating three pivotal months in early 1965 as martin luther king talked about voting rights in selma, alabama and it is raw
11:53 am
and violent and facing what protesters faced. it is real. >> it said oh, my god, this is a movie everybody needs to watch. >> what are you thinking and feeling right now? >> i'm feeling very touched by it. because i didn't know what was happening during those days. >> i just am speechless. >> this week students from new york and cities across the country are experiencing selma for free thanks to a group of new york business leaders, including fred terrell and a few of his high-powered friends. >> from american express, bill lewis. >> reporter: the idea selma for students, began with 27,000 free movie tickets for middle schoolers and grew to 90,000 tickets. with support from black business leaders and groups 11 cities are producing tickets for students. >> the way it came across the
11:54 am
country tells us about the desire for young people to know something about our history. >> how good is this for education? >> i can give kids something to read but to see it it can give them knowledge of what happened. >> history is what happened in ferguson or staten island last summer, but now with the gift of selma, they are connecting the past to president. >> when they were beating some woman in the film i thought of the quote, i can't breathe. >> do you see a connection with what happened with selma until now? >> yeah. i'm thinking that everything that martin luther king is resonating now and brings more history and hope to everyone that watches it now. >> and tremain lee joins me now. what was the impact of this film on those kids? >> i think these kids are growing up in a time where there is so much turmoil and protest and action in their community
11:55 am
and connecting what was happening in the 60s with the civil rights movement and today, that was taken by them and they can articulate the ideas because of the color of their skin or hip-hop he haddive as and they are focusing on them and they say we know our rights and we are part of this continuum from then until now and it resonated with them. >> and do they have a sense of going in and you read it in the books, how violent the time was. >> without seeing it dramatized on the screen they didn't have an idea. teachers told me they briefly covered the violence it was more about legislation and policy in the broader spectrum. to see it on screen on bloody sunday where men and women were being beat with clubs and dogs it struck them. when they see the officers in the fitm and you -- film and you see ferguson and the officers with dogs and big guns it hit home for them. >> and i wonder if the connection is being made to
11:56 am
politics. after the three marches that took place on the bridge the next step was to get a bill passed. you covered ferguson do you think that is happening. >> with the younger students not so much. but with the older group of organizers they are taking steps but they want to keep the dream alive. >> thank you very much. >> that wraps things up for "the reid report" and i'll see you here tomorrow for the preview of the state of the union. and see the coverage tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. "the cycle" is next. e it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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good afternoon. i'm toure and there is a brand new week and a brand new look to "the cycle"." we have a fresh coat of paint on the show and a president hoping to refresh the mood of the country tomorrow night. but he has some work ahead of him first. as we come on the air, there is
12:00 pm
a fleury of activity -- a flurry of activity in the white house the state of the union hours away and the foreign tactics, and now he has say surging approval rating a surging stock market and market rate and an unending threat of terror. and let's get to the white house, casey hunt is on the north lawn. casey, what do you know? >> reporter: hey, toure. looking nice. >> looking sharp yourself. >> nice new package there. the white house is putting the final touches on the state of the union address but one thing different this time around is we actually know a lot more going in about what the president plans to say than we have in past years when they usually keep this under wraps. the president has been traveling the coun


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