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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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across this country. a leader is pushing for team executives to hold a sit-down with those representing all sides of the issue. so far the team has refused. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. >> if i could figure out a number of people i saved, that's something i would brag about. >> chris kyle saw a world divided by good and evil. >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> clint eastwood delving into the morality of war. >> raking in a whopping $90.2 million. >> i was just protecting my guys. they were trying to kill our soldiers. >> some in hollywood are taking aim at the navy seal. >> michael moore tweeted that
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snipers like chris kyle are cowards. >> would you be surprised if i told you that the navy has accredited you with over 160 kills? >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start tonight with what everybody is talking about, hollywood, the movies "the american sniper." it took the box office by storm and it is raising a world of controversy. lester holt gives us the back story on a movie "american sniper." >> a box office blowout for "american sniper" raking in $90.2 million in its debuting weekend.
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the r rated war drama is the true story of navy seal sharp shooter chris kyle. war movies are typically big moneymakers moneymakers, but "american sniper" is in a category of its own. >> i can't imagine that anybody could have ever possibly predicted it. this is a very brutal very action-packed war film. >> star bradley cooper is getting high praise for his performance. >> let me ask you a question chris. would you be surprised if i told you that the navy has credited with you over 160 kills? >> cooper never met kyle but he spoke to him on the phone when he prepared for the role. >> did he have any skepticism about hollywood tackling his story?
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>> yeah, i think he was trepidacious. >> i could care less about the numbers. i'm not the best sniper. >> do you have some sort of savior complex? >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> "american sniper" serves to highlight some of the most disturbing consequences of this war. it humanized the struggle of soldiers returning from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder. the movie's success might suggest that americans are hungry for a hero in the never-ending fighting in the
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middle east. in his autobiography, kyle described the image as savages. his only regret is that he didn't kill more. kyle even described killing as fun and something he'd love to do. simply put, kyle's version of the iraq war was black and white. there was no word for humanizing iraqis when he had his finger on the trigger. to kyle if they weren't americans, they were the enemy. the public reaction to the movie "american sniper" also highlights some of the most disturbing consequences of this war. the normalization of islamophobia and being one of them. some movie-goers have taken to twitter. they say the film has inspired them to want to kill arabs and muslims. two journalists who criticized
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the depiction of kyle in the movie have received death threats and harassment from conservatives. michael moore came under fire this weekend for tweeting quote, my uncle was killed by a sniper in world war ii. we were taught snipers were cowards. invaders are worse. moore said his tweet was not a direct reference to kyle or the "american sniper." too bad clint eastwood gets vietnam and iraq confused in his story telling. we have a real role in this world, a moral role. i was disturbed by the movie. i sat there in the movie theater with my wife over the weekend and thought this just underscores how many lives we have ruined because of doing
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something that was terribly wrong. there is some historical reference to this as well about possibly doing something wrong. i kept hearing senator robert bird's voice in my head through the rest of the night. a month before we went into iraq, senator bird went to the senate floor and asked this country did we understand the consequences of what we were going to do. did we understand that this could possibly change policy forever and change the world? that's what he said. check it out. it's an amazing speech on the senate floor a month before we went into iraq. we ruined a lot of lives. it's very sad, and the fight goes on. nobody has any real answers on what the hell america ought to do right now. tonight's question will the movie "american sniper" make americans rethink going to war? text a for yes. tex b for no to 6722.
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we'll bring you the results later on in the show. let's turn to the director of brave new films and congressman patrick murphy. gentlemen, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> i want to point out there have been other movies about war, the vietnam war, "platoon," that got a great deal of execute scrutiny, but this one may get a lot more. robert, what have we learned from this? what were you thoughts after watching this movie, mr. greenwald? >> i thought the movie was incredibly well done from a technical point of view. brilliant performances but, ed this movie has a strong political agenda. it's a neoconfat fantasy and
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there is no good iraqi except for a dead iraqi. we got to go to war. we got to kill people and that's going to make democracy safer. it's nonsense. it's not true. it hasn't been true. the concern i had after watching the film was the number of people who said yeah we did the right thing. we went out and killed a bunch of killers. >> your thoughts patrick murphy, as a veteran? how did you take this movie? >> i saw it yesterday with my wife. i got choked up a couple of times during it. i couldn't disagree more with mr. greenwald. i thought it was very humanizing. the struggles that we have as soldiers over in iraq between protecting the iraqi people between protecting the men and women that you served with and
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also you saw so many innocent lives being taken as collateral damage. i thought the film showed how chris kyle struggled internet edd interntally who had an 8-year-old boy who picked up something to throw at a convoy. clearly, his men were in imminent danger. he still didn't do it. you know why? because he had compassion. he protected the seals, the marines, the troops that he served with. and when he came home he protected the veterans who were struggling to come back home and that was the cause of his death. >> do you reject the idea that
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there is an agenda in inthis movie? >> i think people out there who are trying to make this a controversy are conflating the issues. i lost 19 men in iraq. i came back home and ran for congress on that. i did my best to end the war and bring our troops home. but the story of chris kyle needs to be told. we should be more movies like that. we have 22 veterans that are committing suicide every day. we have outsourced or war fighting to less than 1% of america. we talk about it for two hours every once in a while. you know what? everyone else goes along and we talk about it on veterans day, but that's it. people move on. >> your response to what patrick murphy is saying? >> i wish what he was saying was the movie that i saw, but it's not. yes, it does a very good job of humanizing the pain and struggle of an american sniper.
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but i defy you to name -- excuse me. let me finish. that our country was invaded and occupied and that people were standing up for their rights. i think that this was not a case of speaking to an empty chair, which the director mr. eastwood has previously done but in fact saying, yeah go get them. what this movie will achieve will be more americans believing and cheering for more wars and more veterans losing arms and legs and families destroyed. that's the tragedy and concern about this film. >> mr. greenwald, one of the most gripping scenes was when that iraqi father was helping americans try to get intelligence about this murderer, this syrian other sniper that was killing american soldiers and iraqis.
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that iraqi was a patriot, and because he stood with the americans, he unfortunately gave his life and the life of his young son who was about 8, 9, 10 years old in that movie. it was very humanizing. people were trying to stand up to root out some of the extreme terrorists. when chris kyle is talking about these savages, he's not talking about the iraqi people. he is talking about the people who are murdering the iraqi people the people who were not trying to build a better iraq. the iraqis who i served with. because they risk their lives just as much as the paratroopers that i serve with risk their lives and that's a story that's not being told. >> what impact is this going to have on the american people five, six months down the road? robert, your thoughts? is this going to motivate people
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to be more engaged in what our struggle might be in fighting terrorism? >> i think it will motivate people a simple minded neocon approach. go out, invade occupy and destroy. i wish that were in the film. i'd like to see that movie. i think that's an important story to tell but what i saw on that screen was a film that tore my guts apart because of 2 way it depicted the iraqi people and the way the people in the movie were cheering after every iraqi was shot. are there any innocents? are there mistakes being made? why are they standing up and fighting? that's the complexity that is missing. i wish that mr. murphy's story
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was being told rather than the political motivated movie that i saw? >> you make films. i would love to see that. it wasn't a film about the perspective of the iraqis there. it was a movie about an american seal who risked his life overseas four times. we have 330 million americans. it is less than 1% that have served in this longest war in history. i have done two overseas deployments deployments. most americans are talking on their cell phones and being at the mall. china is paying for the wars we fought in iraq and afghanistan. >> i would like to leave this discussion with this one final thought. why do we fight over veterans
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benefits in washington when we see -- and i do think there was some real humanization taking place in this movie. soldiers do what they are told to do. but we have not funded post-traumatic stress disorder nor have we done enough to help those dealing with suicide issues. would this movie have an impact on lawmakers, patrick? >> i would hope isso. i think it should be mandatory watching on the struggles of people like chris kyle and his family. he's going to his fourth deployment and his wife is saying, i'm not sure i'm going to be here when you come home. these are paratroopers from the
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82nd air force division. they don't know how to move forward because they don't know if their family is going to be there when they come home. >> what impact might this movie have on washington? >> i don't know. the pain and struggle of the veterans, the lives that are being torn apart, the families that are being destroyed, that is a result -- it is policy made soldiers following the policy. maybe we should take a moment to think before we invade and occupy. i doubt it. will it provide more services for the heroic men and women who go out there? hard to know given the approach of the film and given the fact that everyone in washington knows what's going on in terms of our veterans. >> i appreciate the discussion and i know our audience does too.
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thank you. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. like us on facebook. we always want to know what you think. leave a comment about our top story tonight. coming up reinventing romney. mitt romney escapes the ghost of campaigns of the past. plus a preview of the state of the union. we are looking at the president's plan on taxes and pttpt tpp. keep it here. we're right back. ♪ [audible safety beeping] ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is your imagination. now save up to $1,000 when you finance the 2015 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. it's the big shrimp festival at red lobster. so open wide and pair 2 of 6 big shrimp creations
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2:21 pm free access 24/7. you can get it on itunes. ed show social media nation has decided. we are reporting. here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> before you go i want to give you a pamphlet about the dangers of selfies. >> the number three trender, oh snap. a miss universe selfie. >> lebanese television station says ms. lebanon should have known better because lebanon and israel are enemies. >> no. >> she denies she photobombed anyone. >> i hope for peace.
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the number two trender, golden gift. >> what do you do for a tv legend who turns 93? >> betty white gets a surprise for her 93rd birthday. >> she was greeted by a flash mob doing a hula dance in her honor. she was clearly touched and delighted by the special performance. >> i am damn lovable. >> happy birthday betty. and today's top trender, recommitted. >> there's some speculation about what i'm going to embark on a political endeavor. i'm giving some serious consideration to the future. >> mitt romney reinvents his platform for another potential presidential run. >> we have to make sure and provide opportunity for all americans, regardless of the neighborhood they live in.
2:23 pm
>> 47% who are with him who are dependent on government. >> we have to lift people out of poverty. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> the only policies that will reach into the hearts of the american people and break the cycle of poverty are republican principles. >> mr.good to have you on the show tonight. you are a regular guy, common sense kind of guy. can he do this? is he a legitimate candidate? can he build a campaign where he would end up getting the nomination? >> i think the tragedy of the modern republican party is that mitt romney may well be the best nominee, but it is almost impossible for him to be
2:24 pm
nominated the way things are set up. it would have been to be a rel reincarnation of his speech that he had to go to the right to get the nomination. he's now back to where he really is. i consider myself a personal friend of both president obama and also mitt romney from my living in massachusetts for four years. they are both fine men. mitt romney is a center left person. he may well be nominated and elected, but he's going to have to come out for gay unions and a tax reform thing and really move himself to the center. i don't know if he can do that or not in the present, but i think he's struggling to do that. one dramatic speech by him that he just had to -- he just made mistakes in the primaries in
2:25 pm
what he declared. when he was governor of massachusetts, he was a very moderate centrist so to speak. it is probably impossible for mitt romney to be nominated if he goes back to his views when he was governor of massachusetts. >> does this create some problems for the republicans in some sorts? >> it certainly does. whoever runs is going to have to go through the litany of a lot of those basic issues and those primaries. we should have all of our primaries on the same day and i wish they could be open to both parties, but i belong to the centrist group. we're trying to find ways to not have primaries in the traditional sense.
2:26 pm
so long as we do i'm afraid the republican nominee is going to be crippled by these primary issues. >> what about mitt romney's comments about he would have an anti-poverty platform? that would up his chances of being successful. 47% tape that was caught off guard. it gave a real sense of what romney really thought in front of big party donors. now he comes out and says he wants an anti-poverty platform. what do you make of that? >> this is a problem. first of all i'm delighted he has come out for this. both parties should be strong for this. we haven't done it. tax reform for the lower middle income and elsewhere. he should be for that and so should the democrat because we have a severe problem in our
2:27 pm
country across our land. we have it on our native american reservations in the dakotas as you observed. thank you for coming to both north dakota and south dakota. mitt romney represents the tragedy of the party, but he's going to have to somehow with a speech or a declaration go through and bring himself back to the middle and hope he can get through the primaries. >> will he get enough money to make this happen and how much of a problem has he cause jeb bush? >> he won't get the money this time. we also have rand paul. i think he would be a little less interventionist. i think a lot of republicans in the primaries are thinking that way. we're discussing the movie "the sniper" and so forth. americans think we need a strong
2:28 pm
national defense, but not building all these weapons systems and all these interventions. the f-35s are going to vermont. the pentagon, all the generals object to these new weapons systems but the congress keeps putting them in. both the left and right support this military industrial state to an extent that's outstanding. the f-35 is obsolete today and there it is going into burlington vermont, with the support of the left. instead of ptsd -- i want mitt romney to say the words post-traumatic stress disorder. he couldn't get him to put that into his speeches. barack obama did.
2:29 pm
he also needs to be for funding it. >> good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you very much. coming up, president obama previews his new tax plan ahead in the state of the union. later the two-minute drill. i'll tackle deflate gate and your super bowl xlix matchup. you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable. and a story we're following out of montana, a pipeline spill. it occurred about nine miles upriver from glen dive montana. the initial estimate was 300 to 200 barrels. the pipeline company released this statement. our priormary concern is to minimize the impact of the
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environmental release. o a spokesman says the governor is, quote, committed to making sure the river is cleaned up. we'll keep our eyes on this story and bring you any of the new developments. we're right back. hi. president obama and first lady michelle marking the holiday at a local boys and girls club. vice president joe biden spoke at a breakfast honoring the civil rights leader and pope francis is headed to the u.s. in the fall. he's expected to visit, new york, washington and philadelphia. he is expected to address the u.n. general assembly. stick around "the ed show" is back in a moment.
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thanks for watching tonight. how is this for weekend news? president obama is out with a new tax proposal and he wants to tackle america's growing wealth gap head on. the 1% of american households own 42% of total wealth in this country. president obama is going to take some action on this. first the plan will close the trust fund loophole on inheritances. capital gains tax would increase from 25% to 28%. the proposal would impose a new fee on america's biggest banks. the fee is tied to banks borrowing money. the plan could generate $320 billion in revenue over a
2:38 pm
decade. the president wants to invest the money directly into the middle class. there would be a $500 tax credit for working families. it would expand the child tax credit up to $3,000 and it would make college more affordable by providing up to $2500 a year toward completing a college degree. this is a common sense proposal to help middle-class americans and close the wealth gap. that means republicans are already complaining. >> the notion first of all, in order for some people to do better someone has to do worse is just not true. raising taxes on people who are not successful is not going to make people who are struggling more successful. >> it's a nonstarter. this nation had its all time
2:39 pm
highest, the record number of receipts coming into the treasury. are you going to actual grow the economy and jobs are entrepreneurs going to be better off? are smaller businessmen going to be better off with more taxes and more government? >> we're talking about a fraction of americans here. let me bring in my guests. congresswoman, does the plan have a chance? i mean i'm hering republicans negative across the board on this. does this mean they don't want to help the middle class? >> i think they like it just the way it is with the top 1% taking all the goodies. the economy is getting better but the bald fact is that the middle class has not shared in any of that prosperity. we are richer today than we have ever been, but for most
2:40 pm
americans they come home every night to a big plate of worry. listen, we're talking about a capital gains tax the same as you said as when ronald reagan was president. we're talking about a tax on financial institutions that dave camp republican dave camp had in his proposed budget. these are not extraordinary idea to ask the people. this isn't punishment to pay their fair share so we can do the great things we need to do to help people make ends meet. like the college fund. it's really a great and fair plan. >> adam your sister grew up -- the pci has done some extensive polling on the congresswoman's proposal. 54% support raising taxes on personal income over a million
2:41 pm
dollars a year from 40% to 45%. your response on that? >> politics is the art of the possible. that means we all have a responsibility to take action to change what is possible in congress and washington, d.c. that starts with the president using his bully pulpit to advance these populist ideas. there's a lot of great ideas out there. >> it sounds like he's going to do it. the polls show that 59% support raising taxes on personal income over $1 million over a year from 40% to 50%. some tax cuts were allowed to
2:42 pm
expire expire. is there any better time to go after the wealthiest americans? we're talking about a fraction of the americans and also the big banks that are rolling in billions of dollars that would put a little more into the treasur treasury? is there any better time to do it? >> there is not better time to do it. we now have seven tax brackets ending at $400,000. in other words there are no -- there's no difference in a tax bracket of someone making $400,000 and $400 million a year. why should we not add five more tax brackets as my bill would do and ask the very wealthiest to pay a bit more? this is a popular idea. these are ideas that resonate with the american people.
2:43 pm
now we need to go out and organize them organize them in their own self-interest to make sure this is a fair and prosperous economy for everybody. when we all do better, we all do better. >> no doubt. adam, your organization doing the polling, the wealth gap, how does that register with the american people? or are they on to this? >> people are absolutely aware of it and they're crying out for somebody to finally address the issues of everyday middle-class families. elizabeth warren has been a real thought leader and the congresswoman. again, the president is taking some great steps ifn right direction. i would say to the people at home thinkbig dot us you can sign up for all this polling
2:44 pm
tomorrow. >> thank you. coming up, deflate gate. we'll bring you the latest on the nfl's investigation into the patriot's deflating footballs in last night's game. stay with us. we're right back. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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2:49 pm
>> i didn't know anything about it until this morning. we'll cooperate fully with whatever the league wants us -- whatever questions they ask us whatever they want us to do. >> it would make it easier to grip, easier to throw, easier to catch, especially in adverse weather conditions. let me emphatically state. if they played with a real fat ball or a rugby ball, i think new england would have still won the game. the patriots could lose future draft picks. tom brady is claiming the accusations are ridiculous. now i'm actually wearing a wig tonight because i pulled all of my hair out watching the game yesterday. not really. the other team heading to the super bowl is seattle, and i
2:50 pm
like seattle, but i like the packers a heck of a lot better. it was shocking, no doubt about it. the hawks closed a 12-point gap in the lastseattle. they had to do a lot of things right late if the game to make this work. okay? big conversion on third down before the fake field goal for the touchdown. all right? seattle on the board. then there's an onside kick. then there's a touchdown. then there's a crazy two-point conversion. packers didn't give it away. that earned it the seahawks did. ha happened then? aaron rodgers moves his team down the field like he's always done. minute to go in the game kid comes in kicks another field goal. tied up. we go to overtime. what happens in overtime? the packers are caught without a free safety and wilson boom down the middle, game over. lot mrs.s more coming up on "the ed
2:51 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. american jobs could be on the chopping block. president obama will reveal a tax plan to strengthen the middle class many tomorrow night's state of the union address, the trans-pacific partnership would do exactly the opposite. you know something is wrong when wall street lobbyists are cheering senator elizabeth warren, has been on record against the deal and underscores the dangers.
2:55 pm
>> for more than 3 years, washington has far too often advanced policies that hammer america's middle class even harder. look at the choices washington has made. the choice to sign trade pacts and tax deals that let subsidized manufacturers around the globe sell here in america while good american jobs got shipped overseas. >> is the president listening, tpp? is napta on steroids in the massive agreement would touch 40% of the world's economic activity. the tpp leaves america vulnerable to outsourcing and expensive litigation. under the agreement, global companies could demand compensation when our life saving regulations step on their profits. the pharmaceutical industry would get stronger patents and this would delay generic versions of drugs. big pharma gets rich at the expense of people who need affordable medicine. negotiations for the tpp have
2:56 pm
been secretive and dangerous. i think if the president of the united states wants to fight for the middle class he's going to have to explain to the american people what the upside is of this toxic deal. joining me tonight is lori wallet director of public citizen global trade watch, and also with us this evening, katrina vanden heuvel editor of "the nation" magazine. lori you first. how close is this to becoming a reality? the republican majority really wants this. it seems like that's all they talk about. where are we with the hourglass? >> well here's the deal. fast track for tpp would make it easier for corporations to send our jobs overseas and would undermine our wages by making americans compete with workers in vietnam making 56 cents an hour. so as the working public can make sure this doesn't happen. this is all going to come down in the next couple weeks. there's going to be a big push in congress to give fast track the blank check that lets a bad
2:57 pm
trade agreement like tpp get through congress. if we stop that we can save our jobs. >> katrina? >> tomorrow night the president is going to lay out initiatives to create jobs. initiatives in an economy that isn't working for the many with the middle class beleaguered. then it's going to pivot with this and gut america's jobs. this, ed is not a republican or democratic problem, this is an american problem. tpp is essentially a bill written for multinationals. it is citigroups it's jp morgan, it's je. it's going to shaft workers. as elizabeth warren would say, she talks about the rigged rules of our system. these are the global rules that have been rigged to privilege the multinationals and shaft the workers. i think the president deserves a battle because it will gut his program to create jobs and put forward a same populous program. >> do you think we're going to get detail from the president on this tomorrow night? one criticism i have that's one
2:58 pm
thing the white house hasn't done is explain to the american people what the impact is here. >> well, if this agreement was so good for most of us they wouldn't be keeping it so secret. we're probably going to hear the same old lines except we've had now 20 years since naptfta, but more importantly, since obama's last trade agreement, the korea agreement that you covered so well, that's only been 2 1/2 years and we've already seen 60,000 more jobs gone our trade deficit doubled. with nafta, 5 million of our manufacturing jobs 37,000 manufacturers gone. how can the president be speaking about the re-birth of manufacturing manufacturing, creating middle class jobs and simultaneously be calling for a tpp and fast track that we know impeerkempirically will do the opposite? >> part of what's going on here, ed, there's a report out today
2:59 pm
that the richest 1% by next year will control one-half of the global wealth. how do we begin to create a more fair system not by secretive behind door trade deals but by rethinking as other countries have, germany, for example, what are our national priorities and not multinational fantasies? and the establishment has too long, as our national affairs correspondent, bill grider said in the last put forward this kind of, quote, free trade scam and workers across region across race i think across party should stand together and demand mar from theore from the establishment. >> if the progressives can stop this, if there's some way -- there are tea partyers against it, too. >> -- >> absolutely. >> -- because of poverty issues. this makes -- this is front and center 2016 issue. suspect it? >> tomorrow night is a pivotal night, this issue included. tomorrow night is going to set the framework for 2016 and this issue should be at the forefront. >> okay. >> this is a wall street versus main street issue. it isn't democrats and
3:00 pm
republican republicans. you've got this fascinating scenario where you've got small business groups and unions, you've got two of the national tea party groups and the unions. you've got basically most of the democrats and a bunch of republicans. >> lori is right. this is about patriotism. >> it is about patriotism. no doubt. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politicsnation" begins right now. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight, the fight for fairness on martin luther king day. tonight, dr. king's call for equality and economic justice remains as resonant as ever. it's is a big part of tonight's show. and i'll be talking to dr. king's son about the fights if for justice and equality happening today. earlier today, president obama and the first lady commemorated mlk day with a visit to the boys and girls club of greater washington.


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