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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 22, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening, america. welcome to the ed show live from new york. let's go deep on deflategate. let's get to work. ♪ you know i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> it's important to us that we respect the game. >> i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. >> if big story in football is the footballs themselves. >> so called deflategate. >> sucking the air. >> what's going on here? >> i have no explanation for what happened. >> it's cheating. >> it's not in the spirit of the game. >> you ain't cheating you ain't trying. >> it's real easy to deflate a football. >> i was shocked. >> we play with what's out there. >> good to have you with us
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folks. we start with the breaking news on deflategate. that's what it's infamously called now. patriots head coach bill belichick is denying any knowledge of the deflated footballs. he didn't know anything about it. moments ago tom brady stepped out and addressed the media and played innocent. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. i have a process that i go through before every game where i go in and pick the balls that i want to -- the footballs i want to use for the game. our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls in. they have a process they go through. when i pick those footballs out, at that point, you know to me they're perfect. i don't want anyone touching the balls, rubbing them putting air in taking them out. to me those are perfect. that's what i expect when i shoep up on the field.
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so that happened on sunday night. it's the same process i always go through. i didn't think anything of it. i woke up monday morning and answered a question on the radio about it. that was the first i really heard of it. sbl interesting. he checks ball out. the equipment guys go through a process to break them in. brady was asked flat out if he was a cheater. >> i don't believe. i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play. i respect the league and everything they're doing to to create a very competitive playing field for ul of the nfl teams. it's a very competitive league. every team is trying to do the best we can do win every week. ch. >> earlier in the day, patriots' head coach bill belle clek gave his own press conference.
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he strongly defended himself from the controversy. >> i came in monday morning. i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the football lg. i had no knowledge whatsoever of this situation until monday morning. i would say i've learned a lot more about the process in the last three days than i have talked about in the last 40 years. we all know quarterbacks kickers, specialists have certain preferences. on footballs. they know a lot manufacture about it than i do. they're more sensitive to it than i am. i hear them comment on it from time to time, but i can tell you and they will tell you that there is never any sympathy whatsoever for me on that subject. zero. and tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something he can talk about in much better
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detail, and information that -- than i could possibly provide. in my entire coaching career, i have never talked to any player staff member about football air pressure. that is not a subject i have ever brought up. >> on wednesday, the god father of football john madden came out blaming brady and defending belichick. he said this. it would have to be the quarterback's idea. that was the gist of his comments. it would have been a quarterback's idea. he went onto say he believes belichick knew nothing about it. on tuesday league sources told esp in 11 to 12 footballs used by the patriots in sunday's afc championship game were underinflated. the report claimed they were
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underinflated by two pounds per square inch. i think that's about 15%. sources told espn the colts had concerns about the underinflated balls earlier in the season. during a game on the 16th mike adams intercepted two footballs. he gave them to the equipment manager to save them. both times there were concerns able the footballs feeling underinflated. sources said the colts raised concerned with the nfl. the league was reportedly aware of the issue going into sunday's game, the afc championship game. they told nbc sports pro football talk the game balls were properly checked by officials before sunday's game. when the the balls left the possession of the referee, the air pressure was kreblgt. the it's not known when or how the footballs were deflated after they left the referee. another report brings up an nnl
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rule change from 2006. nbc sports pro football talk points out in 2006 brady and peyton manning successfully lobbied the league to let every team provide its own footballs to use on offense. travel with your own footballs and use them at the game. ft prior to that it was always the home team that supplied the footballs. every quarterback has preferences with their fooshls. aaron rodgers looks his football fully inflated. a "new york times" article reveals eli manning likes his footballs broken in. in a radio interview in 2011 brady says he likes his footballs underinflated when talking about a spiking of the football. >> when he scores it's like eight touchdowns a year. he deflates the ball. i like the deflated baffle. i feel bad for that football. he puts everything he can into those spices. >> brady addressed the comments
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in today's press conference. >> i red that i said that obviously. like them the way that i like them. which is 12.5. to me that's a perfect grip for the football. i mean i think that particular term deflated or inflated. whatever norm you're using, you could probably use. i would never do anything outside of the rules of play. >> deflating footballs is against the nfl rules. the intense scrutiny the may trots are under is related to spy gate in 2007. it's kind of a credibility issue here. back then the patriots were found guilty of illegally video taping the jets' defense and stealing the signals. now the patriots are once again under suspicious of breaking the rules. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. do you consider deflating the football cheating? text "a" for yes or "b" for no.
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leave a comment on our blog one thing brady said during the press conference that i totally believe. as an old quarterback. m when he says he checks the footballs out to see if he wants to use them or not and then gives them to the managing portion of the team gives it to the managers the ball boys and they take care of irt, i get that. there's a lot of balls in the national football league everywhere that's called a blemish ball. oh this one feels, this one is okay. yeah, i'll use that one. no this wrun is too fat. i don't like the texture. the laces are weird on this one. i don't want that one. and whoever kicks a football, whoever throws a football. whoever catches a football had all these that they have developments with the equipment over the years. you want your helmet a certain
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way. you tape your ankles a certain way. that's how the game is. let me bring in a couple of guys who have over 20 years of experience in the national football league. a former receiver for the new england patriots and also with us tonight, sage rosenfels, a former quarterback. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. you first. you bet. did you ever catch a deflated ball from tom brady? this is an interesting subject. ch no i haven't. i don't know what a ball two pounds under air pressure would feel like. sage could talk to better being a quarterback. but quarterbacks in kickers and punters. people are leaving them out as well. they are meticulous about how their footballs feel. they want to be one with the footballs. right, sage? >> what about that sage?
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>> they definitely do. yeah tlrks is a process that you know balls go through before they hit the prak thes field or games. tla come in brand new out of the box. they're no good to throw. almost impossible sometimes. and the the equipment managers spend a lot of times. sometimes more than others. they spent hours and hours working on the footballs. with the steam room. with all types of things to get them to where they felt like a worn-in foonl. just like a worn-in baseball glove. there's a lot of things to do it where they get them comfortable to throw. some quarterbacks can throw it out of the box. some are meticulous about it. >> so you can relate to what tom brady was saying about he wants to check out every ball? some feel different. to break them in you know it's important. now the toerm break it in sage is it safe to say that every ball boy or every portion of the
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equipment team on an nfl team knows exactly how their quarterback likes the ball? sage? >> well there's yushl i o guy or two in the equipment room who is sort of in charge of the ball ls. so what happens is they bring in the balls early in the week. they practice with them throughout the week. on friday night or saturday morning the backup quarterbacks go in in and correct them out. they put the balls they like in one bag. m throw the others to be used for punting or kicking. those 12 or 15 that make the game day bapg, those travel with the team or go the stadium. . some official has to check those out kbfr the game. they really have no control after the balls go into that bag. that's the end of it for them. whatever happens in games,
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that's the ways the balls are. >> do you have any knowledge of thousand they were handled in practice versus a game? >> that's a great point. ft whether it was snowing outside or raining, he prepared us for whatever the conditions would be. he said any player that's played for him in the past and guys that play for him now, they understand this. when the ball is is wet or it's going to be raining. he makes sure they are all wetd. with the game against the the colts. it was raining and wet. he prepared them all week. to say they were trying to gain an advantage by the balls being deflated. i'm not buying that. i've been there in those situations. the nfl is investigating.
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we'll see what happened? did you ever catch a ball and be able to tell if it was properly or improperly inflated? >> not at all. that's one of the things i know both of these guys really well. i know them both. those are defensive players. they're not used to handling the ball ls. i'm not saying that they were being misleading or anything. that's why they're on that side of the field. >> sage tom brady says he didn't do anything wrong. that the particulars of the football were beyond his attention. do you believe that? i don't care. he's not going to say he did mess with the footballs.
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whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter. that's going to be a journey to figure that out. if they do, they have to find out who told that person to deflate those balls. i think it will be an investigation like a lot that ends up going nowhere. ch. >> you don't think the league will do anything here? >> i think it's going to be really hard to find out which ball boy p because there's a couple of them on each side of the field throwing footballs for each team. and then on top of that, try to get one of those guys to sell out his organization or his hall of fame quarterback. m. it's too tough to get that out of him. i would imagine if they did confess to doing it. i don't think they would sell
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out tom brady or bill belichick. they will get a pink slip and a nice check down the line. >> i want your response as 11 and 12 balls were not properly inflated. what doe you make of that sfwh. >> that's a good question. the way the footballs are handled before the game the reffees check them under three hours. it's like two hours and 50 minutes before a kickoff. and there's very little time for someone to manipulate those footballs. so to me that's the important question. and did they weigh the balls before the game scene same anything with the coach. did they go through the same process with the coach. >> env looinchtsz
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12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sds tirkz 12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sds and you would know this. >> punters without a doubt. t every single quarterback has their way twr the footballs and it's not just tom brady or aaron rodgers or what new york times reported with eli manning it's every single quarterback. >> when you pick up the football, you know if you want to throw it or not, don't you? >> you would know. you played quarterback in college in minnesota. i was a particular guy. i didn't like them wet. some can get them out of the box and throw it. # # # # of all of this tom brady is one of the the best of all times. if you go back to early 2000s against the raiders with all of the snow. all of those sleet games and
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snow games, it's one of the all time greats to have this happen. to. that's what is surprising me thabt the about the alcohol mingwhole thing. that's what is surprising thabt the about the situation. 6. >> the nfl used to have stripes on the ball. the stripe came around like that. and johnny didn't like that. so complained to the nfl. then they went to half stripe ls. now you have the nfl football the way it is. columnist from "the new york times." great to have you with us. we don't care. we catch anything. >> what do you make of this? >> at 2 surface.
2:18 pm
it seems silly. you brought it up. it's not that. going back to spy gate. do we really care about filming the jets waux walkthrough? >> but we have rules. you have an organization that pushes rules, it takes it. do we care about the the deflated ball? we're basically asking why. if belichick is a ceo you have the responsibility for what goes on during your watch. >> that was the thing ichls questioning during the press conference today. he's concerned about what kind of football they practice with. he tries to get them in the toughest position. he has no idea what kind of football they're using during the game. i thought that was unusual. >> and then he throws the quarterback under the bus. nobody knows.
2:19 pm
i think it goes back to accountability. it's on your w567. it's on the watchover the ceo, which is bell check. >> so what will the nfl go? what should they do? >> if they find tout the balls were deflates. they're going to throw money at it. the fine, the draft picks, dell belichick with doesn't care about. tla should fine him for the soup bowl game. make sure he is not at the game. and the new england people sail why us? well, it's you because you keep doing stuff like this. you keep screwing with the integrity of the game. we didn't see it. we didn't know. it's the same pattern of note
2:20 pm
really dealing inging with the truth. >> athletes will try any advantage they possibly can to put themselves in a better position psychologically to help them wind. isn't it interesting that one defense back from the colts and tla notices the bral wasball was deflated. it's not just the team doing it. the balls feel like a beach ball. he says something is wrong with this. this. >> so what is the end game here? >> they should suspend him for the game. if they did do it. they're going to fine him and take draft picks. that's the totally wrong way to go. >> great to have you with us tonight. coming up a milestone in
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enemies closer. >> meet and greet. >> mitt romney and jeb bush are getting up close and personal. >> the private meeting was scheduled before romney began making his move on a possible 2016 presidential run. >> is this a bad time? >> jeb and mitt meet up. >> they are going to compete for the same slice of the republican party. >> this is going to be a nightmare. >> it got real awkward. >> the number two trender, crash diet. >> just forget it. let it go. a soup spill leaves oodles of noodles. >> i drowsed off. next thing i know they're taking out the guardrail. they were not able to salvage the mountains of ramen.
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>> on cuba we are ending a policy long past the expiration date. >> the highest level u.s. delegation in 40 years arrived in havana yesterday. >> high level talks begin between the united states and cuba. >> assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson. >> our hope is the policy of normalization will put us in a stronger position to advance in our interests and our values. >> our shift in cuba policy has the potential to end a legacy of mistrust in our hemisphere. >> the cuban government plans to ask the u.s. to remove cuba from the u.s. list of state sponsors of terror. >> the cuban people really want this to work. >> if what you're doing doesn't work for 50 years. it's time to try something new. >> joining me tonight. a long advocate of getting relations smrl with cuba. senator, good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be with you.
2:27 pm
>> you and i have talked about this in the past. now that they're into this process, sometimes progress isn't perfect. what do you think are the key first steps that have to go right for this to all work? >> well these are never easy issues. a number of issues relate to normalizing relations with cuba. this embargo has been there 50 years. we have measured the american people by prohibiting their freedom to travel. we have heard the poor people of cuba. i fully support the president in what he's doing. i think the negotiations that will go on in havana will take a while. some people believe we ought to continued a fail policy for the next 50 years. ultimately i think we will normalize relationships with cuba. >> what's your your goal? if you had to lay it out and map
2:28 pm
it out, to get it to where we have it with other countries, is this a generational effort. can this be done in a matter of years? >> this is a country 90 miles away from florida. my sense is that this will move rather quickly. you know there are some roadblocks. i think it will move rather quickly. this policy has never made sense in the last 20 years or so. it's been a failed policy. and not withstanding to those who cling to the past, you know yesterday, forever. we have a lot of those around. not withstanding their objections. this is just going to happen. a and the reason is our foreign policy said constructive engagement through travel and trade is the best way to lead to greater human rights in these countries. and the exception has been cuba where we slapped the embargo.
2:29 pm
>> senator, isn't internet access a key here? >> internal access. social media. you know one of the ignorant policies over the years, i tried to get rid of it. the united states spent almost half a billion sending television signals to the cuban people at 4:00 in the morning. signals that with blocked by the cuban government. so we spent half a billion dollars sending television signals to cuba that people couldn't see. how wonderful freedom is. people knew that of course. but as we negotiate these issues i do think it's important that the cuban people have more access more freedom. and that includes internet. >> and finally, how important do you think it is for the united states to remove cuba from the state spon shore? >> i think the evidence should suggest that be the case. and i think it is. we'll see. that will be one of the discussions as well.
2:30 pm
and my hope is this moves along in the coming months and we move to normalize relations. there's a lot of good reasons to do it. the most important reason for me is for the people of cuba who is suffered as a result of the em bargo. >> this will help american farmers, won't it? >> oh, it will. how big of a boom will that will? >> some. i offered the amendment with two colleagues. we were the first to open up any kind of trade with cuba. that was in 1999. we passed an amendment that allowed food and medicine to be ablg to be sold to cuba. george w. bush put obstruction in front of that. it was the first time we were able to move anything like that to cuba. i always thought it was fundamentally immoral. >> good to have you with us thanks so much. the u.s. treasury department weighs in on the ttp fight. rapid response panel joins us with the discussion. twop
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. welcome back to the ed show. this is an area where the republicans and democrats say they can get together and work something out. but there's still opposition from both sides on it as well. it's a fight. the fast track fight is exploding in congress. the obama administration is going on offense for the transpacific partnership. u.s. trade representative michael froman is leading the charge on selling the job killing deal. and that's exactly what it is. he said the fast track puts congress in the driver's seat to define u.s. negotiating objectives and priorities. the opposite is true. fast tracking will tie the hands of the congress. they can't negotiate or amend a bad trade deal. in an interview, treasury secretary jack lew applauded the tpp but kept quiet on its consequences. >> the idea of the transpacific partnership was to start with
2:39 pm
high standards. and to say we want to work with countries that are willing to accept high standards. >> and why is it do you think that so many liberal democrats in the house in particular are resistant to that? >> i think this is not new to today or this year. as those of us who have worked on trade agreements for the last 30 years know it's always a challenge to get a bipartisan consensus. >> it's not just liberal democrats. there are conservative people in congress who aren't sure about this. jack lew's answer, though, is precisely the problem. no information. the obama administration will not address the dangers to the middle class jobs it presents. and the president faces sharp opposition from his own party. >> we need to rename it. >> it is a secret deal. it's negotiated in back rooms and designed to help
2:40 pm
multinatural multinatural corporations reap millions of dollars while americans lose their jobs. >> i do not believe american workers should have to compete against people in vietnam who have a minimum wage of 56 cents an hour. zblf joining me now on the rapid response panel, congressman of connecticut and also with us tonight, leo gerard. international president of the united steel workers. great to have you both with us. there are some in congress who think this president should have fast track because other presidents have had its. for instance congressman jeremy connelly says it would be a terrible blow for democrats to be the instrument of denying the president fast track authority. congresswoman, what's your response to that? >> well, first of all, this is not about the -- what the congress is about to do or not do. this is about what the effect of a fast track and what the effect of the the transpacific partnership will be on jobs and
2:41 pm
wages. that's the single biggest issue that we face today. the empirical data shows in prior trade agreements. whether nafta or korea, two years ago. korea has now resulted in the loss of about 60,000 u.s. jobs. this is about jobs. i have been consistent in my years in the congress. i have never voted to provide fast track authority to a president, democrat or republican. because i have an obligation. i have a responsibility. the constitution tells me that i need to review these trade agreements and i need to be able to debate them and amend them. that's what is at stake. >> so congresswoman, you think fast track is banned no matter who the president is that this really undercuts the congress' ability to represent american workers. >> that's precisely right. there's no public scrutiny. there's limited congressional debate. this is no opportunity to amend. like the colleague and the
2:42 pm
public said years ago, read the bill. that's what what we are trying to do. >> what's your union's reaction to president bush's ttp at the state of the union? >> two things. we're obviously opposed to the the ttp. we've been willing to work with the administration to see if there was a possibility that we could end up with a trade deal that in fact created jobs in america. we are still prepared to do that. we don't see that coming. these are her numbers. korea, last month $3 billion. and since we had the normalized relations with china over those 12 years we've now got close to 8 trillion. with a "t."
2:43 pm
trade deficit with china over those 12 years. the history has been desfroiing the industrial economy of america. they will tell the members, listen i have to meet the china price. it has the ability to hold down wages. if the president wants to have a trade deal he has to have a trade deal that's open and transparent and we say yes, this will create net jobs for america. not that says imports are up by 28% or exports are up by 28%. but imports to the u.s. are up 40, 50 60 80%. >> let me make one more quick point. i don't want to take up all the time. steel imports into this country are up 35% one year of last year. weapon had a trade deal. we won it against korea. the korean government told the korean company we'll seat that.
2:44 pm
after we won the trade case they're up again. the system is broken. it doesn't work. it needs to be rebuilt. >> the president said in the state of the union that we should be the ones writing the rules. i thought that was rather con va-- >> take as much time as you got to get out. >> we file a trade case. we win a trade case. they have loft profit share and jobs. the reason we're back is after the expiring of the cases was over china dumped 50.7 million tires into the market. >> yeah. that's over 10 million cars. what the hell is going on? >> congresswoman, how are you going to stop this? >> seek fast track in the house of representatives. >> you got republicans to do that? >> i believe the republicans
2:45 pm
are -- fir their own interest. they represent the people the way that i do. and they don't have jobs. their wages have been repressed. it is because of trade deals. they represent their constituents the same way i am. we're going to do it again. >> okay. and we denied it to president clinton. >> you denied it to clinton. this president is determined to get fast track. >> and we're determined not to fast track. >> who is counseling the president that this is the right thing to do, mr. gerard? >> el with i think you have the normal gang from wall street. you have a bunch of people who are free traders. you have multinatural corporations that like to play one against the other. and it certainly isn't workers. farmers are pushing for it. the corporate farmers are really pushing for it.
2:46 pm
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support, and connections. if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at tonight's two-minute drill. outspoken defensive back richard sherman voiced his opinion about deflate-gate to the media. >> you know i'm not sure anything will come of it honestly, if it's true or if it's not true. you know i mean it didn't have much effect on the game if any. if it did, whatever -- if it's against the rules, it's against the rules, but you see, it's not going to have any effect on this game. you know nobody is going to get suspended, nothing is going to happen. you know they're going to play this game. whatever they did, the risk/reward was greater, you know? they were trying to suspend marshawn for gold shoes. that really affects the game.
2:51 pm
>> sherman was referring to his teammate marshawn lynch, who was told not to wear gold cleats for last weekend's game. his gold shoes did violate the nfl's uniform code. we're right back. ets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. i've had a lot of hondas. we went around the country talking to people who made the switch to ford. i loved the look of the fusion... we test drove it...i was like "this is my car". all-wheel drive is amazing... i felt so secure. you can do it, emmie! ecoboost is when you can take a four cylinder and make it feel like a six cylinder... i was really surprised... i drove the fusion... and i never went back. make the switch to america's favorite brand. check out special offers on ford fusion at or see your local ford dealer. ♪ congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough,
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finally tonight, on wednesday u.s. senate they voted whether to approve a resolution stating, quote -- climate change is real and not a hoax. the vote was 98-1 in favor, all
2:55 pm
on board. "the ed show wants to congratulate the lone nay sayers senator roger wicker you are the most significantly ignorant member of the senate. jim inhofe not only voted yes, but authored the books "the greatest hoax." sounds hopeful until he gave his reasoning. >> mr. president, climate is changing and climate has always changed, and there's archaeological evident of that, biblical evident of that. it will always change. the hoax is that there are some people who are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful they can change climate. >> the outcome doesn't mean they have come around to logic.
2:56 pm
there's diseaseful policy fix at play. to ask whether they agreed human activity significantly contributes, only five republicans accepted that real ity meaning 91% of the members of the senate are in denial. a filibuster killed that amendment, but at least we got those names on report. joining me tonight, senator bernie sanders, independent from vermont. good to have you with us. you were quoted calling these votes, quote, a step forward for republicans how so? it's the first time we had at least some republicans acknowledges what the -- the climate change is real, called by human activity. just a few moments ago i offered those amends that offered those things, and based on what the science is telling us we need
2:57 pm
to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy as quickly as we can. you know how many republican votes i got for that one? zero zero, not one. so the issue is whether we within to the scientists or whether you listen to the powerful special interests and the campaign contributors who want to tell that you climate change is not real we really don't have to worry about it. so, senator, when we're looking at this your keystone amendment was just tabled as you said and your vote was 56-42. this wrangling that's going on in the senate over keystone back and forth all week long on a number of different things doesn't the senate understand that no matter how the vote goes this pipeline cannot be
2:58 pm
built? there are still legal issues in nebraska that will play out probably another 2, 2 1/2 years on eminent domain? isn't the senate just wasting their time. ? i think the absence answer is yes, and then the president said he's going to veto it. but for they guys it's become a symbol, and that's what they're going to fight for. but they will reject the idea of rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and put millions to work. it tells us they are not serious in any way for real job creation
2:59 pm
in this country. >> what do you make of senator inhofe's comments? >> i know him very well. he's a very religious guy and honest guy. he was saying look climate change is taking place, but not because of human activity. it has taken play historically. there are references to in in the bible. >> and one more point, hillary clinton was in winnipeg manitoba she refused to take a position on keystone? >> i think that's unfortunate. it tells us whether or not we are going to change costs in terms of our energy policy and move away from fossil fuel or whether we continue the same old very, very dangerous way and remain dependent, in this case
3:00 pm
on some of the dirtiest oil on the planet. thank you. "politics nation" starts right now. good edge rev. \s. we start with breaking news on the super bowl-sized controversy. did the patriots cheat to get into the bick game? star player tom brady is breaking his silent. a day after an espn report said that 11 of the team's game balls were deflated during the championship. he says, he has no clue what happened. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. i'm very comfortable saying that.


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