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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that is "hardball" for now. don't miss our big show on monday. i'll be hosting in new hampshire primary discussion. more people want more taxes, more government services. >> the unofficial start to the republican season is here and the whole world is watching. we'll go live to iowa where republicans are set to collide. >> is tom brady is cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> someone was up to no good on the patriots sideline. >> plus the death of the saudi
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king. and just what exactly is wrong with kids these days. >> it just seemed beneath the office to be talking to the youtubers. >> "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york i'm chris hayes. tomorrow it begins. the iowa caucuses starts tomorrow in des moines, iowa. that is the kick off to it. it's the iowa freedom summit. a sold out gathering of about 1200 conservative activists where all of the undeclared candidates are scheduled to speak. the event is cohosted by conservative nonprofit citizens united. yes, whose supreme court case
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ushered in an area of spending. and also by steven king. a man who just three days ago referred to an immigrant activist sitting in michelle obama's box at the speech as a deportable. i should sit with that is just art of what king has become known for. in 2012 he compared immigration to dog breeding. >> you go in and look at a little of pups and you watch how they play and run around. you want a good bird dog and the one that will be aggressive. pick the one that is most engaged and not the one sitting in the corner.
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you get the pick of the litter. it is hard to get here, they had to be inspired to come. >> also he asserted that most dreamers immigrants that came to the u.s. as children are drug smugglers. that were not all brought in by their parents. they are hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. >> because of that history, a number of activists are also converging on des moines tomorrow two latino centric networks that plan to cover the summit. they took out an ad to get the attention of those coming to down. they are calling on iowa republicans to denounce king's views on immigration. a group of dreamers and other
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advocates are holding a series of events intended to disrupt the summit and challenge the candidates. one of the activists confronted him before for his childhood arrivals. >> i'm a dreamer, i'm originally from mexico but i have been raised here i graduated from arizona state. arizona is the university, i know you want to get rid of doca. >> that was rand paul you saw literally running away from the table. he will not be attending tomorrow. two years ago you could have wring off steve king. the party had to do more to attract voters. since then there has been a major reversal that few could have predicted. now steve king more or less speaks for the g.o.p.
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in 2013 they voted overwhelmingly for an amendment that would have put hundreds of thousands of dreamers at threat of deportation. they just passed a bill to defund the most recent executive orders that will protect millions from deportation. if you need any more proof of his stature, look no further than him being kingmaker. >> he said he is very excited to see all of these potential candidates up front. he notes that a lot of the promises that people make about their issue positions, their party platforms this early in the campaign are things that follow them all the way through the general election that is good for someone like steve king on what he wants to hear from candidates on issues like i'm graduation. there is also an amount of personal vindication. he keeps a list of republicans
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that have criticized him, usually over immigration. >> that is a remarkable thing to say. it is like she taking a victory lap. he reps the hard line faction. there is an official victory for the steve king wing of the republican party. >> the way he puts it sme that i didn't do anything. it's the activists, i'm just the messenger messenger. there is no doubt he made his name as the most vocal immigration hard liner in the house. at this point there is no denying that he is running the show when is comes to the immigration agenda there. three times he managed to get immigration through the house
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over the last two years targeting dreamers. and immigration reformers have had no success at all getting a single piece of legislation to the floor. >> doing some great reporting in iowa, thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm joined now by erica who was -- erika andiola who was confronting him. >> yeah we know there is a couple candidates that will come join steve king. one of the most outspoken members that we have right now have that been trying to defund the actions and undo what the president announced and announced in 2012. we're making sure we hear from the folks that come down that
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are trying to run in 2016 as a presidential candidate and to see why they would follow the steps of steve king. i think it is important that they understand that following his steps are not going to help them at all with the latino community. >> this is personal for you. you came when you were 11. i understand you were covered the first time in 2012 you're on the line here right? in some foreseeable future when republicans take power, they're on the record wanting to deport you, personally literally you and hundreds of thousands and millions of others like you. >> that's correct. and i think for us that's why it is so important to make sure that we have the right person and someone who really understands the issues of the e immigrant community here.
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we saw that midromney in 2012 he adopted a rhetoric of deport them all were or self deportation. he really came up with a lot of ret rim that at the end of the day didn't help them with the latino vote. i think -- i don't know if they have learned from that. i don't know if the g.o.p. have learned that lesson and we're here to tell them that they should learn that lesson. even though they're not here, laich jeb bush, we hope they stay away from steve king's rhetoric and we're really hoping to get the latino community to support him in 2016. >> do you see people showing up at this event as simply an endorsement of steve king's policies and a rhetoric on immigration? >> we do the fact is that in a
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couple of months ago we saw that senator rand paul who potentially is also someone that could run in 2016 when we went up to steve king he left. i think for us they have that courage to face us and tell us they think we should be deported. then it is fine but they don't, they don't have the courage. they just show up with steve king to different events and we have a strong message, stay away from people like steve king who really have nothing good to offer to the undocumented community. >> you make a good point. if they believe it is a policy to deport people like you, then they should be able to tell you that to your face. if they think that is the right policy, they want to see that,
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that's best for america, humanity, and the country. they should say they're a party of deportation right now and that's not what they're do p thank you, i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> tomorrow in iowa everyone is trying to read the tea leaves about who is and who is not attending. marco rubio, jeb bush and mitt romney will not be coming. he was among the champions of kpe comprehension in the past. jeb bush whose wife is originally from mexico is asking for a more compassionate stance. and mitt romney may be bouncing back from self deportation that he suggested the last time around. they are competing for a set of business minded donors that support immigration reform or some form of it and understand
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that people like steve king are not helping with the long-term demographic challenges. you would think someone would fall into that who is attending tomorrow that someone is new jersey governor chris christie. the donor class sees him as a moderate with cross over appeal. and who signed a version of the dream act into law in new jersey. but since jeb bush and mitt romney threw their hats in the ring, i think chris christie is essentially doing this. >> recalculating. continue.7 miles, then turn right on to i-40 east. >> he is recalculating what he thinks is his new route to the white house and it is going through iowa. we have steve kornaki with us
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now. that area he occupied just got more crowded. and those guys are big, they got lots of huge networks how do you read his attendance in iowa? >> there is a long back story. in 2009 when he was running for governor, the democrats teams up with democratic congressmen to have hearings over chris christie. john ashcroft had been the attorney general. chris ti put on his show he left and stormed out. during that whole soap opera, he formed an unlikely bond with steve king. this is sort of the ultimate test of what is his strategy to get the nomination. they are at a history at odds. what the chris christie people
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believe is that the power of his personality is so strong and compelling to republicans who would normally call him in rhino, they will start working back wards and excusing it. they don't think they can be the candidate of steve king. what they're going for is the steve king will not condemn chris christie. >> so what they want to be maybe, in the slotting that is happening with figuring that are very popular and competition for big money donor. chris christie put in the work of building these relationships with the value day tors. >> he does not want the base to be saying that is the traitor, the guy we have to stop. >> there is something about, i said today when we were talking
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about this i said i think as a political talent chris christie is the best. he is a great politician he is very good at it. >> i was covering new jersey when he was the u.s. attorney and he was -- things like that. it was amazing. he would walk into the room. it was the bush era, college students were mad, and they would warm up and they're laughing and cheering at the end. >> to do that kind of thing, you have to show up at the events. the problem with him showing up is the fusion, and the whole spanish language press covers these things in detail everyone
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will associate with you, and you with him. >> so in the challenge there, i think what they see it as it don't say any of the stuff that steve king says. don't be next to him when he says anything like that. don't be cornered in an awkward moment. >> you can always just do the rand paul eject button and literally run. steve kornacki, thank you. we'll be back in a moment.
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zleerchlts here is how the "new york times" spoke of abdullah. the surprising tenor of the mainstream coverage of his death, next.
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today, saudi arabia buried sing abdullah in an unmarked grave per tradition. his death prompted unusual reaction. the u.s. relationship, and our strategic military partnership. vice president joe biden will be traveling in the coming days to saudi a arabia as a official
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event. what is surprising is the coverage of a man that whatever the rest of his record has a leader was, an unelected dictator who publicly whips people. the "new york times," king abdullah, a shrewd force. a they say his right brought about marginal advances for women. they said 2011 the regime has grown peven sharper. he said saudi tanks to help them
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crush the arab spring uprising in 2011. joining me now is ame now is ayman. they are not a particularly enlightened place, correct? >> that is beyond fair to say, it is a very accurate statement. >> i'm bending over backwards to be fair. >> i think the way they look at it is not to compare them with enlightened states but to compare them to where they were when he took the helm of the country. i think people are trying to walk that line. he took the country incremental incrementally forward. there are certain values that should be applyied today.
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they don't need to be marginally and incrementally moving forward. in terms of the principal, this country here executes people. how you carry out that capital punishment is always up for debate. and that is the thing, maybe they carry out a primitive and what we consider inhumane and cruel punishment. >> there is a lot of people on the left they think would delight in pointing out their bad human rights record. but all of the politics in that region -- from the american perspective, it is judgments about what will bring about stability and best help the region. >> this is a close ally the
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united states. they have a cia drone base there. in the past they have thousands of u.s. soldiers there. >> they used to have bases there. >> in addition to that they're a massive supplier of oil. i can give you a long list of why they matter to the u.s. and regional. >> there is no two questions about it. on the issue of arab spring and reform, this is a individual that opposed -- >> he supported the military government in egypt. this is the role he plays. >> he played that role he exblessed that role and he used all of his resources to back that role. >> he said at some point that
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we'll just match the dollars. >> although he opposed that kind of political islam reform he was also a big supporter of the revolution in syria to topple assad. he knew that assad is a close ally of iran who is a huge regional rival. mcdonald's super sized problems and everyone is weighing in on the deflation gate scandal. >> what's the word on the street? >> inflate. >> what does it mean? >> it's when you fill something with hair? >> what do you inflate? >> a balloon. >> bubbles. and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise.
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we have come to think of the mcdonald's franchise as a permanent feature of the american landscape. we just assume they will always be there. after a slew of really bad news for the company, it seems possible that their power is not as durable as it once seemed. mcdonald's right no is in trouble. announcing today a 21% drop in profit. there is many reasons for their
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fall. mcdonald's attempts to appeal to customers. the costs of expanding menus and adding personalization options so that mcdonald's and it's ilk can better compete angered franchise owners. they threw a hail mary pass this week with a commercial saying maybe if we tug at america's heart strings you will buy our food. ♪ ♪ >> if you're lost and alone --
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>> there was no small amount of criticism for invoking tragedies to sell hamburgers. on top of that there is the constantly percolating truth that the means by which billions of hamburgers are served can get pretty gnarl cry. ten employees are suing saying they demeaned african-american works. called them bitch, ghetto and ratchet. inappropriately touched nael throws on legs and buttocks, and solicited sexual acts.
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5:36 pm
been conducted which is being aided by a firm with forensic -- the footballs were properly inflated for the second half and remained properly inflated. the second half as my super fan producer reminds you is when the pats blew the game wide open. though here is where i temperature in what else they were doing during that half we haven't heard about yet. robert craft said his team will continue to cooperate. the reviews have been coming in for tom brady's press conference yesterday when he denied any wrong doing. they have been stellar. >> it has been clear that i was going to take the job of tom brady, quarterback of the new
5:37 pm
england patriots. >> that is a pretty good line a numberer of former nfl players say they think that brady is lying. >> those balls were deflated. somebody had to do it. and i don't believe there is an equipment manager in the nfl on his own initiative would deflate a ball without the starting quarterbacks football. >> today, ridiculous charges against patriots. a great team by any standards. joining me now is mike peska, npr and "the gist" podcast
5:38 pm
contributor. so there is the who done it that is first. >> someone like -- it is pretty clear to me that someone did something intentionally, right? something was done intentionally to game the system. >> i would say 11 balls don't get deflated on their own. >> ten minutes before the game -- >> according to the sources, sure. this is like doing very heavy forensic analysis of why i change lanes without signaling. this is really a misdemeanor. i know other people will jump on it. mark parnell was taking that very hard. the presidential spokesman, a u.s. senator, people high people, are weighing in on this. is the international criminal court going to -- >> we're not a member so probably not. >> i think -- you have no perspective on this.
5:39 pm
>> this is more towards gamesmanship -- >> i do think so. i think most if not -- so many nfl players talk about putting silicon on my jersey or after stick em was banned, i put it between my cleats. it is like trying to sell a call in a game. >> i disagree slightly. one if if you want to put something on your verity, that is between you and the law. the other thought i had, given the context of spygate, is that when i saw brady yesterday, my thought was that he is not necessarily lying about this, their up to all sorts of she than in began -- shenanigans. >> but why would it be useful to them, why wouldn't that get into
5:40 pm
the minds of their opponents. sometimes they're not even doctoring a baseball but you think they are and then they over swing. people are going to go crazy. i don't even think that spy gate was that big of a deal. every coach admits they look at the game film provided pi the league and they try to watch the other team on the sidelines. they had someone there to tape them. this was before iphones when taping someone was weird. >> it is hilarious how polarized this is. is this big because people hate the patriots? >> it's not the only thing, but if this was the atlanta falcons or the cincinnati bengals, the yankees, and the patriots are in
5:41 pm
the reptillian part of your brain, and the balls puns. >> we loved the wiener scandal and we loved what he could do for us so we could say weiner. >> president obama did an interview with this woman yesterday, this woman, there, yes, the one seen here betting cereal out of a bathtub. i'm not judging. it is undignified or smart by the president. and why won't the kids get off my lawn. we'll talk about that ahead. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective
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>> get this on a wednesday, the anniversary of the citizen's united ruling, this happened. >> you can feel all of the nervous energy in a room not accustomed to that kind of thing. more protestors wrote to interrupt the calm and formal court. eight protestors were taken into custody. they're from the group 99 rise. i pent a lot of time in the
5:44 pm
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yesterday the president of the united states did an interview on youtube. gozell green got about 45 minutes with the president. as some of the media points out, gozell green who has over three million followers on youtube. she tried to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon. half of the vlog channel, they
5:47 pm
have big audiences and their questions to the president were for the most part thoughtful. >> i watched the state of the union, a lot of interesting ideas there, i'm not the only worry worried about saying are they possible? >> why should it matter to them? >> the youtube interviewing that touched on college affordability, and there was hemming and hawing for certain corners of the media. >> gozell is a star she is funny, when did eating milk and sere cereal out of your bathtub able
5:48 pm
to get you to interview the president. it just seemed beneath the office to hang out with some of these youtubers. >> this is not the first time that fox news thought the president was doing something beneath the dignity of the office. >> this is now the dirtiest campaign of my life. >> this is beneath the dig any ti of the office. >> booeteneath the dignity of the office. >> it minimizes the office. >> he was diminishing the office. >> it was a farce and some believe it was demeaning. >> what is it like to be the last black president? >> seriously? >> i don't think it diminishes
5:49 pm
the office it diminishes the man holding the office. >> there is a reason why he did that. the reason he appeared on "between two ferns" even the reason he gave an interview to three youtubers after the state of the union. i want to introduce you to a young man whose power on digital media may shock you as much as it did me. video evidence of that, next.
5:50 pm
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all right, meet jerome who has eight million followers on fine. what would happen if he asked his one million snapchat followers to meet him in union square. it was viewed 142,000 times, and this is what happened when he made his way to union square. a group of hundreds of people went to union square because he asked them to. teddy goff founderering partner at digital strategies. i had start with you about this. it seems to me just smart, right? this choice to bring in youtube folks is dealing with the reality of the fact that audiences are balkinized.
5:54 pm
>> yeah first of all you put the national conversation in the hands of the so-called respective journalists and you get people talking about a disease less dangerous than the flu. >> well eating cereal out of a bathtub -- >> yes, young people and increasingly old people are unfortunately watching tv less as you may know and they're watching these people and they're not just watching these people but they trust these people. these youtube creators have credibility and authenticity. >> that strikes me as true but i think there is an idea that there was going to be the next big thing that replaced tv right? or the big social network.
5:55 pm
what it appears now is that that world is too balkinizing. >> people say are teenagers leaving facebook? no but they're using other networks for other things. in the past the president us wanted to reach out to young people. it used to be go to mtv for that. >> i republican bill clinton answering boxers or briefs and people were saying this is beneath the office and it sort of was. >> but this administration is bypassing and going straight to social media. >> this is my old man attempt at a snap chat. this is 35-year-old dad, chris hays trying to -- there we
5:56 pm
are -- that is me there i am i'm talking and you can't hear me. i felt really ancient trying to make a snap chat story. here is my question to you, teddy, audiences are breaking up, blat forms are breaking up there is still only one president people say it is harter to get his message out, but he could be like i'm going to bring in these people that don't scare me. they don't hold any power over me i can pick and choose who i want to talk to. i don't have to talk to anyone and that makes a president more powerful and the pressless powerful. >> i think yes and know. i think there is still a believe pulpit but i think it has changed. maybe it will never happen again that 100 million people tune in to a presidential address.
5:57 pm
you can develop relationships with youtube starts. while there is not the same ability to direct the national attention and dominate the coverage they have a new ability to actually reach into people's lives and networks and influence the conversation that way. it is different. it is still powerful but it is very different. >> is facebook worried about the fact that there are -- i was amazed that there was 16-year-olds saying i have a facebook account but i never use it. are they worried about that? >> facebook is constantly trying to copy things after snap chat to go after that demographic. there is so many spinning of
5:58 pm
things. snap chat could be the new way to present the news. >> they're now hiring journalists? >> yes, they are hiring journalists themselves. when i saw that jerome video, i talked to 140,000 people in 16 minutes, that's a lot of people. >> everyone is after the younger generation. >> facebook seems the one entity here that dominates all other. ben smith said the next campaign the facebook election that facebook will dominate 2016 in a way that tv might have in the past. if you could get an even genius running it you could sway an american election. >> i think facebook probably employs a few evil geniuses already. everyone creates content and
5:59 pm
doesn't just receive it, there is no way that any particular thing going on on facebook could change an election -- >> i totally disagree with that. >> why is that? the algorithm that shows the news feed it says this is what yor go you're going to see. >> if you're talking about someone like breaking in -- >> that's what i mean. >> yes, that kind of evil genius that would have a serious influence on the outcome of the election. one thing you're seeing facebook do in familiar is start to act like a tolding company, like a private equity company. >> they're going out and buying the companies -- >> and then leaving them alone. i think that reflects even facebook itself can't expect to control eyeballs in the same way -- >> they did that with instagram, and snapchat said no thank you.
6:00 pm
i talked to people, friends of miep that mine that have friends abroad and they all use it. good evening, rachel it is time for "the rachel maddow show." this is a weird thousand. there is a pastor in texas who does not call herself a pastor she says she is a living profit who has a direct line to god, she said specifically that god has given her special powers including the ability to raise people from the dead. she said she brought children back from the dead. she says it's no big deal she does it all the time. >> i see you had a child that just died and i speak to the spirit of death in that child in the name


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