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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  January 25, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? >> they have nothing better to do and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> an up-and-coming gang takes on the old guard and pits two friends against each other in an act of blood-sport. >> if me and him didn't fight they were going to stab both of us.
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>> he struck me several times in the left side of my face. as he was striking me i was trying to deploy my taser. >> an inmate assault on an officer gets him in trouble with not only the law but the mexican law. >> brotherhood of texas, baby. >> and a white supremacist finds conflict with the jail, his gang, and his girlfriend. >> just -- >> [ bleep ] you. >> no, baby, stop -- >> bye. bye. >> no. don't go. san antonio, texas is synonymous with the 1836 battle of the alamo. the mission turned fort still stands at the heart of downtown
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as a symbol of honor and bravery. today, however, a very different war rages in san antonio, as two rival gangs shed blood in a power struggle to control a wide range of criminal activity, including drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking. and this turf war has expanded from the streets to inside the walls of san antonio's bexar county jail. >> traditionally the mexican mafia, an outgrowth of a prison gang, had been a controlling gang here in san antonio, but here lately because members of the mexican mafia are getting older and some younger groups have come in and it's creating a lot of problems for us here at the bexar county jail. >> the capacity for 4,500 men and women, bexar county jail is larger than many state prisons.
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most of the inmates here are pretrial detainees, meaning they have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting the resolution of their cases. but that doesn't stop violence. >> code 2! >> code 2. an inmate has just assaulted an officer. a jail special emergency response team, or sert, answers the call. >> put your head to the wall. >> what's your name? >> juan rubio. >> number? >> 773699. >> injuries. >> right there to the nose. >> redness -- >> redness around the ear. it's all good. >> i don't have a statement. >> the report will read that juan rubio, currently in jail on charges including aggravated robbery, to which he has pled not guilty, was on his way to the recreation yard when he stopped for a drink of water. corporal odegaard then instructed him to hurry along.
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>> he turned, threw the water at me, struck me several times in the left side of my face. as he was striking me and i was defending myself, i was trying to deploy my taser. my second officer came running out here to assist. the whole thing lasted three to four seconds. >> three to four seconds that will have lasting repercussions for rubio. >> put your hands on top of your head. you understand? >> yes, sir. you understand?1 if you resist, rubio, you will be tased. do you understand me? >> yes, sir. >> by assaulting an officer, rubio has not only broken the law. he has also violated a bylaw of the mexican mafia, the gang to which prison officials say he belongs. >> the mexican mafia has a code. they don't assault the officers. >> they don't want any attention brought upon them. if one of their members assaults staff, they already know that now staff is going to start watching them more closely, which is what they don't want. >> because inmate rubio broke that code, he's going to have to
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pay a penalty. that penalty could be as severe as a beating. it could be anything beyond that. >> rubio, however, denies being a member of the gang. >> they say i affiliate with the mexican mafia. and i don't. >> he's being deceptive. rubio has signed a gang acknowledgment form identifying himself as a member of the mexican mafia. it's not uncommon for these guys to deny it to people who he thinks doesn't know his history. but in the end we do have all of our paperwork intact. >> officer rodriguez, part of the jail's gang intelligence division, heads to rubio's cell to discuss the situation. if rubio is willing to refute the mexican mafia, he can be placed in a protective custody housing unit for ex-gang members. >> if he decides to defect, or go x, we're going to go ahead and let him do so. if he decides to go with the actives, we're going to discuss the possible consequences of
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going with the actives. at this point we don't really know exactly which way we're going to send rubio. it kind of depends on what he has to say. >> it doesn't take long for rubio to make it clear. he wants to remain in his unit, which only houses confirmed mexican mafia members. >> i mean, how do i know that the mafia's not going to discipline you for all this? >> they won't. i don't know. >> they won't? >> i'm good. i can house with anybody. >> but do you understand that you violated one of your reglas. >> i didn't violate nothing. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> so nothing's going to happen to you if i put you back with your people? >> nothing will happen to me. >> convinced rubio will be attacked if they return him to his housing unit, officials discuss transferring him to another mexican mafia unit. >> can we put him with the other actives? >> we have actives in b.a. and b.b. the incident happened in b.b. we could try him in b.a. >> try him in there. >> i'll go back and visit him. rubio. i discussed your situation with the captain. he's approved you to go back but in unit b.a. so are you okay with that?
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>> i'll go anywhere. >> you don't think you're going to get assaulted -- >> i don't care anymore. we'll find out when we get there. you can house me wherever. whatever happens happens. >> for years the mexican mafia has been the largest and most powerful gang at bexar county. but now a new gang has emerged. born in san antonio and rapidly spreading both on the streets and in prisons and jails. they are called the tango orejones. >> at one point they were all together and then as the years progressed they eventually broke away and now they're at odds with each other. the orejones began as foot soldiers of the mexican mafia but in the late 1990s they split off to form their own gang, which today rejects the mafia's strict rules and structure. >> [ bleep ]. >> they're very loose. there's no constitution. there's no real process on getting in. you can literally be an orejone tomorrow if you want to be one.
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orejones recruit on a daily basis. you send one orejone to population, within 24 hours he's going to have three people with him. what started as a few members of orejones quickly grew into hundreds of members. and we went from having a small problem to having a large problem. >> orejone, baby! >> we eventually had to get all the orejones we confirmed and basically corral them to one living area, to four units. you send the mafia over here, the orejone over there, and you close the door to keep them away from each other. >> coming up, juan rubio gets his wish. but it comes with a price. >> if i hadn't been there to stop the fight when i did, there would have been some serious bodily injury done to him. >> and -- >> throwing knees, elbows at each other. banging each other's head on the wall, the door. >> the orejones pit two friends against each other. >> it's just like when they put two animals in a cage to fight. suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather!
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population units of san antonio's bexar county jail, long periods of monotony can be shattered by sudden violence. on a saturday morning inmates pass time in the day room when a fight breaks out in the second floor cell. >> code 2. >> the jail's special emergency response team races to the unit and orders all inmates to the ground. within moments it's all over. one of the participants is a member of the white supremacist gang the aryan brotherhood, adam verlander, who's here on charges of car theft and evading arrest, to which he has pled not guilty. >> aryan brotherhood of texas, baby. >> the other inmate is dimitric gonzalez, who is awaiting trial for assault and drug possession and has also pled not guilty. >> so what was this about, verlander?
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>> bloody towels being left where we put our drinks. >> it's a misunderstanding. that's all it is. i had just came back from the hospital. they thought i had laid gauze that had blood on the window sill. so -- >> they had some towels with blood on them. supposedly he left it on the window sill and he didn't like it. >> the men are split up and temporarily removed to separate units to cool down. for verlander the closest available cell is in one of the mexican mafia units. >> they may want him out of there because all the mexican mafia wants to be together. >> once they are locked in their cooldown cells, verlander and gonzalez share their accounts of what happened. >> the black individual left some bloody gauze pads sitting on one of the tables and was kind of disrespectful, you know. so i went up there and said something to him. >> i don't like losing my temper. i tried to get him to leave me
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alone. just get the hell away from me. >> i'm not one for playing. so i swung off on him. >> i said dude, are you serious? you want to fight? so he tried it again. so one handed i beat the [ bleep ] out of him. >> the mafia may have no choice but to have verlander as a temporary resident of their unit. but they let him know they don't approve of his interview. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] stop talking to the camera, man. [ bleep ] >> yeah. well, i guess the interview's over. >> [ bleep ] bro. >> have a nice day. >> it's a lesson that most inmates at bexar county jail learn quickly. don't get on the wrong side of the mexican mafia. every member of the gang is literally on the same page. >> the mexican mafia has a very detailed constitution. all prospective members have to handwrite this and memorize the constitution. it outlines what will happen if you violate any rules within it. and it starts with just some
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minor discipline all the way to death. >> alleged mexican mafia member juan rubio violated one of those rules when he assaulted an officer. although jail officials feared he might face a reprisal from the gang if he was returned to his unit, rubio refused their offer to put him in protective custody. >> so nothing's going to happen if i put you back with your people? >> nothing will happen to me. >> come on. we'll go to cell 2. >> so officials decided to move him to a different mexican mafia unit in another wing of the jail in the hope of protecting his safety. but the plan didn't work. >> after rubio was escorted into my unit we let him out of the cell for the day room hour. at that time he was assaulted by two other inmates. if i hadn't been there to stop the fight when i did, there would have been some serious bodily injury done to him. >> now that the mexican mafia has punished rubio, officer rodriguez must determine where rubio's mafia status stands. if gang leaders will not accept him back, then keeping rubio in a mafia unit could put his life in danger.
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>> i spoke to one of the assaulters, who is active mafia. so i understand that you must have gotten permission to do it. rubio was crossed out. he was removed by the gang from other members. >> rubio. >> officer rodriguez knows they must now remove rubio from the mafia unit. >> i have to move you. >> i'm not going. they're going to have to take me with serts. >> you understand i'm going to declare you as an "a." >> i'll not going in there. >> i told rubio at this point it's wise for him to defect from the gang. i cannot put you with the actives. >> i'm not going in there, man. >> rubio's refusal to defect complicates the situation. >> he probably wants to stay in the mexican mafia active tank because he feels that maybe he's "x" edd out. he doesn't want to lose his standing with the mafia. >> i can't put you with the xs because you're telling me you're active. i can't put you with the actives because the actives don't want you. >> we'll let him cool down. we'll talk to him again. if for some reason he still insists on going back with the actives we'll have to make an executive decision and either
3:17 am
place him with the "xs" or just isolate him by himself. >> while sorting out what to do with him rubio is put in a temporary segregation cell away from both active and ex-mexican mafia members. but rubio has accepted his punishment from the mafia and is ready to rejoin them. >> we're good. i respect what they did. they respect that i went in there. i don't run from it. >> according to jail officials, the mexican mafia runs with military-like control and discipline. but in the units run by their rivals, the orejones, things are different. >> what's up? >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? >> they have nothing better to do. and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> and orejone leaders have just taken their wrath out on two young cellmates who were recently classified as orejone
3:18 am
recruits and placed in their housing unit. now separated the two inmates are christopher penuelez and jerry sanchez. both are in jail on drug possession charges and have pled not guilty. >> they were approached by an unidentified inmate, who told them through the door that they had to fight. they had to fight to prove their heart in the gang. >> the winner would gain acceptance into the gang. the loser would be kicked out. refusing to fight was not an option. i'm frances rivera breaking away from our programming to bring you to new delhi, india, where president obama is there in the country for the start of a three-day state visit. he just met with prime minister nraen california modedy and they're there now speaking at a news conference. let's listen in. >> opening remarks by the two leaders following which they have consented to respond to one question each.
3:19 am
i now request the prime minister of india to make his opening remarks. >> mr. president, and members of the media, it is a great pleasure and privilege to welcome back president obama and the first lady in india. mr. president, we are honored that you accepted our invitation to be the chief guest on our republic day. and i know how busy you are. it is special because on this day we celebrate the values shared by the world's two largest democracies.
3:20 am
we are also the first united states president to visit india twice in office. it reflects the transformation in our relationship. it serves a deep personal commitment to this partnership. it tell us that our two nations are prepared to step forward firmly, to accept the responsibility of this global partnership with our two countries, and for shaping the character of the century. the promise and potential of this relationship has never been in doubt. this is a natural global
3:21 am
partnership. it has become even more relevant in the digital age. it will be needed even more in our world for changing and widespread -- the success of this partnership is important for our progress and for advancing peace, stability, and prosperity around the world. from the turn of the century we have begun transforming our relationship. but, we have to convert a good start into lasting progress. this is turning our vision into
3:22 am
sustained action, and concrete. mr. president, in the last few months, i see new excitement and confidence in this relationship. i see renewed energy and excitement. thank you for your leadership, and for setting the tone last september when i visited white house. the civil nuclear agreement was the centerpiece of our transform relationship. we demonstrated new trusts, it also created a new economic opportunities and expanded our option for clean energy.
3:23 am
in the course of the past four months we have worked to move it forward. i am pleased that six years after we signed a bilateral agreement, we are moving towards commercial cooperation. consistent with our law, our international legal obligations, and technical and commercial viability. president obama has also assured me of strong u.s. efforts in support of india's full membership of the international regions. today we also decided to take up our growing defense cooperation
3:24 am
to the new level. we have agreed in principle to pursue core development and core production of specific advanced defense projects. this will help domestic defense and expand in india. we will also explore cooperation in the area of advanced defense technologies. we have renewed our agreement. we will defend our cooperation on maritime security. principle global trade taking on a new character, even as existing challenges persist.
3:25 am
we agreed that we need a comprehensive global strategy and approach to compete with it. there should be no distinction between terrorist groups, every country must fulfill its commitment to terrorists, safe havens, and bring terrorists to justice. our two countries will be bilateral security cooperation against terrorist groups, and we will further enhance our counterterrorism capabilities. including in the area of technology. president obama and i agree that a strong and growing economic relationship is vital for the success of our strategic partnership.
3:26 am
economic growth in our two countries is becoming stronger. our business climate is improving. this gives me a great optimism of our economic ties. in addition, we have established a number of effective bilateral mechanism to identify opportunities and also help our business, trade, and investment more. we will also resume our dialogue on bilateral investment treaty. we will also restart discussions on social security agreement that is so important for the hundreds of thousands of indian professionals working in the united states. but president obama and me
3:27 am
renewal energy a personal and national priority. we discuss our ambition, national efforts, and increase the use of clean and renewable energy. we also agree to further enhance our excellent and innovative partnership in this area. i ask him to lead efforts in making renewable energy more accessible and affordable to the world. but today i express hope for a successful conference on climate change this year. we will continue to cooperation in science and technology, innovation, agriculture, health, education. these are central to the future
3:28 am
of our two countries and also give us an opportunity to help others around the world. indeed, our strategic partnership will only be complete if we resume our responsibility to work together to promote activity in our vast region. president obama and i agree to pursue this goal with sense of priorities. president and i heard global and regional issues. we renew our commitment to deepen our cooperation to advance peace, stability, prosperity, in asia, pacific and indian ocean region. it is critical for the future of our two countries and the destiny of this world we will also work closely to help
3:29 am
afghanistan through its transition. our relationship stands at a new level today. we have outlined a broad reason for our friendship and cooperation that reflects the opportunities and challenges of the century. noble friends and companions are the whole of the holy life. we have decided to give this critical partnership renewed trust and sustained attention. for this, we have agreed that india and united states must regular summits ate graer ek frequency, and we also establish ed guidelines between myself and
3:30 am
barack and providers. at the beginning of this year, we start a new journey. let me welcome you once again, mr. president, it is a great pleasure to have you with us. thank you very much. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> namaste. thank you, prime minister modi, for those very generous words. i want to express my profound gratitude to not only you put the people of india for the incredible hospitality that has been shown to me and michelle. we are thrilled to be back in india. mr. prime minister, thank you for the invitation to join the people of india on republic day.
3:31 am
i'm honored to be the first american president to attend this celebration, as well as the first president to visit india twice. and this reflects my commitment, since the beginning of my presidency, to deepen our ties with india. i'm pleased to be joined by members of my administration, as well as members of congress and business leaders from the united states, all who believe that a strong relationship with india is critical for america's success in the 21st century. as two great democracies, two animated economies, two societies dedicated to the empowerment of our people, including millions of indian americans, we are natural partners. when i addressed your parliament on my last visit, i laid out my vision for how india and the united states could build a defining partnership for the 21st century.
3:32 am
and since then we've made significant progress. our trade has increased. our militaries exercise together more, we're cooperating on key global challenges from nuclear proliferation to global health. and mr. prime minister, your election, and your strong personal commitment to the india/u.s. relationship gives us an opportunity to further energize these efforts. i was proud to welcome you to the white house last fall. your reputation preceded you, as many of you know in new york, the prime minister appeared in madison square garden, and was greeted like a bollywood star. and it was a signal of the deep friendship between our peoples as well as our close ties that we are working to expand even further. at the white house, we agreed to take this partnership to a new level. we advanced that work today. prime minister modi, thank you for hosting me, including our --
3:33 am
we need more of those in the white house. even as this visit is rich with symbolism we made substantive progress. the prime minister has already indicated the united states and india have declared a new declaration of friendship that elevates and formalizes our partnership, and not only is it grounded in the values we share, but it commits us to more regular meetings at the leader's level and sets up frequent consultations across our government. we agreed that our trade and economic partnerships must focus on improving the daily lives of our people. prime minister modi described for me his ambitious efforts to empower rural indians with bank accounts, and to ensure clean water and clean air for the indian people. and we want to be partners in this effort. in the last few years, trade between our two countries has
3:34 am
increased by some 60% toward a record $100 billion. we want to trade even more so we welcome the reforms that the prime minister is pursuing to make it easier to do business here in india. today we achieved a breakthrough understanding on two issues that were holding up our ability to advance our civil nuclear cooperation, and were committed to moving towards full implementation, and this is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship. we also, as the prime minister noted, agreed to resume discussions about a possible bilateral investment treaty. and we will continue to pursue export reforms so that we can advance more high tech collaborations with india. i'm also pleased that we agreed to a number of important steps to promote clean energy and to confront climate change. we very much support india's ambitious goal for solar energy and stand ready to speed this expansion with additional financing.
3:35 am
we're also launching new joint projects to improve air quality in indian cities. the united states will share more data, and develop tools to help india assess and adapt to the impact of climate change, and to help vulnerable communities become more resilient. and going forward we've agreed to work to the to make concrete progress this year towards phasing out hydro floor row carbons under the montreal protocol and the prime minister and i made a personal commitment to work together to pursue a strong global climate agreement in paris. as i indicated to him i think india's voice is very important on this issue. perhaps no country could potentially be more affected by the impacts of climate change and no country's going to be more important in moving forward a strong agreement than india. so we appreciate his leadership. we agreed to deepen our defense and security cooperation.
3:36 am
we've renewed the framework that guides our defense cooperation for another ten years, and in a major step forward for our relationship our defense technology and trade initiative will allow us to jointly develop and produce new defense technologies. we've also agreed to a new vision for the asia pacific so that we're doing more together to advance our shared security and prosperity in this critical region. i thanked the prime minister for india's strong counterterrorism cooperation, and reiterated even as america's combat mission is over in afghanistan, we're going to continue to be strong and reliable partners for the afghan people who have benefited from india's generous assistance over many years. i thanked the prime minister for his continued support for ongoing efforts to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and to arrive at a just diplomatic solution. and finally, we discussed what more we can do as global partners.
3:37 am
i reiterated, and reiterate to the indian people today, that we support a reformed u.n. security council that includes india as a permanent member. at the same time we see india playing a greater role in ensuring international security and peace and meeting shared challenges. as a leading contributor to u.n. peacekeeping missions for many years, india can help the world do even more to protect its citizens in conflict zones. we welcome india's leadership in combatting diseases, and promoting global health that advances the rights and dignity of citizens around the world. so mr. prime minister, thank you for welcoming me. i very much look forward to tomorrow's ceremonies which i'm told are truly spectacular. i'm looking forward to a chance to speak directly to the indian people on the radio, and in my speech on tuesday about what i believe we can achieve together. this new partnership will not happen overnight.
3:38 am
it's going to take time to build and some patience but it's clear from this visit that we have a new and perhaps unprecedented opportunity and deepening our ties with india is going to remain a top foreign policy priority for my administration. so let me just say -- [ speaking foreign language ] thank you very much. >> thank you, president. >> i now call upon julie of ap to ask her question. >> thank you mr. president and mr. prime minister. mr. president i wanted to ask you about the situations in yemen and in ukraine. on yemen you've held up the u.s. counterterrorism campaign there as a model for what you're hoping to achieve in your mission against the islamic state group. how does the political upheaval in yemen affect u.s. efforts there, and will it cause you in any way to retool aspects of your broader counterterrorism
3:39 am
strategy? and on ukraine, pro-russian rebels are again launching new offenses. how at this point can you justify not taking a different approach given that the minsk agreement has all but failed and sanctions may have had an impact on the russian economy, but they don't appear to be changing russia's calculus when it comes to ukraine? and mr. prime minister i wanted to go back to climate change. white house officials have said that the recent u.s. that they hope that the recent u.s./china agreement can spur countries like india to make similar commitments to cut emissions. i'm wondering if you feel any pressure to take that kind of action because of the china agreement, and can a paris climate summit produce a substantial result without that type of commitment from india? thank you. >> good. >> well, first of all with respect to ukraine, what i've said consistently is that we had no interest in seeing russia
3:40 am
weakened or its economy in shambles. we have a profound interest, as i believe every country does, in promoting a core principle, which is large countries don't bully smaller countries. they don't encroach on their territorial integrity. they don't encroach on their sovereignty and that's what's at stake in ukraine. and what we have done is to consistently isolate russia on this issue and to raise the costs that russia confronts. now, when you say that we should take a different approach, julie, i don't know exactly what you're referring to. i've been very clear that it would not be effective for us to
3:41 am
engage in a military conflict with russia on this issue. but what we can do is to continue to support ukraine's ability to control its own territory. and that involves a combination of the economic pressure that's been brought to bear in sanctions, the diplomatic isolation that has been brought to bear against russia. and as important as anything, making sure that we're continuing to provide the support that ukraine needs to sustain its economy during this transition period. and to help its military with basic supplies, and equipment. as well as the continuing training and exercises that have been taking place between nato and ukraine for quite some time. we are deeply concerned about the latest break in the cease-fire, and the aggression that these separatists with russian backing, russian equipment, russian financing,
3:42 am
russian training, and russian troops are conducting. and we will continue to take the approach that we've taken in the past, which is to ratchet up the pressure on russia. and i will look at all additional options that are available to us short of military confrontation and try to address this issue. and we'll be in close consultation with our international partners, and particularly european partners, to assure that they stay in lockstep with us on this issue. what we've been very successful at is maintaining unity across the atlantic on this issue. and that's going to be a continuing priority of mine. but ultimately what i've said before remains true. if mr. putin and if russia are hell-bent on engaging in military conflicts, their
3:43 am
military is more powerful than ukraine's, and, you know, the question is going to be whether they continue to pursue a path that not only is bad for the people of ukraine, but is bad for the people of russia. and are we able to continue to raise the costs even as we're creating an off ramp diplomatically that eventually the kremlin starts pursuing a more sensible policy. and resolving this issue. with regard to yemen. my top priority has and always will be to make sure that our people on the ground in yemen are safe, that's something that we have been emphasizing for the last several months, and builds on the work that we've been doing over the last several years. it is a dangerous country, in a dangerous part of the world. a second priority is to maintain
3:44 am
our counterterrorism pressure on al qaeda in yemen. and we have been doing that. and i saw some news reports that suggested somehow that that counterterrorism activity had been suspended. that is not accurate. we continue to go after high value targets inside of yemen, and to continue -- we will continue to maintain the pressure that's required to keep the american people safe. we are concerned about what has always been a fragile central government, and the forces inside of yemen that are constantly threatening to break apart between north/south, between huthi and sunni inside of yemen and this is one more sequence in what has been an ongoing, turbulent process
3:45 am
inside of yemen. and what we are advising not just the various factions inside of yemen, but also working with our partners like the gulf countries who have impact and influence inside of yemen, is that at this point what's needed is to respect a constitutional process that can resolve some of these differences peacefully, and assure that all the groups inside of yemen are resorting to political, rather than military, means, to resolve these differences. but i guess the point julie is yemen has never been a perfect democracy, or a island of stability. what i've said is that our efforts to go after terrorist networks inside of yemen without
3:46 am
a occupying u.s. army, but rather by partnering and intelligence sharing with that local government, is the approach that we're going to need to take, and that continues to be the case. the alternative would be for us to play whack-a-mole every time there is a terrorist actor inside of any given country to deploy u.s. troops. and that's not a sustainable strategy. so, we'll continue to try to refine and fine-tune this model, but it is the model that we're going to have to work with because the alternative would be massive u.s. deployments in perpetuity. which would create its own blowback and cause probably more problems than it would potentially solve. and we're going to have to recognize that there are going to be a number of the countries
3:47 am
where terrorists have located that are not strong countries. that's the nature of the problem that we confront. terrorists typically are not going to be located and maint n maintaining bases and having networks inside countries that have strong governments, strong militaries and by strong law enforcement. by definition we're going to be operating in places where oftentimes there's a vacuum. or capabilities are somewhat low. and we've got to just continually apply patience, training, resources, and we then have to help in some cases broker political agreements, as well. so there's a long, arduous process. it is not neat and it is not simple. but it is the best option that we have. and what we have shown is that we can maintain the kind of
3:48 am
pressure on these terrorist networks, even in these kinds of difficult to operate environments. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> climate change itself --
3:49 am
global warming itself -- [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> breaking away, as indian prime minister narendra modi is speaking there, after the first day of a three-day summit with president obama. just moments ago the president did speak, touching on the highlights so far in their first day there. one of them being the deal that has been struck with the civil nuclear trade and in essence also touching on their global partnerships and efforts made as the president described it as a new declaration of friendship there with india, and their efforts for climate change, renewable energy, taxation, defense cooperation, and also
3:50 am
the military. the president was also asked about the situation in yemen, and also ukraine. if he would take on a new approach there with the unrest in ukraine and he said that essentially that it would be ineffective as far as engaging in military conflict in russia, but supporting ukraine it would sanction diplomatically, as well. when asked about yemen, and disintegrating government there he said the priority really has been to contain our partnership and go continue the efforts with the terrorism networks there, efforts to go out there but the partnership is the road to take and the president's role playing whack-a-mole and finding terrorists within yemen isn't the road or the risk he wanted to take. now there's a translator there for prime minister modi. let's continue. >> -- on all countries, on all governments and on all peoples. thank you. >> last question. >> thank you. good evening to both honorable
3:51 am
prime minister and president barack obama. my question is for prime minister narendra modi but let me first congratulate both of you for taking the relationship forward more specifically on nuclear deal -- [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] thank you. [ speaking foreign language ]
3:52 am
[ speaking foreign language ] indian prime minister modi there speaking, no translator there. but earlier said that he is excited with the confidence in the new relationship with the united states with the centerpiece being this deal struck with civil nuclear trade there. and essentially that meaning that this agreement on relaxing requirements on the liability of supplies to india in the event of a nuclear accident and also the u.s. agreement in that in that deal and its demand in able to try whereabouts of nuclear material and in india but again this much of culminating the day historic day of what they are saying has been shift in relationship between india and
3:53 am
the united states and have to remember also it is far from warm as the relations were just a year ago the prime minister was not welcome in the united states, he was he was denied a visa to travel there, so again, what the president described as a new declaration of friendship here, and the excitement between the two of them as far as a partnership in stepping forward when it comes to again the civil nuclear trade and other matters of climate change, renewable energy, taxation, defense cooperation, and and the military as well. the president has also expected in the next day to attend india's republic day. the first u.s. president to do so. this being an annual show of military -- very symbolic -- the anti-american associated with. let's listen again. >> excellencies, my question is to prime minister nraen droe
3:54 am
modi. you held delegation level talks but we often see as you did in the u.s., both your excellencies beyond the delegation level talks go into a huddle and hold talks tete-a-tete. account whole do you talk about and what is this friendship and which are the issues that you discussed, and which are the issues that you can share with us? yes, we held very detailed talks, and some of these are under the results, and the issues that were discussed, let's keep them behind curtains. why do we keep going into huddle and hold talks tete-a-tete? well i just like to say that i'm fairly new in this area. but, with the little experience that i have gained over this short period of time i can say that relations between countries depends less on commas and more between the relationship between leaders, the openness, how much they know each other, and the
3:55 am
chemistry between them, this is this matters more and is very important. in fact far from the camera when we speak, when we become we become closer to each other. barack and i have forged a friendship there is openness when we talk and we even joke and share a lot together. i think this is a chemistry which has not only brought washington and delhi barack and i closer but also the two peoples of the two countries closer. personal chemistry between leaders is very important and this can only grow. thank you. >> i would just add, you know, the prime minister, as i said, caused great excitement in the united states when he visited. and i do think that, in addition to a personal friendship, that we've been able to build in a fairly brief amount of time
3:56 am
we're also reflecting the warmth, and affection between the indian people and the american people. you know, part of the reason we're such natural partners is because we share values as former colonists, as the two largest democracies in the world, as entrepreneurial nations. as people who believe in the freedom and dignity and worth of all individuals. so it's not surprising then that we have a friendship because hopefully we're reflecting the values of our peoples. and, you know, what i'm very excited about is given the prime
3:57 am
minister's energy and ambition for his country and lifting people out of poverty and moving forward, and on the reform agenda that he's put forward that not that that affection can then be translated into very specific actions and we're seeing that reflected here today. he's right that we can't tell you everything that we talked about. although i will share one thing and we compared how much sleep each of us is getting. and it turns out that modi is getting even less sleep than me. but, of course, that's because he's still new. after he's been doing this for about six years maybe he'll be able to get an extra hour. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you.
3:58 am
>> a warm hug there from leaders of the two largest democracies there. president obama, and indian prime minister narendra modi. addressing the press after the first day of a three-day summit in new delhi as they spoke about what was accomplished there especially with that deal struck over civil nuclear trade among other things too. really speaking about the excitement they had about their renewed friendship. the president calling it a new declaration of friendship. prime minister modi saying this new excitement and confidence in the relationship is what this meeting has been based on and and and and something the warmth that we saw from the moment that the president touched down there in india, the prime minister of india breaking protocol and welcoming him with a nice embrace where it is normally normal protocol for him to wait until visitors have stayed or the president greets him at the presidential palace and also having that nice warm embrace there so something we are seeing the new relations between
3:59 am
president obama and prime minister modi. again the president is going to stay for another couple of days there. he is expected to attend india's republic day and that parade. the first u.s. president to do so there really symbolically because that parade is an annual show of the military might there in india, long been kind of an anti-american sentiment there from the cold war but the president is expected to attend that along with appearing with prime minister modi on a radio show as well of course we know that the president has cut this three-day trip to india short so that he can go and visit saudi arabia to pay respects after the death of king abdullah and welcome the new monarch there. but again wrapping up the presidential press conference there with indian prime minister modi, and he's speaking about their deal on the civil nuclear trade also climate change renewable energy, taxation, defense cooperation, and military too. so again, we will be following
4:00 am
all these stories here on msnbc throughout the day. we appreciate your being with us here. i'm frances rivera and we now take you back to our regular programming here on msnbc. >> due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised. >> msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons. into a world of chaos and danger. now, the scenes we've never seen. "lockup: raw." >> california state prison cork ron, home to hundreds of the state's most violent and infamous offenders hosted "lockup" crews in 2000 and 2005. >> right before i walked in i had to sign a document that kind


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