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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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whoa! a gust threw me over. >> we're in south boston right now and we're just driving through and have been driving through whiteout conditions at times. >> conditions aren't getting any better. it's still coming down really
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hard. >> right now on quts an"andrea mitchell reports" reports". it's not over yet. historic amounts of snow and hurricane-force winds are slamming new england with parts of six states still under a blizzard warning this hour. while storm surges continue to swamp the coast, here's what it looked like at high tide this morning in plymouth mass. >> reporter: here's the water and here's the snow. one thing that has changed in the past few hours, another surge -- look at the surge of water coming up. >> gotham ghost town after an unprecedent travel ban, new york city escapes the worst storm. they are slowly getting back up and running. >> this is wonderful because we can move around today and have a look and it is nice and quiet. no traffic. >> and still stuck, more than 5,000 flights canceled today, affecting travelers across the country. we'll have live updates from new york's laguardia and boston's logan airport. >> i'm trying to go to houston,
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go back to houston. i live there. >> reporter: but you spent last night in the airport and maybe another night. >> maybe another night. >> here you are for another night too. >> another night. two nights at laguardia. i'll keep my fingers crossed that i can leave tomorrow. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. parts of the northeast are still getting pummeled as a record setting blizzard moves up the coast, 50 million people from maryland to maine have been impacted in varying degrees in the storm. from the latest on the forecast i'm joined by meteorologist bill karins from rock fell ar plaza. who's getting hit and who escaped? >> reporter: we have one last really heavy band right through downtown boston. we've got about 20 inches on the ground in boston and they are in band that could produce another
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2 to 4 inches in a short period of time, whatiteout conditions. everyone is off the roads and watching off their windows with the exception of the snow plow drivers. that's one of the things to watch. that band as it shifts off the coast during the day. then we'll watch our friends in maine who have about a foot foot and a half on the ground they'll deal with the heavy snow in the coastal areas through the daylight hours and start to clear out sometime right around 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. tonight. then we're about done. this morning's high tide cycle was worse than expected. we had a lot of coastal flooding and tiny bit of damage that was done. overwash on to roads. next high tide cycle is around 3:00 this afternoon. it will be bad but not as bad. as far as new york city we only got about 8 inches and things are quickly returning back to normal. when the ice rink here at 30 rock the city is starting to open up.
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central park and all parks at noon will open up. every kid with a sled in the city will be racing to the hills shortsly as we go through the afternoon. the forecast the storm was about 50 to 75 miles further east that myself and every other fast thought it was going to be. that's why the snow totals were lower in new york city and philadelphia and hudson valley. but that doesn't make a difference. the heavy snow band supposed to be down through new york and long island hit eastern long island island. i saw a report of 28.5 in orion, a lot of pictures come out of new york city but a lot of people suffer through the shoveling and single digit windchills. we didn't get the power outages expected either. the main reason because the storm was further off the coast, it was a little colder and more
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of a fine powdery stuff, not the stuck that sticks to trees. that didn't allow the weight to get on the branches and power lines and that's why we have 20 to 40,000. some areas are doing well but we have to wait until tomorrow morning to clean up in eastern new england. >> bill, i know there's a lot of second guessing but certainly the governor andrew cuomo, new york governor and bill de blasio, they would have really been faulted if they had not been ready. clearing the sheets letting the sanitation crews get out there and clear the streets overnight was the big game changer there. quick question about more snow to come. we're hearing thursday and sunday. what's looking out there? >> reporter: it is definitely winter for the mid-atlantic and northeast. we have a little threat on thursday and friday not a big deal. maybe a little more significant chance for sundays into monday. after that next storm goes by sunday into monday -- none of those look like a blizzard or
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anything, just your typical winter storm. after sunday to monday some of the coldest air of the winter is expected to push down to the eastern half of the country and it is going to be bitterly cold with dangerous windchills in all of the same areas that now have to shovel out of 2 to 3 feet of snow. >> everybody be careful out there. there's still ice and chance of falling and slipping. >> reporter: a lot of dangers. people don't realize, even with hurricanes, moecht of the fatalities happen after the storm is gone from cleanup, chain saws and snow blowers and things like that. it's still a concern and it's not to take lightly until it's all said and done and we're cleared out. >> okay bill karins thank you very much. the best in the business bill karins, up all night and staying for us boston is in the bull's-eye of the blizzard that left the city at a stand still. west of boston is about to break its record snowfall of more than 2 feet. joining me from boston chris pallone, you've seen it all out
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there. >> reporter: andrea it is a ghost town in boston today. i want to give you a look at boston common, which ordinarily at noon would be filled with people crossing the common to get lunch or work or wherever they wanted to go take the subway, what have you. there are few people traversing through the park here. some taking pictures. others walking their dogs. we've seen that pick up a little bit over the last hour or so as more people i think are getting stir crazy from being inside over the last 12 to 24 hours. we've seen a few hearty souls venture out on boston common. but not too many. the roads are a different story. on the roads, all we've seen all day are snow plows and emergency vehicles because that's all that's allowed. the travel ban is still in effect for people who are not essential personnel as they are calling it around here people who don't have jobs that take them to hospitals or places where they have to get to work.
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the roads are still relatively empty of traffic right now. that's because a lot of them are not quite plowed. we went for a walk and a lot of side streets are in rough shape. with all of the heavy wind we've had this morning some 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts here in the boston area it's creating huge drifts. you could have an area that's plowed down to the pavement then a few blocks away flz a drift of up to your thigh. so it's making driving difficult in the area for those of us who are driving in the area. the winds were much higher down on cape cod and the islands. we saw 78-mile-per-hour gust even on nantucket. that's where most of the power outages that are happening here in massachusetts are occurring. andrea? >> chris pallone, thank you so much. looks like a day for cross country skiing in boston. we'll check in on nantucket in a bit. logan airport technically open but that's only technically. thousands of travelers flights have been canceled today.
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when will the airport be fully operational? thomas glynn joins us by phone. thank you very much. what is the status of the air travel now out of logan and surrounding airports? >> thank you, no flights scheduled today at logan and we think tomorrow, wednesday, things will ramp up gradually, a few flights in the morning but start to pick up around noontime and some airlines won't get started until even a little bit later in the afternoon. it takes a while. it isn't just the runway that has to be plowed we have to get aircraft flown in from warmer climate and get crews in. it takes all three of those elements before we can get back in business. it will take a decent chunk of tomorrow. thursday will be the first day when things are back to normal. >> you've also got to get tsa employees in and all of the infrastructure of the airport ready for any flights going out. >> that's right. we expect tsa, they are planning to be in around 7:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning to get ready for the day. we have a good plan for tomorrow. but as you were just hearing from the weather report we still expect 4 to 8 inches on top of what we already have. the winds are have intense, maybe more than what we anticipated. >> thomas glynn, thank you so much. thanks for taking the time and be safe out there. and whiteout conditions in massachusetts were difficult for road crews trying to stay ahead of the storm. it's still snowing south of boston where kids who have a snow day are making the best of it. kristen dahlgren is riding out the storm in canton massachusetts. how is it out there? beautiful. >> reporter: feels like we're in a little heavier band right now. the snow really coming down. look how deep it is. this is what's been plowed but this house back here you can see completely snowed in. they haven't plowed or shoveled their driveway at all. the neighbors said they are going to knock on the door and make sure everybody is okay. this is the way to get around
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today. they've been doing snowmobile rides out here. they say that the main roads, if you go quite a ways they are cleared but these secondary streets have only been plowed a couple of times. still a lot of snow. this is the house we've been hunkered down in and we're staying in. you can see just how deep the snow is. those are our crew vehicles. we parked those here last night. and you can see just how deep it goes all the way up the wheel wells. we're going to be stuck here for some time. that's going to be a lot of digging to get out. but really the neighborhood here having a great time. the kids have a snow day. they were expecting to lose power and didn't. there aren't as many power outages as they expected. so that's good news but now we're waiting to see how much more snow comes and how long it's going to take to dig out, andrea. >> it looks like it's going to take quite a while but you could build a snowman, have snowball
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fights. >> what about people getting foot and supplies? because nothing is getting in or out there. >> reporter: yeah, you know what, they were ready for this. they are new englanders and been through it before. their pantries were stocked when we got here. we brought a lot of food to add to the pot. we really could hunker down for two weeks or more here with all of the food that we have. i don't think it's going to take that long. the neighbors have been bringing over bloody marys and more snacks and everything. no shortage of food or drink. >> party time. kristen dahlgren thank you very much. we're on our way. up next power is completely out on nantucket where hurricane force winds and coastal flooding are the big issues on the island. a live report from nantucket next. mike seidel also filed this report from plymouth mass. >> reporter: now the water has backed off but we have another
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high tide in store later this afternoon. the national weather service has another coastal flood warning between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. we're going to be watching the same communities, plum island marshfield, those areas where they had evacuations this morning and out on nantucket. the wind direction is going to be more north and northwest. the surge shouldn't be as high 2 to 4 feet versus what we had this morning, 3 and 4 feet of surge as that water came in. for the rest of the afternoon, the winds will be howling and we still have snow flying through the skies. we may pick up several more inches on the south shore. temperatures are cold low 20s and windchills in the low single numbers. after sundown tonight the winds will ramp down. tomorrow, wednesday, a much more tranquil day. snow novembermoves out and it will be chilly but we'll have sunshine. i'm weather channel meteorologist mike seidel in plymouth.
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aveling to massachusetts or anyone traveling to massachusetts or rhode island should be advised that their travel bans are still in effect. >> and that was governor connecticut governor malloy moments ago with an update with travel in connecticut. some of the biggest weather related problems around nantucket island off the massachusetts coast which has been dealing with hurricane-force winds. power was out throughout the morning. local officials are dealing with that and heavy flooding. william pitman is chief of police on nantucket and joins me by phone. first of all, the power, do you have power back yet?
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>> we don't. we are close to finding out whether our efforts to repair the power have been successful but we're still probably 30 minutes or so away from learning the extent of it. >> and what about the flooding and damage from -- you had hurricane-force winds. there's, of course a lot of historic buildings. what do you know about the damage assessment? >> the good thing is that we didn't have flooding anywhere we didn't expect flooding. so there are areas of the island that get it quite regularly whenever we have nor'easters with a northeast wind. in this case it was higher than predicted. it was 7.5 feet the storm surge and tide which is a couple feet over where things flood. so some houses had water 2 feet up the foundation -- up the walls in the living rooms. others just had foundations and
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basements if they had a basement of many of them in the area don't that would flood. but mainly the streets filled with water and because the storm drains are frozen the water had no way to get back out. it's been slowly draining throughout the morning. it will be pretty much drained now but this afternoon's tide at 6:00 we're expecting higher tide than what we -- storm surge than what we had this morning, which is a recent change in the forecast. >> and was most of the flooding downtown along the beaches, on the other side of the island? where did you have the problem? >> the flooding was downtown. we -- the eastern beaches and south shore we were expecting some significant erosion issues. and to be -- no houses were threatened generally by -- in those areas. but we haven't had a chance to even assess that. we'll wait until the wind stops
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blowing to look over those beaches. >> good luck to you and all of our friends in nantucket. thank you very much. thanks chief. and while new york city avoided the worst of the storm there's been major problems to the east on long island. andrew cuomo cautioned residents that despite the good news for new york city a better than expected forecast they should still be careful in the surrounding area long island and westchester. >> let's not lean too far the other way. if you are commuting from or driving in on the roads from long island, it is an ugly dangerous drive. if you're coming in from west chester north, it is a dangerous drive. the roads are passable passable does not mean they are clear. >> msnbc's adam reese is live in plain view new york. adam, what is the situation there? still heavy snow and winds? >> reporter: andrea i was just
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about to tell you it had died down but it picked up again. snow and wind continuing here. the long eye loond expressway next to me still desolate and bit of a ghost town. the suffolk county executive asked the governor that he might need help from the national guard digging out. now, just to be very careful when you're digging out, experts say you want to push the snow push it don't lift it. when it's time to lift it if you have to lift it instead of pushing it use your knees not your back. don't want to strain your back and be very careful. you might best be advised to wait it out, stay inside stay warm and wait until the snow finally ends because it is still whipping up here in plain view long island. andrea. >> what about the l.i.e.? >> reporter: the l.i.e. is somewhat clear we're seeing plows come through, a lot of
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electric trucks because there might be power lines down. it's generally clear. we don't see a lot of cars they are heeding the governor's -- to stay off the road until this is finally finished. >> adam thank you. good luck to you out there. it looks pretty cold and windy. and the blizzard is hitting upper new england, heavy snowfall and wind gusts, we'll get the latest updates from portland maine's mayor and governor of rhode island next. road conditions are still dangerous across the region. meteorologist dylan dreyer has been hitting the roads around boston through the night in the blue bloom mobile named after david bloom that can transmit vee gentlemanya satellite on the road. >> the storm isn't going to wind down until 1:00 wednesday morning. we have several more hours to
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go. that means several more inches of snow and then power outages are likely to start piling up as well. >> and right now, massachusetts governor charlie baker is briefing. let's get an update for him. >> many places and we would urge now that we've been at this for over 12 hours, that people who can and have the opportunity and ability to look in on their neighbors, that they do so, especially those living alone. if you have transportation questions, you can always call 511 and people will be there to answer them. we'll have more to say about transportation issues especially as they relate to the tee at our briefing. folks are determining a scenario and plan for tomorrow with
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respect to that. if you have shelter or service questions, continue to call 211. those folks have been on the phone since this all began last night. they will continue to be there for people going forward. with that said be happy to take questions from me or anybody else up here. >> do you expect the tee to remain down through today? >> we do expect it to remain down today. there are all kinds of issues associated with this. one is physical access shoveling out the sidewalks in and around the entrances to the facilities. the ongoing process of simply keeping tracks clear, which is basically a function of continuing to run the trains on the lines and then making sure they are positioned in such a way to be put back into service at the appropriate time. we'll have more to say about this at 5:00 and probably again at 10:00. >> any time on lifting the travel ban? >> this is all been sort of
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situationally driven all along based on conversations with state officials, emergency management officials and local officials and others. and we'll continue to review this on an as needed basis. but for now the eastern mass piece needs to stay in place. >> still cloegsed in western counties. >> i-90 is still closed in the western counties. [ inaudible ] >> not aware of any yet and hoping that continues to be the case. we are dealing with sort of a power outage on nantucket that we've been scrambling to fix and people are working their way through. do you want to say a word or two about that one? >> rhode island is still in the thick of the storm. the total snowfall in some areas could climb above 2 feet before this blizzard moves past rhode island. the governor joins me by phone. governor thank you very much for being with us.
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what is the state of the conditions in your rhode island? >> thank you, andrea we're still in the thick of the storm as you say. we're expected another 6 to 8 inches of snow between now and 4:00 this afternoon. i was just out on the plow and the visibility is terrible. we still have 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds. i have a travel ban in effect and we're going to keep that in effect through the afternoon. >> in terms of the travel ban, you're keeping that in effect but what about emergency vehicles? are they able to get through? what about the plows? >> they are, the travel ban does not pertain to emergency vehicles. it's a tough situation. we've been out all night long with the plows. the roads are really not safe but we're doing the best we can, especially the intersections and local roads are especially bad. we're doing our best to get the main arteries passable. >> and pow other outages as well
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as the possibility of flooding? >> yes, at this point it looks like we're going to be spared any real flooding. we have had power outages and you know the challenge is it takes longer to get folks restored because at 50-mile-per-hour winds, we can't send the guys out in the buckets. but national grid has been excellent and we're starting to restore power already. >> are you getting the help you need? i don't know if any other jurisdictions have kicked in. >> we are fine. i've been in close contact with governor baker and also governor malloy and they have both been excellent and we've been coordinating and cooperating. i expect by this time tomorrow we're going to be in much better shape. >> and there's been some criticism of not only the national weather service but of governor cuomo, mayor deblaze blasio
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in an abund aensz of caution shutting down subways and roadways. better safe than sorry. what message do you have to your political leaders the price you pay for not being ready? >> i agree, better to be safe than sorry. nobody likes to be inconvenienced for a day. but we can't have people's lives at risk. i declared a state of emergency here yesterday. and that was the right thing to do. even today, the roads are not safe and i don't want anyone's life at risk. >> governor raimondo thanks for taking time out. i know how busy you should be. thanks for being with us today. right now, maine is also still in the thick of it. residents there under a state of emergency dealing with the blizzard conditions all afternoon. freezing temperatures throughout the week. portland mayor michael brennan joins me by phone. what's the situation up there? >> well it's very similar to what you've heard from
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massachusetts and rhode island. we've had 16 inches of snow. we expect probably up to 20 inches of snow and have that taper off by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. we do have blizzard conditions and we're encouraging everybody to stay off the roads and only travel if possible. we're thankful we did have some advance notice and we were able to prepare but this is blizzard conditions and the gusting winds both the mayor -- governor has pointed out has been very problematic here. >> what about power outages, mr. mayor? >> we haven't had anything of any significance within the city and we even knew yesterday this would probably not be the type of storm that would cause significant power outages. the good news if there is good news this is very light snow and fluffy snow. it tends not to be the kind that would cause widespread power outages. >> and any flooding or other
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problems? you also have a metro -- you have metro service there which is halted obviously. but you expect that will get back up by tomorrow? >> it will by tomorrow. we are paying attention to coastal flooding there are some parts that are vulnerable. right now it's low tide and high tide would be expected sometime later this afternoon. we're paying attention to that. but right now, we're just encouraging people to stay off the roads because visibility is bad and we still expect probably another half inch of snow -- another half foot of snow. >> half foot indeed. thank you very much, mr. mayor. thanks for being with us. good luck up there. >> thank you. >> and they are called the hurricane hunters but the air force 53nd weather reconnaissance squadron is crucial during winter storms. here you see them flying around
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the blindzzard to help us all. >> drawn up that say that our data makes the forecast models 10 to 20 more accurate. that accuracy of course in areas where they have to deploy snow plows or expect major power outages, anyone that lived up there knows these winter storms can wreak havoc on the local community. gives them better warning and preparation.
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more than 5,000 flights were canceled today, new york airports looking like ghost towns. luke russert is at laguardia that got 11 inches of snow. perhaps less than they expected but still more than 5,000 flights canceled today. nearly 7,000 over the course of three days. it's going to be a long time
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until things get back to normal. >> yeah, andrea definitely a big headache for those who are planning to travel through new york and/or out of new york. one thing though is because of the preemptive action taken by officials, there were not a lot of travelers stranded at laguardia and other new york airports overnight. just about 70 last night and they had access to cots and it wasn't sort of horrific scenes weaver seen during other blizzards where there's fights over food and chargers and what not. the people who had to spend the night most made the best of it and decently taken care. one thing we should point out for travelers inconvenienced airlines have switched up flights and waived the usual change fees for those who have been stranded they are not going to be reimbursed -- the airline doesn't put them up in a hotel or anything. those who are more cost conscious and can't afford hotels, are mainly the ones staying here.
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now, as to when the flights will get out of laguardia. one thing that was interesting, you talked about -- well that's had a direct impact on airport. now the weather is getting better and more likely than not the weather will be good enough for flights to get in and out later today. because of the personnel not being here tsa agents and people behind the counter and all of the people needed to operate and run the runways and cafeterias probably not going to see flights until mid morning or afternoon tomorrow. for some of those being rerouted, they might even have to stay here until thursday. so now that the storm has passed the goal of getting the airport up and running that's the next challenge. it takes a lot of manpower and people are starting to trickle in. somebody who is a frequent flyer, it was quite spooky to see an airport this size completely abandoned, literally this morning when we came in simply a coffee guy who's a hero
9:37 am
in my opinion for being here. other than that this place is like a ghost town. >> as long as you've got the coffee guy, that's what we all care about. also, at jfk, there was a virgin atlantic flight and they left people on the tarmac. it was a flight to london and people were left on the tarmac for six hours and finally came in and had to deice and came back in at midnight. they were stranded at jfk. newark closed as well. luke, the subways are getting back up to speed. amtrak service south of new york is apparently going to start operating but north of new york city still shutdown. >> reporter: the took the amtrak yesterday here and that was operating pretty well until last night. supposedly that will be back to normal. from amtrak from here to boston that continues to experience delays with new england getting the worst the storm. expect that to be ongoing for at least another day or so. >> thanks so much luke russert.
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army sergeant bowe bergdahl will face military desertion charges. he was traded for five taliban prisoners. there was an investigation a. we know and they decided, they tracked it back. he did desert aleast according to the pentagon. >> investigators and convening authority had several options that they were looking at during this investigation. of course, one of them is no charges at all. the other was awol and clearly they say he left his base without permission in this outpost in remote eastern afghanistan or desertion. desertion in many minds conknow tats a possible death sentence. in this case it's alleged
9:39 am
that -- that he left his base allegedly because he either wanted to avoid hazardous duty or an important job. in this case it would have been standing gart duty there at the remote base in eastern afghanistan. officials we're talking to say this is far more serious than awol alone that they had to go with a desertion charge. interestingly enough once he's charged, he would have the opportunity to volunteer to leave the military with a less than honorable discharge. not dishonorable but less than honorable discharge. if the military goes along with that and the suspicions are they will he would leave the service but forfeit some $300,000 in back pay and be busted back down from sergeant to his original rank at least of private first class. so there's a way out in all of this. i can tell you, people were
9:40 am
talking who are familiar with the interviews done during the reintegration process after he was swapped for five taliban prisoners last year. in those interviews he showed no animosity oranger whatsoever towards his fellow soldiers or the army towards the u.s. and one senior official told us look, this is a mixed up kid who simply made a very bad decision andrea. >> jim miklaszewski thanks for the update. president obama is now reacting to the drone that crashed on the white house south grounds. he told cnn in india before going to saudi arabia that u.s. laws are still trying to catch up with technology. >> the drone that landed in the white house, you buy in radio shack. you know that there are companies like amazon that are talking about using small drones to deliver packages. this -- there are incredibly useful functions that these drones can play in terms of
9:41 am
farmers who are managing crops and you know conservationists who want to take stock of wildlife. so there are a whole range of things we can do with it. but we don't really have any kind of regulatory structure at all for it. >> the president was talking to fareed there. they met to pay respects after the death of king abdullah. this signifies the importance with saudis and reliance still on their oil. new york governor andrew cuomo is delivering a briefing on the blizzard aftermath. i think he's on suffolk long island. let's listen in. >> i want to thank the residents of suffolk county who were smart
9:42 am
and who were considerate and who were community oriented and stayed off the roads, which made a tremendous difference. the reason why the main roads are clear this morning is because the plows could actually do their work. there is no doubt in my mind as the county executive mentioned, we've seen it both ways. we've seen snowstorms where the roads were left open and people continue to come out. we were warninging them all day long about the snow. they got in their cars and came out and got on the l.i.e. and stranded on the l.i.e. and we are a really dangerous situation. we've seen it done that way and we've seen it done this way, which had a trsk ban at 11:00. by the way, 11:00, i don't know how many people are driving around in a blizzard after 11:00 anyway. but we had the traffic ban. people stayed in their homes.
9:43 am
they listened and we've only had literally a small handful of minor accidents in the entire region last night. and knock wood no loss of life and that's what's important at the end of the day. i want to thank the people of suffolk county for their help and cooperation. and i want you to know i am so proud of new yorkers and so proud to be a new yorker because you talk about new yorkers and how tough new yorkers can be. and that may be true. but when there is a new yorker in need there is no group of people that comes together like the people of new york like family that sometimes we can argue amongst ourselves but when somebody needs help we're all there for each other.
9:44 am
we have equipment literally coming down from all across upstate new york. your plow operators driving eight or ten hours just to get here to be helpful. and that's aa beautiful statement. they don't have to. you can't pay them enough to do it. but they know that suffolk county needs help and they want you to know that they are on their way. just the way suffolk has been there for them many times before. and that's what it's all about. >> and that is andrew cuomo, the governor thanking people of new york for being neighbors, good neighbors and helping each other. coming up, we continue to track the blizzard slamming the upper northeast all afternoon, making it tough for cleanup efforts. this is new video coming in of a snow plow in worcester mass that got stuck.
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ses ter worcester massachusetts, one of the states hit harder by the blizzard still whiteout conditions in this live pictures from milford, massachusetts. travel ban is still in effect throughout the state. snow is not expected to stop falling until later tonight. what happens to the homeless and elderly shut-ins? joining me by phone is the head of the massachusetts red cross ralph boyd. thank you very much. what are you hearing? what happened overnight? >> yes, andrea in eastern massachusetts, particularly in the coastal communities, south shore of boston, south dsz dszeastern coastal communities have gotten whacked here. high sustained winds, in several coastal communities, particularly on cape cod, constant or at least repetitive hurricane level winds causing power outages and really
9:49 am
concerns about coastal flooding in low lying communities. at the red cross that's our principle concern right now as we await high tide along the eastern coast of massachusetts that we expect to arrive between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. we're concerned about those communities and in the afternaj we may see our shelters starting to fill up more than they have up until now. >> i know you have cots and supplies in the shelters but how -- what facilities do you have to get any kind of food or help to people who are stuck in their homes, shut-ins, the elderly? >> we have all of the physical assets we need that are prepositioned at the shelters there's no concern about electrical power. we have generators and sufficient food supplies we also have supplies for special needs that the elderly may need. we have the capacity to replace medications and other special items to provide mental health
9:50 am
counseling for people who may need it. we have support services on site for people with vision and hearing impairments. with respect to getting people to the shelter, elderly people or disabled people who may be trapped, that's where we work cooperatively in a coordinated way with our state and local emergency response folks, including first responders. we work with them on the element of getting people to the shelters who need to be there who are being evacuated and can't get to the shelters on their own. once they are there, we have everything they need for them on site. >> thank you so much good luck to you ralph boyd the red cross in cambridge, mass. another check on the roads with rehema ellis. stay with us.
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travel bans have been lifted in new york and new jersey but many are still in place. joining me from the road rehema ellis heading towards rhode island. how are the road conditions? >> andrea it's a mess out here. an indication of it you can see -- i hope you can see from the camera we have mounted on the windshield what it looks like. we have maybe a quarter mile of visibility other than that it's whiteout and beyond. a little while ago we came across a snow plow that was on the side of the road. it tipped over into the ditch because he couldn't handle the conditions on the road. the driver who says he's been doing this for 12 years, he said it just got away from him. it was just too much snow. even for the guy who supposed to be out here clearing roads for us he found it difficult to handle these conditions. so as you can see, there's nobody out here and no one is supposed to be out here except folks like us supposed to be
9:55 am
showing our viewers the information of what's going on out here and why it is a very good reason why the travel ban is in effect. as a state trooper said to us who was on the scene of this snow employ that was on the side of the road he said if this accident can happen to a vehicle like this that's designed to handle the road imagine what it would do to a small car like a honda. so to answer your question andrea, it's tough out here. >> and has it been sanded or salted? it's hard to tell. it looks as though the road really has been plowed once or twice but not sanded or salted. >> reporter: well what they did earlier, was they did a lot of sanding and salting trying to treat these roads to prepare them for the snow. and they do have those vehicles out as well. but the big job right now seems to be they have to move the snow out of the way. it's a lot of snow. i'm pleased to say we've -- we can see some blacktop. a lot more work to be done
9:56 am
before they lift the travel ban here. >> thanks so much. safe driving and keep both hands on that wheel, rehema ellis, thank you. we saw earlier dylan dreyer was driving in bloom mobile named for our late colleague david bloom. as you know the bloom mobile was named for david after his death during the invasion of iraq in 2002. he was in a tank connected to the bloom mobile broadcasting live with a third -- and died of deep vein thrombosis. it was retrofitted and crashed in a tornado but then rebuilt by our great team. that is the bloom mobile that is now tracking the weather for us. that does it for us for this edition of quts an dree"andrea mitchell reports" reports". our live coverage of the blizzard of 2015 continues next with craig melvin.
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good morning to you, craig melvin here. good afternoon, i should say, you're watching special coverage of the blizzard that blasted new england but did spare new york city its worst at in this hour boston and the burbs got hit hard. asking drivers to keep taking it slow. >> that's a relatively dangerous activity and i think we would ask people to simply be patient and not pursue that avenue as they are out there driving if they need to be. >> first came the snow now comes the flooding. a one-two punch from mother nature. new york city again dodging a meteorological bullet so to speak. travel ban has been lifted and public transportation up and running, on a limited basis i


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