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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at and these are aerial shots over the south shore of massachusetts where the cleanup is under way after a historic winter storm. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart and digging out from a record blizzard. travel slowly getting back to norm until massachusetts after parts got buried under three feet of snow. more than 11,000 homes and businesses are still without power this morning. on the south shore, in
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marshfield inspecting damage after the storm surge punched out a 50-foot hole in the sea wall of several towns at the mercy of the tides. >> trashed. demolished. >> what happened? >> the ocean just tore down my roof caved in. the roof collapsed the side wall. >> this is the worst storm i've seen. this place is like a war zone right now. >> just north of marshfield governor charlie baker assesses damage in the town of scituate where a sea wall there was breached as well flooding local homes and streets. and after spending the past couple of days stranded at the airport, flights are slowly getting back to normal in the northeast. our blizzard team is in place. meteorologist bill karins has the latest forecast. tom costello at laguardia airport, and bill start with you and the aftermath. >> the storm is finally ending. overnight picked up really strong winds blowing and drifting of snow. people out there doing it now.
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we now officially know this is the blizzard of 2015. national weather service in boston compiled a list of the actual cities and locations that did meet requirements of quarter mile visibility three straight hours and wind gusts over 35 miles per hour and we saw one location. marshfield, mass a lot of damage done. marshfield, mass 14 hours of consecutive blizzard conditions. that was the most. the storm on the satellite on weather 1. the storm itself heading into areas of canada newfoundland, last snow bands in down east maine. showers on cape cod, not directly associated with the storm. it is brutally cold for that cleanup. matching cleaning up snow with windchills of zero or negative numbers. how i did this my only if call forecast monday morning. the numbers in red are actually what fell. the forecast was excellent for the eastern half of the storm all through portions of i should say eastern new england, through areas of rhode island massachusetts, new hampshire. the bad part was the left side of that yellow line.
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where the 120 mile shift out into the ocean of the storm more than we thought cost us the forecast. a grade of d from philly to new york albany. an a a split personality forecast, and the storm totals three separate locations in massachusetts hit three feet of snow and look at this jose. three different states over 30 inches. new york new hampshire, connecticut and massachusetts and i still think by the time we add it up in maine someone's coming close to that. by the way, boston had its 26 inches of snow. the most snow they've ever had in any january snowstorm, but it did not make their top five. >> and, bill what is this i'm seeing from your weather channel compadre jim cantore? talk about that man? >> yeah. we are heading straight into -- a very cold very snowy weather pattern, especially for new england. as i mentioned what we did last winter. west warm, drought out there. can't buy snow and all of a sudden, end of our winter in the east brutal.
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let me take you through the immediate impacts. a little tiny storm we'll deal with come thursday night into friday nap is going to come down from the great lakes. it's mostly a great lakes and northern new england event. up there in maine, they could add another 6 to 12 inches on ton of the two to feet they already have. from boston to albany a nuisance-type thing. only adding a couple inches there. the storm after that saturday sunday, into monday. this looks like a stronger winter storm. notice that pink shading? that's 6 to 12 inches all the way from omaha, nebraska possibly all the way up through new england. so the areas that just are suffering now you have about three or four days to dig out before we have a potential of adding another 6 to 12 inches on top of that. that high dangerous? driving is dangerous. snow banks blocking your visibility going around turns. they're used to it up there i guess by out in, but it's not fun. >> bill thank you so very much. good to see you. the latest from laguardia airport in new york. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, jose. good morning to you.
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yeah. we are right now looking at 650 flights cancelled nationwide, but dmar to more than 7,500 cancelled on monday and tuesday. laguardia is getting back up to speed slowly. people in the terminals. yesterday you could roll a bowling ball down the middle of this concourse, this terminal and wouldn't hit a soul. we've seen that those cancellations so far we do have at laguardia are mostly on the departure side right now because we don't have the planes in yet to take people out. so that's a slow process. it is evolving and will take several hours and the airlines telling us probably take 24 48 hours or so to get all the planes back into boston philly new york all the airports in new york hartford and then begin getting people on those planes and begin getting the routes filled out again. this is a process. it's not going to be happening instantaneously as the united operations chief said to us you don't just flip a light switch
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after a blizzard like this and expect an immediate recovery. it will take a few days at least. i hope we're not looking at round two of this when we have yoet another storm coming in later. back to you, jose? >> tom costello thank you. i want to bring up this aerial footage again. and we can show it right now. it's i think -- just amazing the south shore, and in massachusetts. take a look at this. i mean the shore is come -- i mean the water is coming right up 0 these houses. what a pounding this place has taken and we'll have much more on this blizzard aftermath in today's broadcast. now to new developments about a potential swap between the jordanian government and islamic terrorists. this morning jordan the information mince sister his government is willing to hand over this woman a would-be suicide bomber. her made a sajida al rishawi.
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in exchange jordan wants the release of a pilot. also another hostage, a japanese pilot, he and the pilot had less than 24 hours to live. nbc's foreign correspondent is with us in washington today and miya bloom, professor with center of terrorism and security studies at umass, lowell. explain the latest developments? >> well pretty significant developments. what's happened over the course of the past 24 hours isis put out a video online showing one of those japanese hostages kenji goto in that video posted online demands the jordanian officials release a female prisoner that's been held by the jordanian government since 2005 in exchange for his life. what has happened today is the jordanian government addressed that coming out and saying they are prepared to release this woman, is a jeetsajida al reshawy,
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in exchange for an isis pilot since december. it's not clear if they're agree to those new terms but jordanian officials believe they can try to secure the release of not only the japanese hostage as well at the jordanian pilot isis is currently holding. what is clear though is that the video that was posteded online showed the japanese hostage saying isis is willing to release him in exchange for the jordanian pilot. seems there are indirect negotiations taking place behind the scenes but not yet clear worth it's going to be a clear release for these two individuals in exchange for the female prisoner who in 2005 was part of a larger cell trying to blow up several hotel chains inside of the jordanian capital. several other members of that cell did carry out those attacks. her bomb did not go off and jordanian officials were able to arrest her and then charge her with involvement of killing those, at least 60 people at the time. jose?
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>> and you've written about her, miya. why is isis so keen on having her released? >> this isn't the first time they've tried to get a release. another member of isis ordani in may of 2014 tried to get her released as well and it didn't work. so they have been interested in her for a while. part of it might have to do with her connection to al qaeda in iraq. abu zarqawi, one of the three brothers killed by american troops one of the reasons that motivated her, was his lieutenant. she has close ties to the original leadership of al qaeda in iraq, which then gives birth to isis and probably close her brother because he was another one of the lieutenants in aqi. >> and eamon, we want to talk about this attack on a libyan hotel. ten people killed including an american. how worried are we should we be, about what's going on there?
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>> well we should be extremely worried on two fronts. one is the rise of this group now that is claiming allegiance to is or islamic state in syria and iraq is a significant development. they've demonstrate add capability to carry out sophisticated attacks targeting a hotel. that was pretty secure. certainly had a lot of layers of security to it but in addition to that libya is descending into a full blown civil war if it hasn't already. the implications for the united states and for the region is tremendous. libya has a tremendous amount of stockpiles of weapons holed over from the gadhafi regime. they're flooding the black market. a lot of people with a lot of battlefield experience, if you will, from fighting in the libyan war and from elsewhere have joined that fight and that could pose a security problem for neighboring countries like egypt and other countries on the border of southern europe. so it's a significant development that libya continues to descend into this lawlessness without much of the international world's attention to try to resolve it.
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>> eamon and miya thank you so much for your insight and being with me. appreciate your time. and you know we're just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, the president's pick to be the next attorney general of the united states goes before the judiciary committee in the next hour and could face questioning on policing race and immigration. we'll have a live report from capitol hill. also on the rundown, an exclusive, my interview with the assistant secretary of state report ta jabs obcobsen. i spoke about the administration's expect acesations wemplgts. >> e have no illusions. a great deal of confidence in their people and the american people and that's what this policy is designed to empower.
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developing news. hillary clinton has told the house select committee on benghazi she would be willing to testify before a public hearing of the committee according to a democratic aide nap aide says she would have been willing to testify late last year but an actual date for her testimony has not been set. of course, 2016 watchers have have an eye on all things hillary clinton. now to what's driving d.c., in just about 40 minutes, two days of confirmation hearings will begin for loretta lynch, president obama's choice for attorney general. the first nomination confrontation with a new republican-controlled senate. gop senators signaled they're zero in on the president's immigration policy and his executive action. nbc's kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill. kelly, good morning bp we know lynch has been meeting privately with senators leading up to today. how's she doing?
6:16 am
>> reporter: one of the things so important to watch is the relationship that evolves between loretta lynch and this particular committee. that is so critical because there has been a lot of tension between the committee, congress and current attorney general eric holder. so there will be an important signal to see right off the bat in her opening remarks, she will say she will try to forge a new positive relationship with this congress. that will be something that members on the committee will want to hear. at the same time jose i can tell you that republicans who are in control of this particular committee and the senate now do appreciate and respect her credentials, her personal accomplishments, but a committee hearing like this for confirmation is also a tool to try to set policy and an agenda. through loretta lynch they will look to try to litigate issues whether it comes to policing in america, to immigration and the president's use of executive authority and hot topics that come through an attorney general's office and determine
6:17 am
how the laws of the nation will be implemented and how the policies of the department of justice will go forward. that is critical territory. eric holder was the first attorney general held in contempt of congress on the house side and so here they're trying to set a new tone. will she agree with some of the same policies? attempt to distance herself in any way? how will she set herself apart? the first black woman to be attorney general if confirmed, and people expect she will be confirmed, but the process to get there includes two days of what will certainly be grilling. i expect it will be respectful grilling, but grilling nonetheless. jose? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell. thank you. good to see you. someone else watching happenings, the white house. kristen welker is on the north lawn this morning. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> how's the administration feeling about her? >> reporter: i think the administration feels confident, as kelly said she will ultimately be confirmed. they know shale face tough
6:18 am
questions but this is someone who has gotten high praise from not only lawmakers, but from within the law enforcement community. new york police commissioner bill bratton giving her high accolades as well as former fbi director louis freeh. a little about her biography. she's 55 years old, the current u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york. she began her career as a prosecutor in 1990. a graduate of harvard law school. president obama chose her for a number of reasons. she's a twice confirmed u.s. attorney, in 2000 and in 2010 pap strong record when it comes to confirmation. she's also an outsider. she is someone who doesn't have ties to some of president obama's more controversial policies. she doesn't have the same baggage as labor secretary tom perez or solicitor don verrilli argued for the president's health care law. someone way strong record known for work for organized crime, tear original and also -- terrorism and public corruption.
6:19 am
the administration feels her chances are strong but she'll face the tough questions kelly was talking about. particularly when it comes to immigration. she's likely going to argue, look, she wasn't tied to this white house, when president obama decided to move forward with that executive action on immigration, however, she's going to likely stand by it. going to argue that it is based on sound legal ground. so there will be some tense moments, but ultimately i think the white house feels confident about its chances. deputy press secretary eric schultz will be briefing here today at the white house and undoubtedly get questions about this as well. jose? >> the president and first lady arrived back to the states from an overseas trip including saudi arabia. the first lady's visit got some buzz. tell us about that. >> reporter: it is getting some buzz, jose. mostly online. the first lady criticized by some in arabic for not wearing a headscarf. of course that is a part of the culture there in saudi arabia. typical of women to wear headscarfs. something that's trending online
6:20 am
in arabic #michelle obama, immodest. the white house hasn't responded yet but i'll point out a couple things. first of all, typically western women aren't required to wear headscarfs when they travel back to saudi arabia. look at past first ladies past dignitaries that visited, she haven't worn headscarfs. german chancellor angela merkel visited in february of 2007 wasn't wearing a headscarf. former first lady laura bush in 2008 and hillary clinton finally when she visited as secretary of state in march of 2012. jose this is going to be another big topic at the briefing today for sure. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you so very much. and after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories with a 2016 edge today. plus, new information about the man who crashed a drone on to the white house grounds, and new problems drones are creating for the secret service. but kind of a cool aspect of drones check out this video
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more potential candidates. haigel's last day and drinking while droning. some of the day's other stories. 2016 headlines. scott walker took the first step towards a possible run for the white house establishing a committee called our american rerival to raise cash and push his agenda and also chris christie leaders that matter. and mitt romney mulling a third president's campaign.
6:25 am
a global lecture series. on the depic side politicos mike allen reports that hillary clinton is in the final stages of launching her campaign. it's going to come as early as april. clinton has even reportedly made decisions on some top campaign posts and approved a budget. stay tuned. this afternoon, president obama will speak at a farewell ceremony for defense secretary chuck hagel who served in this post the past two years but announced his resignation in november. the president nominated asche carter to replace hagel. new information about the man who crashed a drone on the white house grounds pap source tells nbc news the man is a government intelligence worker who says he was drinking coffee before testing out a device near the white house. the man reportedly lost control of the drone and went to bed worrying it might have crashed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. secret service says the drone didn't pose a threat, wasn't equipped with a camera but security experts say it supposes
6:26 am
a new vulnerability for the secret service. no charges filed against the man, who's back at work. and stocks try to recover after a very big sell-off day yesterday. cnbc's courtney reagan joins us. good morning. >> reporter: tuesday a stormy day for markets. had nothing to do with the blizzard. at one point dow down 400 points closed off session lows shedding about 300 points. we had disappointing data. less than stellar earnings reports from big dow components all of that drags us lower. minutes before the markets open today, futures indicating we could mix that up open up around 80 points if we hold where we are today. no economic date-to-ta derail or prop us up but the fed wraps up a two day meeting and issues a statement around 2:00 p.m. knop swun expecting big policy or photographs changes looking for clues about what the fed may begin to raise those interest rates. some think the economy is strong enough for that others disagree. apple a big mover today too.
6:27 am
record profits an the bell yesterday. jose, back to you. >> courtney reagan thank you so very much. good to see you. >> you, too. of course keeping a very chloe eyes on the opening bell. after the break returning to the aftermath of the northeast blizzard. some meteorologists describing it as a hurricane with snow completely high winds and flooding. waves crashing over homes. talk with massachusetts emergency management next. plus a break in the case of the 43 missing mexican students. a major declaration from government officials, but families, they're not buying it. the details, on "the rundown." ew york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long isnd to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you.
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6:31 am
marshfield as well as the town of scituate, which had a breach in its wall. joining me spokesman for the emergency management agency. thanks for being back with me. start with the situation on the south shore. what can you tell us as far as damage there? >> jose right now we finally have the sun up and the ability to actually gets boots on the ground there. that's what's happening today. you mentioned the governoren down there, also we're working with lollcal officials to s tos to assess the damage and in some cases have to wait for the water to recede to see what's underneath. if it's impacted foundations or the roads themselves. in that regard the process is just beginning. >> and tell me about the water not having receded yet? is that something you guys are worried jab the more it stays there the more damage it could have? >> that's happened a couple of times in recent years. in those areas. where sometimes the water gets literally splashes over the
6:32 am
seawall and not able to recede when the tide goes out and ultimately it will seep into the ground, so to speak. this time of year obviously the ground's frozen. it's a little slower process and sometimes turns into an ice skating rink for a few days. >> talk about the rest of the state? parts buried under three feet of snow? >> right. but it was light and fluffy, and the fact that the governor had a driving ban allowed the plows to get out there and really get ahead of this. so in that regard, we are in pretty good shape snowwise. obviously, side streets and residential areas, and sidewalk those thing will be taken care of hopefully today or in the next couple of days. schools are starting to come back as far as you know getting kids back to school. some communities probably might be even for the week before they actually can get their kids back into school. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> okay. be safe jose. >> you, too, pete judge.
6:33 am
and hit hard by the blizzard nantucket. a vine video showing the pound are storm surge. at one point the entire island without power. thankfully lights are back on at this hour. joining me on the phone, jason grazia dey and public information officer for nantucket cottage hospital. thanks for being with me. talk about the pictures posteded on twitter. a rough go for a while? >> it was. a big nor'easter for us winds, we had 70 to 80 mile-per-hour winds. the downtown area was flooded. a lot of those streets closed off. as you mentioned earlier, the entire island without power for some time. it's just starting to come back on last night, but we're still about 4,600 customers, national guard customer guard -- grid customers without power. >> what about a special delivery at your hospital? >> a blizzard baby born about
6:34 am
3:00 a.m. just before 4:00 a.m. yesterday. yesterday morning. this was shortly after the entire island lost power. so thankfully at the hospital the generator kicked in. everything went as it should have and kayden keith moore was born just before 4:00 a.m. so he's doing great. danielle smith, his mother and father cory are with them doing great as well. so it was a special time and the hospital staff really did an admirable job under the conditions getting in and everything went well. >> thanks for being with me. appreciate it. >> no problem. now to a follow-up on a story out of mexico we've been covering on the broadcast for months. for the first time the mexican government is officially declaring dead all of the 43 students who disappeared from the southern state on the 26th of september. mex cope attorney general made the announcement during a news conference tuesday saying the students remains were incinerated. he cited forensic evidence and
6:35 am
confessions from 99 people who have been detained including the former mayor where these kids disappeared from and felipe sal gaudo, a member of the criminal gang aemged to have taken part in the students' disappearance, but families have cast doubt on his testimony, pointing to incentives to lie for plea deals and a culture of corruption within mexican officials. they also accused the government of trying to wrap up the investigation. dna tests were only able to positively identify the remains of one of the students. the case sparked widespread protests in mexico. we'll, of course keep an eye on that for you. coming up justice delayed, and a judge set to overturn the convictions of nine african-american men dating back to 1961. get a live report on the friendship nine from south carolina. plus, does the road to 2016 go through the koch brothers?
6:36 am
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now an incredible story out of south carolina where this morning a troubling piece of history is being undone after 54 years. the top of the hour a judge there is expected to overturn the convictions that sent nine young african-american men to a chain gang in 1961. they became known at the friendship nine. their crime, sitting at a white's only lunch counter. nbc's mark pot sir live in rockville, south carolina. good morning. the hearing taking place in minutes. what are we expecting? >> reporter: well we're expecting that charges, you said, stood for 54 years will be thrown out. this is a story about correcting an injustice for a group of men known as the friendship nine who took a courageous stand for
6:40 am
civil rights but were punished years ago. but today they're coming back here to court, this time, though, jose to be celebrated. the story of the friendship nine begins in the turbulent early 1960s when young african-americans risked beatings and arrests to join sit-ins at whites-only lunch koirnlts in the jim crow south. >> the south is again faced way crisis in race relations. >> in a period of two moss the movement spread to 65 cities. >> reporter: among them rock hill south carolina where in 1961 a group of students from friendship college join in. they come here to the then mccrory's five and dime to sit in these chairs at this counter to challenge the segregation rules. >> here we are, teenagers. we did a crime. >> reporter: 54 years later, all bun one of the friendship nine are still alive and six met with us remembering all too well facing an angry crowd that
6:41 am
danchts i danchts. >> i was afraid. i admit that. >> reporter: when they walked inside they were arrest brd they could even sit down. >> grabbed up by my belt and thrown to the floor and dragged out of the store. >> by whom? >> police officers. >> reporter: the men were then dragged to jail. >> when they put me in the cell and closed that door and that clang, closed that jail you know you was in there, then. >> reporter: but instead of paying bail to get out, the friendship nine close to serve their 30-day sentence of hard labor. >>s that chilling, to see that. sent to chain gangs. >> reporter: their jail no bail strategy, soon caught on and re-energized the civil rights movement running out of bail money. >> it embarrassed the nation why you putting nine kids in jail for trying to buy a sandwich? >> at the right place at the right time to do the right job. >> why they call it friendship nine? >> reporter: the effort to have their sentences overturned was inspired by author kimberly johnson who wrote a children's book about the men from
6:42 am
friendship college. >> and i have this overwhelming degree of respect and love because i know that they cared about the community. >> reporter: prosecutor kevin brackets is honored to help overturn the men's convictions today. >> we need to take the time to tell them thank you and to tell them that they were right. >> reporter: justice being made right for courageous men who made history. >> now looking back on it it made a big difference in the civil rights movement. i'm very proud of it. >> reporter: now, an interesting detail from this hearing today, the judge, expected to overturn those convictions today is the nephew of the judge who back in 1961 sent the friendship nine to jail. so, jose over the years, times have really changed here. >> yeah. amazing. it took 54 years. mark potter, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. after the break, my oaks collusive interview with
6:43 am
assistant secretary of state reporta jacobson just back from cuba. what she happen to say about a big issue, human rights. and pause to recognize the birthday of a poet fighter for cuba's independence. jose marte, born on this day in 1853. his stachtue in central park in manhattan. you can maybe see his statues clout the world including miami's little havana. jose marti. we'll be right back.
6:44 am
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and now to a "rundown" exclusive. the first television interview with the head of the u.s. delegation to cuba. assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson since returning from havana last week. since her return we heard for the first time from the former head of the cuban regime in a
6:47 am
letter that appeared in the state-run newspaper, he wrote "i don't trust the policy of the united states, nor have i exchanged a word with them" but this does not mean i reject a peaceful solution to the conflicts. meanwhile, his brother raul is in the nation. and gaining more traction for the historic visit by the united states which insistence is looking for changes in the human rights abuses of the castro regime and that is part of my conversation with jacobson. >> we don't necessarily believe that those changes come only from governments. and that's one of the things you have to recognize about the new policy. the new policy is not just about having that conversation with the government and expecting that to bring the change. i've seen a lot of commentary on the fact that governments don't change their stripes.
6:48 am
that's why this policy is designed to ensure also that we can empower the cuban people because the change is probably going to come from the cuban people. >> critics say that cuban regime asks for and got the freeing of three cuban spies including one connected to the killing of american citizens lifting the embargo. the president called for that in congress this past week. facilitating credit mastercard says in march, they'll deal with credit and removing the cuban government from the state sponsors of terrorism. that's also in place. meanwhile, the u.s. got the freedom of 53 cuban political prisoners, some of whom have allegedly been rearrested the others talented with re-arrest if they continues to speak out. is that a care characterization of these negotiations? >> unfortunately i wouldn't say so, jose. in fact, the cuban government didn't get those things. for one thing, what the president announced were things
6:49 am
that were in our interest. diplomatic relations are never a gift. they're a relationship. but in particular the president has talked about the fact that he believes we should look at and review the issue of the embargo and that it should be lifted. but he has not, obviously -- that hasn't been done. that's an act of congress and that will have to be reviewed by the congress if it chooses to do so. but the fact of the matter is on the issues that you raise, whether it's engagement through telecommunications which is what the president announced specifically, that's designed to bring information to the cuban people. so that they can have connectivity with the world, make their own decisions more effectively effectively. they can't do that right now. on the state sponsor of terrorism that decision has not been made that is a view undertaken asked the secretary to do that we're undertaking that and will not prejudge the outcome of that but, in fact
6:50 am
the people who got something out of this we really hope are the american people and our national interests and the cuban people. we want to want to have a more productive relationship with the cuban government for the benefit of the people. i don't think there were gifts here to the cuban government. >> there are some fugitives from american law that are living in cuba just recently the sun sentinel had an expose' of up to $2 billion stolen from cubans using the cuban investment act, came to the united states stole that money, and returned back to the island. are these people and this theft going to be part of any negotiation? >> i think that's a great point. the issue of law enforcement and fugitives from u.s. justice is a really critical part of this conversation. we have actually had conversations on fugitives and law enforcement since the beginning of the migration talks
6:51 am
back in 1995 and there's been some cooperation on a case by case basis. needs to be broadened and deep end. it is one of the issues in the bilateral relationship along with things like environmental cooperation, counter narcotics cooperation. return of fugitives is the kind of thing in our national interest we hope to be able to cooperate more. >> the cuban government chosen to be your counterpart is married to someone expelled from the united states for spying. has he been part of the negotiation? is he part of these discussions? >> no, no. you know i worked with her for awhile. i have not met him. so i don't expect that that will be an issue. >> more about changes to the cuba policy and historic cuba
6:52 am
talks, bring in former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and former new mexico governor bill richardson. governor, good to see you. >> thank you, jose nice to be with you. >> you signed a letter in support of the new policy last week before the talks. given what you heard from assistant secretary jacobson do you think the united states is doing the right thing on this? >> i believe we are doing the right thing. assistant secretary jacobson is very competent, knows the region. i recently worked with her on marine andrew tahmooressi getting out of jail in mexico. i think she's being realistic. what she's saying is this is a step by step process, and the toughest arena, jose is human rights treatment of dissidents in cuba opening the internet. i negotiated with the cubans they're tough on this issue. used to get upset when i negotiate release of prisoners
6:53 am
with fidel castro. i would meet dissidents they would get terribly upset, they would cancel meetings they would whine as they have done this time. so it is a step by step process. but i think the biggest advantage to this policy is it helps in our relationship with all of the countries in latin america. removes a burden we are accused of not having sensible policy toward cuba. >> governor you in a very unique way have extraordinary experience negotiating with regimes that are difficult and that don't respect human rights. north korea, for example. how do you balance getting things from a dictatorial regime that doesn't respect human rights and at the same time having a substantial conversation that can lead to something positive? >> well i think what needs to happen here is for a lot of the human rights situations to be
6:54 am
improved dissidents to being freed, 53 freed, but more that need to be freed. pro-democracy forces there, cuban rights with cuban americans, easier travel you need the government. with a dictatorship you need the government to move forward. you want to have ordinary people be supportive of this. this is where it is critical that we have diplomatic relations. our ambassadors, our embassies can talk to each other about these issues. there has to be cooperation on homeland security, on environmental issues on law enforcement. i had a new mexico cop killed by an american that fled to cuba. hijacked a plane. i tried to get him out. they said the cubans said forget
6:55 am
it. there are tough areas, law enforcement and human rights. but the way i think you achieve progress is engagement is talking to the regime talking to the government. talking to the officials. josephine a is tough, so is bruno, the foreign minister they're hard line. but at the same time i think they've invested in a new relationship with the u.s. which they know is in their interest. >> do you think, governor that this relationship can in any way help the cuban people in their future aspirations to live in democracy and to have measures of freedom? in other words, is it about international associations between the united states and other countries in cuba or is it something that has to be solved within the cuban people? >> well a lot of it has to be the cuban people. yes, it has foreign policy benefits in the region for us but with the cuban people what
6:56 am
we want is easier visits for cuban people to see relatives in the united states human rights improvements, treatment of dissidents, that they be allowed to congregate freedom of the press. democracy movements. i think that's what we want. and i think, jose what needs to happen which i haven't seen is cuban americans in the united states need to play a role in making things better for the cuban people. they are invested emotionally, many economically, have property there, so i think it is important that we get cuban americans engaged more than we have. >> governor bill richardson always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. coming up as we take the turn on the rundown, loretta lynch, the pick for attorney general is going before a committee for confirmation. and days away from the super bowl. next hour, we get a live report
6:57 am
on security preparations as jay johnson heads to phoenix today. and one more look at the aerials over the south shore of massachusetts, a storm just hammered the coastline. more on that in the next hour.
6:58 am
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why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to okay. "the rundown." the "the rundown". i am jose diaz-balart. you are looking at capitol hill where the hearings are beginning about the new attorney general. republicans now run the senate and we are not expected to hold back questioning, especially when it comes to immigration and executive action. justice correspondent pete williams is in washington. good morning. >> good morning to you, jose. we saw orrin hatch kiss dianne feinstein. that may be as bipartisan as the hearings get. three things are going to happen. one, she's going to set a tone to say i want to cooperate with you, whatever differences you may have with the administration
7:01 am
and eric holder i want to get started on a separate footing. secondly the committee is going to want to try to lay down markers on what they expect her to do in the justice department. then the third is the actual thing they're supposed to do the confirmation hearing. it seems likely she will be confirmed. from north carolina daughter of a baptist minister and school librarian, harvard educated and long time prosecutor in new york in brooklyn. >> separate the politics as you said very well if this is clearly a lot of that in play. as far as immigration, she wasn't in the administration when this was announced and instituted. what is she expected to say, that she disagrees with it? >> no. she's the president's nominee. i think fully understands as the administration's attorney general, she will have to support the president. but, you know perhaps there will be little areas around the
7:02 am
edges and i should have said one other thing about what's going to happen at this hearing, you have at least one potential presidential candidate on the committee, ted cruz perhaps another in lindsey graham. there will be some theater involved as well. >> thank you so much. good to see you. want to bring in ari melber. good to see you. let's talk about the immigration issue and other issues that don't pertain to her directly yet they're going to be part of the questioning for two days. >> yeah on immigration what you're going to see that doesn't happen as much with other officials is two lines of questioning, not only is this good, is this good policy which i think yes, she's likely to support the president who has nominated her, but is this legal and legal in all ways. she may find some mechanism by which to discuss the fact that there are concerns about executive overreach or there are real limits on presidential powers and she will do that theoretically rather than disagreeing with past executive actions taken by the president.
7:03 am
>> and which senators can we expect the most fireworks from? >> as pete said ted cruz on this committee and known to be aggressive in the caucus certainly as well on any issue that is seen as challenging president obama. immigration powers being one of them. lindsey graham as well. senator grassley who chairs the committee is known for being a tough questioner. he is obviously going to be in charge of the hearing, we will hear from opening statements and he will lead some of the questioning. orrin hatch, former judiciary chair who is very strong on the legal issues may also come in here. we've seen i should mention in many of the meetings that have already taken place, a lot of positive comments from republican senators and conservatives about miss lynch, about her record as prosecutor. so this will be in the model of tough inquisitions but not automatically necessarily anything that would be too sort of unfair or rough, given what we have seen telegraphed thus
7:04 am
far. >> ari melber from the cycle and pete williams, thank you both for being here. the hearings are just getting under way. senators are expected to start the opening there. they're expecting to announce ground rules. we're going to keep a close watch on this for you and come back to this throughout the remainder of this hour. want to go now to the issue of this storm. many schools in massachusetts are closed for a second day as the state digs out from this historic blizzard. suburb of worcester got buried with a record 34.5 inches of snow, 34.5 inches topping the record from the april fool's day blizzard in 1977 on the south shore, governor charlie baker will visit towns hit hard by the storm as it surged breached sea
7:05 am
walls, causing massive flooding. let's go to chris pallone in massachusetts with the latest. chris, tell me how the dig out is going this morning. >> reporter: slow but steady jose. good morning. here in worcester it looks like a winter wonderland but it is a nightmare for people trying to get to work and trying to get to places of business, trying to get them open. school is out today for another day of cleanup. the city of worcester has about 400 pieces of snow removal equipment and they're going around the city. it is kind of like triage. first thing you try to do is get the streets clean, get sidewalks clean, then tidy up after that and make it nice. look what they're doing. as you can see here this is probably 10, 15 feet tall. this is a big snow pile. as they're clearing the snow off the sidewalks and off the streets here they're putting it wherever they can to get it out of the way, they'll come back the next few days start taking this down bringing it off site.
7:06 am
look at downtown worcester. places are opening as soon as they can. some businesses are open some aren't. you see here dunkin' donuts is not open then ironically honey do donuts the sign says open. some businesses here are open some aren't. people are walking around it is very difficult for pedestrians here because a lot of the sidewalks are not yet shovelled, and if they are shovelled, they're often not places where you can cross the street. if they want to cross the street or get on a bus or something, they have to negotiate a snow drift about waist high. not fun for people who have places to go today. the roads are down to one to two passes of the plow. they're still snow covered in the city of worcester itself. it is a little treacherous. a lot of cars when the light turns green, smaller cars you see front wheels spin as they try to get traction. suvs and trucks having a better time of it. as the day goes along, they come back make another pass drop
7:07 am
salt and sand try to get this down to bare pavement. i drove here from boston this morning and i-90 mass turnpike was in good shape. it was down to bare ground. so were exit ramps. as the cities around massachusetts try to dig out, they'll make that effort over the next couple hours and over the next couple days. >> chris, when we first started this conversation there was a sliver of sky there. looks like there's sun out this morning? >> reporter: it is starting to peek through, yeah. looking east now, the sun over the building is starting to peek through. still cloud covered, as the day goes along, oh, we will give you a shot. look above the satellite truck. that thing emanating some light here that's the sun. haven't seen that in a few days. >> chris pallone, thank you so much. coming up later on "the rundown," we will check the travel situation. up next the battle over border security takes a turn for the worse within the republican
7:08 am
party. those details. i will talk with linda sanchez about what's next for both parties. and one of the few people held hostage by isis that lived to tell the tale. also keeping an eye on loretta lynch confirmation hearings on capitol hill. senator chuck grassley making his opening statement right now. "the rundown"
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
start this year. as a result taking bills that have passed in the past put other bills together in spite of the fact that the committees in many cases have not had their organizational meetings so yeah there have been a couple of stumbles. all in our effort to show the american people we are here to
7:12 am
listen to their priorities. >> speaker boehner called it a couple of stumbles. truth is when it comes to immigration, something republicans wanted to focus on this year the party is not sure what to do next. they wanted to have a house vote today on a border security bill but it was pulled from the floor schedule after conservative push back made it clear it would not pass. meantime, the speaker wants to sue the president over the executive action he took on immigration last year. joining me to discuss this senior democratic whip linda sanchez. pleasure to see you. >> hi great to be here with you. >> thanks. is there a way do you think to bring border security and immigration reform together in one piece of legislation? >> well that's an interesting question because in the last congress there certainly looked like there could have been a way to do that by bringing a comprehensive immigration bill to the floor. the republicans made clear they want to do this in a piecemeal approach. the border security bill by
7:13 am
mccall which was extreme to begin with apparently doesn't appease the far right wing of the party, and as a result the speaker had to pull the bill from the floor. >> doesn't seem like a plan piecemeal or not to deal with it in the near future as far as the republicans are concerned? >> i don't think they have any ideas on comprehensive immigration reform. the sole talking point is border security border security despite the fact that we now spend over $12 billion a year on border security which is more than double since 2003. the number of attempted crossings is at historic low. the lowest number recorded since we started keeping records. and yet their answer to immigration is throw more money at the border. they really don't have any ideas how to grapple with the immigration problem and they're not willing to reach across the
7:14 am
aisle to work with democrats on ideas that we do have. it is not likely anything is going to happen any time soon. >> congresswoman, i want to turn to isis. getting word this morning about a potential swap with jordan in which isis would release a pilot in exchange for a would be suicide bomber. what's your reaction to that? is it setting a precedent? >> i think that there's -- each country determines what they want to do in terms of foreign diplomacy and, you know if that is what jordan thinks is in its best interest i'm not going to question what they're doing. clearly there have been prisoner exchanges for many many years and it will be interesting to see where that leads and hopefully not in a bad place, but i am not going to question their actions. >> several messages have come from isis in recent days including one threatening the president of the united states. do you think the u.s. is doing enough to push back against, for example, this propaganda that
7:15 am
they're involved in? >> my understanding is that they're monitoring trying to disseminate, the united states is trying to disseminate information to try to debunk much of the propaganda that's going on with isis and i think that, you know we're looking at a time of increased awareness and sensitivity, especially in light of what happened in paris, and at the same time here on the hill we are grappling with potential shutdown of dhs because republicans want to deport children by repealing the president's executive order and attaching those riders to a department of homeland security funding bill so at a time when we have all of these threats that are very serious and that need our time and attention and our efforts, they're setting us up to potentially shut down the department of homeland security. >> that occurs at the end of the
7:16 am
month, end of february. >> not a smart way to governing. >> congresswoman linda sanchez, thanks for being with me. >> thank you for having me. up next we will zoom through some of today's other top stories, the mexican government makes a major announcement on 43 missing college students. and apple just smashed a huge record accomplishing something no other public company in the world has ever done. and it is lifting the u.s. markets, up 63 points after a nasty day yesterday. the nasdaq, look at that. 40 points up. ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app.
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7:20 am
but first, a courtroom. this is in the friendship nine case in south carolina. let's listen in. >> then male demonstrators went inside the store and ten of the young men sat down at the counter and refused to leave. as around 11:30 a.m. ten young men sitting at the lunch counter were arrested and taken to city jail just some 100 yards behind the mccrory store. the following day protesters were tried in rock hill city recorder's court fortress passing. protesters were represented by earnest feeney who now represents the friendship nine and who was our state's first african-american supreme court chief justice, and the late matthew j. perry who became a united states district court judge in federal courthouse in columbia. all ten protesters were found guilty and sentenced to $100
7:21 am
fine or 30 days hard labor at the chain gang. the national association for advancement of colored people offered to pay the protesters' fines. he could benefit from atlantic scholarship. they were sent to hard useless labor. the friendship nine strategy of opting for jail became known as jail, no bail. this strategy was effective not only to break the cycle of arrests, bail and release and extensive cycle but also to bring national attention to the nature of segregated public places and private commercial concerns open to the public in general. the friendship nine are joined by other defendants whose names are in the caption and have been named today.
7:22 am
members of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. came to rock hill in community and solidarity with the friendship nine and also upon arrest opted to remain in jail rather than pay their fine. the movement which i have seen referred to sometimes as jail in had its birth at a wool worth store in north carolina in february of 1960. the jail no bail strategy was initiated here in rock hill by the friendship nine. this became an important strategy of the movement. the arrest of friendship nine for sit in at mccrory's was not unique to them or to the city of rock hill as evidenced by the arrest of over 3,000 protesters out of over 70,000 who participated by august of 1961. i note a typo in the order, i have 7,000 in the order and it
7:23 am
should be 70,000. the actions of the friendship nine became nationally known and nationally adopted by those seeking deserved equality in society, still segregated almost 100 years after the emancipation proclamation and passage of 14th amendment to the constitution of the united states. those are the factual basis of this order. in april, 1963 martin luther king junior wrote one of the most compelling treatises in the form of a letter to eight white religious leaders who declared use of nonviolent protest to be unwise and untimely. on the state of justice for america, he wrote the letter on the state of justice for african-americans and people of all races and colors. this of course is letter from the birmingham jail 1961.
7:24 am
dr. king wrote that he was in birmingham, in jail because injustice is here. dr. king opined that nonviolent protests were necessary because of the existing power structure with those who were treated unjustly. no choice. like the friendship nine dr. king presented his body as a means of laying out the case for unjust treatment before the quote conscious of local and national community. end quote. dr. king stated nonviolent action -- the friendship nine demonstrated such that quote it can no longer be ignored, end quote. dr. king observed that those for whom he spoke had, quote, not made a single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure end quote. segregation was an unjust law as it was quote not rooted in
7:25 am
eternal and natural law, end quote. further, dr. king defines unjust law as quote, a code that majority inflicts on minority that is not binding on it self. dr. king not mentioning friendship nine mentions college students sitting at lunch counters and going to jail for conscience sake. history shows rock hill and recorder's court were not unique in what now seems to be selective enforcement of laws. as in this case law against trespassing. it was mimics in greenville north carolina, atlanta, georgia and elsewhere. what happened in rock hill was unfortunate and inexcusably a societal not local phenomena. it was at that point in the
7:26 am
evolution of the united states the accepted practice of the majority. there are other observations not in the anals of legal precedent which dictate the course of action here. while not legal press deposition value, they rank high on the barometer of justice and worth consideration and are applicable to the facts of this case. daniel webster, stated quote, justice served is the greatest interest of man on earth, end quote. >> 54 years after convicted, the friendship nine getting history record. after a blizzard in the northeast, millions in that part of the country trying to clear out the snow. some air travelers remain stranded at our nation's airports. we go live to laguardia with the latest. this sunday's super bowl
7:27 am
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a live look at capitol hill where the confirmation hearing for the woman picked to be the next attorney general is under way. loretta lynch is president obama's nominee to run the justice department just
7:31 am
starting her opening statement. we will keep an eye on this bring you any developments. i want to go back to the blizzard in the northeast. airlines are scrambling to recover in the aftermath of the huge storm. more than 8,000 flights have been cancelled over the past couple days leaving many with no choice but to ride it out at the airport. let's go to laguardia airport, one of the three major airports where luke russert is. luke much better these days? >> reporter: definitely, jose. the sun is outside and shining and literally the airport is back to life. yesterday when we spoke this was a literal ghost town behind me. now it is filled with people and personnel who are needed to run the airport, the tsa agents counter agents people that run the concessions that weren't here yesterday, they were able to get to work today and things seem to be back up and running. all of that being said it is not totally smooth sailing because of the backlog. a few hundred cancellations out of laguardia this morning and
7:32 am
there are still on-going delays. overall, though the airport seems to be operating at over 70% capacity which is better than people expected when we first heard about the storm. just from talking to a few passengers in the terminal especially ones that had been delayed, they say look now that there's life in the airport, it is not as dire as it was, we were stranded here overnight, and they think they'll be able to get out hopefully today. things are looking up at laguardia airport. still not completely there. but much much much better than they were yesterday during that horrific snowstorm, jose. >> luke russert, good to see you, thanks for being with me. >> take care be well. turning back overseas, we have been talking about isis because of hostages still held by that group, including a japanese national and jordanian pilot, still an unidentified american woman as well. we have rarely heard from those who survived the experience. richard engel caught up with a man who did get away after being detained.
7:33 am
he charmed his captors, convinced them he wanted to join the cause, giving amazing insight into the group in the process. here is his report from "meet the press." >> did the isis fighters seem worried by the u.s. bombing campaign? >> no. was happy about it. >> because he says being attacked by the u.s. meant they were now just as important as the old american enemy, al qaeda. >> they want to be more better than al qaeda. this is why they need to do something more brutal. >> when you saw the attacks in paris, what did you think? >> i was angry, but didn't surprise me at all. >> do you think there will be more? >> yes. the next attack will be big, very big. >> much bigger than paris. >> yes. >> joining me senior analyst for flashpoint global partners which tracks jihadist developments on the web. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> what do you think of the
7:34 am
claims, do you think isis can pull off another 9/11? >> i don't think they can as we speak today. never know what happen in the future, they could potentially plot something big, i don't think they have the capability yet to pull something off that big overseas. considering it is 14 years after 9/11, we are at a time when we have high scrutiny we've mazing security procedures in place. we have put a pretty big strain on their finances and their routes and travel routes and operations. even external operations for funding. it is going to be tough to pull something like 9/11. however, if you put a few 9/11s in a bunch of countries could cause more havoc than one massive 9/11 in a country. >> like they did in france and we have seen it in small measure by lone wolves in australia. talk to me isis and some reporting we had in the last month indicates it is a very
7:35 am
well funded group. they're still making money off selling gas, petroleum, from syria and other places. what's their focus? what's their primary focus when they have so much money and have fighters from around the world that joined them? >> this is really the difference between one of the main differences between isis and al qaeda. isis wants territorial expansion, to make its caliphate way, way bigger than it is today. it has expanded in eastern libya and in southern yemen, it is expanding in places like afghanistan which over the weekend declared an official province in its caliphate. it has affiliated itself with boko haram in nigeria. it is creating territories around places where terror activity is taking place and they're part of a bigger caliphate. they're looking for territorial expansion. they're looking at humiliating the west breaking their security.
7:36 am
isis for now is focused more on territorial expansion, taxing people, selling oil and what not, bringing these fighters from around the world. there's going to be a time when some of those fighters are going to come back some of them may come back and notice. we don't know what plots are in place for fighters when they come back. hopefully they won't come back and notice but if they do they might have something in mind. >> talk about news that the juror dan government is willing to trade for a pilot that's held hostage. >> sure. the jordanian pilot, his aircraft was downed a few weeks ago, and isis threatened to behead him. he comes from one of the most prominent families in jordan so they have actually a big voice there, they could voice their opinion to the government and the government could probably mobilize as a result of that. they don't want negative back lash in the country. the woman who is supposed to be released has been on death row about ten years.
7:37 am
she partook in terror attacks in jordan in 2005. it appears that for me it is surprising that the jordanian government would be releasing her simply because jordan is a main u.s. ally in the region and main member of the fight against isis but i think in this capacity, i think the jordanian government feels it is better to let her go and get their fighter back, whether for intelligence purposes she could be tracked down later down the line. but i think they found it better to just bring their pilot back. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your perspective. >> thank you, jose. now to the big game. we are four days from the super bowl. and in just hours, homeland security secretary jay johnson speaks in phoenix about the security preparations under way. let's go live to phoenix and peter alexander. good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. four days to the game. jeh johnson already here in a
7:38 am
short time he is head of department of homeland security tasked with keeping the country safe and secure from national security threats. he is going to tour the facility at 12:00 local time. 2:00 your time alongside nfl chief security officer. just a short time ago yesterday, the commissioner of customs and border protection agency also made it clear that some of the objects often used to enforce border in this country will be brought here includes black hawk helicopters and truck sized x-ray machines often used in locations, one of the busiest port of entries for commerce in dallas, that allows them to check some vehicles that travel in and around the area near the university of phoenix stadium. a lot of focus on security now as they lead up to what is each year the most watched television event in the country. >> nbc's peter alexander in phoenix. thank you for being with me. developing now, i want to take you back to the courtroom
7:39 am
in rock hill south carolina after 54 years, a judge vacated convictions of nine african-american men found guilty of trespassing for sitting in a white only restaurant counter in 1961. the group became known as the friendship nine and served a month of hard labor in a chain gang. today they received an apology from the court. >> i therefore order the defendant's motion for new trial based on new evidence is grachbtd. defendant conviction fortress passing january of 1961 are vacated, null void set aside. the record reflects no competent evidence supporting charge of trespassing after these defendants, so the charge is based on the arrest of the defendants at mccrory's 5, 10 25 current store fortress passing are vacated, dismissed with prejudice. >> nbc's mark potter was in the courtroom, has much more coming up on msnbc. "the rundown" coming right back.
7:40 am
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as the northeast has been dealing with the blizzard of 2015 there's been a flurry of activity on the 2016 this week. republican governor scott walker announcing he is forming a political action committee, key step toward a 2016 run for the white house. meanwhile, politico was reporting the conservative network overseen by the koch brothers intends to raise $889 million for the 2016 campaigns. koch brothers haven't responded to requests for comments on that figure. that number as you can see is more than both the republican and democratic national committees spent in 2012 combined, coming out of a conference of donors yesterday that chose marco rubio as their candidate in an informal straw poll. ken goebl joins me. great to see you. >> good to see you.
7:44 am
>> senator rubio is not the first candidate they think for 2016. why do the donors think rubio was their person? >> it is a surprise pick. not only do we think of rubio as sort of a long shot in the grand scheme of things particularly with this group of donors in the koch's network, they tend to be a little more noninterventionist libertarian, and in some ways marco rubio is hawkish foreign policy would seem to clash with their own. nonetheless, he performed very well in the donor forum they had for donors with ted cruz and rand paul. got a lot of applause seemed to impress folks there. i think this is a big boost for him, if he could rely on some, not even the whole network, some donors in the network to potentially write checks to a super pac supporting him, that would elevate him in the field. >> interesting. what is the message sent to other potential 2016ers like
7:45 am
romney and bush in that straw poll? >> i mean that's what's interesting. bush and romney are seen as fighting for the establishment republican support and establishment republican donors so the koch brothers donor network is kind of a second place where you could have a huge potentially huge sum of money supporting a different candidate who is not sort of the establishment pick so it is a big boost for rubio and big blow for rand paul who, of course, has a more libertarian world view that seems to comport well with the koch brothers and some of their donors. surprise to go see them not just not win but come in last in the informal straw poll. >> ken vogel, thanks for being here. appreciate your time. let's frame the debate with ginny williams and thank you for being with me. >> hi. >> let me start with you. for someone like marco rubio,
7:46 am
does winning that straw poll at the conference help or hurt him across the field of candidates? >> i think it helps him. i think when you look at these mega donors that are looking into potential presidential candidates, you know marco rubio gave a strong performance. telling his story. he knows how to connect with people. it shows mega donors may be interested in moving away from establishment type and finding fresh blood on the republican side. i think it is a boost for marco rubio. and i think it is going to open up possibilities not only for him but what we saw in the iowa freedom summit this past weekend where governor scott walker and carly thee reason a went after hillary clinton and had a good boost there. it will be an interesting and colorful several months we're going to be looking at here. >> jimmy, let's talk about romney. he is speaking today, he was not at the koch conference senator rand paul was. this is what he had to say about
7:47 am
another romney run. >> to win the presidency you have to reach out and appeal to new constituencies and i don't think it is possible. if he thinks i'm just going to change a few things and reach out to more people i think it is more vis ral than that how you connect to people. >> so rand paul saying he is the guy that connects with real people? >> i am sure in his mind he thinks he is but if you look at his voting policies not so much in line with real people per se. what you have here, and i know mercedes would disagree but probably doesn't want to say so on live tv you have a massive in fighting of the dog eat dog world of the gop presidential primary pack if you will. here is what i think. mercedes and i were discussing this in the green room which is everyone is scared to death of ted cruz. i personally love ted cruz i think he's the bomb that continues to blow up over and over again. but every establishment republican is terrified of ted cruz. the koch brothers i.e.,
7:48 am
executives, are terrified of ted cruz. they're scrounging grasping for somebody else to go toward. marco rubio is a fine candidate for that jeb bush is a fine candidate for something like that but nipping on their heels, the base. that's tea party, that's ted cruz. they're going to have one hell of a time getting through southern primaries without seeing a crazy right winger winning primaries. >> come on jimmy, i don't think they're going to go -- i don't believe that the basis going to gravitate to ted cruz. ted cruz does have a role in the party, he does go and bring together the tea partiers but i really believe it will be very difficult for him to really win an iowa or even a new hampshire. we are looking at new hampshire being more libertarian, free market area where rand paul can play. governor jeb bush can play senator marco rubio can play. i think it will be hard for ted cruz to gain the traction he needs to be a top tier
7:49 am
candidate. >> i can't disagree with you in iowa and new hampshire, i am talking southern states where the base of the republican party is at this point. if you can't win texas, alabama, louisiana, georgia, mississippi, you can't. that's all you're going to get. >> absolutely. >> this is fascinating conversation. i love to be part of it any way i can. you guys are great on this. let me bring you down to this nbc news report that speaker boehner told republican members behind closed doors yesterday, he is looking at taking legal action against the president over his immigration action. mercedes, this immigration issue is not going away. >> no. >> seems as though the republicans on the hill are focused on issues that maybe continue the discussion away from immigration reform and more toward the president's executive action. >> that's right. well i think they're trying to
7:50 am
figure out what to do. i mean they run the risk that if they go forward, say we are going to de-fund the portion of immigration services in department of homeland security in february coming up when the deadline happens, what you're going to find there is they run the risk of democrats going after them and basically saying wait a second. we are in a moment where there is terrorism occurring, where we need to be -- national security has to be top notch, we need that funding. they run that risk. that's why i think you're starting to see the house shift more into this talk about the lawsuit and going after the president in the courts. >> jimmy, your wrap up? >> you can't keep suing the president over something that will expand your base at some point. the optics are bad for republicans if they sue the president over immigration. that's just not smart in the long term for the party. really isn't. >> always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being here. >> great, thank you. up next a ghost busters reboot zeroing in on an all
7:51 am
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7:54 am
i take you back to south carolina to the court where finally the judge has cleared history, 54 years in the making. live tv. the judge finished wrapping up his chat and we have been following that story for you throughout the morning. >> this is the day the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it. [ applause ] i am kimberly johnson, and i wrote the book "no fear for freedom" story of the friendship nine. when i met the gentlemen, i remember saying to them i'm
7:55 am
sorry that i don't know this part of history because it is my history and i should know this. and mr. graham said to me he said well we want to make sure that our children remember but it is not really written anywhere. so our fear is they won't believe this happened. when that conversation started, i knew the story had to be told not only for these men but for our children and my lane my life is for our children our future. these men are our wonderful past trickling into our future. our children are the ones that benefit from this day because they will see that like dr. king said that the universe is on the side of justice, and it may take 54 years to get there, but if we can give our children something to believe in that it can happen, then we may see change occur. this is a day, a wonderful day, to be an example, not only for us in this community but to be models for the rest of our world, that even in the small
7:56 am
communities that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. we are examples of the ordinary becoming extraordinary. i never set out to write about history. i tell people that. i wrote about bunnyies and frogs and butterflies, that's where i lived as a children's author but the stories have to be told. until we step up and make those changes in our community, we cannot blame anyone else across this world for things that we face daily. it is our charge, a community's charge, to make sure our children are equipped to handle anything that comes their way. and these men exemplify that. and you exemplify that in your communities, in your homes, wherever you live you exemplify that we can change things. >> historic scene in south carolina and a courtroom there. justice 54 years in the making. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we are following developing news. these are new images coming in aerial views of massachusetts' south shore, coastal area south of boston which was hardest-hit by the blizzard and left thousands without power and many homes buried under three feet of snow. this area got pounded with 14 consecutive hours of blizzard conditions and they are just now beginning to assess the damage. in the town of marshville the storm slammed a gaping hole in a large section of a sea wall flooding many homes, forcing evacuations with the help of the national guard. the police chief says the storm is the most ferocious experience by the town in 20 years. in the south shore and throughout new england this morning cleanup will be made all the more difficult by the bitterly cold temperatures with wind chills in the s


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