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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 28, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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nk it before it got into the state of the union address. >> thank you both for being here. i really appreciate it. that is all in for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts right now. i'm all atwitter. i saw you on twitter. i'll go upstairs and watch. >> we do have news about somebody losing their job, who you won't be able to really believe has actually left their job. >> you got me. well teased. >> thanks, chris. appreciate it. that story is coming up in just a few minutes on the show. somebody on the far political right who has weathered so many political storms. it felt like there was no chance that this person would ever lose his job. we are able to break the news tonight that he has apparently lost his job. you will be surprised by the circumstances that have caused that to happen. we've got that story coming up later on. but thanks for being with us for this hour. this is what it looks like when a person circled in red is carrying more than $30,000 in
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cash in a backpack. surprisingly subtle, right? this guy at the time the picture was taken, he was carrying $30,500 in stolen money in that bag. we know that, because we have pictures of him taken while he was in the act of stealing that money that day. over the course of five hours, on the night of february 19th, 2013, this individual man went from atm to atm to atm in manhattan, and he withdrew thousands of dollars. he stuffed the big stacks of $20 bills and $50 bills into his backpack, and then he would just move on to the atm and do it again. he did this for more than five hours. that one guy stole more than $30,000. mostly in 20s, over the course of that night. but he was not alone. he was not the only person stealing cash from atm machines in manhattan over the course of
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those five hours on that cold february night. the ten arrows here on this map point to the specific atm machines where that one guy we just showed you, where that one guy stole his $30,000 that night. but you see, there's a lot of other little dots all over this map. dots on this map that don't have the arrows on them, those are the other atm machines in manhattan, where other people, his co-conspirators in this massive heist were also at the exact same time also withdrawing stolen money from atm machines all over the city. it all happened that one night, all up and down manhattan, february 19th, 2013. there were 2,904 atm machines that were all hit across new york city. eight guys, 2,900 atms, over one
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night. they stole $2.5 million in cash. mostly in 20s. some machines apparently gave them 50s. but it turns out this was not just a coordinated scheme across new york city that night. it was a global thing. it was a big highly organized global plot. so while this one guy who we just showed you, and his friends were stealing from atm machines in new york in their coordinated attacks, in cities all over the world in two dozen countries around the world, these different cells of coordinated thieves were all doing the same thing, all at the same time, going atm to atm in cities in japan, canada, germany, romania, and lots of other countries, on that one day in february. they all acted all at once. they made 36,000 fraudulent atm transactions around the world that night, including the guys in new york city, that global atm heist netted more than $40 million.
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worldwide. all in cash. all in one day's work. that's a lot of cash. the thing about this heist that was so hard to believe at the time was that it was a mix of very modern cyber crime, hacking into financial data bases, stealing pre-paid atm card numbers, there's this sort of intensive technical part of this, but also linked with old-school stealing. stealing physical paper money. that guys had to stuff into backpacks and run away with. the level of coordination was impressive. whoever did the hacking hacked these financial institutions from which they got the prepaid debit card numbers, and hacked the withdrawal limits, to give unlimited withdrawal numbers. then distributed the numbers to the international networks of street level thieves including these doofuses in new york city who couldn't resist posing with their stacks of cash, and then they unleashed all these guys like this all at once on atms, all those cities, all around the
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globe. the guys on the street, the guys going to the atms with the backpacks, they used these fake atm cards with the doctored stolen numbers on them and simultaneously hit atms everywhere. they pocketed some of the cash, gave some to the hackers that gave them the information, they laundered the money by buying expensive items with the cash and either keeping the items or reselling them. a bunch of gucci boxes in the upper right-hand side of your screen. gucci was popular. so was on the lower right-hand side of your screen staging stacks of their stolen cash on coors light can and putting a baseball cap on top. nobody said these guys were geniuses. all told, that heist, that big global atm heist netted just a breath breathtaking amount of money. it seemed like they were going to get away with it. this novel way of combining cyber crime, this advanced hacking, with good old-fashioned
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guy stuffing stolen cash into his pants crime. that looked impenetrable for a while. it seemed like they were going to get away with it, until they got caught. the guys who pulled off the new york city chapter of this global heist, the guys that hit all the atms around the city in one night, those eight guys got caught. they got caught by the office of the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york. and her name was loretta lynch. >> the computer hackers steal or generate p.i.n. numbers. in a feat of coordination, all at the same time, send those p.i.n. numbers to the assembled cells in different cities all at the same time. the cells are waiting. they are standing by. they are standing by, they are assigned atms. and once they receive these p.i.n.s via e-mail or text, they become a criminal flash mob going from machine to machine, drawing as much money as they
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can before these accounts are shut down. >> it was loretta lynch's office that cracked that global atm heist case. loretta lynch is now president obama's nominee to be the attorney general of the united states. in her previous job, he current job as u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york, she has led very high-profile and very interesting prosecutions. her office prosecuted the most recent member of congress to have to resign from congress, because he had just been indicted on federal felony charges. just late last month, mr. congressman i'll break you like a boy michael grimm pled guilty to a federal count of tax fraud and resigned from congress. loretta lynch's office led the prosecution against him. and yes, michael grimm is a republican. but because loretta lynch has been the u.s. attorney in new york, when it comes to locking up public officials, who have a bad case of corruption, there are a lot more democrats to choose from than there are republicans in new york. and loretta lynch has had a
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great percentage on that. what grows in great numbers are democratic officials who really ought to be in jail. new york public officials prosecuted by loretta lynch's office is pedro jr., and sampson, according to prosecutors try to infiltrate loretta lynch's office and asking for the names of the cooperating witnesses against him, so he could arrange to, quote, take them out. serving state senator that guy. loretta lynch's office is also known for leading high-profile terrorism cases. the guy that pled guilty to providing support to al qaeda. her office prosecuted the guy who plotted the bottom at the federal reserve in new york. they caught him in one of the controversial cases that used an undercover fbi agent who was posing as an al qaeda facilitator. she's also prosecuted cases against law enforcement officials for abusing their power. her office has broken up drug trafficking rings. her office announced the immigration bust in which more
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than a dozen franchise owners of 7-eleven stores were caught using immigrants essentially as slave labor. she called that a modern-day plantation system. public corruption, on terrorism, and all these high-profile and complicated cases, loretta lynch has been a vuk sesful prosecutor. that's her resume. the only way it's controversial is if you're sort of against law and order prosecutors. but her resume, her -- the length of the list of her successful prosecutions, and the types of cases that she's prosecuted, it's not the sort of thing that gets a lot of political criticism. by and large, her resume, her track record in her current job as a u.s. attorney, as a federal prosecutor, that is not what has been coming up during her confirmation hearing for attorney general today. before the newly controlled republican judiciary committee. instead, this is sort of the
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flavor of what senate republicans on her confirmation committee say wanted to talk about when they had questions to ask of loretta lynch. >> you're not eric holder, are you? >> no, i'm not, sir. >> no one is suggesting that you are, but of course, attorney general holder's record is heavy on our minds now. and the attorney general refers to himself as the president's wing man. suggesting that he is not -- does not exercise independent legal judgment as the chief law enforcement officer for the country. you wouldn't consider yourself to be a political arm of the white house as attorney general, would you? >> no, senator, that would be a totally inappropriate view of
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the position of attorney general. >> seriously, that was today. that was your judiciary on republican politics fixated on the guy who's no longer going to be attorney general. here's what's on top for tomorrow. here are some of the expert witnesses that senate republicans have called before the committee for the next attorney general. this is her confirmation hearing for attorney general. the republicans have called cheryl atkinson who worked for the site by the heritage foundation. her journalistic beat is how they're stone walling the republicans' benghazi investigation. she's also maybe the nation's foremost expert on the conspiracy theory that the justic7atp)tment intentionally lost guns across the border in mexico, specifically so those guns would be used in gun violence here, so americans would then be outraged by that gun violence and would finally turn against the second amendment, and thus let eric holder take all their guns. that is the republican conspiracy theory about the
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so-called fast and furious scandal. and so republicans have summoned expert testimony on that conspiracy theory about eric holder. to weigh in on the nomination of our would-be new attorney general of the united states, who herself had a rather illustrious and complicated career. they're testifying on fast and furious, not because loretta lynch had anything to do with fast and furious, but i guess because that's what the republicans like to talk about when they get the chance to talk on this committee. the fast and if ur use false flag conspiracy theory will be followed by true the vote. true the vote is known to most people for the national attention they've had for being a group that creeps people out by watching them and following them when they go to vote.
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when attorney general eric holder announced that he was resigning as attorney general, the woman who will be testifying tomorrow from true the vote said she hoped his resignation would end eric holder's racialist assault on voting rights across america. eric holder's racialist assault. in addition to those go experts, republicans have also invited a sheriff from milwaukee who says he wants eric holder to apologize to police departments across the country. what does that have to do with loretta lynch? those are a few of the experts who will get to go to congress tomorrow and weigh in on whether or not we should have loretta lynch as the next attorney general of the united states. the job of attorney general is aáu; really, really, really big, important job. it's a job honestly that people seem to agree loretta lynch is highly qualified for. the smart money says she will most likely win confirmation for the job.
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but senate republicans have decided that her confirmation hearing for attorney general will serve as a platform for people who specialize in conspiracy theories about our current attorney general. day two of loretta lynch's confirmation hearing starts tomorrow morning. we, of course, will be watching. but we'll probably be watching like this. joining us is jeffrey rosein, president of the national constitution center. mr. rossin, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you have watched and reported on lots of attorney general confirmation hearings. it's a really, big important job, often very dramatic. it's a very important post. how would you assess loretta lynch's performance today in these hearings? >> it was striking that senator leahy said that out of all the attorney general confirmation hearings he's seen, loretta lynch is the most impressive. and it was also remarkable that
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despite all the theater that you accurately described in your great introduction, republicans as well as democrats seem essentially to concede that probably she will be confirmed, but that she should be. it was striking that they realized that she's a real prosecutor. i thought it was so helpful that you began with that complicated atm $40 million heist case, because that's her passion. cyber crime, going after the bad guys. the fact that she even engaged in immigration enforcement, which is the lightning rod of this hearing, since the republicans repeatedly pressed her about whether or not she thought that president obama's immigration orders were constitutional. and she in a very good lawyerly fashion said, the office of legal counsel has approved most of these orders. it's questioned some of them, and i think there's strong precedent to support most of them. she just showed herself to be a consummate professional. she wasn't all the rattled by the questions that as you suggested were more about eric
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holder, and attempt to resurrect republican frustration with his administration than her record. and you had republicans like senator graham saying, if not her, who, suggesting that he really would vote for her pretty enthusiastically. whether it was a great day for public discourse is another question. >> it's fair to say about the discussion about loretta lynch's qualifications for this job is essentially a totally different discussion, happening in parallel at the same hearing alongside, basically unrelated set of questions and discussions, and we'll hear witness testimony tomorrow, about eric holder. they're not actually asking her about eric holder's tenure, just using him to talk about him in an unrelated way? >> that's absolutely the case. if you found that frustrating today, tomorrow will be either more frustrating or more theatrically amusing. because the witnesses as you suggested are an absolute gallery of holder critics who are determined to resurrect controversies that, as you suggested, have long been laid to rest. the inspector general's independent report found no basis for sheryl atkinson's
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claims about fast and furious, but she'll resurrect them. we'll hear about voter fraud, ferguson. it has to do about eric holder and nothing to do with loretta lynch. the republican frustration with their inability to investigate, i suppose, holder, is so great that now they've finally got the majority, they're determined to use this moment in the spotlight as a referendum on holder and not lynch. that's, of course, good for lynch, because it ensures she'll be confirmed. but it really ensures that the important issues that, as you suggested an attorney general deals with, won't be ventilated. i was more interested in the differences between lynch and holder on issues relating from nsa surveillance, to the death penalty, marijuana. on those issues she suggested she would be to the right of holder. she enthusiastically embraced the death penalty.
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and she said she thought it was an effective deterrent. she said that she would not support the decriminalization of pot. holder had moved in the other direction. on nsa surveillance, she called it effective and constitutional. holder had defended it but she seemed to go a little further. on all these matters, again, great for republicans, and doesn't call her professionalism into question, but it does suggest she may be a different attorney general than holder. and finally, there's this very important question that at the end of most presidential administrations, especially in the second term, there's often a scandal, especially with a republican senate, we can ensure there will be scandal mongering. holder did have a relationship with obama, lynch does not. if the scandals themselves get fast and furious, it will be interesting to see how exactly lynch responds. >> it will be fascinating just over the next days and weeks to figure out how we're going to learn those things about loretta lynch since i think the confirmation hearings are being
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used for a totally separate purpose. she's a fascinating character. she's had an amazing career. this will be a really interesting political process to watch. it's great to have you here. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. all right. lots ahead. including a little breaking news tonight about a very visible member of the far right in this country, who appears to have just been fired, and for a surprising reason. we've got that story coming up exclusively. stay with us. you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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in one quarter than any company has ever made in the history of the earth. until now, the top record holders were all oil companies. but with an $18 billion profit over one quarter, this past quarter, apple just blew by royal dutch sell and exxon on the way to the top. beat exxon mobil's best quarterly profit by $4 billion. still, though, it felt like oil and gas companies are poor. they're just acting like it. in the united states, there have been five major pipeline spills or pipeline explosions just this month. what we just learned today about the biggest one of these spills is frickin' unbelievable. and that story is coming right up. stay with us.
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do you have excellent written and verbal communication skills? do you have individual initiative and ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people? are you adaptable to the northern plains climate? if you answered yes to all of those questions, then north dakota needs you. north dakota really, really needs you. this is a job listing for inspector for the smaller variety of pipelines that crisscross the state transferring oil and gas and saltwater and all other kinds of stuff related to drilling. there are 20,000 miles of what they call gathering pipelines, these smaller pipelines all across north dakota.
9:25 pm
20,000 miles. they estimate there will be 50,000 miles before long. the total number of people currently employed by the state to inspect those pipelines is europe. the state posted for an inspector for the larger natural pipelines. that department is doing a little better. they've got two inspector jobs and one of them's filled. so, yeah, maybe it's not that surprising to learn that one of the five pipelines that has burst so far this month in this country, the one that spilled 3 million gallons of toxic drilling brine near the town of williston, north dakota, this month, that pipeline was never inspected. it has never had an inspection, ever. north dakota's in the midst of a drilling boom. obviously oil and gas companies flooding that state in recent years. and crisscrossed with a number
9:26 pm
of pipelines big and small. i would show you a map what that looks like, particularly the small pipelines, but the small pipelines, not the big long-distance ones that transport oil and gas to be sold, but for drilling infrastructure, state officials in north dakota don't actually know where all of those ones are. because until last year, if you were installing a smallish pipeline, you didn't actually have to tell anyone. knock yourself out. last year, that rule changed, thanks to the north dakota industrial commission. here they are, the three guys who oversee the gas and oil in the state. the commission approved new rules last year that said if you install a pipeline, you do at least have to tell the state where it is. and while you're at it, you have to tell the state that the pipeline is up to code, and installed properly. in order to tell the state that, what you have to do is submit
9:27 pm
this affidavit. you just promise, you just check that box right there next to where it says, the pipeline is in compliance with state rules. that's how they ensure of course's safe. you just sign this form. and you send it off to the industrial commission. i hereby swear my pipeline is installed properly, love, rachel. that's it. that's the rule. the commission did also improve three inspectors to check on those pipelines. but again, what is it? do you have slept written and verbal communications? ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people? are you acclimatable to the northern plains climate? those three positions for inspectors have remained unfilled since last summer. the new regulations went into effect in april. the four-inch brine pipeline in williston was installed in june. funding for the inspector was approved in july. this month with no inspectors actually hired and on the job,
9:28 pm
that pipeline which has never been inspected not even once, that is the pipeline that ruptured and spilled 3 million gallons of toxic saltwater brine in the worst spill of its kind in the state's history. in those april regulations, the company that operates that pipeline, they were required to submit information to the state about what safety mechanisms were in place, but under the rules, approved by the state, that information is not available to the general public. so we can't even check to see what they said they had in place, even though all they had to do was say it, and nobody had to verify what they said was true. this is the sort of policy that exists right now around pipelines. that pipeline in north dakota, that pipeline, as i said, was one of five to rupture or explode this month alone across the country. the latest one was this one, monday, in west virginia. and in the midst of that, in the midst of all these pipelines going kablooy across the country, that the pipelines we've got, even the new ones, are not particularly well
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managed. the united states senate took action staying at work late tonight in the hopes of building more pipelines. republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell held a voteathon tonight for proposed amendments to the keystone bill, so the senate can vote on approving the keystone pipeline itself tomorrow. the argument for the pipeline, of course, is that it will create jobs, and yes, maybe it will create a handful of jobs over time. but in north dakota, right now, there are a handful of open jobs that really, really, really need to be filled whether or not they force the construction of keystone. and a 2014 top safety pick plus rating. cost of entry? a fortune. until now. hey sarah, new jetta? yup. can i check it out? maybe at halftime? introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta. isn't it time for german engineering?
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the president of the american family association telling us tonight that as of day, bryan fischer should never be described as the director for that group, or a spokesman for the group. the american family association tells us that bryan fischer is, and i quote, just a talk show host. when we asked the president what suddenly bothers them now about bryan fischer that didn't bother them all these previous years he's been saying all these things, the president of the group specifically singled out bryan fischer's comments on hitler and homosexuality, which we highlighted on this show on friday night. the american family association now says that even though bryan fischer made those remarks years ago, and has made them consistently over a period of years, they now say, quote, we reject that. the american family association rejects that. officially as of today. bryan fischer is fired as of today. as of tonight this is what you get when you go to the american
9:46 pm
family association web page, that used to feature bryan fischer. the republican party, including a chairman, the chairman of the republican party and third of the rnc members are due to go to israel with that group that just fired bryan fischer today on a flight that leaves on saturday. here's the ongoing problem for reince priebus and the national republican party. aside from the judgment it shows to put the republican national convention into bed with this group in the first place, cohen called the american family association for their report. and they called the rnc today to ask about the trip that these two groups are planning to israel together. the american family association was smart enough to not put bryan fischer, their spokesperson until today, on the phone with her. after all, after today, he's no longer a spokesman. they did, however, put her in touch with david lane, who is the american family association guy who led the bobby jindal prayer rally this weekend and
9:47 pm
who is directly organizing this event in israel, starting on saturday. and he told deborah today about the basic premise of this trip, that he is leading for the national republican party. quote, america was founded by christians, for the glory of god and the christian faith. quote, we were established as a christian nation in the name of god and for the advancement of the christian faith. if the united states is a country for christians only and the purpose of the united states is specifically to advance the faith of christians, and incidentally not jews, how does that fly in israel? let alone among american jews. and muslims. and anybody else who's not christian. anybody. what is the republican party advertising about itself to be taking this kind of a trip with this kind of a group? do they really think the firing of bryan fischer will end this story. joining us is a reporter.
9:48 pm
thank you very much for being here. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. i have to ask you about your reporting process for this story. the american family association made davis lane available to you to explain his premise for the trip. did they ever put you in touch with bryan fischer or any other member of the organization? >> no, i tried for a week to get through to them and the rnc. and got strung along for a week. finally at that point, david lane was made available to me. he runs a different group. it's called the american renewal project. it's funneled through the american family association. >> that's important to clarify. i think it's fair and the american family association would consider them to be essentially a subsidiary organization, given especially that they're housed within. david lane was also the organizer of those american family association prayer rallies we reported on previously. did the rnc give you a comment on this? >> no, they didn't. >> do you know if there's any
9:49 pm
connection between bryan fischer being fired and your inquiries around this story? >> i don't. it would be awfully nice to think so. but i have no idea. >> you gasped when i said so. >> i was surprised. because as you pointed out he's been around for a long time saying essentially the same thing for many years. so it does seem surprising that at this juncture, at this moment, he would be fired. >> can i ask you about the quote that david lane gave you? again, he's the organizer of this event with the rnc. his group is paying for a third of the members of the rnc and the chairman to go to israel. he told you, america was founded for the glory of god and the christian faith. do you have the sense that there's any cognizance that that might be a little oogy for a group traveling to israel? was he cognizant of that context? was he telling you this is going to be a controversial thing but i'm willing to -- >> no, look, we all live in our own bubbles in many ways. and this is true for that
9:50 pm
community. the community that he's part of. so he was -- he seems completely unaware of how that would play in the american jewish community. on and israel trip funded by them. other than that, i think it's beginning to roll out. we will see in the coming days. >> debra, contributing editor of, thank you for your reporting. thanks for keeping a surprised. >> my pleasure. >> all right. we will be right back. stay with us.
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for bolder caramel-ly espresso. whole milk... steamed to a sweet velvety microfoam delicately poured, so the espresso rises to the top. the perfect union of bold and sweet. simplicity is its own artistry. our lady of guadalupe run by the sisters of st. benedict. they provide for the needy. that is one great thing already. a beautiful retreat and doing good work. right under their mission
9:59 pm
statement is something that combined with the nuns is better than either could be alone football, specifically the super bowl. the monastery is about five miles from glendale, where the super bowl will be played. the nuns are psyched about that. the monastery prior -- a football fan of the highest order. when the local paper asked them about the patriots and the defensive football scandal, she had and as ready football fan opinion. she says, it doesn't make any sense that he wouldn't have known it when he felt it. a football fan and assistant have decided that if you are going to glendale to watch the super bowl, you can rent their monastery for your stay for $300 a night. a nice bed, bath and to share, free wi-fi, no smoking, no
10:00 pm
swearing. the last time, the girls made about $12,000 by renting out the monastery to fans. they put the money into the community. we asked sister >> so last night talking to a guy in the men's room about balls. tonight a nun talking about balls. i don't want the super bowl to ever come, because i don't think i can live without this subject. >> i promise to find a way to bring it up next week. >> any help you need doing that i'll help. well, we're not go


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