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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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it is 1:00 p.m. on the east coast and 12 noon in mexico city. an explosion right outside amaternity and children's hospital. we're hearing a gas tanker was behind that blast. the sheer force of it bringing down a third of the building. we've confirmed at least seven people dead more than half of those of children. another 20 people already hurt mostly by flying debris. joining me on the phone from mexico michael o boyle, correspondent for reuters. how many people are you hearing could still be inside the home and potentially at risk? >> we are not entirely sure of that. one city official has said 100 people were in the hospital at the time of the blast. now about 60 people have been accounted for, including about
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52 women and children who were evacuated immediately after the blast and plus the seven who have been reported dead. but again, we're still trying to figure out how many people were inside at the time. >> are you hearing anything from your sources about the potential cause of the explosion? >> yeah it appears to be and what officials have said this is an accident that happened when a gas truck was fueling the hospital's gas tanks. there appears to have been a leak from the hose that ran from the truck into the hospital and up to its tanks. so apparently there was an accumulation of gas in the hospital. it was somehow set off which is why we're seeing such a devastating images with a third of the hospital collapsed. >> michael o boyle of reuters stay safe. that building in very bad shape. we'll bring you updates, everybody at home. >> a deadline passed just hours ago in the middle east is sis set the deadline for jordan to
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release a prisoner a woman on death row for attempting to blow herself up inside a hotel. in exchange for her release, isis was volunteering to spare the life of a jordanian pilot. it's now past 8:00 p.m. in jordan and the country is still waiting for answers. in the final hours of negotiations we're hearing jordan demanded proof of life. beyond that no confirmed reports. jordan had been trying to secure the release of both the pilot and japanese hostage you see him there. a man claiming to be that man spoke on an isis recording overnight. take a listen. >> i'm kenji goto. this is a voice message i've been told to send to you. >> goto goes on to detail ice is' demands and his wife released a public plea hours ago. quote, i begged the jordanian and japanese governments to understand that the face of both men are in their hands. joining me here on set is ayman
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mohyeldin. what's the latest word we're getting? any confirmations to to the fate of any of the prisoners? >> not yet. we heard several hours ago from the jordanian information minister who said the jordanian government sought a proof of life. the jordanian government has been very clear, they are willing to exchange the terrorists that they have in their custody exchange for both the jordanian pilot and as well as the japanese journalist currently held by isis. >> ayman, if they did acquiesce and if this transfer went ahead, what kind of implications does that have for other potential prisoners isis may take? what will this do to shape the tactics they are using? >> it may harden their will to know they can extract concessions from these governments. although they are at war with isis they are willing to exchange this prisoner for the japanese as well as the jordanian pilot. but at the same time, there are some criticizing this decision
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saying in doing so jordan is pretty being akcquiescing negotiating with terrorists. others have released members of the taliban for a p.o.w. countries try to bring back home their soldiers. >> an extraordinarily difficult situation for any government to be in. thank you for that update. also today in the middle east, israeli government has received words hezbollah will not plan any attacks on forces. the strike on a convoy was one of the incidents we were following that happened just yesterday. two soldiers are killed in the street, sen more wounded. a funeral was held for one of the soldiers an outpouring of mourning there. epg benjamin netanyahu said the attackers will pay the price. we'll keep an eye on that. the fbi is stepping up
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investigations into twitter threats against r passenger planes. many of them made why planes were still in the air, all have landed safely. following this in washington is tom costello. tom, who do the investigators think they are looking for? >> they believe at this point it's a hoax and we have probably one or several pranksters involved here and there may also be a copycats involved. they do not believe that this is a real threat to aviation. in other words, they don't believe it's a terrorist per se but listen any time you are putting planes in a situation where they are making urgent landings and bringing out, of course the police and s.w.a.t. teams and k-9 units and isolating planes and checking planes, et cetera you run a risk there might be an accident and run a risk of some passenger maybe having a cardiac case or something like that under the stress and dur he is. we're actually told that while our own investigative unit has counted somewhere in the
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neighborhood of two dozen of these tweeted out bomb threats over the course of the past two weeks, there may be even more than that. this is clearly a priority for the fbi. the challenge for the fbi is tracking back those ip addresses associated with these tweets and whoever the twitter account holder might be and determining whether that individual did in fact send the tweet or his or her twitter account was hacked. it's not an easy challenge because we've been going for the better part of two weeks. >> tom costello we know you'll follow that investigation for us. thanks. over on capitol hill everyone is getting along and things are harmonious kidding. the senate is bracing for a major showdown on one of the most divisive proposals, keystone, set to hold a final vote finally on that controversial pipeline. that will come at 3:00 p.m. majority leader mitch mcconnell who made this vote the senate's first big priority spoke moments ago. >> >> we're hoping the president
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upon reflection will agree to sign on to a bill that the state department says could create up to 42,000 jobs and state department says creates little or no impact on the environment. >> the white house has said the president will veto any keystone bill. it's unclear whether the gop will have enough votes to override such veto. we'll have live coverage at 3:00 p.m. with the lovely ladies and gents of "the cycle." there's a much more serious one we're following, an outbreak of measles. no fatalities or serious injuries but mounting an silts in numerous states tracing back to disney parks in california. an arizona health official says up to 1,000 people in their state may have also been exposed to the virus as part of the outbreak. an interesting take on that. i'll talk to one of the most controversial proposals for
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confronting this. something making a lot of waves. he maintains it constitutes neglect to refuse to vaccinate your children. in an argument that has made headlines today but comes from an old body of literature. anti-vaccine parents could actually be held libeling. we want your take do you think parents of vaccinated children should be able to sue parents of unvaccinated children. and president obama's attorney general nominee is facing another day of grilling but no dents in loretta lynch's long impressive resume. how the daughter of a southern minister made it to capitol hill in the first place? all you need to know about what could be the country's first black female attorney general next.
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i think we have a very special nominee in front of us very skilled, very determined. but most importantly, i think she's used her life so well to be that combination of what was said by one newspaper, combination of velvet and steel. >> velvet and steel. dianne feinstein at day two of the first major confirmation hearing in front of new republican dominated senate. at issue, who will be the next attorney general? you're looking at a live shot of that confirmation hearing set to resume any minute. all about nominee loretta lynch, she's not actually there but they are hearing from witnesses throughout the day. she is a brooklyn based federal prosecutor and today's hearing
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piled on criticism of the current attorney general, eric holder but also so far not much criticism of lynch. john cornyn just said moments ago that lynch will quote likely be confirmed and added he hasn't personally decided how he's going to vote. following this, pete william. she's a fascinating figure and so far seems a striking reflection of a solid choice there in terms of political and sense. pete any surprises so far on day two? >> no day two is the very much anti-climax part of this. this is people talking about her, not her herself. people who served with her in government are talking by why they think she's a good nominee and you have academics and others criticizing the obama administration's justice department under eric holder. so i think what senator corn
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inis renflekting that she is likely to be confirmed. >> pete listen to one of the comments that has come out of the hearings. >> there's no opportunity here for attorney general holder to answer these various charges that have been made. i think that is fundamentally unjust. and i think it is frankly beneath the dignity of this committee. >> pete is the extreme focus on her predecessor if she gets that job atypical or par for the course in attorney general confirmation hearings? >> it's probably a little atypical in the sense that eric holder has had such a tough time dealing with congress and dealing with the other party, it's interesting to senator white house has suggested that there is a standard of dignity below which congress can't go. that's an interesting concept.
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we can talk about that later but -- >> a long segment, pete. >> if you think about, for example, eric holder's confirmation hearing it was mostly about him. it was not about his predecessor, it was that way for janet reno thinking about to the other attorney general nominees in the last 20 years or so, the focus has largely been on them. and i think one -- you're seeing this for two reasons, ronan, one is because they feel so strongly about the immigration policy especially and the attorney general and secondly because there's a general concept that she's going to be confirmed. there isn't much to be critical of her. you've got to be critical of something. >> that may be partly how she conducted her career she a consummate legal professional. what is the potential weak spot that could come up for her, either during these hearings or early in her job?
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>> so far she seems to be as senator feinstein said this mix of velvet and steel, unflappable. when you think of how senators lauded her family she comes from this great family where her father, her grandfather, even her brother were major players in the clergy nationally in the baptist community. so far it seems inpen trabl. they talk about her independence and dedication to the truth. so far there doesn't seem to be anything they can attack on not in her 30 years as prosecutor or her family or character. it would be tough to take her down. >> want to drill down on that family piece of it. people have been moved by her personal stories as well. listen to how she spoke about her parents yesterday. >> my mother, lor reen unable to travel here today is a retired english teacher and librarian for whom education was the key to a better life. as a young woman she refused to use segregated restrooms because they did not represent the america in which she believed.
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my father lorenzo is a fourth generation baptist preacher who in the early 1960s opened his greensbore ro church to those planning sit-ins and marches, standing with them while carrying me on his shoulders. >> dana milbank in the "washington post" wrote, even if republicans had the appetite to challenge a nominee with a life story, her lawyer made it impossible for them to land a blow. >> she's not only the tact to deflect any attacks on her but her story speaks to her being part of the american dream. the fruition of all of those people who fought for american rights and civil rights and rights of so many depleted communities across the country. her independence that she is a realization of it is dream but stands firmly on constitution. and that great american story, that's what they are hinging this on and making sure everyone understands, i'm independent and as american as you and come from a great american family.
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>> what in the world? >> three, two, one! >> yeah rodney. >> no. ♪ ah! >> in last year's promise to do anything ad the subject got a limb moe trip with models and
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this year pacman. bud light is pulling out all steps to justify a $4 million price tag for this year's ad. one of the many commercials set to air four days from now. with all of the attention on the ads, deflate-gate marshawn lynch's epic press conferences you can easily forget there's some kind of sports thing happening. ron mott is following that sports thing in glendale arizona outside the university of phoenix stadium. ron, anyone talking about the game itself at this point? >> you know ronan, the first ten days or so in the run-up in the game all we were talking about is deflate-gate but i think the air is coming out of the story, pun intended. >> i see what you did there. >> reporter: the answers aren't forthcoming so we'll table that and wait until the league pits it up and we hear something official. they are talking again about the game. everyone felt that match-up between denver and seattle would be epic and turned out to be a
10:23 am
dud of a game. seattle destroyed the broncos and seahawks hoping to destroy the patriots on sunday. the match-up is wanting to see brady's offense against the seattle defense with richard scherr monday sherman and chancellor. i think personally that's where the game is going to be decided. seep at marshawn lynch likes to do his talking on the field. this should be a good game. i've got my fingers crossed that it's not a repeat of what we saw last year. ron mott, thanks for the update and puns. >> okay. >> let's look at other stories spiking on social media. it's our super bowl ahead daily spike. according to the american institute of food distribution this sunday is the second highest food consumption event
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of the year. behind only you guessed it thanksgiving. a roundup of some of the fun facts. the country is expected to consume this sunday 14,500 pounds of chips, enough to fill 39 boeing 747s. it would be a creative form of terrorism we don't want to see. more than three wings per resident across the united states. somebody is eating more than their share. brewski total, 325.5 million gallons of beer expected to go down the hatch. equivalent of more than the flow of niagara falls for a full seven minutes. and it wouldn't be the super bowl without plenty of action in vegas. if you have creative options you can bet on they are called prop bets. whether idina will go over two minutes one second while singing the national anthem. the more the better with her,
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? breaking news images that just came in this moment a small passenger plane that you're looking at that had to make an emergency landing just
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now, moments ago in west mil ford new jersey. landing in the middle of a highway, stopping traffic cold. we're following reports of this right now and we're hearing there are no injuries as of now but a striking image there. we'll bring you any news that comes out of that. we're also following a dark story and one that reveals a lot about a bigger problem on campuses around the nation today. frustration growing right now at the university of virginia. this as the latest scandal hits its greek life. sorority sisters have been ordered by national offices to skip fraternity parties this weekend. nominally to protect their safety and well being. some students aren't taking it that way. they say ordering women to stay at home isn't a solution it's victim blaming. this controversy comes at a particularly sensitive moment for uva. greek life was just reinstated two weeks ago following the gang rape allegations made in a discredited "rolling stone"
10:31 am
article. erika hill weekend today anchor is following this. >> reporter: the reaction on campus and online has been strong and pretty swift. many of the sorrity roarty women would not speak to us on camera because they fear a backlash. they are calling this mandate annoying shocking frustrating and yet they say they do plan to comply because of that fear of backlash. there are plenty of other people speaking out and talking to us on camera posting comments online. some of the fraternities and student council members telling us in many ways this sends a message that these fraternity houses are still not safe. this after all greek organizations on campus had to agree to new safety rules involve being parties, things like no mixed drinks and three sober brothers at every event. rules agreed to by all fraternities and sore rories as a measure of being reinstated.
10:32 am
they feel this mandate negates those rules and sets them back. for its part the school is reiterating it did not have a hand in the mandate and also expressing confidence in its students' abilities to adhere by the rules they agreed to for all greek events and also confidence in their students' abilities to make sound decisions for themselves and for their friends. as this backlack continues, the signatures on the petition online are growing and we'll continue to monitor it for you as you can imagine the story here far from over. >> erika hill with that story. joining me no is gloria allred won a $1.3 million settle in july for five sex assault victims at the university of connecticut. gloria you know it well thank you for being here. whads your take on this ban? does it punish women instead of dealing with underlying problems? >> absolutely. it's a sexist ban. after all, they say they are doing it for safety concerns and
10:33 am
it's about risk management and maybe for the national chapters of the soreoritysorority, it is about not wanting to be sued if in fact they -- something happens to their sorority sister. it is sexist. what's next? are they going to see sorority sisters need to walk around with bags over their heads or fully covered as in certain middle eastern countries. if there's a safety concern, what about the young men in the fraternities? don't they also have issues of safety if they are around people who in fact are ingesting too much alcohol or narcotics or both? there are issues of alcohol on campus and things getting out of control and people have too much alcohol. let's not take it out on the sorority sisters. that's plain wrong. >> the question many are asking in response to this why not have the men involved both
10:34 am
those at risk and those who could be potential perpetrators in these situations be the ones that stay home. it's a difficult case here. we mentioned one that sparked a lot of outrage. erika just commented on the petition and another petition says the solution is not long term realistic or sustainable. the mandate suggestses that women should not and cannot exist in certain spaces. having brought cases of a similar nature to court and having seen this around the country, what are solutions that work better than this that you've seen in action on campuses? >> by the way, it's interesting that the university is suggesting that it didn't have anything to do with this. my guess is it doesn't want to be accused of a title nine violation, sex discrimination against the female students. what are the solutions? i think that there needs to be more education of both the young women, college students and the young men. and i do think there needs to be more controls over what goes on
10:35 am
at both fraternity and sorority parties in terms of alcohol use, narcotics use and the monitoring of it and there needs to be more safety for everyone not just the young women. >> i think we can all get behind that call. gloria allred always a pleasure. >> an update on another story of injustice and sexual violence we've been following for some time. megan ebos we brought you on the call to action on the backlog of rape kits is one step closer to sue the city and county that failed to test her kit. a judge denied a motion by the city of memphis and shelby county tennessee to dismiss megan's case against them. megan and two other women are suing those officials allegedly recklessly handled their rape kit. when hers was tested after nine cases it was linked toy a serial
10:36 am
rapist who raped others. the deputy city attorney told us after we reached out to them we do not comment on pending litigation september to say we'll vigorously defend the city's interest in court. the big picture here 400,000 rape kits sitting untested to this day according to the department of justice. and whom do you blame when your child gets a dangerous disease. in the midst of the latest measles outbreak, some are pointing the finger at the parents who refuse to vaccinate kids putting other kids at risk. should the parents actually get hauled into court? that controversial proposal is right after this.
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10:40 am
confirm d cases in 11 states and mexico. word that 200 more people may have also been exposed in california and arizona are also just coming in. some high schools are banning students temporarily if they haven't been immunized. a lot of panic around the country right no about in. in the midst of those fears about the outbreak one particularly controversial proposal has gone well viral so to speak. using the courts to punish parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids. one of the most prominent arguments to that effect drawn from a 2013 piece by art caplin who argued there is a scientific and legal foundation for bringing charges against nonvaccinators for the harm they do proposal civil liability and not harming out criminal liability for those parents. professor caplin joins me now. you originated this idea in a 2013 article. it's been a while now and yet
10:41 am
making headlines everywhere today we have a forbes headline sue parents who didn't vaccinate, absolutely. it's been on all of the shows today. why do you think it struck such a nerve at this particular time? >> the measles outbreak is out of control and not over yet. it's clearly due to the choice not to vaccinate. people said i want to choose whether i vaccinate or not. that's great but you have to be held accountable for consequences. if you bring your kid to disney land and don't vaccinate or day care there's a probably good chance you'll fekt someone with the measles. we take measles lightly, probably one in 1,000 die from measles and 1 in 100 get hospitalized. it's a serious -- >> not something any parents wants. >> if you make my kid sick why shouldn't i take the same attitude as let's say you smoke and make me sick because i have asthma. you can smoke all you want in your home but can't do it in the restaurant or blow your smoke
10:42 am
over to me. you don't vaccinate, stay home home school don't bring your kid around my kid because my kid could get sick. >> the difference being that there are people who refuse to vaccinate for religious reasons or medical beliefs in our respects. do you have concerns about this kind of atmosphere that would be created by essentially mandating these vaccines? >> we've been trying to educate people against vaccines and we've been up against it where i wouldn't give my information but keep saying autism and dangerous and risky. >> are you implying jenny mccarthy is not a licensed medical professional? >> i would rather get my information from a doormat than from jenny mccarthy about vaccines but whatever -- >> tell us how you really feel. >> if you look at the situation, you're going to be out there trying to educate, still we have the measles outbreak and mumps outbreaks and whooping cough, all of these diseases due to
10:43 am
anti-vaccinations anti-vaccinations. make your choice but choice has responsibility. act in and irresponsible way by bringing your unvaccinated kid in front of others get held accountable. >> how would a legal case of the type contemplate the in your paperwork? >> we already know that you can track the measles outbreak in disneyland back to a particular situation or person. in other instances there's -- there are people out there who's kids have cancer and can't be vaccinated. they know if you come in the house and pick up the measles from the visitor, it has to be your kid so to speak. you need causation. you need to be able to trace it and be able to show harm. could you get it really to criminal liability and send parents off to jail who didn't vaccinate? i doubt it. civil penalties and fines? i think so. >> what about the role of the states. all 50 states allow vaccine exemptions if you have a deep
10:44 am
belief, mississippi for religious beliefs specifically. the issue is where the nonvaccination trend is growing like in california and the county where this originated. there are these philosophical concerns, 19 states highlighted here on this map. the blue states there, allow those so-called personal belief exemptions. could those states be held libel in the kind of -- >> they could and this is also a time for state legislators to take a look and say, it's not just making other people sick it cost a ton of money to trace who has been in contact and quarantines and much worse than the cost of ebola. toughen up the exemptions. how many religions opposed to vaccines? outside of christian science? none. basically you have parents who get info off the internet or false beliefs. i don't see the basis for an exemption unless you have a
10:45 am
health reason. >> we've covered this extensively with you and others it is very difficult to find a medical professional who would come down on the side of the anti-vaccinators. >> there may be one out there, and just the same as one touting the flat earth. worldwide measles vaccine in tunisia and madagascar higher rates than us. doctors everywhere believe in vaccines and know what the diseases do when they get out of control. we have to get in step. i would like to do it persuasively, but it takes the law, i'm ready to go there. >> this is such a hot button issue because it is parents fearing for their kids. but certainly we also understand parents who are worried because their kids are being exposed to unvaccinated children. thank you so much for your time on this and thank you for the inevitable fielding of hate mail that will happen after this. >> send it to me. >> we understand the tensions
10:46 am
but it's an important point you're making. we asked you what your thoughts were on this very contentious issue. do you think people should be allowed to sue other people who choose not to vaccinate their kids 62% say yes, they should be allowed to sue. 38%side new york city that proposepro -- it's 58 to 42 the results are updating in real time. that's the latest count. an exclusive on the ground look in the war against isis. is the u.s. fighting side by side with iran? keep it right here. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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this week the pentagon made it very clear that air power alone is not going to defeat isis in iraq. partners on the ground are going to be the key in this new strategy the administration has. who exactly are those partners?
10:50 am
one force involved may surprise you. iranian backed shiite militias, bloomberg reporting that they are getting u.s. weapons and supplies supplies like american like american a-1 tanks. michael kay knows this issue well. he's a foreman senior british officer who's served three tours in iraq and spent time in syria. he's also an msnbc contributor. tell me about the significance of iran's proxy forces in this conflict. >> i think the context we really need to understand first is we have to go back to 1982 which is when the beta organization, which is effectively the most prominent iranian-backed shiite militia, came into prominence and started having influence in iraq. that took iraqi shiites that have been exiled under saddam hussein's regime and funded and backed them and helped them influence in order to support the shia oppression if you like. fast forward to 2003 after the
10:51 am
invasion, then what happened is the beta organization moved into iraq because of the increasing sectarian divide under the prime minister maliki who's now gone. i think one of the big issues of why we're seeing the prominence now is if we go back to last year when we saw the iraqi army crumble under the isis attack. that, then effectively gave the people on the ground no security blanket, and that's why the beta organization, which is the shia-backed organization has come more into prominence of late. it's because they are the security blanket that are protecting shias within iraq from isis attacks. >> it's an odd set of bedfellows emerging in the theater there. our partners at voktive got a close-up look at this. they embedded with one of those iranian-backed militias and took a look at how their fight is contributing to the broader fight against isis. take a look at this everybody. [ gunfire ]
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ [ explosion ] [ gunfire ]
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10:55 am
>> back with us now, former british officer michael kay. michael, how does this fit into the broader strategy the obama administration is pursuing here? >> great question ronan. if you look at syria and what's going on there, there's mounting evidence hezbollah are fighting alongside the assad regime. i think it's something that's spreting. more broadly from that if we go back into history, i'm not kind of sure there's any real evidence to suggest that backing rebels has succeeded in the longer term. the real reason we were talking in the break is because you have to fuse the military with the political in order to get any stability in the country after a conflict. that's the big thing. nailing down militias and rebels to actually get some storm form of loyalty on the political side. that's always very problematic.
10:56 am
>> that is a damning historical fact. thank you so much. before we go we wanted to bring you new pictures just coming in now of that children's hospital in mexico damaged, as you may recall, in a tanker explosion today. this video taken by a witness at the scene in mexico city. the latest this hour seven confirmed dead. among them four children. and they are still searching the rubble for more victims. we're going to keep following this for you and bring you any developments that happen on the ground there. but for now, that wraps up today's "rf daily." thank you so much for joining. my colleague joy reid is up next with yet another fabulous story. more on these developing stories after this short break. don't go away. but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths
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we begin "the reid report" with breaking news out of mexico city. at least seven people including four children, were killed in a gas tank explosion outside a
11:00 am
maternity and children's hospital. 52 people were rescued and about 25 are being treated for injuries. the powerful explosion sent a column of smoke billowing over the area and leveled much of the hospital. the city's civil defense sector said that it's very likely there are people still buried in the rubble. a senior correspondent with our news partner global post is at the scene and joins me now by phone. tell us what is happening at the scene right now. are there expected to be more people found injured inside that hospital? >> yeah, complete chaos outside the hospital right now. we've got all kinds of crews trying to get their way in. rescue crews, also soldiers marines, and police. a lot of family members are here. i just spoke to a father whose wife just birthed in the hospital just a couple of days ago. they're trying to find out what has happened to their


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