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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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right now. from dipped toes to way up on the high dive. the waters of 2016 are ready for testing. it's thursday january 29th, and this is now. >> the presidential candidate will go forward with whatever agenda she has. or he. >> hillary clinton's unofficial campaign is on cruise control. >> she's considering delaying her campaign until july. >> what's the rush? >> she's announcing she is running against who? >> it would be good for the country. country. >> some would argue she needs the competition. mitt romney is down in mississippi. >> taking shots at hillary clinton. >> it's clear he wants to run. he's certainly not taking his foot off the presidential speculation gap. >> one thing he's trying to focus on is the authentic mitt romney.
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>> is that the problem? he was too stiff? >> it could be when the american public in 2012 h they didn't like his policies. not about how he talked about his policy portfolio. >> in just about one hour president obama will depart the white house, bound to the house democrats issues retreat in philadelphia. but as lawmakers huddle with the president to plot a winning strategy on policy many democrats are plotting how to win the white house in 2016. and for presumptive presidential hopeful hillary clinton, that means apparently taking her sweet time to launch a campaign. politico reports that clinton is considering delaying the formal launch of the perspective bid until july. three months later than originally planned. the thinking goes there is more risk than reward in getting into the glare of the spotlight too early. which may be why clinton has reduced her public squej of lathe. with just four skjed public
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appearances tweens mid-december and march. if clinton is shying away from the limelight? not so so for mitt romney. romney alleged she pressed a reset button for russia. romney further mocked clinton's speech saying i'm not thinking about the peekspeaking fees i will earn. if you've not already heard. i'm rich. yeah, yef heard. romney has company. among them, south carolina senator lindsey graham who announced he's launching the security through strength political committee to quote, test the waters for a presidential bid. waters that are indeed getting choppy. joining me now is the former chair of dnc, governor and governor, i love segments like this. governor dean okay. delaying the announce -- the
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formal announcement of the campaign for three months. is it a good idea or a bad idea? s. >> first of all, consider the source. so far it's gossip. we haven't heard anything from the campaign. we haven't heard anything about running yet. right? >> technically. >> however, this is what we do. it's gossip, right? so it's it's true, it's smart. so far she's reasonably unchallenged. the calculation is why should i be exposed to all the hurly burly of the campaign that i don't need to be? it sounds smart to me. >> but i guess there is -- and this is something that unnamed clinton campaign sources did not bring up. there is the worry of a sense of coronation. she may be running unopposed. she needs to have the appearance of working for it.
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>> let me start off by saying the british elect their national government in a six-week campaign. zblf the british are better than us. >> hillary clinton is doing the people in a favor in shortening the madness. that's number one if if she delays until july. what i would urge senator clinton, secretary clinton to do is announce the formation of an exploratory committee like governor bush. and then go on a listening tour that she did so well when she began her campaign for the united states senate of new york. people said she was a carpet bagger. she greased the issue by just going out and not telling people what she wanted to do. but listening to new yorkers and particularly upstate new york who haven't listen beeneded to in a while about what the needs were. what the concerns were. and i think it's working for her. it's unusual for a politician to
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listen and take notes and digest what people are saying. they're still taking shots at her. she's really gone under the radar screen. so i would like to see her work for it a little bit by doing what she did so well in new york. replicating that. go on a national listening tour. >> i feel like to gov nor rendell's point. it's a important part of the candidacy. one of the most alarming pieces about the news, if it is news if it is news and not just gossip, she may not have to debate anybody. this is imperative that she debates. >> i totally agree with ed. don't you think people are sick of these campaigns? we barely got through the last campaign? >> i think there's a difference between a campaign and a debate. >> okay. sometimes she'll debate. debate is not responding in person to something some candidate who lost twice in mississippi says every caddy remark they make.
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you have your press secretary respond to that. that's exactly what she is going to do. >> she doesn't have to respond to all the nonsense. mitt romney is respectable. donald trump is taking shot at her. you want her to have to respond to that? >> that's just the the-- donald trump should never get a serious response to that. >> you guys made him serious. >> i don't know about that. i don't know that. >> he led the polls for a week during the last republican primary. >> right. >> this is a smart idea. if it's true. i think she's doing the smart thing. i think people are going to be seeing plenty of hillary clinton. they have for the last 25 years. they're going to see plenty of her in the campaign. yes, reporters will like that. they know her. she's been the most admired woman in america for six years
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in a row or something like that. think think this is a good move if it's true. >> i will say, governor. this is probably something we should have started the segment with. is there any doubt in your mind she is running for president? >> there is less and less every day. i have to say. >> and governor rendell. we have breaking news here. that jeb bush has lowered his likely campaign manager, according to the des moines register. it has been confirmed. so jeb bush has already the makings of his campaign. hillary has ha shadow campaign. there was talk that if jeb ran, maybe hillary would think about not running. do you think that is no longer relevant? >> no longer relevant at all. she will decide if she wants to be the president of the united states. i believe she does. i believe she'll be a great president. she'll run at her own timing. but i think the point you make, alex, it's a good one.
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but in a general election campaign. there's ample debates. literally every day is a the debate. the american people will hear hillary clinton respond to the issues over and over again. even if it's a short eight or nine-month campaign by american standards. zblf fair enough. i get the point. short eight or nine months. to mitt romney and his new romney 3.0. apparently the unvarnished mitt. i do think he has a point here. the worst moments were mitt romney. the ones where he was unscripted being mitt romney. so why the thinking that if the he just talks off the cuff it's going to somehow be better for mitt romney? >> this is a guy who really wants to be president. for some reason he changed his mind. i don't know what it was. i think he did it because he realized it's still a competitive flame. he has to get out there because
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jeb bush was out there. you cannot let jeb bush get a head start. my theory is this is good for the republican party. mitt romney is a former nominee. he knows what he's doing. jeb bush knows what he's doing. you have two real heavyweights. the last campaign was a disaster. >> you had all underbrush. the different leaders of the polls every week. >> we say that except there are like a thousand people running potentially. >> none of them have the reach of either former nominee of the party. >> governor rendell, let me ask you about lindsey graham into the race. some people say he's running for president to make rand paul's life that much more complicated in 2016. what's your thinking about the motivation here?
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>> well you know i think lindsey graham looks -- an average point about governor bush and mitt romney being the adults in the room is a good point. it hasn't clept them from rolling up. you still have donald trump. you have sarah palin. and there's going to be a battle to see who is the right wing the tea party candidate. and that tea party candidate is going to come into the primaries with a lot of strength. and it's going to be a battle. i don't think it's necessarily governor romney or governor bush. and lindsey graham probably looks at the field and says hey, i might straddle the establishment can't. and a little bit of the tea party camp. and maybe i can sneak through. i don't think he's running just to make rand paul's life difficult. let ne tell you, and howard you know this better than anybody. running for anything is hard. running for governor mayor, but running for president is really
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hard. you don't do that to screw pup somebody else's life. >> it is the same article in fox notes lindsey graham is known as lindsey grahamnesty. he's not seen as a standard bearer for the tea party in the far right wing. >> yeah, but this early it doesn't hurt to have your name among the great mentioners. this field is completely unformed. i mean there's probably 15 or 20 names out there. i'm guessing especially if bush and romney are both in. i'm guessing five or six get to -- the starting gate. which is what happened last year. you know the debate season was pretty bad. but by the time iowa rolled around, there was not that many candidates that were viable. >> the inevitable separating. >> it is. >> well let me say that, i don't know if it's a an influence on republican voters. i'm for ted cruz and sarah palin. >> we didn't know ted kroou
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began his sfrukt with ed rendell as the communications director. >> go, ted, go. >> this is like the third time you've said go ted, go on the governor. don't think the cruz campaign has not noticed. >> he's going to cruise to the nomination. >> maybe so. governor howard dean and governor rendell. it's always good to see you. after the break, three former homeland security secretaries. intludcludeing two republicans are calling for a clean funding bill for the department that protects america. will the house gop listen? plus, tom brady could win a fourth super bowl ring this sunday. that does not mean he knows the address of his apartment. and later, soon you may not be able to present certain lyrics. i will explain ahead on now.
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i cannot print money. i cannot appropriate money. we need a continued partnership can congress. we need fiscal year 2015 appropriations bill. the clock to february 27 is ticking. in these times, the homeland security budget of this government should not be a political football. >> the clock is ticking. that was secretary of homeland security jeh johnson this morning quite literally pleading with congress to pass a bill to fund his agency. an agency whose funding is pretty important considering it
1:17 pm
is responsible, among other things for protecting the nation from terrorist attacks. the reason why, the republicans are using it as a political tool to oppose the president's exec action on immigration. only if the president's actions on undocumented imgrants and dreepers are repeals. the senate is expected to bin the debate next week. today two republicans and one democrat called on the senate to pass a clean funding bill. at the house democratic retreat, president obama is also expected to call on republicans to approve a clean bill. whether the gop will listen is anyone's guess. just moments ago the republican controlled senate passed another equally contested bill. the one to i proveapprove the keystone pipeline. washington bureau chief for
1:18 pm
time, michael scherer. let me start with you. how do you see the looming fight? how do you see that going in the end? >> the administration is going to end. this is a stone cold losing hand for the republicans. you're talking about the agency of the government that protects the homeland. and much of homeland security is treated as emergency personnel that is funded even if there's no appropriations bill. the only consequence would be some of them wouldn't get paid. that's not a good position for republicans to be in. the leaders know it. mitch mcconnell is going to try to find a way out of it. i suspect we're in a frosz until february 27th of republicans trying to figure out how exactly they back down. >> yeah that's the question michael. when the romney bus passed and the dhs funding was set to
1:19 pm
expire, a choice made by republicans on february 27th. everyone at the time said what is the upshot in doing this? you just basically live to fight the same fight another day. and if -- the conservative base is more riled up. >> yeah it's the same old story. people who want to be able to go home and win a primary. and the interest of a party as a whole. john is right. m like the big government shutdown two years ago. they may get something small. obama will not give up his exec order or his executive action in
1:20 pm
this area. and republicans will walk away having showed now for the third or fourth time this year that they don't have control of their members, something both boehner and mcconnell were promising to turn the page on. >> i want to get to the point that they have voted to pass the keystone pipeline. the bill was passed 62-36. this is something the president said he would veto. perhaps not on substance but in terms of process. bennett, carper mccaskill warner, none of these democratic votes are a surprise to the white house. are we expecting a veto? >> i am expecting a veto of the bill.
1:21 pm
i can see the president approving the keystone pipeline. some money for clean energy. some carbon offset by the canadian government or by the u.s. congress. ways in which he could walk away and say, look this isn't a huge deal either way. economically or environmentally. but i got something for it. john boehner could lose the no hope members of the base or the no caucus that are going to be against it no matter what funding the department. he has more of a majority to play with now. >> michael, john brings up a point about concessions and a back and forth over some of these things. i think some people think are foregone conclusions.
1:22 pm
how much room is there to compensate reltsing to sequester cuts that the president has brought up and says he wants the to reverse? >> each of those is different. the president will decide. and the question is whether he wants to worry about helping the democrats in the next coming years or worry about his legacy 20, 30 years from now. this is a reverse of the immigration bill. the key tone vote is a bad one for democrats. people don't see it as a big issue. democrats are playing to a core base constituency and are losing an argument in public every time keystone is talked about. about whether jobs is should be the number one priority right now.
1:23 pm
this confuses the argument they want to make. this is about our future and we can have a prosperous economy while moving towards a greener economy. >> iowa alex on immigration, i think in a ridiculous way, we're moving towards a comprehensive immigration reform. that is going to stand. the president will not give that up. and republicans can move border security stuff. if they pass that to the parking light, you the look at this as both sides of the big bill we thought possible in the congress. >> we have a full tweet of your screen. the difference between the president's executive action and comprehensive reform on
1:24 pm
deportations and a pathway to citizenship. it's a big gap? >> that's why it's ridiculous. there's so many things in the government that if we were doing them rationally we would do them much differently. nevertheless, i think we're getting to some approximation of the goals that we had talked about. >> it's the goldberg version of a car. >> yes. >> i'll leave everybody with that. john harwood and michael scherer. good to see you. thanks a lot. we want to update you on a developing situation in the netherlands. a gunman broke into the studios of a national broadcaster. it's approximately 20 miles east of amsterdam. the man interrupted the news broadcast with a list of demands, including he asked to speak on air. minutes later he was arrested by police.
1:25 pm
>> fortunately no shots were fired and no reports of injuries. according to the ap one reporter who spoke to the man claimed to be from a hacker's collective. more than ten months after malaysia air flight 370 disappeared, officials are calling off the search for survivors. we will tell you why next. business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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survivors will end. families will receive compensation from the airline. the serge for the wreckage in the southern indian ocean, however, continues. four vessels are searching the sea floor with so nar technology. since the search began ten months ago, 5,000 miles of ocean floor has been searched and more than 5,000 miles of the the area has been surveyed. with just three days to go until the super bowl and the puppy bowl tom brady is battling ball ghazi and his immune system. more on that ex-. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪ process critical information and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us.
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gas heaters or stoves. all creamy dips and barbecue sauces should be placed in checked bags and not the carry-on. and this after they were reminded not to bring their drones to a signature event. where one of the two star quarterbacks is in the middle of a scandal and happens to have a cold. >> i expect 300% on sunday. it's amazeing sitting here and thinking this is the sixth time i'll be doing this. it's really a privilege. i'm hoping we can finish it off with a great win on sunday. >> with speculation aswirl about deflategate and his immune system, mark is trying to unlock the mystery of tom brady in this week's "new york times" magazine cover story. he calms a lot of people babe.
1:34 pm
male and female. he also says awesome a lot. he has no real hobbies. he includes greens like kale and collards when whenever he's asked to name his favorite super bowl win, his reply is the next one. joining me now is chief national kor responsible, author of this town, mark it's good to see you. >> alex, it's good to be here. my immune system is back. i've been hitting the weight room. i've been waiting all week for this. here is tom brady. a man america celebrates and adores. some people don't like him. but he's a figure in the national spotlight. do you foal like you unlocked the midwestry? >> yes, i unlocked the entire mystery. i thought tom brady was
1:35 pm
shallowly drawn between the two competing narratives between the ultimate underdog everyone doubted him every step of the way to the most envied man in america. married to a super model, rich, the best athlete in america. all of these are true. so look when you go to a project like this what new can i say that hasn't been done to death? but i think for someone as well known as him, there was a lot to work with. he was quite inciteful. zbr i got to ask because this piece is incredibly timely not just because of the super bowl but because we're talking about the patriots and what they will do to win. he's not been transparent about whether he had anything to do with the footballs being deflated to a certain degree. when you first heard about that having interviewed tom brady as
1:36 pm
you have, what was your thinking? >> it was purely selfish. this can screw up the whole piece. i got to rekri this. will he be suspended? these are very narrow journalistic things. i talked to him last wednesday. the day before his press conference. he sounded nervous. he sounded baffled about the whole thing. i think, you know maybe he was acting. but he did sound sort of confused at anything wrong had gone on. which speaks to this either being standard operating procedure within the league within the team, or nothing really happening. at the worst i would put this on the level of a parking ticket. ultimately it blew up and was a huge story. >> one of the most surprising things about the piece is tom brady is hailed as the american every man. in a sport with deep roots in both red and blue states but seen as generally american.
1:37 pm
and tom brady breathes a very rarefyied air. more rarefied than most air. his idea of a treat is avacado ice cream. he drinks water only out of blue bottles because of the healing properties. i mean he is into some serious new aging out there stuff. >> in fairness gisele is into the blue bottles directed to sunlight thing. be no he said quite honestly look,ive a caravan coming through here. the chef came in. the nannies were coming in. and the people finishing his mansion were coming in. he said i can live a work aholic existence. and we can have all this taken care of. i think he recognizes the rarity of it. he's also doing this in the service of protecting his body at a stage in life that most people in the nfl never think about.
1:38 pm
that's the weird dash for immortality that he's going for that's secondary from winning the super bowl. >> the immortality piece is a huge thread in terms of the thesis of the story. for someone who is a football god, there's not a lot of trappings of the sporting life in his house or around him. in terms of the chest tlumping about his accomplishments, that seems to be absent. >> he's a very humble guy. he struck me as down to ertd very smart guy. he could talk medicine or physical health. he could talk about a lot of stuff on a very high level. you think he would go to medical school at a person point. he had a hall of fame that moat athletes have. he would have a bunch of pictures. he had one picture of joe montana, who was his idol. he had a pro bowl helmet. he said i know.
1:39 pm
my wife took over the decorating. so yeah the guy loves football. he wants to keep playing football. he may confront a real boid after he stops playing football which is part of the reason he is desperate to continue this as long as possible. >> soim void you had to confront. are they going to win? >> yeah they are. they are. as a patriots fan, i'm purely partisan. >> right. i think it would be a really really good game. i think deflategate is nonsense. >> that's deflated my enthusiasm for deaf gait. >> i think they're more interested in the super bowl than there has been in a long time. but we'll see. this is the funnest assignment that i've had in a long time. >> and it is clearly required reading before you get your fingers sticky with nacho cheese on sunday.
1:40 pm
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the haters apparently are going to hate. taylor swift, record smashing grammy pop star taylor swift, moved to trademark five phrases from her latest album 1999. here is the trademark application for the phrase this sick beat. other phrases. nice to meet you. where you been? . could you show incredible things. and party like it's 1989. trademarking party like it's 1989 is kind of ironic considering the phrase itself is already a rip off of a prince lyric from 20 years earlier.
1:48 pm
i digress. napkin holders, whalebone and nonmedicated toiletries. the move would prevent third parties from profiting off swift's work without explicit permission and make swift the first artist ever to trademark a lyric. but if this week's billboard charts are an indication, swift does not need the money. as of friday 1989 has sold over 4 million copyiescopies. the first album since taylor swift's last album. joining me now is cohost of msnbc "the cycle" and allen light. guys, what is going -- ari, is this going to hold up in court? >> yeah this can work. it can be legal. whether it's a good idea is a separate question. it's something that people get frustrated in trademark and
1:49 pm
copyright law. it's the feeling everything is capitalistically protected in very restrictive ways. which does something that artists don't want to do. which is sometimes bottle up parts of their music that they want to spread. that they want to be shared. >> that way on the whale bone. what if a taylor swift fan did want to put this sick beat on a t-shirt without violating the law? this kind of trademark application accept it. it makes that bard illegal for the fan to do. >> taylor took her music off spotify. this one feels more egregious or out there or more of a statement. >> well, it's a different statement certainly. i think it's consistent. i think right now what taylor is responding to is the sense of
1:50 pm
control and empowerment. and that's the kind of thing that, you know fans could be really turned off by the notion. instead they said yes, we support that this should be a commercial transaction and brought it in numbers. i think there's an understanding if someone is going to profit from her work it should be her. and we'll see, she's saying look, you are the ones making these popular. you are putting these in the common long waj, and why should some other party profit is somebody is going to make -- now what i think ari said what's promotional and what's exploiteded. just expressing their love of taylor. but she is so finally tuned.
1:51 pm
she's tuned to her fans at such a fine frequency, that i think she'll be able to present this as listen, this is just about an artist should be in control of the way they're put out into the world. but paris hilton manageded to trademark "that's hot." michael buffer trademarked "let's get ready to rumble." someone is going to say something. powerful people have a case to be made for the use of a slogan they have made popular or relevant. joe schmo couldn't get a trademark on a saying. >> some barbecue sauce company owns rolling stones barbecue sauce. they have jumped on clearly
1:52 pm
somebody else's brand and found a way. zbr so there are exceptions. but to your early wrer point, ari. it feels like a class issue. or there's a socio cultural dynamic here. intp depend of taylor and her ability to communicate makes people uneasy. >> i think you're right. and the problem is it has become so skewed towards a certain type of capitalist culture. so capitalism helps spread it. it's also community and sharing. and so online if you look at creative commons. it was invent sod people could share certain things they createded in a way that didn't drive towards profits. with her lyrics and the feminism that she has, she ha to be careful in the long run. no one is saying you should be able to steal her songs. but does every line need to be protecteded so people can't play with it? >> this is a potential pandora's box, right?
1:53 pm
if taylor swift is able to do this. it sets the wheels in motion for sampling. you have to license each sample in the song. >> and i think we're in a transformative moment where on one hand there's a sense for much of the world that everything should be shared for freer. everything that goes out digitally can go anywhere and be any place. then wait. what is the appropriate compensation. and if i'm going to defend taylor, look i think she's got to be sensitive about somebody who is so pro-fans and watching them be creative and run with the things she's putting out there and all the things she say says that she likes. she would say it's for those of us at the top who can set the precedence that a struggling artist can't do this stuff. >> party like it's 1989. that's crazy.
1:54 pm
that's prince's line. >> yeah. where i would disagree is we're not talking about the work itself. we're talking about their ability to play with and remix. if you look on youtube and the the blogs, it's creative content people are adding to and engage engaging. she is saying no i need to proactive i trademark this. i'm going to prevent that and it doesn't need to be that way. >> someone who plays taylor swift music at home. in conclusion i'm going to say this sick beat. this sick beat. this sick beat until somebody sues me. it's good to see you guys.
1:55 pm
>> this is fun. thank you very much. you can catch ari weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on msnbc. coming up 2 chainz has already made the billboard top 100 chart. this is a music show haul the sudden. can he make it onto a mayoral ballot? that's is next. uh, and i know my iq. okay. uh, and i know-uh-i know what blood type i have. oh, wow! uh huh, yeah. i don't know my credit score. you don't know your credit score? --i don't know my credit score. that's really important. i mean -- i don't know my credit score. don't you want to buy a, ever? you should probably check out credit karma, it's free. credit? karma?
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1:59 pm
college park. namely he does not live there. but the current mayor, who has been mayor of the town for 20 years has already come out swinging. he says i'm a country western guy. i don't listen to wrap. we didn't think he was a rapper. 2 chainz has already a fairly developed platform. he supports reducing the deficit, easing the war on drugs and allowing ex-felons to vote. >> you cook what is the thing you cook? >> i have the ring. i make sure to wash up. and get my cutting board out. >> [ laughter ] >> get all my seasonings out and all that. i like cooking with olive oil and things of that nature.
2:00 pm
i like cooking for women. >> indeed. that's all for now. "the ed show" is up next. >> good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. we're at work tonight, and i'm steaming mad but i got a smile on my face because that's what i'm supposed to do. just moments ago the united states senate voted 62-36. this was the scene at the united states senate. only 36 democrats voted no on the keystone xl pipeline. so mitch mcconnell and the republicans, they got what they wanted in the senate. they got a yes vote. but what a sad moment for democrats if they're concerned about climate changes to me no amendment is worthy of a democratic vote.


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