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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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nature. i like cooking for women. >> indeed. that's all for now. "the ed show" is up next. >> good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. we're at work tonight, and i'm steaming mad but i got a smile on my face because that's what i'm supposed to do. just moments ago the united states senate voted 62-36. this was the scene at the united states senate. only 36 democrats voted no on the keystone xl pipeline. so mitch mcconnell and the republicans, they got what they wanted in the senate. they got a yes vote. but what a sad moment for democrats if they're concerned about climate changes to me no amendment is worthy of a democratic vote. no amendment could be placed on
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the table if the democrats are serious about climate change. i get this as number one, the democrats can be bought. seriously, they're not serious about climate change. they're only lukewarm. lukewarm. so in other words, they're not jumping in the lake. they only got their toe in there. this is not good. when you look at keystone what amendment out there is worthy of bringing the dirtiest oil on the face of the earth to market that will not enhance your pocketbook at all? but it will enhance the pocketbooks of the koch brothers. the very people funding citizens united and working blind that law to make sure they take down the progressive movement in the country. so we have 36 democrats who can't be bought and we have some dcs who say, well you know, the pipeline is going to get built anyway. no it's not. not so fast.
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you can't rationalize absolutes. we are facing we are on the tip f o of the iceberg of serious things happening in the climate. maybe we're not really that serious about climate change. there are conditions that can be set where we can bet bugt and we'll just it to the next generation. where is the victory here? there st no victory. there's no victory for consumers either. so now this will go back to committee. it's going to end up on the president's desk. the president will have to veto it. we think. now it's time for the white house to really draw a line in the sand on keystone. as i have reported i went down to nebraska this pags weekend and enterprised the story on okay, who is in the middle of this? it's the landowners. the land owners who can't be
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bought. they told me on tape over the weekend they can't be bought the way the united states said it was bought today. amendment after amendment after amendment. finally they get a yes vote on keystone. it's not worth it. the landowners taking it to the court and so it's not slam dunk yet. it's a sad day for if democrats. it's a sad day for the progressive movement in the country. we can all say trs cocktail hour in the city of brother i love. we got that out of the way. we don't zr to worry about the liberals at keystone. how democrats are in the second way of their retreat. they're planning the agenda for the new congress. good for them. president obama will be speaking to the house democrats later tonight. he's going to talk a lot about the economy and what he's got to
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have. the president will urge democrats to kill the sequester in this year's budget. the it's a good move. thest the right thing to do. i'm sure the president will also be pushing the ttp, the transpacific partnership. now the theme of this year's retreat for the democrats in philadelphia is grow america's economy. grow american paychecks. hey, i'm all about it. we're all about it. pretty generic. it's pretty vanilla. i asked, are you willing to stand up to the conservative agenda trying to destroy everything you built up in recent decades. congressman steny hoyer came out the first day of the retreat for his benefit and he didn't hold back. >> we spent now a month in congress of the united states. we have fiddled while rome has burned for the middle class. ep and that's why they're upset. they hear the talk about the middle class, but they don't see
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the walk. these weeks have not been good for the majority in the house of representatives or i would say the united states senate. a divisive vote the first week indicating again the deep divisions within the republican party reflected in the vote for speaker. then they brought a bill to the floor where we talk about the american dream. so who do they do on the second week? they want to expel dreamers. then on the third week they want to undermine women's rights to their own choices in health care protection. so they want to kick out the dreamers and undermine women's choices for health. their freedom, we hear a lot about freedom. that they want to underminement and this past week of course they had to pull a bill that would have undermined our environment and our economy.
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>> congressman hoyer is right. but why do the democrats want to be in the arena with these people? hold the line. dcs can't cave. they need to fight even harder for the middle class. that includes bogus trade deals like the ttp. roll call is reporting that house democrats is a bullet point to add to the democratic platform. forget all that. there's absolutes here. moderate democrats, well they disagree with that. they're concerned that they're going to be losing democrat party swing votes in 2016. [ laughter ] there's always a political calculation on the job, isn't there? you show me a moderate democrat that had his job shipped overseas and i'll show you a pissed off american. are you going to support that person or not? the ttp is a worthless agreement agreement. it undermines american workers. it's emerging markets that will suppress wages in the country
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and it challenges the sovereignty of the country. if the democrats want to support the middle class, they need to say no to ttp. the other issue, of course, is keystone. the vote in the senate took place. they voted. they were not enough democrats to stop this just moments ago. and we'll bring you more on this later in the show. environmental groups are planning a protest in philadelphia tonight. they're going to protest the pipeline during the president's speech at 6:00 pm and they're not going to give up. this is an issue democrats can't cave on. there's still more work to do on this. democrats need to unite against the ttp and hold the line on keystone. stop at any method you can. now let me see what i think should be said. don't come up with a sew glan saying you want the paycheck to be better or whatever the heck
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the democrats want to say to the people. they need to convince americans they are going to fight for them. the democrats need to protect medicare and medicaid and social security. call them untouchable. they need to tell the american people that the social safety net will not be cut. and they're not going to have any problem whatsoever drawing a line in the sand. there are things totally non nonnegotiable nonnegotiable. you may have the legislative power, be u you don't have it all. they have to stop the radical republican effort that wants to destroy everything president obama and the progressive movement has accomplished over the past six year ps and the past five decades. the democrats need to understand the definition of power, and they need to be showing the guts to use it. some democrats these days are saying, well you know let's cut a deal. maybe we can use keystone as a
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bargaining tool. maybe we can massage obamacare to the point where we're really not covering as many people. to this ez are all nonstarters. and to compromise would be a mistake. everyone knows there's no such thing as compromise or common ground with boehner and mcconnell. and it's either their way or the highway. how do i know? i watched "60 minutes" on sunday. republican leadership told the american people they will oppose president obama on everything. the democrats need to use the filibuster just like the republicans did. don't tell americans you have a spine and you're going to stick up for them. show us. it's very simple. take a page out of their play book. people are politically exhausted on the left right now. they're all scattered. they're really not sure what to think because nobody is saying it. this is human nature.
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ft if you're not willing to fight for me how in the hell do you expect me to line up and fight with you? the democrats, if you want minimum wage if you really believe that minimum wage is a starter to move this country forward then you need to send the message out of this conference in philadelphia that nothing is going to happen. you have to play hard play smart, play together. that means you got to get on the same page tw the senate. and you all got to be there saying we're stop everything. just like you did in the last session of the congress. we don't care if people are mad at us or not. and you need to show american workers that you're going to do exactly what you want to do with the limited power that you have right now. this is why the fillibuster was put in place. so minority voters would have a vote. so minority voices would not be run over. hell, the republicans showed us what a filibuster can do. if you really want minimum wage
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stop everything until you get it. force the republicans. you want corporate taxes to be lowered. fine. lower and come to the table on minimum wage. raise minimum wage. to not $10.10 in a few years. now. you want to know why the the left is exhausted? we got our ass kicked in the election. i guess we need to goerktnegotiate. no you don't get get some heart and get some desire and redefine that soul of yours in the city of brotherly love and come out united and say we will stop everything unless we get what we want because we're on the side of the american people. and if you can't do that then you don't earn the vote. if you can't do that it's human nature. if you're not going to fight for me tell me why i should fight for you.
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that's where liberals are in this country right now. now we just saw a very bad example today in the united states senate. we found out democrats can run all over the talking heads and talk about climate change and we've got to do something and we've got severe storms. but wait a minute, we can be bought. end the purchasing. draw the line. we're the ones that put together 258 months of private sector job growth. we're the ones that fought for the stimulus package and came back with 11 million jobs. we're the ones that kept the automobile industry under the table. republicans had nothing to do with any of that. republicans aren't going to have anything to do with immigration reform. minimum wage. community college. health care. the next pro many o that i do on msnbc is going to be about health care. and i'm going to hold up a bill that i go t from sloan memorial
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that's over $16,000. and i'm going to talk about how my wife and our family has insurance. but what do the people who don't have insurance? do you know there's a political party in washington that has voted to take that away from millions of americans? they think that they are the moral compass of this country. you know we're told that we have to make sure that liberals have the the right tone in america. that we can't be angry. that they won the election. and it's all over. so we're going to go listen to the democrats this the city of brotherly love and they're going to come back and cut more deals. no, you come back and you draw the the line and you tell the very people that put barack obama in office this is where we are in social security medicare medicaid nonstarters. and we're going to give you a dose of your own medicine. we don't care if everything
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stops. come to the the table with minimum wage. do something for workers rights in the country. stop telling me the tide is coming in and the boats are sinking. this is what liberals want. i don't need a poll. i know exactly what they're saying, and i know exactly how they feel. if we're going to get run over time and time again and cut deal ms and be bought, we're no better than the republicans. the republicans have voted over 50 times in the house to take insurance away from poor americans. and they have no plan to replace it and that just doesn't piss our side off. i just -- i find it utterly amazing. but wait a minute. we're concerned about climate change. you know we all fight in different ways and we're all
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passionate about different issues, but if you care about the country, and if you have an ideologue who is willing to obstruct the only way you stop that avalanche is to give it right back to them. wake them up. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, do you think democrats should use obstruction as a tool? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no to 67622. you can always go to our blog at we'll bring you results later in the show. adam green is we many tonight. he's the cofounder of the progressive change campaign committee. i want to point out that this gentleman's organization has been doing a lot of polling as of late. he is -- i believe that the pccc and other organizations are the pulse of the left okay. and they have the numbers to back it up.
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adam, what do progressives want to hear from the democrats at this retreat? what should be the message to invigorate the left to know there's still a pulse and still fighting words out there. >> first of all, ed i love when you get fired up. you are speaking for millions who feel the same way. not just the left. but the vast center of the country wants to hear is a fighting spirit. a real statement of principle that we stand for big ideas that will tangibly improve people's lives. not go the other direction, like keystone and like the tpp. so yes, they need to use every tool at their disposal to say no. we need to say no and then say we want a green new deal. we want millions of clean energy jobs across the country. when they say we want the ttp that will export jobs we need to say no we want fair trade to protect american jobs and
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increase american wages. when they we want to cut social security. the american people want democrats to say no we will expand social security benefits to keep up with the cost of seniors. the president needs to set the tone. and democrats in the house need to be willing to go there. >> well the president has nothing to lose. he said that in the state of the union address in so many words. and the democrats are going to get run over in the house. we all know that. but they can set a mindset in the country to tell them we're not going to take it anymore. if you're not willing to do that, how do you expect people to get excited about the campaign for 2016? if you're not going to forgs them to listen to you, how do you know what they stand for? should a line be drawn in the sand if the democrats really want minimum wage? how would they achieve that adam? >> they need to fight for
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minimum wage and be clear about that. but we need to go further. just this week bernie sanders introduced an infrastructure bill to create millions of jobs. that would increase wages for millions of americans. in addition to just employing them. it would affect the entire market. and democrats need to show americans a vision like that. you know i think when we look at the fight in december when elizabeth warren in the senate and the progressives in the house really stood on principle and drew a line in the sand we lost the vote but it had a huge impact. there were quotes for wall street the very next week saying wow, given the fight that democrats just did we'll be lucky if there's not more regulation this next congress that we're now. essentially they went from playing defense to playing offense and having wall street running scared. that's the kind of fighting experience americans need. >> and quickly, the polling that
2:19 pm
your organization has done proves americans want an increase on social security. they don't want to the privatize it. i ask that question for verification on the poll numbers because the republicans are talking about back to private accounts. back to privatization. your polling shows this is a total lose for the reallies? >> absolutely. they did a big national poll. it's the only question is will the democrats fight? if we fight, we can win. it's a matter of being able to fight for truly big ideas that will tangibly impact lives, ed. >> adam greene i appreciate your time tonight. thank you. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts with us on twitter. like us on facebook. we always want to know what you
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think. coming up sarah palin's iowa speech cost her credibility in the conservative media. but one big name republican still has her back. details next. and we will list the names of nine democrats who voted for keystone today. stay with us. we're right back. you need to catch the they're coming. what do i do? you need to catch the huh? the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it.
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feeling it again? it is they who point a finger not really -- they have tripled that amount of fingers pointing right back at them. we respect our troops and we let them, our troops as our gatekeepers, we let them tell jihadists. nuh-uh, this is our house. get the hell out. you know the man can only ride you when your back is bent. so strengthen it. then the man can't ride you. america won't be taken for a ride. >> sometimes folks, you just can't edit the tape. byron york describeded it as a long rambling and at a times barely coherent speech. national review's onfund said her meandering and bizarre speech showed she wasn't serious about a 2016 run. in the conservative media, palin's star is fading fast.
2:25 pm
not all righties are counting the half-term governor out. the man who put palin in the spotlight thinks she still has a spot at the white house. he says she's very interesting and i'm sure she would do great. joining me tonight, bruce bartlet. great to have you with us tonight. you have written about this in your book. how republicans repeatedly embrace people that don't seem to have the wear j withall to finish the race. what's your reaction, first of all, to john mccain's endorsement of palin? >> well i think there's a slight possibility that mr. mccain was being sarcastic, as in saying yeah, she would be a great candidate. that sort of thing. on the other hand he hoisted
2:26 pm
her into the american public and his name should live in infamy for having done that. but i think it's the most interesting thing about mrs. palin's speech rachabling incoherent speech is rapidly they have given up on her completely. they're trying to push her off the stage. and i think it it's interesting. i would be curious to know who gave the order that her time is up. >> are republicans catching onto the fact that sarah is not a serious candidate? it's a road show. >> i think they've always known that. they stood behind her because they feel she was martyred by the way she was tried by the media during the 2008 campaign. but i think the main thing that has caused them to give up on her is that there are simply a
2:27 pm
lot more competitors for the gop attention span. and one of them, i think, is joni ernst, the new new york senator from iowa who is every bit as crazy as palin is but a lot smarter, and at least a u.s. senator. whereas mrs. palin has nod held public office for six years or so. people like her and ben carson who is also crazy, but at least is a medical doctor. but she's been pushed off the stage by people who appeal more to the republican base at this particular moment. >> so what is it that the republican dna that they're drawn to people that you just described? >> that's a really excellent question. i think part of it is the martyr status. that think think by supporting people who are criticized in the mainstream media, even if
2:28 pm
they're legitimately criticized for saying stupid things wrong things, that this is somehow because the liberal media are afraid of these people. that that's the reason they're being criticized. i honestly think this is what they believe. of course. it's utter nonsense. you have to think no conservative reads legitimate newspapers like the "washington post" and "the new york times." they get 100% of their information from their own approved right-wing sources that massage all this data so that they actually believe things utterly and completely nonsensical. >> and what do you think of mike huckabee? >> in the past he's sounded enough like a legitimate person that i think there was some
2:29 pm
reason to think he might have a chance. he seems to have gone full religious cook this time around. feeling he needs the most extreme elements of the most extreme element in the country to get the nomination. the problem is he's fighting guys like rick santorum who are doing the exact same thing. i think it's absolutely amazing how many people claim to be running for president. it's astonishing. normally in the republican party, they like to anoint a successor, and then rally around that person whereas,now, of course, it's the democrats who are doing that. >> yeah bruce bartlett always a pleasure. great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much for joining us. new research clears the air on the health risks of vaping. the rapid response panel weighs in on this. and the nfl could fine marshawn
2:30 pm
lynch for crimes of fashion. we're going to beast mode. but next your tax dollars are not at work. we'll update you. stay with us. we're right back.
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on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. the senate voted 62-36 to approve the pipeline. here are the the names of the democrats who votes question to the keystone xl bill. dob casey of pennsylvania. joe donnelly of indiana. joe manchin of west virginia. michael bennet. mark warner of virginia. are they climate denyers? well, let's just say there's just not enough science out there that would make them
2:34 pm
believe climate change is an issue and bringing the dirtiest oil on the face of the earth to market really outweighs any kind of science that's been put in front of the american people as of yet. what a sad day. it's unfortunate. those senators amendmented their way to a yes vote. apparently they can be bought. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm courtney reagan with your cnbc market wrap. stocks surged after two days of steep losses. the s&p 500 adds 19. nasdaq up 45. shares of amazon are sharply hire afterhours. the company's earnings beat expectations. and google shares were down 2% afterhours but it bounced back. that's it for cnbc. we're first in business worldwide.
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welcome back to "the ed show." if you're a smoker, i'm sure there's times you've wanted to kick the habit or investigate the next best thing. when electronic cigarettes hit the market they were advertised as a healthier alternative to smoking. california health officials are not buying it. on wednesday the state's department of public health officially declared e-cigarettes a health risk. they want e-cigarettes to be strictly regulated, just like tobacco products. hay want more research done on the immediate and long-term effects when it comes to using the device. a report published last week found the vapor produced by e-cigarettes can contain, quote, a surprisingly high
2:39 pm
concentration of formaldehyde. using certain temperatures may release more than smoking traditional cigarettes. formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, sometimes used in the embalming process. this is particularly bad for the growing number of consumers who use the product in an effort to quick smoking. bottom line there's still a whole lot we do not know about e-cigarettes. joining me tonight on the rapid response panel, dr. nancy sneiderman, nbc's chief medical director. great to have you both with us tonight. >> thank you. zbr good to be here. >> dr. nancy, you first. what health risks are here? what do you think brought california to this conclusion? >> what brought conversation to this point is the big we don't know factor. the assumption has always been that if you can get away from the carcinogens in tobacco,
2:40 pm
you're better off, even if you're addicted to nicotine because nicotine is not what kills you. it's all the carcinogens that comes along with it. now the questions are being raised. they have been raised about what happens with the vapor. is it innocuous, or does it in fact have other substances that could put people in harm's way? there's an increasing call to regulate cigarettes. tobacco companies are looking at investing in this. it's a multibillion dollar industry there are people on both sides of the fence. people who have stoppeded smoking because of them. people who don't like them in their presence. the reality is we don't have great science to be able to spell out the long-term risks. >> dr., what would you advice to be to someone who comes to your office and gets a physical and says i really want to quit smoking. what about the e-cigarettes? >> we know the firmexist is vor
2:41 pm
high. we have a lot of studies done in funeral homes and the patients have been exposed over a long period of time. leukemias, nasal cancers, all those things are a lot higher when you've been exposed. i know right now if you decide and you're watching to ingest or inhale an unregulated vapor or smoke, you are increasing your risk for cancer and other respiratory diseases. hands down. there's no way around it. that's something we have to take on as a decision as an adult. there is no easy way out. you need to quit smoking, and you need to quit vaping as well. >> and one thing that has also come up. there's been a lot of marketing to young kids. we know that for adult who is are ready to quit smoking, and
2:42 pm
this is the gateway away from cigarettes, it's hard to argue using this as a transition product. but increasingly, there are a lot of flavored choices and there's been pretty overt marketing towards young people. and california has been really compulsive about monitoring how many children have been exposed to concentrated nicotine in home situations, and calls to the poison control centers in california have shot up. so we have to be really careful about nicotine as a poison. nicotine as an addictive agent, and then what comes out of the fumes at the end. there's really a lot of different parts of this whole thing to not only study but to continue to discuss as we move forward. >> so is it better than smoking? >> look, nothing is worse than smoking. smoking is the only product when used correctly will kill you.
2:43 pm
if i know someone wants to use this as a gateway to stop using cigarettes completely, i would rather have -- as a cancer surgeon, i would rather have them off cigarettes. if you ask me are e-cigarettes safe, i cannot tell you the answer is yes. i think the formaldehyde situation is real one. >> what kind of studies and how long would they take to get a real read on the dangers of vaporing. >> we do have studies under way now vm in the 50s and 60s we were told cigarettes weren't harmful. i'm proud of my city of new orleans. we passed a law for our city where you cannot vape or smoke cigarettes in any facility.
2:44 pm
we have to take responsibility being able to smoke is not a right. especially when it inprings upon my right to be a healthy human being. >> if it's happened in california, every state should get ready. you'll see an increased call for this legislation across the country. >> all right. interesting discussion. i know people who are using it. they claim it's working. and they were somewhat shocked by this story, and this is really the first time that it's been out there on a state level where they have made you know a determination and talked about the risks. >> i mean the fda is going to have to jump in. this will have to go beyond states to the federal level, too. >> it will. >> well that's really the next thing. the federal drug administration i mean how aggressive nancy, do you think they would be now that this is out in california as i said, if you lived in california, you can expect other action. >> i think you have a couple of interesting things happening.
2:45 pm
tobacco companies are looking at investing in e-cigarette products and buying small companies. the fda regulates cigarettes. so the fda regulating cigarettes is bound to happen. we have to know about safety and regulation. and we have to know about transparency to everybody 89. >> dr. nancy sneiderman, dr. cory aber, great to have you with us. thanks very much. i'm glad i don't smoke. the u.s. works towards a nuclear deal with iran. john boehner's invite the israeli prime minister. netanyahu could blow it up. stay tuned. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. we're right back. dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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2:50 pm
marshawn lynch hating talking to the media so much he's been fineded $100,000 for his failure to meet the nfl's media obligations. lynch did show up at tuesday's super bowl media day. he answered with the line -- "i'm here so i won't get fined." now the running back of seattle could face a significant fine for wearing a beast mode hat without approval. he can't catch a break, is he? there's one thing marshawn lynch loves as much as he hates talking to the media -- skittles so it only makes sense lynch broke his silence in an exclusive skittles press conference. take a listen. >> if you could live on any planet after you retired from football, which planet would it be? >> i would say right here on earth. i kind of like it here. >> cat or dogs videos online. >> do i prefer watches cat videos or dog videos online?
2:51 pm
i'll watch the cat. >> marshawn do you think it would be easier or harder to play football on the moon? >> hmm. i think it would be easier. do i ever wish the field were twice as long so i could get a 200-yard rushing touchdown? not at all. i'll stick with the 100-yard. >> what does it feel like to be in beast mode? >> you don't feel in beast mode. it feels you. >> you see, the skittles give you something to do while you're thinking about your answer. clever. glad to see he's having fun. too bad the nfl can't have fun. they don't have a cut on it so they're not happy about it. more culling on "the ed show."
2:52 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." finally tonight we're back to trust but verify. president obama is giving iran plenty of time to flesh out a nuclear deal. today the senate banking committee voted 18-4 to tighten sanctions if international negotiators failed to reach an agreement a iran lease nuclear program by the end of june. that's not good enough for speaker john boehner. the speaker is throwing a wrench into the works by inviting
2:56 pm
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to address a joint session of the congress. house democrats are circulating a her to formally ask boehner to -- what does it all mean? joe, good to have you with us tonight. does netanyahu speaking to congress hurt a possibility of a deal with the iranians? how much damages? upside/downside. how do you see this? >> it might have but boehner has bunkled this badly. it's produced a backlash in israel. it's greatly worried american jewish leaders who see israel suddenly being sinically thrown into the middle of a partisan republican attack on the democratic president and it's actually helped president obama,
2:57 pm
that banks vote you spoke of today was actually a victory for obama. the plan was to put these actions in place now, but obama forced the senators to back off and hold their fire until at least the end of march. so this is something that might have seemed like a clever political ploy when boehner announced it to the surprise of the president last week but it's badly backfired. >> would boehner know if we're close to a deal with the iranians? >> well everybody knows we're close to a deal with the iranians. the negotiations have been dragging on. there's been two extensions now. we're just a few centrifuges a part but the tough bargains as you know always goes down to the wire what are the final concessions that will be made. that probably won't happen under the end of march. this was boehner's efforts to try to kill the negotiations. he wanted a sanctions vote now. that's been defeated. that's backed off, and actually
2:58 pm
increased democratic senator support for the president's position. president obama has been forceful on this issue. right now he's winning the debate. >> okay. we're back to trust but verify with the iranians there's no question about that. and how big a gamble is this? if you listen to the republicans, lindsey graham you think it's the worst thing since sliced bread, that no one can be trusted, yet the president has repeatedly said he's willing to go down this road because nobody has before and it seems like he wants to exhaust every effort to get some kind of deal with iran. who is right? and who is wrong? >> we are very close to an agreement that had belong iran's path d. the iranian path block them from being able to get away from secret covered facilities. if we can get such a deal that's far better than the alternatives. if these negotiations were to collapse, if boehner was to have
2:59 pm
his way, then the alternative would be to stand by and watch iran proceed to increase its capabilities which have been frozen during the current negotiations, or to actually go to war. this in fact is what many netanyahu wanted to do. i think he's lost considerably thinks legitimacy here as a fair arbiter of national security interests. the real damage here is being done to the u.s./israeli alliance. israel is a close, trusted ally. by taking this partisan role by siding so clearly with one political party against another, nettenia howard is in uncharted territory. i've never seen anything like it, and the u.s./israeli alliance is suffering because of it. >> so we can speculation that netanyahu what come to congress and basically fearmonger? >> he'sen exaggerating the iranian threat for many years, in part to deflect attention from the other issues. there's a blowback building in
3:00 pm
congress. you may see him pressured into cancelling his speech after all. >> joe, great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your conversation. thanks so much. that is "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. tomorrow night i'm going to show you exactly how to cook that deer sausage for the super bowl. rev, you've got it. \s. thank you, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. we start tonight with breaking news. any minute now, president obama will arrive in philadelphia on board air force one, where he'll address house democrats tonight at their three-day retreat. the big theme -- fighting income inequality head-on. this morning the president published a preview of his remarks, writing, quote, in order to get wages and incomes rising faster we need to take the next s


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