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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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of course, and i will be joined by the mayor of seattle. plus please join us tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern here on "hardball." "all in with chris hayes" starts now. welcome to a special edition of "all in" tonight we found a way to keep track of everyone talking of running in 2016. >> 2016, so close and so far away. this is the story of 25 men and women who may or may notf running for president of america. the select few brave enough bold enough, friends with c sheldon addleson enough.
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this is the "all in" 2016 fantasy candidate draft. good evening from new york. i'm chris hays. welcome to the all in 2016 politic candidate draft. we have the 25 most likely candidates to make a run for president in 2016. there is more than 25, but we only have an hour. here is how this is going to work. through five rounds of crafting each round of players will have a roster of candidates. we'll check at important milestones to see how they do. your team will win 100 points if your candidate officially announces a run for president. 200 points for every sanctioned debate they participate in. 300 points if they make it to
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the iowa caucuses which are still a year away. 500 points if they win any state primary. 750 points if they win their party's nomination, and 1,000 points if they win the presidential election. wells also give you a bonus 500 if someone on your team becomes a vp candidate on anyone else's ticket. the person with the most points will get the title of "all in" 2016 fantasy candidate champion and this fabulous speedboat. so there are some draft picks that are way better than others and one better than any of them. that is why we decided to mix it up and make this a blind draft.
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behind all of these is a candidate that is likely to try to run for president and two wham whammy candidates. maybe you will get hillary clinton. maybe you will get someone else. if you women one of the whammy cap candidates, you can keep that candidate or force a player from anyone else's existing roster. joy reid, host of "the reid report." sam seder. michael steele, former rnc chairman. jess mcintosh and josh barro of the very agust "new york times." let's4y9bç hear it for our praylayers. we used cutting age coin flip technology to determine the
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first pick. joy reid gets the first pick. >> i didn't realize a live draft, so i spent a long time ranking the likelyihood of running for the candidates i have now gone back and rated the random numbers. >> the thing you didn't realize is that in an obama socialist america we don't award points by effort, it is randomly distributed by the state. >> i think we shouldg those little mini boats. >> michael steele, this is a little like being rnc chairman. >> it is a lot like it as a matter of fact, i'm thinking kristine o'donnell could be my candidate in 2010. >> someone more or lets -- this
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is a nominee, go out and fight for her. i want to know why you were laughing when you introduced me as rnc chairman. >> i think it is funny that someone who ran important things in the government is with us. >> that's what happens when you lose. >> joy reid, what number are you feeling lucky about? >> i'm using my powerball selection strategy, and i'm going with number 22. >> feeling lucky on the big board, number 22. first pick of the 2016 fantasy draft. george pataki. he is the former governor of new
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york. jorchlg george pataki. he is alive, he is an american citizen, and he is very tall. so i think you're looking at at least, you know, between 0 and 100 points. >> can i trade him now? >> now you understand the importance of a whammy. >> i have the number :s+nine rated number one for me so i would like number nine. the only i believe the only cubed number on the board except for 8. >> it is -- >> we got a whammy! >> oh, i'm terribly sorry, you got sarah palin. >> that is a whammy, at the end of the round you can trade for any candidate you want and they
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will take sarah palin. >> and i will tell you i'm going to do that. >> i can tell you already have your eyes on pataki. >> she could announce for the presidency multiple times though. >> and if there are extra foreign policy points, russia will love that. >> we have one whammy done, michael steele, this is all about washington and the white house, right? 16. 16 baby. >> are we ready, get in here? >> bobby jindal. >> bobby jindal. >> good evening and happy mardi
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gras. >> seriously for a second, not really, but bobby jindal was once a very credible guy. now seems skeptical about things like evolution. >> that's fine, he'll work that out, he just needs to announce go to iowa, and participate in lots of debates. >> do you think he will? >> yes, and he subpoena good vp material. >> jess macintosh, what are you feeling good about here? >> number four. . let's see what we got. familiar territory. >> jeb bush. his father was president bush, his brother was president bush and now he wants to be president
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bush. >> we had enough bush's. >> sorry, mother, it's time for another. former florida governor jeb bush. >> give it up for judge mcintosh. >> i think there is a real strong consensus. you have the bush last night which is the bush last name. you have a lot of people thinking this is a consensus front runner. >> i'm really looking forward to sam taking my candidate. >> i kind of wanted sarah palin anyway. >> no, i don't have bush -- >> josh barro, use your technology from the "new york times," a fancy pants newspaper. >> i want the number one candidate, i will take number one. josh barro, a genius.
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number one is scott walker. >> scott walker. they call him mr. unrecallable. winner of three elections in four years, no matter how many staffers went to jail. he is wisconsin governor scott walker. >> that is big. that is big. scott walker right now i would like to say, we're having a scott walker moment in this country after his performance in iowa. lots of buzz. lots of people excited. his father was a baptist preacher. he is sort of having a moment, but i would not overstate it too much. jeb bush looks like a really formidable candidate. if i was deciding between scott walker or jeb bush i would go with jeb bush. >> whammy pick we have to do the whammy pick. >> i think josh wants me to take
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jeb bush, i'm going with scott walker. >> strong whammy pick. we stillnv6yú have hillary clinton on the board and another whammy. in 2008, the glass slipper was a perfect fit on the kid from ohio. will 2016 be another cinderella story or will the clock strike 12. next.
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round one, to candidates still on the boards. let us know who you would want on your roster and why. round two is moments away.os>nú-
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we are back with the 2016 presidential candidate fantasy draft. you have just taken scott walker. >> i'm going with number seven this round hoping for another whammy snp whammy. >> interesting number seven ranked number two, and -- oh! >> lindsey graham. if you like john mccain, you're going to love lindsey graham. >> my 4idñillegitimateson lindsey
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graham -- >> if you want a war, he is forit. put your hands together for lindsey graham. >> sam, my man, your reaction to lindsey graham. >> not happen with that. he is more of a whammy pick without being a whammy. >> i had him ranked 20 out of 25. >> the only person that seems to want him to run is john mccain, not lindsey graham. >> michael steele, what number? >> let's go to 15 because that is before 16. >> that's right. i like your strategy. this is how you ran the rnc. ready? we got santorum! >> rick the sweater vest daysfg(; over.
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the last time that republicans had this many people in their primary field, everyone got to run up and take a turn in the spotlight and i'm hoping that ben gets to do that too. >> he will run for president -- >> he will win a news cycle. >> are there any democrats on this board or --? >> yes, they just have not turned up. >> i'm going to go with my strategy that almost3)f4 worked last time and go with number two. >> and adding to your roster will be ted cruz. >> ted cruz. he is the junior senator from texas. he will shut down your government on a boat in a tree, or with a goat. >> would you like it in the house? would you like them with a mouse. >> he is texas senator ted cruz.
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>> cruz. >> for the record, they're saying cruz not boo. >> now i have sarah palin and ted cruz i'm really nailing it. >> i think that is quite a ticket. >> oh my god. >> this is a 50-state strategy ticket. >> i think they could get all of the electoral votes. >> you're i think definitely behind now. joy reid. >> so far i have the nondiscrypt governor, and i'm going to double down on my poor luck and go with 13. >> i like it, i like it, moneyball strategy here, and you have jim webb! >> jim webb. he is the dark horse candidate
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from the commonwealth of virginia. she a vietnam veteran and former secretary of the navy. give it up for former senator jim webb. >> i'm okay if think but i think he will run, if for no other reason than to be vice president, and to hillary clinton to the right. >> we could not come up with a single joke. there were no whammies this round. all of you have two. i would say, i think sam just got the walker and lindsey gram situation. you have jeb bush and who? >> ben carson. >> we still have hillary clinton and another whammy on the board. don't go anywhere, more to come.
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we're back with the 2016 presidential candidate fantasypl3$c
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draft. michael steele, you have the first pick this round. what is speaking to you? >> i'm feeling a little 21. >> 21. >> blackjack. >> there you go baby, 21. come on vegas. >> bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders the independent senate ore from virginia by way of brooklyn new york. she a he's a friend of the show, but is the u.s. ready for another socialist president? >> just not feeling 21. just not feeling 21 but -- >> i think this is huge. he will certainly run. >> he will run, i will get 100 points for that. he will be in debates.
5:26 pm
>> unless we clone every voter in america with chris hayes. >> we're going for the 45th president, so i'm going with 17. >> figure it out, 17 a prime number. will it deliver for jess macintosh? >> joe biden. >> from scranton, president. he is a vp who is a bfd, and he is ready to run the usa. >> i promise you the president has a big stick. >> vice president joe biden. >> bfd. that is a bfd right there. what is your roster looking like. you have jeb bush joe biden, and ben carson.
5:27 pm
>> this is tough for me. i think joe biden should be vice president for life. it doesn't matter the party you get joe. >> i'm looking at this board, i see lindsey graham, ted cruz, jeb bush, bernie sanders, bingo. number eight. >> carly fiorina. she was the ceo of a company that makes printers and now she is ready to take on the paper jam in washington dc. don't sleep on the demon sheep it is carli fiorina. >> i said in the break they was hoping for carly fiorina.
5:28 pm
>> that is an mna joke for you out there. joy reid? >> i'm a little jealous of jess. i'm a little down, i want the lowest number on the board to explain my sadness. three. will it deliver for joy? rick perry. >> rick perry. he has three good reasons to run, but he can only remember two. >> the former governor of the
5:29 pm
lone star state is pack, and now he has four eyes. he is former texas governor rick perry. >> you know -- >> that is -- >> i'll tell you what if cool glasses could make you president, chris hayes would be president all of the way. he has a huge job proving that he is ready, but i think that he will get in. >> you just got yourself hundreds of points. >> literally hundreds of points. >> that's all i need. >> i have a lindsey graham deficit. the next number on my ranking board is 14. >> that is exactly what i thought it would be. sam seder looking for that big money, help him out. a whammy! >> i'm terribly story, you have
5:30 pm
donald trump. a second whammy, you have both whammies? >> i spent time prepping for what numberhmd >> we will come back to you at the end of this round after michael steele picks. >> do i have to pick someone from this round or can i get anyone? >> anyone. >> in this case i want to check my sheet here, nine seconds on the clock. >> i'm going to have to take jeb bush. >> mcintosh losing jeb bush, still has joe biden. everyone was joking about sam seder numerology, but it is working out. >> at the end of the show, anyone with whammies can pick someone off of the board. we still have one big candidate
5:31 pm
on the board hillary clinton. who will get her? find out, stick around. george walker bush was also president of the united states for eight years. that is a cold hard fact.
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to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am. >> we are back it is round
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four. we have big names still on theñí board. i think mr. seder has the inside track right now hiking pretty strong. let's grin with jess mcintosh. i would describe you as ready for hillary -- and rand paul. >> he is a libertarian eye doctor on a mission to flush out the status quo. >> franckly my toilets don't work in my house. >> rand paul is the best. >> his dad is fun too. he is kentucky senator rand paul. >> i mean, it's not what i was
5:36 pm
going for. i don't know that he would play super well in new york city but i think he will be good for a lot of points. >> and he will win, unquestionable the turtle neck primary. all right, josh barro? >> i will take number 25. for people scoring at home, he has had?tgn a rough go of it so far. >> i think that will be a three-person ticket. >> 25, does josh ] farro's luck turn around with number 25? no bob corker. >> one of just three bob's currently serving in the united states senate and he would be the first bob to hold the office of president. he is tennessee senator bob corker. >> you sure know how to pick them. josh barro, you have a nose.
5:37 pm
>> is bob corker even aware that anyone is talking about bob corker running for president? >> he religiously watches "all in" every weeknight at 8:00 p.m. >> the republican primary voters eat that up, dude. >> i had corker ranked 26th out of 25. >> joy reid, we come to you. you have joran pataki -- >> we still have hrc on the board. >> i'm hoping for 19. >> ready for hillary. on the board. >> no. chris christie. >> chris christie from the shadow of the george washington bridge. he loves the cowboys
5:38 pm
springsteen, and telling people to shut up. he is stronger than the storm but is he born to run? he is new jersey governor chris christie. >> i think that is my favorite one we have seen so far. >> i feel like yelling at a teacher. >> i think that chris christie will run. i do think he will not play well in a state like iowa. i don't see how he playing well in south carolina. i'm not sure that even the angry right is ready for an exceptionally rude president. do i think he will play with a lot of base republican voters who wants someone that will take it to the democrats. >> if he stopped saying shut up and said bless your heart he would be fine. >> he would still sound mean. >> i think everyone understands the stakes here.
5:39 pm
what is your pick going to be? >> i have number five should be hillary clinton according to my rankings. >> this is a big one, if this is actually, we're going to call for an investigation. oh my goodness. jackpot. she is the democratic to beat in this race and the consensus number one pick in this ridiculous draft. >> what difference at this point does it make. >> former first lady former new york senator, and former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i demand a recount. >> hrc. >> this is some deflated balls you have somewhere -- >> i'm pulling out my green pen that indicates yes, i made the right prediction. >> everyone mocked by spread
5:40 pm
sheet, but i have one more pick after this, and i'm not going to tell you who it will be. >> michael bñsteele it is a rough$$[ board for you 12. >> give michael steele a little help here he needs it. we had to that marco rubio. >> marco rubio. this sunshine state phenom has ambition bigger than the florida panhandle. he is florida senator marco rubio. >> this is good, thisr this works. it has the whole thing. you got bush i got rubio -- >> he is going to run. he was the winner of the koch brothers straw poll.
5:41 pm
rubio, at a minimum, like jindal on the vp list there is potential. >> i don't even, i -- i do this for a living and i have no idea who the heck is still on the board at this point, but we're going to find out after this. >> plenty of bracket busters are still on the board. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. vo: introducing the starbucks flat white. crafted with two ristretto shots for bolder caramel-ly espresso.
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5:43 pm
new hampshire said he is thinking about running. and former virginia governor jim gilmore who showed up at the iowa freedom summit last week and says he is not ruling out a bid. none of them made it on to our big draft board. there is not enough room or time for everyone. here is the good news for our players. anyone stuck with a channely candidate has the opportunity to trade that whammy for someone. the final round is just moments away. introducing the kelley blue book price advisor. the powerful tool that shows you what should pay. it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently paid for the same new car
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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? time for the fifth and final round of the 2016 fantasy draft. josh barro, you're in a tough
5:46 pm
spot right now. mitt romney is still on this board. >> where do you want to go here? >> who cares, amean let's try 24. >> who cares, let's try 24. elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren she says she is not running. she says she is definitely not running. she says she is really definitely certainly not running. so is he running? we say keep asking. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> unlike jim webb and bernie sanders, do you think she is going to run? >> no. >> you gave me the one number of the united states senate that honestly doesn't want to be president. >> i didn't give it to you, you
5:47 pm
chose yourself. >> where do you want go here, joy? >> this game has been devilish, so i'm going to go with number six. >> joy reid makes a satanic play. she got the preacher instead. >> mike huckabee. running on an anti-beyonce pro-ted nugent platform. >> i have one and only one comment. -- >> wow okay good comment. i think he will run and do well in iowa. i think he will do well in south carolina. i think he might be running for a book deal. sdwr >> definitely, and to be fair
5:48 pm
also possibly a 12 to 3:00 slot on radio. >> he has a book out, it's called "god guns, grits and gravy." sam seder, where are we going here. i have done calculations that show mitt romney is behind 18. >> if you get that -- >> he has the hot touch, does he have it here? unbelievable! >> it is romney the founder of bane capital. former governor of massachusetts, and he did something with the salt lake city olympics. is the third time the charm for governor mitt romney? >> mitt mitt mitt mitt!
5:49 pm
>> was there something going on here? this is like florida's 2000 election. suspect. >> i want to check your -- >> recount. >> i grew up 45 minutes away from foxboro, i'll leave it at that. >> patriot blood. michael steele i don't really know who is left. >> neither do2ztó at this point. heads or tails. >> tails for 20. michael steel choosing the second to last martin o 'malley. he is the former6=6ñ governor of maryland. it is martin o'malley.
5:50 pm
hometown boy. you were lieutenant governor of the state that he was governor of. >> i'm speechless. >> i have a lot of vp potential. i think he wants to get in desperately. i think the positioning for the number two spot. >> jeff macss mcintosh. >> i don't want number 23, but give it to me anyway. >> ending the game on 23, john kasich. >> john kasich. he is the governor of ohio by way of fox news. he has expanded medicaid and now he is thinking about expanding his resumé. give it up for john kasich.
5:51 pm
>> nearly arena levels of enthusiasm. >> one of the only republicans that agrees with me on insuring sick people. i think he will go far in the republican primary. >> he is a favorite -- >> don't under estimate him. >> i'll take it. maybe a swing state. >> everybody has their rosters, sam seder is way out in front. when we come back the people with whammy's get a free agent to add to their rosters and we will bring this to a close. >> stay tuned america, the exciting conclusion to the "all in" 2016 fantasy candidate draft is next.7çp>l
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5:55 pm
we're back with the all in 2016 fantasy candidacy draft. sam seder i think is in the lead scott walker, lindsey graham jeb bush hillary clinton. jess mcintosh has ben carson,
5:56 pm
joe biden, donald tramp..ioñ rand paul. and josh barro he is coming in last sarah pay lin, ted cruz carli fiorina. >> you ended with your whammy candidates. you have donald trump a very special snow flake. you can trade him for any other person in the world who is not on the board. >> i think the only way i can do this is picking a person that would be guaranteed the presidential should they run. so i will go for the woman already running the country -- oprah. >> let me tell you something. in the pits of bush-era despair
5:57 pm
i absolutely wanted oprah. >> every elector, guaranteed. >> she can make americans buy any book, buy anything i'm taking oprah. >> i'm being totally serious i think she would be a formidable presidential candidate no doubt. >> okay. we'll just leave that -- >> josh ríl8barro who do you claim. >> i thought she meant valerie jarret. so i think, you know this is a strong slate i have that has three or four whammy candidates on it. i will trade in explain and go with bob mcdonald. aa swing state governor won by a wide margin. >> he was incredibly popular in
5:58 pm
his first election. >> america has the largest prison population in the world, so he has a natural base. >> who is, if you were doing actual moneyball here who is the most under values candidate on this board? the most undervalued candidate? >> i would say scott walker. people don't know how evangelical he is. >> his price is starting to bid up to the actual value. >> a couple weeks ago i think he would have been undervalued now i still think it is santorum. >> michael steele? >> rand paul. >> i think you're right, he was having a moment he is not now. >> i see no reason for ted cruz to drop out before he absolutely has to. >> from the perspective of not
5:59 pm
being the next president but racking up fantasy points you are correct. ted cruz is strong josh barro? >> you'll laugh, but mitt romney. he is very good at the mechanics of running a presidential campaign. he almost won last time. >> almost. >> sort of. >> my great thanks to our players. we will be scoring your team every step of the way in the build up to 2016. i want to thank our studio audience. they all learned a valuable lesson tonight. all of the details continue are on "all in." let's us see your picks on
6:00 pm
twitter. this has been "all in," good night. 4. hello, happy thursday. thank you at home for joining us this hour. for a few years now, one of the things you could count on seeing in super bowl ads is this. a weird television ad in america where thin women eat fatty food. we have been doing this for years. this year, the latest itteration, the latest version of this add for this year's super bowl sparked a call for a bicycle of the fast food chain making a commercial of a lady in a bikini eating


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