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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  February 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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has another album or two like "1989," she's in the pantheon. >> that does it for us. >> thank god. >> have a good weekend, everybody. goorp. i'm jose diaz-balart in a very busy friday morning. on the rundown, the measles outbreak reaching a group of babies. officials in illinois are trying to find the source of an outbreak. five infants who attended a kindercare learning center have been diagnosed with the virus. more children may have been exposed. officials in new jersey and pennsylvania are investigating possible cases in those states in addition to the 14 states already confirmed with measles. let's go live to chicago. john yang is with us this morning. what can you tell us about this cluster case there? >> well jose this day care
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center now open for business but staying away are the adults and children who have not been immunized against the measles. these five cases all under the age of 1. so they were too young below the age where the recommendation is where they become immunized, ten other infants all again under the age of 12 months in the same room. they're being closely watched but public health officials here say that they suspect there will be more cases as the cook county public health director said the cat is out of the bag. there was one earlier case in cook county at the end of last month. and they're investigating all these cases. trying to determine where the point of infection was, trying to determine if they're in any way connected with the outbreak that was centered around disneyland in california. now, the five infants who have been diagnosed with the measles not hospitalized all being treated at home.
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and the ten others are being advised by public health officials on what to look for. they're being very closely watched to see if they develop symptoms as well. >> john yang we'll keep a very close watch on this story. but now to the fight against isis and a critical moment both at home and abroad. dramatic pictures out of jordan where the air force released new video against isis terrorists reportedly targeting their syrian stronghold of raqqa. jordan said these strikes are just the beginning. the people of that country are rallying behind their government across the border to the east. kurdish fighters are gaining ground in northern iraq. richard engel got an exclusive close-up look at the fight on the front lines. more from him in a minute. but back here at home president obama is on the verge of seeking new expanded authority from congress to crush the isis threat. he wants both parties on board but speaker john boehner is
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warning him it won't be easy. let's get more on all these stories now. keir simmons, richard engel, chris jansing at the white house. let's go to the capital of jordan where it is 4:00 in the afternoon, that's where we find keir simmons. we're just seeing the leading edge of jordan's assaults on isis. >> i think you're right. the minister here saying they plan to throw everything they've got at isis. 30 air strikes. more we believe today that haven't been confirmed and there are reports of further strikes around that area of iraq in which isis' stronghold in syria. an extraordinary show op public opinion here in jordan. thousands on the streets. as you said that protest headed up by queen rania herself.
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young people say we will not be frightened by isis describing this as now a war between jordan and isis. the crucial question jose will jordan send ground troops in to take on isis on the ground? this, of course is a majority far, far majority sunni country. if there is that kind of shift, it will be a crucial turning point and we'll see whether or not that is the kind of decision that they make. but at the moment it's clear these air strikes are going to continue. >> these air strikes that are going to continue as you put it are being helped by american force, i understand. >> yeah that's right. absolutely. part of the coalition. what has been happening is air strikes that were planned to be carried out by the u.s. have been in some sense taken over by jordanian forces because it's there that the country here wants to make a clear statement
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of that they will take revenge. they do have a very strong intelligence here and they have a long history of fighting against extremism. that intelligence service will be working really hard as they try to prevent any retaliatory attacks here in jordan. for example, the way that we've seen today could just turn public opinion here more against isis. >> in amman jordan keir simmons, thank you very much. let's turn to luke russert at capitol hill. he's our correspondent there, host of "the briefing." you've been watching the fight between the white house and congress over a new authorization for war. we're hearing that authorization could come in a couple of days? >> that's what house speaker john boehner told me yesterday. he's expecting that aumf from the white house in a matter of days. this is something that members have been calling for last
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summer but it ramped up with the coalition. we're hearing from democrats and republicans two sort of different things what they want from the aumf. john boehner said he wants to give the president authority to do what he needs to finish the job. but he says that won't be easy to get through congress. he'll have to stick up for his battle plan. take a listen. >> it's also going to be encome bent on the president to make the case for the american people for why we have to fight this fight. and his actions are going to be an important part of trying to get -- for us to get the vote to actually pass what an authorization. this is not going to be an easy lift. >> so you see boehner saying it's not going to be an easy lift to get through the house. he's promised rigorous hearings. one of the reasons why it won't be an easy lift is you have opposition to any type of plan
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that's going to come from libertarian conservatives, will come from progressive liberals. a lot of democrats are leery of moving for unless they have three questions answered. what's the geography, what's the scope, what's the time then also the question is will there be ground troops. this will be a fascinating debate that i suspect will go to early summer. >> luke russert, thank you very much. be sure to catch luke's show "the briefing" next hour at find out more from the president's plan from kristen welker. tell us what the white house is planning? >> the white house echoing what you just heard from luke which is that the aumf will be sent to congress within a matter of days but just yesterday white house press secretary josh earnest said the final details, the final language still being worked out. there are negotiations going on behind the scenes between the white house and capitol hill and
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the thorny issues are those that luke mapped out. the scope, the length of u.s. engagement in the middle east and also that issue of ground troops. some democrats want the aumf to include language that would prohibit the use of american ground forces. president obama has been adamant he won't send u.s. troops into a combat mission in iraq or to syria, however some administration officials have expressed concern that if that language is in the aumf it could tie the president's hands if the scope of this engagement changes or if ground troops are needed in another capacity. take a listen to what josh earnest had to say yesterday. >> what the president's interested in is not just passing this aumf but being able to demonstrate bipartisan support for it. that's a critical part of our efforts. >> that's part of what is making this such a challenging process. when earnest was asked if he had confidence the aumf would pass
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through both chambers easily he said it's too hard to make that projection projection. they're focused that in a couple of months they do get an aumf passed. iraqi forces have been fighting isis for more than a year. richard engel spent time with kurdish forces in northern iraq and filed this report. >> reporter: the fight against isis on the ground is hardly so precise or effective. we joined kurdish fighters in northern iraq america's closest allies in this war and traveled to their newest frontline motion just outside mosul captured two week es ago. the captain explained why he and his men fought so hard to take and hold this ground. this position is strategic because from here we control the road from syria, he said now we've cut it off. cutting the road means the kurds
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have severed isis' main supply line between iraq and syria and isis wants it back. there was an incoming round. luckily it overshot this position and the kurdish fighters are looking at the smoke. there comes another round. let's try to find a more secure area. the kurds fire back to keep back isis. sometimes mortar attacks followed by ambushes. the kurds took this base and have already lost three men holding it. they'll lose many more they say, unless they get a lot more help from washington and soon. kurdish officials we've spoken to say they're disappointed deeply disappointed that they're not getting more support from washington to fight the ground war that kurdish troops are involved in. these troops are loyal to the u.s., they're brave, on the
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front lines. so far they are getting some air strikes and that outpost that woef just featured in the piece was established with the help of u.s. air strikes, but that's not enough. they say they want a lot more weapons, better coordination and a real commitment from the united states to fight isis with really the only partner they have on the ground right now who are effective, which are the kurds. >> seeing your story about them using the weaponsp what are they asking for immediately as far as weaponry is concerned? >> they want armor-piercing weapons. they want a lot more air strikes. they want um vees. a lot of the weapons and vehicles that are being sent to iraq are going to baghdad and the iraqi army is still a deeply fractured force. they're still incredibly corrupt. the weapons aren't making it here to the northern part of the country to kurdistan where the
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fighting is actually having some success. and they're very frustrated by this discrepancy. there's not just a bureaucratic holdup the kurds believe there's a political decision by washington not to arm northern iraq because of the internal divisions in iraq. i think it's really important, jose. i was just listening to your conversations wither to correspondents, my colleagues this is not just a war against isis that we're involved in right now. this entire region has fallen apart and how it is supposed to be put together again needs to be discussed, needs to be -- there needs to be a strategy for that instead of just having a strategy to fight a group of militants who are really universally derided. that overall strategy is lacking here. that's why the kurds are so frustrated because they think
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washington is trying to split the difference. give weapons to baghdad, give some to the north and try and placate both sides and by doing that the strategy isn't really working. >> and meanwhile, people are dying. richard engel thank you so much appreciate it. developing now brand new numbers on the job market. the labor department says 257,000 jobs were added in january. a little above expectations. the unemployment rate edged up a notch to 5.7%. hampton pearson joins us with more on the new numbers. >> how are you doing, jose? >> i'm great. where are we seeing these job numbers mostly coming from? >> the gains are across the board. we've got revisions from the labor department that show that 2014 was much stropger than expected. best since 1999. the other thing, too, is you
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just look at the last three months the job market is frankly getting robust. the ank just for the last three months 336,000 per month. now, the one thing that is not in this report is the announced plans in the energy industry to lay off about 21,000 folks because of the decline in oil prices. that will show up in subsequent reports. overall, the job market getting stronger even after some signs of wage gains and you had sectors growing jobs, higher paying. but bottom line much more robust job market and jobs report coming from the labor department. >> tell me a little bit about the ethnic breakdown, african-american unemployment latino unemployment. >> those numbers still higher than the national average, but also slightly improving.
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i don't have the data in front of me but i looked at those trends as well. you know so we're getting there. not as much progress as you had hoped, but we're on the right track overall. >> there's mvment on that front sbl. >> yes. >> thank you so much. coming up later we'll be speaking with the president's top economic adviser. we're just getting started on "the rundown," chris christie vaccine comments the defections that hillary lands. we'll talk about it all next with chuck todd. they're still crunching through the snow and ice in the northeast. now even more on the way. later, crisis meeting about ukraine having right now in eastern europe. will the u.s. get pulled into a fight with russia?
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if you're a political junkie this week in washington did not disappoint. you've got another funding fight on capitol hill a debate over whether vaccines are safe and plenty of news when it comes to the 2016 presidential race. who is in who is out, who is up, who is down? let me bring in chuck todd. how are you? >> i'm great. >> let's talk about this dhs battle over money. who has the upper hand here? and this will be solved by the 27th of february? >> it's looking very tough. boehner and mcconnell they're looking for a way to land this plane. they're trying desperately to both give some of the base a place to let off some steam, i think that's why this idea of
6:20 am
another lawsuit i think was thrown out there. they know they're not going to win this political fight. they know they're not goingy to be able to do this on dhs funding. they'll lose this showdown. it's pretty clear it won't get through the senate. they've got to come up with a plan b. nobody is more effective at finding plan bs than mitch mcconnell. but that's when he was minority leader. it's a different story as majority leader. there's nothing john boehner must love now more than having conservatives look to mcconnell as the guy that can't get bills through as majority leader rather than always blaming boehner when he was the lone republican leader at the time. >> a clean bill or a shutdown. >> i don't think there's an either/or there. i think what's more likely -- and this is usually the mcconnell way of doing things they'll come up with some sort of three-month extension or something like that in order to
6:21 am
buy more time if they can't come up with a deal. i don't know if it will be fully clean. that's going to be his attempt at trying to do something that's not fully clean so it doesn't look like a full capitulation but i don't think it's the two extremes you described. >> you had stumbles by chris christie this week a lot of people saying it's scott walker's week. >> this is the way it will go. when you have this many candidates on the republican side of the aisle, you do feel as if what matters day-to-day and then look back on a friday and what did you learn? no individual incident is going to define things just yet but you do sort of learn an overall pattern. rand paul and chris christie are going to struggle in the media spotlight a little bit. they seem to be portraying elements of being thin skinned. that usually doesn't wear well for presidential candidates. jeb bush what i took away from
6:22 am
it he's still a little rusty on the campaign front. his speech when you look at it as far as oratory, he's got some work to do but he's clearly going to stick to his guns on this idea that he'll have a general election strategy in the primaries. scott walker we need to stop -- i think we need to realize and step back and say, if you're going to describe jeb bush as a front-runner and financially he is but he doesn't really lead in any polls, then you have to call scott walker the co-front-runner. that's the big take aways i got from the week. >> on the jeb speech immigration was part of that general campaign kind of vision. >> that's right. >> but that's not going to be an easy weight to carry. >> not at all. and i think that that -- there's a reason he started early. i think we're learning this. there's a reason in some ways he seems to be the first guy of the top tier candidates trying to do some policy speeches
6:23 am
trying to almost sharpen his skills a little bit. because again, i encourage don't just read the speech. watch his speech and you realize, yeah he's a little rust i in the public square. >> there's movement on the hillary camp. tell me what we'll see on "meet the press" this weekend. >> a lot of focus on eastern europe with ukraine and russia with a little bit on isis. this showdown with russia -- and this goes to the larger issue that we'll hear today from susan rice about a national security strategy that doesn't seem to exist in the obama administration. even russia which you could argue the tactics that they used on sanction they had the impact that they hope that they would have economically in russia but they haven't changed putin's behavior. with isis the only good news
6:24 am
perhaps is that maybe the arab world sits there and says whoa they want to kill muslims as much as they want to kill westerners. we see it galvanize the jordanian king does this galvanize others. >> we'll see you sunday we'll be watching as we do every sunday. weem zoom through some of the other top stories including a clue in who was behind the massive cyber attack.
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let's go to the new york stock exchange. executives from easterly government properties are ringing the opening bell to sell brace its ipo and first day of trading. we'll be watching to see how the markets pond to today's jobs numbers. someone whose stock is up is scott walker. if you look at the polls, he's the hottest thing among republicans right now. after that well received speech in iowa last month and laying out a budget that's hailed he's surging in the polls. jeb bush and chris christie are paying close attention. steve kornacki is host of "up" is here this morning. >> this is people say very early right now. this is also a very critical time in the race for president. mitt romney is not running, jeb bush having a struggle with the base chris christie having his problems. there's an opportunity for
6:32 am
someone to move up. take a look at scott walker and surprising numbers we've seen in the last week or two. what you're looking at is where the race stands nationally. jeb bush there 15 not a very impressive number for a front-runner, ben carson gets a lot of attention on the right. there's scott walker back at 9%. not the top, but a lot of clutter there. when you start to talk about iowa new hampshire and take a look at this. this was back in the fall right before the election. they polled iowa huckabee carson, bush rand paul chris christie ted cruz, marco rubio, you had to go back here to find out where scott walker was. hasn't been polling in iowa. now there has been. from all the way back there at the end of the pack, here he is now in first place, 16% ap well received performance. the steve king event out there.
6:33 am
a lot of people on the right paying attention to scott walker. you see him moving up. same thing happening in new hampshire. back before the fall. you got to go all the way back here 3% to see where scott walker was in the first in the nation primaries. scott walker up to second place in one poll in new hampshire, five points behind jeb bush. leading 21% in a second poll in new hampshire. scott walker when you start seeing numbers, significance is all these big dollar dopers who are deciding who they'll cast their money with. is it jeb bush who is trying hard to raise big money right now. when they look at these numbers, that's a guy who can compete with jeb bush. that's a guy who can win, a guy i can invest in. you get money, you can get better poll numbers than this. this is a very significant
6:34 am
moment for scott walker right now. >> steve kornacki thank you very much. wake up with steve tomorrow morning at 8:00 eastern. let me bring in lee ann caldwell. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about the sudden rise of scott walker. talk about jeb bush. he was in the front, all of a sudden these number two and maybe even dropping. >> jeb bush or any candidate can't walk in and guarantee that they're going to clinch this nomination. there's a lot of candidates there's work to be done. it's still early but scott walker's good week means that people need to pay attention to him. but he's also experiencing the roller coaster of presidential politics. he's topping polls, but he's also having some problems in his home state of wisconsin with his new budget he released. >> let's talk about that. you've been writing about his
6:35 am
budget. what does that tell us how he aims to govern? >> one of the most controversial is that they proposed cuts to the university of wisconsin system. that's about a 13% cut. inside the state it's getting a lot of pushback. nationally, the democrats are for sure going to hit this. it plays into this team dating back to 2011 with his fight against the unions that walker is also anti-education. so what it means is that scott walker is going to run on a very conservative agenda. this could play well in conservative parts of the country. but when it comes to more general audience, this is problematic problems. >> talking about jeb bush he's the front-runner apparently. but these polls that steve just showed us show that there's some change there. >> there's definitely some change. i mean we're still a year out from any votes being cast.
6:36 am
but what this means is that someone like chris christie really has to get in the game and they have to get serious if they're really going to make this move. jeb bush has to work for the donors that he's going to try to court. scott walker in addition to topping in some of the polls in iowa and new hampshire he's had other big gets this week. he's grabbed very kov keted staff on the republican side. he's touting the donors that he has and the support that he's getting, too. >> it will be interesting when they start to announce formally how things change. but an interesting picture as of right now. thank you so much for being with mow. a pressure to see you. >> you're welcome, jose. the west dealing with the threat of flooding and the east is suffering from extreme cold. bill karins joins me now. let's start with what the west? >> we'll start with the west.
6:37 am
that's mostly welcome. no one wants a mud. slide but there are flood watches, but we had one storm go in yesterday, another pretty good one today, then one more over the weekend. then it dries right out. hard-hit drought areas of california, and a closer view. as of now, we still have not gotten that rain into the san francisco bay area that had the driest january in history with zero inches of rain. we still think you'll get socked today. we mentioned the cold all the way down into the deep south. boston is at 9, really new england really got the worst of the cold air this morning. everyone going to work and school and negative wind chill. we talked about negative 12. gold snow cold snow in new england. it remains throughout your day
6:38 am
on sunday. another 6 to 12 inches mostly central and northern new england. what changes is it shifted north member. we're not taking too much snow for new york and nifl. you have a beautiful weekend. it will be 70 in denver. not exactly a very fair weather pattern. >> even warmer than miami. >> you watch out down there in florida, some of the coldest air of the winter season coming your way. >> you may need a jacket. maybe. >> we'll see about that. thanks. >> engine power, train crashes and inside a hack attack. let's zoom through some of the top stories. the flight data recorder from the transasia flight that crashed shows both engines lost power before the plane went down on wednesday. the death toll has climbed to 35. 18 people missing. we now know the rush hour traffic was bumper to bumper inching along when an suv got
6:39 am
trapped on the tracks in the path of a metro north commuter train. this as a funeral is set to finish within the hour for ellen brody, the driver of the suv. in northeast ohio two were killed when their car was hit at a rail wood crossing by two separate freight trains. it happened where a tanker truck was hit by a train back in september. anthem says it's struggling to notify customers whose information may have been stolen in a massive hack attack. they're looking at the possibility that china was behind the attacks. social security number names, address, dates of birth stolen. anthem says no medical records were stolen. very soon the u.s. may get more involved in the crisis in the campaign. vladimir putin, details next.
6:40 am
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green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity rollover ira. developing news right now out of eastern europe a peace plan to end the bloodshed in the ukraine are in the works but for it to work vladimir putin will have to be on board. francois hollande and angela merkel talked it over with ukraine's president last night. they're boat in moscow to talk peace with putin. it comes from when diplomats around the world attend a security conference in munich. biden had tough words for putin this morning. >> this is a moment where the united states and europe must stand together stand firm. russia cannot be allowed to redraw the map on europe.
6:44 am
because that's exactly what they are doing. >> why are these peace talks a big deal? because if putin does not agree the u.s. could decide to start sending weapons, raising this fight to a whole new level. i'm joined by the former ambassador to the ukraine, william taylor, ambassador wlarkts, what a pleasure to see you. >> good to see you. >> what are the chances that putin accepts any peace plan and sticks to it? >> the sticking to it is a good question. he's clearly feeling the pressure. he reached out to the germans and the french. he's feeling the pressure of the sanctions. the europeans extended those sanctions earlier in this year. and the americans, as you've indicated, we're considering sending weapons. so mr. putin understands that the europeans are serious, that beer serious and that he may be blinking. he may be that he is feeling the
6:45 am
pressure to the degree that he would like to find another way out. >> but there hasn't been a red line in the sand drawn on this case. >> there has actually been a red line drawn. he agreed to a red line that is a line of the truce back in september, the minsk treaty. so that they've gone across the red line and now that the pressure has nvged on him he's looking for a way out. >> how will it change if he decides to send arms? >> things would change because the ukrainians would have a greater ability to inflict pain on the russia troops that are coming across the border. but more importantly, mr. putin will see that the americans are serious about supporting
6:46 am
ukraine. that the international community is serious about opposing aggression in europe. that the international community is serious about opposing the violation of territorial integrity of one country against another. and that this is an indication that he is facing a higher pressure greater pressure from both the europeans and the americans. >> former ambassador william taylor, thank you for being with us this morning. >> appreciate it. now the new job numbers. the year is off to a pretty good start. a little over an hour ago the labor department says 257,000 jobs were added. unemployment rate climbed to 5.7%. wages climbed, the best in six years and the revised numbers for 2014 show a total gain of 3.1 million jobs. that's the best since 1999. joining me from the white house
6:47 am
chairman of the white house council of economic advisers. >> you just took all my points. >> let's reaffirm the points. what's your reaction to it? >> exactly like you said. the year is off to a good start. the job gains, 257,000 is the exact same -- almost as same as the average pace we saw last year. and when you dig deeper you saw upward revisions. you saw wages up you saw upward revisions for wages, you saw the participation rate up. so a lot of good signs in this number. >> so as far as growth real growth of the economy, i mean what is it just over the last quarter, what was it 2.5%. do you see things changing? is this an indication that maybe growth is going to increase substantially? >> you saw the growth in the second half of 2014 really
6:48 am
strengthen. and there's no reason why we can't have that again in 2015. it would certainly help a lot if we avoid unnecessary brinksmanship unhelpful austerity and instead take steps like invest in our infrastructure to make sure that we're really building some insurance that we can continue that economic strength. >> let me put up some of the unemployment numbers by ethnic groups. the african-american rate in double digits latinos a full percentage point above the national average. how do we bring these groups into the fold? >> the biggest message there is we need to continue to strengthen the economy. the unemployment rates for those groups are unacceptably high but when the economy strengthened in 2014 it brought them down and it actually brought them down more than it brought down the overall unemployment rate. so what you have there are really longstanding challenges. the president has an initiative my brother's keeper.
6:49 am
that's one of the motivations of that initiative is to help connect people to jobs. we need to make sure they're good paying jobs so raising the minimum wage steps like that as well. >> we received a statement from house and ways committee chairman paul ryan. while he says the report is great news he adds this recovery is too fragile for far too many. in the long-term unemployed there's a lot of potential that we're still not tapping. is he right? >> it is absolutely the case that we can do more with our economy, which is why we'd love to work together to invest in infrastructure, to agree on a way to pay for that by reforming our international tax system and closing loopholes. we've done a lot to bring down long-term unemployment but those types of steps would help us get all the way pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me. keep it here on the runz.
6:50 am
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women in hollywood is stepping down from her current position at sony pictures entertainment three months after the massive hack attack on the company. co-chairman amy pascal facialed criticism after hackers exposed e-mails. they insist her decision to step down has nothing to do with the attack. live to los angeles to julia bore steen for more. >> good morning to you. >> what are they saying about the resignation and timing behind it? >> sony in press release announcing her move from being basically head of the studio to having her own production
6:54 am
company, has a deal with sony they're making point to say this is something she wanted to do for awhile she has a four year deal with sony they praise her and her track record at the studio, say they're looking forward to their on-going relationship. jose, comes at a time when many are speculating that due to the nature of some of her e-mails leaked as part of the hack attack she was embarrassed, put in -- some relationships with hollywood's top names may have been in a compromised situation. >> also just the racially sensitive nature of some of those e-mails. i presume she has been spending a lot of time trying to deal with that repercussion. >> there were a number of e-mails released. no one wants personal e-mails released. hers were embarrassing for her, especially an exchange about president obama, some of her comments were taken as racially insensitive, she went on an apology tour apologizing to him and to african-american
6:55 am
community. and she also had to apologize to some of the movie stars she made comments about in private e-mails. she did have a great track record at the studio was responsible for a number of big hits, but many of my sources in hollywood say they're not surprise that she's leaving as her contract comes up simply because someone was going to have to take the fall from all of these e-mails that were leaked and the nature of them. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate it. coming up we take the turn on "the rundown," jordan makes it clear isis has gone too far. the air force is set to lead more air strikes today. more measles victims and they're among the most vulnerable. jeb bush getting a lot of headlines, can he get the bush name back in the oval office? >> i wouldn't call your dad the greatest man alive or anything. >> my dad is the greatest man alive, if anybody disagrees we
6:56 am
will go outside, unless you're 6'5", 250, much younger than me. >> i guess we can read all about it in jeb bush's campaign book i only fight old, small people. ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your
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6:59 am
♪ ♪ welcome back to the second hour of "the rundown." new developments in the fight against isis. we just learned for a second day in a row, jordanian war planes taking the lead against isis targets in syria. one day after president obama called isis a death cult. more warnings from vice president biden. >> it is interesting how the terrorists try to go at everything we think sacred and free the more open the system is, the more they attempt to take advantage of it and we cannot let them cannot let them
7:00 am
change our way of life. >> richard engel live in northern iraq. keir simmons in jordan. jordan says the air strikes are just the beginning. what's next? >> reporter: that's right. they do say that they plan to hit isis with everything they've got. what we are hearing, now that jordanian f-16s have been back in action attacking isis targets, targets that would have been selected by the u.s. and reporting that the jordanian aircraft were accompanied and held by f-18s, f-22s, and a-10 aircraft, in particular effort is being made to ensure it is possible to rescue any pilot whose plane is downed. that's crucial of course because all of this set off by a
7:01 am
jordanian pilot whose f-16 went down and was captured by isis and executed by isis in the most horrific way imaginable burned to death. here in jordan what we are finding is huge ground swell of public opinion in favor of air strikes, in favor of jordan taking on isis. some people told us taking down isis in any way necessary in order to defeat that organization. >> richard, you have been embedded with kurdish fighters and fighting isis. what have you learned? >> reporter: i learned how deeply complex this fight really is. it is not just a matter of intensifying air strikes or ordering more air strikes. obviously the air strikes help. they weaken isis but you need forces on the ground to take the territory, hold the territory, and try and build some sort of
7:02 am
government underneath. and really the only force on the ground that is holding territory and fighting loyal to the u.s. are kurdish fighters. we went out with kurdish fighters not far from mosul, went to a front line position the most front line position and we found that they are not being adequately supplied. they were complaining bitterly that they don't have enough weapons, they don't have enough ammunition, that supplies are being sent to baghdad by washington, not being used very effectively in their opinion and that they're not making it here largely for political reasons because of tension between kurdistan and the government in baghdad. it is a much wider political framework we are dealing with that needs to be taken into account, not just intensifying air strikes against a group
7:03 am
that's pretty much universally hated across the middle east. >> richard, you had extraordinary access to this situation, i mean very close to where the situation is where the rubber meets the road. >> reporter: we went to the front line post only established about two weeks ago. it is strategic from kurdish point of view because -- strategic from any point of view really because it cuts off a key supply route, main isis supply route between iraq and syria in northern iraq. and the curds took it over set up a couple berms around their positions, have fighters armed with light weapons, trying to hold on to it. in the last two weeks, 20 car bombs from isis to drive the curds out of position. they lost three of their fighters. we saw some of the damage and
7:04 am
leftover car bombs that were still on location and it is clear without much support, this outpost and others like it aren't going to be able to hold on much longer. during the few hours we were at this front line position, we saw five mortar rounds come in some of them luckily went over the base where we were but weren't very far away. and the kurdish fighters say that kind of attack incoming fire sometimes ambushes sometimes snipers, happens to them constantly. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. want to bring in ambassador mark beginsburg good morninger middle east adviser and former state department official that represents syrian coalition. thank you for being with me. ambassador, let me start with you. how big a role can jordan realistically play in this fight? can they move the needle?
7:05 am
>> it is going to be very hard jose. they have approximately 82 advanced f-16 fighters. they have a terrific military. but jose you have to understand when the king was in washington just a few days ago, the day the pilot was actually killed by or the day where it was announced he was killed the king was pleading with the obama administration to provide spare parts for aircraft for night vision equipment, to cut the bureaucratic red tape. viewers have to understand what is happening in washington is that the white house bureaucrats and national security council stand at the fire hydrant, controlling how much water is given fire engines to put out the fire. >> so what needs to happen? >> one thing we have to do, back up juror dan, supply the parts they need. and provide direct military support to the peshmerga,
7:06 am
kurdish military forces why the white house is playing bureaucracy on these issues is beyond my comprehension. >> you worked with the same group supposed to get help from u.s. forces. can you tell us where the effort stands now? >> sure. and i work with the kurdish peshmerga as well. both groups are not getting sufficient support from the u.s. and both are critical to the ground fight against isis. they need to be supplied and trained, need a credible moderate sunni fighting force to oppose isis. >> david, do they exist? can you find them can you organize them? can you make sure that what they say they are they are, which are really organized opposition to it? >> they do exist. but they're quickly diminishing because they're not getting support.
7:07 am
and isis has strong support. you can imagine the battle for hearts and minds of the majority sunni population in syria, isis is winning because they have more support, they have more money, more funding. whereas moderate opposition is not getting that. that's the problem in syria. >> who are the moderate opposition? is there any left? >> it is a government that has been quasi recognized by the u.s. has foreign mission status in the u.s. state department works with them all the time as do other friends of syria countries, so we know them very well and they have the capability to organize but need much more support and they're not getting it. >> ambassador president obama is working on get ago new authorization for war against isis. clearly there's political value in that assuming he gets bipartisan support. any military or diplomatic value as well? >> sure there is. part of the problem, jose the coalition formed by the
7:08 am
administration still doesn't have the type of support both politically and militarily from nato and needs to have that bipartisan support that was evidenced when they called on the administration for more military support to jordan. jose it is going to be a long fight. we know that. going to require arab boots on the ground but requires greater support from our allies. everyone who is in washington understands that the administration is walking on eggshells in the battlefield. will be inherited by the next administration. we need a longer term strategy need to explain this is not a war won in a few weeks or months. >> ambassador david, thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. developing now, measles outbreak is growing. and in new jersey suspected case in a one-year-old not yet
7:09 am
vaccinated. and in pennsylvania a measles case may have exposed people in cumberland and franklin counties. in illinois, officials say five infants that attended a child care center are diagnosed with the virus. let's go live to chicago and john yang. what details have you learned about cases at the child care facility? >> reporter: well jose public health officials are watching very closely not just the five infants who have been diagnosed with measles but ten other infants who were kept in the same room here at this child care center. all of these children are under the age of 12 months less than a year old, and that's -- one year is the age at which health officials recommend children be immunized, so they were not immunized. there's a 90% chance if you haven't been immunized and exposed to measles that you're going to get measles. county officials are saying there's a strong likelihood
7:10 am
there will be more cases here. as i say, these are under the age to be vaccinated. but in the state of illinois in cook county in chicago, there is a 90 above 90% vaccination rate, which is relatively high and public health officials are investigating cases, tracing back contacts trying to figure out where the point of origin for the virus may have been. and whether or not this is connected at all with the outbreak in disneyland in california. now, this daycare center is back open today, back in operation, after a deep clean, deep scrub here. workers and children not immunized are asked to stay away at least three weeks. >> john yang thank you so much. the topic of vaccinations has
7:11 am
been huge. we are asking you about this on there is very little debate on how effective vaccines are. 85% say vaccines are a must. the science is clear. however, by more than two to one, you say there should be no federal law requiring vaccine. weigh in on this. take the vaccine quiz at still ahead on this hour of "the rundown," health insurance giant anthem says it could take weeks to find out how many subscribers have been effected by the hack. the latest on the investigation of who may be behind it coming up. and history for sports illustrated swimsuit edition, featuring the first plus size professional model. hear from her next.
7:12 am
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congress appears deadlocked on how to pay for the department of homeland security. the senate voted three times in three days on a bill to fund the department. and for a third time the measure failed to pass. democrats and republicans are at odds over the immigration proposals tucked into the bill. with three weeks until money runs out, lawmakers are at a stand still. joining me from washington kelly o'donnell and national journal reporter lauren fox. thanks for being with me. kelly, start with you. three votes in three days is mitch mcconnell going to try a fourth? >> he is moving to other business monday when the senate gets back. they'll take sort of a pause. behind the scenes they're trying to sort out strategy. three attempts was a way to do a few things to try to see if there was any way to get democrats to allow the procedure
7:16 am
to go forward to work on the bill which could include dhs funding, taking things out, working on it. we have seen in the new congress they're open to amendments. that was part of it. that didn't work. the other part of the message of three up and down to send a message to house republicans, reinforce to them the most conservative members of that conference that it is not going to be easy to do things in the senate unless you have some democrats that come along. we are on pause for this with the clock ticking, jose. >> and lauren seems like both sides are pretty clearly set on exactly what they're willing and not willing to accept. do you see anything changing? >> no, i think democrats hold a united front here. what we have seen they only want to vote on a clean department of homeland security funding bill. not something they're willing to cave on. having three votes in a row illustrates how united the democrats are in minority rule. i think republicans meanwhile have to figure out whether or not to put democrats on the
7:17 am
record more for supporting the president's 2014 executive action on immigration or whether or not they're ready to move on to the clean dhs funding bill. certainly we could also see a short term funding bill as a way to continue the process. >> kelly, when john boehner was asked if he had any idea if the senate would pass this he said no. they don't have a plan? >> at this point talking about a plan is a way to doom a plan to failure. part of this is managing the clock, not unlike the end of the super bowl figure out what plays can work in limited amount of time left. if they talk too publicly about strategy, that tends to be when the strategy is attacked. it may be true that john boehner isn't quite sure of the hand that mitch mcconnell will play. what we expect to see with mitch mcconnell was clear when he was in the minority he has a good grasp of usually the next two or three political moves but holds those close to the vest. we don't yet know how it will play out. i asked a number of people in
7:18 am
the senate republicans who are in the room. no one is talking about what they think the options are. i think lauren hit on it with the short term seems like the easiest solution. no one wants to go to the brink of any shutdown over this but i think they hope that the end of the calendar will help to get something done. still have a little time. i think they're going to burn that time. >> kelly, lauren thanks for being with me. appreciate it. now to that massive identity hack at anthem. 80 million may have been exposed. anthem is scrambling to find out who may be behind the attack. nbc's pete williams has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators are looking at the possibility that chinese hackers were behind that massive attack on anthem that stole social security numbers, names, addresses dates of birth. no medical records were stolen but insurance id numbers were
7:19 am
targeted. security experts say that could be used for medical identity theft, to buy prescription drugs, file fraudulent claims adding extraneous entries to a victim's medical records. hackers may have been seeking potentially embarrassing data. >> that type of informing is of interest to foreign intelligence who are looking to target particular individuals in the country. >> reporter: anthem offers free identity theft and monitoring to customers victimized. some recommend asking credit reporting agencies for a freeze blocking new accounts using your social security number numbs you act to release it. anthem says no credit card numbers were compromised, stolen data could be used to steal your identity and get new cards. >> you have to look at your mail on line bill pay, look for signs that anything is unusual. >> pete williams says it may take two weeks to discover how
7:20 am
many current and former customers were victimized. up next we will zoom through the top stories, including the latest in the horrifying plane crash in taiwan earlier this week. officials believe they know what happened. on her twitter promile, robin calls herself a model beyond a size 10 and believes beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. she's making a splash on the modeling industry on "the rundown." equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. colourists know roots take colour one way... and previously coloured hair another. introducing new vidal sassoon salonist first, brush roots with rich colour cream. then, add serum... and blend through lengths. our most advanced system outside the salon. visible depths and tones. new vidal sassoon salonist.
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7:24 am
1964 the "sports illustrated" issue is known for highlighting the epitome of beauty. for years it memt models like this. this year that's all changing. robin is a size 12 plus size in the fashion world. the curviest swimsuit model to date. >> on the runway it is a 0 to 4, i am triple the size of these girls. >> reporter: the idea that size 12 smaller than the average woman would be considered plus sized sparked krk reaction on social media. can i be stoked that robin is in si while being furious this is what we consider plus size? she's stunning but not plus size. labeling of anyone over size 4 as plus size needs to stop. >> she's one of the most beautiful women i've ever laid eyes on. >> reporter: mj day in charge of picking models agrees. >> because her number is 12 has
7:25 am
no bearing on what she represents. she's fit, kur vash us and gorgeous. 12 it is like big deal. >> reporter: she argues they have featured different body types for years. >> probably one of my prouders moments has been acceptance of the more volume up tu us kur vashs body kate upton effect has been an incredible thing to witness. >> reporter: as for robin who was one month pregnant at the time of the shoot, her new found fame is truly a thing of beauty. >> when i first saw it i had immense hate for my body. held it accountable for holding me back felt disappointed it was like why didn't i get a skinny body. it is a feat and i am happy for them using me. coming up jeb bush
7:26 am
continues his pre-campaign tour in detroit. posing an interesting question comparing his run to former candidate jon huntsman. i will be joined with one half of the cycle with abby huntsman and ari melber. cha-ching!) (cha-ching!) it felt like we were flushing money away. mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. it's charmin quality and long lasting. with more go's per roll, it pays to use charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. .
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now to major action on the immigration front going on at the state level with decision in the lawsuit brought by 26 states against the president's immigration action that could come any day from a u.s. district judge in texas. activists are preparing for the worst. meanwhile, in ohio secretary of state sent a letter to the white house this week warning the president's executive orders will lead to illegal voting. joining me to talk about this action on the state level, amanda is a couple a anzack roth. thank you both. amanda, do you have any idea what the ruling will be from the texas court?
7:30 am
>> good morning, jose. it is a fascinating dynamic playing out in texas. scores of legal experts say the law is on the administration's side as far as legality of executive actions. they're really worried about the conservative bush appointed judge who will be the one deciding. in the past district judge andrew heyman has been critical and went out of his way to use harsh language as far as his opinions on this. advocates are worried this is not in their favor, and timing is critical. in a week and a half new docket expansion is set to begin, and this decision could really throw a wrench into this if he decides to halt executive actions. the obama administration has many options as far as appealing, but advocates are eyeing the clock as far as when it will come down. >> if he stops this action it
7:31 am
would put freeze on the extension of daca this month? >> that's one of the options, he is able to put injunction on the rollout of implementation of new executive actions, and this is putting a sense of fear in the community that maybe these undocumented immigrants shouldn't come forward. they are saying don't be deterred by this. ultimately, no matter how this goes out, the law is on the obama administration's side and the appeals court will uphold this executive action. >> zack talk about what's going on in ohio. what did you find when you looked into the secretary of state warning to the white house? >> here is what we found, jose. you can actually already get a driver's license in ohio if you're not a citizen, which is what secretary of state is worried about. in fact you have over 197,000 people in ohio who aren't citizens and who have driver's licenses, perfectly legally.
7:32 am
now, obama's immigration order would add an estimated 25,000 people, if you assume all of them get driver's licenses, which won't happen adds a small amount to the existing pool. only had 17 noncitizens voting in 2012 maybe this adds one or two more. generously, if you want to estimate it. i talked to a top election administration expert nonpartisan guy, says this is really overblown and political posturing. >> on the driver's licenses in ohio to be clear, you said there are some that are noncitizens, but not undocumented, this is just to add undocumented into the percentage of people that will have access to driver's licenses.
7:33 am
>> that's correct. it only led to 17 people that he found voting in 2012 so again, just not a serious issue from election standpoint. >> how are they getting to vote instead of getting driver's licenses, another way of registering of the undocumented. talk about the activists that play into the lawsuit. tell me what they have in mind for the future? >> they're holding many sessions to make sure to get out the word, make sure people are prepared. you need to have a great deal of documentation, as far as application process. you need to be able to match fees. so they're wanting to get the word out, and not just to the latino community but also as many undocumented immigrants who would still apply, in new york for example, administrators are trying a multi facetted way to reach people. they say some are better reached
7:34 am
through the radio, others through churches and community groups. this is a way, a time to really pound metal to the pavement and get the word out. >> you know, we have been doing that a lot on telemundo we have to talk to them and give them information. when this happens in texas, it causes fear among many. >> that's the worry among advocates, this will put a thawing effect on those that are wanting to come forward, but are hesitant. so they really are watching this unravel in texas. they feel the law is on their side that obama administration has the prosecutorial discretion to decide which are priority to deport and which aren't. it is not practical to go after 11 million undocumented immigrants that live in the united states it is not feasible. it is within the obama
7:35 am
administration power to say we're going after criminals but not going after families after students, not going after dreamers who are contributing to society and who are going to school and wanting to work above board and pay taxes. >> not everybody agrees with that. this conversation will continue. thank you for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you. now to the 2016 jeb bush first big policy speech since announcing 2016 ambitions made it clear, he hopes his audience is tilted more to the general election than primary voters. he is setting his sights on what they call eye popping fund-raising numbers, hoping to scare off potential rivals aiming to raise $100 million in three months. first read poses the question is bush the gop frontrunner or jon huntsman 2.0, former republican utah governor someone who obama's campaign manager said this to ronan
7:36 am
farrow. >> the guy we were always most afraid of was jon huntsman governor of utah who i think would be a smashingly great general election candidate. >> joining me now, one half of the cycle, ari melber someone who doesn't fear jon huntsman as much abby huntsman. thanks for being with me. abby, how could jeb do what he said in december and skip to the general election campaign and primaries. >> i agree. if my dad made it to the general, probably would have given president obama the biggest run for his money. but the big question is you know, how do you get the primary and into the general. what people loved about my dad is that he remained authentic, didn't help him in the primaries, would have helped him in the general. jeb is similar. he is not one to pander. he has to find a way to remain authentic on issues like immigration and education, and
7:37 am
speaking passionately about the middle class which he does well but also appealing to the primary voters a big difference between jeb and dad, my dad got in later, coming back from china, serving a democratic president. jeb bush has gotten in early, he has money, name recognition, has ground operation going. i think he is in a good position as a matter of how he messages things he cares about in the right way. that's a challenge for him. but i think jeb is up to the task. >> ari, what do you think jeb bush is taking notes from what she said looking at who he might go against in 2016. >> i think primaries are about credibility, what is your tie, loyalty, credibility with the party, with the base. yet good primaries are debates about what it should be. i think what hurt him most was not anything he said or ran, i think he was hurt by having
7:38 am
worked for president obama. whether that says something bad about politics or not. i think jeb bush is in a different place. he is tied to one of the biggest names in republican politics. while people have dynasty fatigue, we will see how that plays out, i don't think there's the same credibility question of whether he is a true republican or some would -- separated from that attack, and to raise the kind of money that makes him -- >> he got to watch what played out in 2012. he could see what happened to my dad, say i have a better sense of how to handle this. >> on the other hand there are a lot of people in the republican party, some opinion leaders that are saying jeb bush is a rino. >> i don't buy that. you have to look at where he stands on the issues. what's great about jeb bush is his compassion something that the republican party needs. it is easy to put names on
7:39 am
people and say they're an outsider. i was there last time around. i feel like that's the lazy way out. it is important to look at where he stands and what his message is moving forward. >> and add to that, governing does matter for primaries, as governor, you're making a lot of decisions. this is a governor outside of certain social areas we talked about, maybe nice noise on immigration and everything else on democratic priorities on taxes, on a lot of the way he ran that state was very conservative, and at times political, proudly so people would say. i don't think you can look at the 2000 election and say he was a rino helping george bush make it to the white house. elephants have long memories. >> thank you so much. great to see you guys. catch the full cycle today. we will take you inside a meeting who was there. and first, the pacific
7:40 am
northwest are getting drenched. some areas getting up to ten inches of rain flash flood warnings in effect could be coupled with high winds in upper elevations. in the northeast, bracing for more snow that could last from saturday night through tuesday morning. accumulations could be more than a foot. we will be watching it for you. know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one.
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a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. first friday of the month means jobs friday, the new year off to a good start for job seekers. 257,000 jobs added last month. unemployment rate climbed to 5.7%. when it comes to our paychecks, hourly wages climbed a half percent, the best monthly gain in six years. i am joined by msnbc contributor jerry bernstein, vice president biden's chief economist. what do the numbers tell you
7:44 am
about the health of the economy. >> it is a healthy job market. they tell me the economic recovery that's been on-going since second half of 2009 doesn't always feel that way, but that's the fact in terms of overall growth gdp growth. that overall recovery has solidly reached the labor market. this is one in a series of reports for the last year every month, has been at least 200,000 jobs. to average job growth in the past three months the way i like to smooth out bips and bops in numbers, you get 337,000 jobs a month. compare that to three months a year ago we added 200,000 jobs on average. acceleration and a healthy jobs report. >> talk about hourly wages. where most feel the difference. >> monthly movements in wage results jump around month to month. i like to look year over year. in the past year wages up 2.2%
7:45 am
faster than growth in recent months, but it is nothing you would call notable acceleration in wages. i think wage growth is somewhat a missing ingredient to the recovery. and this is important given the point you made. inflation is less than 1%. if you get 2.2 growth in hourly wage buying power is growing faster than% per year. faster than we have seen. >> job growth is always slower. i want to talk about it. african-american unemployment rate, 10.3%. latinos a full percentage point above the national average. how can congress address this. >> great issue. a number of ways they could, if they were willing to make key investments. we talked about infrastructure investment you and i. this would be a great type to do
7:46 am
that, because it would help production capacity and reach corners that are still finding it difficult to find work. a lot of long term unemployed help them get back to the labor market. that requires cooperation on fiscal policy between guys that work behind me and that's been the challenge. >> talk about what's called the real unemployment rate 11.3%. what is it and what can be done to address that. >> sure. refer to that as the underemployment rate a a better indicator of slack in the job market. 7 million are called involuntary part timers. want full time can't find it. there are a lot of people marginally attached to the labor market. would come back in if things percolate solidly as they have but they're hanging on the edges. it is a measure of slack.
7:47 am
it has come down. important thing about that number and other indicators i mentioned, sure the job market is getting better but not at full employment. need to keep percolating at this pace and i think we will get there. it is important not to disrupt the trend with bad fiscal policy or preemptive rate hike at the fed. >> pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. president obama tried to reach out to people of all faiths speaking at the national prayer breakfast during the show yesterday. includes those of the muslim faith. >> we have to speak up against those that would misuse his name to justify oppression violence hatred with that fierce certainty. no god condones terror. >> the white house says the president delivered a similar message to a group of muslim leaders later in the day. that includes our next guest. good friend of mine joins me
7:48 am
now. >> thanks for having me on jose. >> as you put it you were one of the muslims who infiltrated the white house. take us in that meeting. >> we snuck in and sharia law can't be far away. they would have you think it is some cold front meeting with muslims sneaking into the white house. this was spearheaded by muslim advocates for six years to try to get a meeting with the president. this is the first time in six years he met muslim american leaders, 15 of us, and it was an opportunity to hear what we were concerned about, to get response. it was a great meeting, very productive. >> what did you talk to him about, what did you say, what did he hear from you. >> i commended great work at the white house correspondent's dinner, i think he is great. i offered my services at the next white house dinner for cheap, i will work for food made that clear.
7:49 am
secondly, more importantly, talked about political point of view. people raised issues how to get that radicalization of muslims, that's a concern. people don't realize it. we despise terrorists that commit heinous acts in the name of our faith. i brought up the political issue, we see republicans, people like john bennett, oklahoma state representative saying muslim americans, not terrorists, are cancers must be cut out of society. and congressman jodie hies newly elected, saying doesn't deserve first amendment protection. bobby jindal fabricating stories and saying these are coming to america. what do we hear from the democrats? silence. that was my plea to the president, to encourage fellow democrats, could be in safe seats. i understand it is daring to speak on our behalf. if a governor like jindal would
7:50 am
say something racest homophobic democrats would line up. they say that about us we don't hear it. >> it is important to speak up everybody should be speaking up. for example, i find it odd the white house wouldn't publish your names. tell the american people who was invited to the white house. >> name the names. josh earnest, white house press secretary said they will release names. and everyone who went to the meeting was fine with having their name we are bragging. we met the president of the united states, it is a thrill. i want to update my daily beast article i wrote yesterday to include all the names later today. the white house is fine with that. everyone attended is proud to have their name there. and people on the right will google names, have fun with it. we were proud to talk to the president of the united states having him respond passionately about our concerns. it was a big day for the community. >> it is a big day. pleasure to see you.
7:51 am
couldn't let the show end without acknowledging an important birthday. bob marley would have turned 70 years old, not just a musician reggae icon a legend. ask miss jamaica. >> hi jamaica. >> hi. >> what is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world? >> well as we all know we have the home to the legendary usain bolt bob marley, who contributed such great music to the world, and fastest man alive who has been trail blazing the jamaican flag. thank you so much. >> we will celebrate with a special edition of five things. next.
7:52 am
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he would have been 70 today
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had cancer not killed him in is the 81. more than 30 years later remains a cultural icon. here are five things bob marley. number one, the music. another other artist synonymous with that music genre than bob marley is with reggae. 75 million sold who knows how many down loads. the dreadlocks signature style, beliefs that include rejection of materialism and oppression and celebration of cannabis. also inspiring, this long haired sheep, bobby marley. can't keep her off the grass. get it? number three, merchandise. how about ben and jerry's satisfy my bowl ice cream. and in november the marley family announced their share in marley natural, going after a piece of the legal marijuana business. number four.
7:56 am
exodus. spent two years exiled in london with the album of the century. number five the legacy greatness of the man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and ability to effect those around him positively. the words of bob marley, man. no more music? can we repeat that loop it again? that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. see you here on monday, man.
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone. i am alex witt in for tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we have breaking news. we are getting word in just the past hour that jordan has launched intense new air strikes against isis targets in syria. they follow a wave of attacks yesterday, coming after they executed a jordanian pilot, burning him alive. video shows war planes hitting isis weapons depots command centers, and troop staging areas in the northeastern part of syria. also today, massive new demonstrations in jordan's capital, demanding revenge for murder of the captured pilot


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