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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 20, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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for one thing -- what were we talking about again? >> that's the definition of brain freeze. the world closes in on isis. obama doubles down in a dangerous deep freeze stretching across america. good morning. and welcome to "way too early." let's start overseas as libya is dealing with a setback in its efforts to fight islamic state militants. the u.s. and britain are rejecting the country's request to lift a u.n. arms embargo. they say libya needs a national unity government first to resolve the fighting in its own country. the u.s. has announced an agreement with turkey. we are going to arm and train moderate rebels fighting isis with the help of turkey who hasn't always been the best of allies. senior pentagon officials are confirming there are major plans for an offensive to regain control of the second largest city in iraq. officials say the battle for mosul will likely begin in the
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spring before the hot dog days of summer and could involve up to 25,000 iraqi troops. meanwhile here at home a 19-year-old man from minneapolis has been indicted for allegedly trying to help isis. he was pulled off a plane in turkey. and he was in november while trying to fly to turkey to get into syria. so what's in a religion's name? nothing if you're president obama, who is not backing down from criticism he refuses to use terms like "islamic extremism" while discussing the threat from islamic state militants. and he doubled down yesterday during a speech at the state department. once again, stating that the use of that type of rhetoric only helps feed isis recruits and additional fighters. >> obviously there is a complicated history between the middle east the west and none
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of us, i think, should be immune from criticism and terms of specific policies but the notion that west is at war with islamism is an ugly lie. all of us regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to reject it. >> one observer noted for all the debate about religious labels during the entire conference the word christian was used by participants once. judaism once beau dayism and islam 52 times. as you see on the screen republican senator john mccain, chairman of the armed services committee, also took issue with the president's islam-free approach and this is what he tweeted. the notion that radical islam isn't at war with the west is an ugly lie. former new york mayor rudy giuliani now seeking to clarify controversial remarks made ate the president. but in doing so many believe he may have only made things worse. it started wednesday night at a private event for governor scott walker in new york.
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that's where giuliani reportedly said, quote, i do not believe and i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe that the president loves america. he doesn't love you, and he doesn't love me. he wasn't brought ups the way you and i were brought up and through love of this country. so obviously the mayor caught a lot of flack and this is what giuliani said yesterday during multiple media appearances. >> he's a patriate i'm sure. what i'm saying in his rhetoric i very rarely hear him say the things i used to hear ronald reagan say, bill clinton say about how much he loves america. i do hear him criticize america much more often than other american presidents. i don't also believe he expresses the love of western civilization that he should or understanding of western civilization or what western civilization has brought to the world. >> i'm not saying it was out of
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context, it wasn't but the reality is i am at a stage as i told you personally i think last night, of real, real worry for my country. >> you don't want to live through 9/11 -- september 11 i did. president obama didn't almost, you know, have a building fall on him. myself and my police commissioner and fire commissioner did and i lost ten of my close friends. and now i've lost about 100 close friends who have become friendly with many of the families. so excuse me it's a little emotional for pe but it's also real. >> mr. mayor do you want to apologize for your comments? >> not at all. i want to repeat it.
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the reality is i from all i can see of this president, all that i've heard of him, he apologizes for america, he criticizes america, he talks about the crusades and how the christians were barbarians leaves out the second half of the sentence that the muslims were bar barren barrens also. he sees christians slaughtered and doesn't stand up and hold a press conference although he holds a press conference for the situation in ferguson. >> in an interview with "the new york times" giuliani said he was describing the outlook on the world in which the president was raised. he said, quote, some people thought it was racist. i thought that was a joke. since he was brought up by a white mother, a white grandfather, went to white schools, and most of this he learned from white people. this isn't racism. this is socialism or possibly anti-colonialism. later on he went and smoke with john hall prin and john hileman
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and what he said on their program with all due respect. >> i should say that the president does or does not love anything. i'm not a psychiatrist and he doesn't have one and he doesn't need one. >> that took a while to get all the way to that. but anyway republicans, especially ones with presidential ambitions, were obviously asked to react. louisiana governor bobby jindal made his position clear in a press release refusing to condemn giuliani but noting the former governor could have chosen different phrasing. scott walker declining to weigh in when asked to respond on cnbc. walker did note however, that he loves america. amen. time now for a look at some of the stories that are making the front pages in your hometowns from the tampa bay times after intense pressure and plenty of protests walmart is now ready to give raises to its lowest paid employees. that's big news. we're going to tell you why and have more on that plan later.
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and the seattle times is reporting on how the superbug was discovered at ucla medical center that effected -- infected seven people and how it may have contributed to two deaths. officials are blaming a contaminated endoscope for transmitting the bacteria that appears to be resistant to antibiotics. we go to iowa the cedar rapids gazette gazette, officials issue new recommendations for a healthy diet and watch your sugar and meat intake but don't stress out too much about cholesterol. they changed this like every two weeks. i'm throwing my lip pa tore down the drain. the "atlanta journal constitution" the south getting ready for a second winter storm expected to be a nasty mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. of course we're going to check in with bill karins in a little bit. bill will give us what he usually gives us and that is a small dose of hell on earth. jeb bush may be encroaching on chris christie's turf
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attracting top donors. "the washington post" and "the new york times" report in similar stories in their newspapers this morning that the new jersey power brokers are actually feeling hesitant to back the state's governor and instead are taking a much closer look at jeb's candidacy. both papers, for instance note woody johnson a top republican money man and christie supporter one time was at bush's committee fund-raising in chicago on wednesday. meanwhile a rutgers eagleton poll shows 59% of jersey residents do not think chris christie would make a good president. about half don't think he's going to get his party's nomination. and two-thirds say his decision making to sign or veto bills is based on a bid for the white house, not based on the best interest of the state. turning again to overseas this could be some pretty big fuse and let's hope positive news.
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officials in pakistan and afghanistan say the taliban is now open to peace negotiations with the afghan government. according to the "washington post" diplomats are saying the same thing, describing what could be the first potential direct talks between the two sides in that long running war. the obama administration, however, stressed that united states is not in direct talks with the taliban, adding the last formal negotiations took place back in 2012. we're going to be talking to richard engel about this coming up on "morning joe." as you look at the front pages of the papers here the "wall street journal" talks about walmart lifting pay, as the market gets higher. that's not just let's get a closer look at that that's not just good news for walmart employees the fact that market is getting tighter and requiring walmart to pay more money that's very good news for all american workers. we see the same thing on the front page of the "new york times," alsos the front page on
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the -- also front page on the "financial times" a british paper. could be really good news. and for more on this let's bring in cnbc's carolyn roth. walmart has been under pressure for a long time to raise wages but, of course, carolyn, the question is why now? is that good news just for walmart employees or is it "wall street journal" says because the market is tightening up and could be actually great news for all workers? >> i think you're absolutely right on that. it's got so many implications and that announcement yesterday by walmart really made huge waves overall in the world so first of all it means the labor market is getting tighter. it also means retaining talent is increasingly important and could have a knock on affect of other corporates who may under pressure to pay higher wages themselves to their lowest paid employees. what it also means potentially for the fed is that the wage pressure is increasing maybe they will have to tighten policy
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earlier than expected. that could be a knock. others are saying look this is simply not enough. this is a drop in the ocean. it still won't be enough for those lowest paid employees to pay for food to pay for transportation, to pay for housing and what did the stock do yesterday? down 3% because that is costing walmart $1 billion and they cut their outlook for the full year. >> carolyn --? >> in other news i want to talk about apple and cars. you heard me right. they are looking at producing cars. tablets, phones watches not enough for apple. they're looking at producing the first electric vehicle by 2020 by the way, that time frame is very, very aggressive. let's see what the pioneer in the space tesla and gm which has been working on an electric car has to say about that. >> all right. carolyn, thank you so much. as always greatly appreciate it. and still ahead on "way too early," speeding up america's pasttime, what major league
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baseball's doing to stop that slow death. four hours games even the biggest fans can't put up with. the head of the dnc under fire for a deal she reportedly tried to make with a big-time donor. the offer and why that donor is now calling her a bully.
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time for a look at sports on "way too early." fox sports is reporting that major league baseball set to announce three rules that just may speed up the pace of play for major league baseball. managers are now going to have to make instant replay challenges from the dugout instead of on the field. this is supposed to stop the amount of time that managers chat up umpires. i love this one, hitters will have to keep one foot in the batter's box between pitches. i mean that's a great idea. >> both feet back in. why let them leave the box. >> they can do that. >> i like at least this they don't get out. scratch their head.
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>> maybe they adjust their batting gloves 20 times. >> adjust batting gloves adjust their cup. mine some of these guys -- so much i can't -- >> a good step in the right direction. speed baseball up. >> a couple exceptions here where they can get out and adjust their cups. foul balls, wild pitches and the play is going to resume after return from commercial breaks that's a good thing. from the "l.a. times" the chargers and raiders have announced a plan to build a shared stadium in carson, california that could mean that l.a. would go the second largest market in america from having no nfl teams to having two nfl teams. that thing looks like a spaceship. >> don't do it. >> a spaceship out of like tron or something. the teams released a joint statement explaining the reasoning writing, quote if it cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises.
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that sounds like a shakedown to me. the new stadium will cost $1.7 billion. there's a busy day in the nba. 39 players will move before yesterday's trade guideline. kevin garnett returning to minnesota after the t-wolves decided to send thaddeus young to the nets in exchange. gordon dragic has his prayer answered to leave phoenix and back to transsylvan ya where his name will fit closely. the heat acquired dragic from the suns for four players and a pair of draft picks and nascar gearing up for sunday's daytona 500 and they have races to determine position. a big crash with for laps to go when danny hamlin gets in the back of danica patrick. that's the second time the two drivers ran into each other, hamlin wrecking patrick's car wednesday's practice session as well. recovers finishes tenth to earn a spot in the 500 but after the
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race a heated exchange for good reason between the two drivers. she's saying dude you drive like a woman. just get off my back. let's get a check now. >> ever been to the 500? >> i have not. >> that was one of the -- i've done the kentucky derby and i did that and the 500 by far. >> i've heard it's remarkable. how angry seriously would you be if you were danica patrick. how angry if this guy runs into you two times going up to the biggest race i mean -- >> they usually have have a one really good car and backup car. if he wrecked her really good car -- >> it's unbelievable. two times. >> yeah. >> i mean come on dude. stay in your lane. >> yeah. maybe -- >> she could have done worse. >> i know but maybe the guy should learn how to drive like a woman because she obviously -- >> watch on sunday to see if they tangle again. >> i know. this weather is historic it's freezing cold. how much worse is it going to
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get before it warms up a little bit. >> the peak of the cold. the peak of the cold of the winter but it's been -- the analogy to what we're dealing with in the east goes back to 1934 which is like when my grandfather was a kid playing around in the northeast. that was the last time we went through a stretch like this in the month of february. look at these windchills. i mean lexington, kentucky negative 29 really jumps out. one of the lowest windchills they've ever had there in lexington. lowest on the map is wellsville new york, negative 34. all the big cities about negative 10 to negative 20. down to 26 degrees in jacksonville, florida. these are record lows for the day. and negative 10 in detroit. we have the cold but now the next storm is coming. i'm very concerned with our friends here in the nashville area. ice storm, lot of people lost power this week. still ice on the trees. hasn't melted. now they have another half inch of ice they expect major problems with downed trees and a lot of people losing power. there will be snow on the north side but we're used to the snow right now.
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it's the ice we're concerned with. our friends in missouri tennessee, through virginia and west virginia and another cold blast behind this. monday, tuesday is going to be cold again in the northeast. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i was optimistic that the start of march would flip the script on this and now look like the first week of march is going to be cold. that's when people will get angry. start to go to march and dealing with this. >> you think spring comes in march when you're from florida, not here. spring comes -- >> last year in march. >> a week or two after memorial day usually when spring comes around up here. i was complaining -- >> just in time for the fireworks. >> i was complaining of this end the june and finally summer is here and somebody in minnesota tweeted back we're looking forward to it coming here. it's been miserable. thank you so much. great lay appreciate it. coming up at the top of the hour, live to turkey where richard engel has the latest on the fight against isis and we're going to talk to the "washington post's" robert costa about his
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we're back now with a check on this morning's other
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headlines. 19-year-old suspected of shooting a las vegas woman to death after an apparent road rage incident has now been taken into custody. 19-year-old erich nowsch has been on the loose after the death of tammy meyers and finally arrested yesterday after a tense standoff with police that lasted several hours. the victim allegedly had a conprontation with the suspect after he cut her off while giving her daughter a driving lesson last week. afterward, meyers and her armed 22-year-old son went looking for the suspect and that led to an exchange of gunfire and the woman's eventual death. meyers' husband said they knew the suspect. >> we know this boy. i couldn't tell you this before. he knew where i lived. we knew how bad he was, but he didn't know he was this bad.
2:55 am
my wife spent countless hours at that park consoling this boy and he's probably watching this right now and i know he's got to feel bad because she was really good to him. >> what a tragedy. police say they're now looking for a second suspect in the case but they've provided no additional information. the office of democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman-schultz is in full damage control mode this morning after e-mails obtained by politico revealed that she actually offered to change her position on an issue in exchange for support from a donor. the e-mail showed washerman schultz's office offered to change her stance against legalized medical marijuana if he retracted critical comments he made to a reporter. the donor told politico he forwarded along the e-mail chain to show, quote, how thin skinned the congresswoman's political team is this comes after news this week that wasserman-schultz is considering a run for the
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senate if marco rubio mounts a presidential bid. she declined comment about the e-mail exchange. speculation is swirling on the internet after the first trailer was released for the final seven episodes of "mad men." i can't wait. here's a look. ♪ ♪ if there's a cure for this i don't want it ♪ ♪ i don't want it ♪ ♪ if there's a remedy i run from it ♪ ♪ from it ♪ ♪ think about it all the time ♪ ♪ never let it out of my mind ♪ ♪ i've got the sweetest hangover i don't want to get over ♪ ♪ sweetest hangover ♪ >> unbelievable. it's called "the party's over" and the trailer seems to hint that peggy and pete could be renewing their relationship and also buzz that the series is going to skip ahead to the mid '70s because that song you heard "love hangover" was
2:57 am
released by dianas ross in 1976. the mid-season finale of "mad men" took place in 1969 so that would be quite a jump but the series returns to amc on april 5th. watching it from the first day, can't wait to see that. that's all for "way too early" this morning, but "morning joe" is now just minutes away. wake up the kids and call grandma, it's going to be a great show.
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the entire east coast is still dealing with all this snow and frigid weather. people have a lot of time on their hands. they're making some pretty funny videos because they're stuck in the house. check out this lady calling her cat in from outside. watch this. >> come here. come here. >> well played. well played. >> welcome


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