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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  February 20, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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be reminded of core human values. halperin what did you learn today? >> the stuff mike and donny say during the breaks could be a top-rated television show and also illegal in five states. >> we say that all the time. by the way -- phil griffin, you want to pop numbers? just, outtakes of me and barch ik al barnicle. >> you're so inappropriate, donny. seriously. thanks for joining us despite donny, "the rundown" is up next. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart and first on "the rundown," the u.s. sign as deal with a powerful ally in the fight against isis. turkey has agreed to help arm and train syrian rebels starting at early as next month, but the goal is it 0 to beat isis or knock out turk ip sworn leader bashar al assad.
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across the border a major assault in the key city of mosul. at many as 20,000 iraqi troops could be involved in the assault along with u.s. air power and possibly u.s. ground troops as well but it's also several months away. so why start talking about it now? richard engel is nbc's chief foreign correspondent in istanbul, turkey this morning. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's good to talk to you. first about that deal that has finally been put to paper between the united states and turkey to train a relatively small number of syrian rebels. they would get some training get some money. radios. they would get some vehicles. potentially pickup trucks with machine guns mounted on the back but a lot of analysts here in turkey say it is too little, too late and i think you hit on the key question in your introduction there. what are they really supposed to be doing? the united states wants them to be fighting against isis. turkey wants them to be fighting
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against isis and bashar al assad. bashar al assad wants to be fighting against isis and the rebels, so what exactly is their role and will they be strong enough to really make a difference? and many suggest they are not, insufficient numbers, to make a difference and nor have the kind of support to do much more than perhaps complicate the battlefield. >> interesting. richard, so many questions. first of all, how big a group is this? how do they filter out the people who are harming america's interests in the future? how many people? who will they be and how effective can they be were everybody knows about this going across happening just miles across the border? >> reporter: well they're talking about a few thousand. as many as 5,000. perhaps even 10,000, but even if it was 5,000 or 10,000 this is a force that would have to be built up over several years, and the rebels have been quite
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compromised. they are working with other islamic groups. some of them directly linked to al qaeda. and one of the reasons the united states is giving them such small weapons is that they don't want the weapons to be used against them or to be used against israel or misused. i think a lot of people saw what happened in the ukraine. you had russian-backed rebels, who then used a a ground to -- and anti-aircraft missile to shoot down a passenger plane. so can you imagine what it could be like for the united states if it's supporting a group of fairly unreliable rebels with sophisticated weaponry and didn't something similar? so the u.s. the administration, i should say, is trying to walk a very fine line here. helping the rebels but not giving them enough weaponry that they can win the battle that exactly which battle it is is unclear. or do tremendous harm should the rebels become a -- a radical
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group. or uncontrollable group, i should say. >> yeah. richard, i want to ask you about a planned assault on mosul. centcom said thursday u.s. ground forces could be involved in this operation. is this a shift from what we've heard in the past? >> reporter: i think it advances it. i don't know if it's a shift. the u.s. has been the administration has been, and the military have been slowly rolling out this idea with selective leaks to probably get the public accustomed to this idea that there might be some ground forces involved in battle, not just sitting on their bases as advisors but sitting in jeeps, in front line positions potentially with their rifles out doing, shooting and engaging the enemy. you asked, also a very good question. why is the u.s. broad casting this right now? you're effectively telling isis that there's a plan in place to come to mosul and to dislodge it. there are strategic questions about why you would want to do that. i think the u.s. is trying to show some progress in this fight
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against isis but there are many questions. is the iraqi army ready? does it have 20,000 troops that are combat-ready right now? many people think they do not. the kurdish forces who are key to this plan don't get along with the iraqi forces. the people of mosul don't want the shiite-led and mostly shy lyshiite army to come into their city. sounds good but there are enormous questions. >> richard engel from istanbul. thanks for being with me. bringing in washington editor at large. good to see you. >> good morning. >> a question richard brought up. why telegraph this attack on mosul? can you explain that thinking? >> in part telegraph to show progress, like richard talked about, but also to signal to sunni tribal leaders in the region who largely aqua essed to isis the forces are about to change, the coalition. he's right many in mosul don't
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want to see shiite militias come in. the only way i see it working part of the terrain, part of the power structure in northern iraq and around mosul turns against isis. so i think by telegraphing it there's been an obvious buildup of weapons in kuwait that can be brought into the conflict and of course straining stuff. 3,000 troops now advising and training and helping on the intel side inside iraq. they're showing that america's muscling up along with iraq and in part telegraphing it to get sunni support in the region. >> and just how much americans are going to be involved in this is probably key when we've seen in the past the iraqi army has not been exactly the strongest fighting force there is. >> the iraqi army collapsed. unbelievable. you had senator john mccain, other members of the armed services committee essentially getting intelligence briefings when isis sort of moved. you just saw whole brigades collapsing and dissolving and of
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course saw mass executions and whatnot happen, and so when you look at the reality that we have spent not just tens of billions but probably hundreds of billions of dollars training various troops and forces in iraq and other places like afghanistan and isis has not spent hundreds of billions of dollars but with some degree of ease has synthesized foreign fighters foreign troops new terrain, under, you know saddam's former generals an demonstrated a fighting capacity formidable. >> steve clemons, thank you so much. >> thank you. now to the siberia express. the coldest morning of the season for the entire eastern half of the country. the record-shatters cold continues to dominate the weather pattern keeping temperatures 15 to 40 degrees below average. the recent winter weather linked to at least 15 deaths due to hypothermia and road accidents. look at this. dashcam video caught an out of control car in michigan tip -- oh, man! just went right into that police officer assisting a stranded
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driver on the icy highway. incredibly, the officer, not seriously hurt. and how's this for an ice sculpture. warming up his jeep in north carolina purled away to receive this icy imprint. another ice sculpture. dylan dreyer joins us. what exactly are you in front of? >> well we are -- searching america for the iciest spots and i think we certainly found one. we are in the state park here in castille new york near genesee falls, new york and this is actually a man-made fountain that shoots about five stories up into the air. if we zoom in to the very very top of the fountain you can see the water is still spouting out the top and have some calling it a geyser some calling it an ice volcano. as the water streams down the sides, it freezes on contact. this happens every year but it was posted on social media and got wide you know renowned
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attention. so people are coming down here to take pictures of it now. it's just a good way to show you just how cold it is. i mean record-breaking cold in bought mo bottomed out at 1 degree. the old record was set all the way back in the late 1800s. so we're not just breaking you know, records that have stood for 20 years. i mean we're talking about records that have stood for more than 100 years. pittsburgh bottomed out at 8 degrees below zero. even jacksonville, florida, 24 degrees. old record, 28 degrees. we are crushing records. you know it's bad when miami is under a windchill advisory. so i mean it's just brutally cold across the eastern half of the country. jose? >> it is indeed. dylan dreyer thank you so very much 367 talking about an amazing video to show you. look at niagara falls. look at that. it looks like some i don't know siberian winter wonderland. they're on the right you see there's still water but a lot of it is just frozen over. look at these shots.
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and nbc meteorologist bill karins, bill as we look at these just amazing shots, reporters around the country are using every gimmick in the book to show how cold it is. here it is. boiling water in the air. >> my favorite's the frozen t-shirt. the frozen t-shirt trick. >> a frozen banana to nail something into the snow? >> i had not seen that one before. yeah. take the wet t-shirt, put it outside. five minutes before it will just freeze. pretty cool. jose i'd love to sit here and tell you how it will warm up we'll be all done with the snow and ice looks like the end of february will be just as brutal as the beginning of it. start with the headline for today for the cold this morning. now that we're past the peak we are done. turned the corner in a way i guess. >> yeah! >> negative 17 in cleveland, ohio. coldest february temperature ever recorded there. going all the way back to 1800s was the old record. so that's kind of like the poster child for how cold it was. put the human aspect on this.
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people have to work outside today. postal workers, construction workers, even crossing guards for all your kids going to school are out in the windchills in the negative 20 to negative 30 range and eastern windchills in north carolina in the negative nushs. when's it going to end? the five-day arctic forecast. you don't want to be in the dark colors. blue purple, worst of it. sitting there spinning up into canada, shoots back down at all. looks like another cold blast sunday into monday. it's not over is the bottom line. big headline for the weekend, ice storm. tennessee is going to get nailed again. they still have ice on the trees, jose, from the last storm earlier this week and could get a quarter inch to another half inch of ice on top of the ice already on the branches. major concern about trees falling down and additional power outages plus so cold. you don't want to take your family in a cold house. here's how it's shaping up. the snowy areas in the white. pink shows where the sleet and ice will be. and it starts today in areas of arkansas oklahoma and then tonight it spreads and by the
6:12 am
time we get to sunday slowly exiting the northeast, but you get the gist of it this we're we're stuck in the muck. haven't had a wasn't pattern they say, like this and i wasn't alive for it since 1934. the last time we've seen this brutal of a stretch for this long across the country. >> thank you, my friend good to see you. all the best. just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown." a lot to talk about. up next with "meet the press" moderator chtuck todd. the president had a busy week. a judge put a stop on his immigration action plus isis terror and rudy giuliani's comment as the president that have a lot of people talking. that's all comes up were chuck joins me later. and a slowdown at west coast ports starting to affect the goods we buy in assembly lines, at our nation's plants. you're watching msnbc. we're going to be right back.
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this week started with a major blow to the white house policy on immigration. president obama's executive action was halted by a federal judge just one day before thousands of undocumented immigrants were set to start applying for the program that would allow them to stay and work legally in the u.s. for a period of time. it's ending with critics ramping up pressure to fight global terror. republican sas the president is being too soft want looser restrictions on giving him the okay to use military force. joining me from washington, nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> start with immigration and the federal court ruling. does the white house feel its hand has been forced here? >> i think does and interesting to see how they've decided to respond, which is essentially to back off. to not to say you know what?
6:17 am
we'll let the court process play out. let the legal process play itself out. i wonder how much is about trying to calm the waters with congress, essentially make it so that all the answergst on the conservative side about funding department of homeland security beyond the end of this month essentially goes away because the white house is accepting the idea that the courts should rule on whether he's in the constitutional right or wrong on this. so that alone you would assume puts an end to this short-term crisis about homeland security spending. >> interesting, because it's really in the political realm and then there's the issue of really thousands of people that were going to benefit from this that are seeing this their dreams cut for the time being? >> let me tell you this. i think this is one of those cases where success in the court system is that going to be good politics for the republican party? because. >> right. >> when this happens, right, when the courts take it up it
6:18 am
is -- let's say this ruling come the out in 16 sort of the -- the process how this could work i would be surprised if the supreme court could take it up this year meaning before the end of this session and in june and instead end up with it in their hands sometime in the fall, then would you get the ruling in the heat of the presidential primary campaign at a time when the republican party has to figure out thousand improve its standing with hispanic voters. i think it's going to -- this only just adds to the complexity of what the political debate's going to be like a year from now, in the presidential race but for the short term what this means, jose is this you know right now -- if republicans want to worry about the presidency if i'm jeb bush, scott walker i am begging john boehner and mcconnell to use this time that they have right now while the court battle happens to then do their own version of immigration reform. >> and chuck, the other big issue politically and really of
6:19 am
vital importance is terrorism, and the president yesterday said the violent terrorism from groups like isis is not the fault of any religion. it's the fault of people. how is the white house handling this terrorist conversation now? >> getting into an academic argument, feels like. the white house is digging in its heels every time they're criticized for not using the frayed i laumic extremism or radical islam instet using extremism. it is, i kind of think the president is talking out of both sides of his mouth on this one. on one hand he says we're not going to call it islamic extremism. that's what isis wants. on the other hand he does name isis and gives isis legitimacy by seeking a military authorization. essentially a resolution that declares war on isis. what's the difference between declaring war on a group that calls itself the islamic state and saying the phrase islamic extremism? are we talking in circles and
6:20 am
having a weird debate and not focused on the real issue with iies. number one, which is western europe and its poor handling of muslim populations, frankly. the way they've ghettoized muslim immigrants in many parts of western europe and also the inability to talk straight about the role for instance, that rich saudis and rich gulf state people have played in trying to sort of keep the extremism out of their country by quietly funding madrassas that only feed the extremism? it feel it's like we're having a -- we wasted 48 hours, and not focused on the real problem at hand which is to get rid of isis. >> semantics, rudy giuliani getting a lot of attention during a private fund-raiser saying president obama didn't love america. any political implications to this for the republicans? i mean how do you -- what you say and what you don't say is maybe important now? >> well it is and depends -- i think it will be interesting to see how other republicans who
6:21 am
are running for president handle it. we saw scott walker sort of not wanting to denounce him, not wanting to support him. trying to sort of have it you could argue, both ways. look, there's a part of the republican party that watts fighting rhetoric that wants this sort of -- this hot rhetoric and if you denounce it that wing of the party will say, oh, you're caving to political correctness. you're caving to the media. you're caving to liberals things like that. and you know that balance -- the rhetoric seems silly. this is unfiltered rude any a way that he's potentially marginalizing himself and his ability to have influence on mainstream america the way he at one time had, but this is a long way away from the way john mccain handled outbursts like this, for instance in the 2008 campaign. >> and chuck, what will we see on sunday? "meet the press"? >> delve in right into both of these topics with started out with, the immigration fight, jeh johnson, secretary of homeland security also extremism.
6:22 am
why are we -- why does it matter what we call it when we're dealing with extremists using islam to try to fight a war? >> hey, chuck, tuk your mom yet? you know how cold it was out here, dude? >> i know. unbelievable. she's not kpleenaped to me about the cold because she knows it's a lot colder here. so enjoy your sweaters down there. you're all bundled up and won't be slipping on any ice like we are. >> nope. maybe not. maybe. so it's so cold, we don't know. see you sunday on "meet the press." reminder "meet the press" this sunday and everyone sunday on your local nbc station. and after the break, zoom through top stories ind cluding effects of the west coast port slowdown certainly to be felt in assembly lines and stores throughout the country. and an arrest in the road rage murder case in las vegas. the 19-year-old suspect, what he
6:23 am
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west coast port shut down. california superbug and the mayor of caracas, ven zale la arrested. some of today's top stories. given both sides until the end of the day to work out contract issues leading to a major slowdown at west coast ports. he says if not negotiations will have to move from california to washington talks began nine months ago but broke down recently. the effects of the slowdown are being felt across the country as cargo sits on ships outside ports. honda says it's cutting production because of the parts shortage. if you're looking for furniturekea it might be out of stock due to the slowdown. and a superbug does not pose a threat to the general public. earlier this week ucla officials sent nearly 180 patients exposed to the bacteria called eded
6:27 am
cre. two deaths linked to the bacteria. officials at the hospital have traced the infection to two endoscopes con stamtaminatedcontaminated. venezuelan authorities stormed into the office of the mayor and arrested him. they broke the door through and you can see him highlighted in the security camera footage. one of the most vocal critics of the president. the president promised to punish him accusing him of plotting a coup to bring down this government. after the break, an announcement to make right here on "the rundown." live to the white house with press secretary josh earnest on immigration, isis and very big news to share with you. first, you have to see this video from ontario, canada. train versus snow versus man. take a look at this. tossing a wall of snow and the guy was like i think i'm goin' to get hit with it.
6:28 am
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welcome back to "the rundown." i'm pleased to break exciting news with you. next wednesday the 25th, i will rk president obama to south florida where i will host and exclusive town hall to discuss his executive actions on immigration and provide critical information about their impact on families and communities throughout the country. the white house asked us to host this because, well of our unique cross-platform reach we have on msnbc where i host "the rundown" in english and telemundo where i host in espanol. during the town hall i will interview the president and the program airs right here on msnbc primetime, 8:00 p.m. wednesday evening, also wednesday evening on telemundo. of course, i wanted you to get into the conversation. let's start it on social media. send your immigration questions for the president, using the
6:32 am
#obamatownhall. joining me now white house press secretary josh earnest. good to see you this morning. >> good morning, jose. hope you're saying warm. >> you'll see next week when you come on down. critical issue. immigration. i've covered it every day on "rundown." talk about the town hall? >> a tremendous opportunity for the president to continue to make the case to the american public and in particular the hispanic community across the country. this is a priority for him. people across the country in both parties strongly supportive of trying to fix and reform our broken immigration system. doing so means we can do some thing goods for our economy in terms of creating jobs expanding economic growth. we know that would be beneficial to reducing the deficit and we know we would be able to address some of the, the worst impacts of this broken immigration system on families across the country. and so there are a number of steps the president has already taken. there are a -- additional steps
6:33 am
the president would like to take to try to address the problem and ultimately we know and continue to believe that it's the responsibility of congress to take up a legislative solution to all this. the president stands ready to work with republicans but haven't got reciprocation from the other side of the aisle. >> you say the president is willing and prepared to take other steps. like what? >> look, the president has been clear that the, there are steps we can take as it relates to ensuring our enforcement resources are focused on those who actually pose a threat across the country and the make sure immigration officials are targeting criminals, people who may pose a threat to national security and focusing efforts on felons not on deporting families. one aspect that we're moving forward. other things the president would like to do. the president announced the end of last year one of the things we were do bring people ouch the shadows. actually make them submit to a background check, a work permit paying taxes, good for the economy and reducing the deficit. this is still caught up in the
6:34 am
legal process now. but adding that kind of accountability to our immigration system is something the president believes is important for us to do. >> josh you know this was the week that the expansion of daca would take effect. shue thousands getting ready. daca take neglect a couple months all frozen for now. were you caught off guard by the jump's decision? >> jose i'm not an avid court watcher but know those who are were not surprised by the decision from this judge. this is a judge who had previously been pretty outspoken and outspokenly critical of the president's efforts to try to reform our broken immigration system. i don't know that anybody was taken by surprise. i can tell you this administration remains determined to standing up for the president's ability to use his executive authority in the same way that presidents of both parties have used their executive authority for decades now. there is a clear legal precedent and we'll continue to press the case through the courts. it's important for people to understand while this element of ensureing people go through
6:35 am
background checks work permits right with the law, pay taxes that is on hold because of the court's ruling. but what's not on hold is the prosecutorial discretion exercised by enforcement officers in the department of homeland security. we have refocused efforts to make sure we are strengthening our security at the borders, make sure we are participating or executing strategies committed to strengthening security in our communities. and not targeting families. look, there are felons who need deported and every year we look at numbers of people deported from this country and a growing percentage of those individuals are felons people with criminal history. that's where our enforcement policy should be and not trying to tear families apart. it's not fair or consistent with our values and not in the best interests of the country. >> josh, take you to the fight against isis. word from centcom yesterday about a major offensive planned in mosul for april or may. why telegraph this attack?
6:36 am
>> well you have to talk to the department of defense about what our specific strategy is there, but, in terms of the timing of that strategy. i can tell you more generally is, we have over the last several months had american military personnel in iraq working with iraqi security forces to train them and to equip them and ultimately make sure it's iraqi security forces on the ground fighting for their country and there are other places where iraqi security forces succeeded in blunting the advance of isil and rolling back in advance in places. they will be backed by american military air power nap will benefit and give an advantage on the battlefield. the president built a coalition of more than 60 countries part of this effort and we have made important progress so far and i would anticipate over the course of this year we'll make additional progress as we see these iraqi security forces get better trainered, better equipped and start performing more effectively on the battlefield. >> trained and equipped for
6:37 am
years to the tune of a billion dollars and yet they run instead of fighting. that's in the past. will that change? >> we think it's going to change hd.jose. we saw weakness in the iraqi security forces last year there was not a central government that succeeded in unifying that country and unifying members of that country's security forces to confront this threat actually posed to the whole country. you had a security force fighting for specific regions of country. now there is a new central government in place, has a strong backing of the united states, they're working hard to unify that country, make sure kurds and shia and sunni are all backed behind the strategy. to protect the country from these extremists. made a lot of progress in the effort, done so with the support of the united states and broader international community and we are confident backed by american military air power they will be more effective on the battlefield. >> looking forward to next week and seeing you here in florida.
6:38 am
>> looking forward to it. big announcement, president obama joins me for an exclusive town hall next wednesday the 25th. hosted by msnbc and telemundo airing here on msnbc 8:00 p.m. eastern time and again on telemundo also on wednesday. the site florida international university in south florida and inviting your questions across social media, instagram, twitter, facebook. what do you want to ask the president about immigration? very important issue, we want you to use this very important hash tag. #obamatownhall. don't miss this. after the break, speaking to someone directly affected by this debate. a dreamer. talking about the fear her family lives in as her father faces possible deportation if the president's action does not go forward. t a new personal record today? i started with a test run. then i got a solid night's rest in a great room. and before i hit the road,
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6:42 am
and week out on "the rundown" and something front and center at our town hall with president obama next wednesday. the president himself did the same announcing his executive actions exactly three months ago today. actions now on hold. >> are we a nation that kicks out a striving hopeful immigrant like astrid or a nation that finds way to welcome her in? >> that would be pass trid silva a dreamer seen here with the president a day after the announcement arrived in the u.s. at 4, spoke no english and today working on her third college degree. since 2001 her father faced deportation and the president's plan would keep her and her family together. once again, joining me from las vegas, astrid, a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. good morning. >> three months later your family's future still on hold. what would you ask the president at this town hall i'm going to have with him next week? >> i think the most important thing for me would be to ask him to expand the stay on this
6:43 am
lawsuit that is completely -- it's irresponsible. our families are waiting for any type of relief. we need to make sure that they're allowed to stay in this country, and every single day that passes by is one day tlaes our families -- less that our families are able to live in peace and live without the fear of immigration coming and knox knocking on our doors. >> you spoke about the fear, so much, the fear you grew up with fear of losing your family at a moment's notice. how is that playing out in your household today? >> it has come back. we felt that for a few months it was that, knowing that when my dad showed up to his i.c.e. he has to go to i.c.e. every few months. knowing there was a possibility he would be deported before and with the president's announcement we knew he would have a possibility to stay. and now when he has to go back next month, i -- i hope and i
6:44 am
know that because the president promised it that people are going to still not be under that discretion but still not knowing when this is going to go through, because people want to continue obstructing it. it's very scary, and also that they keep wanting to make sure that our community lives in fear by these types of lawsuits because now our community doesn't know the date. now our community doesn't know if this is going to happen. >> astrid thank you for being we my again. >> thank you. >> two our voice is in the debate. republican presentative shawn duffy ofs with ace and his wife national spokesperson for the initiative. kind of wisconsin weather here. >> thought it was warm here jose. it's a little cold.y you tricked us. >> what message would you have for someone like astrid who got here through no fault of her own, here at 4 and knows know
6:45 am
other country yet lives with a real fear of family separation? >> and i admit, there is real fear in the community and we have to acknowledge that but what i pick up is she thinks the president's executive overreach is the end all, be all solution for her and her family. the truth is, it's not. the president and administration misrepresented what they're doing. this is a short-term solution. not a long-term solution. >> but better than nothing. >> no it isn't. >> deal wig an issue every day is causing families to be separated. >> this is why i think you're wrong, jose. a long-term solution that works for everybody is what is needed. the president divided that -- >> how is that? what has the house of representatives done sub specially to move this forward before the president did this and afterwards? >> the president didn't do it the first two years, complete control, democrat house and senate. didn't do it until after this election. the president doesn't care about the people and the community he cares about politics. we were working a bipartisan
6:46 am
deal in the house. republicans and democrats in the house and senate working together on a deal that would work for everybody. >> didn't go anywhere? >> the reason is two things happened in the summer. we had all of the kids come from central america to our border and eric cantor lost his race. and then got into the political season and the president knew we were working on a deal and instead of waiting, after we won the elections in november could have waited for the new congress to work this deal out and he didn't. >> politically speaking people have a valid point. i'm telling you every day there's family separations, people being deported. every single day this is affecting people like astrid that you saw. >> and breaks my heart that the -- breaks my heart that the president has given so many people false hope. >> not really false if you stopped being deported under daca. >> marco rubia was going to deal with daca, dealing with the dreamers. what did the president do? jumped over him again for political reasons with another short-term solution. he's always politicizing this
6:47 am
issue. one of the things that bothers about the executive action, talk about the unconstitutionalitiy it, done hastily. loopholes. what are they doing? making it easier potentially for people to commit voter fraud, taxes. it's poisoning the waters of a bipartisan solution for immigration reform and doing something damaging to the latino community 57b9dcreating the impression latinos come here for freebie freebies. >> what do you mean by that? >> you put together a legislation hastily and you don't close loopholes like that doing it properly through legislation, what it's created, the impression, that latinos come here for these kind of loopholes instead of what -- >> they're here. they're here rachel. >> but my point -- >> generations are here children are born in the united states. >> they've come here to work and what they want is certainty. >> they're going to get money back potentially from the irs,
6:48 am
earned income tax credit. those who have come without documentation. >> correct and get money because they put it in the system and the work. >> 23409 necessarynot necessarily. might be able to get money even though they haven't putten in in. that's the concern and a loophole. the point, do it right. people leave countries. jose, people leave countries where they don't have rule of law, which affects the economies, and leave those countries to come here because we have rule of law. >> correct. >> use the rule of law. do it the right way. >> rule of law impries, kongman you get things done to strengthen the rule of law and if you and democrats agrees the immigration system is broken what are you waiting for? >> make a point. listen, you know i believe we need immigration reform done. we didn't get it done and we want a historic majority in the house and won the senate right. you still have a group of people going, let's work on a solution that fixes the problem, listen a short-term solution. why did the president have to act right after the election? he could have waited given more months.
6:49 am
it's about politics for the president not about the community, jose. >> i always brick it back to whatever you're discussing in washington whatever politics are or not and the perception the reality is that every single day in this country someone who has u.s.-born children is fising possibility of deportation and that family will never be the same because politics is taking its time and not thinking about those families affected on a daily basis. >> sometimes it takes time to do it right. >> do it properly. >> thank you both. >> further away now from a solution than works for everybody. >> i thank you both for being with me. >> good to be he. >> thanks so much. >> warm the weather up. >> it is warmer. remind you, this conversation is going to continue and these kinds of issues discussed this wednesday, a town hall with president obama. i'll host it on telemundo and on msnbc and you can watch it in before english, 25th at 8:00 p.m. on msnbcth
6:50 am
8:00 p.m. hash tag your questions for the president. lots of questions, that are all valid, bring them up wednesday. #obamatownhall. we will be appreciative of your comments and questions. if you need some heat look at the oscar race. this weekend look at some of the favorites and controversy that's boiling below. want to know a secret? i wasn't always a redhead. you'd never know it though because it's nice'n easy
6:51 am
color so natural looking it's clairol's #1 authentic color that's always true to you. so shift a shade and still look like your most amazing you. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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6:53 am
now to the west coast, final preparations are under way in hollywood for the 87th academy awards. stakes are high winners revealed sunday night. oscar's spotlight lack of diversity among the nominees this year. nicki novak is with me. >> good to see you. >> the controversy is lack of
6:54 am
racial diversity. entertainment weekly published an interview with wuchb the voters defending the position some said "selma" should have had more nominees she defended it and says they're not old curmudgeons that are racest. that said i think david oh he will oh deserved nomination. >> start with best actor. give me your thoughts. >> between michael key ton and eddie redmayne. michael is the sentimental favorite. they sometimes look to a body of work in the business a long time. eddie won the sag, a good indication of who wins the oscar. my position is eddie will edge him out. >> write this down make sure afterwards we check. >> you want to make it interesting, make a wager? >> best actress. >> it is done julianne moore will win. no controversy there. >> tell me about the other
6:55 am
candidates, any ones that are a dark horse? >> in terms of best actress. >> this one is over. they have been saying to other nominees don't bother although some are saying maybe reese witherspoon, but i don't think it is going to happen. >> best picture? >> best picture is really a toss up at this point between "boyhood" and "birdman." they have been neck in neck coming down the finish line the last few months. they're saying "birdman" will take it. "american sniper" has been hugely popular, not to use a pun, it is a long shot it is not going to win. if there's an upset in this category, it could be the grand budapest hotel which was my pick for best of the year. >> you wish it would win? >> i wish it would win. i think "birdman" will win, but
6:56 am
it is a toss up. the defense rests in the case of the man accused of killing chris kyle and chad littlefield. at siberian express pulled into the station, not going anywhere. look at parts of kentucky where it is negative 2 degrees. had to break out the coats and in south florida live to points from florida to new york next.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
good morning, i am jose diaz-balart, back with another hour of "the rundown"." closely following the siberian express. coldest day of the year for a lot of the country. look at this. the brutal cold snap is blamed for at least 15 deaths due to hypothermia and road accidents. and a police officer somehow
7:00 am
escapes serious injury. look at the car, out of control car slammed into him. a team of reporters is in place. kerry sanders in kentucky dylan dreyer in western new york and weather channel anaridis rodriguez to the north. in kentucky, brutally cold temperatures. is that you, kerry? want to make sure that's you, right? >> reporter: that's me wearing my combo. this is really cold. it is negative three, which means it has warmed up since the sun first came up. when the sun was breaking the horizon had negative 12 here. i have boiling water we ran on a camp stove to show you what cold is. i pure a little boiling water in here and will toss it up. we will see. there. you get an idea how cold it is out here.
7:01 am
the folks say they were prepared because they had a heads up but nonetheless while we have been here on the ohio river we have seen something that's quite remarkable since sunrise. we have actually seen the ice growing across the river. in fact at one point -- the u.s. coast guard today is putting aerial observers up to look here as well as along the allegheny and monongahela because this is important for barge traffic. some barge traffic was reduced because of the cold the ice they say now is not thick enough to prevent the barges going through, but they're watching that very closely. it is an old saying that it is so cold out that you could use a frozen banana to pound a nail. we did a starter hole here. this is great. >> yes! >> there you go.
7:02 am
indeed, it is cold enough to bang a nail with a frozen banana. everybody is hoping and knowing it will get warmer in the next day and can't wait. only problem is as the temperature comes up there's going to be snow as much as six inches. while it is going to get better roads will be a mess here because this part of the country is not quite as prepared for snow as other parts of the country, doesn't usually come down as heavy as it is going to. >> the person i believe to be kerry sanders, i heard his voice, i believe that's you, thank you, buddy. good to see you. now to dylan dreyer checking out the harsh cold in western new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey jose it is extremely cold. talking about records that stood more than 100 years in places like baltimore and back into pittsburgh breaking records, even into florida. breaking record cold temperatures. not just by a couple degrees, but by 5 to 10 degrees in some
7:03 am
areas. to show you just how cold it is. we have lechworth state park with a man-made fountain shoots water, and at the top, water is spouting out the top. it has taken on the nickname of ice volcano, because it is cold water freezes into this ice sculpture. it is a way to show you how cold it is. it happens every year as temperatures drop below freezing. this morning we bottomed out at 8 below zero wind chill near 30 degrees below zero. unfortunately there's nothing that warm showing up in the forecast. jose? >> dylan dreyer thank you so much. and we can't even escape the grip of the siberian express in florida which got really hammered by cold. giving daytona 500 fans the cold shoulder. anaridis rodriguez is in daytona beach. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose.
7:04 am
we have cold alerts from the panhandle to key west. key west broke a record low this morning. here in daytona beach, waking up to near freezing temperatures, all ahead of one of the biggest weekends for nascar fans. we are outside daytona international speedway. people are expected to pack the grandstands. some fans have been here all week dealing with near freezing temperatures last night in budweiser duels, they had fire pits to keep warm. fortunately temperatures will change through the weekend. today you have to bundle up if headed anywhere near the race track. temperatures for race day could be 60 degrees warmer than where we are now. back to you. >> weather channel anaridis rodriguez, thank you so much. i want to turn overseas tell you about an announcement from turkey. after months of talks, u.s.
7:05 am
officials agreed to work together in the fight against isis. training could begin as early as next month, more help could be on the way. secretary of state john kerry met with the prime minister from jordan to set up a training facility for the opposition there. ayman mohyeldin joins me from new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> finally something out of turkey. how did this change things? >> talks have been going on for some time. the u.s. made policy announcement in december. the key was to bring on board coalition members or allies to provide training facilities for training opposition members, including turkey jordan and qatar, saudi arabia are also providing facilities for training of these syrian opposition. the challenge is going to be for the united states to identify which members of the syrian opposition they want to train to
7:06 am
make sure these individuals don't ultimately become enemies of the u.s. and coalition. the u.s. feels it has a vetting process in place to identify individuals, where they come from also to try to get biometrics on everyone that participates in this, but the key is to try to train the individuals with enough fire power to take on isis. one of the sticking points for turkey they wanted the united states to train the individuals and take on the syrian regime. not clear that will happen. for the u.s. the key is to get the fighters on the ground and boots on the ground fighting isis. >> and talking about iraq hearing about a major offensive could come this spring. why are we hearing about it publicly now? >> it is clear the u.s. has been on the ground for some time not only with coalition air strikes but training the iraqi army. mosul has tremendous strategic
7:07 am
significance significance. you can't have cohesive iraq without that part of the country. the u.s. has been on the ground want to show they're making progress in the fight. the announcement raised questions, whether it is simply aspirational or will it be operational at the time line the u.s. expects, late april or may. hoping to launch a spring offensive, with 20 to 25,000 iraqi forces as well as kurdish forces in the north. there is a strong possibility that the u.s. will have boots on the ground to help support this operation to retake mosul. at the same time there has to be some political component. there are a lot of moving pieces, it did surprise some people that the u.s. was forward coming with details of the plan that came to light yesterday. >> and ayman, talk to me about how entrenched isis and other
7:08 am
terrorists are in mosul, how tough to get them out of there? >> by u.s. estimates, anywhere between 2 to 3,000 hardcore fighters just in that city alone. it is going to be if there is in fact a ground operation or spring offensive, it is going to be very dense urban warfare. the city of mosul second largest in iraq millions of inhabitants. not only will the iraqi army have to defeat isis they have to win over the local population, sunni arab population with a lot of grievances with the iraqi government. it will be a major challenge to not only rid the city of isis but in the outer lying towns and cities and villages where isis has 'til now demonstrated a capability of fighting. to get from some areas where the iraqi army has begun to position itself to mosul is a long fight. they're going to rely on superiority of u.s. air power to clear the field a bit and soften ground targets to allow for that
7:09 am
advancement. >> ayman, pleasure to see you. developing news three east london girls, age 15 and 16 have been reported as missing by their families believed to have traveled to syria. police say at least one of the girls may be traveling under a different name. all pupils at a school in east london and are close friends. disappeared from their homes tuesday. police say they left gatwood airport, traveled to turkey believed to try to go to part of syria under isis control. police are appealing for help finding them. coming up heightened concerns about tracking the super bug found at ucla medical center, how many people were exposed to a bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics. and breaking news on hour one of "the rundown." i will be hosting an exclusive town hall meeting next wednesday with president barack obama for msnbc and telemundo.
7:10 am
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7:13 am
developing now in texas, the "american sniper" trial back in session, a day after defense attorneys for eddie routh rested their case. he is charged with capital murder in the death of chris kyle and chad littlefield. today, the prosecution begins to call rebuttal witnesses. yesterday, routh did not testify in his own defense. instead instead, jurors heard from a forensic psychologist that said he showed psychosis in the weeks before the killings saying routh's mental state prevented him from knowing his conduct was
7:14 am
wrong. charles hadlock is live outside the courthouse in texas. what are we expecting in the prosecution rebuttal today? >> reporter: the defense has been trying to paint a picture of a man suffering from a deep depression and delusions, dark delusions. for instance, he thought that the earth was being invaded by hybrid pigs. he thought chris kyle and chad littlefield were hybrid pigs sent here to kill him. on that long drive into the country to the shooting range, routh thought they were going to kill him so he had to kill them first. the problem with that argument according to the state, routh fled the scene, acted like a guilty man who knew what he was doing was wrong. the state will present rebuttal witnesses today that say that routh was suffering from psychosis, but brought on by cannabis and other drug use. it was brought into testimony that routh frequently smoked pot heavily and drank heavily at times, and that added to his
7:15 am
psychosis. the jury will get the case after closing arguments begin monday. jose? >> nbc's charles hadlock good to see you. let me bring in defense attorney karen desoto. good to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> the forensic psychiatrist said routh's mental state prevented him knowing his conduct was wrong. how crucial is this testimony for the defense? >> jose i would like to say it is crucial. but it has been my experience in insanity cases that short of your client hearing voices babbling and drooling jurors are hesitant with not holding somebody liable for their actions, so it is critical to show the mental health part of it. but at the end of the day, he did flee. this was not a marine in combat that's been reported and you're talking about a texas jury a small town. now you also have the movie, the oscar winning "american sniper" movie and how that's going to impact the trial. the timing couldn't be worse for
7:16 am
the defense in this case. >> any moment now, by the way, expecting a judge in richmond virginia to sentence wife of bob mcdonald. tell us they're asking for probation and 4,000 hours of community service for conviction on corruption. her husband got two years behind bars. what do you think she will get? >> it is interesting, the strategy on the defense was to point to her, that it was her fault because of course if there was a relationship just between her and the business man that was giving them the loans, they both would have been acquitted. that strategy at trial may back fire at sentencing. you would think she would at least get the same time as her husband, but again, strategy was to point the finger at her, being referred to as a nut. her own daughter kind of threw her under the bus. it is up to the judge to see how culpable she was. in her favor, she was not the governor she was not a political person and therefore there may be some mercy there for her. >> karen desoto thanks for
7:17 am
being with me. good to see you. >> thank you, jose. on the west coast, los angeles public health official trying to calm fears about the super bug found at the ucla medical center. >> one thing that is important to emphasize is that this particular outbreak of cre is not a threat to the health of the public in los angeles county. again, this outbreak is not a threat to public health. >> doctors have notified nearly 200 patients about possible exposure to the bacteria called cre after investigation last month connected the bacterial infection to the instruments used. the bacteria is highly resistant to antibiotics, at least seven have been infected and it is linked to two deaths. bring in dr. natalie azar. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> he says no threat to the general public how can they be sure? >> jose generally with these kinds of infections we see them
7:18 am
more in hospitalized patients number one. they are typically associated with procedural instruments, ventilation systems, dialysis machines, endoscopy. we separate community acquired infections to those acquired in a hospital setting and cre happens to be one of those. >> the fact it existed, even though there are proper sterilization procedures the question is are these sterilization procedures actually working. >> right, that is the question. are they adequate enough. i think i would like to remind the public again that we're not necessarily, although it can happen with a routine end os skop ian colonoscopy, the scope in question the duodena scope is more meant to look for gallbladder and pancreatic
7:19 am
disease, a little more invasive and complicated. they're surmising at the tip of the scope because of the complex apparatus itself that that's where a bacteria could seize, take hold ultimately if it gets away from the gut into the blood system of the individual can really cause illness. >> there are more cases of measles outbreak. health officials in san bernardino report more than nine cases. more than 114 cases. what's your biggest concern? >> i am feeling more hopeful that some of the anti-vaccination movement, the pendulum might be shifting a bit. we have seen case reports of people who have been reluctant to vaccinate children thinking maybe it wasn't such a good idea. i think we have done tried our hardest to educate the public about the true risk and benefit analysis of vaccines measles
7:20 am
vaccination in particular. i am more hopeful this will be curtailed as more and more get vaccinated. >> hope so. natalie azar thanks. we will zoom through other stories making news. but don't miss this. president obama joins me for a town hall wednesday the 25th hosted by msnbc and telemundo. it will air here on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday. and on telemundo wednesday evening as well. you do not want to miss this. >> this is a tremendous opportunity for the president to make the case to the american public and to the hispanic community that this continues to be a priority for him. we know there are people across the country in both parties strongly supportive of trying to fix and reform the broken immigration system. ontainer ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big
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7:24 am
the democratic national committee winter meeting next hour, what's new appears to be old again in getting the base fired up thanks to comments from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, questioning president obama's patriotism. comments he doubled down on last night. here is nbc's andrea mitchell on the guilliani fallout. >> he apologizes for america, he criticizes america. >> reporter: rudy giuliani defiant thursday. >> i am right about this. i have no doubt. i do not withdraw my words. >> reporter: respond to go criticism after he told republican donors i do not believe the president loves america, he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and i was with love of the country. thursday he appeared to deal it back. >> he is a patriot i am sure. i hear him criticize america more than others. >> doubling up on 2008 campaign charges about obama former chicago minister reverend
7:25 am
jeremiah wright even maligning his grandfather, a world war ii veteran. >> you can fight world war ii, then introduce someone to a communist. >> his blasts of the president unrelenting and personal. >> he has gone abroad apologized for us every time he does it, it embarrasses me. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the white house fired back telling reporters he test drove this line of attack during his fleeting 2007 run for the presidency but some republicans considering a run for the presidency in 2016 piled on. louisiana governor bobby jindal said the president has shown himself to be completely unable to speak the truth about the nature of the threats from the isis terrorists and wisconsin governor scott walker refused to disagree with guilliani. >> the mayor can speak for himself. i am not commenting what the president thinks or not. i tell you, i love america. >> andrea mitchell reporting. coming up pot problems for
7:26 am
debbie wasserman schultz, and jeb bush tackles policy issues trying to separate from his brother and father. is it enough? we are going to frame that debate debate. the weather so bad, police in kentucky put out an all points bulletin for elsa the ice cream of disney "frozen" fame. >> don't let her cuteness fool you. >> maybe that's the deal, maybe we should let it go.
7:27 am
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7:29 am
here in south florida, a brewing problem for a powerful democratic member of congress. politico reporting that debbie wasserman schultz reportedly offered to change her position on medical marijuana if a major florida donor took back criticism of her. in a statement to msnbc this morning, the congresswoman said quote, i would not change my position in exchange for support
7:30 am
under any circumstances ever. i stand on principle. i am always proud to stand in front of my constituents and explain when i have a difference of opinion with them. this comes amid increasing buzz about her possible interest in a 2016 senate bid, if marco rubio opts out in favor of a white house run. here with me onset, ed o'keefe, and politico mark caputo. good to see you. you broke the story, how big is it you saw what the congresswoman has to say. >> it is always a big story when someone changes their story. >> give us the rundown of what you wrote. >> according to an e-mail chain we were sent by john morgan's people, his top adviser on the medical marijuana initiative the water man schultz folks said john tone down criticism of debbie and she will forcefully or come out and back your
7:31 am
amendment. that's what we have. we asked would you like to comment, looks like a deal was offered. we got no comment. every campaign when you say someone is making allegation about you, and it is not true first thing they say is that's not true not no comment. they wait a day, now issuing a comment, and it is parsed you can make up your own mind. if she runs for senate this is one of the things you don't do crisis, criticism that's untrue address it at the time don't let it boil over. >> if she decides to run for senate, it would be because rubio is running for president. how does that go if rubio is out of the picture. >> if rubio is out of the picture, this is wide open. all sorts of democrats and republicans that want to run, several want to challenge him regardless. wasserman schultz given her dnc
7:32 am
chairmanship can raise a big bunch of money which she will need across the sunshine state, has name recognition it would be a woman. she would probably enjoy decent democratic support. fallout from her are guys that aren't as well known across the state and that's the risk democrats run. look clearly designed to raise doubts about her potential to run in 2016 the senate race a big focus and concern. >> the way this developed, first we reported she had been reaching out, discussing with people her interest in doing the senate race. day two was john morgan three other medical marijuana groups, said if you run for senate we are going to say you didn't support medical marijuana. the day three, she denies it one thing about wasserman schultz, she would be tough to beat. in general election might be more exposed. >> talk about a general election that maybe we will talk about in 2016 jeb bush former florida governor.
7:33 am
he has been kind of making in roads on reading about chris christie supporters financial supporters at that. >> scooping up millions of dollars all week all month long. 4.2 million in chicago. has a bunch more fund raisers in florida, hitting the road next week to raise more. consolidate as much as possible. put up foreign policy veterans that worked for his brother and father. and the christie folks say there's plenty of money to be had. this isn't over yet. we are working a different pace. the former governor has freedom of using private citizenship to run around the country to do this. >> he has been trying to say i am a different guy, i am my own mad, i am not my dad, not my brother. >> that's weird, a 62-year-old guy, governor of the fourth most populous state, sterling record at the time, now it is like i am not my dad and my brother, oh, i
7:34 am
have their advisers not telling you how i differ on foreign policy opinions and the past is the past not going to relitigate it. not a good balance for jeb bush to strike. >> tough. you have a brother and president and father and president, you are interested in the possibility of being president. it is natural for people to say how do you differ how do you compare and contrast with the other two. >> that's the question he will be asked every day of his campaign by reporters, people he miets in iowa and new hampshire, he better be ready to answer every day. if he doesn't, it becomes a barrier to be taken seriously otherwise. >> thanks for being with me. first time on the set. appreciate it. >> the weather is warmer here. >> i know. thanks, guys. let's talk more about the road to 1600 and specifically foreign policy. but put front and center by former governor jeb bush in his first major address on the topic wednesday, noting his family history on the subject. >> as you might know i've
7:35 am
always been fortunate to have a father and a brother who helped shape america's foreign policy from the oval office. i recognize that as a result my views will often be held up in comparison to theirs. i admire their service to the nation and difficult decisions they had to make but i'm my own man, my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences. >> two other potential 2016 contenders, governor chris christie and scott walker trying out foreign policy chops in trips to london earlier this month. really, was any real policy coming out of precampaign story lines? let's frame the debate with one half of the cycle, abby huntsman and ari melber. >> hey, jose. >> abby your view on the show yesterday on this topic got our attention. what's it going to take to get more specific rather than optics out of the 2016 contenders on the subject of foreign policy? >> you mention governor jeb bush who laid out his foreign policy
7:36 am
speech this week really more than anything it was a way to say i am my own person. but if you listen more carefully, there were really no specifics in terms of what his policies are. in fact it could have been a speech given by hillary clinton or even president obama. i also talked yesterday about chris christie and scott walker who both recently went across the pond to the u.k. apparently where you go to prove you have some sort of foreign policy. both those trips, jose were quite embarrassing. chris christie the headline was vaccines, with scott walker he punted basically every question that was asked about anything from iran to our relationship with russia to how we should be handling the fight with isis. i also think there's a responsibility from the media. i think we have to keep demanding real questions. i remember in the 2012 debates, we spent so much time focused on social issues or newt gingrich's affair, i remember when a question was asked about china, they said 30 seconds to answer that question. i think we need to think long ab
7:37 am
and hard about priorities. president obama probably spends 75% of his time on foreign policy. this is very real. >> ari, how do governors position on having foreign policy chops or do it through advisers that they pick? >> i think you can read the tee leaves from the advisers. some criticism with jeb bush has been a little unfair if you're going to pick people from recent administrations, some are from bush administrations and fair to say both parties do that it is just this has been a bush heavy party. but yes, look it is like any other job when you think about it. when you're young and apply for a job, you apply on your potential. when older, you apply on experience. people say in the presidential field if you don't have executive experience or national security experience in washington, then you're going to have to go on potential, try to give a world view. i think jeb, rand, scott walker and governors are doing that, rand paul is one of the only ones that departed from the
7:38 am
orthodox in a significant way. >> talk about rand his views of foreign policy the ones that he has kind of defined sometimes go against the grain of many in the republican party. >> i think that's certainly true and he has been walking the line because he wants to be a serious establishment candidate. he wants to be strong on national security. he hasn't traveled out of the country much one trip was to israel and guatemala on a humanitarian mission. what he is trying to say, interesting to see if this works, he is trying to say the constitution itself is his load star on foreign policy. if you look at isis he introduced a declaration of war against isis on the idea that that's what the constitution requires if we are going to go to these wars something the president was delayed on doing. so he is trying to say there can be a limited, not isolationist but limited targeted approach that doesn't have america trying to solve every problem. that's not the neoconservatism
7:39 am
of the last administration. >> abby your take on rudy giuliani's comments, why did he say them. >> i sort of rantd about this yesterday. this is a way to get some headlines, but i don't think he understands the impact that someone like he has representing the republican party when he says something like this when the gop is really trying to broaden appeal at this point, when you say that the president does not love america, i can't think of anything that's more unpatriotic to say. i am all for disagreeing with the president, healthy to have good debate in this country, but to say something like that many come out saying it is disrespectful, below the bar. even folks in his own party. it is a good sign people are saying we shouldn't be talking like that. >> thank you so much. good to see you both. catch the rest of the cycle at 3:00 p.m. eastern, noon pacific time, every weekday on msnbc. the dnc winter meeting is under way in d.c. on the docket president obama set to speak top of the hour.
7:40 am
first, a teenager accused of killing a woman in vegas after what's called a horrible road rage incident. going to give you the details about this. that investigation continues. and one hot topic across the entire nation the cold weather. here is jimmy fallon on how it is impacting some of us for better or worse. >> the entire east coast is still dealing with all of the snow and frigid weather. people have a lot of time on their hands and are making funny videos because they're stuck in the house. check out this lady calling the cat from outside. >> come here. come here. >> well played, patches, well played.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
four. we have the latest from las vegas. >> reporter: jose good morning. investigators say the 19-year-old who was brought here for questioning could face a murder charge as early as today. he is expected to soon enter a plea. standoff in a quiet las vegas neighborhood s.w.a.t. teams with guns drawn, a week long manhunt ending not far from where it began. >> are you happy? >> reporter: investigators say the 19-year-old killed tammy meyers in front of her home just a block from his own house. meyers' husband revealing the first time his family knew the alleged shooter. >> she was really good to him. she fed him, gave him money. >> reporter: police say meyers was taking her daughter home after driving lessons in this school parking lot when
7:45 am
something happened involving meyers car and a car driven by noush. the mother of four dropped off her daughter picked up her 22-year-old son armed with a handgun. police say they found noush, and noush followed them home exchanging a volley of gunfire, one bullet striking meyers in the head. >> the suspect involved in the killing of mrs. meyers is in custody and off the streets of las vegas. >> reporter: but a las vegas defense attorney says it might not be a typical case of road rage. >> the law doesn't allow for vigilanteism once that initial incident is over that's it. then you have to seek help. >> reporter: after a week of grieving and manhunt that ended doors from the shooting police and the meyers family giving few details about the relationship between the suspect and the victim. >> we knew how bad he was, we
7:46 am
didn't know he was this bad. >> reporter: police say they didn't know the meyer family knew the suspect until late yesterday. police also say they're now looking for a second suspect. >> thank you so much. the port shutdown fatal police shooting and same-sex marriage in texas. time is running out in the major labor dispute at the west coast ports. labor secretary thomas perez has given both sides until end of the day to work out contract issues that nearly shut down ports. he says if not, negotiations have to move from california to washington. talks began nine months ago, broke down recently. effects of the slow down are starting to be felt across the country as cargo sits in ships outside the ports. in seattle, people took the streets to call attention to a death of a man shot by police in pasco, washington tuesday after throwing rocks into traffic. the altercation caught on video, and does appear to show the
7:47 am
victim, a 35-year-old national mexican throwing rocks at officials. they criticize it as excessive use of force. the officer involved in the shooting, police are asking witnesses to come forward with more video. in texas, first ever same sex license granted to sarah goodfriend who has ovarian cancer. this is based on severe and immediate health concerns. hours later texas supreme court court blocked others from obtaining marriage licenses. voters overwhelmingly approve a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in 2005. the law has since been overturned by a federal judge but is on hold while the case makes it through the appeals court. finally a story of a proud grandpa, congressman mike honda becomes one of the first lawmakers in congress to announce a family member his eight-year-old granddaughter is transgender.
7:48 am
he tweeted support saying i hope she can feel safe in school without being in fear of being bullied. named brody at birth, when she was three, she announced a new name for herself, melissa. misdemeanors of the lbgt community say three years is standard age to know. >> it was a-ha moment for adults to hear the declaration, i am a girl. okay. all right. and then, you know, at three she says this is my name. so you respect that. a live look at the dnc winter meeting under way in washington, d.c. where the president will be speaking at 11:10 a.m. first, a big announcement. president obama will join me for an exclusive town hall next wednesday the 25th hosted by msnbc and telemundo. airs on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. that
7:49 am
night, also that night on telemundo. the site florida international university in south florida. i am inviting your questions across social media, instagram, twitter, facebook. what would you ask the president about immigration? on this very important issue, want you to use this hash tag. #obamatownhall. be part of it. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people.
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in about 15 minutes, expecting to hear from president obama at the dnc winter meeting. we will carry the remarks live on msnbc. we broke news about a town hall exclusive with president obama. he and i meet next wednesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. also wednesday we will show that town hall on immigration on telemundo. all comes at a time for president obama as he tries to set the stage for democrats in
7:53 am
2016. kristin welker joins me from the house. >> reporter: good morning. >> we will get to the dnc in a minute. let's get to the town hall. tell me about administration efforts to deal with the immigration issue that had a big change this week. >> reporter: a big set back jose. i expect president obama will be defending executive action on immigration which could provide relief from deportation for more than 4 million illegal immigrants. of course, this comes in the wake of a federal judge in texas who essentially blocked the president's immigration action earlier this week saying the president had overstepped his bounds. dhs secretary jeh johnson responded to that saying we think we are within the rule of law here however, we're going to acknowledge the ruling by the texas judge. dhs was supposed to begin accepting applications this wednesday. secretary johnson said that would be put on hold. i can tell you there are
7:54 am
conversations going on behind the scenes at the white house about how to respond. you can anticipate this will be a robust appeals process, jose and there are discussions about the possibility of feeling an emergency injunction. so i expect that during that town hall meeting you'll hear president obama defend his immigration action. he is going to say that he thinks he is still within the rule of law, and that ultimately the law will be on his side but obviously a robust challenge to that. 26 states suing the obama administration, those states led by texas. of course this comes as there's a legislative battle on-going republicans trying to hold up funding for department of homeland security by blocking the president's immigration action. that funding runs out in just a few days jose. it is something they're going to have to deal with next week. republicans signaling they're showing no signs of backing down in that fight, despite the fact that you have a legal ruling earlier this week. i expect those are themes the president will touch on when he sits down with you next week.
7:55 am
>> and the president is about to speak in about 15 minutes from now at the dnc. what is he going to say? >> reporter: well, jose this is going to partially be a rallying cry. president obama is going to layout the argument he thinks that democrats should be making in 2016. he is going to say it should be focused on middle class economics. we heard him layout his argument during the state of the union address. i am told he is going to build on some of those themes talk about importance of investing in things like education, child care and those sorts of middle class priorities. he is also going to take a swipe at republicans, some possible republican presidential candidates have talked about income inequality he will call them out for hypocrisy on that. the white house says that he will note that the republican party has noticed this progress, which has been made on the economy, which is why they're attempting to cast themselves as party of the middle class even as they push policies that
7:56 am
undermine working families and ex-ator bait nk inequality. the unemployment rate is below 6%, so the economy is going to be a big contentious issue heading into 2016. >> kristin welker at the white house, thanks so much. great to see you. >> reporter: thanks. that wraps up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of your time. have a great weekend. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. she will have the president's remarks live. i will see you here monday. american express for travel and entertainment
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8:00 am
resubmit returns. a lot of people impacted by this. senior white house correspondent kris jansing joins us with the latest on this. what happened here kris? >> reporter: that's what they're trying to figure out. obviously it is some sort of glitch. let me explain to you what happened. if you sign up for obamacare, you get a tax form, like a 1040 type form you file with your 1040 that helps you determine how much tax you pay. at least for 800,000 in the 37 states that have the federal exchange, about another 100,000 in california which has its own exchange, there's a piece of information on that that's wrong. so the final calculation you come to on your tax return is going to be wrong, so what they're asking folks to do is delay. they have already


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