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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  February 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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here's secretary jeh johnson yesterday on "meet the press." >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think there needs to be an awareness. needs to be vigilance. >> joining me from the mall of america, john yang. this is near a big somali-american community. is there a fear of home grown terrorist attacks there? >> reporter: ronan, i think that's why there is this sort of increased concern about the mall of america, even though as you say, secretary jeh johnson said there is no credible specific threat against the mall. also, al shabaab has not shown ability to do things outside of america. some think the video may be trying to inspire homegrown lone wolves as you say. minneapolis is the home to a large somali immigrant population. and experts say that in the past couple of years, as many as a
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couple of dozen people have left this area gone to al shabab gone to isis a statement saying we condemn all forms of terrorism, threats of terrorism and repudiate any individual or group that would carry out such attacks and make such threats and remain committed to being at the forefront of defeating religious or political extremism. ronan? >> and i did some reporting out there on this terrorist recruitment in that community specifically and i have to say i was very inspired by the somali american community and what they were doing to galvanize against thurnlg refurther recruitment. >> reporter: we aren't allowed to take cameras in the mall right now, we made our walks through the mall and it is very calm. it seems to be a normal day.
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there are signs those ribbon message boards if you see something, say something. security is present, it's not overpresent and not overbearing. i talked to a couple of store managers who said that the traffic this weekend since this news broke has not changed, it seems relatively normal and people seem to be going about a daily shopping day, ronan. >> john yang it looks really cold as well. stay warm. in a few minutes we'll take a closer look at this threat. i'll go on the ground near the west gate mall in kenya to look back at that last al shabaab strike, a really deadly one. there's disturbing video just out from another major terror group, isis. this shows a training camp for children. in the video the children chant and pray and stand in formation, isis is calling them cub fighters. british investigators are now looking at their own young
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recruits. apparently these young girls in turkey where they are searching for, again, school girls for london, three of them right there, leaving the country. authorities believe they have an intent to join isis, why they may be in turkey but fears are growing that actually they may have lost the chance to find them there, they may have crossed the border into syria. the family of one of those girls made an emotional plea for her to come home over the weekend. >> didn't take anything with her. kind of just clinging onto the bits we have and we want her to come home if you watch this baby please come home. mom needs you more than anything in the world. you're our baby. >> following this from london our nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely. what's the latest on these girls. >> the latest is the families and the police simply don't know if the girls will have heard
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that distraught plea those heart felt pleas to come home because we don't know where the girls are. it's been six days now since they left the u.k. we presume that they are heading to syria although simply nobody knows what their motivation is. are they going to syria to be so-called jihadi brides or going to rescue a 15-year-old school friend who went there in december? are they trying to bring her back? their motivation isn't known. they left telling their parents in one case they were going to a wedding in another case they were simply going to school to prepare for exams. british police are in turkey working with their turkish counterparts but come with no new leads that we know of. for the moment we don't know where the girls are. >> bill it surprises a lot of people watching from the outside that isis managed to recruit so many women and girls. what is the logic behind that
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and how much of an important part of their strategy is that? >> well, people who study this in much greater detail than i do say about 10% of those who are recruited to isis are women. if you accept the figures that there are around 20,000 isis fighters perhaps in iraq and syria, that would leave 2,000 women. they are not all fighters of course although some are. there is a brigade of women fighters in raqqa, which is the isis so-called capital of the caliphate and they act as so-called moral police and suspected that that was a brigade set up by a british woman. but you know some are there as wives of isis fighters and some are there in their own right to help establish the caliphate. they are certainly there in large numbers. as we've seen, they are trying to recruit younger and younger people, both girls and boys as you saw in that horrific earlier
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video. >> such a troubling story. bill thanks so much. >> and family members of an american woman killed while in isis captivity are speaking out. this is an exclusive interview with my colleague, savannah guthrie. in it, the family of kayla mueller criticized america's strict policy of not paying ransom in these hostage situations. her father said he thinks her story could have ended differently. >> i really feel that we had a chance to get kayla out because we were in communications with them, unlike the other families but how do you raise $6.2 million? and pretty much made it impossible, but we feel they really did want to release kayla. >> kayla mueller was confirmed dead earlier this month, just days after isis claimed she died in an air strike. we should note u.s. officials haven't confirmed the cause of death. new defense secretary ash carter is talking about how to confront
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one thing that may dominate his tenure in this job, how to confront isis. he's talking about that in meetings today in kuwait. he's meeting with military commanders throughout the middle east. back home in texas, the justice department went to court today to fight an injunction blocking the president's executive order on immigration. doj lawyers asking a judge to stay that court decision. this is an effort that could allow them to begin taking applications from immigrants attempting to halt their deportations. joining me from washington nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. what happens if this judge says no to the federal government's request. >> then they go to the court of appeals what they've asked the judge himself is to put a hold on his own ruling and what they say is first of all, judge, your ruling applies nationwide. it's just one state, even though 26 states sued the judge said one state had the right to sue and that was texas. so they say other states want
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this program to go forward. so at least limit your ruling just to texas. secondly, they say remember that texas argument here was that if this new policy went through and deportation was stayed for three years for this large number of people, texas would have to issue a whole bunch of new drivers licenses and that's where it got the right to sue here. the government says well that's texas's choice the way texas state law works. we the justice department don't think texas has to issue driver's licenses to these folks. for all of these reasons they ask the judge to put a hold on his own ruling and ask him to act by wednesday evening and they say if he doesn't act by then or turns them down then they go to the court of appeals in louisiana, the fifth circuit court of appeals and ask for relief from his order. >> thanks pete nbc news justice correspondent pete williams, this is one big issue for the administration that may come up when president obama sits down for a town hall meeting on immigration and other
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issues with my colleague. that's this wednesday, we want to know what you want to ask. you can submit questions using the #obamatownhall. >> the trial for confessed killer eddie ray routh is scheduled to resume tomorrow. he's facing life in prison without parole if convicted. the widow of former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle attended last night's oscars. on a different note flying back to texas on a red eye to make it to court today. she held his dog tags while walking the red carpet. timing is congress back in town and is it going to accomplish the homeland security budget push through that it needs to keep suspension from happening? maybe not the best timing for all of this to be going down with the terror threat against the mall of america. we're going to check in on what the folks in washington can and cannot deliver after these messages. itening will damage your teeth? introducing listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth...
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just days left to avert a part shal shutdown of the department of homeland security a bill to fund dhs has been tossed from one chamber of congress to the other and no compromise in sight. republicans leaders in the house and senate are blaming democrats and each other. >> i think it's clear we can't go forward in the senate unless you all heard something i haven't, and so the next move obviously is up to the house. >> one more time, the house has done its job under the constitution. it's time for the senate to do their job. >> this shutdown would prompt fur loegs of 15% of employees and disrupt day to day operations. jeh johnson warned about the
10:14 am
stakes of this on "meet the press." >> we're talking about the possibility of shutting down homeland security because congress can't agree. if we go into government shutdown, some 30,000 employees of my department will be furlough furloughed, including personnel that i count on daily to stay on top of groups like isil. >> both following this, it's good to see you. glenn, i'll start with you, home larnd security facing a shutdown because republicans are trying to undo the president's immigration actions and democrats blocking every attempt from them. what's next at this point? >> well what's next at this point is john boehner and mitch mcconnell got to get on the bat phone and work something else. the problem here is john boehner isn't budging, he has 35 to 50 am members of his conference. tell me if you've seen this movie before. i have who won't compromise. he won't on fox news sunday a couple of weeks ago, last week
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and essentially said it's shutting down dhs is on the table. the administration clearly doesn't want this to happen from a obvious logistical perspective but politically the only people to lose on this are republicans as far as i can see. >> dana, this shutdown would trigger 30,000 furloughs and leave 200,000 workers without pay. how is it politically viable for anyone of either party to risk that? >> well, it's not is the short answer. that's why you have a lot of senate republicans sort of privately pulling their hair out over this, wondering how ted cruz is fired up the house conservatives to get them into this mess again. it's not good for anybody as glenn was suggesting but we've seen over and over again when there are these fights shutdown related fights, the president always wins not just this president, but any president does because he's in a much stronger position and he's going to be able to get up there and say that the congress which is controlled by the republicans,
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is putting the nation's security at risk. that's never a winning argument for the legislature to be in. >> glenn, you said we've seen this movie before usually there's a pull back from the brink at the last minute. what's your prediction? >> i think we'll go over the edge because the consequences this time aren't as great. there's a possibility that mitch mcconnell could wave -- use the nuclear option that harry reid opened up and go for a straight 51 majority on this. he does have that option and if that's the case it gets thrown back into the house again. sooner or later this thing will get passed and get passed over the objection of conservatives. the question is, what does the final end game look like. >> dana what's your prediction? >> you never lose money betting for congress not to get something done. i think that's the place where we start here. >> most reliable bet in america. >> it's not even clear they have enough republican votes to pass this. i'm not even sure taking the
10:17 am
nuclear option gets them there. >> and i want to turn to one other story of political infighting. classic, we got scott walker really in the headlines now, you've been writing about this dana, he's wrapped up in this rudy giuliani controversy, his inability to address the slights at the president's patriotism. what scott walker did ought to disqualify him as a serious contender. he refused to say so and in the failure displayed a cowardess unworthy of a president. how about now after a sort of kind of apology? >> the issue is never giuliani it was a dinner for scott walker and said nothing about it and asked afterward and said nothing about it. this was something he was very much involved in and seems to be taking this position told a couple of my post colleagues now he won't say whether obama is a
10:18 am
christian now. at some point you have to say, okay, the earth is not flat let's move on here. rather than saying i have no opinion on what shape the earth is. it just makes him look silly and look like he's a weak leader. >> apt of you to mention science questions, another subject of red flags, walker saying he punts on the evolution question yes, still in some political circles. is that still a politically viable line to toe? >> as we know very few punters are in the nfl hall of fame right? i think it's been a terrible week for walker. i don't think -- i disagree slightly with dana i don't think he's knocked out of the box on this but i really think the prime time spotlight has not shown kindly on him. he really needs to learn how to answer these things decisively. ironically, the guy who seems to be going down in flames chris christie would have handled the rudy situation in a much more
10:19 am
deft way. on the evolution thing, we've seen any number of candidates on the republican side tip toe around that one. i wonder if they are seeing something in the polling in terms of unpopularity of evolution that we're not seeing. >> interesting, another reliable bet in washington. it's always a pleasure. >> take care. >> just ahead, hollywood, our daily spike on what's trending out of l.a.'s big night here in l.a. that's after this. across america, people are taking charge of
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and this is a soda a day for a year. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever. twitter came out in force overnight to do what it does best spew hatred and bigotry and comment on the oscar. there were 6.8 million twitter mentions of the awards show everybody loves to tolerate, including academy 2015 and acardmy awards. here are the most popular moments. first up common and john legend, the youtube video of their performing glory, crossed
10:23 am
500,000 views this morning. authentically viral at this point. common's acceptance speech invoking dr. king's legacy is poignant and accelerating fast. >> the spirit of this bridge transcends race gender religion sexual orientation and social status. the spirit of this bridge connects the kid from the south side of chicago dreaming of a better life to those in france standing up for their freedom of expression. to the people in hong kong protesting for democracy. >> sincerity in hollywood, it happens. and next up the hollywood hills alive with the sound of music last night, 250,000 tweets racked up in response to lady gaga's 50th anniversary tribute, mashing up that movie a iconic score. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> dear lady gaga thank you for that wonderful tribute.
10:24 am
oh my god. >> legendary julie andrews who later whispered in gaga's ear, we can only assume you are a princess of genovia. a classy way to deliver a life altering award is make it about yourself with an industry in joke. >> and the oscar goes to -- who gave this [ bleep ] green card. "birdman". >> racked up almost 900,000 mentions and sean penn about 112,000, not all pleased with his humor, and mario lopez found it less funny than his own material. attack, terror group al shabab calling on american muslims and
10:25 am
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america's biggest mall is under tight security after a new threat from a grub emerging as one of africa's deadly terror cells. they are issuing specific targets, the mall of america along with west ed mond ton in canada and london. they attacked the west gate mall in nairobi kenya, murdering 67 people in a three-day siege. i went to kenya shortly after that attack to see a city still realing and first responders who
10:29 am
saw what al shabab is capable. >> reporter: shells still litter the ground nearby. this place looks peaceful now but it was a living hell widthing a bloody battle that killed more than 60 civilians. do you feel the attack could have been prevented if early warnings had been heeded? >> we can't live in fear all the time no one would be functioning. >> reporter: what would you say to people outside of kenya about the need to prevent this kind of tragedy? >> well you see, it's -- the only thing i would say, they have to be secure but it is something that you or i will not know. like most of the things this thing happens is the government neglected. >> steve collins is following this from the atlantic and monitoring terrorist chatter as
10:30 am
a senior analyst at flash point global partners. it's mostly been a regional player. why the threats to the west and why escalating now? >> they are trying to inspire lone wolf attacks in the west. this is following same al qaeda methodology which is inspired lone wolf attacks in america and canada and western countries and europe. they felt that it was such a successful attack at the westgate mall but the caveat here shabab did not have any operational bases there or capability to pull off such an attack here. the threat remines high but i don't think they can pull it off. >> jeh johnson was just on "meet the press" and this is what he said to say on this. >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think that there needs to be an awareness and vigilance and to be careful obviously. >> you're looking at the chatter on the net, seeing how many lone
10:31 am
wolves may be inspired by this. how big a threat is al shabab to the u.s.? >> i think they remain a viable threat to the homeland however, it's not -- it won't be a direct attack necessarily planned by operatives there and sent back to the united states or other countries. it will be more of inspiring individuals especially from the somali community in minnesota and other areas to carry out such attacks. this might be successful in other areas around the world but here in the united states the security has been beefed up and communications have been scrutinized again. so i don't think they have the tactical capability to pull it off but we do have to remain vigilant. >> steve al shabab has recruited successfully out of the u.s. i spoke with one community leader trying to stop recruitment on ground. take a look at what they are doing here. >> al shabab goes after the disenfranchised youth.
10:32 am
the somali family is very important and intimate. when you have a kid away from their dad or mom or away from their family they are vulnerable to join such organizations not only al shabab but gangs as well. >> how much is shabab recruitment in the u.s. still a threat? >> i was with senator amy cloe bu char and met with various people -- find ways to essentially create a social fabric so that those communities feel as if they are stake holders in what's going on. if they see troubled youth and someone going off a track, it ends up raising red flags and the community can come around that. so i think that it is a problem because i see people like senator clobuchar taking steps
10:33 am
to deal with it. i agree with everything that was said, i think the other thing in the terrorism watching business there's a danger in overestimating those groups but also a danger in underestimating them. we don't have many cases where terror groups didn't actually do the things they set out to do. i do worry a little bit that this lone wolf inspirational dimension and the kind of contact that previous people inside this country had with some of these groups remains a problem. >> and we're just looking at video of the heart of what they call little mogadishu. still fears there especially with the new threat. big picture, there's one interesting wrinkle, shabab was formed out of the islamic courts regime and forced out in a u.s. backed invasion by ethiopia and those who say shabab is there
10:34 am
for a creation of u.s. intervention. >> well, i think that it was interesting because there was a big debate in the country at the time about whether the islamic courts union brought a degree of stability and what not that was sort of working in an area in which there were very few other options. and that had they gone that way, i would not have said that the horror and just the grisly violence that al shabab created should be directly related to that. but there was a debate about whether the courts union was something we should have challenge and undone at a moment that would have led to just anarchy and greater chaos after. and that perhaps could have kept al shabab from being -- in all of these cases, i don't agree with them but in cases like al shabab and isis there are people who support these groups. they are not perceived to be crazy and horrible by everyone because they are perceived as defending the interest of certain people in these countries. and i think it's something if
10:35 am
we're going to unplug these terror groups, we need to understand that and come to terms to it. >> why they spring up and are so alluring for lone wolf recruitment. thank you so much for your time on this. steve, stick around we want your thoughts on the next story, the headline out of that story, never copenhagen paris, the home grown terror attacks we've been talking about hitting europe hard recently and europe saying never again. there's one european country that thinks it could be next. we'll look at why right after this. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving, satisfaction by the spoonful, deliciously fruity dinner feels a million years away grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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10:39 am
and maybe to attack. our partners found some germans suspected of extremism and being watched closely by that government. >> reporter: 34-year-old sven has been called public enemy number one by german media. sven is a german convert to islam and prominent member of the fastest growing islamist fundamentally group in germany. he preaches on youtube and even led an islamic patrol through town pressuring people to abstain from drinking and gambling. police accused him of recruiting for isis but the case was dropped for lack of evidence.
10:40 am
>> germany has a complicated history with islamic radicals the 9/11 attacks were largely plotted on german soil. there's not been a large scale islamic terror attack here. but in the wake of the paris and copenhagen attacks, germany is on edge. >> united states and germany have to think about why terror attacks are imminent.
10:41 am
>> no stranger to terror, in 1995, he attempted to bomb a peruvian embassy and serve time in prison for his crime. he converted to islam years ago but became more radical in prison. >> i definitely know one of them on the so-called watch list i'm not involved in any preparations with explosives. my weapon is my tongue. the danger for europe especially with with regard to what has happening in syria, there's a short way to travel from syria to germany. america and germany should know that they're very vulnerable. perhaps ten attempts fail to attack germany.
10:42 am
but the 11th attempt doesn't fail. >> ominous message there. we're back with msnbc contributor and editor at large for at atlantic steve clemones has anything changed on a policy front, any push to do anything differently to safeguard? >> i think what is unified is that there are more discussions on the police side of watching, observing, gathering digital intelligence communications intelligence and sharing that. i think on the broader issues it will simply take more time. many problems the reason why germany feels ripe for the kind of thing that happened in france is that it knows that deep inside society it has many unreconciled cultural and ethnic divisions that are tense and grinding against each other, not cooperating and collaborating
10:43 am
and moving forward. it feels like germany is the place i've been -- i've done in germany what you had done going to these communities and the alienation is palpable and i was dealing with average normal people not in fact terrorists. but you can sort of get the sense there's anger and frustration and hostility, not only on their side but also frankly in the german community that has very unresolved notions about what being a modern german is and how diverse that ought to be. >> the flip side is this rise of islamophobia, one group getting a lot of mention and branches in france and spain. how does europe safeguard against that? >> well i think it really depends on leadership. there are too many german politicians who play to audiences and use code word that
10:44 am
is simply defines those people of color inside germany and other societies as the other, not as citizens and people on pathway who can be stake holders in society. a friend of mine was the french turkish member of the parliament and done a tremendous job trying to bridge that. it's the beginning of what needs to happen. >> steve clemons, love getting your take. always a pleasure. >> thank you, ronan. >> up next pay. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. meryl streep and jennifer lopez standing up there for equal pay. why does hollywood still seem to pay women less?
10:45 am
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to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> patricia arquette using her oscar acceptance speech to push for equal pay for women. according to twitter that was the third most talked about moment of the night. this is a conversation we have a lot here at msnbc with mika brzezinski, she's leading a tour called know your value exploring how women around the country can overcome these hurdles. i started by asking what she
10:49 am
thought of the speech. >> i thought it was a beautiful night. a lot of people came to the stage and touched on some really important issues that are afflicting our society, but that, i will say, i jumped up out of bed, i was like meryl streep going, yes exactly! hollywood is the perfect example of how bad this problem is. we've seen it revealed in e-mails that probably we shouldn't have seen but i'm glad we have. because the gap in what women are paid to their male counterparts, it's obscene and i think shee took the opportunity to use the platform of the oscars to talk about something that affects women across america and we need to deal with now. >> so there's a couple of interesting stats here in this year's nominations, according to the women's media center men outnumbered women, five to one in nonaking nominations and in seven categories no women nominated. are the times not getting better
10:50 am
even after the sony hack revelation? >> it's too soon after for huge steps to be taken and made and the way women are paid is a fundamental problem. why is there even a gap between male stars and female stars who have the same types of roles. it is ridiculous. but this is where we're at. a lot of it is because it has been kept under wraps. but slowly but surely we're seeing transparencey and some unwhitingly but we need to know there is a problem and there is. so lady's let's go. >> and so one of the things was that jennifer lawrence getting paid less than her counterparts
10:51 am
which were men in american hustle and amy pascal said i've paid more since then. i run a business and people want to work for less money and i pay them less money. and the bottom line is if you don't ask, you won't get it. >> and it is not corporate companies are evil and women are the victims. there are two sides to the story. and that is why i'm partnering with nbc and traveling around the country to conferences titled know your value. >> i want to talk about that. you are going across the country and this is a project. >> we are teaching women what they can control. women are part of the equation. they have to know how to communicate their value effectively so they are paid their value. and companies will win if they give women the ability and the tools by coming to our conferences and following online and learning from the experts
10:52 am
from those who made the mistakes and who won't make them again and from me who learned from it. and once you have women understanding it is okay to do that and stepping up and learning how to communicate their value effectively, companies get a chance to see what they bring to the table. they can't walk around and be certain that everybody on every floor of a 20-story building that holds an entire company, the men are stepping up. the men are communicating effectively. women have to find the tools to do it too. this is the part we can control. and we make a lot of mistakes when we are going in there and negotiating. we have to stop making those mistakes because we're leaving money on the table and we're actually taking an opportunity from our company away and that opportunity is to retain us and to keep us and to grow up. >> but micah, in hollywood, for instance among academy award voters 77% men, a systemic
10:53 am
world here of male-dominated settings. what is the message that you bring this town specifically when you are on a tour like this? >> i think everybody whose salary was revealed they should speak out and hold companies accountablity -- accountability. i would like for retroactive pay where she was paid to little. >> retroactive pay? >> absolutely. it is not going to be fixed unless you hold them to it. and now jennifer lawrence has a platform. and amy pascal may have been upset but she has a platform to speak out and she has been and i applaud her for that. i applaud patricia arcet to use the oscars to shame hollywood and american companies not trying to deal with this issue. but i will say it is a step by step process.
10:54 am
because as you did say, it is the bottom line. and if someone will take less money, it is their job. we women have to hold ourselves accountable to make sure we get our value and we have to be smart and negotiate and can't fall into the traps that we fall into every day at the negotiating table. >> and we were talking about the difficult of talking about this and what about the other rights and inequality for gender and sexual minorities and i was talking to colleagues out here saying well what about my fight in this. how do you talk about equal pay with women without stumbling into the minefield. >> they are the traps. and they lead to the same types of discrimination. very different issues but all very real issues and one should not discount the other. but the mistakes women make at the negotiating table and you
10:55 am
could see how money is just a metaphor here. women apologize their way into every conversation. they use i'm sorry like some sort of buffer to make people feel comfortable. they self dep rick ate and they worry about their friend shils that the people they are across the table from. none of those things help you bring value home or help you in a negotiation and none of them actually have the potential to develop a friendship. because you have to be respected first. and for any time of discrimination, that is actually a very good blue print. >> and that is such essential advice even outside of these very important fights for equality. one of the best pieces of workplace advice i had gotten from you was you don't have to thank people all of the time. >> and what else did i say. >> know your value. >> and what else? >> and don't be a women.
10:56 am
and you deliver them always time and time again. it is a real pleasure. >> thanks for having me on. >> best mentor a person could ask for. we asked you to whittle down today's words into five words. all of the headlines from today. according to mary helen clark. famous people said important stuff. we like that one. timing, hollywood, attack never pay. i think that is twitter for you'll never eat lunch in this town again. thank you for joining today. that wraps up today's rf daily. another good show coming up next. be there for it. "the reid report" is back right after these short messages.
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money. and in just a few minutes president obama will speak at the headquarters of aarp. where he'll out line a proposal of tough restrictions on managers who handle financial accounts. and secretary jeh johnson is talking about the clock ticking on that funding. >> the men and women standing behind me are required to come to work and make ends meet without a paycheck for themselves and their families. this includes the men and women of the united states coast guard. second, we must in the event of a shut down furlough approximately 30,000 of our employees, including our headquarters staffs. what does that mean? what is the consequence of that? i'll give you an example. every day i press our staff at my headquarters to stay one step ahead of groups such as isil to stay one step ahead of threats to our


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