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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh! good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show." i don't know about you, but i didn't hear what i thought i was going to hear today. let's get to work. tonight, the dhs funding battle wages on as security concerns mount. >> risks to this this country are too great for us not to provide the resources. >> two men plotted to travel overseas to join the terror group isis. >> we passed a bill to fund the
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department of homeland security six weeks ago. >> they shut down the government. >> stop the games playing. let's just get serious. >> and later, pipeline politics hit a local level in the catskills. >> once they put the pipe in, i can't till the land anymore. >> the natural gas from new york city and new england. >> we've been work on this for for three years to get this approval. >> plus the union fight against the tpp gains speed and strength. >> congress should act on something called trade promotion authority. >> it means lost jobs. and lower wages. >> we've still got to do everything we can to help workers and businesses succeed in the new economy. >> every trade agreement that's been negotiated by every president has driven wages down.
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good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching as a red headed, red blooded tax paying american, i didn't hear what i thought i was going to hear today. first things first, this guy right here. jihad john. apparently intelligence sources around the world have identified this guy as mohammed emwazi. all right. he's the guy we all know jihad john. he's been cutting americans' heads off. i thought today, since the intelligence is good everybody is reporting it that we know who this guy is that someone in washington would have said we're going to get this bastard, the same way we got osama bin laden. but no we're playing shut down politics. we're not shutfighting isis. we're fighting between ourselves. this is what aggravated americans. we need to focus the country
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somehow. remember how the republicans used to make a political living off they were the ones that could protect the country. but now that we find out who this guy is, they're having a big cpac convention they don't mention it at all. we're going to bring this guy to justice. we have a target now. we know who he is. if i was him i would be a little bit nervous. shut down politics is the game. and if no action is taken for homeland security funding, hey, the lights are shut off tomorrow at midnight. on wednesday the senate made moves. they agreed to a clean dhs bill and that is not from this hour. earlier today harry reid had stern words for the house republicans. >> we had all kinds of rumors the house would take the bill and send it back with a number
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of writers on it. it's a waste of time. we will not allow a conference to take place. it won't happen. and when we finish fully funding homeland security, if the republicans want to go to immigration, any part thereof, we'll go to them. they won't need a motion to proceed. we'll just do it. if they send over a bill with all the writers in it they shut down the government. we are not going to play games. >> reid and mcconnell came to an agreement. so it's time to john boehner, i guess, to do his job. the ball is in his court. earlier today boehner said this about the looming dhs shutdown. >> i think it's outrageous the senate democrats are using homeland security funding for blackmail to protect the actions of the president. for the president himself said he didn't have the authority to do this. yesterday the white house press secretary said that this is a fight amongst republicans. it is not a fight amongst
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republicans. all republicans agree that we want to fund the department of homeland security and we want to stop the the president's executive actions with regard to immigration. not everybody in the house is on board with boehner. here is congressman steve peter king from new york moments after boehner made those comments. >> it's absolute insanity to republicans that we don't vote on a clean bill. if the senate sends us a clean bill, we have an absolute obligation. not just a political obligation but a moral obligation to vote on that. to defund the department of homeland security at a time when the terror threats are greater now than any time since 9/11. it's a fantasy world. a dugsal world. >> so boehner needs to go against the tea party. that ain't going to happen. conservatives want to defund president obama's executive orders because dhs funding involves enforcement. this has been the the big debate
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raging for over a week. i thought maybe we better take a look quickly at president obama's record on enforcement. that's all the republicans ever do is talk about border security. well, in 2008 the border patrol budget was $2.2 billion. in 2013 the budget was $3.5 billion. president obama put more resources on the border than the previous two administrations. and the president has been tough on deportations. even liberals have called him out on it. in 2013 the president deported 438,000 undocumented immigrants. more than 2 million have been deported since president obama took office. so all the talk about keeping the borders secured and everything else, give me a break. no way can you call him soft on enforcement. congressman peter king said republicans are forgetting about the global threats. >> sometimes i think that the republicans living in an unreal
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world. this is the 22nd anniversary. yesterday we saw three people arrested in brooklyn. we know the investigation is ongoing. isis is killing people all over the world. >> for more let's bring in steny hoyer from the hill tonight. good to have you with us tonight. you're the whip. >> good to be with you. >> you bet. what is a speaker going to do? what's happening? >> i don't know. but what you just reported is simply untrue. and he ought to it's untrue. he promised the american people he would send individual bills forward to be voted on. and what he did knowingly is to put a piece in this legislation, as harry reid said that is unacceptable to the democrats in the senate. unacceptable to have it move ahead in the senate. he knew it was going to die. e couldn't say it better than peter king.
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it's not just bad politics. it's bad morals. we need to keep the department of homeland security. particularly pete irking. he said we need to keep on high alert at this time of great danger to the american people and to our country. and to be playing games with the department of homeland funding is not showing frankly a love of america. >> is he workried about the speakership more than the funding of the department of homeland security? >> well ed you're going to have to ask john boehner what he's worried about. it was clear mitch mcconnell came to the conclusion, and 98 senators came to the conclusion it's time to move on. it's time to pass the the department of homeland security bill. . this came out of the republican appropriations committee. it's a republican bill.
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we're going to support it. is it exactly what we want? no, but that's not the issue. we keep america safe and secure. we need to keep border agents on the job. we don't pay them if we don't pass the bill. we're going to lay off 30,000 people. what do they do? they answer the phone to make sure the agents know what information is coming in. >> that means the tsa agents will stay on the job, but they won't be paid. >> you got to run into a lot of good attitudes at the airports now. no doubt about that. >> morale is already low at an agency where we ought to have the highest morale, the highest readiness and commitment. it may not be a military uniform, although 14,000 coast guardsmen are due to protect our country and playing games with the funding and the stability of
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that agency is critical to our security and safety. >> is there going two be a shut down at dhs? >> i certainly hope not. the senate i think is going to send us a clean bill. as peter king has said we ought to take the bill up pass it and fund the department of homeland security. >> steny hoyer, always a pleasure. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> if the dhs shuts down it's going to have a disastrous impact on men and women who work hard to keep us safe and do their jobs which the republicans say they love. roughly 200,000 workers will have to continue to work without pay. would you do that? 50,000 tsa agents. 40,000 active duty coast guard members. 4,000 secret service agents. 40,000 custom and protection employees. 30,000 dhs employees would be furloughed. now republicans talk a big game when it comes to praising the people who protect the homeland. but if there's an opportunity to
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slam the president, they have no problem throwing these hard hard working americans under the bus. and don't you remember when we got hit on september 11th 2001 we had a huge dwugsiscussion in the weeks and months ahead. why isn't the csa talking to fbi. we have communication problems. you know what we have to do? we have to make the department of homeland security. that was the largest rearrangement of government in the history of this country. and it was pushed by republicans, and now they don't want to fund it. let me bring in msnbc contributor and editor at large for the atlantic. steve, good to have you with us tonight. >> great to be with you, ed. >> all right. tell our audience the level of vulnerability we would have if this shutdown goes through and no agreement is reached on funding. >> two layers to vulnerability.
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the e-verify program. the program by which companies check out the citizenship status, that ends. those are the immediate and near-term things. we lose 30,000 folks that basically keep the process running, and those that do come to work aren't paid. and so the second layer is yes, the people that protect the nation and the borders and deemed necessary will be on their jobs. as you just pointed to that requires a level of sophistication coordination that has been very impressive to me to see what they discovered by way of people not, you know getting a lot of concern alarms in brooklyn and able to use dhs intelligence. to look at people in our country that are threats. that probably slows down and doesn't work as well either. so it will have an impact where
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we're seeing imcreased terror activity around the world, but also within our borders. >> i'm surprised, as i said at the top of the broadcast, that there wasn't one lawmaker left right, blue green, center today, that said now that we've identified this guy, we're going to get him. have we lost our focus? i mean we just can't think that isis is somebody else's problem. i mean this is much more of a global problem than it ever was. and if there's a target there, i guess i'm disappointed that somebody in washington who is dealing with funds and responsibility of security and everything else didn't come out and say we're going to get this guy. and i think taxpayers deserve to hear something about this. instead they're bitching about whether or not they're going to fund the country or not and protect us. i apologize for what i said. that's just where i'm at. >> we're lost in bureaucratic scuffles. and that said you know i think the one guy whom i know has said we're going to go after this is not on the air waves much.
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john brennan, the cia director has made it clear to a group of people that we're going after emwazi. i think that's heartening. when you positioned us when you look to congress, congress has 535 people who want to play commander in chief. and given the scale of what you just said, they're failing to stand up at a moment when we see someone who has brought terror into the homes. made americans and europes and people around the world feel insecure about what will happen tomorrow. and they're distracted by you know a bureaucratic scuffle. that i think is really demeaning to the congress. it's demeaning to our own interests. and i think that it's absolutely moving us in the wrong course. but i do know just to be correct. people in our intelligence operation know who this guy is. they are bringing the resources bear to target him.
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whether or not any elected members are with us not. >> get your cell phones out. want to know what you think of tonight's question. ment do you think boehner will cave to the tea party partiers? we have your results later in the show. you can get my podcast online. you're looking live at cpac. scott walker is speaking right now. we'll bring you today's best. plus the aflcio and the tpp. it's right in the crosshairs of the working folks of america. we have the details when we come back. stay with us.
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unions are pulling together against the transpacific partnership. nurses united voiced their opposition to fast tracking tpp on capitol hill today. the health workers say it threatens access to medicine and wages. the momentum is definitely spreading on the sfat floor. senate floor. >> these agreements are loaded with corporate handouts that weaken our nation's ability to chart its own course. the last thing we need mr. president, is another nafta. >> the alfcio came out stronger than ever. he made a simple statement about what fast tracking tpp means for americans. >> lost jobs and lower wages. that's it. # # # # #.
2:20 pm
>> labor leaders joined together in atlanta over the past few days. leaders discussed fighting the wave of big money coming into the election and the right to work legislation in states especially in wisconsin. the push for union busting measures is moving at a lightning speed. wisconsin republicans cut short a public hearing on right to work yesterday. and we're concerned about protests from labor supporters. >> we got wind of threats being made to disrupt the hearings. it was a different crowd of people coming to the capitol and the police were concerned there might be an issue and there were threats that they were going to disrupt it fon force capital police to halt them physically. >> we can't get anything to back that up. the full assembly is expected to take up the bill as soon as next week and governor walker is
2:21 pm
expected to sign it. leo girard international president of united steel workers. gentlemen, good to have you with us. >> good to have you. can you stop trade promotion authority? where is the momentum? >> let me just say, i've been on the executive council for a long time and through a lot of trade fights. this is the first time ever single member of every single union at the aflcio promised a full-out battle to stop fast track and on an institutional level, we're the canaryies in the cage. we look at jobs lost on tire and rubber and glass, and we're able to show how that has happened under the trade deals and also the fact that i mentioned on your show before in order for us to win, we first have to prove we lost jobs. so the system is broken and everyone at the aflcio the
2:22 pm
staff, the leaders of the unions the people that support us from progressive organizations, we were unanimous that we have to stop fast track. >> congressman cleaver, the breakdown of this is rather interesting. you have 20 republicans that are probably going to vote against fast track because of all the right reasons. it's bad for jobs and the economy. you have 40 republicans that are probably going to vote against it because they don't want president obama to have that authority. so as i look at the numbers and the way this is breaking out. the congressional black caucus plays a big role in this. not to mention they haven't before. but where is the congressional black caucus on this. i know you want to stand with the president, but this is an issue of jobs and security. your thoughts? >> we have a number of members who have supported these trade agreements. he had been a very strong advocate. after you leave him and a couple of others i think it's going to
2:23 pm
be difficult for the members of the congressional black caucus to get fast track authority authority to president obama or any authority. it's not about president obama when it comes to us. keep in in mind that fast track means that members of congress cannot filibuster nor can can they amend the agreement. it's only an up and down vote. that defames the members of congress. my voters would like for me to have some say in something as important as this agreement. i think the congressional black caucus, and by the way, we're never lobbied by the other side. so it's not as difficult as one may think for us. we don't get people from the business community. they essentially ignore us. and so when that happens, it becomes infinitely easier.
2:24 pm
>> has the president been right on this? i think every president seems to, no matter what happens, when they go into the white house, it's the water, i guess, or something, because president clinton was also as you know a big advocate for nafta, and so i think the president, like most presidents, are thinking about the good of this country. this is going to expand our exports. but it is not good for the country. and the majority of the country will not just see something happen. they will be hurt by it. >> congressman, or mr. girard the fact that they cannot amend it, isn't that one of the biggest stick clerlers in all of this? once it's done it's done. >> that's certainly a big stickler. but again we have to look at
2:25 pm
history. and rich said it right. it's lost jobs and lower wages. there's not one trade deal passed that resulted in net gains. not one that resulted in higher wages for american workers, and as i keep saying about how the the trade system is broken and doesn't work in our favor. and if we're going to talk about income inequality and union busting governors, these are all things meant to take away the ability of workers to stand up and get a raise. we need raising wanes in the country. well, the tough 1% are lining their pockets with gold. >> congressman, if you had to call it right now, where is the vote? >> i don't think it would be approved in the house. the ugly side is some people would be voting against the president. but there are those of us who support the president strongly. we believe he's on the wrong side here. nafta gave us a lot of proof.
2:26 pm
i oppose nafta and as i said at the time i probably oppose everything after it. >> gentlemen, thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. thank you. cpac is saving sarah palin for the grand finale. right now louisiana governor bobby jindal is speaking. up next our friend will give us a live report from the conservative convention. and plus a massive snowstorm brings parts of the southeast to a standstill. your questions are coming up next. ask ed live on the ed show. we're right back. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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2:30 pm
through north carolina leaving tens of thousands without power. nbc's sarah dollup is joining us tonight. i don't think anybody is going to move for three days. sarah, what's the latest there? >> reporter: yeah, ed. trz fair to say the city is paralyzed right now until all of the show clears up. take a look behind you at ghost town. we're in the harlt ofeart of downtown. they received six to eight inches. compare that to an average of two to eight inches. life as normal is shut down for now. it's been all hands on deck to deal with all of this. they have taken the garbage truck drivers and moved them to dump trucks to help clear all the snow from the streets and get things moving again. >> second year in a row that we've had this. we that had to augment resources and increase the resources towards this effort.
2:31 pm
as a south city we're learning to do it. >> never thought we would have to do that. >> reporter: a lot of other places having to get creative with their snow removal as well. including alabama where two towns received more than ten inches of snow. western tennessee and eastern tennessee and middle tennessee, receiving about five inchs of snow. as you can imagine, this is causing problems all over the areas, from slideoffs on the roads to power outages. schools having special shelters for the homeless population that may need somewhere to go. they asked people who did not have to travel to please stay home. they made them stay inside their homes. that allowed crews to get out and hit the streets hard. they were able to clear primary roads earlier today. they are now foe using on the secondary roads and hope to have traffic back relatively northerly when things get back to normal.
2:32 pm
>> so that guy was telling you the truth. i think we saw snow twice when i was up there. sarah, appreciate it so much. now to the ask ed live segment. tonight the first question comes from dan. he wants to know if unions are not needed and why corporations are spending billions to destroy them. i don't think they're spending billions to destroy them. they're spending multibillions to destroy them. look i could talk for hours on this. it's an attack on wages and representation of the workplace is very important. voices of the workplace, in my philosophy, lends itself to a better family, a better middle class and a better workplace. it's all upside. a lot more coming up on the ed show. we're right back. >> i'm kate rogers with your cnbc market wrap. stocks end mixed today. the dow stops ten points s&p 500
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and we are back. the annual three-day, three-ring circus of conservatism kicked off today. the predictable players at cpac near washington, d.c. the republican party in the early stages of finding a favorite for 2016. and this is all part of the show. and when you scan the crowd, it's clear they have issued with
2:37 pm
diversity and demographics. diversity comes in spurts. the talking points and targets remain constant. >> our nation is in crisis at home. millions of americans are hurting. obamacare is a train wreck. and that's actually not fair to train wrecks. >> when you're pro-life in 2009 you don't cut a commercial ten years later because "the new york times" doesn't like it and says you're less than that. >> congress must hold president obama accountable to make sure he and his administration finally develop a cohesive and strong strategy to confront these and the many other threats that we face. >> oh brother. louisiana governor bobby jindal is on stage right now. in just a few minutes he's going to be half turned governor sarah palin. she's going to be taking the stage.
2:38 pm
dr. ben carson said in his speech it seemed like he was trying to justify why he as a black man was there. >> if you're white and you oppose a progressive black person, you're a racist. if you're black and you oppose the progressive agenda you're crazy. and if you're black and you're pro-life and you're pro-family, they don't know what to call you. you end up on a witch list for extremists. >> joining us live tonight, the host of "tell me everything" on sirius xm insight. how was carson received with the comments? >> you're never going to go broke having a black man own stage telling people to feel good about how they sneer the the president. and ben carson is not alone. he along with santorum and the honoree of duck dynasty have all
2:39 pm
said gay marriage is like bestiality. to me if you're comparing gay marriage to bestiality you're not a good christian. you're a guy who thinks about bestiality too much. is obama still the target with every speech? is. >> pretty much yeah. bobby jindal just got off stage. that was interesting. a lot of them are angry about obama today because he's more or less saying the same thing george w. bush said about islam. they're deeply offended he won't use language to deeply offend our allies. it's pretty much a freak show. it's like oscar pistorius. none of them will be running competitively. >> objectively, did you hear any new ideas from the the republican candidates?
2:40 pm
>> no ed. i didn't. but a lot of folks are making jokes about hillary clinton's clinton age because she'll be 69 next year when she runs. i did talk to a lot of republicans on the grass roots level who have great ideas. law enforcement against prohibition. conservative cops who want to end the drug war. i was stalking with a conservative but it was interrupted because rick perry showed up in the middle and the the noise overpowered our crew. so there are innovative people here. those guys are not invited on stage. >> let's bring in james peterson from lehigh university. you heard ben carson. to be respectful obviously,
2:41 pm
what do you think his mission is? it's almost like he's trying to recruit black americans to the republican party. >> yeah. i'm not sure if that strategy will work out well for him. he's an outstanding jury onwith an incredible narrative of his life. first of all, plenty of black folks are pro-h life. do make the statement it's being against black folks, i don't know what churches he's worship worshipping in or has visited. but plenty of black folk reject from progressive and liberal ideas. this idea that he has a lock is one other way of rendering a multisort of faceted black community ads monolithic and only voting one way.
2:42 pm
ft just because they don't have their values. >> civil rights group have written an open letter to the g.o.p. presidential candidates asking themselves to distance themselveses for cpac because of white nationalist ties. what's your reaction to that? >> well particularly proenglish is who they targeted. they sponsored cpac for several years. but also referred to as white nationalists. at the end of the day there's a challenge that they have yet to resolve. the same challenge they had in 2012. same for 2008. it will be more pronounced in 2016 because of the developments of different demographics around the nation. that's a small part of the base is invested in this white nationalism. but whiteness as a supreme ideal. thinking they have the right to own the country and black people and folk of color are the other
2:43 pm
who don't belong here and have a claim to american citizenship. this is a small group within the republican party. it's well funded and vocal. we have to check and see which candidates will pander to the the group. if you're cpac you have resources from all over the place. i'm not sure why you need funding from a group like proenglish. also draws the ire of the multicultural demographic. >> james peterson thanks for joining us on the program. appreciate it. coming up every day americans are waging a fight against big energy in new york state. that's right. another pipeline. another fight. stay with us. we're right back. t energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas.
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here we go with tonight's two-minute drill. overruled. how about this? a judge has sided with running back adrian peterson of the minnesota vikings in the appeal of his suspension. peterson was suspended in november after pleading no contest to a child injury charge. the judge ruled the commissioner roger goodell could not apply the personal policy conduct to his case since the act occurred before the policy was put into place. the case will now go back to an arbitrator for further proceedings. the nfl says they will review the decision. he may be back in the nfl soon. over in denver pay cut coming for payton. the broncos and quarterback are working on restructuring his deal. he has a couple years left on his contract. he's set to make $19 million a year for the the next two years. the team is looking for cap space. it's also a good sign that the 38-year-old qb is going to come right back and not call it quits. and finally, the women's fight movement. get this. wwe fans and employees are
2:49 pm
taking the company to task for their treatment of female wrestlers after chief officer stephanie mcmahon tweeted her support for patricia arquette's oscar speech. and she was called out. writing your female wrestlers have record merchandise and have starred in the highest rated segment of show several times, and yet they receive a fraction of the wages and screen time of the majority of the male roster. wrestling fans are also taking to twitter demanding female wrestlers get more time in the ring. the #givedivasachance was trending on twitter after a 30-minute fight on the broadcast. so here we go. vince mcmahon responded on twitter. we hear you. keep watching. we have a lot more coming up on "the ed show." how is that for sports diversity? we're right back.
2:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." it's easy to watch the news and say, that could never happen here. it's easy until the problem lands in your own backyard. earlier this week we talked about the constitution pipeline the $700 million project aims to build a 124-mile pipeline to transport natural gas from the marcellus shale fields in pennsylvania through the forests and waterways of center new york. some have called it the keystone
2:54 pm
pipeline of natural gas. last month residents packed a hearing in sunny ontana. here is their voices. >> i'm completely baffled that this hearing is even happening at all. how can there be any doubt the environment will be affected. >> soil contamination are unacceptable risks inherit to pipeline construction. >> there's a lot of chalk about cheap gas, but let's not be naive. this stuff will be eventually going overseas. >> we can't expect constitution to act in the best interests of our environment while this project is in construction. it's much easier to pay fines. >> the impacts of the pipeline construction and operation represent the largest single danger to wear resources in recent years. >> here we go another fight about eminent domain and superiority rights. it puts local landowners at the
2:55 pm
mercy of big companies. public comment is going to be closing tomorrow. they extended it until tomorrow. so if you have something to say now's the time to speak up. we are joined tonight be colleen mckinney, a member of stop the, and jane kleb executive director of bold nebraska. great to have you both with us. not a lot of people have heard of this pipeline. you have some photos around your pipeline as a local landowner, and with this pipeline coming through, what is most important to you? >> what is important is my and all my neighbors' rights to the land. we worked hard for it. it's not right that a giant corps should be able to come and take our land run a pipeline through it so that he this can ship gas to canada and sell it
2:56 pm
to another country. >> how did this all come about? >> my husband and i received a letter in the may about three years ago informing us there would be a pipeline. >> no ifs, ands or buts? >> and we could sign an easement agreement, allow them to survey or not, and we said no. we were lucky. they shifted the pipeline, it's on the border but we're not facing eminent domain. >> how determined are these landowners? >> very. we've organized the group called stop the pipeline. we've gone door to door done radio spots, and of course used social media to spread the word. >> how do you stop it? >> we delay them which costs them money. we've delayed them for three
2:57 pm
years. >> jae, you have ahead this before. you know you're following it. your reaction? >> the big corporations say the same thing over and over again. the beautiful thing is small and mighty local groups like bold nebraska here like stop the pipeline in new york they're the ones doing the work of stopping they risky it's all risks, and i hope that politicians are going to finally get the picture. we can't keep putting them here there. but you know my message to all the stop the pipeline folks are in new york, don't give up. >> do they expect you to give up? >> they expect us to give up they expect to win. i don't think they will. >> here's a look at flash flooding which has occurred in
2:58 pm
the region over the past decade. how would this pipeline make things worse? >> the pipeline would go through a region that's experienced 300-year flood within a decade. in order to build a pipeline it would take away clear-cut 1,000 acres of trees and cross 277 water bodies. by crossing i mean blasting and digging across these water bodies. that alone is going to increase flooding make it worse, put people's properties even maybe their lives at risk. >> what elected official is on their side? >> i wish i could give you some names. there aren't many elected officials in new york who are on our side right now. we're working with our local governments to pass resolutions. >> sounds like a familiar fight, doesn't it jane? >> absolutely. we didn't have a lot of elected officials standing. we fortunately have folks like senator whitehouse in d.c. but
2:59 pm
in nebraska were essentially standing shoulder to shoulder with citizens. that's what got us where we are today. we stopped keystone xl for six years. you can stop it in your backyards, too. i think the corporations think we won't have the resources or time or will to do it. but what politicians have to do is feel us at the ballot box. i feel like that's our responsibility in our next step in these fights. >> colleen, what is the next step in all of this? we saw the videotape of the people getting together. you've big rallies. what's the next step? >> we've been writing letters to the new york d.e.c. there's been a public comment period. before is the pipeline can be built, they need performs saying they won't affect our water, they won't poising our water. we're telling the d.e.c. they will. the d.e.c. needs to uphold the mission state and protect new york's water and its citizens.
3:00 pm
>> colleen, keep up the fight. jane kleeb, thanks for your time. it's not just nebraska it's new york. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. \s. good evening ed. thanks for tuning in. i'm live tonight from east lansing, michigan. we start with breaking news today on the nation's top republicans failing the most basic test the leadership. it's coming to a head. on two critical issues. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refusing to say when he'll hold a vote on lo letta lynch's nomination to be attorney general and house speaker john boehner refusing to say how he'll handle right wingers trying to shut down the homeland security department


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