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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 27, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> i liked that, a lot. being a gardener has never before had such social cache. maybe like world war two with the victory gardens where nowhere had access to good food. you could produce the turnip and no one else could. the king of the world because you could grow people stuff they otherwise could not get. maybe in the victory era garden a gardener had this much social capital, but maybe not. what is happening now might be more extreme. people who can garden, that have the know how and the experience and the stuff and the physical ability to grow things out of dirt, those people are about to be more socially indemand than basically anybody else in this giant state, and this tiny
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washington dc. they have legal pot now, stores and dispensaries where you can walk off the street and buy a joint. they have legalized it already in washington and in colorado. this week, alaska and washington dc joined them. both of those places, pot is also now legal. however, unlike in colorado and washington, in alaska and dc, there are no pot stores. there is no place where you can buy it. if you're 21 or over, it is legal to possess a certain amount of pot. it is also legal to smoke pot as long as you don't do it in public. but how are you supposed to get
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this pot that you can legally possess and legally smoke. you're not allowed to buy it and no one is legally allowed to sell it. and so get to know a gardener. both is technically legal in alaska and dc, but the only way you're legally allowed to get it is to grow it yourself, or for someone that has grown it themselves to freely give it to you in exchange for nothing. not only can they not sell it to you, they can't trade you for it either. the alaska dispatch news did this handy q and a asking very basic questions. what is still illegal as of february 24th when it comes to pot. among other things, you cannot sell pot. are you sure? >> no, you cannot. you can give away up to one ounce of marijuana in alaska,
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but only, quote, without remuneration. you cannot be paid at all if you give someone pot. that means anything. they have to point out that exchanging firewood for marijuana, for instance, that would be payment and you can't do that. those are your options for legally obtaining pot that you're legally allowed today possess and smoke. the only legal way to get it is to grow it themselves or be incredibly charming. washington dc coined a new slogan to help people remember what is legal and what is not. the pot rules for short are home use, home grown. that is the mantra. you can only use pot at home, not out in public, and the only pot you can use is pot that you, or somebody you love, has
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created from dirt, seed, water, and light. home use, home grown. of course because it is dc, there is the problem of home rule. in alaska, this weird situation where only gardeners can get high, that situation exists now in alaska, but it won't forever. they think by this time next year they will have regulations in place to people will be able to legally buy pot in the state instead of having to grow it or get it for free. that will change in alaska in a year or so. it will not change while the republicans are in congress. there is no republican member of congress from dc, there are a handful of republican congressman specifically -- to stop dc from implementing their
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own law with dc residents passed with 70% of the vote. with the relic that allows congress to interfere in the local laws of dc, these republicans in the house were not able to block the dc city counsel and the mayor from establishing any rules and regulations regarding the sale of pot in the districts. they will not have pot stores. that is why there has been a run on flower pots and miracle grow, right? even though they blocked ways of selling pot, they do not have appeared to block dc on moving ahead in the other things approved in that initiative like legalizing and smoking pot. so dc's mayor and city counsel, the police chief, and the local authorities made their plans for
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legalization to go into effect as of midnight last night. they put out that flier explaining what it means. selling, not permits, public consumption, not permitted, public housing, not permitting, no one under 21 can do anything, but as long as you home grow, and you only give it away for free, you can possess up to two ounces and you can get baked at home in your private residence as long as that is not in public housing or anywhere else that your landlord won't allow you to do it. limited in scope, but it is a change. and dc's spunky new mayor did this press availability to announce what happened, to announce the rules, that it was going into effect at midnight last night to explain listen, i'm at mayor of the city.
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this is what the voter initiative means. she did that press availability and the republicans in congress freaked out. jason chaffets from utah and the mayor of dc sent a letter saying they are investigating your recent assertion that's in your opinion initiative 71 will take effect. saying we strongly suggest you reconsider your position. and then look at this. they demanded that mayor hand over to congress a list of any employees that took part in this initiative. they want the name, time used, salary.
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in case it's not clear this was a threat against the mayor and other employees of dc city government for implementing this new law, congressman jason chaffets of utah made it explicit. you can go to prison for this. we're not playing a game, we're putting them on notice. the penalties are severe and we're serious about this. republican congressman andy harris of maryland, that is him in the background. he previously nationally famous only for this weird thing he did right around valentine's day when he sat behind someone else on cspan, and he winnipeged and made eyes at the camera for 2:00 while texting somebody. previously famous only for being
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the winger. he now says he was winking at his mom. he is among the republican member that's have gone super agro on this issue at dc. he is demanding that the attorney general and the justice department arrest dc city officials and the mayor for going ahead with legalizing pot. >> two years prison time, you lose your job, there are fines involved. >> if you're feeling a disconnect between what these republican congressmen are doing to dc, republicans believing in local control, and a federal government that doesn't overreach. if you're feeling that disconnect, you're not alone. >> having this blocked, washington dc's voter approved ballot issue, doesn't that cut against the republican message of state rights, small government, and power to the
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people that you and your party are such a fan of? >> washington dc is not a state. washington dc has a lot to offer, but, you know, free reign on marijuana use. >> everyone that lives there pays federal taxes. they voted to allow that, and congress says no, no, no. we don't think that's appropriate. isn't it a little big brotherish? >> looking at the constitution, washington dc is different they're not a state. and we have a role to play, and the congress passed this. and i just don't think that recreational marijuana in washington dc is the right direction to go. >> what would you say to people
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who say mr. chaffets, i live in washington, you live in utah. >> i spend a lot of my time here as well. >> you keep that up and there will be bus trips of people going from dc to utah. i spent some time here. hear in this weird moment right now that temporarily in alaska and permanently in dc, you can smoke pot, you can have pot, but you can't get pot. it is like a radical gardening mandate. that is weird enough. but on top of that, washington dc's mayor and city council are being told that going ahead with this law in this limited way mean that the mayor and city council ought to go to prison.
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some republican members of congress are calling for arrests. >> mayor, how do you react to the talk that you might go to jail. that part of this? >> well, you heard that we believe that we're acting lawfully. so i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia. me being in jail would not be a good thing. >> joining me now is the mayor of washington dc. mayor bowser, thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you, it's my pleasure to be here. >> clearly you're not in jail. i imagine there is a lot of attention between dc and city government because of this constitutional role in stopping dc from doing things it wants to do. did you expect it would come to the point where they would be threatenning to jail you.
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>> this is an issue where some people feel very strongly at the congress and they're speaking loudly. our residents also spoke loud and clear last november when seven out of ten of them went to the polls to vote to approve legalization of small amounts of marijuana in washington dc by use for adults in their homes. i'm the mayor of the district of columbia, i was elected, and my job is to implement the people's law. >> if members of congress that are so excited and head up about this issue and are being so confrontational about this issue, if they decide they will not put you in jail, but they want to do everything possible to try to stop the city and stop you from going ahead with this, what other options do they have. what is at risk for you and dc?
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>> well the congress can act in a lot of ways. they have, and if your viewers don't know this, they have jurisdiction over columbia in a lot of ways. the congress well knows how to stop things when they want to stop things. they have done it in the past. they attacked our ability to support women's reproductive health issues. they attacked our clean needle exchange, and medical marijuana. the answer for us is statehood so that americans that live and pay taxes in the district of columbia can have a voting member of congress, our eleanor holmes norton, and we would have two members. we have been anning it niced by andy harris who is the first district in maryland. he could spend his time antagonizing the district, and
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they threat ton harass us and attack our funds due us by the federal government like any other state. but i know the people in the first district of maryland would much rather have his attention on their issues. >> on the substance on this charge in the marijuana laws, how did day one go and what do you think the biggest challenges are going to be for this moving forward if is a complicated array for people who have to understand. >> it was complicated by andy harris. the voters of the district of columbia were very clear on what they wanted to approve. home use, home growth by adults. i think it was also the expect that the council of the district of columbia would be able to pass reasonable regulations to regulate the sale of marijuana
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so we would not have the this confusing state. currently, i want to be very clear that residents and the will of the voters is being realized because initiative 71 is enforced in the district of columbia. >> the mayor of washington dc, murial bowser. we get one day closer to what may be the shut down of the department of homeland security. congress is getting loopy. oh boy, this always happens to your father. you're clean. you got that right! bam! just gotta check your bag. huh, charmin ultra strong. you're cleaner than i thought. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even his highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. are you good to go hun?
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so this is a thing that happened today. >> you know what this is? it is a snowball, and it is just from outside here. it is very, very cold out, very unseasonable, so here, mr. president, catch this. >> james inhoffe furnishing a snowball on the floor today because logic. a snowball disproves climate change. case closed, argument over. it's cold. there was also this moment nancy pelosi wearing sungases at a democratic press conference. she said it was to be in sol
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dare i did it harry reid. but today he was not wearing his sunglasses, he was wearing half glasses. even while nancy pelosi tried to do sunglasses solidarity. i think members of congress are getting a little punch on capitol hill. we're about 24 hours away from the homeland security department shutting down unless republicans figure out how to get over the fight they're having about it amongst themselves. if you don't believe me about the punchy thing, this was john boehner's response today to a reporter. >> your answer is about what you will do the same as yesterday. can we, mitch mcconnell has said exactly what he is going to do, you know exactly what you're going to get. are you going to put it on the
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floor, get it, kill it, have you had this discussion. >> we didn't invent that. that is the way -- we put that through the kissy noises to english translator today, but we still don't know what it meant if is getting punchy, weird, and chaotic. the fight about whether or not republicans should shut down homeland security has led to some of the nastiest republican on republican sniping and political cannibalism that we have seen in a long time. peter king, republican of new york, doesn't want to shut down homeland security. he just tells reporters that people think we're crazy. this is like living in the world of the crazy people. mark kurt was even more blunt. he is frustrated with
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republicans in the house who he thinks want to let homeland security shut down. he says we really, as a governing party, we got to fund homeland security and say to the house, here is a straw so you can suck it up. on the other side, there is republican congressman john fleming saying if they keep oklahomaland security running, keep it open, the conservative base would be running. it would put congress in very, very delicate territory. matt salmos says if john boehner acts to shut it down, he will find himself on, quote, very thin ice. this is what it has been like for the last 48 hours going into the shut down. look at the headlines. gop lawmakers clash, republicans grapple with internal rifts, right?
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it is a fight between themselves and the white house. what it ended up being a fight between themselves and themselves. the house at last report had not come up with a way to pass the same way themselves. maybe they will find a way to pass it in three weeks and we will go through it all again. this is the latest reporting. maybe a bill in a just lasts for three weeks and then we do it again. maybe. he said that he and mitch mcconnell have not spoke nn two weeks. now we're going down to the last 24 hours and it is anyone's guess what they will do.
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>> we're waiting to see what the senate can or can't do. the house passed a bill six weeks ago. it is too many for the senate to do their work. i don't know what the senate can or can't produce. we passed a bill to fund the department of homeland security six weeks ago. we passed a bill to fund the department six weeks ago. i'll tell you what, how many times do i have to say it? when i make decisions, i'll let you know. >> it is so weird, watch this space.
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works. works. you're going to hear it directly from me and bluntly because i care. >> but sit down and shut up? >> sometimes people need to be told to sit down and shut up. >> it is cpac week. when the whole conservative movement travels to washington dc to the annual conservative political action congress. but this particular year is more excited because of of the potential 2016 presidential candidates are there. so today's session included speeches by the afore mentioned chris christie.
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a speech by sarah palin that got a lot of compliments from everybody. a not that well received speech by ted cruz. he had not much of an effect on the crowd as well. ben carson was there, she a good speaker. but here is the thing to keep an eye on for tomorrow. former florida governor jeb bush is scheduled to give his speech and there seemed to be a movement afoot that those who do not think she conservative are going to boycott his appearance tomorrow. they say they will show up, but then as soon as he takes the stage, they plan to stand up and walk out of the room. this is sort of a protest against him for being too much of a squish. they report that a movement is under way to stage an informal
1:32 am
protest when jeb bush takes the stage nap would be dramatic. he apparently has a planned of his own. is saying they have arranged for his supporters to be brought to the cpac conference by bus tomorrow morning to try to fill the seats and pack the hall. the e-mail employers the recipients to arrive as early as possible to get a seat. the early rise team will be there at 7:30 a.m. as on ward helping reserve seats. he is not speaking until 1:40 p.m. but they're packing the hall for him starting at 7:30 in the morning. they are confirming that his pac is helping organize transportation to the event. this is shaping up to be an interesting show down at cpac tomorrow. who will prevail?
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the jeb bush seat stuffers there five hours early, or the jeb bush boycotters who plan to be in the room but get up and walk out as soon as he shows up. grab your popcorn, i love you cpac. you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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you can search by type of car or by type of wreck. if you really like to see expensive cars on fire you can see just the ones on fire. if you want to see those crashed into buildings you can see that too. when it comes to the destruction of very valuable things, there is a very valuable corner of the internet that is very valuable things destroyed accidentally. there is also valuable things destroyed by looting and steeling. the most famous thing about the museum in massachusetts is a trove of paintings they had stolen from them in 1990. still unsolved. there is still a $5 million award for the art theft. they display the empty frames of where they were.
1:38 am
you can also put the art and art facts from the iraqi national museum after the u.s. invasion of iraq and the collapse of the government and the u.s. as the invading force not making any provisions to protect that invaluable stuff from people who steal or loot it. sometimes things are lost by looting and stealing that might be facilitated by negligence. there is another category for the terribleness of the loss. when very valuable and irreplaceable things are lost. in our time on earth, we're not getting used to the desecration and destruction of world heritage sights because of religious fanaticism. radical fundamentalists decided they want to rid the world of huge buddhas in the painted caves. they took them out with
1:39 am
antiaircraft missiles. and then the ancient islamic shrines in 2012. now it is isis. after they took control of mosul, they attacked mosul's library and the library in the university of mosul as well destroying books about everything other than islam in a bomb fire. now they're showing fighters using sledge hammers and drills to destroy very ancient artifacts. richard engel is in turkey tonight and he filed this report.
1:40 am
>> cultural genocide is added to isis growing list of crimes. they have killed, terrorized, and uprooted hundreds of thousands of people and it is destroying their heritage. this video includes music and slow motion sequences. then the men go to work ransacking their renowned museum and a archaeology sight. some crumbled with a mere push. others require more effort. the big ones are defaced with power drills including this winged bull, a god who protected the assyrian empire 2500 years ago. >> richard engel reporting tonight.
1:41 am
he joins us live from istanbul, thank you for staying up late, it's nice to have you here. >> absolutely, that video is so infuriating. we spoke to an archaeologist who has been studying this region and this part of -- and it is systematic and it is still going on, and it is just a part of a broader campaign because isis set up shop in it the cradle of civilization. just in iraq, there are around 2,000 archaeological sites in areas under isis control. >> richard, in terms of isis's strategy, they're masters of propaganda.
1:42 am
tonight on nightly news you pointed out the production values and techniques they're using to increase the horror as you're watching these things destroyed. is this designed to provoke in the same way of their video showing violence against people and murder of hostages, do they want a specific response to this? >> no, it has nothing to do with provoking the west. it's not like putting a western hostage on his knees and killing him while insulting the president. this is a more religious mission. they believe that this is the point of establishing the califate. they're purifying their land by removing previous cultures. in islamic terms, the time before islam is the time of ignorance, and things from the time of ignorance as it is called are a distraction from
1:43 am
islam at best. at worst, they are false idols. they are things that can tempt you away from the one and true path of god's final religion. so they want to remove these things and believe it is their holy duty and do it in front of recruits abroad. the taliban did a similar thing. there is a trend of a iconoclasm. >> looking at some of these art facts going back to the assyrian empire, there may be as many as a few hundred christians, not fighters, women, children,
1:44 am
families, have been taken by isis. do you know what is going on in terms of the voracity of those reports? >> yeah, the ruins are from the assyrian civilization from the city that flourished around 2500 years ago. the people that lived in this area where the assyrian's lived and they adopted the name. they are not the ancient civilization, just the descendents. and the assyrian christians have been targeted by isis for death, conversion, enslavement, sometimes they have been taken has slaves working in isis homes. cooking, cleaning, doing
1:45 am
whatever the masters would demand. and starting last sunday, there was a series of about 30 assyrian christian villages that were holding out. they organized their defense e committees and isis invaded. the defense committees could not hold on. some men and women and children were taken captive and now up to 300 we hear of hostages have been taken. >> all right, after a long, hard battle, today marks an independence day for the internet. we have lots ahead of that, please stay with us.
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i've said this before and it remains true. we get more e-mail about our next guest than any other guest we have on this show. it's an understatement to say that she's a fan favorite. she's my technological sherpa. her nad is jenni jardan and she joins us next. please stay with us. to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work.
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works? works. works! works? works. works. we've been having a clash of the titans in this country. this one involves really giant
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corporations on one side, include thing network's part company, and really giant corporations on the other side, too. the two sides have been fighting about how much and whether the government should regulate traffic on the internet. you've got cable companies on one side who don't want government telling them what to do. and you have other companies on the other side, with a bunch of activists and they're all worried about the cable companies making it harder to see certain stuff on the internet. people being able to pay to get their stuff out there and people who can't pay getting stuck in the slow lane. in a fight like this, there's going to be a winner and loser. and it is way more fun to watch gorillas to fight about anything than to watch corporations fight about net neutrality. but there's a very interesting political argument that's been articulated. one side of the argument has been, in some ways, represented by the glenn beck wing of the conservative movement. he's moved on from his hobbit kingdom at fox news to the internet.
1:51 am
he would now like to sell you a $17.91 bill of rights cap. he would also sell you some bill of rights jeans for when you're just lounging around your underground bunker. he would most definitely like to tell you on the idea that this net neutrality thing will obviously be the socialist end of the world. >> this is truly about control. when you look at what they've tried to do, they tried to take away your guns. they're trying to take away your voice. they need control of the internet. if we lose the internet, and the government takes control of the internet, you will not be able to chart your own course online either. that leaves us exactly where? >> they're taking away your guns
1:52 am
and making you use a mineograph thing. it's all the same thing. the glenn beck, they're coming for your keyboard, they lost the argument today. the fcc voted 3-2 for net neutrality, against the glenn beck side of the argument. he lost the political argument. but if the paranoia glenn beck side of this lost, how do we understand who won? and what do they get for a prize? and for the people who have been activists on this issue for years while most of the rest of us have been wondering how it's going -- wondering how it's going to work out, how does today feel for the people who fought so hard to win this? joining us is xeni jardin. thank you for being here. >> honor to be here. thank you. >> i've been watching your reaction online to this today. i know that everybody is psyched, but can you explain to
1:53 am
people who can't care about this issue why you are psyched? >> there is exuberance and joyous nerd core rapping ringing out throughout the internet land. and advocates in d.c. with cocktails. this is a sense of great excitement and triumph, because this really was a victory of the people. net neutrality is basically the idea that all network packets are created equal. if you're into cat jiffs and i'm into dog jiffs, we get to access the same stuff at the same speed, not one being faster than the other because comcast has a deal with the people who make dog jiffs. the idea that the news reports, the everything that we like to share, to access and to talk about online, that everything should be a level playing field.
1:54 am
that's what this fight was about. and we won. and the people won. not the big companies with all of the money on their side. there was such a diverse group of grassroots organizations. it was depending on how you count it, 4 million to 7 million citizens contacted the fcc to let our government know that preserving the status quo, preserving an open and free throw internet was important and it is important. >> how resilient is this decision? obviously, people worry that this might not happen because of the amount of lobbying and the big money interest, particularly pressing for this to go the other way, so how long will it stick and what will determine whether or not it does? >> i'm not foolish enough to predict that, but a year and a half ago everyone thought this was impossible. i do know that this is something that our president has taken up as something of a personal cause, and he hasn't had that many political victories.
1:55 am
if you think about it, i don't imagine he's going to let this one go without a fight. the republicans in congress would have to have a veto proof majority on proposing legislation that would gut this. that's a high hurdle to pass. i do imagine, as many others do, that there's going to be legal challenges. there will be lawsuits. but this law, the ruling that came down today, this is like the third round. each round prior was challenged by lawsuits from the cable companies, the trade groups who would profit from having the ability to charge for access lanes. >> we'll have to see whether or not they go back and do that again. at this point, an open question whether or not the market adjusts to it. xeni jardin, tech cultural reporter, thank you. really appreciate it. >> thank you. some late breaking news is just in. please state with us. i'll have that for you after we
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lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. update with some brand new news. the senate judiciary committee took a vote on whether or not to confirm loretta lynch to be the next attorney general replacing eric holder. there was suspense whether she would get enough votes. in the end, three republicans voted with democrats to confirm her today, enough to move her nomination forward to the floor. however, we can't report on what that is going to happen. senate sources saying that a floor vote on her is likely to be next week. there has been no official announcement on this. junior texas senator ted cruz has been campaigning that the republican leadership in congress should. even allow a vote on her on the floor. but again, our sources telling us tonight that the republican leadership in congress is blowing off ted cruz on this
2:00 am
matter and loretta lynch will get her vote to be the next attorney general of the united states next week. we'll see. states next week. we'll see. "first look" is up next. good morning, everybody. right now on "first look" new details about jihadi john the public face of executioners and what terror authorities are doing next. >> new video of islam terrorists destroying artifacts. here in the u.s. a homeland security shutdown could be imminent. >> republicans tried to get the spotlight but had to battle these two who stole the show. >> are you ready to travel at high speeds in a tube. good morning. i'm betty nguyen. >> we have news on jihadi john. new information on just


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