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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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they're best avoided in real life. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." massive waves take out surfing fans. >> everybody look out! >> we're hearing this crowd yelling run, run, run! a bull charges into the stands. spectators attack. >> what happened there? one of the fans came in! >> he came at me with two fists, right to the chest. bleachers collapse. a plane crash lands at a baseball field. >> desperation set in at that point.
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i'm about to die. >> an off-road vehicle veers off track. >> something had gone seriously wrong but i had no idea what. >> it's not always fan appreciation day. "caught on camera: watch at your own risk." welcome to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. when you buy a ticket to a sports event or a comedy show, you expect a couple hours of entertainment, a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy. but the spectators you'll meet in this hour got much more than they bargained for. they thought they were watching for their own amusement. instead, they were watching at their own risk. >> everybody look out! >> fans run in fear as monster
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waves take down everything and everyone. >> damn it, look at these people! >> there was no control. you didn't know which way was up and you didn't know what was going to happen next. >> it's february 13th, 2010 and it's the maverick surf competition known as the super bowl of big wave surfing, for good reason. >> the condor looking solid. >> the competition is held only when conditions are just right, to create the most incredible waves on earth. some as high as 50 feet. and only the best surfers are allowed to ride these giants. >> the mavericks event itself attracts 24 of the biggest names in big wave surfing by invite only, and people flew in from all over the world to hit those waves. >> surfers are given barely 48 hours' notice to jump on a plane and get to half moon bay in northern california for the competition. extreme sport videographer tyler
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short receives word of the contest two days before. >> got an e-mail about 2:00 in the afternoon saying it's go time, the 24 surfers have given it the green light and they're going to convene at half moon bay on that saturday. >> 140 miles north of half moon bay, dan quarrels and his fiancee, betsy forman, are planning a romantic valentine's weekend when they get word of mavericks. >> my fiance and i had decided to take turns with who was responsible for the plans of february 14th for valentine's day, and this was his year. >> betsy is a surfing fanatic. dan knows that taking betsy to mavericks will be a dream come true. >> she had never got to see an actual surf competition before, so this would have been her first competition to actually be a spectator at. so she was really excited to get to go. >> on the day of the contest, betsy and dan hit the beach.
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>> the ocean was quite turbulent. i remember being rather fascinated that waves were coming to the left and waves were coming to the right. it definitely was an active ocean that day. >> hundreds of spectators and media are setting up, including tyler short. >> i was just standing behind the podium, looking around for a place to watch. >> the surfing competition takes place about a half mile offshore and tyler can't get a good vantage point. soon he forgets about the competition when he notices the tide creeping in. >> i was watching the waves get closer and closer, and they were coming up underneath the podium. >> down the beach, dan and betsy are not worried about the waves off in the distance. >> we would have water come maybe this deep, you know, just a wave would come in and some foamy water would come in and almost get your feet wet. >> but dan, betsy and tyler have
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no idea what's coming. >> i was watching the water and saw that another surge was beginning to form and it was just racing right up towards the people. >> tyler jumps into action, grabbing his small flip camera. >> as soon as i hit the record button, it was just blowing up in my face. people were just getting trashed on the left and my right, and there was folks and dogs and little kids just disappearing under the water. >> another angle shows the wave wiping people off the ledge. tyler surveys the beach. >> thank you, boy! thank you! that's my dog! >> are you sure? >> that's my dog. >> people were standing up
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covered in water and sand and a few cuts and bruises and stuff like that. it didn't seem like anybody had gotten badly hurt. >> yeah, pretty good shape. >> but it isn't over yet. that wave is a warning to many spectators and some, like tyler, decide to move back a little farther. >> i wasn't too interested in getting swept out to the other side along with all those people so i figured get the best shots of what was going on down at the beach, i'd just go up the bluffs a little ways and start shooting down there. >> tyler hauls his equipment up a small cliff. down on the beach, betsy and dan decide they've seen enough. >> we were leaving because it was getting uncomfortable. we were all moving more and more towards the cliff. >> but it's too late. from the cliff, tyler sees an enormous wave barreling toward the hundreds of media and spectators, including dan and betsy. >> it was getting closer and closer.
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>> the people on the cliff and in the media tower try to warn everyone below of what's coming. >> everybody look out! >> we're hearing this crowd yelling run, run, run, and in that split second, i look over my right shoulder and i see a very powerful surge coming towards us. >> the gigantic wave knocks dan and betsy off their feet. >> it's pretty much just like being a rag doll. you have no control. you didn't know which way was up. you were just rolling. >> first of all, i wondered am i going to drown. then the second one was what am i going to hit. >> it's like a horror movie. look at these people! damn it! >> from the cliff, tyler short can't believe his eyes. >> the p.a. tower got knocked over and you could just see big groups of people just getting swept away with this horrendous amount of water. >> the wave carries dan and betsy more than 100 feet. >> i ended up landing on a rock, then i had some big guy land right on top of me, you know, so
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i was pinned down. >> when the water subsides, the beach looks like a war zone. >> there was a lot of screaming, a lot of people hollering for help. i heard a lot of people screaming for medics, you know. there was just a lot of chaos. >> dan fractures his tailbone but he's able to walk. betsy's leg is broken in three places, and she's in excruciating pain. >> my foot was completely dislocated from my lower leg, and if it wasn't for skin, i would have lost my foot. the pain was pretty incredible. >> dan is ecstatic to see betsy alive, but he fears that another wave could hit at any moment. >> i'm telling the doctors get her off the beach, get her off the beach. i don't know how many times i repeated it, get her off the beach. >> it was survival at that point and i just needed to get to safety. >> paramedics put betsy on a gurney and are able to carry her away. with relative calm restored, the mavericks competition goes on as
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planned. >> there's some broken legs and broken boards, broken spirits, but the contest rolls on. >> and tyler finally gets the show he's been waiting for. >> i had never seen waves like that before, and to see these tiny, tiny people dropping in on just giant waves a half mile offshore was amazing. >> betsy forman is still a surfing enthusiast but coming face-to-face with a monster wave has given her a greater appreciation for the power of mother nature and has bonded her and dan in ways they could have never imagined. >> knowing how precious life is definitely brought dan and i together. i realized wow, in the blink of an eye, i could have been dead. i could have lost my fiance.
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coming up -- a driver runs over everything in sight, including a fan. >> only thing i remember is the car moving under me as everything was still black to me. >> and later, the bleachers collapse. sending spectators to the ground. like, literally ran into him. [rambling]. this story had 30 minutes left... until kim realized that stouffer's mac and cheese is made with real cheddar aged to perfection for 6 long months. when you start with the best cheddar, you get the best mac and cheese. so, what about jessica? what about her? stouffer's. made for you to love. nestle. good food. good life. for over 19 million people.
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eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. car racing has a history of being a dangerous spectator sport. but when vehicles are taken off-road, the stakes get even higher. a driver blacks out, sending his vehicle that's meant to crawl up cliffs crawling over cars and careening into the crowd. >> i knew right then something
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had gone seriously wrong but i had no idea what. >> rock crawlers can conquer just about any obstacle in their way. bob standich has been driving these vehicles for more than six years. >> driving a rock crawler is an adrenaline rush. i know a lot of guys get it from speed but believe it or not, crawling around sitting 50 feet up on the side of a hill, and you can feel the tires inching off of a rock underneath you, it's a pretty good rush. >> on july 7th, 2005, in portland, indiana, bob competes in a rock crawler tournament. fans pack in to cheer on these vehicles that look like something straight out of "mad max." >> some people watch for the races. some people watch for the wrecks. you got people there to watch rock crawling. you got people who can't wait to see what happens if one's going to fall off rock, and they do. >> the competition is fierce. the custom built rock crawlers can be dangerous. >> in essence you're trying to
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defy gravity to some extent. sometimes you don't win. gravity does. you are in a confined area. you have gasoline and any time you have fuel in a vehicle, possibility of a fire. >> this competition is a timed course, where drivers receive penalties for errors like hitting cones or going out of bounds. >> if you accomplish that course in enough time, then you had time to go try the bonus line. >> bob runs through the course without a hitch, and approaches a 20-point bonus obstacle aptly named the wall. >> crawler went up a little ways, slid down, so we backed up. the natural thing you do, you're going to hit it just a little bit faster. >> the second attempt yields the same results. bob backs up a bit and hits the gas for a third try. no dice. with time running out, bob decides to push it even harder.
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>> we're just going to get into the throttle and let's see if it will get over it. >> bob jams on the gas and attacks the hill, but things go terribly wrong. >> the right rear tire actually leaned into the wall and touched and when it did, it spun the car around, basically in midair, and came down forward. >> the rock crawler comes crashing down. bob slams his head against the steering wheel. >> i hit it hard enough apparently basically knocked me out. >> unconscious, bob's foot hits the gas, launching the rock crawler full throttle toward the spectators. >> only thing i remember is the car moving under me as everything was still black to me. i was just kind of like a rubber man inside the car. >> people in the crowd run for safety. bob plows into another vehicle, but it barely slows his momentum. a man trips and falls to the ground as the rock crawler runs right over him. bob rolls on top of another vehicle. finally putting an end to his
4:17 pm
wild ride. >> at that point, the lights came back on, so to speak, and i was sitting up on top of another vehicle, looking at the crowd, which was very strange to me, seeing as how 60 seconds before that, the crowd had been behind me. >> bob is shaken but only suffers minor injuries as a result of the crash. shockingly, no one else is hurt, not even the man that was run over. bob meets the lucky spectator after the competition. >> he had a tire tread across the front of his t-shirt at an angle. and he said yeah, he goes right here's your tread mark. i'm never washing this shirt again. i'm going home and putting it on the wall. >> even though no one is seriously hurt in the crash, bob knows that he and those around his out of control rock crawler are lucky to be alive. >> to see that, it was kind of scary because you're actually
4:18 pm
totally out of control. there's nothing you can do about it. it's just a different scene being told about it. coming up, a hockey fight erupts off the ice. >> one of the fans came in! >> bleachers collapse. and a bull makes a daring escape. through the crowd. when "caught on camera: watch at your own risk" continues. the road. it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for
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all hell breaks loose when a hockey player steps off the ice and into a fist fight. >> oh, what happened there? one of the fans came in! >> i'm in a situation that i need to get out of, and i'm going to do whatever it takes to get out of it. >> february 4th, 2007. eugene, oregon. the junior "b" league hockey playoffs are in full swing. >> there's the pros, there's the minors, and there's junior hockey. they love the game. they've been playing it their whole lives but they're not necessarily going to make it big. it's kind of the last frontier
4:22 pm
of organized hockey for kids. >> we're under way. >> tonight's matchup is between the hometown eugene generals in white and the visiting seattle totems in green. john strong announces the game. >> there had been some nasty games between the teams. there had been some fights. >> this is game four of a best of five series, and the generals are looking to eliminate the totems tonight. >> you always had an extra element in these elimination games where you had one team that was very desperate, like a caged animal, and it was going to be an absolute battle. >> you know what tonight could mean if they lose, their season's done. >> the two teams face off and the seattle totems strike first, taking an early lead. >> in for a goal! once again, seattle's on the board first. >> minutes later, the generals' left winger matt vassel scores big. >> he gets it in and the generals have tied the game! >> the two teams match each other goal for goal. >> he scores! >> scores!
4:23 pm
>> shot, scores, tie game! >> during the battle on the ice, there are several penalties for foul play. >> you see the pushing and shoving. >> daniel vell directs the broadcast. >> there is a lot of hitting going on in the game, hard hits. >> hard collision with brower. >> there was lots of physical contact in that game. lots of talking, lots of chattering, them saying stuff to us, us saying stuff to them. >> with time running out and his team winning 7-5, matt vassel collides with the totems' lead scorer. >> he was the one that got tripped up by matt vassel. >> i got what they called a kneeing penalty. that's where i supposedly stuck my knee out to stop a guy that was going by. >> the totems erupt in anger. >> the totems coaching staff is irate right now. >> rather than go into the penalty box, matt is told to hit the showers. >> there was only a minute,
4:24 pm
minute and a half left in the game, so there was no reason for me to stay in the box if i wasn't even going to be playing the rest of the game. >> matt vassel's skating off to the dressing room. >> i was trying to get shots because it was dead puck and finally they skate vassel off and i told her camera one to follow him off the bench. >> before leaving the ice, matt and the totems player exchange words. >> eric english comes over to say something. those two have to be separated. >> that's when i'm trying to point up to the scoreboard letting him know that they're done and you know, good luck next year and you know, you guys go home and you guys suck and that type of stuff. >> he's still talking. oh, what happened there? one of the fans came in! >> then out of nowhere, matt is bum-rushed. >> i had enough time to maybe kind of turn my head while he was jumping up in the air. he came at me with two fists right to the chest, and we both went down to the ground. >> that's just really disgusting
4:25 pm
to see. >> it was basically like a cartoon, where you see two characters fighting and it just basically is a giant cloud of dust. that's all we could see. >> i tried to slam him down on to the ground. i believe his head actually hit the concrete wall. so i don't think that had to feel -- have felt too good. >> and this is getting really ugly and unfortunate, folks. it's still just junior hockey. >> the stadium is in shock. no one knows who the attacker is. >> we had no idea if it was a fan or a player. >> i can't tell by looking at him if that's a totem scratch or if it's a fan. >> the attacker sprints to the totems dressing room. moments later, the broadcast booth reveals that he's a scratched player for the totems. >> every night you have a couple guys they called healthy scratches that basically aren't dressed for that night, they sit in their street clothes, they watch from the stands. >> oh, what happened there? >> the scratched player had plenty of time to think about what he was doing as he made his way from the bleachers. >> the stairs next to the bleachers is where the totems
4:26 pm
scratch ran down, comes across, makes his way and meets matt right where we're standing. >> luckily, no one's injured in the attack. the eugene generals wind up winning the game 8-5. matt vassel chooses not to press charges against his attacker, but the totems scratched player receives a 14-game suspension. >> i don't think he thought about any consequences that might come up from what he did. it was just kind of like a dire type of thing to do, to just do whatever he could to hurt us, because they knew we were going on in the playoffs. >> vassel's still talking to english. oh, what happened there? one of the fans came in! >> john strong looks back in amazement when he thinks about the night the action moved off the ice. >> that was completely unique. that was completely outlandish. it was completely beyond anything that i had seen then and anything we have seen since.
4:27 pm
>> if you think a spectator attack from the stands is an unusual occurrence, watch what happens to spectators when the stands themselves come crashing down. september 19th, 2010. in brazil. hundreds of fans come out to watch a drag race. more than 500 people pack the bleachers when suddenly, without warning, the grandstand collapses. a domino effect occurs as twisted metal and bodies come tumbling down. there's chaos as people search for loved ones in the wreckage and paramedics treat the injured. more than 100 spectators are injured in the collapse. 22 of them, critically. an investigation is under way but authorities suspect structural failure's to blame for this shocking incident. coming up -- one bull in the
4:28 pm
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this hour's top stories for you, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington, d.c. he will address congress tuesday and is expected to warn against a possible nuclear deal with iran. his visit sparked controversy after house speaker john boehner invited netanyahu to speak without consulting the white house. north korea fired two short-range missiles that landed in the sea. the missile launch is seen as a protest against yearly military drills between the u.s. and south korea that were set to begin hours later. now back to "caught on camera."
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welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. there's an old adage that if you want something done, you've got to take the bull by the horns. but as you'll see in our next videos, when a real bull is involved, you'd better run for cover. screams of ole turn into screams of terror as a raging bull jumps into the stands. august 18th, 2010. spain, 20 miles south of pamplona, the famed site of the running with the bulls. at the plaza de toros, a bull tries to make a daring escape. he jumps the stadium wall, hops a wire fence and charges into the stands. horrified fans scramble to get away. a man pulls a child out of the bull's path in the nick of time. the half ton bull gores another man in the back and tramples a
4:33 pm
woman standing next to him. then someone in the crowd grabs the bull by the tail to stop him, but when another person throws a cape to distract him, the bull charges and crushes several more people. frantic spectators leap from the stands into the bull ring for safety. after 15 terrifying minutes, stadium workers finally restrain the bull with ropes. it takes more than a dozen people to subdue the bull. miraculously, no one is killed during the incident. but the bull's rampage injures more than 30 people. five months earlier, another bull wreaks havoc stateside. a rodeo bull escapes from a stadium and runs wild in a parking lot filled with children. >> i saw the bull and i froze
4:34 pm
because i didn't know what was going to happen. march 7th, 2010, houston, texas. the annual houston livestock show and rodeo is in full swing. >> it's an all-encompassing entertainment extravaganza that's not for profit. it benefits youth education. >> the event has been going strong for more than 75 years. it's a texas tradition that features lone star staples like great music, down-home cooking, and of course, a top-notch rodeo. >> we're the largest fair event in north america, the largest rodeo in the world. >> scott and denise barrett have been taking their 12-year-old daughter sarah marie to the event for years. on this date, sarah marie is especially excited for the headline music act.
4:35 pm
>> we went to the rodeo to watch the jonas brothers. i'm a big jonas brothers fan. >> and they're off. >> when the barrettes pull into the parking lot, the rodeo's chuck wagon event is getting under way inside the stadium. >> if you've ever been close to these chuck wagons when they're racing, it's rumbling, there's a lot of noise, the horses are making noise, the rigs are jumping up and down and rattling. >> backstage, a bull named hardball is in his holding pen. >> hardball is a bucking bull. that night he was scheduled what we call a re-ride bull. on any given night, a cowboy may get a re-ride because of something, a bull doesn't buck or a horse falls down or it slams into the chute coming out. >> as the chuck wagons roar across the stadium, hardball's startled. >> he ran forward into a gate that was in front of him, pushed it forward and allowed a pin to come out of a gate that was beside him. >> the gate unlocks and hardball
4:36 pm
races out toward the exit. this surveillance video catches hardball as he makes his escape out of the stadium and into the loading dock. >> it was quite exciting out there on the loading dock area, as people were trying to stop him, trying to push him in. >> but it's no use. hardball charges forward. he sets his sight on the parking lot, where thousands of spectators are gathering for the concert. about the same time, scott barrett and his family approach the stadium. >> the parking lot was full of kids. i mean, a lot of kids were there. they were coming to see the jonas brothers. >> suddenly, a commotion breaks out. >> i see all these people running and i figured oh, maybe they saw the jonas brothers. >> i saw people running. i mean, just moms grabbing kids and running. you know, the opposite direction. >> the barretts quickly realize an 1800 pound bull is on the loose. denise and sarah marie run for cover while scott whips out his video camera. the bull kept bucking back and forth and zigzagging and people were jumping back. they didn't know what to do
4:37 pm
because the bull came different directions. >> i was absolutely terrified, because i thought that a bunch of people were going to get hurt because there was no sign of anyone that was trying to do anything. >> a female wrangler steps up to the challenge. hardball charges her and throws her to the ground. >> he actually bucked a girl and hit her right in the chest, and knocked her back. i feared for her. i was really afraid that she was hurt very severely because he hit her really hard. >> spectators jumped the fence to escape hardball's charge. a man tries to distract the raging bull with garbage barrels. >> the bull like almost bucked the trash can and almost hit a guy. >> the distraction buys enough time for security officers to arrive at the scene. one of them whips out a taser and confronts the powerful bull. >> you see this cop with a taser gun, that's like swatting an
4:38 pm
alligator with a flyswatter. >> the officer gets within a few feet of hardball and lets the taser fly. >> that just made the bull even angrier, because how would you like to be tasered. it doesn't feel good. >> the bull charges the officer, missing him by inches. then when all hope seems lost, the cavalry arrives. >> here comes the cowboy. he'll take care of this. watch this. here's a cowboy. >> in a scene straight out of an old western, three wranglers rush in on horseback. >> there was a lot of tension in the parking lot. are they going to be able to get him, are they going to be able to, you know, pull him back, you know, away from everyone. >> within seconds, one of the cowboys ropes hardball. >> they got that bull. they got that bull. >> if you don't have a cowboy on a horse with a rope, you can't control a raging bull. it just doesn't happen. a taser gun is not going to do the trick.
4:39 pm
it's got to be a cowboy. >> the cowboys, they could have just sat back and said oh, well, the police are going to take care of it but no, they got on their horses and they took care of business. >> just three days after hardball's escape, he's back in action. >> okay, folks, tyler thompson has got a bull that took a little walk. >> bull rider tyler thompson rides that bucking bull for more than eight seconds. >> now let's see how many minutes of coverage they'll put on him. >> since hardball's escape, precautions have been taken to make sure the rodeo stays indoors. >> there are now four levels of gates that a bull or horse or anything else would have to go through before they get out. >> two rodeo employees suffer minor injuries from hardball's wild run.
4:40 pm
but those who were there know things could have been much worse. >> with all those children attending the jonas brothers concert in that parking lot, there could have been a lot more mayhem, a lot more injury, perhaps even death because a bull loose in a parking lot after being tasered is not something you want to mess with. >> spectator sarah marie is thankful that no one was seriously injured, and gains a valuable lesson for jonas brothers fans. >> my word of advice, when you go to a jonas brothers concert, watch out for screaming fans and bulls. coming up, fans watch in horror as a plane comes crashing down near a baseball field. >> at that point, you realize there's no tomorrow. and later, a heckler attacks a comedian onstage. when "caught on camera: watch at your own risk" continues. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting...
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baseball fans in alaska witnessed danger from above as a plane crash lands during the middle of a game. >> oh, my god! >> people on the baseball field turned around, looked at the sky and saw this thing happening and started waving and saying no. >> at that point, you realize this is it, you know. there's no -- there's no tomorrow. >> july 31st, 2003. beluga, alaska. brothers ron and mark fisher are on their yearly fishing trip. >> every year my brother would come up for his annual fishing trip trying to outdo me catching fish and little sibling competitions. >> we had a great afternoon fishing. we caught a lot of fish, the weather was perfect. >> content with their catch, the fisher brothers charter a four-seater plane to shuttle them to anchorage. near ron's house. at 7:45 p.m., the siblings along with another passenger and the pilot take off. >> the sun's still up. it's still july so it's land of the midnight sun.
4:45 pm
perfect alaskan night. >> 40 miles away, the midnight sun shines on a stadium where a baseball game between the fairbanks gold panners and the anchorage bucks is under way. in addition to baseball tonight, the stadium complex is housing soccer and track and field events and it's filled with fans. >> there's a lot of events going on. there's a lot of people outside that day. >> back in the plane, ron and mark cross the cook inlet and enter anchorage air space. >> the sun's hitting on anchorage. all the buildings have the reflections. probably the prettiest night we have ever seen when flying. >> suddenly, the plane's engine dies. >> we look over at mark, looks at me, that's not right. immediately, we start dropping and that elevator feeling, you know. >> the pilot scrambles to get the motor started. seconds later, the engine starts
4:46 pm
up. >> once he got the plane going again, it was happy times with me. >> but the happy times don't last. before the brothers can relax, the motor cuts out again. >> you just keep hoping get it started, come on, man, just get it started. he looked a little frantic up there. >> this time, the pilot can't restart the engine. >> i can see the color car, i could see people walking on the sidewalk down there. get it started. desperation set in at that point. come on, get it going, get it going. >> like on cue, i'm looking out the window, looking out here and we look toward each other, oh, it was just identical. we said we are -- that was our last parting words to each other. >> the plane plummets from 800 feet. mark and ron know the pilot is going to crash the plane. the question is where. >> he was scrambling to find a place to land that. he didn't try and start the
4:47 pm
motor anymore. it was done. it was over. we're going to land this baby. >> you see the baseball field and we were headed straight for it. >> on the ball field, the hometown bucks are taking a beating, down 7-zip in the top of the third. bucks pitcher andrew cowan is in the radio booth when he notices something strange. >> there was a plane that was flying unusually low coming over the right field fence, and the prop on the plane was no longer moving. it looked initially like the plane was going to land directly in center field. >> i'm standing over here, kind of playing around, watching the action. all of a sudden i see a plane coming out of the sky and like whoa, man. >> the umpire sees the falling plane and waves off the pitcher. >> i'm looking at that right fielder and kind of an unreal moment, just wanted to wave to him and say hey, dude, how's the game going, you know. then it dawned on me i'm about to die.
4:48 pm
>> fans and players watch in horror as the plane heads directly for the field. >> and the total feeling of helplessness, i'm in no control here, i've got nothing to say, we're screwed. >> right before the impact, the plane's left wing clips a chain link fence. the engine tears off and the plane cartwheels across the running track. >> the second we hit, it was hard. it was instant. my right foot just snapped, it was noisy, it was brutal. >> the plane catches fire. fans and players, including andrew cowan, rush to the crash site. >> everyone was afraid right away there would be a massive explosion. >> adrenaline was pumping. i just said i need to get out of here. in case this thing blows up. >> ron fisher escapes the burning cessna. injured but safe from the flaming wreckage, ron's thoughts
4:49 pm
turn to his brother, mark. >> i thought he was dead. it was really scary to think you may have just lost your brother. >> moments later, andrew cowan and others pull mark from the plane. >> we tried to move them a safe distance away so that the paramedics could assess them and then assess the situation. >> mark has numerous broken bones. but he's alive. >> we're still here, you know. we're not dead. how can that be? pretty deep moment for me, it was. it was the realization that we made it through that, busted up and all. >> miraculously, the pilot and other passenger are able to walk away without injury. looking back, spectators and survivors of the plane crash commend the pilot for keeping a cool head under pressure. >> the pilot did a really good job of where he laid it down, because if he goes to the left, they probably hit the fence and there's probably some fatalities involved. if it goes ten yards to the right, he lands on the soccer field and there's potential to
4:50 pm
hit children and young people. >> but an investigation by the national transportation safety board finds the crash could have easily been avoided. >> in this case, we obviously we're going to center in on. >> the ntsb determines the reason for engine failure, pilot error. the pilot ran out of gas and didn't switch over to his reserve fuel tank. >> in the hospital, he came up and i thanked him for saving our lives, because he did. he landed the craft, everybody walked away for the most part. however, in the same breath, damn, i wish you wouldn't have crashed our plane. >> in the years since the plane crash, the fisher brothers have recovered from their injuries but neither has set foot in a small plane again. the accident has given them a new lease on life. >> it made us both realize that time is more important than anything. time and your family, time goes
4:51 pm
fast. i want to use it the best i can. >> mark and ron spend that time together. since the crash, they're closer than ever. >> it's definitely made us tighter. i still don't like him a lot but i like him more than i did. he's a good dude. >> coming up, a comedian gets a whole new definition of the word punch line. >> i just remember someone coming in. out of the light and a fist being thrown. >> when "caught on camera: watch at your own risk" continues. rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with walk-in medical care, no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from
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4:54 pm
a comedian faces the ultimate nightmare. not an audience that doesn't laugh. but an audience that attacks. >> i just remember someone coming in out of the light and just a fist being thrown. >> now, as many of you may have already realized, i'm not a
4:55 pm
doctor. >> jim jeffries is australia's bad boy of comedy. ever ask a nondrinker why don't you drink? same answer every time. why don't you drink? i don't like the taste of it. nobody does! no one likes the taste of it. we drink because we [ bleep ] have to. >> the foul-mouthed funny man books hundreds of dates a year, bringing his act to comedy clubs across the globe. >> no one has ever had a shot of tequila and gone oh, that's lovely. next time i'll have that instead of pudding. >> i love doing standup. i try to just do jokes, try to be funny, but people get upset. you can't stop people when they're upset, you know. >> april, 2007. jim jeffries is midway through his first of two sets at the comedy store in manchester, england. the club's in-house camera captures the performance. >> none of you. none of you will ever know for
4:56 pm
sure because no man's going to tell you because we're good people. >> jim notices a man in the audience doesn't seem to like his act. >> he stormed out of the room early on in the piece and may have said something like you're -- or something like that. that's a bloody mystery, eh? >> like most comedians, jim is used to dealing with hecklers. >> the secret is for the most part, the audience want you to win. if there's any battle, they're on your side. i can't think of a time that i've lost an altercation verbally with a heckler. >> jim doesn't think anything of it and continues with his act. >> i think it's because all the facts pushing it inwards. >> out of nowhere, the angry man returns and rushes the stage. >> i just remember someone coming in out of the light and just a fist being thrown. i just moved to the side. >> jeffries is in shock as the
4:57 pm
man whales on him. >> it takes a long time to react. often i'll get people e-mail me and say why didn't you fight back, and it's like asking why jfk didn't try to dodge the bullet, you know. if you don't know it's coming, you don't know it's coming. >> within seconds, members of the audience and security jump onstage to restrain the man. rattled, jim retreats backstage. >> i was shaken, obviously. shaken. but physically i wasn't really hurt. little lump on the back of the head. >> the crowd boos the attacker as security escorts him offstage. the audience wants jim back and they let him know. >> i was in the dressing room downstairs and the whole building was shaking. the audience was asking for me to come back out. >> welcome back, jim jeffries. >> the show must go on. jeffries triumphantly returns to the stage.
4:58 pm
and the audience goes wild. in true comedic fashion, jim makes light of the attack. >> what many of you don't know is that i employed that bloke for when gigs are going badly. >> even if i'm a bad fighter at least i've got some type of courage. if you've enjoyed my show, like some of you have, right? and you want to see more of me, i'll be getting my head kicked in in the alleyway. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. for welcoming me back. that's all i'm going to do now. good night. >> jim leaves the stage to a standing ovation. later, after doing a second show, the comedian watches the tape of the assault with the police. the reality of the attack sets in.
4:59 pm
>> turns out i was hit a few times in the back of the head. as soon as i watched the footage i felt the back of my head and there was a big lump in the back. >> jim has minor injuries but does not press charges against his assailant. >> he was having a tough night. you know? it's no harm, no foul, you know. i wasn't hurt. so what do i care for. >> jeffries continues to tour like mad. he figures the comedy store punch-out won't be his last time getting up close and personal with the audience. >> i've probably done anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 shows in my career, and it's only happened once so statistically not too bad. there's been other comics it's happened to. i'm the only one that's caught it on film. >> the next time you want to check out that comedy show, baseball game or surfing competition, the best and the safest seat in the house might just be right in front of your own tv. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
5:00 pm
criminals caught on surveillance cameras bursting into restaurants, armed with guns and knives. >> at one point i just thought my life was just over. jumping over convenience store counters. >> get on the floor, get on the floor. and terrifying unsuspecting customers and clerks. >> i'm going to cut your throat. >> they had one goal to get what they needed at any cost. but in some cases, when the target is armed -- tab


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