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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 3, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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the crazy is less powerful than the lazy or whatever it is that's keeping them from voting on loretta lynch. tick tock. them from voting them on loretta lynch. right now on first look a warning from the house. ahead of benjamin netanyahu's speech before congress. a new report says hillary clinton may have violated federal rules while serving as secretary of state and a portrait of bill clinton includes a monica lewinsky reference. can you see it. his airness michael jordan cracks the foren's billionaire list. in just hours benjamin netanyahu will speak to congress. at the core of his controversial speech u.s. nuclear negotiations with iran and an election.
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>> i want to be very clear. a bad deal is worse than no deal. and if that is the choice there will be no deal. >> as a matter of policy we think it's a mistake for the prime minister of any country to come to speak before congress a few weeks before they're about to have an election. it makes it looks like we are taking sides. this will be benjamin netanyahu's third time addressing congress. let's go to tracie potts. we understand the white house has issued a new warning for the prime minister. >> reporter: they're concerned that the israelis may leak out information about the sensitive negotiations with iran before that deal is sealed. it is quite tentative at this point and here an capitol hill we're learning that more lawmakers are now signing onto say they will not be at the
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speech today because they think it's more politics than progress. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama. >> reporter: but the israeli's prime minister speech here today invited by republicans two weeks before his election has prompted nearly 50 members of congress to say they will not attend. >> i do not want to see the congress of the united states being used as a prop or photo opportunity. >> president obama calls the speech a distraction. >> it is a distraction from what should be our focus and our focus should be how do we stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there's still time to avert them. for three years we've gone round and round in pointless
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negotiations while we endanger both our security and israel's security. >> reporter: national security advisory tried to reassure israel. >> the bottom line is simple. we have israel's back come hell or high water. >> reporter: and now there's concern that israeli officials may leak details of the secret talks before a deal is announced. >> that would be a problem. >> reporter: the u.s. is trying to freeze iran's nuclear program for at least ten years but even the president admits that this isn't a done deal and that it could fall apart. that getting this final deal is going to be tough for the united states and iran. >> thank you so much and we do want to remind you. be sure to watch the speech right here on msnbc today. now to l.a. and the controversial shooting on skid row. l.a. police offers fatally shot a homeless man they believed to be a robbery suspect.
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it happened after he allegedly reached for a cop's gun. cell phone video captured it all. they are also looking at footage from the officer's body cameras and listening to the audio as well. according to l.a. times you hear an officer say he's got my gun. some local activists are outraged over the shooting. the cameras were being tested by this group before being sent city wide. hillary clinton may have violated federal rules during her time at the state department. clinton exclusively used a personal e-mail account during her years as secretary of state. her advisers handed ore 55,000 pages of e-mails although it's unclear how many e-mails she actually had in her account. a spokesperson could not kmoent to msnbc but told "the new york
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times" she has been come plying with the letter and spirit of the rules but federal law states that correspondents by federal employees must be maintained as part of the agency's record. a spokesperson for the state department says i has long had access to a wide array of secretary clinton's record. possible front runner jeb bush tweeted transparency mattered. many the e-mails should be released. you can see mine here. back in december he released 250,000 e-mails from his eight years as governor of florida. another uncomfortable situation. thanks to a portrait. here it is. the painting unveiled at the smithsonian 2006. do you notice anyone odd in the painting?
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look at that dark park on the left side. the painter of the portrait now says he purpose slied aed a shadow of the blue bless used as evidence in the 1998 scandal. the artist tells the daily news it both is a literal feature and a metaphor cal one representing the shadow on the office he held or on him. he says the clintons hate the portrait but it has people talking this morning. also this morning, they are the richest people on the planet. bill gates tops the list but michael jordan finally made the cut into the billionaire's club. his fortune, 1 billion. his ranking 1071. bill gates has been number one for 16 years. carlos slim came in second with 77 billion.
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then warren buffet with a cool 72 billion. when it comes to the young and rich mark zuker burg moves up. his first time cracking the top 30. this is new data this morning highlighting a problem in big business best described like in. fewer women run big companies than men named john. "the new york times" dug through lots of available data for the glass ceiling index. the most common first names. it turns out there are more named john or david than there are women combined. they say only 1 in 25 big firms are run my women as chief executive officer. >> it's been a long march back but the nasdaq managed to close
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above the 5,000 level for the first time in 15 years. it's only the third close above for the nasdaq. the other were in march of 2000. shares of lumber lick dart dropped 25%. it's on a 60 minutes report alleging the chinese made lam knit floorg has a chemical that causes cancer. they say tests done on 60 minutes were improper and dating now comes at a price. tinder has launched a premium service for 9.99. you can get new features including a rewind if they accidentally delete someone. >> now to sports and college hoops. virginia clinches the regular season title after winning.
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and 17th ravnged iowa state rallies from a 21-point deficit to defeat oklahoma. 77-70. instate rivalry baylor versus texas nearly comes to blows. with minutes to go a struggle for a loose ball turns rowdy. koefs and refs break it up along with players from the bench. leaving the bench area results in an automatic ejection. in all, 7 players were ejected. three from baylor and four from texas. unranked texas goes onto upset baylor. new heat player faces old tale the suns and the tensions were high. in the second quarter a foul. a flagrant two call and an automatic ejection and alex lin gets tangled up with hassan buy
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side under the rim. buyside tackles lin. some ejections going on. the heat wins. >> the nba issued james harden a one game suspension without pay for kicking lebron james during a game. he will miss tonight's game against atlanta for doing that. >> richard engle with new details on twitter details. raising money or raising held. new details on barbara mccloskey's future.
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>> what a forecast. get ready for this ride. snow this morning breaking out heading for chicago. a mixture of freezing rain south of that and light snow for minneapolis. a fast moving storm today. by 1:00 the storm and wintry mix over cleveland races to the
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eastern seaboard. moderate burst of snow through upstate new york. that could accumulate on the roads and make for a very sliply commute. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow the northeast is clear but a new storm is going to be generating to the south of that and this other storm is going to be much more impressive. winter storm watches and warnings. look how much snow is expected. this is total over the next 72 hours. possibility, even memphis could get snow. kentucky get up to 6-8 inches of snow. the possibility of 8 inches of snow in new york. that's two pieces. two today and wednesday into thursday another six. >> let's just get it over with. it's been like this every week. >> i've had enough of me. >> exactly. no offense. some stories making news this morning. experts say the iraqi art facts that isis was seen destroying may not have been real. it appears to be rebar inside of
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this statue. the material is used in modern stay construction sites. but iraqi forces are ramping up offenses to take back land from isis. >> reporter: the iraqi army with allied shy identity militia are trying to take back a city isis has held since june and not just any city. they're going for tikrit, saddam hussein hussein's hometown. success here would renew hope that it can defeat isis but if tikrit becomes an ethnic blood bath iraq will be one step closer to all out sectarian war. meanwhile in london new details about the man once known as jihadi john. it turns out even as a student, muhammad emwazi had friends who
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would grow up to become violent including some who fought for isis. >> he was deeply embedded in isis long before he went to syria. >> and yet another turn in the propaganda far. co-founder jack dorsey and others have been block the propaganda isis messages. the threat has been repeated on accounts linked to isis. twitter says in a statement we are investigating the veracity of these threats. twitter has been taking down propaganda enraging isis. the group supporters saying online your virtually wall war against us will cause, quote, a real war on you. >> 16 minutes after the hour. cowboy tick cheney spotted on capitol hill and who replaces
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so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries. see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit time for your tuesday edition of scrambled politics. billionaire warren buffet contributed to hillary clinton superpack but now we're learning what he thinks about the woman many people consider to be her fierce rival. elizabeth warren has said she's not running in 2016 but warren gave her blunt advice. >> she would do better if she
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was less angry and demeanized less. i believe in hate the sin and love the sinner. more news for you. reck perry could be staffing up for a possible run. "the new york times" says he is starting to start a superpack. and it might be the second biggest race in 2016 the contest to replace barbara mccloskey. some big names could step forward fins martin o'malley who's been brought up as a president shlg candidate. others in congress like elijah couplings and donna edwards as well. aaron shock's office says she has reimbursed $1200 for his trip to chicago bear's football game last year. that is on top of another 40,000 they say he repaid after
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decorating his office on the taxpayer's dime. the house republican whip team is calling in the big guns. dick cheney and his cowboy hat. he met with them last night. when asked by reporters about his message he responded good afternoon. how about this for a presidential ticket. entrepreneur mark cuban and an colter. they'll be president and vice president in the upcoming shark nay doe 3 that is airing in july. on the tonight snow jimmy fallon addressed comments aimed at the vice president. >> criticism of joe biden saying he can't control his mouth, kind of like someone trying to say his name. sounds like a drunk person saying rented prius. i rented a prius. i rented a prius. it was pretty good. drives pretty well.
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>> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. coming up in 22 minutes past the hour. political analyst and best selling author. good morning to you. >> i sympathize with that because my name is a little hard to say. >> yes, and it's not spelled the way it sounds so it's tricky. >> last anytime's a little difficult but let's move on. the day that benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister speaks before congress. a lot of people are wonderring is this political grand standing or policy pushing at this point since there's been so much controversy over it? >> the answer. political grand standing. yes. listen if you want to influence a policy discussion you talk in private. you and i go over and whisper and try to work out our differences. that's how we make a deal. we don't stand up and deliver big angry speeches.
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that's posturing, not policy. >> okay. so we know that, but is there any chance at all that netanyahu will get his way on this deal. >> there are really two things going on. he's running for reelection and chances are he's going to be reelected in israel but is his view going to be embraced by the obama administration? are he going to give up our negotiations to try to get iran to back away from going nuclear sna that's not going to happen. >> it's not going to be embraced at all depending how many people show up for this. >> there will be quite a number of visible absences but he will not be speaking to an empty chamber. >> the president has already refused to meet with benjamin netanyahu saying it's too close to elections, but yesterday his press secretary said the president is not even going to watch the speech. what does that tell you? >> steve harvey is on.
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i don't know. what he's going to be watching but no. he wanted to be very clear that i'm not going to cooperate. he can come. john boehner can invite him. a number of members of the senate and house can show up but i the president will not be watching. >> is this going to affect relations. >> probably not forever but these two, they're got a pretty muff relationship. it's not likely to get better any time soon. i think in the long run we share a lot of interest in common with israel. these are personalities. >> it does make it interesting. i want to see what he has to say. >> i'm not going to be there but i'll be watching. >> congress's big move to honor those who marched in selma 50 years ago. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved info safe clean, affordable housing,
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some other stories we're following for you. the execution of the only female death row inmeat in ga has been put on hold. the drug that was going to be use for the lethal injection had a cloudy appearance. the execution has been postponed. he was sentenced to death for the murder of her husband which was carried out by her then lover. this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in selma. thigh are awarding the congressional gold medal to those who participated in the march. >> the tunnel in toronto was a couple of guys who wanted a man cave. they had no criminal intent or threat after being investigated. >> we will do anyone to get away. >> apparently dig that far deep
2:29 am
into the earth to get away. >> that's a good idea. i'm going to start digging mine this morning. >> what does that say about your relationship p w your wife. >> she can come if she wants. >> "way too early" starts now. >> the issue for me is not bb. the issue is boehner. let's be blunt. this was a trap that john boehner tried to spring on democrats in order to create the perception of daylight between democrats and the state of israel. when you know that your opponent is setting a trap avoid the trap. i'm going to the speech. i have been to israel more times than john baner has been to a golf course and i will not allow him to define my relationship with israel or the perception of it. >> scrabble abling on the defense of the peach of benjamin netanyahu that is not going to
2:30 am
catch the attention of washington but the whole world. a busy day ahead. welcome to "way too early." we're just hours away from the speech from benjamin netanyahu and his address to congress this morning. yesterday he talked to 'pac the powerful proisrael lobby and he tried to strike a conciliatory tone. >> i also bring to you, news that you may not have heard. i'll be speaking in congress tomorrow. my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. the last thing i would want is for israel to become a partisan issue and i regret that some people have misperceived my visit this week as doing that. israel has always been a bipartisan and should


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