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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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so this is about people real americans. justice roberts, please think about this. real people real lives hang in the balance from you and your colleagues' decisions. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. \s. netanyahu, not too nice to president obama. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. big news night, of course bibi makes his takeover bid saying he, not president obama should decide what's in america's interests. he not president obama should make the big decisions about this nation's security. this time he pushed a harder
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line with iran and speaker boehner gave up the threatened shutdown aimed at killing obama's imgrax actions. and "new york times" banners a story questioning hillary clinton's e-mail practices while serves as second tear of state. what is the times getting at here? we begins with netanyahu and his attempt to derail obama's foreign policy. he challenged the president on iran saying the deal is worse than no deal. >> iran's nuclear programs can be rolled back well beyond the current proposal by insisting on a better deal and keeping up the pressure on a very vulnerable regime. if iran threatens to walk away from the table, and this often happens in a persian bazaar call their bluff, they'll be back, because they need the deal a lot more than you do. we've been told that no deal is better than a bad deal.
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well this is a bad deal. it's a very bad deal. we're better off without it. hours later, president obama responded to prime minister's netanyahu's criticism. here he is. >> on the core issue, which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for even greater action in the region the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. the alternative that the prime minister offers is no deal in which case iran will immediately begin once again pursuing its nuclear programs. his essential argument is if we just double down on sanctions, iran won't want to do that. well, we have evidence from the past decade that sanctions alone are not sufficient to prevent iran from pursuing its nuclear
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ambitions. i'm joined by u.s. conwoman blackburn from ten here and emanuel cleaver from missouri. congress congresswoman, what did you i still warranted to know what was his plan for dealing with iran? i didn't hear it did you hear it? >> yes, i -- i heard him move forward with that. it was a confident speech. as you said he was very gracious and thankful to the u.s. for our friendship and the support that is there. he pointed out three things that need to be done. we need to stop the aggression in the middle east. we need to stop the threat of terrorism worldwide, and he pointed out that we need to stop the threats against israel. what he did point out was that the deal that is there that
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would come to an end ten years down the road and they have an opportunity to be from under that and continue with their nuclear proliferation, that that is a bad deal for us. and you know what? he's right about that. >> okay. let me go to congressman cleaver. what did you hear bibi's netanyahu's plan for ending the threat? i didn't hear it. >> i didn't hear it. it was a very good speech but telling us the things we need to stop is not a plan. it's a statement. it's a good statement. i like the statement, but it's not a plan i was trying to find out before we went on the air who invented the eraser. this needs to be erased. this was a bad idea. it just played into the political troublism that's destroying this place and this
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government. >> senator dianne feinstein called the speech a powerful speech. it was smartly put together i agree, but he failed to answer the central question. here is dianne feinstein. >> where it was a week it was how to actually prevent iran from achieves a nuclear weapon. right now, this is the only game in town and the prime minister really didn't come up with any solutions. he made a profound passionate speech against any agreement, but this isn't just the united states in this. this is all of the big powers. what if the big powers agree and the united states doesn't? >> let me ask you again about the options. what do you think our options are, congresswoman in dealing with iran? what are they? what are our choices here? >> well we do have the choice,
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as was said earlier by the president, and that is sanctions. the other thing is to just tell them, no you've got to open up and let the iaea come in and do these inspections. you can't pull things off-line. you cannot continue to build plant with nuclear processing and evan richnriching uranium. this is so interesting to me that there are somebody to begrudge -- netanyahu coming here and talking to his closest longest ally and saying thinks -- i'm pointing out this is why you don't want the deal. i think it's wrong for some to we expect him to micromanage u.s. policy. i would hope that we have those at the pentagon and at the state department who are being more thoughtful in their approach at
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this. can you name another time in american history where we've invited someone into the u.s. congress chamber to criticize a president's foreign policy? i can't think of one. i've never heard of that done before, have you? >> i think it was appropriate that he come here. i thought he was gracious to the president. >> why now? why do we break a tradition? all of a sudden for the first time in history, let someone from a foreign government come into our governing chamber and tell us the president is wrong. >> chris, look at what is transpiring here? if they go ahead with the deal with iran that is going to let them ten years down the road have access to enriched uranium and be so close to building a bomb, and have nuclear weapons. my goodness look at what you're doing? ten years is a very short period of time. i think rather than trying to
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dictate policy what he was doing is saying this is a warning. and i hope you do not do this and these are some considerations that i think you ought to make and we in israel plan to make certain that we stand against our enemies. i thought it was very well done and that he highlighted many of the concerns that our constituents share. >> congressman, i want to talk about 308 tick. whatever you think of netanyahu, and i think he's strong he's a man of right-wing politics. no one seriously believes he supports a two-state solution because he keeps raising the bar. they now have to sign on and say it should be a jewish state. he keeps raising the bar. no one thinks he wants a
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two-state solution. it seems to me he doesn't agree with the president fundamentally, all across the board, on all kinds of policies. to bring him into the chamber and say here is your chance to blow the bugle against the president's foreign policy was unprecedented by mr. boehner to do so. >> well you asked a question earlier that i've been asking all day. we can find no instance in the history of the united states we've gone through wars after warring, after the dropping of the atomic bomb we don't have any precedent for what happened today. i supported israel all of my adult life and most of the people here in the capitol do as well, but what happened here today was bringing a foreign leader into the u.s. capitol to contradict whatever our president was doing, and the truth is we don't know what is being developed in that agreement. that's one thing we don't know for sure. >> that's true.
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>> so we're having a lot of discussion about something that we don't know anything about. the parts that may be most difficult i don't think we should know about right now. this is a very delicate kind of negotiations, and i think that the american people deserve to hear that from the president, and there are people who can stand up and say the things that prime minister netanyahu said. it would sound much better coming from john boehner than coming from somebody from a foreign government. >> let me go to congresswoman blackburn just to finish up. what did you make of your speaker's decision to go with the clean bill and drop the effort to kill the president's executive oordsrders on immigration. >> i didn't agree. i've led the effort to block that amnesty, and the amendment that was on the dhs funding bill
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that would block it. we need to stop this. i've got the head of the uscis service union has pointed out how dangerous this is and the fact that they are not vetting these individuals that are seeking to come in here into the country, this is something that is a very dangerous, dangerous move and i voted against that today. i didn't think it was the right move. i would rather the senate democrats do their job -- stop blocking these bills from going to the floor, and i hope that leader mcconnell will go to the nuclear option and move these things to the floor. get them to the floor, have the debate, have it in a transparent fashion so the american people can say these people are for, these people are again against it this is how they vote it. they need to stop hiding out and avoid taking a vote on tough
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issues. >> thank you so much. u.s. congresswoman marsha blackburn and u.s. congressman emanuel cleaver. let's go over these two issues. i thought it was a well constructed speech but leaves us with the question -- what is his answer? except war. i heard war today. >> i think you're right. he was basically trying to be kind to the president, he's done a lot of good things and tried to smother the political fire that he and boehner started, but at the end of the day, his message was the president is being fooled by iran. iran is hoodwinking him, and even if there is a deal and it's implemented, iran will find a way to cheat and get out from under it basically he said no deal can work. he said he was for a better deal, not for war. >> let's get back to the numbers here. in ten years, we probably will
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have a republican president by then because democrats are not going to hold this white house forever. what's he afraid of? the minute we get the words from the inspectors that they're headed to a bomb we blow them up. everybody knows that. >> ten years makes it harder to develop the we want he says they want. he's at 20% in the polls, he needs every conservative -- >> you mean netanyahu. >> netanyahu. he needs every hawkish vote he can get. as it playing back at home, he was schooling the united states and what is best for israel and you can't trust iran. i think he was basically saying that obama is naive. that will play well back home. it should be rightly criticized here. >> i hear him say israel will stand, no matter what. >> i don't know if he would do that. i don't think a lot of the national security establishment
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supports him in this. >> no he's a man of the hard right. he was wrong on iraq wrong on the two-state solution, even in you're a mid did thank you, david corn. we'll have you here with more time. on the front page front page, at the very top, that hillary clinton used her personal e-mails to conduct official business while she was secretary of state, and may have violated federal rules by not reserves those e-mails when she left the job. the right obviously loves a good attack, but in this case except "new york times" did put it at the very top of the front page. plus new details, a newly released audiotape from 2009 in which he denied he's an extremi. meanwhile, in iraq government forces have launched a major offensive against isis. our round table affects the
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three big stories today. three hot fights tonight. finally let me finish with the netanyahu's speech to congress. i will have a view on this. this is "hardball," the place for politics. you know, i think about money kind of a lot. money is freedom. money's always on my mind. car insurance. credit cards. preschool. debt. cell phone bills. it's complicated. it's not easy. i am not a good budgeter.
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unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. savings. investments. retirement. man: the more educated i am, the better decisions i can make in the future. take a look at this strongly worded statement about prime minister netanyahu's statement today from nancy plods ielosi. she said she was sad end by the condesense toward our knowledge of the threat posed by iran and broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation. we'll be right back after this.
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official government bit, and may have violated federal requirements for preserves those -- the times reported that under federal law, e-mails and letters received by officials are considered government records and supposed to be retained to the congressional committees historians and members of the news media can find them. michael schmidt was on msnbc earlier today. >> if she wasn't using a government account there was no wail to keep them for recordkeeping, for oversight, and for historians to go back and look at it. essentially it was shielding her communications from those things. >> i'm joined by david axelrod and former rnc chair michael steele. some things we don't really
4:20 pm
expect with government. when you left the government you had to turn over all the speech drafts even though you're proud of a couple. there was even a ridiculous rule ear not even to xerox them. turn them all over all your materials. i don't know what this formal custom how often it's honored or not, it's like don't take your pens home and use them at home. i wonder if it's one of those rules. you think this is something worth of the top of the fold "new york times" hillary clinton didn't yew her government eel may. >> it's not clear to me what rules she violated. there was some -- i saw a report late in the date that suggested the rules she allegedly may have vited were not in place at the time she was secretary of state. the one question i had was why she didn't have an account, a
4:21 pm
state department account i think that's probably pretty unusual, but the biggest thing is the difficulty you have when you're in this netherworld between almost being a candidate and being a candidate. really they should be out right away in knocking this things down in an aggressive way. they're going to have to do that that. >> strategically do you think that's why we're hearing about the moving up the announcement date? >> maybe part of it. but i think this is awkward position to be in. she increasingly will be a target,ity isn't geared up and doesn't have the apparatus to respond as quickly as she should. >> i think, michael, we talked about this with our producers, but very different political stripes there may be some secret conservatives, but i'm closer to the center sometimes than some people.
4:22 pm
you say the word hillary, you can argue about ben gasesist or december some people go to their battle stations. it just seems like one of those personalities. bill clinton wasn't exactly like that. roosevelt was eisenhower wasn't. i think in public life there's some people who doesn't arouse the deep emotions, but hillary you say e-mail and it's like oh, my god, she hid those e-mails. the attitude is instantaneous. >> it is instantaneous, and unfortunately for scherr she tends to feed into that. >> explain. >> i think there's a sense of detachment or i'm hiding something, a surrepetitious -- >> whether did you see that first? >> probably going back to her days in the white house as first lady. i think a lot of that has to come with how the press dealt with her. a lot of it comes with how people approached her defense of the husband. i think she has this instinct i
4:23 pm
have -- >> what is was it satchel paige -- they are coming? >> they are coming. >> nixon had this problem too, in certainly almost a criminal way, you fearing anybody knowing anything about him, but i remember with the rose law firm records and shy didn't want a special prosecutor. but it did feed on this notion that i don't want anybody to know about me. >> there is because of these things a higher standard that she's going to be held to and she's going to have to -- she's going to have to be as transparent as policy to put that down but you know the old expression, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean no one is after you. >> i think it was satchel paige -- no don't look back they may be gaining on you. i'm sorry. >> the fact is she lab a target and will continue to be a target. as i said before i think she has to not treat the press, you know not go to defcon 5 every
4:24 pm
time she gets one of these, but you do have to react quickly, aggressively, be as forthcoming as possible. i think there's a special burden on her to do that. if she's going to be successful she'll have to. >> robert gibbs told "today" this is highly unusual, this whole thing. >> i think it is obviously highly unusual. i think it's something they're going to have to explain in good measure today, and probably figure out how to get a lot of those e-mails or as many as they can back into the archives. >> her spokesman responded saying -- like secretaries of state before her, she used her own e-mail when engaging with other department officials. for government business she e-mailed them on their department acts. when -- for help ensurthey were retained she immediately said yes.
4:25 pm
you know i think this is going to be -- what is it michael that your party -- people to the right of you perhaps, what do they think the big hillary secret is the character thing, the big -- we all know the marge has troubled big deal a lot of marriages are troubled. we walked her as a first lady she's been in public life since he was attorney general of arkansas. we've watched her, she's been on the screen like a butterfly collection. what is the big secret about hillary clinton? >> the big secret is there really is no secret because we know it all. it's how you talk about it how you frame it going back to hillary-care, all of this is part of the narrative, the rose law firm all of this feats into this theory of her. >> but whitewater was nothing. >> for some people it was something. just as benghazi. >> would you explain that, david?
4:26 pm
>> i think we'll by talking about hillary until we die. what are we talking about here? a woman who loves public life who has certain ambitions yes. >> i think the crowd that michael used to hang out with there's a certain amount of outrage. they don't know what they're looking for. they're just hoping to find something, because she's in a pretty formidable position and they want to shake her loose. that's part of the game she's going to have to put up with and fight through. it's not going to change. if she's not ready for that and i suspect she is then she shouldn't run. >> i think we noel bill well. he likes hamburgers and other things -- >> but for hillary we don't. >> that may be it. thank you, david axelrod -- we can talk about this all night, maybe after work. and year learning more about
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welcome back to "hardball," a new audio recording is set to capture a 2009 conversation with mohammed emwazi. the tape documented emwazi speaking with an advocacy organization called cage a controversial group that helps communities affected by the war on terror. in it complaining about an interrogating by a british official, and while he says he denied being an extremist, he said the agent didn't believe him. here it goes. >> they looked rat me and said i still believe you're going to somalia to train. i said after what i just told you, after i told you what's happening, extremism, you're still subjecting i'm an extreme
4:31 pm
extremist? he said, yeah, trying to put words in my mouth saying you're doing this and this and we're going to keep a close eye on you, and, you know, it just went out. >> the voice has not been independently verified by nbc news yet. today, however, emwazi authorized his lawyers to speak to nbc, and he's saying his son is not the jihadist leader. keir is this just a father saying his son is innocent? is that all we take it for? >> here's how it played out an nbc team tracked down emwassi's dad today and we were told by a colleague his dad had said previously, may got take revenge on him, meaning his own son, and then today his lawyers say that his dad says that they don't believe it's him, that he
4:32 pm
haven't seen the evidence that it is him. chris, the fact is for his father to be right, an awful lot of people need to be wrong, including some government officials who have told nbc news and other news organizations that it is him. what's interesting about this chris, is emwazi was a member of a gang here in west london basically. what he appears to do with some others is move to syria and join the isis gang. what we're hearing now from his dad does feel a bit like a parent whose song is in a gang saying that's not my son. >> what did you think of that recording, that 2009 recording we have now? i'm not sure what game he was playing, but clearly if you believe he's jihadi john he was just enjoying his attempts to foible the authorities. >> had goes to the same issue i was talking about there. you can see it in two ways.
4:33 pm
either it is a young man who is innocent frustrated by being accused of things he hasn't done and being prevented by traveling by british authorities, because he hayes innocent, or again it is a young man involved in street crime, who is connected to gangs, who is doing the kind of thing that gang members do which is to basically deny everything and play the innocent guy. you can make your own choice. the thing about hearing that audio is you get to hear for yourself and decide for yourself. >> evan coleman, your views of this things the father denying son's guilty and the son speaking in kind of a whimsical way about his efforts to confuse the authorities? >> look you have to understand it's his father. i have seen this before. it happens all the time in terrorism cases, a lot of parents find it difficult to accept the fact their kids have gone so far astray but when you look at the actual evidence the history, oftentimes there were plenty of clues that something was very wrong. in some cases the parents have
4:34 pm
recognized it they didn't want to believe it. as far as his reporting or his complaints about the british, look mr. emwazi has been linked to a london-based jihadi commander who eventually went to somalia, was killed in a u.s. drone strike there. this is a guy you have to be very careful about taking anything he says at his word. this is exactly what these folks are told to do if they were captured by law enforcement, to deny everything, to say i was there for a safari for an adventure, i don't believe in jihad. this is what they're told to say. they know to say this. >> the american prisons are filled with people who didn't do it. >> exactly. . uk security services when they pull someone aside more often than not they know exactly who they're pulling aside and they know exactly what they're doing there. i think in this case you really
4:35 pm
want to give the uk security services the benefit of the doubt, especially because we all know how this story ended. >> i think it was a good daddy. thank you both. up next the roundtable go on the three stories today netanyahu's address to congress the weird torrie about hillary clinton's e-mail and john boehner's surrender of funding the homeland security. they can't do it. you're watching hockey inging "hardball" the place for politics. t's go go, go, go... woah! go right, go left, go left stop! now go... (shouting) let's go!! i gotta go! can i go? yup! you can go. (beeping alert) woah! there you go! way to go! lets go buddy, let's go! anncr: the ford fusion. we go further, so you can.
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here's what's happening. shots were reportedly fired near the headquarters of the national security agency. the agency says one of its buildings was damaged. a jury has been seated for the trial of boston marathon
4:39 pm
bombing suspect tsarnaev. snow is expected in parts of kentucky and. a second execution is on hold in brian keith terrell was said to die next week. another death row inmate's execution wall street postponed yesterday. now back to "hardball." sgli the days when the jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over. even if vault has to stand alone, israel will stand. but i know that israel does not
4:40 pm
stand alone. i know that you stand with israel. welcome back to "hardball." it was a day of extraordinary drama in american politics. it began with prime minister bibbi netanyahu with an unprecedented address. he used washington's most prominent platform for eviscerate our own president's policy goal for a nuclear deal with iran. moments after the address, president obama responded. >> if we're successful in negotiating, then in fact this will be the best deal possible to preven iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. nothing else comes close. sanctions won't do it. even military action would not be as successful as the deal that we have put forward. what i'm focused on right now is solving this problem. i'm not focused on the politics
4:41 pm
or the theater of it. >> after their two-fisted show of strengths republicans then turned to cleaning up the mess they made in the same issue here at home. house speaker jane boehner gave an he passed a clean funding bill despite a major insurrection, less than a third of his own members voted for a clean bill. is a ron fourier is here jonathan allen, and susan page. susan. bibbi's speech i was a speech brir for years, this was really well done. with emotion, everything humanity history, old testament. >> a bit of humor, quoted hemingway, quoted robert frost. did two things. helped him at home i think, also made it more difficult for
4:42 pm
president obama to sell the nuclear deal to members of congress especially the republicans who control congress assuming he reaches one with iran. >> it almost guarantee some kind of vote doesn't it? that whole buffing up fluffing up whatever the wrong word to use is here -- >> president obama will have an opportunity i think to veto legislation that would give congress a role but the problem for the president is if there's a huge vote in favor of putting -- it makes the deal along bad. >> we're supposed to have one commander in chief. it was a great speech, but it was a campaign speech. it was filmed on the floor of our house. >> bibbi and heads of the party were able to undermine the president. it's going to affect the next president. some day we might have a republican president who may
4:43 pm
regret this. >> i think there's no precedent for bringing something into chambers of congress to attack the president. >> i think it crosses the line. he had the biggest forum that congress can give a foreign leaders, a close ally for making the case against a big initiative by the president. >> i thought he was saying look i'm a travel guy to the middle east you're a rube. you're goog into the persian bazaars, with the snake charmers and the guys that are going to cheat you. let me tell you, they will always come back on the deal. he's giving advice right? >> he was says president obama you're naive. >> he stood where the president of the united states usually stands and says trust me don't trust him. >> here's how speaker boehner broke the news by the way to his caucus that we were giving up on the big fight, a fight by the republicans to say no money for homeland security unless
4:44 pm
the president's executives orders giving effective citizen ship goes away. -- the three-week continuing resolution would have checked this fight going and allowed us to continue to put -- unfortunately that plan was rejected, and more active threats coming into the homeland i don't believe a dhs shutdown is an option. imagine if god forbid another terror attack hits the united states. >> what a surprise. not that in the end the house would have to fold go along with -- >> what do you coy boyce say? return? >> it took weeks and week. what are we going to talk about now? >> what are they going to fight about? >> they'll continue to fight about immigration, but not use funding to do it. >> he did get 75 votes. >> and nancy pelosi.
4:45 pm
i think the 75 that voted with him can withstand that. so all those democrats that -- >> to basically core rad people safe in their seats, who didn't have to worry about primary fights? >> that's right, and might have voted for it but they looked at all those democrats and say, easier for me to go home and not have to worry about a yimary. >> we're not talking about who lost or won this vote and we still don't have immigration reform. this is how dysfunctional it is. >> under what conditions would the republicans in the house accept a truly xre henszive deal. i think the vote is good. it's got a road to citizenship, but all of that is a fait accompli. they're not going to get rid of them. who are we kidding? >> the bill last year we thought had energy but it didn't go anywhere. >> what's the fear? >> the fear is that you want --
4:46 pm
the fear is a lot of republicans oppose a path to legal status for people here illegally. >> even if we shut the door? >> that's one argument the borders aren't secure. if you can convince them the borders were secure maybe. but -- >> would they buy the same deal from a republican conservative? >> even if -- >> he didn't get to a good bill that was enforced. whether it's jeb or -- would they be for it again? >> i think jeb bush might be for it. >> somebody is going to be talking about this for 30 or 40 more years. the roundtable is staying up next. top of the paper about hillary clinton's e-mails. is this esoteric or what? this is "hardball," the place for politics. if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. you are saying "frog protection"? fraud. fro-g. frau-d. i think we're on the same page. at discover,
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4:49 pm
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okay figure this one out. hillary clinton's e-mails. can you believe it? the story the put in context with other recent stories. maybe hillary clinton should retire her white house dreams. ron writes -- >> i'm back with the round table
4:52 pm
ron, jonathan, and susan, ron -- explain. >> when you know that you're seen as someone who believes that the ends justify the means and will cut any corner to get ahead. who is not authentic, plays by your own set of rules. why would you do things like not have a public e-mail and have all of your e-mails secretive. why would you take money from foreign countries -- >> it doesn't hurt -- >> she is the one running for president it's her decision. she took money from foreign countries that support terrorism. you're either stupid and she is very smart, or you have blind spots, or maybe there is a part of you that doesn't want to do this. >> i think what is interesting
4:53 pm
is that there was criticism that the clintons wanted to rewrite history. it is disturbing on the level of these are our e-mails. this is our information. it goes to a larger question. >> suppose you work in the state department, secretary of state, and you write an e-mail to your husband. bill, i'll see you at -- >> but she is -- >> why would all of that get in the middle of government documents. >> it doesn't have to. you can have a private e-mail but you should not conduct government business from a private e-mail account. if you look at the way it was set up it was set up with the fore thought of evadeing the open records law. >> what was the law at the full-time she did this. i thought the law wasn't in effect until after. >> you have people on capitol hill getting groped by democrats
4:54 pm
about using -- >> can you believe this is the top of the "new york times" today? >> on one day, sure. will it cost her the presidency? no. the paranoia. >> clinton defenders say we would let things get by with them, if bernie sanders used a private e-mail we would jump on him. she snows she is subjected to a standard. >> it's the chicken and the egg. thank you to my panel. we should have held that until the end of the show. when we return let me finish with netanyahu's speech today. e buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason.
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let me finish tonight with netanyahu's address to congress. it was a master work. a nice ice break up up front, a salute to harry reid that showed he wanted this to be a bipartisan affair. i think the speech was particularly strong it is things for israel. so the warm up was fine. when he got everyone to take off
4:59 pm
the armor he put the knife in. what else can you say about president obama who has been working for months with the best plan with the iranians. does he think we're serious about walking away from the deal to get a better deal in this persian bizarre. let's be honest here. he would have had a chunk more credibility today on that issue if he had not been blowing the bugle over the heads of the bushes and neocons as we roughered into baghdad. there would have been more blare if he was not the one totally into that war. if there is anyone in this country that thinks the man who spoke to the congress today believes in morn foreign policy generally in the middle east does he believe in the two-state solution even in principal? we heard a call to war today. that was the message, that was the music, and if the
5:00 pm
republicans that cheered him listened they would know it's the mission. that is "hardball" for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> the alternative to this bad deal is a much better deal. >> the speech is over and the reviews are in. this speech was straight out of the dick cheney playbook. it was fear mongering at it's ultimate. >> the president's response and the folly of comparing netanyahu to churchill. >> there is a reason the adjective being used today is churchill


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