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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 4, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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you're not alone and you can do it. i know you can do it because i did it. join for free today at just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. right now on "the rundown," watching developing news on four high-profile legal cases, from new england to the deep south. in less than an hour the supreme court hears the most substantial challenge to date on president
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obama's health care law. meantime, in alabama, courts are open, but have stopped issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples after a late-night ruling by the state supreme court. in boston day one of the trial for the surviving suspect in the 2013 marathon bombing. the worst act of domestic terrorism since 9/11. at any minute the just it department will speak an its investigation into the ferguson police department. we begin this morning, however at the supreme court and the showdown over the affordable care act. the issue today, could impact millions of americans. has the ability to seriously undercut the law. arguments center on interpretation and not if the aca violates the constitution. justices are looking at if the federal government can offer tax breaks through health care dot gov or if that pow sir solely dedicated to states. pete williams is outside the court this morning. pete, good morning. break it down for us. >> reporter: that's the essence of this case. what does the law actually mean? the challengers say they pick out a couple of phrases in the
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law that say, people can only get the subsidy, the discounts on insurance, on an exchange established by the state. now, that's a critical fact because only 16 states have actually established their own exchanges or marketplaces. everywhere else, people who get their insurance through the obamacare system get it on the federal low and moderate income people who qualify for the subsidies depend on them. on average, saves about 72% on the cost of a premium. so the defenders of obamacare say if a challenger prevails and the supreme court narrows who gets that subsidy, millions of people perhaps 7 million, could lose their insurance. if that happens, the system enters a death spiral, because there would be fewer people in the system. they would drop out because they can't afford it. those remaining would be sicker. insurance rates rise and ultimately the system would collapse. >> how long does this process go
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on pete? starts today? >> reporter: the argument is today and the supreme court decides this sometime in late june. i'd be very surprised if we don't get this decision on the last day of the court's term like we did three years ago when the supreme court bailed a system out on the constitutional challenge. >> and switch to the issue of same-sex marriage in alabama. a ruling defying a previous order. what's going on? >> reporter: doesn't seem to defy 2. it pokes its finger right in the eye of the federal judge's r50u8ing in alabama. the state supreme court went beyond what it was asked to do and actually went to the constitutional question, and said that there is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage that the supreme court -- questioned the supreme court's ruling a couple years ago in the chase got all of these cases going. so it puts judge there's ish issued the marriage licenses in a tough spot. their own state supreme court is saying you can't issue the marriage licenses. a federal judge said you must and there's no clear answer to this, and probably won't be until it comes back here the
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supreme court, hears the marriage issue in april and again, a decision in late june jose. >> pete wkz at the supreme court. thank you. good to see you. in boston opening statements underway in the trial of boston marathon bombing dzhokhar tsarnaev. he and his brother tamerlan planted and detton nateonated two bombs near the finish line. prosecutors expected to recount chaos and carnage. presenting graphic images to the jury. three killed in the blast as well, m.i.t. police officer sean collier, shot and killed by the tsarnaev brothers trying to make their escape. bring in mike bellow assistant metro editor with "the boston globe." good to see you. what do expect from the prosecution and its opening statements? >> the prosecution will focus on the fact that tamerlan and
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dzhokhar tsarnaev planned this bombing a cold calculated act of terrorism, according to the prosecutors. they'll detail it in graphic detail. the carnage on boylston street derricks the two bombs that went off. very detailed they'll talk about the bombs and what was in the bombs and also what happened to people that there were three people killed 260 wounded. how big the blast site was. they'll be very -- extreme details. and also as the trial goes on they'll be extreme photos regarding autopsy and victims, and victims describes their injureyies and what happened. >> what do we expect from the defense? >> the defense is going to say that tambour lann was the mast per mind. dzhokhar tsarnaev under the spell of his brother. he was so influenced by him he was swept up in tamerlan's alleged plan to carry out this bombing. they will argue that dzhokhar
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tsarnaev was there, he was a part of it but that his life should be spared. that he -- you know -- they're not going to say he wasn't a part of this plot. i think the idea is to hopefully spare him from the death penalty, and try to argue that in many respects tamerlan was the guy who called all the shots, and dzhokhar was his willing participant. >> my fellow good to see you this morning. the trial could go on until june. much more from boston later in the"the rundown"."rundown.." . developing now, the justice department, found police in ferguson missouri continually violated civil rights of its citizens with african-american residents bearing the brunt. the investigation pront pd by the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. details now msnbc's tremaine lee is with us. good morning. what more are you learning about the results of this investigation investigation? >> we're learning what folks on
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the ground said for a very long time and to some degree validated by the department of justice. being african-american in ferguson put you at danger and risk of encounters with the police. why the population of ferguson is about 67% black, they accounted for 93% of the arrests. 90% of those given citations, and 88% of those who had force used against them by police. now, so ex-tebsive even 100% of those bitten by police dogs were african-american. now, while this is nothing new to folks on the ground this actually represents a kind of thorough accounting by the department of justice into what was going on in ferguson. investigators scoured over 35,000 police documents, and's the revelation such again, no surprise. the folks have been clamoring for the greater part of six months there is something wrong here. it kind of validates all of those all of the human cry we heard for so long. >> what are you hearing about actions taken in response to the report? >> so far again, we've only been
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given a summary report. the full report is expected later today. now, one of a few things could happen. the department of justice could offer what is essentially an ultimatum to the ferguson police department. you know, get your act together or face a lawsuit and a federal consent decree a federal monitor placed in the police department and certain benchmarks to reach before the plea is lifted. this is expected later today, the full report and in the coming days we'll know about what the federal government plans to do about the situation in ferguson. >> thanks for joining me. and after ben carson announced forming an exploratory committee for a presidential run and same-sex marriage. it came up in an interview this morning. >> you think being jay isgay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> because a lot of people come into prison straight and come
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out gay. did something happen there inn there? you ask yourself a big question. >> talking about what this means for ben carson. political editor carrie den. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does this do for political viability after exploring a run for the presidency? >> nobody wants a negative connotation, a lot of people are picking up on. it's important to note ben cars sn not like a jeb bush chris christie or scott walker. a haven't unusual candidate. not held elected office before. he's a former neurosurgen and popular with very very very conservative voters and also this is not something new for dr. ben carson. he's made headlines many times before for making controversy statements and it hasn't hurt his standing with those conservatives as of yet. >> put these comments into context in terms of what he said in the past? >> he has said made comparisons between the united states and nazis saying that if we continue
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down this path were could become more like the nazi regime. he's mate comments about slavery that have been controversial, and in 2013, he made comments about comparing home oh sexuality to bestiality referencing the national man/boy association. certainly riled gay rights voters before and this is not new on that front. >> carrie good to see you. >> thank you. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is back in israel one day after pushing hard against the white house's iran policy in a rare speech before a joint meeting of congress. what he said about the deal the u.s. is currently trying to negotiate with iran. >> that deal will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons, it would all but guarantee that iran gets those weapons, lots of them. >> later in the day president obama said he would not be distracted by what he described as the politics and theater
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surrounding the iran issue. >> on the core issue, which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for even greater action in the region the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> but this morning netanyahu released a written statement saying that's not true. "i presented a practical alternative which would have imposed tougher restrictions on iran's nuclear program, extending iran's breakout time by years." in the speech netanyahu said they restrictions be lifted only "once iran changes its behavior." nevertheless, this failed to overshadow the president's extraordinary victory in a fight over funding for the department of homeland security. >> the yeahs, 267 and anyways 167. the motion a adopted.
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>> speaker boehner led the way voting in favor of a clean funding bill free of and amendments and immigration. a 67 republican 167 republicans opposed it. with me, luke russert on capitol hill. chris jansing at the white house. luke, good morning, and let's start with you. we know the practical significance of tuesday's vote. what's the political significance? >> two things here, jose. i think number one you saw that high number there on the republican side for a no vote. just think about how important homeland security has been for the republican party as a brand post-9/11. the fact you would have plus 160 voting no on it over immigration shows you how strong the gop feelings are regarding immigration and president obama's executive actions are, and just how difficult any movement on that issue is going to be in the future. you had that wonderful conversation with him in miami a week ago, and we heard so many
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things about here's what i want to do, here's what i want to do, and seeing how that's going to be practical considering the federal reserve ntd opposition. the only thing we learned yesterday, extremely important moving forward the debt limit, highway trust bill things that need funded. nancy pelosi showed she has some muscle. in house democrats stick together they can have an impact of the policy moving through the house floor. it's obvious, john boehner with the with the large majority will have trouble getting the 218 votes because the legislation is viewed as insufficiently assert assertive. nancy pelosi has pep in her step and well at senate democrats know if they block similar to mcconnell did to them the last four years, can move things. fascinating to see moving forward how much this blocking minority will stick together and how much influence they'll have on policy. >> and chris, meanwhile, president obama dismissed
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netanyahu's speech as nothing new. does the administration believe it had as big an impact as they feared it might. >> reporter: hdjose, they know there's a fight. didn't want him to come in the first place and lost that battle. talked to a lot of people at that speech yesterday. a feeling on both side whethery agree with netanyahu or with the administration it got people energized. you saw nancy pelosi how visibly angry she was throughout the speech. people that think negotiating with iran is a fool's error and they feel energized as all. the question what does it do for the people in the middle? for this white house they say, look, take a step back. we don't even have a deal yet. the chances of it are at best 50/50 when he actually know what the deal is then we'll debate it and then the president will make calls and try to push it forward. as one senior democrat said to me and this is somebody who
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tends to side with this administration harks been a strong supporter of the president, he said it's going to be a showdown on capitol hill. jose? >> chris jansing at the white house. luke russert on capitol hill. thank you so very much. just getting started. still ahead, a 1600 storm bearing down on the u.s. in massachusetts over the next couple of days. snow, sleet, ice, you name it falling somewhere. the complete forecast coming up. and hillary clinton is weathering a storm of her own using a personal address during her time at secretary of state. speaking at an emily's list event she kept the focus on yore big kwenchts i suppose it's only fair to say, don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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if hillary clinton is in the middle of a crisis just before announcing the 2016 run, wouldn't know it. the former secretary of state was greeted with thunderous aplausz in washington last night and spoke before more than 1,600 people at gala for emily's list but played no mention of the ongoing controversy surrounding her e-mail. the "new york times" first reported that clinton exclusively used her personal e-mail at secretary of state instead of a now required government e-mail account and the a.p. now says that private e-mail server was registered to clinton's home in chappaqua, new york. house republicans are jumping on the revelations that the congressional committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attack is planning to issue requests for e-mails. alex from "the washington post," good morning. all smiles last night, but is the clinton camp in crisis mode right now is? >> certainly not happy but part of the problem is there is no clinton camp.
6:20 am
she has a skeleton crew of about search or eight people working for her, only one official spokesperson. there is no campaign. there are no pollsters, focus groups pup s groups. all of the stuff you have in a crisis like this. no having people out there defending her. kind of taking this as it's coming in trying to figure how to deal with it on a day-to-day basis nap said some democrats are stepping up defending her. this is going to be an ongoing crisis and she'll still have to figary way to get ahead of it. at the moment she's not acheble to the only appearance last night, completely ignoring it? >> right. not mentioning it at all. and that room was just happy with that. some of her most ardened, enedardent dedicated people. they see her at the kind of cull min afgsation of the work and wanted to celebrate, not get bogged down in e-mails or questions
6:21 am
like that. >> house republican will schedule clinton to testify again before the house oversight committee. is there a sense she'll continue to cheap date? >> definitely a major question. she's said in the past she will testify and cooperate. the state department stressed they're cooperating as much as possible with this committee, but i was at the press conference where the chairman took almost a victory lap yesterday. he said that the revelation about these e-mails were vindication for the existence of his committee, despite claims from democrats that everything has been asked and answered about benghazi and he made it clear he's not going to stop until he gets all of these e-mails he wants, and also hinted that he might have hillary clinton testify more than once. he previously said she would come only once but yesterday he said she might have to have multiple conversations with his committee. >> from washington, thanks. good to see you. and joining me to get his reaction on the latest news on hk and hillary clinton and more. senator from connecticut.
6:22 am
>> thanks for having me. >> get your reaction to hillary clinton using private e-mail exclusively during her time at secretary of state. should she be well have used her personal account? >> this seems to be blown out of proportion already. the fact that the special investigative committee will be launching a new investigation into this issue suggests that what we thought from the very start, that this committee is 5urd all about trying to discredit hillary clinton not get to the bottom of benghazi. certainly she'll answer questions in the coming weeks but doesn't seem to be out of practice to occasionally use an outside account and frankly this is part of a lanker campaign for the republicans to try to start running against her. >> remember, this didn't come out of the republicans. it came out among other places "new york times," a.p. today, she didn't occasionally use an e-mail e-mail. she didn't have a state department e-mail just used her
6:23 am
e-mail based in her home? >> she'll talk about this, ai sewage assume in the coming days and weeks and hopefully we'll judge her on the job she did and results she got at secretary of state. i certainly understand this is going to be a subject people will discuss and talk about, but i hope we're going to look at her record as secretary of state. >> talk about the israeli prime minister's speech yesterday. the address. you were in attendance. you said you didn't hear an alternative from him but this north a news statement netanyahu is saying he did offer an alternative. sanctions. where does it go from here? >> the problem with that alternative is that sanction only work if they're done multilaterally. sanctions don't work if the united states moves forward with them and europeans and russians and chinese don't. that's the problem we find ourselves in today is that if we walk away from a deal that in particular the chinese and russians want to support and they don't move along with sanctions then the iranian economy comes back to life or at least stabilizes with or
6:24 am
without american sanctions. i think it's unrealistic to suggest we should just slow sanctions back on given the fact many partners in he's in negotiations aren't going with us meaning a new sanctions regime if unilateral, won't do what the previous multilateral sanctions regime did. >> and senator, if there is an agreement and we'll know probably by the end of this month if there is or not, do you think that it should be the senate that looks as it and decides one way or another? >> ultimately the senate will right? because in order for the sanctions to be lifted fully, choong congress has to pass law. put in place by congress in the physical place. we need 20to stick to our constitutional ability. this won't rides to the level of a treaty mean congress does not weigh in at the front end. we will at the back end if we want the sanctions to be lifted in a more than temporary basis. so i think congress will have
6:25 am
plenty of opportunity to continue to talk to the administration about our priorities, at any moment congress can raise a bill to deep fund the implementation of the agreement, but i don't support what's going on right now which is in the middle of the negotiations try to undermine them by passing a law saying that upon their completion congress has to weigh in which is frankly not or constitutional obligation as we see the confines of this agreement not rising to the confines of a treaty. >> senator good to see you. >> good to see you. after the break,son through the date other top stories including a plane 1kiding off the runway in nepal and the mysterious identity of the man shot and killed by los angeles police over the weekend. we'll explain all the confusion next on "the rundown." the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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stories. a turkish airplane skidded off the runway landing in nepal in dense fog. some of the 238 passengerslumps and bruises but no one seriously hurt. learning more this morning about the homeless man shot and killed by police in los angeles last weekend. officials had reportedly identified the man as 39-year-old charlie satterman robbin'e. later in the day, law enforcement said he was an impostor from cameroon said to have stolen the identity of a man from france to get a passport and come to the u.s. in the late 1990s. it's not clear if investigators yet discovered his true identity. it was captured on cell phone video. witnesses dispute he reached for an officer the gun. a vigil is planned for this afternoon. and mexican security forces captured the head of a drug
6:30 am
cartel leader. he was one of the country's most wanted men. morales replaced his brother as leader of the cartel when arrested in 2013. some big news from target. the retailers says it plans on cutting thousands of jobs over the next two years, as part of a plan to cut $2 billion in costs. the cuts will mainly affect the corporate locations in minneapolis and india. the company lanplans to invest savings to sales, traffic and brand loyalty. coming up mother nature reminds us still 16 days left of winter. heavy snow and significant icing major problems over the next two days from the southern plains to the east. we'll get the latest from meteorologist bill karins next and a live look at capitol hill where the house passed a clean dhs funding bill. there you see capitol hill. it's now awaiting the president's signature. what's the impact on the republican party? i'm going to ask congressman
6:31 am
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developing news out of boston. court in session as of 15 minutes ago, and word from inside the courtroom is it's packed. several family members of victims and family members of the defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev are inside. the judge began telling the court who would seal certain motions and deny several others. more information as soon as wet good it. meanwhile, the battle over dhs funding and immigration is finished for now. all that is left for president obama to do is sign the bill which he says he'll do soon as he gets it. the battle inside the republican party is far from over. more than two-thirds of house republicans opposed the clean dhs funding bill on tuesday. but it wasn't enough to stop it. louisiana republican congressman charles boustany one of the no
6:35 am
votes. thanks for being with me. >> great to be with you. good morning. >> what do you think of speaker deign or boehner's decision to bring the clean bill to floor? >> he got to point of no alternatives, and i've had subtle disagreements over tactics with our leadership on this, but we got to that point, and i had to vote in the interests of my constituents who wanted to see us put up a fight. >> no other option right? a conus resolution another seven days had this same issue continue and then a clean bill. otherwisewouldn't going to pass. what are the disagreements with tactics you see specifically on this issue? >> we have to get to a better sense of unity within or conference and somehow we've got to be aligned on these tactics. it's not easy right now. it's going to require some punitive measures as well as some you know a little honey, and i think more needs to be done there, because we got serious issues facing country.
6:36 am
we've got very important votes coming up that are going to be contentious and we needs to unified. the problem we have right now we came out of a historic election, a big majority in the house, substantial majority in the senate and have to figure how to make it work. i want to see more work done in that tlekz. >> interesting when i saw the numbers, 100% of democrats. 100% of them. voted for this clean bill and yet it seems as though the republicans -- how do you get unity and cohesion when you have so different, such different perspectives and points of view on an issue like immigration which is what really is behind all of this pror for republicans? >> well that's the essential challenge that leadership faces and it's not easy. otherwise we'd have -- it would have happened. but we're going to have more contentious issues coming forward, even more so than this in many respects. so i think it's important to find a way to get a working majority. otherwise, we put ourselves in
6:37 am
political jeopardy but more importantly we don't fulfill our constitutional obligation, and that is to govern in majority. so these are the challenges that we face right now and i'm willing to work with leadership to get to a point where we can move forward with a legislative agenda. we have important things. the doc fix coming ump at the end of the month. a trade agenda to get done. highway bill and trust fund that needs solved sometime later this spring. debt ceiling. all going to be difficult issues. a budget. so our conference has to pull together. we have to find a workable way to govern. >> and can you do that on the issue of immigration, for example, that is just for some in the republican party toxic and for others a situation that is broken and needs dealt with rather than just kicking the can down the road? >> it's both of those. and that's why we have to have an honest discussion what our position should be in this and i think conservatives have an
6:38 am
obligation to come forward and solve this problem. we can't run from it. we can't hide from it. we can't try to you know evade the issue. we have to face it. and we have to deal with it. and we have to lead on this issue ultimately and that's been one of the problems i've found as we've gone forward. >> congressman boustn achlty, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. fire crews at the scene of a partial roof collapse. the building not occupied slated for demolition this summer but more snow on the way to boston. texas, snow sleet, freezing rain causing 1,600 miles of misery. look at this shot from pittsburgh. the latest from bill charns joining us from new york. and i understand new york got a little bit of a different weather pattern this morning right? >> yeah. ended up with about two to three
6:39 am
inches of snow and sleet mess last night. the evening rush hour yesterday horrendous. now watching thursday morning. tomorrow morning's rush hour. potentially very bad d.c. up to new york. the setup, this is it folks. really feel this is the last big major winter storm across the country. look at the cold air coming in. 17 in chicago. it's almost 40 degrees warmer in atlanta at 59 degrees. so the warm air is going to get displaced. the cold air will win this battle. already notice here seeing sleet and freezing rain breaking out in missouri st. louis, light snow over the next couple hours. later on tonight, most concerned with friends in kentucky dealing with flooding problems right now. a ton of heavy rain on melting snow, all of a sudden rain changing to snow. historic march snowfall for these areas. especially in kentucky. the paducah area back here to lexington, louisville charleston. again, hit from philly to washington, d.c. and new york but really kentucky.
6:40 am
i mean jose look back at the records, the biggest snowfall ever like in louisville is 12 inches in march. they could potentially get up to ten earths with this storm. something they rarely see in this month and as i said though this is it. after this. much of the country is going to warm up. no more snowstorms at least for a while. >> bill good to see you, thanks so much. to meteorologist dylan dry irdryer in boston. it could be one for the record books. dylan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. here in boston still waiting across the threshold to finally break the record. all we need now two more inches to break the all-time record for snowiest winter ever in the city of boston. last night picked up 1.6. 2 more to go. this city does not want to see anymore snow. look at this giant mountain behind me. this is a 40-foot-high pile of dirty snow. it's dirty because the city has been collecting it and this has been the dumping ground. they are just picking it up from
6:41 am
wherever they can to clear out the space. we are going to see more winter weather especially back through parts of the midwest. through the ohio river valley even into the mid-atlantic as we go into thursday. but it looks like even as washington, d.c., philadelphia and new york city pick up about to eight inks of snow here in boston, right on the cutoff line. i think two inches will fall to the south of us. so it looks like we might fall short, at least this week anyway, and then the good news is we should get into a warmer weather pattern, finally, next week. jose? >> dylan, thanks. after a quick break. new information from inside the boston courtroom where the marathon bombing trial is now under way. plus with a cease-fire in ukraine, is russia turning its sights on the baltics? next hour a raid in 20 locations in florida, stemming from something known as both tourism. more on this story coming up on "the rundown." you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're
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information from inside the boston courthouse where dzhokhar tsarnaev is on trial. just got word the jury has been brought into the courtroom for the first time together, and were just sworn in. an idea of the scene jurors are sitting closest to the prosecution just to the left of the bombing suspect. the judge says whether or not tsarnaev is more or less culpable than others for the crime won't be considered right now but the issue could be brought up in testimony. we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. a region overseas held together by a fragile cease-fire in ukraine, fightings with russian officials. president putin is said to be eyeing another state to conquer. baltics states. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is in lithuania for us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose.
6:46 am
from a young, fragile and very nervous country, lithuania has been watching that war in ukraine with growing anxiety for the past year. the cease-fire which is still holding, really hasn't changed that. lithuania and the two other butices states are wondering where vladimir putin will target next. lithuania is in nato. nato is worried, too. here today and this week it's been sending a message to moscow. an image from the cold war. a russian warplane flying along a nato border testing the west. but this fully-armed russian fighter jet was filmed just weeks ago above three nervous nato countries. nato planes are busy. they scramble and track the russians. their missions tripled in a year from their base in lithuania, which fears it could be the next target of russian aggression.
6:47 am
[ gunfire ] nato is taking no chances. u.s. troops from the 2nd cal valli are based in lithuania, this a war game with local soldiers simulating conflict with a hostile neighbor. this show of force is aimed squarely at russia. nato is drawing a red line here with a message to moscow if you try to cause trouble here or try to invade this is what you'll get. the question is -- is russia listening? >> ready for any threat? >> yeah. trying to train and be ready for any threat. >> reporter: many in nato believe russia's real aim is not just to test the alliance, but to split and destroy it. >> this shows that the u.s. is willing to stand with all of its nato alliance partners. shows that we're strong. europe is strong and there's a collective defense ready to defend against any foreign aggression.
6:48 am
>> reporter: and lithuania doesn't trust vladimir putin. >> we cannot trust anything what they say. not a single word. >> reporter: lithuania once ruled by moscow doesn't want to be again. >> what's happening now it's not just about us. about security of our continent. >> reporter: lingthuania just re-introduced the draft and schoolchildren prepared for the possibility of invasion. nato warplanes scramble almost daily. its leaders warn of the a real and present danger from russia pap danger greater now than at any time since the end of the cold war. and just today, jose on the other side irish authority said two russian warplanes flying off its post meant a passenger plane had to be diverted another one from taking off. those two russian planes were tracked by nato jets from britain. this is happening more and more. russia probing, nato deterring
6:49 am
or trying to, and tension rising especially here where those nato exercises continue today. back to you, jose. >> bill neely, thank you so very much. coming up former major-leaguer curt schilling takes on internet bullies after posting sexual horrible tweets about his daughter. he's fighting back and winning. is this still okay online? and do we need more people like schilling to call out cyber bullies? we'll talk about that, next. throp grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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6:52 am
former major league baseball player continues playing hard ball with twitter trolls. new york yankees fired an employee, a community college in new jersey suspended one of its students for allegedly sending offensive, sexually explicit tweets about curt schilling's teenage daughter. at least nine people have gotten into trouble at work or school
6:53 am
after the former boston red sox pitcher publicly identified them in a blog post. he writes i look at it like this. if someone walked into your house and punched your daughter square in the face what would your reaction be? you and i are probably thinking the very same thing. how is that different than what happened to my amazing daughter. he says the vulgar tweets came after he con grat latd her being accepted to pitch on her university softball team. joining me senior editor. good to see you. >> good to see you too, jose. >> what's your reaction to this? >> this is a glaring example that online harassment has real life consequences for people who are abusers who think that they're hiding under the veil of anonymity, it is not the case. in this case as you mentioned, the two biggest offenders who were actually responsible for rape threats against schilling's daughter one of them got fired
6:54 am
from his job, the other's google searches are over forever, he is a deejay which is also representation of a younger generation. for millenials google searches are the new resume. if they're caught doing this abusing online this follows them forever. >> there's a lot of people that may not understand how vile and horrendous some people are, reacting to a father congratulating his daughter for being able to pitch in a game. >> absolutely. and it points to the issue of online harassment how everyone is effected by online harassment, men and women, in equal numbers. women experience it in far more severe forms and girls, too. schilling's daughter is 17 can't even call her a woman yet, and already getting rape and death threats. i think it is good that we are talking about it. it is sad that he had to come across that problem in a personal way, but i'm glad he's shining a light on it. >> i'm wondering, you said at
6:55 am
the beginning of the conversation there are real life consequences to people doing that. most of them feel for the most part there are no consequences, they can spew vile stuff and nothing happens to them for the most part. >> absolutely. it is great to see curt schilling actually going after these people screen shotting, finding out who they are. not everyone has that time and not everyone is able to do that. i know if my dad tried to find out every person who harassed me online he wouldn't have time for anything else. i hope this will be a turning point in terms of policy or in terms of police paying attention to these threats and taking them seriously. for it to stop especially for women online women have to be able to be believed and taken seriously when they come forward with threats. >> elizabeth plank, thanks for being with me.
6:56 am
in an hour we will hear from curt schilling, he is joining tamron hall at 11:00 a.m. eastern time here on msnbc. as we take the turn on "the rundown," arguments over president obama's health care law about to begin at the supreme court. going to break the case down with "the cycle" ari melber. and in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. several family members are in court along with family members of the victims. we take you live to boston for an update next. i am meteorologist bill karins. an active weather day, arkansas tennessee, kentucky later tonight through areas of the mid-atlantic. flooding rain possible through the first half of the day through kentucky, then change over to heavy snow during the afternoon. could see as much as six to ten inches in a few spots. watch for falling temperatures and a lot of ice in oklahoma and
6:57 am
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to these are our cats, wolf and bear. the cat hair is so constant, it's like it's growing out of the floor. it drives me crazy. can we do something about this? (doorbell) woah. it's a swiffer sweeper. it's working like a magnet. ohhh! shed all you like, wolf. we have a winter weather alert as we begin another hour of "the rundown." i am jose diaz-balart. these are aerials out of boston where a roof collapsed at the old bayside expo center. firefighters evacuated the building. an enormous 1600 mile swathe of the country dealing with another blast of winter. let's get the latest from meteorologist bill karins.
7:00 am
>> jose i am getting in new forecast information, comes in this time every morning. forecast is looking better for some, worse for others. it is shifting further south, boston, southern new england, even new york city less impact. if down around d.c. baltimore, philadelphia, all the way through west virginia central kentucky, this is your winter storm, one of the worst ones all winter long. you're saying how is it going to snow. it is in the 50s and 60s in areas that will have snow tomorrow morning. it is crazy. right now, looking at snow coming down in areas like missouri. this is the beginning of what should be a bad event. as far as this evening goes the evening rush hour we will see that transition take place here. areas of southern portions of the ohio valley. if you're driving around lexington, louisville temperatures are falling, it will start to snow. by this afternoon and evening will start to accumulate on roads. that's probably the evening rush hour problems. then snows overnight hard in west virginia and areas of southern pennsylvania, into areas of virginia.
7:01 am
when you wake up tomorrow morning, should be snowing hard in areas like washington, d.c. back into areas like new york. we think there could be as high totals as eight inches in areas of new jersey. big cities philadelphia, around six. baltimore six. one of the bigger snowfalls all winter long through this region. for a morning rush with that much snow predicted, a lot of schools will be cancelled, a lot of delays on airports rails, and highways. you get the gist of this jose new england for once gets spared from this storm, and doesn't look like new ones are coming. boston, two inches from the all time record snowfall you're going to have to wait. >> bill thank you so much. great to see you. let's go to memphis where they're bracing for more snow. weather channel chris warren is there. chris, good morning. >> reporter: jose, want to show you something. we have light rain coming down now. as you look at cars moving about 20 to 30 minutes to the east of memphis, tennessee, you see the cars driving along
7:02 am
normal day, it has been mild for much of the day, and it is wet. you look at the roads, these roads look totally different tomorrow. two big changes. cold air moves in then light rain changes to freezing rain. ice accumulating on the ground. sleet, ice pellets falling from the sky, then snow. looking at three to five inches of snow in memphis. that's why there's a winter storm warning posted by national weather service that will last into the morning hours, then comes cold. that record bitter cold expected by friday morning. temperatures around ten degrees in memphis. also a messy situation as the winter storm moves into the mid-atlantic and northeast. also bringing several inches of snow. jose? >> chris warren thanks so much. back to boston where it is not just the weather making headlines today. opening statements are expected to begin any minute now with the federal capital murder trial of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the trial nearly two years after
7:03 am
he and his older brother allegedly detonated two bombs near the finish line. three were killed, hundreds injured, some losing limbs. raheem a ellis is two miles from the attack. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i should tell you it is a packed courtroom. we understand that several relatives of victims' families are also seated in that courtroom. as you point out, jurors were brought to the courtroom. we have someone in the courtroom giving me information that i have on the screen. jurors are seated next to or to the left of tsarnaev and closest to the prosecution. you point out that this case is a long time coming to trial. even two took months before they seated jurors having to pull from something like 1300 potential jurors. they now have 12. 10 women, 8 men, but 12 who will decide the case with 6
7:04 am
alternates. the prosecution will try to show that tsarnaev was a determined and indiscriminate killer who was upset with the united states because of its military involvement in iraq and afghanistan, and the defense on the other hand jose will try to show that the defendant is a young and impressionable sibling sibling. his older brother that was killed in the shootout with police, they're going to show he was heavily influenced by his older brother and that led him where he is today. the case expected to last several months. the prosecution has said it has over 700 potential witnesses, with something like 1238 exhibits and hundreds of bits of evidence. jose? >> rehema ellis, thank you so much. we will keep a close eye on developments and bring you updates. arguments are under way over president obama's health care
7:05 am
law. it is the third time aspects of the affordable care act have gone before the justices. today's case is complicated, with potential for a big impact. ari melber is here to break it down for us. >> good morning, jose. you put your finger on it. this could be the biggest case of the year for the supreme court. let's get to it. you have challenges to obamacare here. the argument is this is not health care for all. the way the law was written, it is health care for some. they say it should only provide health care for americans in states that actually set up state exchanges, and if you didn't set one up in a state, you don't get health care funding. that's the argument of challengers. look at what the obama administration is saying. they argue that actually that's a misinterpretation of the law, it is not health care for some it is health care for all, and that opponents are seizing on isolated phrases to distort the meaning. congress never intended to punish states that may not have set up state exchanges. obama administration saying
7:06 am
that's why there are national exchanges. and finally, they say congressional democrats that passed the law, whether they had errors or not, never would have adopted a quote self defeating scheme. what's at stake? 9 million americans could lose $28 billion in tax credits, cost sharing reductions. here is where it heads. if you lose that kind of money, if the court rules against obamacare, urban institute estimates up to 8 million americans in 34 states may lose insurance, may go back to join rolls of the uninsured that the law was designed to address. that's why so much is riding on oral arguments unfolding before the court this morning, jose. >> ari, thank you so much. don't forget you can see ari and fellow cyclists at 3:00 eastern time here on msnbc. the house is in session one more day before adjourning a week and a half. for once you could argue there was enough action on the hill to justify a break.
7:07 am
tuesday, lawmakers hosted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, then followed it up a few hours later with a vote that finally broke the log jam over dhs funding. luke russert joins me from capitol hill. luke let's start with the dhs issue. speaker boehner solved the problem, but does this create more problems for him? >> reporter: i would argue it does two things it keeps the issue of immigration reform at least on the docket in some capacity moving forward because a lot of the conservatives within the house gop conference are upset at the speaker that they did not have opportunity to adequately quote, unquote stand up to president obama regarding the executive actions that he did last year and in 2012 also the issue of immigration is not one that plays well for the gop in presidential elections, so it will be something that definitely sits there that boehner has to deal with and probably try to provide cover for the eventual gop nominee. the other thing that i think came about is that john boehner has to now make a decision
7:08 am
moving forward on big ticket items, specifically debt limit, highway trust fund bill. these things are important to keep the country moving and running at its current levels and he has to make decision whether or not he decides to go to the floor with legislation, get 218 votes only from republicans, that legislation will likely get filibustered in the senate. boehner said he would be more willing to work with republicans and bring legislation across that didn't cater to the conservative faction of the conference. if he is listening to them yesterday was full on rebuickkrebuke. >> maybe that could build opposition to a nuclear deal with iran. any evidence of that? >> republicans were very skeptical of any nuclear deal with iran from the get go. so i think what netanyahu's speech did yesterday was
7:09 am
essentially allowed a very public forum for those views to be expressed and what better person to do it than the prime minister who can tell the problems that can arise from a nuclear deal with iran. when you look at it in context, the real thing congress can do here is try to apply tougher sanctions and the question will be do they move in that direction. you heard from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee that you could see something within 60 days and there's this idea that if they were to move on aggressive sanctions, that could limit the administration's ability to negotiate. now, democrats tried to stop that saying you have to give john kerry opportunity to negotiate. maybe yesterday's speech will speed up those efforts. it is still unclear but i can tell you from conversations i've had, especially from a lot of republicans, they do take netanyahu's words to heart and they're very very skeptical of
7:10 am
any possible deal and they think more sanctions is probably a better idea because it would cripple the regime within in iran. >> luke russert on capitol hill. thank you so much. lots ahead on the second jam packed hour of the "the rundown." keeping an eye on the boston courthouse where jurors will hear opening arguments in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. and e-mail controversy with hillary clinton. first, jon stewart on bibi's big adventure. >> benjamin netanyahu addressed congress today in observance of a sacred jewish holiday of sook on it. mr. president, it was a festival of sliets. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling
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7:14 am
new developments surrounding hillary clinton and controversy over her e-mail. "the new york times" reporting state department officials did not search the former secretary of state's e-mail account when asked by congress to provide information on the attack in gaza. the paper says the account was shielded from such searches because it was personal and not government issued. house officials investigating are troubled. >> she didn't use personal e-mail in addition to government e-mail, she used personal e-mail in lieu of government e-mail. it is frankly nothing short of incredible that any official in the current administration would engage in a practice such as that. you do not need a law degree to
7:15 am
have an understanding of how troubling this is. >> joining me now, kasie hunt and ann gear and from "the washington post." hillary clinton got a standing ovation at emily's list, didn't mention the controversy. what does that tell you about how she views the story? >> so far clinton's camp is aggressive pushing back behind the scenes the overall narrative coming from them is that this is a nonstory that this was all above board, she didn't break any laws by doing this. but i think over the course of the last 24 hours, we have seen a lot of new questions raised about just what is going on i think in light of the ap story that shows that she has her own e-mail server registered to a person that so far the associated press could not identify leads to more questions about why it was that she was conducting official government business on strictly a private e-mail account. i would also like to note that there are some democrats raising
7:16 am
questions about whether or not jeb bush for example, is being treated in the same way that hillary clinton is on the subject of the e-mails. i think it is important to point out that bush has released a number of e-mails that he conducted on his private e-mail account when he was governor of florida, which is something we haven't seen yet from the clintons on this. however, i do have information now from jeb bush's spokeswoman that says that bush does actually own the server that he uses to conduct his e-mail exchanges on that private e-mail address, which is in the public domain. >> so that domain that jeb owns he was using when he was governor? >> yes. he has been using even still, so if you look at many of the e mailings they released that was the e-mail address he was using, that he gave to floridians to conduct communications with him on but like i said they have just told me that he in fact
7:17 am
owns the server that that e-mail was conducted over so possibly not a dissimilar situation from what we are seeing with the clintons, although i am waiting for additional information on that. >> and how do you see this resonating with regular folks? >> it is starting to have effect certainly in the political class, democrats who are already slightly nervous about the questions surrounding the conduct of the clinton foundation and whether it was totally above board to take foreign donations while clinton was secretary of state, were not pleased to see this e-mail controversy arise, also governing the time concerning the time she was in government at secretary of state. there's an important distinction between her service as secretary of state and jeb's 12 years ago as florida governor. she was a member of the obama administration, which pledged transparency from the start, and
7:18 am
which told all officials and lower level employees from the start that they were not to use -- that they were to use government e-mail addresses for all official business and were discouraged from using private e-mail. what the state department and clinton spokespeople said that wasn't a strict prohibition. what she did may have gone against the letter of instructions from the obama administration from the white house, but didn't violate any ban or law that was in effect when she was at state. that may be true but it is starting to sound like splitting hairs, and i think beyond the political class it is starting to resonate with people who wonder wait a minute did she have something to hide if not, why set it up this way. this ap story is incredible. she owned the server at her house in chappaqua through which government e-mail was being passed. that's the kind of thing that
7:19 am
begins to raise questions about why? and who allowed her to do that. >> ap says it physically owned it in her house physically was kept there. >> right. >> i think it could create a problem for the clintons particularly because bill and clinton together have the very large organization, how do you think this is going to play? >> i think ann was raising a good point which is that this raises broader questions about why this was happening and whether or not the clintons are committed to the kind of transparency that the obama administration wanted their officials to have also to what voters would expect from public officials and what we have seen is them react in this very sort of defensive crouch and it is starting to be a question of whether or not they can recognize whether or not there is a real problem here instead of simply going back and being
7:20 am
so defensive about what happened here. >> kasie hunt ann gear and, thank you for being here. nice to see you. up next we will zoom through today's other top stories, including a volcanic eruption forcing thousands from their homes in chile. and more drones are spotted flying over paris. and a major federal crackdown shedding light on a shadow industry called birth tourism. these stories and a lot more ahead on "the rundown."
7:21 am
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7:25 am
a ukraine mine explosion, paris drones. let's zoom through today's top stories. dozens of miners feared dead in the war torn eastern region of donesk. the blast occurred at a depth more than 3200 feet, and 3200 workers in the mine at the time. the man suspected in two shootings on highways in maryland, including one near the national security agency, is now in custody. federal official says the suspect has mental problems and the shootings do not appear to be terror related. nsa is investigating damage near the building of washington highway appears to be from gunshots. hours earlier, shots were fired about 12 miles away. police say one vehicle was hit, one injured by broken better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! i'm a weight watchers coach, all of us have lost weight with weight watchers and are now helping other people do the same. log into your computer or your phone at anytime and you can chat with me.
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alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis.
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so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. want to know a secret? i wasn't always a redhead. you'd never know it though because it's nice'n easy color so natural looking it's clairol's #1 authentic color that's always true to you. so shift a shade and still look like your most amazing you. we are staying on top of developments from boston where opening statements are now under way in the marathon bombing murder trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. in the past half hour jurors were brought into the courtroom, assistant u.s. attorney has begun to outline the case against tsarnaev accused of joining his brother in planting and detonating two pressure cooker bombs by the marathon finish line. rehema ellis is in boston with
7:29 am
more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. details being given to the jurors from the prosecution are very detailed. he began his opening statements just a short while ago. we have a producer inside the courtroom sharing information with me which i want to share with you. one of the things prosecutors told the jurors he said it was a family day, running of the boston marathon but he says the defendant wasn't there to watch the marathon. he had a backpack over his shoulder and inside that backpack he had a bomb the type of bomb preferred by terrorists the purpose of that bomb is to shred flesh. again, as i say, it was gruesome, it was detailed and horrific about the kind of injuries that the victims suffered. three people were killed 260 people injured. he goes on to say one of the things the defendant did was that just before the bomb went off, he walked over to an area in front of a restaurant to place his bomb right behind a row of children. one of those children was an
7:30 am
eight-year-old child, martin richard. this is the trial of a suspected terrorist. the security is very tight. i want to take you here to we are on the water in boston and here you can see a u.s. coast guard boat. part of the security force that's out here in force today. the u.s. coast guard and boston police boats patrolling the water also. move back here to the federal courthouse, again as we say, this is a trial involving a suspected terrorist. there are 30 federal counts against tsarnaev 17 of which carry the death penalty. the jurors have been asked if they find the defendant as guilty, could they render a death penalty verdict. all of them were seated because they said they have the possibility to do that. jose, i should tell you, there has not been an execution in massachusetts since 1947. they outlawed the death penalty in this state in the 1980s. but this isn't a state case it is a federal case. >> we will continue to watch developments from the courthouse, keep you posted as
7:31 am
we get them. a congressional committee targeting hillary clinton, promising to dig deeper into revelations that the former secretary of state used personal e-mail to communicate in office. clinton isn't talking about it. tuesday she focused on building toward a potential white house run. >> and i suppose it is only fair to say don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? joining me michigan senator debbie stab now. pleasure to see you. >> great to be with you. >> what do you make of charges? does clinton need to respond to them do you think? >> jose the fact of the matter is she followed the rules, released over 55,000 e-mails, the rules did change about a year ago and they'll sort through all of that but i have to say there's a lot more that's going to come. we know as we have watched what happened with president obama over and over again, we know
7:32 am
with secretary clinton it is going to be a negative campaign. the good news is that she's tough and prepared for it and i have never seen anyone male or female more prepared more knowledgeable, more skilled to be president of the united states. so i am ready for hillary. >> does it strike you as odd she would not have a state department account being head of the state department? >> you know this is a question that we have to talk to other secretaries of state about, colin powell and others. i am not in the intricacies of how the e-mail system works, but i can tell you that she was a terrific secretary of state and when asked to come forward came forward with 55,000 pages of e-mails and complied with the law. >> you opted to netanyahu's speech yesterday, degive you any thoughts on the president's strategy with iran?
7:33 am
>> it is important we do everything possible to get a tough, credible effective agreement with iran because we have difficult choices otherwise, so i think it is important to allow that to continue and frankly i am very disappointed one area since i have been here there was never partisan politics involved with support for israel. that changed with the way the speaker did this. it is very concerning i think for all of us and i am hopeful that after yesterday that we can get back to the business of doing what needs to be done. >> and senator, as far as possible agreement with iran could happen within this month, do you think the senate should have some supervision over it because we are speaking earlier in the hour the senator was saying well this won't be a
7:34 am
treaty, i don't think the senate needs to get involved in that way. do you see that same difference? >> jose we will be involved one way or the other. certainly we will have review we will have briefings, we will have the opportunity to speak, we have the appropriations process, we have a number of ways to be involved so the question really right now for me is the motives of the republicans trying to create the havoc that they have in the middle of the final negotiations. it is 50/50 at best that there will be an agreement that makes sense for the united states or for israel or for those around the world. but certainly we ought to give them every chance to do that before folks monday morning quarterback before they know the facts. >> i want to ask about barbara mikulski that is retiring after
7:35 am
this term. >> she's amazing. >> what will the senate lose when she leaves? >> first of all, first woman elected in her own right, longest serving woman ever. this is a woman with an incredible place in history. she's passionate about science and medical research and technology and women's health care and equal pay. and she has been a mentor to every single one of the women in the senate democrats and republicans, and there's no way you can replace her. >> thanks for being with me. great to see you this morning. >> thanks very much. developing now, awaiting news conference by department of justice on the investigation that reportedly found racial bias by ferguson missouri police detailing how african-american drivers were more likely to be searched all people kept at the city jail for more than two days african-american. and use of force involving african americans. it comes six months after then
7:36 am
officer darren wilson fatally shot unarmed teen michael brown. joining me state senator. pleasure to see you. >> pleasure to be with you again, jose. >> what's your reaction to this report? >> i have to tell you, the information that i have been reading the last couple days is quite disturbing. some of the jokes that have been passed around on public computers is an outrage. we are not shocked at some of the statistics when it comes to stopping individuals when walking and ticketing excessively individuals as they go about their business every single day, but i have to tell you i am quite aware of how people are feeling now in our community and having these facts that have been coming out the last couple of days are only a beginning to change. >> senator, let's talk about those facts. officials familiar with the report say in two years before michael brown was fatally shot
7:37 am
in 88% of cases when police used force, the suspect was african-american. 93% of the people arrested. what can be done to change this? >> well first of all, i am calling for the chief to resign. i do believe the ferguson municipal police department needs to be disbanded. we have heard again and again for the last six months that there has not been a racial problem in ferguson whatsoever, and that's completely untrue. the mayor is accountable for what's been happening on his watch as well as the chief of police but it is more than just ferguson. these types of practices happen throughout the st. louis region and we have to address those issues and be quite open. i do not want any other police department to think that they are immune from any kind of changes in the future. >> and senator, you and i talked about this in the past but it is important to just underline how important it is for people to get involved in the political
7:38 am
system they're elected officials that represent communities, they work in police departments, and it is important that people who have the opportunity to vote because that's the way to make real change and difference in this country do so. >> that's absolutely correct. as we know more than 65% of the population in ferguson is african-american. we do have elections that are coming up. this is a great opportunity for people to exercise their vote and show america frankly how disappointed they are in the municipal government in which they live so i am hoping that people come out in droves and exercise their voices. we have been working actively in the legislature as well as on the ground. people have been adamant about change and we want to have that change, but we are going to have to be honest. and people who are supporting the status quo are going to have to understand that their time is now over. >> always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you so much jose.
7:39 am
now to a major trip joe biden is wrapping up in central america. he met with presidents of guatemala, honduras el salvador, thee countries at the heart of the spike of undocumented minors at the border. biden's message about improving lives on the ground was optimistic. he warned a lot of work still has to be done. >> all the outside money in the world will not deal with the structural problems that exist or the government's problems that exist or problems relating to corruption and police enforcement, but i am convinced that your leaders are committed to making substantial change. >> good morning, what was the main headline out of this trip? >> i would say more than a follow-up from their meeting last year vice president biden's trip there is more like a check up and really the u.s. is trying to make sure that these
7:40 am
presidents of the three nations are basically doing what they said they were going to do. listen, the u.s. has asked for a record amount of aid for those three nations, $1 billion. and in essence what the u.s. is trying to do is create better conditions on the ground not to see a repeat of what we saw here last summer. it is already march. the temperatures jose as you know will start to warm up. it is that time of year people try to make that trek from those countries, crossing into mexico and then eventually into the united states, and the government just doesn't want to see that happen again, but as vice president biden said no matter how much money you put into the areas, the magnitude of what is happening there, the corruption the violence and poverty and in reality it is up to those governments and private sector in those nations to make the changes needed.
7:41 am
back to you. >> let's see if they make the changes needed. lori montenegro in washington, thank you. a historic move, winning over supporters of gay rights. and ben cars on under fire for controversial comments. those details and more ahead on "the rundown." it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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enjoy the relief. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. now to big news out of california on the political front. california republican party is officially recognizing a gay republican group, log cabin republicans for the first time in the state party's history. juxtapose that news with comments this morning from another potential republican 2016 contender, ben carson. >> you think being gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight, and when they come out, they're gay. so did something happen while they were in there? ask yourself that question.
7:45 am
>> i am joined by chair of the california chapter of log cabin republicans, charles moran. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i want reaction to ben carson's comments. do you see a place for him in the party? >> dr. carson is a smart man, but comments are ignorant and out of mainstream for america and the republican party. >> what do you mean? look, he did well in the iowa straw poll, he generates comments and conversations, how is he different? >> i think if you look at mainstream candidates that the republican party is advancing, and we have phenomenal candidates, scott walker jeb bush chris christie i think there's going to be a lot of diversity in the republican field, dr. carson's comments this is not the first time he said things like this is not part of the mainstream. once you look at his record on
7:46 am
this and understand that he is being more divisive than inclusive, the only way republicans will win in election in 2016 is focusing on politics of inclusion versus politics of exclusion. >> i want to ask you about different news in your home state. you call this the culmination of a 15 year journey. talk to me about that journey. >> log cabin republicans was founded here almost 40 years ago at the behest of governor ronald reagan. through that time log cabin republicans has grown across the country and strived to be recognized and here in california the organization has tried to become recognized as a volunteer republican organization by the state republican party, and after the end of a nearly 20 year journey, log cabin republicans is now officially recognized as a volunteer organization by our california republican party, and it is a historic moment not just for the republican party but also because it empowers us to take our message of individual
7:47 am
responsibility, personal freedom, small government, strong national defense, to the lgbt community, to college campuses urban community to say while we may not agree 100% of the time you have a home in the republican party, and it is going to make our job easier to recruit people to the party and get them to consider voting for republicans in elections. >> charles moran, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. also in california, a major crackdown of something many people may not have heard of, birth tourism. it involves pregnant women coming to the united states to give birth on u.s. soil so their babies will automatically become u.s. citizens. let's get the latest from nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: federal agents came in unannounced, searching some 20 locations in southern california, including a high end complex in irvine called the carlyle. the same place advertised on this chinese website with a cartoon that translates in any language a pregnant woman coming to america and leaving with an american baby.
7:48 am
federal officials say this man and his partner made millions running a birth hotel at the carlyle. the business allegedly charged pregnant chinese women 40 to $80,000 for housing, transportation, and u.s. passport for their newborn. they were coached to get a tourist visa without mentioning their pregnancy and to enter the u.s. through hawaii or vegas to avoid higher security in los angeles. this client says that american passport means her child can be educated in the u.s., through chen's operation more than 400 babies born at one hospital alone, court papers allege. hospitals were told the women had no insurance, the hospitals were stuck with most or all of the bills. >> people live in apartment complexes like this or people in the health care industry we ask them that if they see some signs of this that they contact us no matter where it is in the country, so we can look into it. >> reporter: in 2011 we went inside a maternity hotel in new
7:49 am
york. >> all the babies are upstairs right? >> yes, babies upstairs. >> my goodness. >> look at all these babies. >> reporter: they offered a luxury experience with catered meals, shopping excursions. authorities say it is hard to crackdown on birth tourism since it is not illegal to have a baby visiting the u.s. but authorities gathered evidence of potential federal crimes, tax fraud, visa fraud, defrauding hospitals. federal investigators say one other business rated star baby care center advertised they helped 8,000 pregnant women. >> kate snow reporting. a live look at the boston courthouse where opening statements are now under way in the boston marathon bombing murder trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. learning details from the prosecutor, including details about when he began listening to terrorist music and songs. and in 2013 tsarnaev set up an online account, said he knew how
7:50 am
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do you ever wonder what it is like being a child genius? one college professor is sharing his unique insight into what it is like being one. but has advice on how they should be treated. it is part of seven days of genius coverage. we are partnering with 92nd street y. joining me professor of mathematics who knows firsthand what it is like to be a child genius. professor, good morning. you say child geniuses needless attention, not more. why? >> well, it is not so much with the individual child, the way i say it genius is a thing that happens, not a kind of person. in other words if we have the idea that there's a special kind
7:54 am
of kid, geniuses are here everybody else is over there, and somebody who is at eight years old not already elite, they don't have a chance to succeed and chance to accomplish, that's a bad message to send to all kids. it might be true in ice skating or gymnastics not true in math science or the arts. >> i want to talk about your case. at age 12 you got a perfect 800 on math sat, 680 on verbal. you say talent is not a number. what do you mean by that? >> well what i mean is that those tests by the way are awesome and i like them i am glad we have them they're incredibly useful but don't tell you everything. you want to know who would be a great american novelist, like 30 or 40 years from now, we would not be able to figure that out counting how big the vocabulary was at age six. that tells you something, but it is far from telling you everything. if we decide in advance people that get the highest scores on the test are the ones that are talented are the ones that go far, we will miss a lot of
7:55 am
talent. no doubt about it. >> you write most child prodigys are highly successful but most highly successful people weren't child prodigys. this is a hard lesson for prodigys themselves. is this a lesson you had to learn? >> yeah that's something that when you're a kid and far above grade level which i was, i worked with a lot of other people who are, you know everybody is telling you like you're the best at math or in another subject, you're the best at science, art, whatever it is. what you learn as you grow up and become an adult, see others that accomplished a lot, there's a lot of different life courses. some people start early, some people start later, and it is not always the earliest starters. but earliest starters on average do great, studies show that but they're not the only ones that do great. >> i wonder to wrap it up if you're cataloged as a child genius, does that make you an older genius or old genius? once you're no longer a child, what does that make you? >> first of all, are you saying
7:56 am
i'm old? i like early middle age. >> coming from me you look like a teenager. but you're still a genius as far as i am concerned, thank you, jordan. thanks for being with me. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> all this week we will have more on seven days of genius. vote in the bracket for ultimate genius. steve jobs or marie curie. for more log onto did i call him old, victor? i didn't call him old, did i? that wraps up "the rundown," thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. see you tomorrow. lp you? ♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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8:00 am
nearly two years ago. the courthouse where the trial is held is two miles from the site of the 2013 bombing that killed three people and injured 260 more. dozens of victims of the attack are in that packed courtroom today, having arrived in two buses early this morning, entering through a side entrance away from cameras and reporters. defense attorneys will argue that dzhokhar tsarnaev who was 19 at the time of the bombing is dominated and controlled by his older brother, tapper lynn, a man that was the master mind of the attack if con vicked he would face the death penalty or life in prison. rehema ellis is in boston. we are getting details, hearing the defense say that it was him, referring back to dzhokhar tsarnaev in the video, also saying the crimes were senseless and that they would not try to side step his


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