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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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washington. we begin with the breaking news the emergency situation at new york's laguardia airport in the snow. the faa tells nbc news that delta flight 1086 was landing coming in from atlanta when it slid off the runway. and nbc's tom costello joins us with more. tom, you were talking about the arrester beds we know that the runway there is surrounded by water. we don't know but it certainly looks like that was the last line of defense. >> well, yeah i want to preface that yet again, we don't know if arrester beds played a role in this plane -- i won't call it a crash -- going off the end of the runway. just to recap if you're just joining us. this is an md-88, the customized version for delta airlines they took possession of in the late '80s and early 90s. in this case we had 120 people on board and 5 crew members. the faa telling us this happened at 11:09 a.m. when flight 1086
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went off the end of the runway. you can see from the video, no panic here. it would not appear there are any obvious signs of injuries people seem to be getting off rather slowly and calmly and some it would appear don't have their coats, some people warming themselves as they go off the plane sitting here on a snowy tarmac at the end of the runway at laguardia. laguardia in the northeast getting hit with a snowstorm. low visibility a lot of clouds and icing and snowing conditions expected through the day. but the good news here is at the moment, we have no reports of any injuries from this plane going off the end of the runway. >> and it appears that the passengers got off the plane, deplaned via the slides. >> that's right. >> which could not have been very comfortable in this weather? >> i'm sure it wasn't it's better than the alternative of not getting off. that's exactly why they make
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these systems to work the way they do. fire rescue personnel as you can see responded very quickly with not only the port authority but also the fdny and the new york police department. this i would tell you also that the faa is telling us that this situation is going to any ses tate that laguardia remain closed until approximately 6:59 p.m. in true faa fashion, they are down to the minute. they would reexpect to reopen at 6:59 p.m. laguardia is so critical to any air travel into and out of the big apple. and so when you have laguardia shut down it creates a pretty significant ripple effect. how however, i said that but will also now say, you had significantly reduced schedules into and out of the northeast because of the storm. it's entirely possible that the impact today on the system will
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not be as great as it would have been had this been a blue sky day, monday through friday on a weekday. >> and by the way, we've just heard from a wnbc reporter nbc reporter there that officials say there were only some minor injuries minor injuries only according to the fire department there. captain john cox is an msnbc analyst and joins us by phone. tell us about that runway and what the plane was likely experiencing given the weather? >> well the runway is about 7,000 feet long both of the runways in laguardia are pretty much the same length. and laguardia is considered what i would call reasonably short airport, it's one that pilots were very aware of the need to get the airplane on the ground and get it stopped, particularly in conditions where you have ice and snow involved. it is a place because of the
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surrounding environment that you put the airplane on the ground and get it stopped. the md-83, this type of aircraft has been in service for many many years. it's a very proven design. the shall this is the time of landing they would have made numerous times before. it's something professional pilots deal with with some regularity. the best news is that the evacuation appears to have gone smoothly. this is something airline crews train for and it looks like the training paid off. >> with the amount of ice and snow on the runway how hard is it to break the plane and get it to come to a short on a relatively short runway as you described? >> it can be challenging. one thing you always ask for is the braking action of the airplane in front of you. the previous airplane you'll be getting reports read up to you that the braking action was
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fair good or poor. that helps the captain decide if continuing the approach is in fact a good idea. because the situations can change and braking action can deteriorate as conditions on runway get worse or more slippery. so once the airplane is on the ground, there are panels on the wing that come up and transfer of the weight of the airplane on the wheels which help the brakes slow the airplane down. and also there's thrust reverse on the engines that help pt airplanes slow down. there are devices that help decelerate the airplane and the anti-skid system somewhat like what is in your car but to a much more sophisticated degree really help the airplane brakes slow the airplane down. this is weather we can normally operate in very safely and the national transportation safety board will have to look into what happened to this particular flight to have it get off the side of the runway. >> and the port authority is the
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main responder but the -- you can see the fire truck there, the fire department is there assisting but as we understand it, tom costello, if you're still there, there was no leakage of fuel that we know of. >> there was some reporting of a fuel leaking -- yes, there was report of a fuel leak but it's not clear -- >> thanks for correcting me. >> that's all right. the reason i'm hesitating is because there were some tweets suggesting that the pilot had reported prior to the landing that he was leaking fuel. now, i got to tell you, i'm really skeptical about that. we'll how that plays out but we do understand there may have been fuel leaking after the incident which would not be unexpected given the fact that the plane as you can see -- you've got people coming off the end -- first of all, it's experienced a very physically stressful event for the aircraft and people coming off of the wing. if john cox is still there, i was curious because john has flown into and out of laguardia
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as a captain for u.s. airways and we're fortunate to have the benefit of his experience, but john are there in fact arrester beds at the end of the runways, runway 13? >> also 13 there is -- as i remember there is an e mass system that would help if it went off the end and helped slow the airplane down. i'm unclear if they landed on 13 or 31 31 i don't believe there's a system. on 13 i think there is. if they were landing to the southeast, i believe there is a system on the runway to help slow the airplane should it go off the end. >> i want to recap for our viewers the statement from delta that delta flight 1086 from atlanta to new york laguardia exited runway 13, according to this written statement.
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custodymer customers deplaned and dealt at a will work with all authorities and stake holders to look into what happened to this incident. what does that tell you about runway 13? >> 13 is a runway that's not used -- probably the least used for landing in laguardia. so that is the reason i was a little bit hesitant. it is one you typically can come up the hudson and make the turn in for the landing. but it's -- it's a case where it's -- there is a an area beyond the runway that's prepared which would help the airplane slow down if in fact it overran the runway itself. so the good news to me is the fact that the evacuation went well and there are no injuries but the training that this flight crew had for the evacuation turned out so well.
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>> and tom costello when -- as you look at this scene, what does all of this tell you about the conditions and what could have led -- >> premature, the ntsb will have to look at it. john was talking about confusion over 13 and 31. here's 13 you come in like this. this aircraft is either here we're not clear at this point, either way here at the end of runway 13 or 31 comes in like this and so the plane is up here. we need to get this nailed down. but this is the same landing strip, 13 if you come in from this angle and 31 if you come in from this angle. >> tom, just to interrupt, according to the statement from delta that our producer your producer jay blackman has put into our computer system it is 13 -- >> that's right. that's why -- when you're in the middle of an emergency, of
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course, you may get confused on whether you're talking about the same piece of cement the question is are you calling it 13 or 31. but that's right. that's why i've been saying all along, if it was 13 down at the end of the runway right on that berm before you would go back over into the water. >> and msnbc's tramaine lee joins me by phone. what can you see from your vantage point? >> i'm at delta terminal d at laguardia inside there's not much chaos outside. as far as i can see, there are ambulances and fire response vehicles and emergency response vehicles but i don't see many people, about 10 or 15 minutes ago i saw emergency personnel wheeling in stretchers into the airplane but i haven't seen anyone come out as of yesterday. >> and tom costello as you can
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see, the response to this situation, right now ufl got everyone evacuated as far as we know safely. there may have been some minor injuries according would wnbc's reporter. and now the examination begins as to what happened and whether fuel that may have leaked has been contained and the safety. they don't seem to have fire trucks up -- >> i think that's -- >> we see the fire trucks there but they are not up next to the plane. >> unfortunately we're also watching a repeated loop of the same video so we'll be anxious to see what the new video looks like. you're right just based on the activity on the scene, the fire ap rat tuesday from the fire rescue unit is clearly able to contain whatever fuel spill there might have been. the body language would suggest it held up remarkably well in this incident.
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it's not fractured it would not appear. you have no sign of fire people coming off in a very orderly fashion, escorted by as you can see firefighters. to your point about the investigation now, this will clearly be an investigation led by the ntsb and faa to determine what happened. this may be a really easy one to figure out. if the pilot says listen we suddenly were skidding right off the end of the runway then the other dynamics will play into this. what was your speed? were you coming in at an appropriate speed? too high? too fast? in a situation where you should have gone around? all of the questions will play into it. it may simply be there was nothing a pilot could do that he hit a very icy stretch and went off the end of the runway. this investigation will look at all of the pilot factors and all of the factors involving the aircraft itself, did the brakes work properly? what about the engine performance? how did everybody perform inside that aircraft?
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did the passengers all do as they were told? did the flight attendants perform as they were told? the emergency response will be part of this investigation as well how quickly were fire rescue personnel on the scene and how quickly were they getting people out. was there ever a hint of fuel or smoke. all of this plays into this investigation. and the reason is because we have a tremendous track record. in fact yesterday, he was addressing some 1600 air traffic controllers at their national convention in las vegas. there was a great discussion there about how we as a system always learn from problems from instances and accidents and whatever the case may be. apply those lessons to ensure we don't have that kind of incident. the safety record in this country of aviation is truly remarkable when we have not had a u.s. carrier, a u.s. carrier
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involved in a fatal plane crash since the colgan air crash in buffalo which was five or six years ago. prior to that you have too go back to the plane crash in queens in november of 2001. a remarkable safety record in this country and it's because they apply the lessons learned to ensure we don't repeat those mistakes. >> and the colgan crash was because of sleep deprivation and not equipment failure. >> that's right. >> i want to go to wnbc's chris glorioso who just spoke to emergency responders. >> with the fire department official who told me that at this very moment the fire department is triaging with a few victims in this incident but they are suffering only from minor injuries and that is very good news. i can also tell you that just within the last couple of minutes we started to see a good number of fire equipment make it into the area where the runways
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are. it appeared to me when we first got there there had to be a lot of plowing to the access roads to the runway in order for this equipment to get here. we're told by the fire department as you probably have been speaking about, around 11:09 this morning fdny did get word this plane skidded off the runway and at that point -- this is just a state of essentially protocol, that they responded with just a real show of as you can see behind me a number of vehicles. they say over 25 units immediately responded here. we've likely got more than that right now. and at this point i have no -- just moments ago i had no discussion with the fire official about this possible fuel leak esh yu. as you can imagine, as a matter of protocol they do not want to take any chances. >> that was chris glorioso
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moments abgo from wnbc. we want to snow about snow conditions, you have a plane coming in from atlanta and certain amount of fuel and needs so land. if the runway isn't clear or slick, you said earlier, tom costello, maybe you can help with this that arriving pilots would check on the braking time of the plane that just landed or planes that had just landed previously. does there come a time they would close the runway and try to clear it from snow? >> if john is not there, if john cox is not there, i'll take that. yes, absolutely this is a constant situation where they are monitoring conditions of the runways and ramps and if it becomes a situation where the snow is getting ahead of them instead of them getting ahead of the snow yes, they will close runways and go out there and scrape it off as best they can and staying ahead of a storm like this is a particular challenge when you have this mixture of not only snow but ice as you know.
9:17 am
ice is a real problem when you're trying to bring in these high speed aircraft into an airplane, any airport in the country but clearly laguardia you're talking about icy conditions those runways face and compound that with the snow yeah this is a constant challenge they face on a day like this. listen, it's also one they do and deal with all the time. this is new york city. this is laguardia and port authority, they are pros at snow and ice and you have the air traffic controllers in the tower at the top of their game. these are veterans working -- you only get to work laguardia if you got a lot of years under your belt because you are -- your expertise is needed there. let me just reiterate if you didn't catch it earlier, that the faa has closed laguardia until 6:59 eastern time is what they are saying as a result of this incident and the ongoing investigation. they are going to have to pull that aircraft as you can imagine off the end of the runway and
9:18 am
secure it at some point. that's going to take an awful lot of apparatus and clearly they want to make sure there's no debris that's sitting out on the runway. they want to clear any pieces of wreckage, if anything fell off the plane, from a nut, bolt to something considerably bigger than that. they need to get all of that picked up so another aircraft doesn't -- its engines don't ingest that material and cause a significant engine damage. so after any incident like this there is a very long list of issues and protocols they need to work through, the priority is making sure everybody safe is taken care of and securing the scene and ensuring that they've got everything picked up and out of the way. >> with us now is tom bund a retired airline captain and aviation expert joining us by
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phone. can you tell us what would have been going on in the cockpit a little over an hour ago when this took place? >> coming into runway 13 the approach is a little steeper than the other approaches. i was thinking that might have made the landing a little more difficult. other thing that i was just checking to see what the prevailing winds are and they are coming from the northwest. if that was -- if the winds haven't changed from what they were when the plane landed, they landed in a tail wind which means that air speed from the wind is increase being the speed of the plane as it hits the runway which makes it harder to stop. that may have been a factor -- >> what would the air space have been? >> i'm sorry? >> i'm sorry i was wondering what kind of air speed, what would he have been flying at he or she? xbl normal landing speed is in the 130 to 140 knot range and
9:20 am
normally you have a head wind if you're flying 130, you're crossing the ground at 120 which means you don't have as much momentum to stop. when you have a tail wind it reverses that. instead of 120, you're coming in at 140 with a tail wind it makes it much harder to stop. that may have been a factor. i checked the airport diagram and there is engineers system at the end of the runway. from the best i can tell of the photographs, the plane is not off the very end of the runway but off to the right of the end of the runway. i don't know if anyone has been able to confirm that who's on the scene. >> it certainly appears that way. thanks very much. we're going to take a quick break and be right back. you're watching live coverage on msnbc of the incident that took place about 11:10 eastern time about an hour and ten minutes ago with snow and ice, a delta
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airline plane from atlanta landing and skidding off the runway at laguardia airport, all of the passengers, all 125 passengers and five crew members taken safely off the plane exiting by the slides, the emergency slides. we'll be right back.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. we're continuing live coverage on the accident at laguardia airport. according to the port authority, delta flight 1086 from atlanta to laguardia landed on runway 13 and skidded into a fence at approximately 11:05 eastern. all 125 passengers and 5 crew members were taken safely off the plane. they exited by those shoots. there do not appear to be injuries. multiple rescue crews are on the scene, all according to the port authority. airport runways are closed due to standard procedures after
9:25 am
such incidents and the national transportation safety board is on its way at this time. checking on the weather that was going on at this time when the plane skidded off the runway domenica davis joins us with more. >> you know it's interesting because looking at what we were dealing with last couple of hours, the visibility was compromised, down to a quarter mile visibility. on a clear day, ten miles. that is significantly lowered. and also hearing freezing fog is being reported at laguardia. fog is a low lying cloud and influenced by bodies of water. and you have that near the airport. when you get reports of freezing fog, the mist that comes from the fog is freezing on contact, it's an extremely dangerous
9:26 am
situation and it often leads to a lot of accidents and skidding. >> that is a tricky phenomenon, that could definitely be a factor. this system is coming through and the visibility will continue to be compromised and we have heavy bands of snow once again. we have been seeing heavy bands of snow on and off throughout the morning. hasn't been a whole lot of snow accumulation but we have been getting bands of heavy snow. look at the temperatures, we're all below freezing. so this definitely does cater to a slick and icy conditions that we're seeing. we're going to continue to see that as well. temperatures have been holding in the 20s. this system that came through really dropped those temperatures, so just even 12 hours ago, 24 hours ago, we were looking at temperatures 20 to 10 degrees warmer. it's been a significant shift in temperatures that would certainly lead to some freezing. now, as far as the forecast goes
9:27 am
and this is certainly going to continue to be a problem for all of the airports in the area, not only is the visibility going to continue to be low but we're seeing the snow come down. we're looking at 2 to 3 inches right around laguardia down through jfk and into the city. unfortunately conditions are not going to get any better over the next couple of hours, andrea. >> thanks so much for that update. and we also heard from captain tom bund a few moments ago that that plane did have a tail wind so that may have increased the speed on the landing, on the approach and that that is a tricky runway because it is rapid and steep approach for the landing. we have a lot of breaking news overseas, john kerry was in saudi arabia today trying to reassure nervous allies in the gulf about the emerging nuclear deal with tehran the saudis
9:28 am
signaled privately if iran were to get a bomb, so would they. i'm joined by the chairman john mccain. thanks for being with us on a busy news day. first of all, your take on whether the nuclear deal -- whether john kerry and administration are too eager for this deal as israel has said and what you're hearing from the allies that you talk to all the time in the gulf. >> they are not only eager but desperate because of the delusion that there's going to be a resolution with iran which is delusional to say degree which is staggers the imagination. the second thing is i've met with these leaders and they no longer trust us or have confidence. the foreign minister of the one of the middle eastern countries told me he said we're
9:29 am
beginning to think it's better to be america's enemy than its friend the saudis have the ability to rapidly acquire nuclear weapons if they see this as a bad deal which they do. this is really one of the most serious situations that i've seen because one of the immediate results will be the nuclearization of the entire middle east. zarif told ann curry in an exclusive interview that he believes that israel should be anile late ds not the jewish people but the regime. let me play a little of that. >> it should be anile ated this regime is a threat a regime that engages in the killing of innocent children and regime
9:30 am
that engages in acts of aggression. >> he was responding to ann's questions about the ayatolla's tweet and said that there are jews in iran and iranian parliament that this is not anile yags of the jewish people but anil lags of the regime. what does that tell you whether a deal could get through the senate? >> well again, i thought one of the most important part of the prime minister of israel's speech to the senate -- congress was pointing out the long record that iran has, including the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador in washington. most importantly and terribly important is that it was the same guy who's on the ground in tikrit right now that sent the
9:31 am
most lethal ieds into iraq which killed at least 1,000 young americans because of the capabilities that they imparted. these are the same people that train the shia militia. he is on the ground outside tikrit directing this operation, which is a stirring ind indicator of how great the ran yan influence is and same ones that brought hezbollah into syria to kill thousands and thousands of syrians when bashar al assad was about to fall. so you can understand why the arab nations in the region see this continued attempts at persian hedgemy in the reason not to mention at least yemen, backed by iran as well. we believe it's delusional to think that somehow you're going
9:32 am
to have some kind of profitable relationship with the country that continues to export terror throughout the region. >> senator, i want to ask you about the hillary clinton e-mail issue. john kerry was also asked about that today. here's what he had to say. >> the state department has had access to a wide array of secretary clinton's records, including e-mails between her and department of officials with the accounts as well as cables as they do for every secretary of state. i think we have all of the ones that are which are appropriately the ones in the purview of the department. let me check on that when i have time to pay attention to such an important issue when i get home. >> clearly the state department doesn't seem to believe this is a major issue but a lot of questions have been raised. she's only responded with a tweet at 11:35 last night saying
9:33 am
that she has asked the state department to release the records that she has turned over. what is the risk of her having used exclusively an private e-mail system during her tenure as secretary of state? >> it appears to many and i'm not a legal expert on this but it appears to many that it's a violation of a law that was passed a few years ago but more importantly, this is the same individual that just scoriated the bush administration for hiding communications within the administration. the question i think that's going to rise over time is how can we be confident that once she carries out what she tweeted, that is that she wants all of the e-mails known, how are we going to know that? how are we going to have
9:34 am
verification of that? so i think this is serious. and i'm willing to give her or anyone who defends her the benefit of defending it or explaining it but on its face it seems to be rather serious. >> i've read that you don't e-mail. why not, senator? >> well you know andrea you and i have had the pleasure of knowing each other for a number of years. from time to time i get a little emotional -- >> we've mixed it up a little bit in the past senator. >> i'm afraid that if i was e-mailing given my solid always calm temperament that i might e-mail something i might regret. i would rather use the phone and rather use tweets -- i just think that it's something that could -- you could send out an e-mail that you would regret
9:35 am
later on and would maybe taken out of context. andfrankly, i don't have any trouble communicating with my constituents without it. >> senator john mccain, thank you very much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> and back at laguardia trymaine lee joins me by phone and john cox. captain cox, let me first ask you -- sorry, it's trymaine lee, let me ask you what you're seeing out there at laguardia. >> about ten minutes ago i saw the only person so far that i've seen pulled out of the terminal on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. other than that it looks like the ambulance and emergency vehicles are blocking part of the roadway leading up to the terminal and otherwise inside it's relatively quiet. the actual landing into the gates are all closed and folks -- so many cancellations and folks are milling about, kind of frustrated trying to get
9:36 am
out of new york. >> and it's going to be quite a situation there. tom costello having said they are not planning to reopen the runway if then until later tonight, 6:00 or later tonight. thanks so much we'll be back in a moment. take a quick break for some messages. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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we have new audio from the pilot to the air traffic controller coming in for the landing. let's play that and tom costello can help us understand exactly what was going on in those critical moments. >> close on the 4 -- >> delta 1086. >> runway closed.
9:40 am
>> to go on to 13. >> you copy runway 13 is closed. >> caller 100, runway 13 is closed. >> 13 is closed. >> aircraft off the runway. >> delta go around climb 18. >> going around. >> the airport is closed we have a 34. >> call 100, say again? >> you have an aircraft on 31 please advise crash rescue laguardia airport is closed at this time. >> for 13. >> laguardia tower, go around.
9:41 am
>> go around 2522. >> i'll have it in just a moment. >> tom costello that is a very telling audio from air traffic control. >> i think what you've heard here, is car 100 is a vehicle on the ramp and that vehicle is the one that told the tower, we've got a problem here i need to get out there fast. the tower doesn't know. you heard them calling delta 1086 they don't know they have gone off the end of the runway. it is not until you have other emergency personnel on the ramp on the ground saying close runway 13. then they say, close the airport and the tower says close the airport? and you hear them say, close the airport. you've got a plane off the end of the runway and you heard them say it was off of 31. now you and i had this discussion whether it was 13 or 31. it's the same piece of real estate what matters which
9:42 am
direction you come in. i would say let's play this again one more time because you'll hear now that you understand who all of the players are, car 100 is an emergency vehicle on the ramp telling the tower, we have got a problem, close the runway. the tower says close the runway? then they say, you've got a plane off of the end. can we play that one more time. >> car 100. >> car 100 cross runway 4. >> delta 1086 tower? >> car 100, runway 131 closed. >> red team to go on to 13. >> tower, you copy car 100, runway 13 is closed. >> car 100, 131 is closed. >> 131 closed.
9:43 am
>> team red. >> aircraft off the runway. >> delta 1099 go around. >> 1999 going around. >> the airport is closed. we've got a 34. >> car 100, say again? >> tower, you have an aircraft off 31 on the north vehicle service road. please advice crash rescue laguardia airport is closed at this time. >> will guard i can't towers go around. >> go around 2522. >> 1999 i'll have -- just a moment. >> so tom, briefly it looks like the air traffic controllers were the last to know the plane had gone off the runway. >> i think that's exactly right.
9:44 am
you have the emergency personnel on the ramp saying we have a plane off the end of the runway then the tower tells other flights, go around. you heard the flight coming into 13, that's the same runway that 1086 had come in on and went off the end of the runway. we believe at the end, which would have been the beginning of runway 31. so you have the emergency personnel on the ground who were the ones who said close the airport and close the runway we have a plane off the end. >> we'll take a quick break and be right back. n can help him achieve it. ♪ epic classical♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [owner] come on. [announcer] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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in other major news mark lippert is recovering from surgery after being brutally slashed by an attacker at an appearance in seoul, korea. the knife wielding man left him with wounds to his face and wrist. >> pressure. >> i'm bleeding here i'm bleeding here.
9:48 am
i'm bleeding here. >> call the hospital, get an ambulance. >> i need an ambulance fast. get me to the hospital. >> 55-year-old suspect who previously attacked japan's ambassador was immediately taken into custody while protesting about joint military exercises under way between the u.s. and south korea. doctors say lippert has some parl sis in his left arm and face, he's expected to remain in the hospital for several days. joining me from the white house is ben rhodes for strategic communications and speech writing and i know a great friend of mark lippert's as many of us are add mirrors of him. how is he and have you talked to him or his wife robin? >> well andrea by coincidence, i just heard from mark got an e-mail from him saying he was doing well and in good spirits and he's looking forward to getting healthier. he's there with robin and his child. and we were pleased to hear that after a very horrifying event, he appears to be on the mend.
9:49 am
>> he's actually tweeted in fact -- in fact tweeted doing well in great spirits, deeply moved by the support, we'll be back asap to korea's alliance and his korean writing at the end translates as we go together or let's go together. so he is in remarkable shape considering what he's been through. do you know whether he had diplomatic security the state department's equivalent of the secret service with him at that meeting today? >> yes, he has a security detail i. like our ambassadors do around the world. it's a low threat post in korea, not the same type of security presence you would have at an embassy in the middle east for instance. he did have the security detail with him there. the fact of the matter is this person was just able to attack him before security could get there. the local police were also on
9:50 am
the scene and able to apprehend this suspect. what we always do afteren incident like this alook is what the secure procedures are that are in place. we work with local authorities to make sure our ambassador and embassy staff are comfortable and that's what we're doing now. >> and just to share with our viewers, he was the chief of staff at the nsc. he was the top foreign policy adviser to then senator obama, did the transition and then worked at the pentagon. i think he was a navy s.e.a.l. or intelligence, quite an individual and quite experienced and taken the post in september. at this stage, do you think he can be back on the job? >> mark is a tough guy. as you said, he served in the navy reserve and deployed to iraq for over a year in the middle of the obama campaign 2007, 2008 got called up and left his job working for then senator obama and went and
9:51 am
served his country in iraq. he actually went back into active duty from his job as chief of staff here at the nsc. and served overseas for another tour in 2009 2010. so this is someone who served his country in harm's way, he's a tough guy. i expect he'll be in his job as soon as possible. the tweet he issued today sends that message. he's really taken to the job. they have embraced the korean people and gotten out among the people, they are very prominent there, he speaks korean. i think the bond he has with the korean people is going to only continue to strengthen our alliance and i'm confident mark will be on the job as soon as he can. >> even grigz by the bassett hound has his own twitter account and very popular as well. he's the best and brighter. thanks very much ben, a busy day to share your thoughts about our ambassador in south korea. >> as an extraordinary guy and the president called him last night and we were able to update him this morning.
9:52 am
he's close to the president and the president very much wanting to make sure he's doing well. in our thoughts and prayers. >> thank you very much ben. >> and getting back to laguardia airport, on the phone is the tight end for the new york giants on the plane and joins me by phone. larry, how are you? >> let me tell you, it was just crazy. i'm fine i'm fine now but -- it was scary. >> i can imagine how scary it was. where were you sitting on the plane and when did you first know you were all in trouble? >> i was sitting in the -- >> and what happened as you were coming in for the landing? did the pilot get on? tom costello if you can jump in here, i think we've lost our connection to larry -- >> i think we were being had, i
9:53 am
think that -- i don't think that was a legitimate witness, based on what he said on the air, he uttered some -- some profanities. >> our apologies to viewers, we're sorry about that. tom costello let's review the facts that the plane was coming in for the landing and as far as we can tell from air traffic control, they may not have had too much warning. >> take a look where the plane is sitting. you see how the nose goes up the berm and into the fence. that berm separates runway 13 from flushing bay. as you can see that birm is there for a reason. there's some suggestion here that this may have been -- you're going to get dizzy if we keep playing that loop. there's some suggestion here that the plane may have banked to the left and hit the berm separating the runway from flushing bay. it may not have gone all the way to the end of the runway but instead kind of banked suddenly to the left and hit that berm.
9:54 am
thankfully the berm was there. this is as you know about a 7,000 foot runway about 150 feet wide or so. there was as you may recall back in 1992 another serious incident at laguardia, about 27 people died if memory serves when a plane attempting to take off, a u.s. airways plane crashed on takeoff and also in a snowstorm, 23 years ago this month. in this case you have a plane inbound on approach and landing on runway 13 in significant weather issues whether that was an actual snowstorm or icy runway, those conditions may have contributed to what happened. the good news is no fatalities some minor injuries we're told by the port authority, fire and rescue personnel and the challenge now is going to be quite literally to get this plane off of where it is resting and then remove it from the end of the runway or from the runway where it's sitting. one particular point we should make -- i don't know if we can
9:55 am
go back to that one. we have a picture where people are coming off the end of the wing. and it looks like the end of the wing the right wing may have been severed in a place. that would explain the report of a fuel leaking there on the plane itself. but if you got a significant fracture line or piece of the wing was severed on the right-hand side, keep in mind the fuel is carried in the wings themselves, that would explain reports of a fuel leak and why fire rescue personnel would be there immediately because of the crash and also to hose down with foam any fuel leakage, but they may be benefitting from the fact that this is snow. right there, can we freeze that. look at that wing. i've heard several people suggest that there may be a rip or tear on the end of that wing. we need to get more information about that to learn more about what exactly transpired. if we do have a case where a wing suffered any sort of a fracture and we've got fuel leaking, the snow may have played a role in preventing that from becoming more volatile.
9:56 am
>> and just to recap briefly, it does seem from my experience with that runway and airport, that is banking to the left and flushing bay beyond it. i don't think that's the end of the runway i think it is the side of the runway as you just said. >> why don't we come out on this map to make this even more clear. if that is indeed the scenario and that's looking more and more likely, ask my cameraman to zoom out a little bit. here is runway 13. the main airport terminal is over here. here's flushing bay. coming in for a landing on runway 13. the question is did the plane bank left? did it hit this berm this berm right here that separates the runway from flushing bay or did it go all the way down? i think it's looking more like it may have hit the berm. >> stay right here. we'll have more from you in the next hour. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports."
9:57 am
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good to have you with us, we continue with the breaking news you've been watching this story unfold throughout the morning and afternoon. new york's laguardia airport closed after delta flight 1086 skidded off the runway during landing crashing into a fence as it tried to labd. this was amid a blinding mix of winter weather here in new york city. the plane arriving from atlanta. it had 130 passengers and crew members on board. we're happy to report no one sustained any serious injuries. everyone on board exited via the aircraft slides. the potential threat is trying to be figured out exactly what this means for the ripple effect at laguardia since the airport is closed but the plane is said to be leaking fuel. we're waiting a live news conference from the port authority coming up at 1:30. trymaine lee joins us live from laguardia to talk about what he has seen. he was trying to fly


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