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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ah -- >> oh you're going to pay for that. >> know your value. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> give your talk. >> oh god -- yeah. oh my -- >> i've seen it. it made me tear up. amazing, if it's way too early, i'm in trouble. it's "morning joe." what's next? >> "the rundown," man. >> of course it is. >> run it down! >> i'm so excited. and good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. developing now on "the rundown," students congregating outside a fraternity house after a shocking video throwed the suspense of an entire fraternity. just a few minutes ago, word the university of oklahoma is severing all ties with the fraternity. appearing to show students on a bus singing a song that uses racial slurs to describe african-americans they say will never be in there fraternity and also mentioning lynching. ♪ never nd ♪
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never be ♪ in ♪ >> s.a.e. headquarters immediately closed-the-chapter and members suspended perhaps indefinitely. we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video and disgusted any member would act in such a way. andrew clark is a reporter with the "oklahoma daily" joins me by phone. good morning. what more can you tell us about what happened here? >> well as you know, the video was leaked online yesterday. it was members of s.a.e. on the way to their date party and it sparked, to say the least, pretty big outrage here. >> now this was allegedly filmed on saturday evening. correct? >> yes. >> what are people on campus saying about this?
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>> people are just outraged. right now there's a protest going on a peaceful protest, where students are, what they just did was a, are in the student union and they are posting sticky notes to a glass door in the union just expressing how they feel and they were instructed by the leaders of the protest to go up to the second floor, but i see right now where a lot of students are heading towards the north entrance of the library, and unheard is a student thoorgs is return organization running the protest in the library. >> the president spoke out, did so quite forcefully of the university? >> absolutely. he came down with the hammer. >> did you speak to him? you've gotten a chance to speak with him i understand, andrew? >> i did not get a chance to speak with president boren myself however he did address the crowd at the protest and
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said he a message for those involved in the incident. he said you are a disgrace and something along the lines of you should not be able to call yourselves a sooner. >> yeah. were there athletes involved in this? on this bus ride with this -- horrendous -- >> were athletes involved in the incident or the athletes involved in the protest? >> in the protests. are they responding? >> oh, yes. and quite with a vengeance, actually. they actually gathered at about 7:00 a.m. this morning in front of the library and developed their own prayer circumstance many and a linebacker for the oklahoma football team eric strieker, was the speaker of the group and he addressed the media for maybe a minute, and then they just said they wouldn't take anymore questions and they are also taking part in the protest headed by unherd . . . . -- unheard. >> appreciate your time.
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we'll teep close eye on the story throughout "the rundown." appreciate you being with me this morning. turning to two major political stories to kickstart the week. in just about two hours we expect to hear from hillary clinton in new york the former secretary of state of unveil the status of women and girls around the world, and sponsored in part by the clinton family foundation. that's happening as the controversy surrounding her e-mails roars into a second full week. and on the right, new nbc poll numbers showing how the crowded republican field of would-be candidates is starting to shape up. that includes a mixed opinion about jeb bush coming off his first visit to iowa in three years. get right to nbc senior political editor in washington. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> the poll numbers in a second. could hillary address the e-mail controversy as early as today? >> yeah. i think it sounds like it's going to be sooner rather than later and, of course probably one of the things that is spurring all this is senator dianne feinstein, the democratic
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senator from california on "meet the press" yesterday, which she said it's important for hill troy kind of come clean on this entire issue, to answer all the questions, and so far it's important to note in the week we've followed the story the only comment we've received from the former secretary of state is by twitter. so just 140 characters jose. not full-on questions about why she had this personal e-mail system. why she had a personal e-mail server. and how the american public could end up beginning to know that it will get all of her e-mails as secretary of state as she seems to launch her presidential bid in the coming months. >> and run through what has been release of the poll so far starting with jeb bush. >> yes. this was fascinating. republicans, our poll said asked potential republican voters, would you be comfortable with this person or not? as your potential nominee voting for this person. republicans were split on jeb
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bush. 49% could see themselves voting for him. 42% said they couldn't and it is worth noting jose we're going to be releasing even more polling information later tonight on how the likes of marco rukbio and scott walker fared. jeb bush was in the middle category. other republicans like chris christie, donald trump, who fared much worse on this scale. interesting to know now republicans are divided when it comes to a jeb bush candidacy. >> interesting. nbc senior political eder mark murray thanks. the complete report released at 6:30 eastern time. we'll watch for that. also developing now in boston the first full week of testimony at the boston marathon bombing trial of tsarnaev. hearing from nor victims as well as fibbi agents and police. survivors who lost their legs in the attack, and the jury mooshved to tears when the father of 8-year-old martin richard talked
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about the final moments of his little boy. an update from boston a little later this hour. ingturning now to overseas. the iraqi forces going on the offensive. military officials sayal soldiers surrounded isis support supporters in tikrit pnd and isis is losing ground in iraq a major boost over the weekend. boko haram pledged allegiance to the islamic state, that could extend over a broader section of africa as well as the middle east. joining me jim miklaszewski. can you see boko haram and isis working together or just a partnership in name? >> an extension of the isis franchise, part of the isis strategy, to draw in groups from all over the world. i think now there are 31 groups of various sizes from the
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philippines to north africa to now boko haram in nigeria that have pledged allegiance to the ibrahim abu al baghdadi head of isis. all is good publicity. coordinating the groups is another question. >> i want to ask you about the u.s. and iraqi effort. on sunday joint chief martin dempsey said iraqi forces are still undertrainered and underequipped saying the mission would require "strategic patience." what does that mean? >> general dempsey said for some time this is a long-term effort on the part of the iraqis on the part of the coalition, on the part of the u.s. that's no surprise. but what general dempsey also emphasized over the weekend is his concerns over the current battle of tikrit, where isis fighters are dug in to the city and iraqi forces along with the coalition or some of the
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militias the shia militias backed by iran are trying to unseat them. now, general dempsey's concern here is that if this does not go well it could be lights out for iraq. if, in fact, the shia militia occupies tikrit after forcing isis out and then force are or seizes property from the sunnis there in tikrit it would be game over but he said on the flip side if those iraqi -- or iranian-backed militias go into the city and oust isis yet turn it back over turn the control back over immediately to the sunnis, that could be a real game changer. so according to general dempsey, they're keeping a close eye on this, but this could, in fact take this entire battle to the brink very quickly. >> and, contribution i want to ask you about isis attempts to
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simply wipe out historic iraqi cities off the map? >> well i interviewed people with the iraqis and iraqi antiquities organization last summer and predicted that isis in control of mosul and nineveh province would set about destroying biblical history. we're talking about the history you read about in the old testament. of the bible. the assyrians and eventually the babylonians if they can get to that part of iraq. they are doing their best to wipe all of that out and i think the world should be concerned. obviously, there's slaughter and abuse of human beings is terrible, but for generations to come for all of mankind and history, they're out to start at square one as if history began with them or at least their prophet muhammad napthat is an extremely dangerous thing and not much the u.s. or coalition can or will do about it. >> what a trach jigedy.
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thank you both for being with me. after the break, the spotlight is on two gop 2016 hopefuls. jeb bush wraps up a fwhndweekend in iowa and wisconsin governor scott walker gets ready to sign right to work bill. how is this playing for voters? we'll break it down. plus the fatal police shooting of a 19-year-old man this weekend. live to madison for the latest on the investigation and growing protest surrounding tony robinson's death. so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today. ♪
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and developing right now these pictures just in to msnbc coming from the campus of the university of oklahoma. students protesting a shocking video that apparently shows members of the s.a.e. fraternity using racial slurs referring to
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lynching in a song captured on tape. we hear the university is now severing ties with the fraternity. the oklahoma chapter suspended. here's what the president of the oklahoma university said just a short time ago. >> i have a message for those who have who have misused their free speech in this way. my message to them is, you're disgraceful. >> we will have much more on this story as it develops. later this hour wisconsin will become the nation's 25th right to work state when governor scott walker siren as controversial bill into law. that new law will make illegal for labor unions to force workers to pay union fees. walker was among more than half a dozen potential 2016 gop candidates in iowa over the weekend. the candidates were peppered with questions from the public but none as bad as perhaps jeb bush did on saturday night when skeptical voters took issue with his name.
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>> a lot of people know me as george's boy or barbara's boy or or -- or w.'s brother. all of which i'm very proud of to be hon echt with you. i love my family. when i was brought into the world in midland, texas, 62 years ago and my little eyes opened up and i got a chance to look i was next to barbara bush. i'm totally blessed. i won the lottery, if you think about it and all of my mistakes i've made in my life are my own doing, nothing do with my family. i'm bless with a great family. >> joining me now is director of radio iowa and in washington nbc's lee ann caldwell. thank you for being with me. kate, talk about jeb. voters threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. what makes him eshesitant about this potential candidacy? >> i don't think he's hesitant at all.
6:17 am
iowans know too well two people named george bush but not much about jeb bush. part of his effort this past weekend to explain the things that he did. he also reminded iowans that he spent a great deal of time here campaigning on behalf of his dad, and his father trying to connect in that way. >> yeah. lee ann, how do you think jeb thinks his weekend in iowa went? >> the bush team thinks that his weekend actually went pretty well. what they believe is what they're going to have to do is do a lot of retail politicking to really convince these skeptics, like you said that he's not his brother, he's not his father and that he's his own person. and after speaking to a lot of these republican potential voters, after hearing him speak, people came away much more impressed than they went going in, and they said that they're willing now to keep an open mind, and that is what they're trying to do right now about 11 months before the caucus next
6:18 am
year. >> yeah. and let's switch back to governor scott walker about to sign legislation making wisconsin a right to work state. how are his dealings with labor unions impacting his relationship with general election voters? >> well we're talking republican voters in the context of the iowa caucuses and they love his position on this issue. they feel as if he's been a champion for their views about how labor unions have abused the public trust by expensive salaries and wage packages, and i would point out that iowa is one of the 25 right to work states. so his position is well-known among iowa circles. he's a neighboring governor. iowa republicans have actually paid attention to the things that he's been doing in madison, and know far more about what scott walker's record is as governor than they have any idea about the record that florida governor jeb bush amassed when he was governor for eight years. >> yeah and lee ann, you know
6:19 am
walker's relationship with unions gets a lot of coverage not only in iowa but as you say with republicans. but how will this play on a national level? >> on a national level it's going to depend on your ideology, really. republicans are going to like this. republicans do want more tamping down of the unions and they say that scott walker is the one person who's actually been able to deliver. now, with that the democrats are obviously going to hit walker very hard on this. where walker appeared over at two events over the weekend in iowa, there were union members from iowa and a couple from wisconsin who were protesting him, and so this issue is going to follow him throughout the campaign trail, and it's one that he's going to have to face but it's also one he's going to own in republican circles. >> lee ann caldwell ock henderson, thank you for being with me.
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>> thank you. after the break we zoom through some of the day's other top stories including the condition of mark lippert who survived a knife attack last week. and call add miracle baby. an 18-month-old baby found alive 13 hours after a car accident took the life of her mother. details on this incredible story coming up next. insurance here and i'm a box who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha! shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing! shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant
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an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. u.s. ambassador recovering protests in venezuela and a miracle baby. zoom through some of today's top stories. south korea's president visited u.s. ambassador mark lippert today at a seoul hospital. lippert is recovering from last week's knife attack. doctors removed half of the stitches and expect to remove the other half tomorrow plus even discharge him. lippert wants to return to work as soon as possible. police say their investigation into the suspect kim ki-john is ongoing.
6:24 am
and a sixth suspect blew himself up when police ame came to arrest him over the weekend. a policeman allegedly confessed. nemtsov killed february 7th crossing a bridge to the kremlin. took police 11 minutes to arrive at the scene. russian officials denied any involvement. and filling the streets of caracas allowing flois use deadly force to campaign street protests. opponents criticized the resolution since introduced in january. anti-government protests ramped up after a teenager was killed during a demonstration there last month. the first person to die at a protest since the resolution took effect. and now to an incredible story out of utah. an 18-month-old baby found 13 hours, hours, after a car crashed on to a utah river is
6:25 am
improving this morning. a fisherman spotted the car saturday afternoon. rescue crews founded baby hanging upside-down still strapped to her car seat and thankfully not touching the water. her 25-year-old mother dead at the wheel. investigators believe the crash happened late friday night. the baby was airlifted to a nearby hospital and upgraded to stable but critical condition. coming up next on "the rundown" -- will it be apple's next big thing? the tech company is set to unveil its new watch today. plus hillary clinton is going to speak later this hour in new york but will she address the growing e-mail controversy? "saturday night live" didn't shy away i. have survived everything that's been thrown at me. benghazi, whitewater, the blue dress, having the maiden name rodham and none of that destroyed me music-en. after that little blip i that rise again like a phoenix like a
6:26 am
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wall street and silicon valley focused on apple today. in a few hours apple will unveil its much hyped smartwatch. a lot riding on this. the first brand new device launched without co-founder steve jobs. courtney reagan joins us with a market rundown. good morning. will apple be able to convince us why we need a twhauch i understand starts ats 3ds 50 and goes up to ten grand? >> exactly right. the event starts today at 1:00 p.m. we'll have to wait a little longer until we have details. like you said jose very anticipated because it is the first new product category that apple launched since 2010. we know it's a smartwatch. we don't know that much more for
6:30 am
sure yet. we believe you will still have to have your phone with you to the watch to work. starts at $350 you mentioned, and up to $10,000 if it's gold plated or has the wristband that goes with it. experts think apple could sell between 10 million and 20 million in the first year but apple sold 100 million smartphones last year. it may not be the new product that really apple runs away with right away. it could take time for to us adapt to it. from what i understand, you can be able to accept text messages and e-mail. you'll have some biometric information, much like the other smartwatches, because it will be so close to your wrist there, but i'm not really sure how many women will be wanting to adopt it right away. i've talked to a lot of us just aren't thrilled with the way it looks. we'll see. still a lot of hype. anything apple puts out kind of breaks the bank when it comes to
6:31 am
the category in general anyways. >> courtney remembering when the ipad first came out. off the cynical jokes and comments about, that's never going to work. remember making fun of the name? and yet here is everybody using them. >> i remember. oh, i remember it very very well and look. it's a product category on its own and really actually put a big dent in laptop computers. >> yeah. we'll see. are you going to buy the watch? even if it's -- >> i don't think i will but i'm a late adapter. perhaps not apple's base case. >> cnbc's courtney reagan. thanks. and hillary clinton, her third appearance in less than a week but waiting for her to address the growing e-mail controversy. the former secretary of state is publicly ignoring the controversy except for one tweet. it's making every subtle move subject of speg lationculation including changing her avatar over the
6:32 am
weekend meant to draw attention to equal rights for women over the weekend, but kept that picture holder her blackberry as a background. what's become a political problem for the 2016 front-runner. >> i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. you know some people say, well -- >> you think silence is hurting her? >> i think at this point, from this point on the silence is going to hurt her. >> joining me now "the washington post" ann gearan and msnbc political reporter alex wald. alex start with the pure politics and perception. how much worse is it getting for the xlnclintons? >> the feinstein comment is notable. senior democrat had oversight over things like security cyber security for government e-mail accounts. and she's also a clinton ally. one of the first senators to
6:33 am
endorse ready for hillary, the superpac trying to get hillary clinton to run for president. this steps up the pressure and shows democrats are worried. they've been saying it privately for some time. wary about saying it publicly. this put out by clinton allies saying this is nothing, will blow over quickly, feinstein's comment give line to that a little bit. >> and your piece focuses on what hillary clinton's run will mean 2016 wanted to turn the page on her politics of the past but this is really possibly helping well that yesterday still be today's talk? >> right. i mean the whole idea of politically for hillary clinton as secretary of state was that it was a period between the time she wan for president last time and the time she was expected to do so again. during which she could really come into her own, show what a strong leader she could be what a strong executive she could be
6:34 am
and also play to her national security credentials. all of those things are still true, or possibly true for her, but now with this e-mail many scandal, which could be a real scandal, growing on her. i think it -- it calls into question sort of how she ran things at the state department. whether she was flouting the white house by not following its advice, if not exact full-on directive to use a government e-mail server. and whether she was trying to hide her e-mails from public disclosure. she did go to twitter several days ago and say she wants the public to see her e-mails. the state department says it will take several months to review which can be released but the fact remains for a long time her e-mail was not being publicly archived as the government now requires, and so lawsuits or public records request that went to the state
6:35 am
department during that time wouldn't have turned up any of the secretary of state's e-mails. >> yeah, and alex, secretary clinton's time at the state department is the focus for the house select committee on benghazi. here's the leader of that committee on sunday. >> are there any gaps in the e-mails you have received so far from her? >> yes, sir. there are gaps are months and months and months, and if you think to that iconic picture of her on a c-17 flying to libya, sunglasses on and her hand-held ghis her hand. we have no e-mails from that day. in fact, we have no e-mails from that trip. >> how much pressure is hillary clinton going to feel from republicans on capitol hill over the next year on this issue. i think definitely tremendous amount. i mean trey gowdy is a former prosecutor prosecutor. he chairs this committee with subpoena power, the auspices and money of the u.s. house of representatives and could dig
6:36 am
into hillary clinton's e-mails. he can play it however he thinks is best wait however long he wants to sit on the revelations. sat on the e-mails for months without leaking it. even if it's dying down a little bit right now this controversy could return with a vengeance months down the line when hillary clinton's already announced her run for the presidency, when these e-mails come out or with new revelations coming from gowdy's committee. so that's definitely something that i'm sure her advisers are going to keep an eye on. >> and i want to talk about president obama's comments on the clinton e-mails. take a listen to what he said. >> i'm glad that hillary is instructed that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> you say that you have the most transparent administration ever. you said it again just a couple of weeks ago. >> it's true. >> how does this square with that? >> well, i think that fact she's going to be putting them forward will allow us to make sure that
6:37 am
people have the information they need. >> and how frustrated do you think folks of the administration are about all this? >> you could hear it in kind of tightness in the president's voice there. there is tension and frustration within the administration. they don't feel like this is their scandal or their controversy to have to explain, and you really heard a difference between the way the spokespeople at the white house and the spokespeople at the state department have handled it over the last week and that's unusual. they'll usually saying almost exactly the same thing, and the white house has taken some pains to distance themselves from clinton. no one criticized her on the record, but they don't sound thrilled. >> they certainly don't. thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you. and now back to boston where
6:38 am
prosecution testimony resumed in the boston marathon bombing trial. moments ago bombing victim jessica kensky was wheeled up to the witness stand. her service dog by her side. jessica and her husband each lost a leg in the attack. bring in boston globe columnist daunte ram mos good to see you. it appears the trial is picking up where it left off last week? >> that's right. clearly there will be more victim statements to come but what's expected in these next coming days is for the trial to move into what you might call the csi phase. there will be technical experts testifying to how the, you know how the investigators piece together how the bomb was made and trying to connect what victims saw and observed on the scene to the construction of the actual explosives that were used in the bombing. the thing to remember here is that this is a -- it's not a murder trial. it is a terrorism trial, and
6:39 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with 30 different counts of you know terrorism-related charges, detonated a weapon of mass destruction in a public place and things like that, and all of those on each of those counts the prosecutors are going to take pains to explain how they think each of those is justified. >> and you talk about the technical aspects and the csi aspect this week it's interesting, because the defense see essentially said from the beginning, he did it. so there's no need to prove that he was there, that he participated in it. other than just the evidence that's already pretty strong. right? >> sure. but i think as i said the fact that there are 30 different charges, usually in any kind of federal prosecution, certainly a high-profile federal prosecution, they try not to leave a lot to chance and for each of those 30 charges, i would suspect you'll see a very detailed effort to lead the jurors to come to a guilty
6:40 am
verdict on each of those charges. the defense has obviously said dzhokhar tsarnaev is the perpetrator. that doesn't necessarily mean for each those individual charges that they will agree with every last piece of evidence on it. >> all right. some of the testimony is so gut-wrenching. how are bostonians handling all of this? >> it's funny. you talk to people and all of this is something -- all of this, the witness accounts are things that we've been familiar with to some degree for almost two years now, but seeing it all put together in the with that it was put together in the first couple of days of testimony it was really quite emotional, and you know just speaking for myself you know hearing accounts from people you thought you had heard from before it does bring you back to that day. it does make you realize the -- the horror of the bombing scene
6:41 am
in a way that you know you thought had you gotten used to it and you really hadn't it turns out. >> thanks for being with me. good seeing you, dante. and marches after the shooting of a 19-year-old. the scene in madison after the break. also for the past several mods we've told you about a major snowstorm hitting somewhere in the country. not today. today we're talking about the march snow melt and rain. get you latest forecast next on "the rundown." mes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. ugh...
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now back to developing news surrounding the suspension of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity at oklahoma. the president will speak at noon eastern time today. students are gathering on campus to protest a video apparently showing members of the s.a.e. fraternity using racial slurs
6:45 am
and referencing lynching in a chant. the president of the university called their actions disgrace dpl. willie geist has more on this divesting story. >> reporter: the video posted to youtube on sunday shows multiple people chanting racial slurs against african-americans. indicating that black students would never be admitted to the sigma alpha epsilon from ternt yaternity and the song references lynching. ♪ never [ muted ] ♪ >> reporter: validating the contents of the video issuing a statement we apologize for the unacceptable behavior of the video and disgusted any member would act in such a way. brad cohen, the national president of sigma alpha epsilon tweeted sunday the ou chapt hear immediately been placed on cease and desist. we have now closed the chapter and will expel all of those involved. david boren, president of the university of oklahoma also released a statement sunday night via twitter saying if
6:46 am
o.u. students are involved this behavior will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly. this behavior is reprehensible and contrary to all of of our values. o.u. students held a prayer vigil sunday night. >> i think it is a heinous act and violent racist and shouldn't be tolerated on the campus. >> the fact we still have videos like this made is disgusting. >> i think the video should not represent us in any way whatsoever. this is a -- doesn't mean that we are bad people at the university of oklahoma. the university does not deserve this. >> nbc's willie geist, thanks and we'll continue to watch developments in oklahoma this morning. in madison, wisconsin, friends and family are demanding answers this morning after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed african-american teenager friday. crowds gathered last night for a candlelight vigil to remember 19-year-old tony robinson. he was shot and killed friday night following a confrontation with officer matt kenny at the
6:47 am
teen's apartment. police say robinson assaulted the officer. let's go live to madison and nbc's ron allen. ron, good morning. what are police saying about what happened? >> reporter: good morning, jose. they're not giving a lot of tail this morning yet. we hope to hear more. this is now in the hands of state authorities who are conducted the investigation. this happened in the house behind me the gray building where you can see the officers can see a memorial out front to tony robinson. the police have said that the officer entered the house because of a disturbance that started in this gas station across the street where we're standing now. the thing that the community wants to know they're not sure what the facts are but whatever happened, they still don't understand why it had to end with another young man dead. [ chanting ] >> what was his name? >> tony robinson. >> reporter: overnight grief and sorrow for tony robinson, well known in the community, a recent high school grad headed to technical school. killed friday night by officer matt kenny, age 45.
6:48 am
12 years on the force. his friends and relatives peacefully demanding to know why? >> he always knew how to make someone happy. he always -- was always there to talk. >> reporter: the beginning of the deadly encounter friday night was heard on these police radio calls about a disturbance as a gas station. >> look for a -- male black light skinned tan jacket and jeans outside yelling in front of cars. 19 years of age name tony robinson. >> reporter: then more radio calls saying robinson had assaulted someone. >> apparently tony hit one of his friends, no weapon seen. >> reporter: robinson then sbroon a home across the street. officer kenny followed heard a disturbance forced his way in and then police say was attacked by the suspects and opened fire. >> shots fired. shots fired. 12:47, copy. shots fired. >> reporter: kenny expressed condolences to the family in person, the officers are trained
6:49 am
to use the minimum amount of force necessary. >> the fact deadly force was used or employeed in this instance must mean there has to be other factors present such it would rise to that level of that threshold. >> i never thought that we could do this here. that this could be done here. but we're making a statement today that it will not happen here again. >> reporter: the hope now is that this community and the police can get through all this without any violence our unrest or confrontation. again, more protests possible later today. jose back to you. >> nbc's ron allen, thank you so much. coming up, thousands of women and men from around the world marched through the streets of manhattan calling for gender equality on international women's day. actress and analyst anna lynn mccord there. she'll anyone to me after the break on "the rundown." good morning. lping other people to do the same. log into your computer or your phone anytime, and you can chat with me. you can do it. i know you can do it because i did it. join for free today.
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6:54 am
that first very important step. you were saying it took you ten years, it has to be
6:55 am
excruciatingly difficult to deal with, like coming out and talking about this. >> there's so much shame centered in and around sex itself that makes the topic talking about it taboo, and that's why the victim when they're assaulted in that way, it is such a violation because society doesn't have this conversation loudly period. by having this conversation having ambassadors having experienced it having male voices as a man interviewing me today, using your voice, we need our men to really stand up and fight for this. know more has brought on obviously with support of the nfl league lots of really really powerful male voices. so it is a wonderful thing. >> thanks. i love that pin that you have. i would like to have one of those. >> we need to get you one. i would like to make sure you get one. >> thanks for being with me. >> thank you.
6:56 am
coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown," we follow the developing story out of university of oklahoma hundreds of students are marching on campus to protest a racist video that appearance to show members of a fraternity, that fraternity suspended. the president of the university going to address at noon. and the leader of boko haram pledging allegiance to isis. we will look at the relationship here on "the rundown." i am meteorologist bill karins. spring fever taking shape across the nation. the warmth in the west now spreading to the east. middle of the country, minneapolis today, 57 degrees. that's great. even warmer in new england where there's still a lot of snow on the ground. the rain today, san antonio to houston and dallas and areas of
6:57 am
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you know, i think about money kind of a lot. money is freedom. money's always on my mind. car insurance. credit cards. preschool. debt. cell phone bills. it's complicated. it's not easy. i am not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. savings. investments. retirement. man: the more educated i am, the better decisions i can make in the future. good morning, i am jose diaz-balart. we have developing news with suspension of the fraternity at university of oklahoma. we just learned the university president, david born is having a press conference at noon eastern time. he joined crowds of students this morning who protested a video that shows members of the sae fraternity participating in
7:00 am
a racist chant. the president called the actions disgraceful, reportedly told students that real sooners aren't racists. just got this image outside the library there. the oklahoma daily andrew clark spoke to dean of students this morning and posted this clip. >> this is a really difficult time i am glad to see so many people showing support, but i am both deeply hurt and outraged at the same time over this incident. there's just no room in our community for it. >> national headquarters of the fraternity closed the chapter and the university cut ties. we will bring developments as we get them. turning now to race for the white house and new developments from the crowded republican field for that white house. jeb bush is fresh off a trip to iowa where he faced question after question from skeptical voters. it was his first trip since
7:01 am
announcing he was interested in running for president. the new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll shows voters split on the former governor bush. 49% of republicans say they could support him, 42% say they could not. msnbc's kasie hunt was with bush in iowa. joins me from new york. pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> it was a jeb bush weekend in iowa although there were others? >> something like that yes. so we've known all along bush was building a juggernaut of a campaign, but it has been more than a decade since he has been out shaking hands with and meeting voters. this weekend iowa shoeters got the first taste of what a jeb bush campaign would be like. >> last time i was here was in 1980 when i got to campaign for in my humble opinion the greatest man alive, my dad. >> bush family business is open in iowa. >> i have enough trouble finding my own campaign strategy without
7:02 am
trying to figure out ronald reagan's. >> 35 years later, jeb bush is back, this time for himself. >> i wouldn't know how many times we ran into the bush brothers. the one i remember is a very foggy night, fort dodge iowa 1979. >> a lot of people know me as george's boy or barbara's boy or w's brother. >> many voters have fond memories of his family. bush tried to reintroduce himself, this time as the one in the spotlight. >> i am blessed with a great family but i have been on my own journey as well and a lot of people don't know that. >> over the weekend bush spoke at a fund-raiser. >> we were going and blowing, let me tell you. >> the agriculture summit. >> cooking iowa beef and i'll probably make a really good guacamole. >> went whole hog on retail politicking at a retail ranch in cedar rapids. >> i thought we were having pizza. i don't know what you guys are doing. >> he highlighted his record in
7:03 am
florida, giving voters a first look at howl try to brand himself, a conservative, not a moderate refusing to go near the words common core. >> states that don't want to participate, that's fine. it is a voluntary deal no big deal. >> on immigration, he pledged to support a path to legal status not citizenship for undocumented workers. but he didn't have much patience for questions about the details. >> if you became president, would you allow the dreamers that have been allowed to stay here legally under the president's executive order to stay or would you repeal that executive order? >> need to change the law. >> does that mean you would repeal executive order? >> it means we would change the law. >> he is trying to show conservatives he is one of them. even if there are echos of the man that said he was willing to lose the primary to win the general. >> we need to get out of our comfort zone. campaign in places conservatives don't campaign. it is the only way to win, for crying out loud. i want to win. i want our party to win. i want conservatives to win. >> i want to win.
7:04 am
jeb bush was not playing it coy on whether or not he is running, telling the crowd in cedar rapids iowa that he would be back to see them often. >> who did you see making a splash over the weekend? >> this weekend surrounded the agriculture summit hosted by a major donor. the focus was down in the weeds on agriculture policy. you heard from wisconsin governor scott walker new jersey governor chris christie senator ted cruz. cruz made a splash on the sidelines saying department of justice should investigate hillary clinton's e-mails, and by suggesting that the pending indictment of senator robert menendez was something that might be politically motivated. >> msnbc's casey hunt in new york. thanks, great to see you. turning to weather and the march meltdown after a brutally cold and snowy winter in many parts of the country, they're finally getting a break. let's get the latest from
7:05 am
meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> jose we have finally done it. finally started the march melt. we started over the weekend. now we are heading in the right direction. temperatures at this hour. our friends in minnesota suffered through a brutal winter. you could go into the 50s. that's like shorts and t-shirts for minnesota. colder in new england. everyone is heading the right direction. only problem is when you get to march, you'll have issues. you'll get snow melting. with warmer temperature comes more moisture out of the gulf and flood problems. could see flooding in texas next couple days tennessee, arkansas, alabama, mississippi. those are areas are concern for flooding. sometimes it is good to get rain, clean up the roads, get the salt off the roads. this is huge rain through louisiana and texas, that's heading north the next couple days, going to see a lot of rain, maybe enough for flooding issues tennessee and kentucky.
7:06 am
last week we saw a foot of snow in areas of kentucky. could get two to three inches of rain and less through the mid-atlantic. this is a wet week jose. going to see another big rain storm, same areas friday into saturday, at the end of the upcoming week. let's enjoy it while it lasts. 61 in the nation's capital. that's just about perfect, jose it is about time. >> it is indeed bill. thanks. good to see you. tell you there's lots ahead on the second hour of "the rundown," starting with boko haram sparking fresh concerns about spread of terrorism. we will take a look at this terror group. learning more inside the courtroom at the boston bombing murder trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. first full week of testimony under way as the section of the courtroom for victims, friends and families filled this morning. we are going to get the details next on "the rundown."
7:07 am
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7:10 am
we have breaking news out of france. associated press is sourcing police and security officials who say four people were arrested after being linked to paris attacks in january. one man tied to the man behind the market shooting his girlfriend is also in custody. no word on the other two in custody. 20 people including the gunman died in the attacks on the "charlie hebdo" papers and the kosher market in early january. leaders of the terrorist group boko haram pledge allegiance to isis. that's raising new fears of spread of islamic terrorism through the middle east and africa. forces from chad and nigeriaer are pouring into nigeria to try to stop them expanding operations. ayman mohyeldin has a closer look at the group. ayman, good morning. tell us more about the group.
7:11 am
>> this is a group on the scene close to 13 years. boko haram was founded in 2002 and back in 2009 its original founder and creator was publicly executed, but that suddenly gave rise to a new leadership of boko haram in 2009. now, the group as we were saying has been involved in carrying out terrorist attacks for more than a decade. this is a short list of some of the spectacular attacks. but perhaps the one that's been known most internationally has been the kidnapping of about 270 school girls, just about a year ago. the whereabouts of the girls still remains a mystery. some of the tactics that boko haram has been using have been similar to isis including killing, suicide bombings executions assassinations of opponents, assaults on schools, education sites, and diplomatic compounds. as this group continues to grow so too have its aspirations. the group released a video in 2011 praising osama bin laden. it has been labeled by the
7:12 am
united states as a terrorist organization. and more recently a few days ago, pledged allegiance to isis. and that has certainly raised questions about the spread of isis across the region. we know that isis has been operating in syria and iraq have a foot print in libya, northern egypt. now with the rise of boko haram pledging allegiance to isis it is entering a new dimension in west africa and that's going to have officials here concerned. the question is going to be whether or not the group, boko haram, is going to have any kind of operational link with i didn't see. will isis be sending fighters to nigeria to be involved trying to help boko haram with objectives or is it simply now an ideological allegiance between the two groups. jose? >> so this partnership, how do we think it could play out? >> if in fact there's an operational link you could see a flow of fighters and other resources to this part of
7:13 am
africa, including nigeria in the northeast where boko haram is strongest. we know libya has been a major conduit for weapons and arms as well as fighters into that battlefield. it is not out of the realm of possibility to see even more people migrate from libya to that frontier where the fighting is taking place. it all depends on whether or not that allegiance is reciprocated by isis towards boko haram, the same way they pledged ideological allegiance to isis. >> looking at the map, libya is such a focus point, even transportation of terrorists that come from central africa up, but what is going on in libya now? who controls that? it is a failed state, but who controls it? >> libya is divided into two different realms. you have the northeast and the northwest, two separate governments. in between the two shadow governments are pockets controlled by isis. the government there is no
7:14 am
central government. that's why there are arise of militia, many extremists, some with links to al qaeda. now with the presence of isis in libya, that situation is more dangerous. we have seen a couple weeks ago the brutal execution of 21 egyptian christians but you're right. libya has been a major source of contention and concern for european officials. it is not that far from the mediterranean base of countries, we have seen in the past including from isis itself in libya that they want to try to use libya to start staging attacks on european capitals including rome, jose. >> oil reserves, the potential of a lot of money there. ayman, pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. from boston first full week of testimony under way at the boston marathon bombing trial. first up for the prosecution, jessica kensky who lost both her legs.
7:15 am
raheem a ellis has more. >> reporter: more testimony when trial got under way 40 minutes ago. the first witness is jessica kensky. she's testifying she lost both legs as a result of the bombing. she said she went to gym with her husband the morning of the marathon, says quote, it was the last time i ran on two legs. she also went on to say she has 30 to 40 pieces from the bomb still inside her body because they're too close to blood vessels to be removed, and she called her wounds quote, war wounds. as you point out, this is the first full week of testimony. the prosecution had two days last week put on a dozen witnesses and several of them survivors who talked about what they saw, heard and felt on that day in april of 2013 when the bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon. three were killed at the finish line, 260 others injured.
7:16 am
today it is also reported we may hear technical information about the bombs from technical experts telling us exactly how they were built, the amount of damage they can cause. even though the defense attorneys have pretty much acknowledged their client was involved in this case we should remember that he has pleaded not guilty. and the prosecution still has an obligation to prove their case. you remember there are 30 federal counts against tsarnaev 17 of them include the death penalty. >> rehema ellis, appreciate your time. up next, zoom through some of the other stories making news, including astronaut scott kelly days on embarking from an out of this world space experiment. later, apple reveals details of the long awaited smart watch. it may have surprises in the works. details on that and more here on "the rundown." it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions
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7:20 am
an nfl player shot. chris johnson hurt in a drive by sunday morning. he was recently cut from the new york jets was with two others at the time. the car stopped at a traffic light when another vehicle pulled up someone inside opened fire and killed the driver in that car. johnson and the other man were hospitalized, they're now in stable condition. police are searching for suspects. an early morning fire in new jersey destroys an historic 300 year old inn that once hosted president george washington. the four alarm fire broke out at the sergeant'sville inn that operates as a restaurant. one firefighter had minor injuries. identical twin astronauts mark and scott kelly participating in a unique nasa study out of this world. studying long term effects of space missions on the human
7:21 am
body. scott kelly will soon travel to international space station, spend a full year there, the longest time any american spent on board an orbitting outpost. mark will remain in arizona with wife gabrielle giffords. here is scott earlier on "today." >> took me a long time to warm up to the idea but after giving it some thought i think the extra challenge that being on the space station for a year provides is what made it appealing to me. >> both men will be analyzed over the course of the year. they will launch from kazakhstan in march. two swiss aviation pioneers have begun a world trip powered by a solar plane. it took off from abu dhabi, headed east. the pilots take turns flying day and night on a trip that ends mid june.
7:22 am
four u.s. stops are planned. it has been a year since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. a new report by the malaysian government indicates the battery on one of the underwater pingers may not have been working, that could have been made finding the plane the first few weeks impossible. tom costello has been covering this since it broke a year ago. good morning. >> reporter: hi jose. 239 were on board that plane. search coordinators believe everyone was likely incapacitated somehow and the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the southern indian ocean. were underwater pingers working with search teams, we are listening for them. the last words from malaysia 370, a full year since it disappeared on the red eye, news that the teams who scoured the ocean looking for the plane may
7:23 am
have faced a bigger challenge than first thought. the battery that was supposed to power one of two underwater pingers for 30 days to help search teams hone in on black boxes had expired in december of 2012, more than a year before it disappeared. because of a record keeping glitch, it was never replaced. the question no one can answer was the battery dead or still working as search teams scoured an area the size of west virginia listening for a transmission. >> the maintenance records show the batteries were overdue being changed out. i don't think we have any way to determine if they were in fact working or not. >> reporter: search commanders are going on the radar and satellite data which suggests the plane flew into the southern indian ocean before possibly running out of fuel and crashing. a year later, not a single piece of debris washed ashore or been picked up at sea. nothing. search teams have covered 40% of the search zone hope to finish
7:24 am
by end of may. >> can't go on forever, but as long as there are reasonable leads, the search will go on. >> reporter: for families of the missing, a year of anguish and disbelief. >> somer ors and misstatements were made whether intentional or unintentional, it makes it difficult to trust anything they say at all. >> reporter: malaysian government says its investigation found no evidence the pilot or co-pilot displayed any signs of distress before 370 left. no signs of social isolation, drug or alcohol abuse or other behavioral changes before the flight. so a year later, jose we have nothing more to go on than we had this time last year. back to you. >> tom costello. thank you. coming up mourning and outrage in madison, wisconsin, where police fatally shot a teen tony robinson over the weekend. and a wisconsin father speaks out ten years after
7:25 am
losing his own son in a fatal police shooting. he will be joining us live. first, the madison, wisconsin police chief. >> folks are angry. resent distrustful, disappointed, shocked, chagrinned and any one of another adjective you care to use in terms of circumstances surrounding this tragic death. at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready.
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7:28 am
crowds gathered in selma to commemorate the 50th verse of bloody sunday a poignant moment in the civil rights movement and our nation's history. kristin welker has more. >> reporter: what was supposed to be an organized march across the iconic edmondund pettus bridge
7:29 am
was a mass gathering. people came to celebrate the 50th verse of the march that changed history. the most memorable moment for many, a day earlier when the nation's first african-american president clutched the hands of those who marched on the bridge a half century ago, paving the way for him. >> gathered here to honor the courage of ordinary americans, willing to endure billy clubs. the chastening rod, tear gas and the trampling hoof. >> reporter: words that touched so many. >> i got goosebumps now, thinking about it. it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: one of the loudest messages comes from not what they're saying but what they're doing, coming together on this bridge, all ages all races. joann was 11 when she marched bloody sunday. >> people were screaming and
7:30 am
screaming. >> reporter: as she marches 50 years later, says it is hard to imagine that little girl lives in a dramatically different world. >> here i am today, 61. look at selma. the world converged on selma. i get emotional talking about it. >> reporter: the emotions powerful for all those that came to remember a painful past and bridge to the future. >> that was nbc's kristin welker reporting. we are expecting a news conference later from police in madison, wisconsin and more rallies after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed african-american teen. the police chief says officers were responding to a call about someone jumping into traffic friday night. the chief says that let off matt kenny to an apartment he forced himself inside after hearing a dis. the chief says kenny fired his gun after being assaulted by 19-year-old tony robinson. robinson died. now his friends and family are demanding answers. joining me michael bell. his unarmed son was fatally shot
7:31 am
in 2004 outside his home in wisconsin. thanks for being with me this morning. >> hey, good morning. >> first, your reaction to what happened over the weekend in madison? >> i'm alarmed, you know civil rights isn't just about african americans and hispanics, it includes civil rights for people like myself and my son. i had a blonde haired blue eyed boy killed under a spotlight, officer placed the gun to his head and took his life. we have the first law that mandated external review of all police involved shootings in our state. >> your 21-year-old son named michael was shot to death by police in 2004. the officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing by the department. talk about what happened to your son that day. >> he came home from a night out with friends, an officer made some claims without cause. my son denied those.
7:32 am
essentially started kicking, tasing, punching to arrest. my son said i know my rights. an officer later found out hooked his gun on a car mirror and an officer took a gun, placed it to my son's temple standing in front of his mother and sister and took his life. we ended up filing a civil rights lawsuit and settling and we use a major portion of those settlements and more of our own money to enact act 348 in wisconsin. >> talk to me about this law that bars police departments from investigating their own officers in cases like your son's. >> i am a retired air force officer. i was a pilot. i knew the way we kept our pilots alive was by independent review and external investigation. and when we looked at what law enforcement was doing, they were doing self review self investigation. it was no surprise to find out
7:33 am
after 129 years, never been an unjustified ruling of police shooting found by a police department by an inquest jury or a d.a. ended up finding three shootings over the course of 60 years justified, but that was it. it was impossible record of perfection. that's why we fought to change the law. weren't able to get all three ememts done but got external investigation of police involved deaths. >> thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. >> joining me msnbc contributor james peterson. good to see you. >> good morning, jose how you doing. >> good. what's your reaction to the fatal shooting of tony robinson in madison? >> it is always tragic. my heart always goes out to the families because i think if you've been around the families jose, you can see how gut wrenching it is for each member of the family to be confronted
7:34 am
with essentially state sanctioned murders, but also speaks to the systemic nature of the problems. we can no longer think of these things as exceptional cases or as aberrations, it is too systemic it is happening everywhere. doj report on ferguson is an incredibly ugly report but suggests the problems we are seeing in police departments all over the nation and wisconsin shooting is just another iteration. i am glad you had that particular guest on jose because people need to understand it is not a black and brown problem. >> yeah. and he said it my kid was blonde hair blue eyes according to him, the police officer put the gun right to his temple and pulled the trigger. i want to talk about the 50th anniversary of the march in selma, alabama. here is part of what president obama had to say. >> 50 years from bloody sunday. our march is not yet finished. but we are getting closer. 239 years after this nation's
7:35 am
founding our union is not yet perfect. >> president says we are getting closer. are we? >> that's debatable, depends who you ask. president obama resided over more commemorative civil rights moments than any other president will. 50 years of era, 50 years of civil rights 50 years of selma, 50 years of brown versus board of education. he has to acknowledge and understand the irony of some battles we are still confronted with in the 21st century even as we commemorate milestones. it is incredible but i argue it depends who you ask how far we still have to go. >> and there seems to be such a different world almost between how african-americans, latinos, others see the future and see their role and their place in this society, and how much of white america sees it. >> unfortunately when we look at the data on this jose mainstream america doesn't see
7:36 am
race as essential problem, don't see police brutality as a problem. unfortunately, it is communities that suffer most from it shall that's black, brown, poor communities, the communities confronted with state sanctioned violence on a regular basis that are making the clarion call. what we have to do as americans is pay attention to data not get caught up in media coverage of the big cases and understand the systemic nature of police brutality. we have to have radical reordering how we train police how we train them to interface with communities, charged with protecting and serving. until we start there, we're not going to be addressing problems at hand. >> and not just police brutality, also just racism. look at this incident of racism at university of oklahoma. >> i saw the video. >> these educated students are singing and talking about the most vile and vulgar horrendous
7:37 am
horrendouslyhorrendous horrendously racist things you could think about, and that's happening in the university system. >> it is. i think we have to distinguish between what the sae and university of oklahoma video are doing versus what police are doing in some shootings that we have been talking about. they're related, jose but not the same. if a bunch of fraternity boys don't like me that's okay with me i am fine. but if law enforcement sees me as inherently criminal and treat me as such that's a much more mortally important challenge for us to address, so they're connected. we have to wrestle with them deal with them on all fronts it is a slippery slope from that language and singing we see in the video to the sort of shooting of unarmed black and brown youth, but they're different and some of this is more serious than other pieces. >> the due humanizing of people removing people because of their -- from your perspective on life because of the color of their skin their accent where they came from. it is just so ugly james.
7:38 am
>> it is ugly and seems sickening that we are having these conversations in the 21st century, jose. we haven't rooted out the problem, confronted the problem at its core. >> you're right. james peterson pleasure to see you. >> thanks for having me. i want to turn to 2016 the ag summit ran the gamut of political issues 2016 from energy to health care to foreign policy immigration may have been the most divisive issue. jeb bush made headlines for this exchange with a dreamer.
7:39 am
>> with me, former adviser to senator mccain. >> great to be with you, jose. >> this is an interesting exchange jeb bush had with a dreamer, first of all, it was in spanish. second of all, the concept that bush would be talking about the need to have immigration reform as a policy and not as an individual executive action. this is something that i think few in the republican party are talking about. >> well it is consistent with what governor bush has been saying all along. he has been in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. frankly as a republican party, but governor bush has been very consistent on this message, has not walked away from it. cpac and recently this exchange you showed is that he is i think correctly focused in on the president's, our view
7:40 am
overreach, and not the fact that we have to have immigration reform and daca. i give jeb bush high marks for consistency and sending the right message on immigration for our party. >> because we hear folks in your party, heard it over the weekend at the ag summit any time in some groups of the republican party, when they talk about immigration reform the word amnesty comes in. that's a word that a lot of folks in the republican party kind of go oh, can't do it because anything to do with immigration is amnesty, and there are differences, subtleties, and immigration reform is needed. i think republicans and democrats both agree on that one. >> and not only agree on that, but one of the key points glad he was booed by people at the cpac meeting, governor bush made it clear, we are not deporting 11, 12 13 million people there has to be a path to legalization.
7:41 am
that path has to be one that has adequate border security and assurances we don't compound the problem in the future sending the wrong message. >> the message of saying amnesty, any time anybody talks immigration reform it is more than semantics. >> correct. one of the things i said consistently, i think it is going to take a republican president, i hope it is jeb bush to bring about immigration reform in our country. i think there's going to be a confidence in a republican that's committed to the necessary enforcement of border security and policy that stimulates legal immigration wheel doing everything else to control illegal immigration. >> you know the republicans have control of house of representatives for the past couple years, didn't do squat on it. maybe you're saying a president could. >> i think it takes presidential leadership. when in america has any initiative commenced really with the congress. it takes the president to initiate. this president lost the confidence not only of
7:42 am
republicans but the american people. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jose. up next, big day for apple fans. the tech giant a couple hours away from unveiling the apple watch. going to be bringing the latest buzz on that. first, a different buzz of bees delays a spring training game not once but twice. they came in through the outfield. look at that. got around a microphone hanging from the back stop at home plate. a bee keeper had to be called in to deal with them with spray.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
hopes will be the next must have gadget the apple watch. this is apple's launch of a new device without the iconic co-founder. bring in senior tech writer julie ann pep tone. >> good morning, how are you? >> great. what do we know about the watch? >> insect apple previewed things. we know there are three lines of the apple watch. there's an apple watch sport, a sporty model starts at 349. the stainless steel apple watch classic, and ultra luxe gold watch. the watch is able to track your heart rate do fitness and health related things can also give you a tap and message if you're receiving a text message, a phone call an e-mail. the idea is you don't have to pull the phone out, you can look on the wrist. >> you're saying there's a sport
7:47 am
version. designed to be waterproof? >> they didn't talk about that. something you wear on the wrist, running around setting, you can get it is at least water resistant. that's a big question for the event later today. >> what about battery life? >> that's another thing apple didn't talk much about in september. running apps tethering with the iphone can suck up battery. tim cook facing questions did tell the telegraph a few weeks ago it will run all day, but everyone is curious what that means. does that mean all day if you're not using it a lot? if someone is active with the watch, if it dies in a few hours, that's not very helpful. >> also we don't know when it will be available, right? normally these things announcements come one day, takes some time for things to be in the stores. >> likely the preorders will start today or this week. we know from apple it will begin to ship in april. >> thanks good to see you.
7:48 am
>> thank you. coming up minutes from now, former secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at the no ceilings event in new york. details what to expect and when we might hear from the possible presidential contender about the on-going e-mail controversy. alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. okay...listen up. i'm here to get
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developing news out of oklahoma, the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity was participating in a racist chant. >> we just received an updated statement from the campus president who says effective immediately all ties and affiliations between the university and local sae chapter are hereby severed, i direct the house be closed and members remove their personal belongings from the house by midnight tomorrow. isaac hill is the president of black student association at the
7:52 am
university of oklahoma joins me by phone. good morning, thanks for being with me. >> good morning, jose. >> are you happy with the way the university responded to this? >> i am actually quite happy. they acted swiftly and decisively as they told me they would last night. i hope to see from this that these students are not -- this is not where it ends hopefully that they are presented with the black students here on campus and able to learn and grow from this and we can maybe talk about why this was offensive and tell them like we were hurt by this we want you to know that we are all sinners and shouldn't be acting this way toward one another. >> i was talking to dr. peterson about this earlier, the fact that these are college educated young people that are just you know, the fact that they would even think this is funny or acceptable what is it that you think you could do by talking to these students? >> i think it will be mostly a
7:53 am
realization experience for them because i know i have known people in this fraternity. i wasn't shocked about the allegations. >> it wasn't at all surprising to you, isaac, to hear that? >> no, not in the least bit. we have been in a number of things on campus involving racism, just experiences, we have in our past whether where we lived or grew up and now. it is simply was not surprising and wasn't expected at all. >> isaac, thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> okay thank you so much jose. >> we expect to hear from the university president noon eastern time. msnbc will bring you that live. we are minutes away from the no ceilings event in new york city where we expect to see former secretary of state hillary clinton. jackie kucinich politics editor
7:54 am
for the daily beast is with me this morning. >> good morning. >> this event kicks off, men are talking about a lot of folks talking about the e-mails. do you think she will address this. >> i don't think she will talk about the e-mails, even though it is overshadowing the event, also more important than the e-mails, the story line of foreign donations from countries that are hostile to women's rights to the clinton foundation. that's something that really is going to be explored even more than the e-mail scandal. but i don't know if she's going to bring it up at this event, meant to mark the progress of women over the last 20 years around the world. >> and correct me if i'm wrong, during time she was secretary of state, the clinton foundation was making pitches out for countries to support that organization, so we don't know if there was any communications
7:55 am
or contact between hillary clinton and anybody at the clinton foundation during that time. >> we don't know yet. that's another reason it is important that the e-mails are released, that could show a connection. we just don't know yet because we haven't seen the e-mails. right now, all that hillary clinton has said beyond what surrogates said on cable news and elsewhere has been confined to 140 characters if not at this event, you would imagine she's going to address it soon. >> it has to be before she makes any 2016 announcement right? >> you would think or this will continue to snowball. there hasn't been any defense coming from the secretary herself. >> none of her surrogates actually said what the logic was with using private e-mail system that they controlled, and not ever using the state department e-mail. >> hasn't been a good explanation. there has been some defensiveness that maybe she is
7:56 am
held to a different standard when you run for president, you are held by a different standard than other folks running for office. >> jackie, great to see you. thanks for being with me. >> nice to see you, thanks jose. appreciate your time. that wraps up "the rundown." "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. see you here tomorrow. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha!
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and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. good morning, i am frances rivera in for tamron hall. this is "newsnation." developing now. former secretary of state hillary clinton set to speak any moment in new york city as the e-mail controversy swirls around her. here is a live look at the clinton foundation event where the former secretary will release a report on progress of women around the globe. this comes as pressure mounts for her to publicly explain why she used a personal e-mail address exclusively serving as secretary of state.
8:00 am
the pressure from all sides, including from dianne feinstein. >> what i would like is for her to come forward and say just what the situation is because she is the preeminent political figure now. i think at this point from this point on the silence is going to hurt her. >> and president obama spoke saying he is glad the former secretary wants the e-mails disclosed. >> how does this square with that? >> i think that the fact that she's going to be putting them forward will allow us to make sure that people have the information they need. >> joining me now, msnbc political reporter alex sites well and michael to mass ski writing about this this morning. alex i w


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