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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the minimum wage to $15 an hour. according to mcdonald's it violates the 14th amendment. they argue that it gives small businesses a longer time frame to increase business' salaries to 15 an hour. that argue that it violates the fourteenth amendment's equal protection clause. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. >> i know there have been questions about my e-mails. >> tonight, hillary clinton speaks out about e-mail. >> looking back, it might have been smarter to have two devices in the beginning. war has been declared on labor's house. and republican's double down on their open letter to iran. >> do you regret sending a
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letter to iran? >> regret? i would send another one tomorrow. a growing economy lures in recreational sports spending. >> americans like to buy stuff, don't they? >> none of us like to save money. if we have it, we like to spend it. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. hillary clinton did exactly what i think she had to do. addressing using her personal e-mail while secretary of state for the first time. i think hillary clinton met the test cleared the beach, and answered a lot of questions. over the year, i've been a pretty good clinton critic. she did it today. it really has put the republicans in a position to show us how political they want to get. she said her personal e-mail server was more than secure. >> the system we used was set up for president clinton's office and it had numerous safe guards. it was on property guarded by
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the secret service, and there were no security breaches so i think that the use that server which started with my husband, certainly proved to be effective and secure. >> so what is the most important issue surrounding this entire ordeal? is it its security? security of the country? security of information? there she is. she is on record right there saying that the system was secure protected by the secret service, the same one a former president uses. now does hillary clinton have to go out and apologize for being married to bill clinton? she made fully clear that she comeplyied with federal laws. she's on record.
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she has a simple explanation for using her personal e-mail. >> when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back it would have been better if i had simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone, but at the time this didn't seem like an issue. >> now is there kind of a generation gap here a little bit? i would venture to say that not everybody in mrs. clinton's demographic is tech savvy or wants to be bothered with the latest and the greatest in technology. i think i might be in that -- i think many americans are in that same category and i think every american can understand that personal and private e-mails are important to them.
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why? because they involve other people, other families other issues. why drag somebody else into something that could be very personal? is hillary clinton not allowed to have a personal life? what clinton said was very easily understood. that's where she clears the beach. she leaves no room. clinton made the unprecedented step of asking the state department to release all of her work e-mails. the state department said it would make clinton e-mails on a public website after review. meanwhile, what's interesting about that entire press conference is that hillary came out on offense. she came out slamming the 47 republican senators for their open letter to iran. >> the recent letter from republican senators was out of step with the best traditions of american leadership and one has
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to ask what was the purpose of this letter. there appear to be two logical answers. either these senators were trying to be helpful to the iranians or harmful to the commander and chief in the midst of high stakes international diplomacy. >> don't you find it interest interesting, folks, that there was not one benghazi question today that was asked? hasn't that been the root of this fever pitched attitude from the right-wingers to get these e-mails because there might be some benghazi stuff there? there was no classified information. i think i have to come to the conclusion that there are no e-mails there about benghazi that is going to be shining a light on something that is illegal or incompetent. we have seen the republicans have all the access they want to benghazi e-mails.
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trey gowdy said regrettably we are left with more questions than answers. he said clinton's e-mail server should be reviewed by an independent company. this server was in the house. a former president's stuff is on there. they just can't get enough of clinton bashing and clinton controversy because they know she has a real good chance of being the next president of the united states if she wants to. simple, forthright and to the point. she followed the laws complied allowed, it was fully legal, no classified information was released. where's the story? tonight's question -- do you
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trust hillary clinton did nothing wrong? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. i don't think hillary clinton did anything wrong, and i thought she was a real pro the way she handled it today. what are they looking for? what are they looking for? for more on that let's go to david brock, founder and chairman of the board of media matters for america. mr. brock, good to have you with us tonight. what are they looking for? and what were you impressions of what happened today? >> i think americans who were tuning in saw the hillary clinton that they like the hillary clinton they trust, and one who they believe has been an incredibly effective public servant over many years. nothing in this last week ed is going to change that. i think as you observed there was a common sense simple answer to why the system was set up for
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the secretary. it was the easiest way for her to work. she was quite candid in saying that, if i had to do it over again, i probably would have juggled two phones and worked in a more difficult way, but who would have thought the republicans would turn the use of personal e-mail into such a huge scandal and the media is also implicated in that? it is not a scandal, ed. we learned over the last week that no laws were broken no guidelines were broken. the secretary said today that the system was safe the system was secure, so there is no issue around that. the really important point i think she made is the vast majority of these e-mails were being turned over and recorded
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contempt contempt -- in the state department. >> well is this poor judgment? this is what the right wing is throwing out there, that she should have separated both. she thought it was much easier, much more convenient that she just use one machine as the folks of that demographic call it. i think there's a little bit of comedy to that actually. there's a lot of people in her demographic that just don't want to be overwhelmed by the technology that are going to take the easiest, simplest route to do something. i get that. where does this leave the republicans at this point? where's the political opening? where's the legal opening, at all? >> i don't think there's any legal opening. this started a week ago with a story that said she may have broken federal rules. i've been watching the news the past couple days. everybody has seemed to have given up on that.
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chairman gowdy, the senate majority leader won't make that accusation. i think that's really going on here in the state that trey-- statement that trey gowdy made today is they have a dying investigation. the house committee run by republicans already found no wrong doing. there's no wrong doing here. this is an effort to keep it going. i think they want to get into the personal e-mail. they want to embarrass. they want to harass. they're calling for the server to be turned over or for some independent arbiter to look through these e-mails. what do want to do? let's get ken starr to sniff through these e-mails and see how she can be embarrassed. everybody has a right to privacy. they don't give that up when they go into the government. >> i think a lot of americans
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get that. i think privacy is mostimportant to most americans. there are e-mails about weddings and funerals and personal issues that americans should be able to protect. if there is something wrong -- i mean hillary clinton went on the record today. she's on the record. she says it was allowed. there was nothing illegal. there's nothing classified. where does this leave her? does this leave her wide open or is it a moment of truth for hillary clinton? >> i think she handled it really well. she was real. she was candid. she was totally forthcoming. i don't think this story has a lot more legs ed. i think the republicans will still want to go on a fishing expedition. i think the people in the mainstream media are embarrassed or ought to be for the stories in the past week of wild
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speculation. we're left with a personal e-mail. secretary clinton said if she had to do it over again -- six years ago, i wouldn't have thought they would come up with this caper to make such a huge issue out of personal e-mail that was recorded in realtime which went beyond what the law required. >> i think she answered the security question. if it is good enough for a former president, it ought to be good enough for a former secretary of state. appreciate your time tonight. let me bring in e.j. dion and geniveve woods. >> i think the theme of the press conference is just trust
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me. just trust me i didn't break any laws or rules. i turned over all the e-mails that dealt with work. i only kept those that were personal. trust me when i was talking about government business i only used dot gov addresses. that's the problem i think with her statement. i think for folks like you, ed and for people watching this show, they do trust hillary. there are a lot of folk out there and i don't mean just people on the right that will have questions. the just trust me isn't good enough. i would say why don't you hand over your server to a third party. nobody is looking for your personal e-mails. just be transparent. get it out there. >> that would be trusting someone else then. >> what's it going to be? >> trusting someone else that could breach some security. who knows? i think i've been a pretty fair critic of the clintons over the
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years, but i do believe that she met the test today. e.j. dion your reaction to hillary's remarks? >> everything we have heard on the show so far is very revealing. among hillary supporters, they're going to look at the issue and say she put the security issue to bed. it does not appear that she broke any laws or rules, and that's a big deal and her supporters are going to say she looked confident out there and answered the questions. the biggest question left open -- and the reason why i think conservatives can keep this story open for a while -- is this issue of how did she determine which of those e-mails that were deleted were private.
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if you don't trust hillary clinton, you're going to say they weren't about yoga and weddings and all that. maybe there was something we didn't know there. in terms of keeping this story alive for the long time, if she doesn't break any rules or laws and there was no breach of security, i think it becomes much harder to keep the story alive over the long run. >> looking at it this way, do you think there were any laws broken? i'll give you that opening. where could we go to find a law that was broken? >> i don't think there's a law. i think there's a rule. any government business or government e-mails that you use during your time in office had to be kept on a government server. according to what hillary said she only e-mailed people in government at their dot gov addresses. she was using a private e-mail. we know that other folk at the epa and other government
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agencies use private e-mails. she talks to people who don't just work to the state department and other government. lobbyists and people in other countries. i think she ought to be more transparent. >> okay. >> hillary is a big test. if people fundamentally trust her and think she wouldn't be a good president are going to hear this and think why are they chasing this but there are other people who look at hillary clinton and respond with mistrust. what we're hearing from our colleague. i think that's going to be with us for this entire presidential campaign. >> why would she risk it? she comes out today and goes pretty far, i think. there's enough material out there today if there's any kink in that army, she's done
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politically politically. if she wants to be president of the united states, why would she do what she did today? >> i'll say the clintons have been there before. bill clinton told some things that weren't so true. he was under oath. she wasn't under oath. >> she satisfied the democrats today because there are some democrats dick durbin and diane feinstein who want to make sure everything is okay and i think she did that. great to have both of you. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen dealing with issue. you can get my podcast at tom cotton doubles down on his letter to the iranians.
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start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. welcome back to "the ed show." the paper called the 47 republican senators who signed an open letter to iran traitors. it flat out accused the gop of trying to sabotage president obama's nuclear negotiations. joe biden called the letter beneath the dignity of an institution i revere. tom cotton says he is simply speaking for the american people. then he says things like this.
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>> as prime minister netanyahu said last week if they want to be treated like a normal nation they need to act like a normal nation. >> okay. so the american people elected the prime minister benjamin netanyahu netanyahu, i don't think so. they elected president obama twice. it is our president being undercut by republicans on the international stage. marco rubio brushed the whole thing off. >> this is an unusual moment with an incredible risk to our world and the country and the region. it required an unusual method to deal with it. >> do you regret it? >> regret? i would send another one tomorrow. >> joining me tonight a senator of maryland.
2:23 pm
let's respond to what marco rubio just said that they needed an unusual message. what's the aftermath of this senator? >> this was a clear partisan effort to weaken the president of the united states during a time of critical, international negotiations. there is no way you can justify this letter. it certainly weakened the united states. >> how does it weaken? if the iranians take it as a political grain of salt how does it weaken the deal? i'm just playing devil's advocate here. i think what they did was terrible. i think it was disrespectful to the tilt. i think if democrats had done this sometime i think it would have been a ball of fire. but where we are right now, your thoughts? >> in negotiations your strength is critically important to win the points that you want to win. here's the president of the united states now negotiating
2:24 pm
and iran goes am i negotiating with the right party. we don't know if you can carry out a deal. we'll wait and talk to those senators. it doesn't give the president of the united states the strength he needs to speak on behalf of the united states. foreign policy should not be divided by partisan politics. we should speak with one voice and in negotiating we speak by the president. >> here's what hillary clinton had to say this afternoon. she came out and started her press conference with this. >> either these senators were trying to be helpful to the iranians or harmful to the commander and chief in the midst of high stakes international diplomacy. >> which is it senator? your reaction? >> i think this was partisan politics and it weakened the united states. this should have no place in american politics. there was nothing to be gained by this letter. we all want to make sure we have a good deal.
2:25 pm
we want the president to negotiate from the strongest possible position. we don't want to prejudge an agreement until we see an agreement. we don't know if there will be one or not. we don't want to undermine the position of the united states. that was a huge mistake by the republicans. >> does this seem somewhat orchestrated? you have the israeli prime minister coming over here and serving it on a platter and all the republicans eating it up and throwing it back at the president. they want a war. it is a scorched earth policy with these people because they offer nothing else. do you think netanyahu was all part of a plan or are the republicans winging it? >> i think the republicans have been very partisan. we need to make sure we keep our strength in our resolve against iran. after all, we have to focus on iran. we have to focus on the
2:26 pm
agreement. what the republicans have done is distract us. i don't think that's helpful for this country. it is u.s. leadership that will spruce produce the kind of international resolve we need. the way they handled the invitation for prime minister netanyahu coming to the united states and this letter, they're more interested in partisan policy. >> what advice do you have for john kerry when he sits down and tries to get the deal closed? >> we need an agreement with iran. we have to have enforcement. we have to have transparency. i think the secretary will tell you the letter sent by these republicans are not helping him in achieving that objective.
2:27 pm
>> i appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> i want to point out during the 2008 campaign when john mccain said bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran. you know? not much has changed. that's pretty much where these folks are on the right wing. the there are 47 of them in the senate. scott walk's right to work law draws outrage from president obama. really? i'll tell you why it is too little too late. little history lesson. plus this is just proof that consumer confidence is on the rise. i'll take you to a sports show where they're riding high. wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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impact. you can see the train slice through a tractor-trailer as it is stuck on the tracks. amazingly the truck driver jumped to safety just before crash. 54 people on the train were injured, but are expected to be okay. this was the third serious commuter train crash in the nation in less than two months. how about a solar plane? that's right. a solar powered plane is attempting to fly around the world. look at this thing. the solar impulse 2 is what it is called. it just completed its first leg in the middle east. over the next five months, it will attempt to circle the globe. when it gets to the united states it is going to pass through phoenix and new york city. can i get a ride? the massive plane has a 236-foot wingspan wingspan. it is wider than a boeing 747.
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welcome back to "the ed show." i have wanted to say this for a long time. all of a sudden president obama and vice president biden are concerned about the depletion of unionship in america and the general attack on unions. listen to this. >> war has been declared on labor's house. there is a concentrated, well-organized well-paid, well-funded effort to undermine organized labor in the united states of america. >> so what has caused this wake-up call? may we set the record straight tonight? president obama has been a no-show when it comes to supporting the very people who put him in office. that's right. president obama would have never beaten hillary clinton without union support. he would have never defeated
2:37 pm
john mccain without union support. he would have never beaten romney and be re-elected without union support. when the workers were in the streets in wisconsin, president obama was a no-show. this president was never on the road advocating against it when workers needed it. let's talk about the employee free choice act. it never saw the light of day under the obama administration and that was the top priority of unions in 2008. now the president wants to do a trade deal that every union in this country is opposed to and firmly against. you can't claim to support the middle class and take these positions. the president has finally realized it is time to comment on scott walker and the attack on workers. unions have now said that they will not support any candidate until fast track and the tpp is
2:38 pm
resolved. amen. this is the latest comment from president obama on wisconsin. he said, it is inexcusable that over the past several years, just when middle-class families and workers need that kind of security the most there's been a coordinated assault on unions led by powerful interests and their allies in government. >> wow, where was that comment or education back in 2011? the unions are afraid to tell president obama what they really think. the unions need a political foot soldier in the next race and i think unions have been burned by some democrats and this administration and that there needs to be a different path forward, a different future mapped out, if we're going to save the middle class in this country and for them to go to these firefight conventions today and say, hey there's an attack on workers.
2:39 pm
really? just getting that? the folks in wisconsin could have used president obama's influence on the walker recall and also on the walker re-election effort. it was just too much cold feet for me. there was too much dipping the toe in the lake instead of jumping in. if the democrats really want to support workers in this country, the lines are very clear. you're either with the workers or you're not. where is the campaign against the right to work effort that's taking place and oh by the way, just yesterday scott walker signed right to work into law in wisconsin. where are the national democrats? wait a minute. they've got a message there's an attack on workers. unions saying they're not going to give any money is fantastic. i hope they hold the line. mr. president and mr. vice
2:40 pm
president, who never talks about the tpp, you need to reverse your positions on this tpp and fast track because it will gut more american jobs. joining me is john nichols, and the executive director of wisconsin jobs now. jennifer, you first. do you feel like this administration has been standing with you all along? >> well listen. i think the obvious answer here when it comes to workers' rights is no. i think it is important to understand it is not just president obama, but the democratic party as a whole has spent the last several years running away from who we are and what our core values are. we saw the result of that in the last election but the good news is that we're not waiting here in wisconsin for politicians to be leaders. tomorrow, thousands of people from all across the state will be in the streets for the we rise national day of action. we are reclaiming our state.
2:41 pm
we're taking it directly to scott walker and they're demanding an economy that works for everyone. it is when people get in the streets, when people take back that power, then politicians like president obama will follow. >> have they just gotten lip service from democrats? do they need to get more? >> there are some democrats who have stood strong with unions. but at the top of the democratic party, there's been a real gap. we have had democratic presidents advancing trade agendas that are opposed across the board by the trade union movement because they know those deals do not work for workers. we have also had had too many political decisions made. i don't want to get into that state fight. i don't want to take a side. >> sure. >> ed at a point where you have
2:42 pm
workers on the streets on the line -- there were a lot of polls in wisconsin showing a portion of the wisconsin electorate voted for president obama and for scott walker. i wonder what would have happened in 2011 and 2010 if president obama spoken up the way he is now and moved over to oppose scott walker. i think it could have an impact. >> i don't think there's any doubt it could have an impact and i think one of the big feelings of this administration is when this videotape was shot the president and the vice president were nowhere to be found. on the ground they didn't recognize exactly the impact and what they were up against and how serious the republicans were in going after all the way to right to work and that's exactly what walker has signed into law as of yesterday. good to have both of you with us tonight. i appreciate your time.
2:43 pm
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want to know how the economy is? just go to a sportsmen show. the consumer confidence index remains significantly higher than before the recession. i wanted to see just how confident shoppers are these days. >> people are spending money. you can just -- when you talk to them they're excited about
2:48 pm
what's coming. >> february's job reports showed five straight months of private sector jobs growth. >> in february construction added up to 25,000 jobs. manufacturing another 8,000 jobs. hospitality was up 66,000 jobs. growth in those industries bode well for supporting and recreation. you can tell based on a crowd at the red river valley sportsman show over the weekend. >> i think it was really bad a few years ago. now we're on the fence. some people are still saying it is bad and other guys are saying it is fine again. people are spending money again, i think, anyways. >> what do you think people look for? >> people are still always looking for a deal. it depends if you have what they want. >> as of 2014 boat sales were running at a 1/3 slower pace
2:49 pm
before the 2008 financial bust. the tide seems to be changing. >> first of all, i know you have never sold a boat in your life. >> two. >> you sold two? >> but i haven't got paid my commission on the titan yet, so. >> this is a good show. >> there's a lot of people here today. >> when the economy is good it shows like this. doesn't it? >> yes. >> you have seen the good days and the bad days. where are we? >> i think the middle class right now is lot of the people spending money. >> consumer confidence pulled back a bit in february after jumping into a multiyear high in january? january. >> is the industry changing? do you see a different clientele? >> it is not easy money to spend anymore. >> americans like to buy stuff, don't they? >> none of us like to save
2:50 pm
money. if we have it, we like to spend it. >> what do people want? >> it is a pontoon industry now. the can fish off the pontoon. it's a family thing. that's what it's all about. it was a good show. coming up a look at the new fallout from the racist fraternity video. stay with us. more coming up on "the ed show." we are right back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ one, two, three o'clock. four o'clock pop. ♪ five, six, seven o'clock. eight o'clock pop. ♪ ♪ nine, ten eleven o'clock ♪ ♪ twelve o'clock pop ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ ♪ put your glad rags on and join me hon' ♪ ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock
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university of oklahoma has
2:54 pm
now expelled two students connected with the racist chant. the university says these sigma alpha epsilon, s.a.e. members creted a hostile learn environment. the entire a top football recruit to the university of oklahoma, who was expected to play for the university has said no he's not going to do it citing the disturbing video. jay gray has the latest. >> we've tried to send a clear message that that's not who we are as sooners. countering the message in this shocking video. sae members chanting racial slurs during a party over the weekend. now more disturbing video has come to light. the housemother, mom b, as she's
2:55 pm
known, repeatedly singing a racial slur. she released a written statement which reads in part -- i am heartbroken by the portrayal that i am in some way racist. i have friends of all race and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. i was singing along to a trinidad song but completely understand how the video must appear in the context of the events that occurred this week. facing a midnight deadlines s. members continued to move out today, as the echo of protests and anger continueses to build. >> i'm never seen such anger from our students. as the fallout over the videos intensifies. >> that is not who we are as stay tuned body. >> a university at the center of a growing controversy right now.
2:56 pm
jay gray nbc news norman oklahoma. joining muss tonight dr. joseph, a professor at tufts university, and dean object dalea, a columnist at the daily beast. you you. >> have they handled it properly? >> i think the president has been right on in terms of his remarks, but institutional you've had students say there's no office of diversity. i think this is a larger problem that the president talked about in selma. one of the things that the president of ou said recently was that the racist video reminded him of the '60s. right now we're living in an era that is really like the '60s, ed in the sense we have both
2:57 pm
protests, but also institutional racism, whether we're talking about the criminal justice system or on college campuses. this is really a learn moments, a teachable moment. we just commemorated 50 years yet still sees this vicious institutional racism and at these big-time schools, people are fans of black bodies playing sports football teams. but they're not fans of regular black students on campus. >> i think it's a big deal that one of the top football recruits said i don't want anything to do with the university i'm going somewhere else. dean if you look at the videotape, you can only come to the conclusion this is a mind-set. how do you reverse that? >> its a mind-set.
2:58 pm
this from a tercht was founded in 1865 with racist policies only might people could be members of it. this bus trip was on the way to celebrate the founding of sae. so that's pardon of it. where white kids dress like black thugs. >> i think partly it has to have an honest candid discussion that we don't want to have. there's got to be a way to have a conversation where people don't take it as an accusation but to find empathy. i think we lack that a lot. >> professor, if you were the president of the university of oklahoma, and not to monday morning quarterback his decisions u. because i think he's been far more proactive
2:59 pm
than what maybe some presidents might have been, what would you do at this point? >> i think i would make an institution requirement that every single student that goes to ou has to take a course on rake and human rights. it's all about the struggle for black equality. if we can get to this thing, people part of latinos, physically challenge, they're all going to walk through those doors and opportunity. look at how many black and latino who are on faculty. how many who are administrators outside of college athletics, and how many opportunities are they recruiting?
3:00 pm
there has been tore an institutional solution. good to have you with es, gentleman. >> and also dean. that's. "politics nation" starts right now. \s. thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news tonight, hillary clinton breaks her silence, seven days after her e-mail controversy erupted. >> first, when i got to work i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department bay i thought it would be easier. looking back it would have been


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