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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  March 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ing shot in quote, an ambush during protests overnight. >> what happened last night was a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a damn punk. a punk who was trying to sew discord in an area that is trying to get its act together in trying to bring together a community that has been fractured for too long. >> hours ago a team of officers dressed in s.w.a.t. gear, sur surrounded a home in ferguson but no arrests have been made. the shooting happened amid peaceful demonstrations outside the city's police department just hours after police chief thomas jackson announced he would step down. according to law enforcement, police heard three to four shots ring out and muzzle flashes from a firearm were seen 125 yards away.
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this afternoon the parents of michael brown released a statement saying we reject any kind of violence directed toward members of the law enforcement. it cannot and will not be tolerated. we specifically denounce the actions of stand-alone agitators who unsuccessfully attempt to derail the otherwise peaceful demonstrators. hours ago, president obama wrote violence against police is unacceptable. our prayers are with the officers in missouri. the the path to justice is one all of us must travel together. joining me now from ferguson is msnbc's trymaine lee. trymaine, what can you tell us about how the city is preparing for this evening, given what unfolded last evening? >> reporter: that's right. we're just learning the st. louis county police and the missouri state highway patrol will be taking over duties of patrolling the protests outside of the ferguson police department. this shooting comes at such a critical moment, for not just the city p but the movement
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built around black lives matter. fuelling those who already oppose what they're doing. also as the city is already reeling from a slew of resignations and firings and trying to maintain control and move itself forward. this shooting couldn't come at a worse time. >> what do we know about the group of people that the police have taken in for questioning? do we have any further information oen the number of people and who they might be? >> we don't know much at this point. just that they believe those they have taken into custody are somehow related to the shooting last night. there is still differing views on where the shots came from. some say 100 or 200 yards away. some implied they came from the group of protesters. protesters say while they were right in front of police headquarters, the shots came from well up on the hill across the street. there's still more questions than answers. but it seems that the police are taking this step by step. >> msnbc's trymaine lee, thanks for the update. joining me now is derey, a merg son activist who participated in
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last night's rally and heard the gunshots. thanks for joining me. can can you give us a sense of what you saw unfold last night? >> yes, i was parked at the base of the hill. so i could see the protesters. i could see the police really clearly, and what i heard were the gunshots. i heard about four gunshots happen in quick succession. i saw the police officer fall. i saw police officers surround him and call for the ambulance to come. shortly after that the rest of the police all hid behind something, whether a police truck or a car or a brick edifice out there and they all that had their weapons drawn. the rifles came out, the handguns came out, and slowly after that they proceeded to come up the hill because the hill is where i heard the gunshots come from. and the hill is a place where the the protesters do not congregate or park. it's not a place where we have protection protection actions on the hill.
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the shots happened as people were dispersing to go home yesterday. >> it sounds like among protesters there's skepticism about whether the shot fired was from someone involved in the protest movement. >> yes and the only thing we know for sure is two officers got shot. they got shot during protest action. the hill the shots came from is not a space that the protesters were last night. it's not a space that we before. last night was the 215th day of protest. this is a movement committed to nonviolence. we are actively protesting against violence i can't imagine this was part of the movement last night. zbr and what is the plan for the evening given what happened last night? >> i envision they will congregate somewhere. the movement is very much alive. the movement is bigger than any one action or person. we are fighting for justice in a
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broad sense. we have not had it yet. they are not justice. they're not accountability. so i anticipate the protesters will congregate tonight. we have said and continue to say we are against the killing of police. we're against killing of unarmed kblak people. we're against killing in general, and that remains. >> this is a problem. some of the the racial bias and the fact that the police departments or municipalities are making a great deal of money from ticketing folks and disproportiongstionally black motorists, this is a problem not just in ferguson. it's a problem in cities across the state and the the country. have you in ferguson tried to bring in other nearby communities to the protest movement, to get them involved in the activism around that issue? >> there are communities across the city and county who are actively protesting in ferguson in berkeley where antonio martin was killed. so yes, it's a broad section of people from across st. louis who are active protesters.
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but ferguson as you know is like the site in ground zero for what we call the beginning of this phase of the movement because of mike's death. that's why it's still a place of trauma. the ferguson pd as you said has been prove on the be a racist police department that perpetuates racist policing. that's what we are confronting because that led to the death of mike brown. >> thank you for your time. good luck this evening. >> thank you. >> the shooting in ferguson can be a major setback for a city hoping to make a new start. in addition to the resignation yesterday of ferguson police chief thomas jackson, the city manager and municipal judge both resigned in recent days after a justice department report accused the city of racially biased and unconstitutional practices in law enforcement. but while ferguson is a potent symbol of biased policing that's only the tip of the iceberg. a report by "the new york times" finds ferguson is one of many municipalities that generate rev
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new through fines and fees from low-income minority residents. take traffic stops. black motorists in ferguson are pulled over at a rate of 1.4 times their share of the population. but just three miles away black drivers are two and a half times more likely to be pulled over. southwest of there in chesterfield, it's three times. joining me now is jamaal bowie. the death of mike brown has opened up, if you will a pandora's box of problem in terms of inequities and racial bias. in our system of governance and certainly the criminal justice system. when you look at the statistics it's not just ferguson. it's all over st. louis county which may mean all over missouri, all over the country. do you think this is the beginning of a movement to address the problem? >> i hope so but i'm not entirely sure. i'm not entirely sure because what would it take to actually
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address or fix the problem is quite radical from the communities involved. take the st. louis county area. i happen to think the single best thing you can do to reform the area is to get rid of the municipalities. to merge them and the surrounding neighbors into a single municipality that could share services. it didn't have to have multiple police forces. that had larger constituencies more political account about. the practice of having dozens of tiny municipalities breed this kind of abuse, and i think the ultimate step you have to take is just to get rid of them. but i'm not sure that's the thing that is politically viable. zble and it's not just about who is pulled over. it's about the revenue structure in the cities and towns where ferguson is not the worst offender.
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edmundson, they bring in $6 million per year a person in court fines. $600 a year in court fines for every resident. that's more than six times what is brought in per year per resident in ferguson. their existence is predicated to a large degree -- i mean 10 20, 30 40% of their annual budget on pulling over residents, on disproportionately charging minority residents. if they can't pay the fine then the fines increase. i guess i wonder how do we get our cities out of the cycle of doom? >> i think it goes back to getting rid of the municipalities. they have a lot of problems with the police forces and racial discrimination. one problem they tend not to have is the governing structure that encourages police and city officials to look for revenue through needless fines and fees.
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they have broader tax bases. they have other ways to get their revenue that don't require the point of service. the point of service revenue raising. >> right. broader tax revenues. maybe -- i mean this then folds to the larger national debate over what a lot of red state or purple state governors are doing. a refusal to pay taxes. then what do you do? you look at this yearlong investigation by npr last year. in at least 43 states and the district of columbia defendants can be billed for a public defender. in 41 states inmates can be charged room and board for prison stays. offenders can get billed for their own probation and parole supervision. the idea that you would charge people for public defenders or charge them room and board for prison stays is uncon shen shl shlshl shlable.
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this is how they are making up for lost revenue. >> i would hope as the nation gets better we'll receive less of this. will will require active police call attempts to reverse. that's not just republicans. that's not just democrats. it's both. it's because these are populations. prisoners. minorities that are easy to -- it's easy to do this to vulnerable populations. it's easy for the people who don't have the strongest political representation. even in good times. hopefully going forward ferguson, through the drama of it all has revealed so many of these inequities and unfair practices. hopefully it will give energy to efforts to reverse them. you're right. it's completely uncon shenable to charge people for defense attorneys and charge people for utilizing their essential riteght t. >> and in many cases if they're not found guilty they still have to pay, which is perhaps the worst part of the whole
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affair. jamelle bouie from slate, always good to see you. after the break, second thoughts. john mccain has regrets about undermining the commander in chief in an open letter to iran as he calls out america's collapse of political ethics. plus democrats face a tough question about 2016. if not hillary, then who? and later, why was michele bachmann talking about sharknado outside of the white house? all of that is ahead on now. it's a significant improvement over the infiniti we had... we went around the country talking to people who made the switch to ford. the brand more people buy. and buy again. oh i love it... we test-drove the escape... we both said, "i think that's the one"... and i really enjoy the pep in its step... that's the ecoboost... when the four of us go out we don't take their car... we always take our car. this was like a huge upgrade. it's awesome! the new image of ford now looks really refined... this is a very nice car.
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. today iran's leader called it the ultimate degree of the collapse of the political ethics of the u.s. system's internal disintegration. . comments for the supreme leader comes as criticism for the 47 senators continues to mount state side. john kerry, who said he was in utter disbelief over the letter called it stunning and irresponsible. former secretary of state madeline albright called it unprecedented and fairly outrageous. across the country, at least 22 newspaper editorial boards slammed republicans over their letter. perhaps not all that surprisingly, some republicans have backed away from the letter. at least slightly. senators like john mccain who said he signed it in a rush because of a snowstorm. o the republican aides were taken by by what they thought was light hearted attempt to include them in the discussions.
1:17 pm
two aides described it as a cheeky reminder of the congressional branch's prerogatives. joining me now is washington bureau chief for buzzfeed news john stanton. when i'm rushing out the door to get out of town sometimes i forget to take out the trash or turn off the lights. but rarely do i mistakenly send a letter to dismantle or undermine international negotiations. how seriously is the suggestion that this letter was cheeky and oh, we didn't really look t ate that carefully. how seriously is that line of defense being taken on capitol hill? >> i don't think it's taken seriously at all. they didn't act that way the first three or four days of this thing? the first few days of the controversy. they were very serious about it. it was very serious in their defense of the letter. you know i don't think it was a light hearted thing. i also don't think that
1:18 pm
republicans really thought they were telling anybody anything they didn't already know. i think iran has c-span and you know, cnn and all of that. they can see what's going on in the united states. i think that the iranian government was certainly well aware of the fact that the congressional republicans and a lot of democrats were unhappy with the the negotiations. i think it's a bit of poking people in the eye kind of a thing. >> yeah, but i guess when you have the supreme leader the ayatollah in iran talking about the u.s.'s system's internal disintegration and at the same time a wall street journal poll that says 89% of americans say the president and congress stick to partisan ways instead of compromising that there's weird consensus between iran's supreme leader and the american public on the dysfunctionalty of the political system specifically congress. i mean how #awkward is that for the republicans? >> at least on the upside they're able to bring people
1:19 pm
together on something? >> i suppose so. go ahead. >> i think it is. it's certainly the fallout and the backlash is something they were not anticipating. i'm surprised at the voracity of the attacks on them on this. there wasn't anything in in letter that no one already knew. it doesn't have a huge practical effect oen the negotiations either. but it does create this sort of weird space for the iranian hard liners to come out and, you know criticize us and make fun of the united states and that's difficult. and not a productive thing to be happening right now. . >> yeah, and these are delicate international negotiations. and this sort of effort is fairly unprecedented. i would ask, you know there's been a lot of discussion lately about how the iranians are assisting or supporting the fight against isis in iraq
1:20 pm
specifically. and marco rubio and john kerry went back and forth on this yesterday, and you know in fairness, where saddam hussein's statue once stood in baghdad, there's now a portrait of iran's supreme leader. a testament, a very clear sign that iran is very very very involved in iraq at this moment. how much legitimate consternation is there inside the halls of congress over that alignment? >> there's quite a bit. i mean you talk to the republicans and democrats. and it does worry them very much. there may not be oversharing resources but it's still happening. we are giving the iraqi government intelligence. we're giving them funding and money and guns and things and so are the iranians and they're clearly telling the iranians what they're hearing from us and they're probably also telling us what the iranians are telling them. so that normal relationship is
1:21 pm
troubling to a lot of members of congress. >> let me just ask is you, we know the president asked for an authorization of use of military force to fight isis. there was a great human cry, and it basically landed with a thud. there seems to be no appetite in congress for actually doing the thing congress has been demanding it should be able to do for months if not almost a year. is there any work hours resolution that comes through congress any time soon? >> no i don't think so. think they'll have a fight over it. we may see some action in chambers. but neither side wants to change the status quo in the end right now. keeping it the way it is congress does not have to own the war. if they do a war powers authorization, then the war is on them. no matter what happens with it particularly if it goes badly or drags out if r years and years and years, members of congress are going to have explain the
1:22 pm
votes. especially anyone here in 2001 2002 they don't want another vote on the record saying they engage the united states in a difficult war in the middle east. i think that is weighing on a lot of people's minds. the divisions within congress are pretty significant. republican leadership and they want to give the administration more power than they're asking for. and a large coalition of progressives and libertarians that want to take a very narrow approach and limit what the obama administration can do. it's a difficult position right now for everyone. >> yes, i think this represents congress complete and total shirking of all responsibility. i think in total. buzzfeed's john stanton, thank you as always john. >> it's good to be here. coming up the discharge ages have returned literally. i'll tell you where coming up next. oh yea, that's coming down let's get
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as the brutal syrian conflict prepares to enter its fifth year on sunday the ongoing carnage has caused a literal dark age. scientists analyzed satellite photos and found 83% of the lights in the country have gone out since the war began in 2011. among the less visible consequences of the drawn-out conflict, the u.n. now reports life expectancy in syria has fallen by 20 years. from nearly 76 years to under 56. more than 220,000 people have been killed and more than 11 million displaced. all told more than 12 million people are in need of humanetarian assistance. funding for the aid is falling behind. last year only 57% of necessary funds were granted for assisting those in needs. today 20 delivered a failing grade to the u.n. security koun
1:27 pm
sail sill, saying it's failed to boost last year. coming up we'll get a live report from ferguson where st. louis county police and missouri highway patrol are preparing to take over protest security. that's just ahead on "now." ♪ ♪ ♪ we're on a mission, a mission for underwareness, a cause to support the over 65 million people who may need the trusted protection of depend underwear. join us. drop your pants for underwareness and show off a pair of depend. because wearing a different kind of underwear, is no big deal. support the cause and get a free sample of depend at
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behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. other stories capturing our collective imaginations or just possibly signaling the beginning of end times. the clintons may write their own rules, but to democrats have any other choice. bans on selfie sticks are being put in place around the globe. is this the end of the narcissist? and michele bachmann has a cameo in sharknado three. and this gator on a florida golf course is not photo shopped. but first, they drove their car into white house security barricades after attending a late night party. no, this is not a scene from an upcoming harold and kumar movie.
1:31 pm
it happened with two of the president's secret service agents. and it's the latest black eye. and the agents have quite the resumé for hard partying. joining me now is the editor and host of nerding out. dorian warren. and managing editor of the "washington post" politics section and author of "the fix." chris cilizza. i hope there's no national emergency. i seems that the secret service is not quite doing its job. the litany of bad things they have done the list goes on. what gives? >> it's amazing. i was reading something today and this comes as not welcome news to a beleaguered agency. i had actually forgotten only soft the things.
1:32 pm
we had the whole thing with the the trip to colombia and the prostitutes in 2012. we had the shots fired at the white house that actually hit the residence, the personal residence where the obamas live. and then we of course had really the most amazing one which is the the guy who leaps the perimeter fence and doesn't just make it to the white house, runs through most of the lower part of the white house before being tackled by an offduty cop. so yeah not good. joseph clancy president obama's guy, right? he led the presidential protection unit for several years during obama's first term. he is now the head of the secret service. named that last month. this is not exactly how you want to start the job off. >> you kind of want like harvey weintstein to be head of the secret service. each one of these is like a crazy movie. chris failed to mention the three agents sent home after being found drunk at an amsterdam hotel ahead of the summit. what summit? i don't know.
1:33 pm
nato? i don't know. 12 agents caught soliciting prostitutes. that's like romancing the stone meets harold and kumar meets some ashton kutcher movie. >> i want to hang out with those dudes. >> it sounds like a fraternity. t let's hope there's no vine video of them singing about the president that we might find somewhere. >> i worry. i worry for our country when this is -- and granted, there are a lot of problems inned the secret service, how much they're overworked. how much they get paid. >> they don't sound that overworked. >> but the thing that happened last night is they were apparently -- there's a suspicious package. these guys broke through the barricade and drove over the suspicious package which is like a bad bruce willis movie. okay i'll stop with the hollywood references. but it's outrages. moving on speaking of outrageous, maybe. i don't know. she was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week and yet when it comes to 2016
1:34 pm
today's "new york times" say democrats don't have any other choice. adam, i want to ask you this. because there are a lot of us politics nerds that focus inses incessantly. you know about the world. you're involved. when you hear about the hrkzillary clinton stuff, are you already tired of 2016. >> we don't know if she's running, first of all. i am a registered democrat. what i do find sad is well who else do we have? that did not inspire a lot of confidence as a democrat. she got schooled by obama in 2008. ultimately, she couldn't close the deal. she's got the biggest foundation machine and she's a clinton, but does she excite the public? i don't think so personally. >> this is what i'm asking, dorian. >> i want to start a whisper campaign on your show right now. i think we should draft michelle obama to run. forget running for the senate like hillary did.
1:35 pm
let's draft the first lady right now. she is equally as talented and smart as her husband. i think she would make a great president. >> wow, dorian warren drafting michelle obama. chris cillizza the likelihood of the the first lady getting involved in politics after her husband's presidency is over? >> getting involved in politics at some point in the future? i don't think it's out of the question. running for president in 2016 somewhere -- is there a number less than zero? >> bottom. negative infinity. >> right. >> like how cold it gets in chicago. like about that temperature. >> they're not saying you're wrong. that's just numbers. >> and let's respect the concept, dorian. a lot of people feel like maybe another person someone, anyone martin oh mall ly martin o'mally, can you hear us in space? jeb bush may have a pail owe
1:36 pm
problem. he says his strict adherence to a paleo diet precludes him from putting barbecue sauce on his ribs. can you tell us -- there are a lot of things offlimits in the paleo world. including fruit and dairy and -- >> bread. salt. >> first of all, he's all right. as any real texan will tell you, you don't put sauce on your brisket. >> that's true. but you do have like cheese grits in the south. the top -- the campaign -- >> don't forget funnel cake. >> these are things people are supposed to eat at state fairs. >> obviously he's a man of the people. >> hot dogs burgers, pizzas. >> can you eat fried twinkies? >> no. >> but you can eat a not deep fried twinkie. that's okay. >> this is my deep food question. the consumption of meat is seen
1:37 pm
as kind of american right? or masculine or whatever. >> you can eat meat. but being so offlimits in your diet -- >> but the crazy thing is if jeb is doing it to lose weight all you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. you don't have to go on a paleo zit. >> it makes him not the guy i want to sit and have a beer with. but a naturally fermented capucho with. and that's a winner for the general election. >> can he have the naturally fermented ced >> can he have the naturally fermented ced kabucha? >> better than beer. >> i wonder if this cuts him. >> i see what you did there. >> i wonder if this hurts him in certain states. i mean it was a big deal when president obama was into arugula. food is political. the fact that he's not able to indulge at various fairs and states in the country seems like potentially a liability.
1:38 pm
>> alex i appreciate your voracious appetite to this story. i had like 20 seconds of leadup. i once wrote something about the politics of food and you are what you eat at some level. the one thing i would guess, though, is remember mike huckabee in 2008 right. he ran on like you're digging your grave with your knife and fork, spoon, some kitchen utensil. he ran like many of you. i have struggled with my weight. now i have under control. so diet and losing weight and struggling with weight is actually i think relatively relatable. i know we're going 700 layers deeper than most people will. but whatever. it's cable tv. >> that's what we do. >> but yeah, that's what we do. i read a blog. i know from going 700 layers deep. i do think there's a relatableness that certainly worked for huckabee. like i struggled with this.
1:39 pm
i don't think it's all that bad. >> wait. huckabee? what happened? >> there is a relatability factor. but then there's the absurdity factor of not having any legumes, sugar, no fried butter in iowa at the state fair? i'm going to let it go. london's national gallery, this is for you, dorian. and the palace of versailles are the latest institutions to ban selfie sticks. because this is not the palace of versailles we have one. we're sorry you can't be part of a selfie. zblf alex has never held one in her life. >> i think it's really cool. >> can we --? we can get chris in here in the monitor. i think this is kind of cool and maybe totally terrible, dorian. >> i think it's awful. we are losing the art of the interact between tourists and local residents.
1:40 pm
think of having this in versailles. you want to ask a french person in your really awful french to take a picture for you so they can insult you. we're losing that art. i mean look. if we can ban these things at 30 rock because just to get in the door here almost 20 people have these things. it's dangerous. i want somebody to ask me to take a picture. >> and that's part of it. between drones delivering our goods and selfie sticks you never have to talk to a human being ever again. >> what is french for dork? >> le dork. i'm not -- i am not -- i will say i had child like glee holding that. i'm sorry you couldn't be part of that chris? >> i'm not sorry at all. >> selfie cam. we're going to move on. we're going to move onto something that is equally terrifying, maybe and awesome.
1:41 pm
and also not your typical reason for a mulligan. that's my golf word for the day. this enormous alligator showed up at the seventh hole of a golf club in florida on sunday. adam, i know you're an avid golfer. what's your response to this photograph? >> my response is if you play a lot of golf you are always looking for an excuse as to why you scored so badly. having a gator on the seventh hole. i would have had a birdie but -- >> there was a stegasaurus. >> no i have two little kids. that's where that six hours goes. i thought. this just affirms all my childhood fears, in every sewer and grate i walk by, there's an alligator down somewhere. >> we could keep showing it for the same 20 minutes. >> ratings gold. >> with the flag i mean this thing is literally like a t-rex.
1:42 pm
the earth was roamed by these giant creatures once upon a time. >> who must have been on the paleo diet. clearly. >> suddenly jack hanna a little bit there, alex. >> tie it all up with a bow. adam rappaport, dorian warren, chris cillizza even from a distance, we can feel your energy. thank you all for this extraordinary moment in television. of course, you can get the latest edition of bon appetit on newsstands right now. i don't know how much there is about paleo diets. but it's a good read. coming up space, a pretty good place to see a changing planet. . yeah. unless you're ted cruz. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even
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just a few hours from sunset in ferguson missouri, what lies ahead tonight. we will have more on that story in a moment. but first, courtney reagan has the cnbc market wrap. hi courtney. >> hi, alex. the week's volatility on wall street continues. stocks rallying during the session. that follows two days of losses. you can see the dow spiking 260 points. the s&p jumping 25 and nasdaq adding 43 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. ls to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries. see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain
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1:49 pm
fortunately with both officers we don't have any remarkable long-term injuries. in other words, there wasn't a -- it wasn't in somebody's brain or heart or anything like this. but you need to know these two officers took a very hard hit. we're lucky, by god's grace, we didn't lose two officers last night. >> that was st. louis county
1:50 pm
police chief jon belmar. hours from now the the st. louis county police department and missouri state highway patrol will take over security for protests in ferguson until further notice. earlier today the mayor and ferguson city council weighed in on the shooting citing this act of violence has no place in our community or our country. they also addressed the recent department of justice report accusing the city of systemic racial bias. we have made changes at the highest level of our administration, police and courts. we are working to make changing necessary to instill confidence in the city, our police and our courts. joining me now from ferguson is nbc news correspondent jay gray. what can you tell us about the condition os the two officers who were shot? >> yeah as you just heard from the st. louis county chief, fortunate to be alive and
1:51 pm
released from the hospital today, alex. amazing to think about when one had a bullet through the shoulder. another had a bullet lodged in his skull. they were treated last night. stayed in the hospital overnight and released today. that's the intense manhunt that continues here as well alex. we've seen officers in tactical gear sweeping the the small community. we know at least three people have been questioned at this point. there's been no indication that they are suspects in the case. it is an ongoing manhunt, as we're told. >> and as far as the missouri state highway patrol and the st. louis county police department taking over the sort of policing of the security protests in ferguson was that expected? that happened once before during the hype of the ferguson protests. >> yeah, and i don't think it was expected in l what happened in the overnight. they knew something had to change here. it's also, i think, a very good indicator that things have ratcheted up here. the intensity is building. there's an increased tension. and you can feel it in the
1:52 pm
community. it's again a situation where there are a lot of people on edge and now that includes police officers who are frankly quite angry, quite concerned that two of their own have been shot. >> nbc's jay gray thank you for the update jay. >> you bet. >> coming up what makes nasa special? ted cruz has some ideas. that is next on "now." hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. my name is michael. i'm 55 years old... and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles... coming from the inside out of my skin.
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that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever. the countdown clock is ticking, and in less than six hours nasa is set to launch the latest mission in space, sending four spacecraft 38,000 miles above the earth to study colliding fields. they're studying the aura and solar flares that can disrupt satellites and power grids. as one mission begins another comes to a close. today an astronaut landed in kazakhstan after spending six months after the international
1:56 pm
space station. both would seem to fit the mission of what senator ted cruz makes nasa special. specifically keeping the mission well beyond earth's atmosphere. as the new chairman of the sub committee on space, science and competitiveness, ted cruz has a particular idea of what nasa should do and it doesn't involve the science of climate. nasa's core competence is not texas soil conservation, cruz said in a budget hearing they. that ain't what makes nasa special. what makes him special is the complete denial of the science of climate change. the science right at the center of the committee he now chairs. joining me is chief astronomer with the franklin institute darren pitts. when people hear the word nasa they think outer space. it seems there's a decided connection between the science of outer space and the science of earth. tell us, if you will a little
1:57 pm
more about the interconnectedness of the two fields of study. >> why don't we say nasa's core competence is building equipment that can observe the earth remotely in ways very much similar to how it's been observing planets remotely using space probes to gather information about planets of the solar system. we learned a great deal this way. what nasa has done is used the core competency to create a technology that has expanded our knowledge of the earth's eco system about 100 fold. we now have really good observational capability that brings us data about all all the earth's different systems, atmospheric, oceanic, surface soils and how it all works together. and so now we understand our planet much better than we ever had before. >> right. sometimes it takes getting off the planet to understand the planet that we just came from. >> yeah, that's very true. we have -- i was just going to say, it's a perfect place to
1:58 pm
view from, from low earth orbit. it gives us a wonderful birds-eye perspective we can't get any other way. >> let's talk about today's launch and the mysteries of magnetic fields. how -- what -- how important is this in terms of understanding our universe? >> well it's always good to have more information about the planet where we live. i mean, that's the value of the spacecraft, to look at the surface of the earth. these space probes will also help us better understand our magnetic field. our magnetic field protects us from dangerous radiation created by the sun. the better we understand that the better we can understand of the near space environment b u it helps us better characterize what space will be like for space travelers, that may end up traveling to the moon and going out to mars places where that might not be anywhere near as much magnetic field protection as humans would always like to have. so the more we understand, the better off we'll be. >> i want to talk a little bit
1:59 pm
about the return of two astronauts. the return is amazing to watch. there's a lot of really interesting stuff that's going to be happening on the international space station. tell us, if you will what kind of stuff we're studying out there? >> yes, two cosmonauts and one astronaut returned last night. that leaves three on board. three more astronauts will launch up on march 27th. however two of the astronauts will have an extended stay. they'll stay one whole year. one of the two astronauts the american, scott kelly, has a twin brother astronaut here on earth, mark kelly. so what nasa will do is use this as a test bed. an opportunity to study the effects of the space environment on one of two twins. this way they'll have a control in mark kelly here on the surface while scott kelly can be
2:00 pm
the experimental begin knee pig. >> it is a fascinating, fascinating study. derrik pitts, thank you for your time. that is all for now. >> thank you. >> "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show." live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. an exclusive on nike's push for an international trade disaster in the making. >> who will benefit from the tpp? >> feeling good ab the momentum that we have. >> the biggest multinational corporations in the world. >> at this hour -- >> this was not someone trying to bring healing. >> tensions rise in ferguson. >> this was a damn punk. punk. >> and later, the epa under attack. >> this is happening now. this is not a future event. plus -- >> outright greed and irresponsibility in the


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