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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  March 14, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> damn somebody got clocked. >> a jailhouse assault leetds to one bloody inmate. >> who swung first? >> i didn't swing it all he the one swung on me. >> and two sides to each other. >> we both swung on each other. mine's affecting him more that's
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all. >> in this picture you can see mr. green escaping from the facility. >> an inmate makes a daring escape. >> he did the escape like you would see in a movie by riding out on one of the the trucks. >> i ain't gonna lie. he was stealing. i stabbed his as as many times i could. >> and one inmate decides it is time for a change. >> if i don't make a transformation in my life at this point i'm going end up dead. >> but will it work? >> i'm at my breaking point. i've been trying hardest. this ain't real man. some hard at [ expletive ].
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cincinnati, ohio oh was an early american boom town who's seen its up and downs. and if you are arrested in cincinnati, you most likely end up spending some type at the hamilton county justice center. >> be home soon baby. >> most of the 1300 men and women incarcerated here are only accuse of crimes and are awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. but if any of them break the rules here they will end up in the disciplinary segregation unit, sometimes referred to as the hole. >> this is the hole. we have people for fighting, for stealing. >> inmates here lose all their privilege, including visitation and must spend 23 hours a day in the single person well with run hour to use the shower a day or call on phones.
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violence seems to erupt even in there. >> two inmates for fighting. >> somebody got clocked. >>. hard to tell you all what happened. i can't believe this, man. trying to stay out of trouble because i was about to be on lockdown. >> the inmates involved are geovany harris and ian thompson. they were both in the day room during the one hour they are allowed outside of their cells. >> we have 16 on bottom and 8 on top. we have 8 hours in the shift. doing the math it doesn't add up. we have to double up if we are going to get everybody out. >> harris is jail on charngs and menacing while stalking and harassing. he's in segregation for arguing with an officer. and the inmate with thompson seems to have started withing a argument at wells. >> i go in. i was just saying on the phone i got to talk with my public
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defender. >> he on it for like 30, 40 minutes. and i ain't paying to attention. he just hit me at. >> who swung? >> i didn't swing at all. he the one swung on me. a straight assault. it's crazy. >> what were you doing? >> i was facing the door trying to ask the co. i'm faced towards the door. >> and he came up and hit you. >> yeah. >> as the jail investigator, my responsibility is to find out all of the facts of what occurred. it come across the radio as a signal nine. it may just be an assault here. >> thompson whose 20 days away from completing a 6 month sentence for heroin possession is in segregation for a previous fight. but he says he was not the aggressor than or now. and that he had already hung up the phone and went upstairs when harris began assaulting him. >> as soon as i came down the steps he swung. so i clocked him.
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that was it. i only clocked him one time. that was it. one punch. that's it. it was all over the phone. no this -- this dry. this came from the other -- when the dude like -- when he took my peanut butter off my tray, i clocked him too. >> [inaudible]. >> people keep trying me. i have to defend myself. >> trying to find out who the aggressor is here. you want to make sure you place disciplinary action on the right individual. and by talking to the individuals it was totally opposite stories on both sides. so we thought knows necessary t witnesses to corroborate. >> the other gentlemen came over here to complain about mr. thompson talking on the phone too much. by the time i got out here mr. thompson was backing way way towards the back. and mr. harris had blood all
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over himself. >> what did you see? >> a pair of to two of them were in the argument. he came running down the steps and started swinging on the other individual from what i could see. >> do you think thompson assaulted the other inmate? >> from what i called see it appeared that thompson was the aggressor. >> i'll get you that bag of ice. >> harris and thompson reason placed in separate units until the charges are completed. >> the difference between charges is in-house charges are disciplinary sanctions within the facility. opposed to criminal charges, which you have to take to the courts outside of the facility. if we can find out it was an assault that occurred by mr. thompson then we'll push forwards and file criminal charges against. >> little shaky about it. i don't know. >> you kword about that?
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>> i'm, very worried about it. because for what? me defending myself. >> alone thompson was more candid about how many times he struck harris, in what he calls self defense. >> i hit hip probably three or four times. hit him a couple of times and then i stopped. and i thought i got to defend myself. i can't let a man play me. >> how are you defending yourself. >> put him to sleep. boom, he went to sleep. i'm going to crack you a couple of more times just because you tried to play me. you put yourself in this predict. you wear the shoes. you bought them. i gave him what he was looking for. now you understand. >> coming up -- >> the fight investigation leads to more trouble for dillon thompson. >> you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. >> and -- >> they got me housed in
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like many urban jails, cincinnati's hamilton county justice center is located in the heart of downtown. the top floor of this five-story tower might be considered the penthouse suite in any other building. but here it is reserved for the jail's most dangerous inmates. >> this is the fifth floor. highest in the jail. maximum security is up here. >> nothing but the hard hitters. nothing but the hard hitters. killers. >> one unit on the the fifth floor houses inmates considered too dangerous for general population. it is joan as administrative segregation, or ad seg. mark hingston has been here seven months t.
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>> i'm one of the most hated people in whole institution. in fact they don't even allow me off of this pod. they got me housed in administrative segregation for stabbing an inmate around 7 months ago. >> he got into it with another inmate. and charged him and stabbed him in the back about three times. >> hinkston was angry because the inmate had stolen his potato chips. >> i punched him. but i didn't feel that that inflicted enough injury upon him for the crime that he committed against me. so i had two long pencils. and i went and sharpened them. and i came back to the cell and i started stabbing him. >> another incident.
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he was in his cell and ripped off a corner bead of the room which he made into the shank. >> he is a throat staff simply because we don't know from one day to the next what his demeanor is going to be. he has shown spurts of violence. in an instant he can go to just a ball of rage. >> while he's incarcerated here, he will be on administrative zbagsz he cannot get along with the general population. can't get along with staff members. can't get along with anybody. >> he is a ticking time bomb. at some point something is going to push him over the edge to where there will be a burst of violence. >> hinkston has pled not guilty to all of his current charges, which include trafficking of cocaine and heroin, illegally carrying a firearm and felonious
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assault. >> this is something i am capable of doing. this is something i have done in the past. i did five years for felonious assault where an individual was shot in the chest. where i shot him in the chest. this is something i'm very much capable of doing. but i didn't do this. >> in in addition to five years in prison for the felonious assault he previously served another five years for robbery. and he says his criminal history goes all the way pack to age 11 when he was jumped and assaulted by neighborhood kids because of the light color of his skin. >> they ganged up on me and jumped me. i felt that that wasn't something i couldn't accept. in my young life. >> hinkston says he went home and got o .22 caliber pistol. >> i took that revolver back to that park and i seen these children that jumped me.
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and i began to shoot at them. although i didn't hit any of them, i was shortly captured by police officers. >> hinkston believes he's only been made worse by incarceration. >> i believe the administrative segregation makes you extra ult ultraaggressive due to the fact that if they cage you like a animal, you will be subject to act like a animal. when you create a condition where people is being governed by you and you acceptedly oppress them people, they will eventually rise up against you. >> having heard this philosophy 23 year veteran sergeant moore thought the need to interject. >> i asked about you. >> --
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>> because you been doing this since you were 11 years old. >> mr. hinkston has been o coming here since he was a juvenile. i always con very sate with the inmates because i know every one has a story and there is a reason people keep coming to jail. the foot here isn't that great. the officers aren't that great. so why are you continuously coming here. >> the cell's doing to me. i been in here going crazy. >> i believe it. but what got you inside that cell? what got you inside this facility? what makes you go out and commit another crime to get incarcerated again after serving time for five years? >> inaudible. >> so you been innocent every time? >> i'm innocent this time. >> i said every time. do you know what i call the definition of crazy? >> what. >> when you keep trying to do the same thing over and over again and you get the same result and it's not positive, that's crazy. >> all right. >> so you need to change something in your life.
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>> i -- i'm forced to stay here. against my will. and they let me today i'll walk out the door and never look back. >> how many times have you said that? >> once. just now. >>. [ laughter ] i find that hard to believe. don't [ expletive ] me. don't [ expletive ] me. you can't even say it with a straight face. don't [ expletive ] me. how many times have you said that. be honest with yourself. >> never. >> of course i talk to him. i talk to everyone. but he has to want the help. he has to want to change. he has to phagoyour out what's wrong in his life that he keeps making bad choices. >> what choices are going on that you are not to make so you're not incasted again. >> coming p up mark hinkston becomes an author. >> i started writing this to have something positive to
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occupy my time. >> i plunged the crocodile dundee knife into his right thigh. >> and -- >> he grabbed onto the bottom of the truck and held on while the truck was leaving the facility. >> another inmate recounts his daring escape. >> i rolled up under the truck. took off booking. er ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. cvs health. intercourse that's painful due noboto menopausal changesit... it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue
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at cincinnati's hamilton county justice center, inmates who are considered too dangerous to be in general population are housed in a unit known as administrative segregation or ad seg. but paul green is here for another reason. >> i'm in segregation a-pod because i. escaped. i escaped because any human shouldn't be in this circumstance. i feel like if you put your pants on the same way i do. you put a shirt on the same way i do. you shouldn't tell me what's right okr wrong.
7:22 pm
i believe in universal laws. if your stomach hurting real bad -- i feel like you should follow universal laws. but you do not. you follow man laws. >> 16 months earlier he found himself in trouble with those laws to which he pled not guilty. as the minimum security non violent offend her qualified for one of the jail's premium work details in the kitchen. >> i was planning on escape like two and a half, two weeks. studying the people. studying the bod lang what they like to do. >> green see it is opportunity when an officer wiz momentarily distracted. >> one of our trucks was inside the loading docks of the facility. he grabbed onto the bottom of the truck and held on while the truck was leaving the facility through two secured gates. >> i was hanging under there. but i didn't realize that the thing would be twisted like
7:23 pm
that. so i waited till he stopped and i rolled out from under the truck and took off booking. heart pounding and pounding. ripped off my apron. through it. >> and in this picture you can see mr. green running down the street escaping from our facility. >> with the help of information gathered from green's cell police officers located him in an apartment build. >> knocked on the door and -- >> that's. >> he was in the bathroom laying in the tub in the fetal position. he was gone from the jail for approximately 2, 2 and a half hours. so it was actually a quick, quick apprehension. >> green was returned totally jail and charged with escape to which he pled guilty. he was sentenced to three years in prison. because that was more time than
7:24 pm
he would have received if convicted of his burglary charges, prosecutors did not pursue the case. >> so i'm going to prison. >>you regret it. >> no i don't at all. at the same time i'm learning a lot while i'm in here. i'm talking to the most intelligent people i ever met. i feel like it was kind of a blessing in a way to get my intelligence level and you have me more bigger and smarter. >> enmates in his unit have helped in his quest for knowledge. >> i come in here and i still didn't know how to to read all the way. i went downstairs and talked to my boy mark. he said read the dictionary. now i've read over like 40, 50 books since i been here. he said that knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence. know what i'm saying? that's very true. without knowledge you would be nothing. >> the inmate who's had such an impact on green is mark hinkston. >> you're always exercising.
7:25 pm
stay militant. stay militant man. i mean belligerent. waging wars against thoughs trying to oppress you brother. >> exactly. >> i'm not looking for individua individuals to advise, man. they come to me and i just -- once you come into my gravitational pull, i have no other choice but to acknowledge you. >> smart guy. taught me a lot. he's my spiritual coach. >> you will have an opportunity to read the koran. that is something you should actually read,man. as well as the autobiography of the malcolm x too brother. on a journey. and a journey that he is on is a downward spiral. once you get trapped in the system, they tend to recycle us. so i refer him to these books to put some sound principles in his
7:26 pm
mind. and hopefully motivate him to fight the good fight. it is a battle. i mean we came out of our fathers and went into our mother's womb. it was us amongst thousands of other sperm cells fighting in a hostile environment. and we won that battle. that was our first battle of life. >> hinkston says he's been fighting his own battle to change the behavior that's kept him incarcerated most of the past 13 years. >> i believe if i don't make a transformation in my life at this point that i'm going to end up dead. so this transformation is essential for my being. i'm working on a book. the reason i started writing this book is to basically have something positive to occupy my time.
7:27 pm
it is called freedom of death. and i'm writing these books so that i can create a vehicle for revenue while i'm on the street so i can have more room to do things for the community, like set up housing for low-income people. maybe even try to renovate a park for the youth. i belief the youth is our future. and i believe that they need nourishment. >> subject matter of hinkston's book for you is not exactly g-rated. >> this is about being tortured. for violating the code. trying to come to terms with his current reality after i smacked him into consciousness.
7:28 pm
surprise, surprise [ bleep ], welcome to my torture chamber. >> i don't want to say it's me, i've done these acts that's being committed in this book. but the main character has been fastened after myself. >> i plunged the crocodile dundee knife into his right thigh. he screamed out in pain, shut the [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. i feel like an author. >> by the time i was done, all his front teeth had been knocked out via hammer. the parts of his feet that protruded from his ankles were hacked off. all of his fingers were broken and snatched out of socket. >> [inaudible]. >> could have been more brutal. >> there's always more brutal.
7:29 pm
>> coming up -- >> do you get it? >> paul green tries to prepare for his time in prison. >> how about now? >> he stinks. never -- never hit it. >> and another inmate in the ad seg unit contemplates his possibly prison sentence. >> i killed somebody. i do deserve to go to prison. but not for the rest of my life. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. what's the closest you've ever probably come to death?ar? they're boring.
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your hour's top stories. talks with iran on a interim nuclear deal agreement resume tomorrow. today secretary kerry saying he's not saying a deal can be reached by the end of march. at least eight people dead after a cyclone struck the island nation of vanuatu early saturday. death toll is expected to rise. storm made land fall with winds
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up to 168 miles per hour. now back to "lockup". due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. when pall green looks out the window of his cell, he sees a reminder of what could have been. he is one of the few inmates who managed to escape from the facility. >> they put me in this cell, exactly the view that i.e. skapd from. that's iran onic. i came from the horseshoe. i came this way. across the street. around the bridge. took up there and went up the big [ bleep ] hill. and ran off. i looked and i said damn, why they didn't catch me? >> green was captured after two hours outside the facility and transferred to his fifth floor administrative segregation cell. despite his high security
7:34 pm
surrounds, green says he still escapes the jail every day in his mind. >> i meditate sometimes. i feel like when i meditate i'm not here so no nor. i'm locked down 23 hours a day but between 8:00 all the way up to 7:00 i'm not here. gone, walking around. astral projection is a state of meditation so you can leave out the body. leave out the body and walking around. actual projection. but this is real. i walk around the pod. if not that, i'll float outside walking around. >> how did you find out about astral projection? in here or something you practiced on the outside? >> when i was on the street is when i learned about it. prangts practice with my friends and stuff. we do it all the time. let's go play basketball. but on the street i learned let's two meditate.
7:35 pm
know what i'm saying? but you got to master time and conquer space. people see with their two eyes and ears. they don't use their true sense. >> so that's what you do. >> yeah i look at things from a different level. >> green will soon be transferred to prison to begin his three year sentence for escape. >> i never been to prison. it's going to be a first time thing. but i think i'll learn more intelligent guys and learn more things. so i'm not worried about it. >> rather than wait nor for his education to begin he's enlisted his neighbor fred mitchell, teaching him fishing. >> i learned how to fish from an old-timer. he taught me how and i've been using it ever since. we can't get to each other. we can't pass things off as easily as -- just to get one
7:36 pm
frin thing from one person to another. that's as close as we get to physical contact with each other. >> got it? hey is it over here? can you get it? >> no i can't get it? >> how about now. >> no. paul just can't fish. that's o not his thing. he's no good. it's not his thing. i tried to teach him. he never -- never hit it. >> is it over there? >> i got hope for him. he's a smart kid. with enough practice he'll figure it out. >> i give up, man. >> green may not be his mitchell's level when it comes to fishing. but mitchell does acknowledge that green achieved something he never did. >> i got put in here the because of escape. had about 75 foot of rope and the password to the officer weight room in the gymnasium. i was going the get a big free weight, throw it up against the
7:37 pm
window. and i was gone, man. but they searched us and found everything. >> fred mitchell has tried to escape three different times. he actually had 75 feet of rope which is pretty impressive. there is an officer gym room with free weights. he said he had codes to the door but the code changes i believe once a month so the likelihood are slim to none. he also tried digging out the caulking in between the cinder blocks which didn't go very far. he gets as creative as he possibly can. >> i just want to escape so bad. the prospect of life in prison -- i'm charged with murder, for the death of an infant. my exgirlfriend's baby. she's staying with me at the time. and they say that i threw him up against the wall. and i didn't hurt that baby on
7:38 pm
purpose. it was an accident. >> mitchell has pled not guilty. >> what do you feel like you deserve? do you feel like you deserve prison time? >> i mean, yeah. i killed somebody. accident or not. i killed somebody. i do deserve to go to prison. but not for the rest of my life. my lawyer just kept pounding it into me. life in prison. every time he would see me, life. what am i looking at? life. phew. i mean i think if anybody were in my situation, escape would seem like a good idea. i haven't stopped. they will never stop me. >> stop you trying to escape? >> yeah. >> dillon thompson was only 20 days from getting out of jail after serving six months for heroin possession. but then he became involved in a can conflict that left inmate
7:39 pm
geovany harris covered in blood. >> according to the witnesses, inmate thompson knocked harris to the ground and continue fighting when he was on the ground. >> now he faces more time in jail because harris has decided to file a criminal assault charge against him. >> it just tells like a [inaudible]. take you sears serious. i could have died in here or something. >> right now we're going to get inmate thompson. these are outside charges. so i'm going to pull him into the office and read him his rights and then get his side of the story. >> what am i getting? another charge. >> we'll talk about it in a second. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. you understand these rights? just sign right here for me.
7:40 pm
all right. you are still saying it was a fight? >> yeah i didn't use no weapons or nothing. >> i'm not saying anything about weapons. >> he swung at me. i just defended myself. i knew all this was going to be like this, i wouldn't even fought dude. >> i have two witnesses said you swung on him first. >> we both swing on each other. mine head and his head. mine just affecting him a little more. that's all. >> i need you to write down your statement for me okay? >> what is the a felony? >> misdemeanor one. >> and ie supposed to be getting out in a couple days. >> you got to learn -- you got to learn how to keep your cool while you are in here,man. i understand it's hard so you don't get other charges adding on to you. >> i don't understand how he could press charges on me when he started it? i don't get it. i ain't never been no punishment for fighting nobody like that. we joust fought.
7:41 pm
he got a couple bruises, i didn't. >> coming up, mark hinkston loses a friend on the pod. >> i had a comradery with him. with him gone it just left the individuals that i communicate with. >> and made only enemies as well. >> a guy came down here and had a bottle full of [ bleep ] that he done liquefied and sprayed it in my cell, right tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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at the hamilton county justice center, dillon thompson is only ten days from completing a six month sentence for heroin possession. he says over that time he's been involved in more than 15 fights. >> people disrespect me. i have to fight. i like fighting. i'll give you what you looking for if you ask for me it. when you an inmate you dress
7:45 pm
like i'm dressed. if not you're going to disrespect me. i don't like that. some people take my weakness for kindness and you are not going to disrespect me at all. point-blank you are not. >> it is possible inmate johnson has been in 15 fights but we only have four recorded incidents. >> thompson's latest conflict with geovany harris carried more serious consequences than others. not only did thompson receive ten days in disciplinary segregation but harris decided to file a criminal assault charge that could potentially extend thompson's stay. and the jail decided to place thompson in the long term segregation unit known as ad seg to keep him away from population. >> i think it's grate place for him. especially after he told us the story about him getting in a fight with someone else previously over peanut butter. i don't think he can cope well with the general population. >> i glad they did. i have a lot more self control
7:46 pm
than last time. if i had -- probably would have had a fight just because who i am. i can't let nobody play me or disrespect me in no way shape or form. everything is a choice i been reading in this bible. i need to change my ways, critical thinking and everything. >> is that easier said than done? >> it's going to be a hard thing to progress. because i ain't never thought about it like that. i have to find something. something. i don't know. i ain't figured it out yet. >> yeah, this is the terror zone right here. this is what i do all day, man. >> mark hinkston says he's been trying to change his behavior as well. he's written a book and has been advising younger inmates on the unit like pall green. but now green has been transferred to state prison to serve time for an escape conviction. >> before he left off the pod he came to my door and knocked.
7:47 pm
and i spoke with him. basically gave him some words of wisdom. something to go off and think about on his journey. he a bright guy. so i that's why i had a cammed ary -- comradery with him. you still young buddy. you got your whole life ahead of you. you can do anything you want to. you can be anything you want to be. he gone, that lessened the individuals i communicate with. >> now that list even got shorter. he recently read the court newspaper and found out information about one of his fellow inmates in administrative segregation. >> fred, he killed a little baby,man. i found out he killed an infant. when i found out about that. we can no longer be associates man. because what type of man would i be to associate myself with a
7:48 pm
[ bleep ] like that. >> these are charges. nothing has been proven. but i mean hinkston has his opinions and he sticks by him. really he's just a big bully. and he's in here terrorizing people. that's what he does i guess. that's what he's good at. >> coming up things get messier in the ad seg unit. >> one of the other inmates threw feces in his cell. it was ever where. >> mark hinkston a reaches the breaking point. >> y'all keeping me in this [ bleep ]. y'all playing with me bro. i'm been praying my whole life. my [ bleep ]. i'm telling you -- >> i done told you don't talk to me like that. rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible
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7:51 pm
at the hamilton county justice center, mark hinkston
7:52 pm
has been in the administrative segregation unit for nearly eight months after stabbing another inmate. but now, it's hinkston who's been attacked. >> i had my cell door shut. was open and watching tv, a guy came down here and had a bottle full of [ bleep ] that he done liquified and sprayed it in my cell, man. >> one of the inmates threw feces in his cell. it was pretty terribly actually. he had feces all over him. all over the room. other the walls. it was everywhere. >> i basically stood here with the -- and once they seen that i had [ bleep ] all over me and [ bleep ] all in my cell. they came up here and told them to let me take a shower. >> hinkston would tell us who it was. but that is pretty much their code. if o we don't catch them in the
7:53 pm
act they are not going tell us. so we have to investigate and find who did it. >> nobody saw the incident occur but since mitchell was the only guy allowed out. he was the only possibility. >> mitchell was given 10 days of the disciplinary sanctions. >> what you wrote me up for? >> -- defecate anywhere er than the toilets i sprayed the [ bleep ] out of him. he's disrespectful to everybody. not just me. >> mitchell says another inmate gave him a bottle filled with feces to spray on hinkston. i grabbed the bottle and ran up on him. and i said -- after it got him once. he thought i was done. he backed u. oh really. for really. i stuck the whole thing up
7:54 pm
there. phew. all up in his face. all up in his hair. it was a nasty spectacle. like chocolate milk man. yeah hinkston got what was coming to him. >> these are the same thing we have to go through in this administrative seg block. breaking me. i'm standing strong. i feel like if we was in a jungle i would be a lion. and they would be hyenas, man. feel me? it's gonna take a pack of hyenas to deal with a lion. >> after the incident lieutenant reed decided it was time to shake up the unit. >> fred mitchell has many keep separates and therefore he just can't be moved everywhere or anywhere. so i decided that it would be better to get hinkston out of there. >> why i have to move? >> because you got problems.
7:55 pm
>> i been here. >> that don't mean you can't be moved. >> we're not going to have this mess going on here. pop in the doors. i'm not having it. for nobody up here. i is will separate every one of you. because every time you get together everybody got to prove you're the man of everything and you're not here. >> they threw [ bleep ] and damn one -- get in trouble. man, i'm telling you man. y'all keeping me over here with these [ bleep ]. y'all playing with me bro. i've been my whole life [ bleep ]. i'm telling -- >> i done told you you don't talk to me like that. >> i'm gonna break his [ bleep ] man. and. >> i'll move you and you won't have a that problem. >> you're gonna move me away? >> you want to stay up here so you can keep the commotion
7:56 pm
going. >> -- >> if they throwing stuff at you it's got something to do with you. i'm telling you what's going to happen here. i'm telling you what's going on. you are going to be moved this evening. you are going to come out of this pod. you been up here too long. it's time for a change. >> been in that unit entirely too long. after they are there for months, they seem to believe that they run everybody that comes up there. so he was like trying to be the pod boss. and i guess it back fired and some people didn't like it. and so they retaliated by throwing feces on him. he's been on this pod for months and it was time for a month. i stand my ground. he's moving. it doesn't matter what he says, how he says it or when he says it. >> [inaudible]. [ inmate yelling ]
7:57 pm
[ bleep ] what block this man? >> same kind of block you just came from? >> this is the administration segregation zone? >> yes, sir. >> my cell and they move me over here, man. >> hopefully he calms down. i mean if we have to deal with him we will. him being happy is not a high priority. the security of the facility is a high priority. the fact we got him out of that situation he was in. and down here where hopefully it's going to be a little quieter, that's what we're worried about. we're not really worried arbt him being happy. >> hard at [ bleep ]. >> fred mitchell was not moved off the unit but was given ten days of the disciplinary segregation. during which, no phony phone, visit or congregation privileges.
7:58 pm
but during which he is still allowed an hour out of his cell. and today he uses it to saver his victories. >> feels good looking in that emptd cell. >> work the look in time. >> it was worth ten days. it's a relief to see him gone. >> but according to hinkston the matter is far from settled. >> believe me. retaliation is a must, man. that is really the reason i'm salty, man. because i really wanted my retaliation. listen, i'm in here for stabbing a [ bleep ]. i ain't gonna lie. he was stealing from me, i stabbed his as as many times as i could. so if you give me a chance at any given time and given one of these [ bleep ]. what do you think i'm gonna do? i'm gonna try to murder one of these [ bleep ]. feeling me? bottom line is we gonna see each other again, man. whether in here or in prison.
7:59 pm
when we see each other again, i promise you i'm gonna wipe the smile off of all their faces.
8:00 pm
i don't give a [ bleep ] what you're in here for. we're going to search, we're going to take. we will leave what i want you to have. >> a threat against an officer leads to a major shakedown. an alleged gang leader becomes a magnet for trouble. >> you're talking like we're equals. we're not. you do not run the institution. >> then, a high-speed chase ends with the discovery of a 21-year-old murder victim.


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