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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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all. >> kill them all, of course. putin reappears after his ten-day absence, shows up at the photo-op, will this silence the speculation about illness and girlfriends and babies and more? hillary clinton gets inducted into the irish-america hall of fame probably a critic free zone unlike her potential opponents out there. >> the thing is it's all about judgment she has the judgment to lead the nation and also about trust also. good day, aim andrea mitchell in washington. john kerry is back at the negotiating table with the iranians in switzerland meeting with mohammad zarif, hoping the
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letter signed by 47 republican senators didn't throw a wrench into tense negotiations. >> i do know the effect and intent of the author was to basically say, don't do this deal. by the way, that's to say that before there is -- even is a deal. i mean it's like giving people a grade on a test before the test is even written let alone given, i'm not going to apologize for an unconstitutional and unthought-out action by someone in the united states senate for 60-some takes, that's inappropriate. take that tom cotton. joining me now is christopher hill dean of studies at the university of denver sean former ambassador to iraq and other countries. he led the six-party negotiations over the north korea nuclear issue. good to see you, ambassador. let's talk about the letter and what impact that might have on the iranians as they go the
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final weeks they think at least of these negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >> well i don't think it has a big impact on iranians sitting across the table. i think the real impact is back in tehran where they look at it and see a united states that's very divided. by the way they probably see the united states as being weak in these circumstances. there will be an extra amount of critics over in tehran about any deal that's eventually worked out. as soon as this deal is worked out, there are critics in washington also going to be real critics in tehran. we shouldn't lose fact that there are other countries involved in it, namely the european allies and china and russia. this is going to be a tough one to pull through. >> i noted that senator tom cotton is going to be giving his maiden speech his freshman speech at 6:00 tonight. normally senators take a while,
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a couple of months before they feel ready for the speech. not only is the big speech tonight but he was the sponsor of this. it's a pretty unusual move by a freshman senator and i think there's been some regret from some of the republicans who signed on to that letter. but that said there are 47 senators. bob schieffer on quts face the nation" asked tom cotton whether he's about to go after any other adversaries. >> are you planning to contact any of the other adversaries around the country? do you plan to check with the north koreans to make sure they know that any deal has to be approved by congress? >> bob, right now i and most every other senator focused on stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon. that's why it's so important that we communicated this message straight to iran. they are not hearing it from geneva. >> writing to the eye toiatola, so
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many are not on board with the negotiating strategy. >> it is complicated and clearly it's an agreement that doesn't exactly sing that is it's going to require a lot of explanation. it's also hinges on a lot of technical issues the speed at which you spin a centrifuge how much actual material will you be able to produce, the highly enriched're ranuranium. it's also involved a great amount of consultation with the congress clearly the senate and the administration are in different worlds right now and i think it behooves everybody to try to figure out what the way forward is and whether this is the best way to do the thing that everybody wants to do which is to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon. i am not sure that ignoring
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negotiation as senator cotton suggests is really the way to go. i think clearly negotiation needs to play a critical role in this. this is a really tough moment i think for the administration. and i think to some extent the administration may have made it tougher on itself by sort of signaling that this is such a singular moment in the administration with the result that people are saying they want this too much. >> dennis mcdonough wrote to congress, to the senate on friday night saying please back off, not just to the 47 senators but also to democratic allies and this was tim kaine's response on "meet the press." >> the deal being negotiated with iran is about what will iran do to get out from under congressional sanctions. so it is unrealistic to think that congress is not going to be involved in looking at a final deal. i am a pro diplomacy senator and
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i have supported the negotiations to this point. but any deal that touches upon the congressional statutory sanctions is going to get a review of congress. >> they are going to have the final say one way or the other, this is a treaty farce the administration is concerned and executive agreement others have been negotiated. congress is going to have its say whether through appropriations or the unilateral sanctions, the phasing out of sanctions that will be part of the agreement. >> senator kaine is right, the issue is and there seems to have been some confusion in the minds of the 47 that somehow this kind of agreement requires a two-thirds vote by the senate. it does not. however, it does require a lot of consultations and certainly before the senate votes to change these sanctions, it's going to have to be satisfied that this is the best deal on the table. again, with all of these kinds of deals, you have to ask yourself the question, if this
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is not the best what is and how do you get to that other solution? that's often when people turn vague and kind of change the subject on you. >> and secretary kerry is at least taking a break from nonstop negotiations. we know he's supposed to be negotiating this week but got out there and got exercise bicycling along lake geneva. at least there is some -- some time for the secretary to exercise during this very important week. the schedule is that he's supposed to come back for the weekend and go back this weekend, the persian holiday, important holiday, most important of the year and also when the afghan president is coming for talks with president obama. there's a reason for secretary kerry to be back here. we think this is all going to come to a head next week when the talks resume in switzerland. one quick question about vladimir putin. do you have any way of fathoming where he was for ten days and why he reemerges with the leader
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of kurdistan at the photo opportunity? this is the big speculation, where is the russian leader? >> i guess a sequel to where's waldo but i guess he's back. i guess he's okay. >> so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. vladimir putin is back in the kremlin. thank you, as always ambassador chris hill. joining us from florida today. breaking news from new orleans, only moments ago real estate heir robert durst left an extra hearing two days after being arrested in connection in the 2000 murder of susan berman his story gained notoriety through the jinx highlighting three crimes including berman's death and wife's disappearance and dismemberment of morris black, all of which he was acquitted for the last one two years ago. in the show's finale he's heard in the bathroom with the mike
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still on talking to himself after completing the interview, he thought. >> what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> what you can hear them say, kill them all, of course. stephanie gosk is live in new orleans. you cannot make this up this drama. would that be even admissible, was he witting? how did this get put forward from hbo to the authorities? >> reporter: there are so many questions. anyone that has been watching this series and quite honestly captivated by it will look at that and wonder what's going to be admissible or not. we're waiting for his attorneys to come and make a statement and maybe answer those questions from their perspective. moments ago robert durst appeared in a courtroom. shackled and had an orange
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jumpsuit on and waived his right for an extradition hearing. that was pretty much expected. what was unexpected is that the local prosecutor then seemed to leave open the possibility that the city of new orleans might not be finished with its business with robert durst, prompting his attorney then to ask for more pain medication. he said robert had just had neurosurgery and would need an exam from a physician and ultimately need more medication. even more questions rising here in new orleans today. >> and permit some confusion from those of us not following the case as closely as you. the arrest in new orleans was precipitated by what the hbo overheard microphone or separate evidence that had come to -- come to light? and stephanie -- we're going to re-establish with stephanie as soon as we can. we will leave that question up in the air, stay with us for
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more from stephanie gosk. to ferguson and scheduled arraignment, jeffrey williams facing a slew of charges including two counts of first degree assault. he was arrested late saturday. sarah dallof has the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon andrea jeffrey williams facing this list of charges going to be arraigned. those charges include two counts of first degree assault, charges which are punishable by life in prison. authorities say he acknowledged that he fired those shots that struck the two officers however there are some differing views on what actually happened. he indicated to investigators he was not actually aiming at police and that the dispute prior in the evening actually led up to the shooting. officials say they have recovered a gun matching the shell casings found at the
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scene. they do stress this is an ongoing investigation. yesterday they identified williams as one of the protesters that he had been there on night of the shooting previously. but a core group of demonstrators that have been out night after night since last summer say they don't recognize him. so still a lot of unanswered questions at this point. meanwhile the two officers who were shot continue to recover. one was hit in the shoulder the other just below the eye in the cheek. we're told they are both at home and doing better andrea. back to you. >> thanks so much sarah dallof. back to stephanie gosk. sorry, somebody pulled the plug there clearly. why the new orleans arrest? >> reporter: the arrest is for a murder back in 2000 susan berman is durst's close friend and confident. they obtained new information, didn't specify where it came
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from. that was ultimately triggered the arrest. the question is did that come from the documentary itself? during the documentary, they did discover a letter written from durst to susan berman and the heading of that letter the address, there was very similar handwriting and misspelling to a letter that was sent to police the day before berman's body was discovered. you put them side by side it looks like the same hand writeing but that is something the court will have to determine. we don't know if that's a key piece of evidence. andrea? >> and he was acquitted. how has he been able to get away with this despite all of the letter and all of these other pieces of evidence. how did he get off in texas for one of those crimes? >> reporter: so he was tried in 2003 for yet a different murder this was his neighbor who was shot and killed and dismembered
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and thrown into galveston bay. this is a crime that he admitted to killing his neighbor but his lawyers defended him saying it was self-defense. the jury said that that gave it probable doubt and they acquitted him of murder. he did serve a couple of years in prison for the dismembering of the body and he skipped bail. but they never could connect him to the disappearance of his wife. one of the reasons for that is there was no crime scene. they've never found a body. don't know what happened to her. andrea? >> stephanie, this is the most bizarre case i think i've ever come across. i don't envy you trying to sort that out. i'm glad you're on the case. thank you very much. >> the last chapter is yet to be written for sure. >> that is for sure. coming up next propaganda pushback, a british comedian uses humor to take on isis recruiters. >> even if we touch or change one person's opinion, then we've
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president obama has just concluded a meeting with educators from around the country to discuss the gap between school funding and rich and poor districts. a widening gap according to government statistics, 6.6 million students from low income families are being shortchanged on state and local funding in schools. joining me now from the white house is the secretary of education, arne duncan. great to see you again. >> good afternoon. >> i want to talk about what the
9:19 am
cause is and the fixes as you see it because we've got a tremendous disparity, the states with the most inequities are pennsylvania vermont, illinois missouri we could put them up in the screen there, virginia. how do we fix this problem? >> first of all, budgets have to reflect our values and education must be the great equalizer. if we want to give children a chance at success in a middle class life and breaking cycles of poverty and social failure, the most important thing to do is invest in them at every level. we're thrilled to announce today high school graduation rates at all time highs, every group improving, white kids black kids latino kids and poor children, children with disabilities. we can't take a step backwards, we have to challenge states to invest in those communities where children have the greatest challenges. we've got to make sure congress through the budget process understands that education is
9:20 am
the best investment we can make in our children, our families and our nation ultimately in our nation's economy. there's nothing political or idealogical about this. we have to work together to give our children a real chance for success in life. >> senator -- mr. secretary, with senators and congress members so divided on this with an election year now approaching us, how are you going to get a house and senate controlled by republicans to do more for education and how are you going to get the states to? >> obviously i think education is the ultimate bipartisan issue. we all benefit, the nation benefits when graduation rates go up. we lose if drop-out rates go up on the flip side of that. we have to give children a chance. this is not a republican or democratic issue, we want the best educated workforce in the world and keep high skill jobs in the united states. we have to work together throw out politics and ideology.
9:21 am
if congress wants to stop being dysfunctional, there's no better place to work together than education. >> that may be the wish but the reality is it is very part an. common core one of the programs that has been much in dispute, our latest nbc wall street journal poll only a week ago had 52% less favorable towards any republican candidate who might support common core. you've seen how jeb bush and others who supported it in the place, are running -- >> we have high expectations for every single young person rich poor, black, white, we have to do that. when you dumb down and making sure our young people graduate truly college and career ready, not taking remedial classes once they go on to higher education, everyone should work together behind the goal. no one benefits when young
9:22 am
people graduate and burn through financial aid, not fair to them and you and i as taxpayers. >> arne duncan thank you very much. >> have a great day. >> and up next the polls will open on tuesday for israel's election. three british teens try to join isis this time they are stopped at the border just in time. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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9:26 am
israel is dead set against. i'm joined by jeffrey goldberg national correspondent for "the atlantic." he was in paris during the attacks on "charlie hebdo" and kosher supermarket and latest article is the cover story for the atlantic magazine. is it time for jews to leave -- is it time for the jews to leave europe? >> the problem with headlines is that the word europe for instance, takes in 20 25 countries that are relevant to this issue. there are places like france which has half of europe's jews where thousands and thousands are asking themselves that question and making the decision to go. there are other countries where the situation is much less dire. i think what i found is that it is becoming increasingly difficult for jews to lead openly jewish lives in many
9:27 am
parts of europe. what i mean by that it becomes harder to go to synagogue and becomes more dangerous to send children to a jewish school and more dangerous to dress in an identifiably jewish way. is the future bright? no it's not particularly bright at the moment. >> you're there in berlin of course that iconic picture of the gate behind you. what is the situation -- >> i have the german flag over my shoulder don't i? >> you do indeed. >> situation in germany is -- >> better than france right? >> i think i'm going to travel like that from now on. no it's better than france. a, you have the german chancellor, who's very strong against anti-semitism in germany because of the history. it is acutely sensitive to these questions. and also you have a much smaller jewish community for the obvious reason that the holocaust
9:28 am
happened. but you have still a large jewish community. there are many russian jews who have come here and young israelis who move here artists and people like that. you have some jews in germany who never really left. and they have the same concerns but the level of anti-semitic violence is much lower here than this is for instance in france or parts of the xand scan da naif i can't. >> yet netanyahu's call was really rejected by france and others? >> european leaders rejected it because they are hyper sensitive to this. one of the ways you judge post world war ii civilization is how they treat their jewish communities, and they don't want the israeli prime minister
9:29 am
telling jewish citizens that is not safe for them on the other hand netanyahu did in a blunt and crude way and european's leader's reaction was overly defensive and hypersensitive. so they are talking reet past each other. >> let's talk about israel's elections tomorrow and what you see having been a long time observer and spending as much time as you have with netanyahu with the opposition leader in israel covering the politics crazy politics of israel's coalition governance. >> yeah right, to understand israeli politics you have to understand as -- imagine a situation in the united states where barack obama could only be president if he made mitt romney his secretary of state? that's where -- that's the kind of situation you're in with coalition politics. the big surprise as you know of
9:30 am
course is that izaac hertzog, the head of the zionist union party has done much better in the polls than people thought. a lot of voters seem to be tired of netanyahu, becoming stri dent on certain issues. it looks as if hertzog's party has a possibility of being able to form the next coalition. there's a good chance there could be a national unity government in which they would have to serve together. it's the renewed strength of the center left is the big story so far of this campaign but we'll see tomorrow. >> how has netanyahu's controversial visit to the u.s. and speech against the iranian nuclear deal was that a net plus or minus with israel's voters? >> it doesn't seem to have -- it doesn't seem to have damaged him terribly doesn't seem to have helped at all either. what people are talking about,
9:31 am
again, because overseas we look at this through the prism of the conflict israelis are very concerned about their economy and very concerned about the high price of housing. this is an election -- an economy stupid election kind of way. and netanyahu has been prime minister for a long time and people are frustrated with his management with such issues as housing. and this is where the labor party comes in and steals some votes. there are even parties that have broken away from netanyahu's party that will grab -- they lean conservative on some security issues but going to grab votes from people just as satisfied with his long-term reign over israeli politics. >> is his aggressive stance on foreign policy and on iran partly a distraction to try to get it back on security his strongest issues rather than the economy? >> well you know he did something that was kind of
9:32 am
amazing move in a speech or press conference recently where he was asked about housing issues and asked about these economic issues and he immediately pivoted to saying the big issue is survival. that's why i'm standing against the iranian nuclear threat. i think that was interpreted and moves like that are interpreted in israel as a very obvious ploy for him going to his strengths, which is mr. security and avoiding a subject that he doesn't want to talk about, which is his management of these whole set of social issues that is -- and that is what is annoying some of the younger voters especially trying to buy apartments. you know he might be playing out that string a little bit. but we don't know. >> jeffrey goldberg fascinating election, this is netanyahu on the line. thanks, jeff thanks for being with us today from berlin. >> and right now, aid is starting to finally make its way to the devastated nation of
9:33 am
vanuatu. it took a direct hit from tropical cyclone pam, six people are dead and the president says 90% of the buildings around the capitol city are damaged or totally destroyed. an estimated 10,000 residents are homeless. the local hospital has treated dozens of casualties, one survivor tells what it was like to live through the monster storm. this was a u.n. aid worker. >> it was very frightening, it makes you panic and then afraid and you know that's what i felt. i felt during that time. don't really know if i could face another day. >> coming up hillary clinton about to speak in new york city. we'll talk 2016 politics next here on msnbc. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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early in new york for hillary clinton. she's being inducted into the irish-america hall of fame for her work on behalf of the irish peace process. the political world with the former secretary of state's e-mails is not over. you can see her there. joining me now for our daily fix, jonathan capehart "washington post" editorial writer and sam stein, also an msnbc contributor. thank you both. jonathan, first to you, there's a lot of talk about investigations on the hill beyond the benghazi investigation. as best we can tell from the speaker's office there is no other separate investigation except for what congressman chaffetz already launched into whether or not reports were properly maintained. there were two house committees now looking into benghazi looking into e-mails as it relates to libya and other committee looking into her e-mail process. >> yes, what this means is -- i'm sorry, andrea.
9:38 am
>> what this means in terms of the time frame, looking towards 2016? >> right, what it means is the press conference that secretary clinton did last week and you were right there, we all saw you, didn't put to bed any -- didn't put to bed this controversy. in fact it raised more questions and what it means in terms of timing this is going to be an issue throughout the entire 2016 campaign unless and until secretary clinton and her impending campaign does something that calms the wolves and makes people take a step back and drop the issue. but they are not going to drop the issue. we all know that. >> sam stein, this is -- this is so fraut because she doesn't have the campaign team yet but hiring up a storm and bringing in top people from the obama white house and elsewhere, how does she deal with this in the interim until she launches in
9:39 am
april? how does she combat things like maureen dowd's column in "the new york times" which took her apart. >> that was quite the column. your question is really appropriate. from what i've heard from democratic think tankers and even the hill was that there was a very little actual outreach from clinton and her aides with respect to disseminating talking points and that's part of the problem not having a functioning campaign right now. this will all change once she staffs up and has a communications operation. until then it's a real tricky task. how do you go about getting someone out there to argue on your behalf on the shows. from all i understand, people like davis was freelancing and sometimes that could be problem at he can. >> i want to play that for you, louis gohmert is a member of congress and this james on nbc, when we talk about freelancing,
9:40 am
these are not the talking points he would have been given by team clinton. >> you wonder why the public is not following this? because they know what it is. it was something she did. it was legal, i suspect she didn't want louis gohmert rifling now her e-mails which seems to be a reasonable position for someone to take. it amounts to -- like everything else before it it amounts to nothing but a bunch of people flapping their jaws about nothing. >> so base he cannicically jailmes is saying it wasn't convenience. with friends like that you don't need ken starr i guess you might say. >> this is a problem, i think. if you don't have someone who's disciplined giving the talking point that she herself put out, late but put it out, if you don't have people echoing it and saying something entirely different, then it adds fuel to the fire and makes the story go
9:41 am
longer and longer. what carville basically said was she was going this to hide stuff. if you're going to be secretary of state in an administration that claims to be the most transparent, you're held to standards greater than she didn't want lois gohmert going through her inbox. i'm sorry, that's the case. >> jonathan just to clear up as we reported last wednesday when the ig report came out, she may have thought that all of her e-mails to state department colleagues were being ar kifed but as we now learned, they weren't, in fact very few if any were. >> well right, and so let's say -- what we're finding out is the safeguards that she thought and whole lot of other people in the state department thought were in place weren't in place. so even if she were on the state department server those e-mails probably wouldn't be there
9:42 am
because they weren't starting to be backed up until i believe it was february -- i believe it was february of this year correct me if i'm wrong. this adds -- this adds to the frustration for folks who want answers from secretary clinton and it just adds to sort of the drip drip that she's going to have to face on this issue as the campaign continues. >> thanks so much. jonathan capehart sam stein, great to see you both. >> stop at the border three british teens get caught on the way to syria to join isis. where are they now and what do we know about them coming up ahead? plus, an unconventional approach to counteract isis. we'll meet him right here on an andrea mitchell reports on msnbc.
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the isis propaganda magnet continues its pull. three boys were arrested in is stan bull on friday thought to pass into syria. at least 300 brittones have left to join isis. an alarming statistic. what can you tell us about the three teens? >> we're still learning more about it from british officials but two individuals, two 17-year-old boys as well as a 19-year-old teenager tried to leave london on friday night. at that point british authorities were alerted to their identities and they had their names and contacted officials in turkey letting them know they believe these three individuals were on their way. in the past what we've seen is that these individuals or previous teenagers try to go directly from london or elsewhere. what we saw is they flew to spain, perhaps to try to throw off any leads that the
9:47 am
authorities may have been about the whereabouts and tried to fly onwards to istanbul and turkish authorities were waiting for them. they have been released on bail pending terrorism charges that authorities want to bring to them. the british officials will be looking into more of this network of recruitment that has brought at least 600 briton s in the fight to syria as the number continues to rise unabated. to fight muslim extremism and isis pop gran da machine, one man is trying an unconventional way with laughter. kelly cobiella gives us this story. >> reporter: his name is hum za ar shad to fans he's bad man. >> it's really hard being young, muslim. >> reporter: a self-made youtube star. >> very confusing, like my
9:48 am
uncle's mustache. you pulled in all favors. >> reporter: his videos edited on a desk top in his bedroom have racked up 60 million views on youtube. >> the best thing about comedy it's universal, can engage anyone. when you have the audience's attention, then i think you can do quite a lot. >> even take on extremism, he says. british counterterrorism officials are increasingly worried about how quickly isis and other extremist propaganda is turning teens into radicals. london born was found guilty last month of plotting to behead a soldier in london. he's 19 allegedly radicalized in a matter of months. the families of these london girls just 15 and 16 years old say they had no idea the girls were planning to join isis. >> thank you for having me. i would like to just -- how many people in the room are muslim? wow.
9:49 am
we could take over! sorry, white people. sharia law coming through. >> reporter: he tackles it all head on taking his video and stand-up act to schools. >> we believe that if you kill one innocent person just one, to god it's like killing the whole of man kind. >> because the way he's talking, the way he talks and acts is the only way that young people understand. >> someone to stand there going through facts would lose interest and we've had this before. >> if you want to stand up for something, do so, not with anger and violence. >> reporter: it's effective, police say because he has credibility. >> we've created that sort of safe space, that environment to discuss a really important and topical issue, something which has and can have a massive impact on a lot of young people. >> reporter: the program started as an experiment last fall but has become so successful humza
9:50 am
has plans to visit 30 schools and requests are flooding in. >> there might be a thousand kids and all are fine except for one feeling a bit different or seen something on the internet that has changed his perception of the even if we touch or change one person's opinion, then we've kind of done our job. >> and kelly joins me now. great reporting, kelly. how did he get started? >> well it's interesting, this all started about two years ago, an officer in the counterterrorism unit seen him online, what better way than to fight online propaganda than to bring in their own spokesperson. so they approached humza and had this idea of making a video then taking it around to schools. that was two years ago. they started visiting schools in the fall and it was just a massive success with students. and here we are. >> here we are indeed.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial were taken from the courtroom to view the boat where accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev hid and left that note. ron mott joins me from outside the federal courthouse in boston and important testimony from on the manhunt involving the m.i.t. police officer who was killed. what else has happened in court today? >> reporter: hey there, andrea the testimony got under way later than normal this morning because we understood later that the jurors had taken this field trip to look at that boat. there was a print reporter there and they counted more than 100 bullet holes in that boat where
9:55 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev was laying close for 24 hours before he was retrieved by police that friday night. testimony once it got under way here is focused solely on that chase into watertown, it was a crazy night that thursday night after the marathon bombings on monday, where right after the carjacking happened dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother were in two vehicles. one the carjacked mercedes and other green honda. they engaged police officers there in watertown. tamerlan open fire on a pair of officers and they exchanged fire and throwing bombs apparently at the police officers including smaller m-80 bombs and pot cooker, maybe a pressure cooker threw that at the police which led off a loud explosion. the neighbors witnessing all of this were screaming, it was a okay oltic scene. one of the officers could see once they stopped shooting at
9:56 am
the police officers, another officer chased tamerlan and that's where dzhokhar jumped into the stolen mercedes and ran over his own brother. his brother died and the next night dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured by police. >> incredible testimony and evidence thank you so much ron mott in snowy boston which did make the record with 3 inches sunday, they have the all-time record for snowfall. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow online and on facebook thomas roberts joins with what's coming up. >> coming up next this bizarre story, arrest of millionaire, eccentric robert durst in court facing charges he killed a mobster's daughter turned journalist. the twists and turns you have to see to believe and all documented during an hbo series called the jinx. dolce and gabbana versus elton
9:57 am
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12 months at no cost. hi everybody, i'm thomas roberts, robert durst facing a judge after an hbo documentary about his life and alleged crimes turns out with a stunning hollywood ending. is his caught on tape confession going to be admissible evidence? back in action vladimir putin finally appearing in public after a nine-day absence. new reaction from dolce and gabbana after elton john threatens to boycott and urges others to do the same. are their statements out of fashion? we begin with robert durst, the 71 millionaire developer from han hat an


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