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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the internet. chris lee, nonconsensual tickle fighter, and anthony wiener he is wanting to win the michael grimm seat and is campaigning on the promise that he is too old to be too gross. and i'm not paraphrasing the campaign pledge. quote, i am too old to know how to put a naked photograph of myself on the internet. so vote for me! [ ding ] best campaign tee shirts ever. now it's time for the last word. ari melber sitting in nor lawrence. >> we are just hours away from when the people of israel voice their vote on whether netanyahu should stay in office. >> a stunning hollywood ending.
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>> tonight durst is behind bars in new orleans. >> what the hell did i do? >> already acquitted of one murder charge, now charged with another. >> killed them all, of course. >> is this a confession to three murders? >> a cliff-hanger election in israel. >> netanyahu is fighting for political survival. >> stepping up the nationalist rets rick. >> no palestinian state will be established under his watch. >> desperate times call for desperate measures. >> iran's pen pal senator cotton. >> are you planning to contact any other of our adversaries? >> i signed the letter, i don't think it was a mistake. >> i'm embarrassed for them. >> the ferguson area man charged with shooting at two cops gets his day in court.
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>> a massive cyclone pounded the small island of vanuatu. >> hell on earth. >> no light. >> elton john is calling for a boy cot of dolce and gabbana. >> gone on to trash surrogates. >> out of step with the times, just like your fashions. >> bracket fever monday morning. we spent some time with yours. >> the field of 68 is set. >> brackets are expected to be filled out. >> kentucky wildcats expected to the overall number one seed. >> let's go cats! >> good evening. we are about three hours away from sun rise in israel when voters will go to the polls for an election that could oust one of the most controversy alial
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leaders. security a key issue in elections. his deteriorateing relationship with president obama has been an issue. netanyahu was accused of playing politics in the speech to congress. >> israel is grateful for the support of american of america's people and of america's presidents. from harry truman to barack obama. we appreciate all that president obama has done for israel. don't be fooled. the battle between iran and isis doesn't turn iran into a friend of america. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war.
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that deal will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. it would all but guarantee that iran gets those weapons, lots of them. ladies and gentlemen i've come here today to tell you we don't have to bet the security of the world on the hope that iran will change for the better. >> that speech was hotly debated in america and israel. and while netanyahu insisted his focus was on security there, not on politics his campaign was soon touting the address in political ads you see up there on the screen. joining me now to talk about this election are my guests. welcome to you all. this is a big race. let me start with you, you've been following this. what is netanyahu's closing argument and why is this race so close for him when he called this early election? >> well he first of all
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miscalculated. he thought that he was going to be sort of that that would be an easy victory for him, and it turned out that the moment he called his elections, by the way nobody knows why he called them. he found out that something snapped in israeli public opinion. and people were actually a lot of people were deciding that they were quite happy to see him go. so he's been fighting an uphill battle. he, the last polls that we knew he was about four seats behind which is already on the cusp of a significant gap for his rival isaac herz isaac herzog. there's anecdotal evidence that he's been closing the gap. what he's been doing is he's been lurching to the right. that's not what a politician usually does uh these circumstances. he usually, and even netanyahu in his previous campaigns has first of all secured his base
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and lurched to the center. but now because he's concerned that first of all the center's lost to him. and second of all that he's very anxious to become the biggest party, he's lurching to the right, trying to cannibalize the other parties that are in his right wing bloc. >> let me bring in harry on the numbers. what does this look like in a system in israel where vuf to form a coalition at the end of the day. >> i think that's the key question. we have a pretty decent idea that netanyahu's party's going to finish second. but to be honest with the margin of error, he could come out with a plurality. but you know to get the 61 seats is the real question. can he put those right wing parties together and get a few center parties. we just don't the answer to that. >> there are a bunch of familiar american faces, paul bagaula.
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of a consultant for this group v-15 trying to defeat netanyahu. and in closing arguments, we've seen bibi say no palestine state, and there's some international conspiracy against him. >> what you've been seeing from the left is a focus on domestic issues. obviously when we talk about the israeli election we focus on iron and iran and other issues. but they have focussed on food, housing. much more domestic issues. there isn't as big a debate as you might think over foreign policy as you see in the u.s. versus the focus on economic issues. >> that's the part that will be familiar to american audiences
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who are not focussed on the israely election. there is an effort to inject it. >> there was a report about a month ago saying there's a housing crisis and netanyahu's response was housing is an issue, but let's talk about iran. and the blow back was swift by his adversaries and people on facebook. he reminds me of giuliani. of it's those noun and verb with netanyahu being tone-deaf. the people in israel want to elect social issues in their country. >> let me play for you a sound bite just put out today about the republicans and the effort to undermine him in iran. >> i'm embarrassed for them. because it's not how america does business. for them to address a letter to
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the ayatollah, the supreme leader of iran who they claim is our mortal enemy and their basic argument to them is don't deal with our president, because you can't trust him to follow through on an agreement. that's close to unprecedented. we were looking at the history to see if there was an example of it. we couldn't find one. it damages the country. it damages our standing. it's not productive. >> that's the american president's frustration with the republicans playing politics on the international stage. it is a fair criticism for slooil israeli voters? >> even though they may not trust obama, he's not very high on their trustworthy list, he
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has mishandled negotiations with the u.s. administration. >> bibi has? >> bibi netanyahu has. the first few days after his speech he was getting good reviews. it was a dramatic scenes and he was getting good reviews. but whatever people say president obama has regarding israel, netanyahu has not handled negotiations well and that is one of the reasons he has slipped in the polls. >> tom cotton wrote that letter to the ayatollah before he got around to giving a speech on the senate floor. people can judge those priorities however they see fit. but tonight he did give his first speech. i want to play some of it and him quoting netanyahu. take a listen. >> my objections to the ongoing nuclear negotiations are well-known. i'll simply note that the deal foreshadowed by the president
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allowing iran to have uranium enrichment abilities doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it pave's iran's path to the bomb. >> what do you make of that republican echo? >> i think the think about the echo that should be reflecting back in israeli politics is it's not so much about interfering in the u.s.'s internal affairs but not being successful about it. they've gotten this letter from tom cotton and turned the negotiations into more of a forum than they were. you have at least in theory a bill that would force congressional approval. but at republicans have turned up the dial with this you've seen democrats pulling away from that saying they're not going to provide votes to pass a bill
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like that until after the deadline for the president's iran negotiations. you've seen angus king saying that the partisanship on this has made him more reluctant to support tough measures against iran. he undermines israel's interests in the u.s. >> when you talk about security and you just talked about iran. he's ignoring the palestinian issue. he ran in 2009 he was against two states. he talked about a waste of time and a waste of money. today he says i don't want a palestinian state. this is part of his plan. if you're american and you say israel doesn't have a right to exist, you're called an anti-semite. >> it's significant that he's making this last-ditch plea basically going away from a two-state solution. >> he's a politician.
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if things force him to reembrace the speech of the two-state solution he'll have for example a national unity government, which could happen. he will find a way to wiggle out of the formula. many who believed in his 2009 speech, this comes as a confirmation. we told you all the time that he wasn't serious. now he's saying it by himself. it hurts him on the international stage, and we have to wait till tomorrow to see whether it hurts or helps him on the israeli stage. >> and voting will start in a few hours in israel. we've got harry and josh sticking around for more paneling. coming up breaking news regarding robert durst who was in that hbo documentary. he's been charged with first degree murder. and elton john a lot to say
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republicans want to examine clinton's hard drive. they're all upset with hillary clinton, and they say we need these e-mails, and not only that, we want to get a look at your hard drive. wasn't that the last clinton scandal? >>ba,ba, bum. >> they are trying to inject abortion into a bill. why the secretary of state is back on offense, next. next. ♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us.
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when you are presumptively running for president, the battles you pick matter. hillary clinton has not started many battles during what many believe is her pre-campaign period. she did give a few republicans a nudge about their statements about vaccines. late today hillary clinton confronted republican domestic policy on very strong terms. squarely addressing conservative efforts to restrict a woman's right to choose and play politics she says, with one of the president's most crucial nominees right now. clinton wrote on twitter late today. quote, congressional trifecta against women today, blocking nominee first african-american woman a.g. for longer than any a.g. in 30 years, playing
7:19 pm
politics with trafficking victims and three, threatening women's health and rights. welcome, kiki what did you think of hillary clinton's statements there? >> i that there goes hillary clinton, the woman who's always been standing up for women and children. i don't think it's anybody's surprise that they'd look up and see after the week we're having that she'd stand up and have something to say about it particularly on all three fronts human trafficking, a woman's right to choose. i mean these are the fights that she's led for a long time. and she's not going to be quiet when she sees a broken congress really holding women back and holding them down. >> a lot of people feel frustrated when some politicians won't call a spade a spade. some of the politicking that goes on against women who are appointed or against people of color, sometimes isn't directly
7:20 pm
called out by the white house or other folks. we know that. what did you make of hillary here saying very simply lorettahrrahrretta lynch is the first african-american nominee for this. >> they're very clear. it didn't take a lot of words to say it. she could do it on twitter, and she's used her voice for the things she's always used her voice for. like i said before, no one should be surprised by that. when you look at human trafficking, when you look at somebody like lynch and what that means for this country, she's not going to stand by. she's always been that kind of advocate. >> hillary who is officially not running for president, doesn't have a campaign officially, what happened with the e-mail story, not only was she slow to be able to respond to it. she wasn't driving the message in a particular direction because she doesn't have that apparatus and isn't out there actively campaigning. this is a preview, saying these
7:21 pm
are issues i want to focus on. >> but everyone understands that these issues that she talked about today, this is not new that she's interested in them. there's a long record of caring about and fighting on these issues. so regardless of 2016 i think when she looked up saw congress not just doing nothing but actually standing in the way, you would have hear her voice on these things. >> i think these are issues that she would be talking about in the campaign. i think what we saw for the last few months is that hillary want talking a ton in general publicly, wasn't that engaged in the political debate which is how she got caught unaware in that story. this is about her trying to drive the conversation obviously this is not the first time she's spoken on these issues. she has been less directly engaged publicly in these issues. i think this is a move back toward what is likely to be a campaign. >> there's been a lot of talk over the last few weeks that she's not a good politician. well she just went after congress. that's a very smart politician
7:22 pm
with congressional approval ratings in the teens. and the congress has a lot of hard work to do and they're not working as hard as the american people. this is why she's a good nominee. >> i don't want to be unfair to the republicans who are holding up this nomination -- >> oh, heaven forbid. >> but it's hard on the facts to be fair on this delay, which hillary said you have to go back 30 years. some of these senators who have already voted for her twice, loretta lynch, senator shelby sessions mccain, inhofe hatch, that is to say, that these are people who are on the record supporting loretta lynch in her government role and have not to this date come up with
7:23 pm
objections. they're just not giving her a vote. >> here's an interesting thing about what the republicans are doing with this. the vote is easy. the politics for them are hard. and so what they do is they hold a different issue hostage. because of their politics now, we've got a human trafficking bill. and understand i'm passionate about this. i'm involved with aorganization, polaris, on the front lines of trafficking. they hold different issues hostage because they're not brave enough to deal with their own politics. but your point about their own record should make this vote very easy for them. and this is completely unnecessary or all three of the issues that secretary clinton outlined in her twitter. >> so on the politics josh where does this lead for republicans? >> the resistance isn't about loretta lynch. it's about opposition to anything president obama does, and immigration. they want to try to hold up
7:24 pm
homeland security funding, found out that didn't work. and much that has been done has been done through the justice department. and then on the human trafficking issue, there's this item that was in this piece of legislation, been in there for months democrats didn't notice it until a few days ago, that says that funs raised in this can't be spent on abortion. there are a lot of provisioning in federal law preventing funds have being spent on abortion. this is an extension of that debate. it's not a new issue. what was surprising was that democrats were willing to sign on to a bill that had this provision in it. apparently the reason democrats were until this week willing to sign on to it is they hadn't noticed that provision was in the bill. >> and kiki it is true there is a policy disagreement there on abortion. they're trying to link it to loretta lynch. >> it's not even linking.
7:25 pm
republican leaders, their positions aren't popular across the country. so rather than have an honest debate about an issue on its own merits, they don't go there, they try to slip it in and hide it in other things. it's like putting the peas in the mashed potatoes. >> and nobody wants that. you want the mashed potatoes straight up with butter, nothing else in them. one day after that bombshell finale robert durst now charged with first degree murder. we have more on that breaking news straight ahead. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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breaking news tonight. the district attorney in los angeles announcing this evening he is formally charging robert durst with first degree murder. over the weekend he was arrested for the murder of his friend susan berman. this comes after he was thrust into the national spotlight one night before a documentary series probing his life. these film makers spent about ten years investigating him. his first wife disappearing 33 years ago for a series "the jinx". he is confronted with circumstantial and potentially damning evidence saying that his handwriting matched a handwriting of a letter sent to his friend. and then after the interview, he leaves the room to use the
7:30 pm
bathroom. and this is what everyone's talking about. he was still wearing his microphone from the interview. so the cameras were still rolling on an empty room. durst can be heard talking to himself about that interview in what he apparently thought was a private moment. >> there it is. you're caught. i'm having difficult with the question. killed them all, of course. >> joining me now is kathy scott, author of "murder in beverly hills." karen desoto and erin murphy
7:31 pm
an nyu law professor. welcome to an expert panel. kathy, what did you think of this blockbuster video that we're seeing? >> it was astonishing, and i think in the long run, it's going to turn out to be damning. he thinks he can get away with murder, and he just caught himself up. >> from observing all of the people involved in this what did you make of the way he sounded there? what did you think of him in that moment? >> i think it was a holy moly moment for him. and he realized what he'd done, and he was reacting almost immediately to it. >> and erin, how would this work if a prosecutor wanted to use this now in what is a new case against him? >> well obviously you can use the handwriting ee exemplars, but whether or not you can indict and arrest a person and whether or not you can convict them are two different things. so although this is new evidence and that will help get,
7:32 pm
obviously help with the arrest help get the indictment, but at the end of the day, is this one piece of evidence going to be the smoking gun that gets him convicted beyond a reasonable doubt? >> and let's start, erin with something you know a lot b as a general matter people say if it's bad news for the bad guy, we want it in the case. why is it just generally that sometimes this kind of evidence isn't a good idea to be in a case? >> well typically, the fourth and fifth amendment may come into play and prohibit evidence from being used. in this case i don't think this will be an issue. >> to pause on that what you're saying that that is to defend people's rights. so sometimes the bad news doesn't get in. >> exactly. >> here you think it goes in why? >> here it goes in because these are not police officers, and it seems as though they were not working with police, at the direction of the police.
7:33 pm
in today's terms we see cases of hackers to hack into computers and find child pornography. >> lawyer to lawyer let me say that you just mentioned something, working with police. let me read to karen something from the "new york times" about these film makers. they say mr. dur ecky struggled with whether to bring this letter to law enforcement authorities. if they did so too soon they could be considered boom law enforcement agents. mr. smirling said we had a moral obligation to see that justice was done. they began speaking to l.a investigators in early 2013. >> listen. the whole crux of this case is whether or not this is going to be a confession, this tape recording and his interviews are going to be let into evidence.
7:34 pm
are they going to be admissible? are they not going to be admissible. obviously the handwriting and comparison will be allowed in. the tape recording, his own words saying "i killed them all", is that going to be an excited utterance? a here sayarsay exception. >> what you're referring to is normally that wouldn't be allowed in because it would be hearsay and offered for truth. >> there is exception for a hearsay rule. and here they would be offering this against a defendant. it would be admissible even as an exception to hearsay. >> this is not the only evidence that they have against him. they've been building the case against him since susan was killed in 2000. and they've got ballistics on a
7:35 pm
bullet that they can take, you know, to the fbi to have them re-tested if they haven't already done that. we don't know what other evidence they have against him. >> well -- >> as for the letter they had a chain of custody. >> his own words are what are going to be damning. the conversation was over. he was in a men's bathroom. he had a reasonable expectation of privacy, and is that an unlawful illegal interception of a wired communication? and i would have to say it pretty much sounds like that to me. so it's going to be ultimately up to a judge. >> you mentioned a judge. the judge who oversaw an earlier case against him where he was found not guilty was on msnbc just this evening talking about what judges often talk about. is there a case that answers this question, because this really is extraordinary. she suggests no. take a listen to this. >> it's going to be real hard for him to say that he was tricked or coerced or they had some expectation of privacy or
7:36 pm
that this was taken from him anyway but knowingly and volumen tear ly -- voluntarily. as usual, there's no precedent for anything that happens in this case. >> the argument there would be who cares. you were in the bathroom. you knew you were mic'd. >> no the conversation was over. is the interview over? yes, it's over. he goes into a closed bathroom with nobody in it. and he's muttering. that's not a conversation. >> i have to jump in. all of this would be true if the police were doing the action. if they were the ones doing the recording. but this was a private citizen recording. >> technically, nobody is recording, though. technically, he's talking to himself. and it would be equivalent to putting a bug in a room. >> to me the more interesting
7:37 pm
question would be questions of authenticity of the evidence. we want evidence to be relike and what it's supposed to be. and these are documentary film makers. and we might wonder where's the rest of the clip? what was said to hem beforehand. >> at what point do they go to the police? at what time were they getting legal advice. that's a question. >> that could be a critical fact. >> but at the end of the day, do we have a smoking gun. >> so kathy, the other question people at home might wonder, why was he talking in the first place? >> well because he's quirky and he talks to hem self gets a keck out of himself for being so quirky, and at other times in one of the earlier episodes of the jinx he talked to himself as well. he was practicing what he was going to say on camera and didn't realize his mic was live.
7:38 pm
he's just a kwerky individual who walks around the streets talking to himself. so i think it's a habit. but i think it's all intentional. and if you notice what he said was, you know you're caught. he speaks to hem self in the third person. the guy's a nut, and he's a crazy nut. i think that it is damning, and i think it will hurt him and time will tell whether they let that in court or not. but i think they've got a lot more than that. >> and on that quirkiness is there an argument to make that he was playacting multiple voices so it may not have been stribtsly accurate what he was saying. >> first does it change the admissibility. was he responding to the director's prompt to what would you say if you were to confess. but if it's just a question of him going into a bathroom and saying these things, whether he
7:39 pm
was sincere or not that sounds like a jury question. that's something a jury will have to decide. >> kathy scott in l.a. thank you for your expertise even a fascinating case i'm sure we'll be talking about again. coming up the american sniper trial captivated the nation.
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we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty of the felony offense of capital murder as charged in the indictment. >> it has been almost three weeks since eddie ray routh was found guilty of murdering chris kyle and his friend. routh was sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole. in her first interview since the trial, routh's mother talked about him meeting up with chris kyle. >> i said chris, would you be willing to help my son. he's a former marine and he has
7:43 pm
ptsd, and he really needs help and we're not getting what we need. and he said yes. i would be willing to help. and that was my first day of several years that i really felt like anybody even cared if eddie got the help he needed or not. >> you had absolutely no idea that asking him for help that a week later he would murder chris kyle and chad littlefield? of course you had no idea? >> i would have never asked if i had an idea that this could happen. >> what do you say to yourself about that now? >> it's a very hard feeling for me. and i know it's not my fault. and of course hindsight's 20/20.
7:44 pm
>> that's a tough interview to watch. up next we have an interview with perez hilton who will respond to dolce and gabbana. we both like to save money on car insurance. and we're both really good at teaching people a lesson. um, let's go. cool. sit down! alright. sorta you, isn't you. only esurance has coveragemyway. it helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you not someone sorta like you. i think i blacked out from fear... did we ask him where mr. craig was? we did. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. curling up in bed with a ... ...favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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available in the paper towel aisle. so when will it be finished? >> it won't be finished the way fashion will never be finished. fashion's never finished. >> you're talking about fashion, you. >> they say fashion is never finished because style is always evolving but a big political controversy is hitting the fashion world right now, and it's whether two fashion designers have evolved enough. dolce and gabbana said they wanted to celebrate motherhood in milan, last week the designers tackled motherhood in an interview saying they opposed
7:48 pm
gay couples adopting children. dolce added, quote you were born, and you have a father and a mother or at least it should be like this. that's why i am not convinced by chemical children, synthetic babies wombs for rent. many are firing back. elton john posting, how dare you referring to my child as synthetic. it allows people both gay and straight to have children. i shall never wear dolce and gabbana ever again elton john. others are taking up sides, even calling for a boycott. joining me now perez hilton.
7:49 pm
good evening. >> let me start with something you tweeted. this has been serious and light. you tweeted your son's reaction to the dolce and gabbana's comments here. and that's already got a lotf pickup. can you expound? >> well you know i'm like other people maybe a teenager who accidently gets pregnant. it took a lot of work for me to have my son. it took a lot of planning and it took a lot of love. and i think he is the biggest blessing i've ever had in my life. and were it not for in-vitro fertilization, he would not be here today. i would be blessed to have more. adoption's also an option but, you know they're entitled to their opinion as they said and they've defended with their statement, but how you express your opinion is very important. you can express your point of view without doing it in a really hurtful small-mined way.
7:50 pm
and that's what they've done. they've offended so many people. not just gay parents but also heterosexual couples who have no other option but in-vitro. >> do you think what they said was in some way homophobic or anti-gay? >> absolutely. there is internalized homophobia, and just because you're a member of a group doesn't mean that you're exempt from, you know homophobia or racism. and last week there was a univision journalist who was fired for comparing michelle obama to an ape. and he is a black latino. you know their comments are indicative of where they grew up. and their very catholic upbringing. but like elton john said it's not with the times. >> let me read to you a statement that gabbana made.
7:51 pm
>> we firmly believe in democracy and the fundamental principle of freedom of expression. we do believe in freedom and love. do you view that as conciliatory, and how important do you think the free speech piece is of this because a lot of folks have moved a lot in politics and in culture on these issues but that takes some sort of public square some public space to debate them. >> i think their statement is a complete disregard to what has happened. so many couples, people families have said their statement has been hurtful and not once have they apologized. saying we're sorry. because we're not. and that's fine. they're entitled to their opinion, just like john gaul yaw know a few years ago was entitled to his anti-semitic
7:52 pm
opinions. he was fired. dolce and gabbana are dolce and gabbana gabbana, they're not going to get fired. but hopefully regular consumers will not choose to support their homophobia and choose to not support them disregarding families, regardless of how the families came to be. >> you make that comparison. do you think this is as offensive as that other kine of discriminatory speech or hate speech? >> as a gay man and a gay father, i do. >> what do you think the consequences are? you have talked online as elton john did as basically a type of boycott. what is the end game? fashion is very different than politics. in politics you say what is the goal, what is the objective? is it to further separate them from their company and create losses? or to have them further feel consumer pressure to change their public position? >> i think the objective, you know, is really just to have the conversation. how dare you say my family is
7:53 pm
less than. no my family is equal to anybody else's. all that matters is that you're loving your child as much as possible. that you're present, that you're working on being the best parent possible. and these comments that dolce and gabbana made aren't new. they've made very similar comments being against same-section marriage in 2006. the difference between 2006 and 2015 is that thanks to social media, the retweet button and the hash tag, their small-minded hateful words coming from two gay men have now spread around the world very quickly, and i'm thankful for that. >> perez hilton with a message of thanks. and coming up the mass devastation from a cyclone that hate a pair
7:54 pm
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a massive storm hit the island nation of vanuatu over the weekend. the cyclone destroyed more than 90% of the buildings, according to the nation's president, asking for international help. miguelal ma miguelal ma alma gar has more. >> reporter: many are in a state of shock. this picturesque harbor is a scene of disaster. crews search for missing in communities that have been washed away. locals are calling this devastated nation hell on earth. roads washed away, power out. homes, bridges and hospitals destroyed. >> it was terrifying. the whole room was just like it was reining inside. >> no light.
7:59 pm
destroyed by the wind. >> reporter: a direct hit from a category five monster storm with winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. >> i've never heard anything like that noise. it was supersonic. >> reporter: what the winds didn't rip apart, the ocean swallowed. on outer islands, entire villages are washed away. vanuatu is a poor country, also known as a paradise. the setting for the reality show survivor in 2004. this weekend, hailey and trent williams saw their dream honeymoon become a nightmare. >> it was destruction. >> a beautiful five-star resort just flattened. >> reporter: the true death toll may not be known for weeks. this is what search teams are up against. a landscape that's been ripped apart and redefined. finding anyone in something like this would be a miracle. tonight the storm has passed leaving behind one of the worst disasters to ever ravage the
8:00 pm
pacific. >> what do you do now? i don't know. i don't know what to do now. >> reporter: neighboring nations are sending in military scouring all of the neighboring islands to look for the missing. now back to you. >> thank for that report. you have been watching the last word. you can find me on instagram or twitter @arimelber. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> the shocking finale to "the jinx." >> he is very frank about the things he is frank about. and the arrest of robert durst. >> bob durst didn't kill susan durman. >> as the jinx fillmakers cancel all interviews, the judge who presided other his last murder trial joins us.


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