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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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for prime minister netanyahu. >> never before have we seen an israeli election play out here in america. plus -- >> a budget is a moral document. and -- >> illinois congressman aaron schock will resign. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start with breaking news. the polls in israel closed moments ago and we're getting a look at exit polling. local news in israel is reporting that benjamin netanyahu is neck and neck with herzog. he has served as prime minister for the past six years and is seeking his fourth term. there's no doubt republicans are hoping for a nettenanyahu win.
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the firestorm over freshman senator tom cotton's letter to iran isn't over. he gave a senate floor speech and went right to fear mongering. >> we must not continue longer on a course in which we alone are growing weaker while every other nation is growing stronger. i wish i could take credit for those eloquent and anonymous words. winston churchill sounded that warning in 1933 as adolf hitler had taken power in nazi germany. >> he went on to speak about iran. >> i'll note the deal foreshadow foreshadowed by the president allowing iran to have nuclear
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enrichment capabilities to quote netanyahu, doesn't block iran's path to a bomb it paves the way to a bomb. >> texas senator ted cruz is also out fear mongering about iran. >> this deal that is being negotiated by the obama administration is profoundly dangerous both to the security of our friend and ally israel but also to american national security. >> the republicans are out of step with most americans. 68% of americans support the united states efforts to strike a p5 plus one nuclear deal with the iranians. the united states and five other countries have been working tirelessly on these negotiations over the last year. republicans in the name of
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political theater are putting peace at risk. for more, let me bring in steve clemons and lacey heely and rabbi rabbi rabbi rabbi and another guest. you have been involved in some of their elections in the past. how heavy a lift has this been for netanyahu and what do you make of these early results? >> we're not going to know for sure who is going to form the government. there is probably an easier path for netanyahu to put a coalition together. this is not what netanyahu
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expected when he called the e election election. he thought he was going to win by a big margin. he forgot the big lesson of 1999 when he lost the last time. he forgot that. what he did in the last couple of days was go to very heavy emphasis on national security even going to the point of renouncing his own support for the two-state solution israel and palestinian side by side. if he does form the next government and that's his position it's going to really complicate israel's position in the international community. >> bob, why is this close? why is this race close? what is the really dissatisfaction with netanyahu? >> the dissatisfaction is economic and revolves around
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housing and economic living. the right is stronger and broader than it was in 1999 part as as a result of the plo rejecting the offer that was made by bill clinton of a peace settlement. double edged sword made him look like he didn't care much about domestic issues but it appeals to a lot of voters. >> rabbi, what's your take? >> i wish bob were correct. i wish you were right, ed that all of this is political theater and manipulation on the part of netanyahu to win votes. i wish iran was not threatening israel with annihilation. i wish they were not the world's foremost sponsors of terrorism.
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to say none of this has any grounding in reality is to evade reality of who iran is. now the victory today is for the israeli people. israel is a democracy with all these threats. they still conducted a fair and open election. that's astonishing. contrast israel with iran. why are we sidelining israel with iran and demonizing the people who want a seat at the table who want to be part of the negotiations? who is iran? >> rabbi, if he has hit national security so hard and this is the position of the israelis why is this election close? >> for many reasons. first of all i think economic issues did play a big role. netanyahu admitted he did not focus on them sufficiently. there's people who want to pay their rent.
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israel can't only do with existential threats. nobody is saying b.b. is perfect. anyone who sits in the prime minister's chair is going to be opposed to the deal that president obama is striking with iran. they have said so already. >> the fact he has gone on national security down the stretch underscores that he feels like he was in trouble. i mean lacy how else do we read that? >> i think the prime minister his handling of the election he certainly stuck to national security. this has won him elections in the past so he stuck to it. he gave a speech to the u.s. congress on this iranian issue. it was very well received. however, what was not well
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received was his reaction to economic issues such as housing. this is now a well-known tweet from the prime minister during the campaign season. he responded with a tweet online that said yes, when i think about the high housing prices they're terrible but i don't forget life. the largest threat to our lives is a nuclear iran. this was a complete disconnect with the israeli people. they couldn't connect the two in the way that netanyahu does. this is something that has ultimately hurt his chances. >> steve, i'm anxious to get your take. did the speech to congress backfire, to have netanyahu at this position in this hour? >> i think bob shrum said it well. b.b. calling his election two years earlier -- i understand
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where the rabbi and others say that israelis do buy his line. his political star thrives on fear mongering. he said herzog would deliver a hamastan on the border of israel. israel has to change the temperature in the region. he just doesn't invest in that. while there are many devoted to ill will in israel there are many others that can be constructive players. israel plays a significant role in dialing that up or dialing that down.
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he sees his political assets in increasing by stressing those items that are not going well and not creating the environment there. he's now said he won't support a palestinian state. what does that do for the united states the next time palestine? >> what about that rabbi? do you think he's reckless? >> i don't believe in a two-state solution because hamas is opposed to israel existing. i would love to see a one-state solution where all the arabs and all the palestinians have full voting rights on a timetable for parliamentary elections. >> is that realistic? >> i think it's more realistic than having hamas, who would win an election in the west bank
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today today. >> what about that? >> what the rabbi is doing is parroting the stuff that netanyahu says. if you go down this road to a one-state solution one of two things is going to happen. israel will lose its character as a jewish state. arabs will take over the biggest voting block and you'll have an arab run government and an apartheid in israel. that would be devastating to israel's situation with europe and the rest of the world. >> the israeli birthrate is beginning to take over the arab birthrate. just a moment. >> do you think everybody is going to leave france?
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>> no i don't think the jews should be pushed out of europe. >> the one-state solution you would have an israeli jewish majority. >> the new demographics are showing there would be a 65/35 israeli majority. >> are you getting that from fox news? >> there's no truth to that whatsoever. >> i am a strong supporter of israel. >> don't bring up that argument. i just said that. you said you're afraid of the demographics. there's very new demographic studies. >> lacy, how do you break this down? >> nobody wants arabs to be disenfranchised.
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>> i think the prime minister with regard to the election and not with regard to a two-state solution or a one-state solution, the prime minister's move here at the very end of the elections signals this is a sign of his weakness. this is a very close election. he hasn't had a close election like this in the past. it is interesting to see the prime minister in this situation disagreeing with himself essentially. >> are the iranians paying attention to this guy? >> iran is shrugging him off. they're very aware there's a contingent of leaders. it used to be lindsey graham that used to be the red flag waver, but lindsey is looking calm and petite compared to the new breed of folks coming to the
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senate. i think iran at least for right now -- i have my own problems with iran. my own skepticism but this is a very big important strategic deal and i think momentum is on the side that we're going to strike a deal. i don't think they want to get distracted by tom cotton and these theatrics. >> i didn't think a lot of it. it was clearly an appeal to the republican right. he clearly has no solution to this. the solution i keep hearing is let's have more sanctions and somehow they'll give in. why do you assume that? if you look at the history of the islamic republican from 1975 on, they have been willing to put an enormous pressure on their people. you have two solutions there are possible. one, do a deal, the best deal you can or two go to war. i think a lot of these people
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want to go to war. >> the election is too close to call at this hour. great to have you with us tonight. appreciate the conversation. >> thank you. remember to share your thoughts with us on twitter and on facebook. coming up, food fight. republicans take aim at food stamps again. plus why north carolina's attorney general is investigating the ritz carlton. story ahead. stay with us. we're right back. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff
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show." thanks for watching tonight. washington, d.c. is dressed in green for saint patricks day. the republicans are calling for spending cuts and making a new push to repeal obamacare. >> i was hoping for a little luck of the irish as the republicans put forward their budget. >> a balanced budget for a stronger america saves $5.5 trillion. >> no new taxes, pro-economic policy. >> it is not a budget that's going to help ensure that middle-class families are able to maintain security and stability. >> a budget is a moral document. it talks about where your values are. >> the food stamps program and the snap program is much better run at the state level. >> one in five children live in families that are on food stamps. is that the best that america can do?
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>> president obama is the most effective food stamp president in american history. >> it's not a budget that reflects the future. it's not that budget that reflects growth. >> it's time for the federal government to tighten its belt live within its means, just like americans do every day. >> we're going to have a robust debate. >> the president has never proposed a budget that balances. >> i'll keep my four leaf clover in my pocket. >> i'm joined my a food policy action board member and the executive director of the new york city coalition of hunger. the republicans don't seem to be backing off on this. >> they just can't keep their hands out of people who are
2:21 pm
struggling pockets. that's a terrible idea. kicking this back to the states. you're going to give a governor discretion over how they can spend this money. chris christie would be able to fill potholes as opposed to filling hungry people's stomachs. >> what if they did get what they wanted? what would that mean? >> it would mean more pain for tens of millions of americans who are veterans and people with disabilities. i can't for the life of me understand why it seems like the only play in the entire modern republican party playbook is taking food shelter, and other necessities out of the household budgets of struggling americans, including lower middle-class americans and poor americans. >> why are there more people on
2:22 pm
food stamps? does that play into the income inequality we have seen separate over the years? >> it is important to note there are 1.5 million fewer people receiving food snap benefits than two years. that's partially the result of the improving economy under this president and partially the result of the cuts that have reduced the benefit size and therefore have made it less helpful to apply. conservative policies have wrecked the economy and 49 million americans live in households that can't afford enough food. we're punishing the victims. we have congressmen who are crooked, who voted to cut food stamps benefits because hungry families weren't virtueous enough to get help.
2:23 pm
they're not turning this back to the states. the two biggest changes they passed in the last farm bill took flexibility away from governors. they're only consistency is shafting poor people. >> your response to that? >> snap is a counter cyclical program. you would need an act of congress. the only way to put more money into that state program, you would need an act of congress to make that happen. the snap program works. there's very little fraud in the program. under 2%. people need to understand what this program does and who it supports.
2:24 pm
if you want to cut snap, let's raise the minimum wage. >> true. the farm community doesn't complain about snap at all. >> no. >> it's been part of the farm bill for decades. you warned us about another tom, tom cotton. this is a culture that they will not back off on. what's your response to the news that cotton has been involved? >> when you look at the red states in the south, that's where the need is the greatest. people will vote against their own self-interest time and time again. tom cotton was talking about cutting snap and he got elected. we have to do better. we have to hold our elected officials accountable and we have to call them out when they're trying to take food off of hungry people's plates. we're not talking about deadbeats. we're talking about seniors and
2:25 pm
people with disabilities and children. >> what changes would you make if any, to the snap program? what would you do to enhance it? >> i would increase coordination between snap and other federally funded programs. i would say every working poor family that's eligible for an earned income tax credit as you apply for that credit you automatically get snap benefits and i would dramatically reduce the bureaucracy. instead of putting that money into the tax credits for the rich, i would give that to more working families. >> tom, your thoughts on that? >> i agree. you know what i would love to see? if you enroll in snap benefits you are enrolled to vote. that's what needs to happen here. people need to get out here and exercise their right to vote. too many people are not voting.
2:26 pm
we elect people into congress and they just make these decisions. we need to hold leaders accountable. if more people get out there and vote around this issue, this one single issue we could change what's happening. >> great to have both of you gentlemen with us tonight. still ahead, a republican congressman with an expensive lifestyle is resigning. we'll have the latest on that. plus, a luxury hotel is under the microscope for a mysterious service charge. some say there is a racial overtone to the tax. keep it right here. ilding the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that.
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and we are back. we're getting word at this hour that rand paul is ready to officially announce his campaign for president and seek the republican nomination. msnbc we have confirmed the republican senator from kentucky will declare on april 7. the announcement is set to take
2:30 pm
place in louisville kentucky. he will campaign for president and re-election for congress at the same time. aaron schock is stepping down over scrutiny of his spending habits. he'll step down effective march 31st. he released a statement saying in part that the constant questions over the past six weeks have proved a great distraction that has made it too difficult to serve the people of the eight district. a few weeks later, schock reimbursed taxpayers more than $12,000 for the use of a private jet. according to "the chicago
2:31 pm
tribune," it was a flight from peoria to chicago for a game. >> when you look at what's been paying for some of his travel as well as office decorations, which he reimbursed the government for that serious questions are being raised about his reimbursement for mileage on his last suv before he bought his more recent one. he claimed well over $100,000 worth of miles on the vehicle even though he had signed papers
2:32 pm
indicating it had only a little over 80,000 miles on it. >> is this the republicans staying get out of here or is this his decision do you think? >> the party has been pretty consistent about nudging people every more strongly by the day. this comes less than a day after some of the most recent disclosures from "politico." >> where does this leave the investigation? is he in potential trouble here? >> not from congress. by leaving congress,this drops that investigation, but he can be liable for prosecution by federal authorities. just like congressman jesse jackson, the only other illinois congressman to resign in the last decade.
2:33 pm
he was serving time for improper spending of campaign funds. >> i guess we'll never know if he really wanted to be a congressman or a rock star. we'll have to leave it there. >> good question. up next, some african-americans are wondering why their bar tab was increased. a lot more ahead. stay with us. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks sink on worries about the fed. the dow falls 128 points, the s&p sheds 7, the nasdaq gains about 8 points. fed policymakers began a two-day meeting today. the news conference is expected tomorrow afternoon. february housing stocks slid 17% last month due to harsh weather around the u.s. oracle shares are rallying after
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welcome back to "the ed show". the north carolina attorney general wants some answers to a mysterious charge. two african-american tourists received a ciaa service charge on their bar bill. they have never seen a charge of this nature before. there was a popular basketball tournament in charlotte. they were not attending the event. patrice wright posted the bar receipt on facebook to see if
2:38 pm
anybody else found the charges somewhat suspicious. attendants of the events are predominantly african-american. hotel officials say that they added a 15% service charge due to the size of the ciaa event. it places extra demands on their servers. the ciaa tournament is a big moneymaker. it has generated over $40 million annually to the city of charlotte. the state consumer protection division sent a letter to the ritz looking for an explanation. >> is it something that is put on the tab if there are other events being held in town? what's done with the money? are consumers given notice that this is going to occur? >> the ritz carlton said in the statement that they have received the inquiry notice from
2:39 pm
the attorney general's office. the company has ten days to deliver answers. "the ed show" has reached out to the ritz carlton, but we have yet to receive a response. joining me tonight, patrice wright who received this charge and dr. james peterson. ms. wright you first. i appreciate your time tonight. you are brave in stepping up and questioning this hotel. now you're getting quite a bit of response from this. have you heard anything from the carlton ritz people at all? >> they called me last tuesday and they wanted to offer an apology. they said that they were sorry that i was charged this and that it was a mistake and that it was wrong, but they also said that many of their other patrons knew about the charge and understood and didn't make a big deal about
2:40 pm
it which kind of made me feel like my concerns were petty and not justified. they did offer me lunch, but i didn't need lunch. >> did they give you an explanation for the charge? >> no, they didn't. not at all because we paid -- >> go ahead. >> we paid the ciaa surcharge plus a tip. we were not under the impression it was an added gratuity but they did not give us any explanation for what it is. >> dr. peterson, what are we looking at here? is this economic discrimination? >> it looks that way to me, ed. there's a long history of these kinds of tactics. is there an ncaa service charge for this round of the ncaa coming up this week? i don't think there is one. there's been a lot of studies about black folks tipping versus
2:41 pm
white folks tipping, but it doesn't account for two important things. they don't understand the income and wealth gaps between black and white. number two there's sort of a vicious cycle here between the service industry and black folk. you have to understand the history of this nation of how black folks have been treated in the service industry whether we worked there or not. there's a long history of being discriminated against by restaurants. we're still recovering from that. some of those gaps are explainable by that. business has to be leaders in this situation. mrs. wright is right. the businesses have to be leaders on some of these issues. it doesn't seem as if the
2:42 pm
charlotte ritz carlton is doing that right now. >> what's your response when they said it is because their servers have to work harder because of the tournament and then they say their sorry? >> you're exactly right. from my understanding, the servers didn't get the additional service charge. i don't know what it was for. nobody knows what it is for. nobody can answer that question. >> what are your expectations from the attorney general? >> just to get these questions answered. if there is a surcharge, we need to know why there is a surcharge. i was under the impression that no additional gratuities could be added because of tax purposes. why is this being added and are servers not getting it and are they filing it on their taxes? how is this working? >> dr. peterson this is just taxing the black folks, isn't it? come on. how else do you read this?
2:43 pm
>> how else do you explain? ciaa is a sports event. you noted the dollars it brings into the charlotte community every year. here's the question i want ritz carlton to answer. are the folks who are going for the ncaa for the first round, is there an ncaa surcharge? if there's not, it's discriminatory here. >> is this an isolated incident or do they do this with other tournaments that deal with minorities across the country? their silence is deafening. i give them credit for calling you patrice, but their answer sounds inconsistent with what they say the surcharge was for. did the hotel personnel say anything to you about it patrice? >> we were sitting in the
2:44 pm
lounge. we were not at the bar, but no. nobody said anything to us about it. i questioned it. my husband said let's go. i wasn't feeling well so he paid the bill and we left. >> the ciaa is a conference that is made up of predominantly black colleges. there's virginia union. $40 million a lot of money. this has been a big economic boom for the city of charlotte. dr. peterson, do you think that there should be some conversation about holding the tournament somewhere else? >> the officials realize that charlotte is a great place for them to have it. they would first want to get some sort of reconciliation around this particular piece. what are the answers here from ritz carlton? are there going to be legal actions that need to be taken? but at the end of the day, it
2:45 pm
seems like this is discriminatory. the ciaa has great leadership. they'll figure it out. charlotte is a great region because of where the schools are located. >> i tell you who is showing great leadership and that is patrice wright. thank you for stepping up. this is going to get an eye on them that they don't want. this has to be corrected. it isn't fair. it isn't right and it is unjustified. great to have both of you with us tonight. coming up another closed door meeting on the tpp? president obama knows he doesn't have the support. we're right back. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today.
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2:51 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. we're coming down to the wire in the tpp, the transpacific partnership. we know the president wants fast-track authorities, the congress has to give it to him. the obama administration is holding another closed-door k4r6d briefings. on wednesday labor secretary tom perez and also u.s. trade ambassador michael frommen will
2:55 pm
meet with house democrats to discuss it. do you know what this is all about? this is all about president obama knowing he does not have the votes and does not have the support. this is your last will have minute arm twisting and deal cutting to try to get him fast-track authority. what this meeting signals is that the president is nervous about his own party, and he knows he can't get this through, and he really wants it. other countries are waiting for this to happen. i'm joined by the congressman from wisconsin. also with us tonight, larry cohen, president and communication workers of america. congressman, is this last-minute sell job by the president, because he knows he doesn't have the votes? >> well he efinally communicating with congress. we've been complaining we don't know what's in this law. only about 600 people largely corporate cos have been involved in the drafting and yet we're supposed to give up our constitutional responsibility to have oversight over this.
2:56 pm
if we vote on fast track, we take away our ability to amend and debate this. so i think they're coming to realize they haven't sold this deal as something we think will probably american jobs and help wages. we're highly skeptical. they're right now i think in cleanup mode. >> mr. cohen, you met with house democratic leaders today, with the caucus i understand. what concerns did you raise? were they receptive at your concerns? i thought they were super. in fact it's clear that i'd sake 80% of house democrats are going to vote no and it was great being with them and in terms of what i talked about the diagnose parities in enforceability the ceos that congressman -- they get to sue in a secret tribunal and they get rep raise if their profits are hurt. what we get is a report six
2:57 pm
years after complaints about gawd malla, we go a report. last week i got a report. 20 years after nafta things are much worse than before. so the disparity on enforcement is a disgrace. >> okay congressman, what would turn the democrats to support the president on fast track, which could give him the authority to do this trade deal? i mean what do you need to hear? okay, so there's a secret meeting, okay so you haven't seen the whole thing, but we all know what these trade agreements do. what about that? >> we want to see this is going to create fair trade, not just free trade. we want to make sure we're protecting american jobs. we want to make sure we're helping wages in the united states that have been tag instant during this recovery. we want to know that you don't have the secret tribunal through the investor state dispute settlements that take away our ability to have the u.s. court
2:58 pm
system to take something up. we can be sued by a foreign national corporation and have the tribunal run by corporate lawyers who when they're not doing the tribunaling are representing the companies. if he can address those issues we can have a real conversation. >> mr. cohen, why is the president putting so much stock in michael frommen? who is this guy? >> he's been around. he worked in treasury then he weren't to citi bank now back as the u.s. trade representative. our overall problem is deals with work well for wall street and they don't work for main street. as the congressman just said fair trade means at least they're job neutral, not that the imports way are much greater than the exports so we lose
2:59 pm
jobs and our pay gets held down, with costs in countries like vietnam. we want a deal that benefits main street, not wall street. >> mr. cohen, do you think that now it's out there, every union in america is on board to say no to fast track? do you think that's having an impact on the president? >> i think it's having an impact on the congress i hope on the president. it's every union, every major environmental group. last week 138 law school professors said this investor state dispute settlement does not cut it. its every immigrant group of consequence, basically the base of the entire democratic party and all those who believe in national sovereignty. it's not just manufacturing, congressman. the service industry will get hit, the call centers will be gutted. i just don't -- i don't know how the democrats can say that they're for the middle class and then even think about giving this a stamp of approval. that's really where we are on all of this.
3:00 pm
great to have you both with us. we appreciate your time. we will follow this story as it is in the 11th hour. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. \s. >> good evening. we start with breaking news. the polls in israel are close the prime minister netanyahu is fighting for his political life. right now the votes are being counted. the results could echo across the world stage. ♪ supporters of netanyahu today hoping for a win, but he's facing a major challenge from the center left forcing him to pull out all the stops, including a last-minute


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