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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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capitol. tunis and several others taken hostage according to the tunisian ministry unfolding inside the parliament as well. including the museum where hostages are being held. we'll follow this for you throughout the program and bring you the very latest. right now at least apparently according to the associated press, at least eight people have been killed. other hostages in an attack on the tunisian parliament and a very popular museum that is adjacent to or part of the parliament building in this small north african nation of tunisia. now to israel. benjamin netanyahu's stunning comeback to win his fourth term at prime minister jubilant netanyahu rallied supporters in tel aviv telling them they achieve add great victory, despite all the odds. just yesterday exit polls indicated the vote would be down to the wire, but in the end, netanyahu's likud party scored a
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decisive victory winning 30 seats compared to the 24 by the challenger hertzog zionist union party. the latest from tel aviv joined by buzzfeed middle east correspondent shira frankel. good morning. what seemed the deal for netanyahu? sealed the deal? >> reporter: seem as great deal of voters coming out at the very last minute basing those votes on sort of an emotional compulsion to vet for benjamin netanyahu. i spoke to three people yesterday who told mee me at the very last minute they changed their minds and decided to go to the ballots and vote for netanyahu. all three of those people were not going to vote before but heard netanyahu's sort of last-minute plea saying if he didn't come to vote there would about left wing in power, and they responded and came out and voted. >> what's next in parliament? >> a good question. some say the most right-wing
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ever had. the zionist party said they won't joint netanyahu, in opposition. leaving him with few choices that will ally themselves with them. we'll see a large coalition of religious, pro-settlement parties and interesting to see what that coalition ledge slatesgislates and how they push israel forward. and ongoing negotiations with iran? >> look in the days before the election happened netanyahu went on a media blitz and during that blitz he said he would not allow a palestinian state under his rule. he may very well walk back those comments. that's left to be seen but i do think that people in the eu people in the u.s. right now who work on peace talks, they're going to ask themselves whether or not they can go forward with negotiations and what sort of diplomatic initiative netanyahu has in store for them. >> shira frankel, thank you very much. great to see you. now to a security scare developing overnight at the
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white house. new details on a letter bound for the executive mansion that tested positive for cyanide. nbc's kristen welker is live on the north lawn. what do you know? >> reporter: jose, good morning. here are the very latest. according to brian leery, a spokesperson with the secret service, officials at the white house mail screening facility which is located in the washington, d.c. area, by the way, jose. it's not here at the white house, received and envelope monday that was suspicious. now, initial tests showed it was negative for toxic chemicals but on tuesday, according to brian leery, "the chemical testing returned a presumptive positive for cyanide." leery said the envelope has been sent to another facility. it's going to undergo more testing and also an ongoing investigation into this. now, this was first reported by the online publication "the intercept" which said the energy can be traced to a man who actually has a record with the secret service that dates all the way back to 1995 and who has sent multiple letters that have been suspicious and
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disturbing over the past several years. now, meanwhile, jose a reminder. this all comes as the secret service is under fire after two agents allegedly drove on to the white house complex inebriated interrupting a bomb investigation. it turned out not to be a bonmb but a book wrapped in a shirt. chancer was on capitol hill and said it took five days to learn and an anonymous source told him. he faces more on capitol hill and there is outrage from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling for heads to roll over this. jose? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you so much. now to another developing story about an american military veteran accused of turning his back on his country and trying to join isis. tairod pew, the 47-year-old stopped trying to enter syria. authorities got suspicious when they searched him and found a number of cell phones and flash
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drives on him. one of the phones included pictures of an airplane bathroom and the space under the seats along with a picture of a machine gun, and a laptop held isis execution videos and maps of syrian border crossings. pugh was sent back to the u.s. eventually charged with trying to help isis and about instructing justice and expected to plead not guilty. for more joined by jim miklaszewski. what can you tell us about this guy? >> pugh in fact was an enlisted airman in the u.s. air force. airplane mechanic and self-radicalized in the late '90s, popped up on the fbi radar in 2001. this is pre-9/11 2001. fellow workers said he expressed
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support for osama bin laden and thought bombings in south africa were justified. it's not clear if the fbi ever followed up. if you read the indictment, he was fired just days before he hopped on a plane to turkey. he was turned away from turkey suspected of heading towards syria to join isis and then deported to the u.s. where he was arrested by the fbi and now charged with terrorism-related charges, and he will be arraigned today, but so far there's nothing in the documents or anybody we're talking to that indicates that his four years in the service, that many years ago, 25 years ago had anything to do with his radicalization, or his efforts to join isis. jose? >> and air what are we expecting today? ari? >> we're expecting here at the federal courthouse in brooklyn the first public arraignment, the announcement's these charges and his chance to plead. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty.
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the charge kosss could put him in federal prison up to 35 years if convicted, jose and as mik said, the indictment runs through why the u.s. government thinks that this individual was trying to join isis support terrorism, two counts on that charge. this is a case that is out of loretta lynch's office here in brooklyn. she's the top federal prosecutor. also the pending attorney general nominee. >> and mik, i also want to ask about a hearing set to begin at 10:00 a.m. eastern with the defense secretary ash carter. that's the focus there? >> the focus, it's a series of congress' hearing, the white house, the president, has asked for congress to authorize the use of military force in the u.s. military's efforts there in iraq to turn back the onslaught of isis terrorist group there in iraq and in operations in syria. it's unusual for a president to do that actually. they'd rather not get congress involved. the military the pentagon
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always wants as much support as they can get when they go into any kind of conflict but in this case it almost appears, according to some people we're talking to that the president is looking for a little top cover here. this situation is so complicated. exponentially complicated, could turn on a deem and go south and sounds like the president wants something onboard with him if this thing goes down. >> thank you both so very much ari check back in hour two of "the rundown" closer to that court passengers. back to breaking news out of northern africa we're following a developing story our tunisia. at least eight people have been killed in a shooting in the capitol including apparently seven tourists. several others have been taken hostage. these are pictures we're just getting from a local news editor apparently thoe showing shows hostages held in a major museum located inside the same compound as the parliament. if these are in fact hostages it appears ss there are at least a
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dozen. two gunman reportedly involved. nbc news learned one kidnapper has been captured. we'll follow this and bring you the latest as we learn about this very tense and breaking situation right now in northern africa. we're just getting started on this edition of the "rundown." after the break, another brand new piece of evidence revealed at the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. boards with more of the accused marathon bomber's writings. a live report from boston is straight ahead. plus, death against a kennedy. u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. the latest on the investigation there. and a young republican star abruptly resigned from congress. aaron schock says, the questions surrounding his finances became a distraction. the perspective from inside illinois, that's coming up on msnbc. it tastes better when you grow it. it tastes even better when you share it. it's not hard, it's doable. it's growable. get going with gro-ables. miracle-gro.
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and back to that breaking news now out of north africa we're following a developing story out of tunisia, eight killed including other tourists taken hostage. pictures from a local news editor, this is the map there. pictures i want you to see. apparently showing hostages being held in a major museum which is located exactly right beside the parliament. part of a compound. the par innocent in this national bardo museum. if these are in fact hostages it appears there be at least a dozen of them. two gunmen reportedly involved. nbc learned one kidnapper has been captured. we'll follow this and bring you the latest as we learn more. but right now at least eight people dead. there is a situation in the parliament building and in the nearby national bardo museum. a place popular with tourists in this north african nation.
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developing now testimony about to resume at the boston marathon bombing trial with today's focus on evidence found inside dzhokhar tsarnaev's college dorm room. yesterday prosecutors publicly revealed these never before seen booden boards found inside the boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev was hiding. the message carved into the wood, "stop killing our innocent people and we will stop." heard from tsarnaev's childhood friend. silva loaned tsarnaev the .9 millimeter handgun used to murder police officer sean collier. ron mott joins us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey jose. good morning. what's interesting about the inscriptions left inside that boat over in watertown is the fact that the defense is essentially saying that yes, you see dzhokhar tsarnaev on those surveillance videos and essentially that he did what the government is alleging he's done, but what they are arguing is that he was so influenceed by his brother that, he in effect
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could not help himself. here he is making inscriptions inside the boat. we'll see how that plays out. yesterday recessed early because the judge said the attorneys needed to attend to something. we're waiting word when court actually will get under way and what the afternoon recess was all about. perhaps newsworthy, maybe not. you mentioned, today focuses solely on the evidence collected at the house in cambridge and the umass dartmouth dorm room. we'll see if that testimony is interesting. yesterday a dramatic day on the stand with the other than of the boat testifying as well as the childhood friend of tsarnaev who said he supplied him with the gun used to murder m.i.t. officer sean collier as well as drugs. he asked to get the gun back but never did prior to the marathon bombings. awaiting day nine of testimony to get under way.
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>> what can we expect on day nine? >> reporter: day nine, you mentioned, i think they'll focus solely on evidence probably looking at things like computer evidence things left on a laptop looking at his twitter accounts, facebook things of that sort. items collected in those two places where he and his brother lived and the dorm room as well. again, that's about the only guidance we have as we mentioned yesterday, was really dramatic testimony on the stand. >> ron mott thank you so much for being with me. check back in an hour for an update from boston. back to breaking nugz we inging news we started the broadcast with and will follow throughout the day. the african nation of tunisian at least eight people killed in a national museum right beside the parliament building. several others held hostage according to the tunisian interior minister. we just received video. this is unedited. i'll see you with you at the
6:17 am
same time, coming in from tunisian television, the exterior of this national bardo museum, a popular tourist site in that northern african nation of tunisia and these are just pictures getting in right now. you can see from tunisian television. eight people, there are apparently reports of a nun of hostage -- a number of hostages. limited what we're getting out of that northern african nation right now. the pictures we're seeing if those are people being held hostage, there's probably a dozen of them, indcluding children. the minister the government minister of tunisia that spoke on national television said that seven of the people that were killed were not tunisians. nbc's katy tur follows the story from london. katy, what's the very latest? >> reporter: the very latest is basically what you've been saying. we know very little now because the situation seems to be still
6:18 am
ongoing. eight people shot and killed nbc news confirmed, and seven of those people were actually foreign tourists. two gunmen involved in this and we're hearing one of those gunman has been captured. this is at the bardo museum as you said. it's right next to the parliament building which was evacuated after this happened. there's no nationalities released right now as to who exactly these potential hostages or who these victims are. they're not saying at the hoemt. moment. this museum is a popular tourist spot, home to a number of famous roman mosaics. the u.s. state department issued something of a warning to u.s. citizens traveling in tunisia telling them to take caution, but no warning or no message for them not to go there. now, no word right now on who is responsible for this attack but tunisia has struggled with islamic extremists in the past even issues with isis. so far, though, nobody is taking
6:19 am
responsibility and authorities are not saying who they believe is involved but what we did hear, two gunmen one captured eight people shot and killed an unknown number of hostages and it's also unclear if this is still ongoing at the moment. authorities refuse to comment on that but it seems to be -- as you're seeing these pictures are showing what looks like a hostage situation. we can't confirm that as of now. but if it is it does look like quite a few people held within that museum. unclear who this man believed to be man, standing in the front of this screen is. whether or not that is a hostage-taker or somebody from the military. this is ongoing, jose. i'm sure we'll learn more as the hours progress, but so far eight people shot all eight people dead, seven of them believed to be foreign tourists. >> and, katy i want to ask you about information we're learning this morning about death threats against caroline kennedy, a u.s. ambassador to japan?
6:20 am
>> reporter: yes. the death threats according to japanese tv and japanese authorities came in about a month ago. they were calls to the u.s. embassy. the caller was speaking english. he believe it was the same caller, same sort of threats being placed against the, an official in okinawa where there is about 50,000 u.s. troops. they say that they get these sort of threats and if you follow politics closely both international and domestic these sort of threats happen quite often, but they're taking this very seriously especially considering what happened in south korea last month when the u.s. ambassador there was stabbed, slashed in the face, by somebody who was unhappy with the american troops over there. so they're taking this quite seriously, and so far, though she's going about her business as she normally would. she spoke at a university this morning, but she's obviously a very high-profile figure she's the daughter of jfk and has been in the post just over a year.
6:21 am
>> katy tur in london. thank you so much. after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories including another data breach. this one affecting some 11 million health care subscribers. new this morning, new york real estate heir robert durst in the is in mental melt taft in a louisiana prison as the possibility of new charges emerge against him. a live report on that, next.
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6:25 am
los angeles on charges in the 2000 murder of his friend susan berman. nbc's stephanie gosk has been following these developments and joins us from new orleans. good morning stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, jose. well overnight robert durst was moved to that facility a move that his defense team argued against saying they needed him here in new orleans. the facility is about 60 mile outside of the city an hour to get there. said they needed to be close to prepare their case for the hearing on monday. they also said he does not have any acute medical or mental condition, but it's interesting, because the day before in court, what they told the judge is that he does actually need a physical exam from a doctor and that he needs pain medication and was recovering from some kind of neurosurgery they didn't specify. a little bit of conflicting information from his defense team on his health at this point. obviously, they're anxious to get to california. said it a number of times, to fight this capital murder charge, but right now, jose are
6:26 am
stuck here in new orleans. >> we don't -- no one knows how long he'll be stuck in new orleans before he can be transferred over to los angeles. right, stephanie? >> reporter: exactly right, because they have to face these two weapons charges authorities have charged him with here after he was arrested found with a .38 caliber revolver. so the question is whether those can be put on hold and he could be proved to california first, or whether they're going to want him to go through the whole process here which could be weeks, even months. jose? >> nbc's stephanie gosk. thank for being with me. we continue to follow breaking news out of tunisia, a hostage situation out of a museum close to the parliament building there. three tourists have been killed -- all children. we have at least information in tunisia at least eight people have been killed and there are some reports that from the foreign ministry out of the eight killed seven were not
6:27 am
tunisians. this is a small nation in north africa. new pictures just coming in. this national bardo museum is very close to the parliament building which has been evacuated, and this, you can clearly see, don't need me to tell you what's going on. a lot of fear and people armed, protecting this building. we don't know if it's the museum, entrance to the museum. apparently up to three armed people were involved in this killing. that occurred today in tunisia. eight people have been killed. the parliament building has been evacuated, and we're going to take a short break mondayitoring this still breaking news situation and be right back. ront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪ process critical information and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us.
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6:31 am
different headlines over the past six weeks. nbc's kelly adonal with the lateo'donnell with the rise and steeper fall. >> reporter: his social media handle @aaronschock a look of adventure but this workout-loving 33-year-old republican didn't not expect to take, a sudden fall from grace. >> i knee whenow when i take a trip and post photos online it can create the misimpression of being out of touch. >> reporter: aaron schock is out of a job. >> breaking news this afternoon. aaron schock announces he's resigning effective march 31st. >> he wanted to be the congressman that was different, younger, first millennial in congress. >> reporter: first written by his downton abbey-inspired office. a scrutiny of taxpayer and campaign-related funds.
6:32 am
a private plane a chicago bears game. taking ten staffers on a weekend trip to new york for the global citizens festival. >> first take a selfie. >> let's do that. >> say hello, new york! >> reporter: and schock's drive. he billed taxpayers for about $1s 170,000 miles, but public records show his vehicle was driven half that far schock will repay the government for all mileage and more than $40,000 for other expenses. >> here we go. >> let me bring in lynn sweet, for the "chicago sun-times," good to see you. >> good to see you. >> why now? what could have entered aaron schock's mind? it wasn't there three, four weeks ago. >> well his team new more revelations were coming and they had an idea what was in the pipeline, because reporters contacted them about stories, they knew the mileage story, that the "sun times" and
6:33 am
"politico" were working on the mileage story because i did a story in the monday "sun times" or the tuesday "sun times" where i talked about how he was claiming taxpayer money for miles that he drove on a car that the campaign bought him. $74,000 car and actually the big issue there wasn't the amount of money he paid. so they knew that the records from the illinois secretary of state were out there and that it would be just a matter of time until you put the mileage together, plus i think he also knew that the life he enjoyed in congress was over. the craving he had for attention, the ability to jet set, that was over. his ability to fund razeise, securing him a place in leadership was over for now plus he was losing support within the district that had given him the benefit of the doubt, jose but now the local papers even turned against him. >> always a pleasure to see you.
6:34 am
thanks for being with me. >> thank you so much. and from the shocking resignation to a major announce mchbt. msnbc first confirming the kentucky senator rand paul officially announces his presidential run on the 7th of april in louisville. the libertarian ophthalmologist senator rand paul will meefdimmediate think travel through new hampshire, south carolina, iowa and nevada. and now to state college, pennsylvania where a secret facebook page at penn state university is the latest scandal to mark the fraternity system at u.s. colleges. the university suspended its kappa delta rho chapter because of a facebook page showing photos of drug deals and nude women who appeared to be passed out. following the story. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning. police say these facebook pages were invitation-only. investigators tipped off by someone inside the fraternity. now the house behind me is facing a lot of trouble.
6:35 am
this morning, penn state is the latest campus dealing with a firestorm as police investigate allegations of a fraternity's bad behavior. kappa delta rho suspended for one year after pictures of nude a and apparently unconscious women were uncovered on two private facebook pages that police say were secretly set up by the fraternity. >> it's intolerable. it's not right. it's despicable acts and if you're engaging in that type of behavior you better rip that page out of your book because it's not acceptable. >> reporter: this search warrant reveals the first page was titled "covert business transactions." it was shut down when one of the women spot add topless picture of herself on a page accidentally left open by a fraternity member. then according to a former member who blew the whistle, a second page titled 2.0 was set up. police say it included more sexually explicit photos drug sales and hazing. a spokesman for penn state called it appalling and offensive.
6:36 am
>> we're working through our process to determine which individuals may have been involved. >> reporter: it's the lettest in a string of negative headlines for fraternities. at the university of michigan the sigma alpha mu chapter disbanded by its national headquarters after members trash add ski lodge in january causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damp. ♪ they'll never be a [ bleep ] in seae ♪ >> reporter: and after this went viral last week announcing what it calls an extensive review of all of its chapters nationwide. >> now that we have a lot of examples of really bad behavior going on in secret and a few heroes willing to rat out their frat brothers i think all fraternities are going to be a lot more reticent to engage in the behavior. >> reporter: here at penn state, kappa delta rho's national headquarters is saying they will cooperate fully with
6:37 am
investigations by local law enforcements and the university. this morning fraternity members are still living inside the house behind me and have the opportunity to appeal their suspension. back to you. >> thank you, nbc's gabe gutierrez. and now a historic day for the lgbt on all fronts. the presbyterian church including a new definition of marriage including same-sex marriage the largest presbyterian group to do so and on the same day, the group out at nbc universal becoming the first lgbt group to march down the street in a st. patrick's day parade. a gopro along for the ride. how are you? >> reporter: great. and you? >> great. congrats on your show. love it. incredible. talk about that in a little bit but sore feet this morning? >> reporter: a little bit. a little sore but overall well worth it to be able to march down fifth avenue on a beautiful day and be a part of the st.
6:38 am
patrick's day parade for what is a historic moment. when we've heard from people that oppose what happened yesterday within the lgbt community out being a corporate group and not an irish-affiliated lgbt sorgs organization, people are concerned this parade is not conclusive enough and those concerns are valid. being a group i was able to march with, colleagues, i was proud of my ire ish heritage. wore it literally on my back to show everybody. there we go. my family lineage, to prove that i am an irish kid and very proud to march in that parade and just happen to be gay and married but it was an historic day. i understand the frustrations of those groups out there, lgbt irish groups fighting for decades to be able to march under their own banners. this is progress. certainly not perfection. >> you know every step counts and every step matters and you don't always get everything at
6:39 am
once. and i think it was a historic day. thomas, can't tell you how much i enjoy your show. tell me about two hours live tv. how's that going? >> maybe you can tell me how it's going? you do it yourself although from a much warmer location. >> i will agree with you. >> all very jealous of that. but it's been fantastic. off to a very solid start. i couldn't be more pleased, although my body is still rocking forward at 3:00 a.m. because of my habit of getting up for "way too early." i'm up way too early but fall back asleep for a little while. >> listen, enjoying watching you and thank you for being with me this morning. good to see you, my friend. >> absolutely. thanks for having me much more on msnbc live with thomas roberts at 1:00 p.m. eastern. 10:00 a.m. pacific. eyesed used to get up earlier but now on in the afternoon. doing a great job. and heading to a show at 3:00 p.m. eastern when that's done. and breaking news out of north africa gunmen opened fire
6:40 am
at a major museum at the capital of tunisia thieving at least eight people dead six wounded. pictures that just came in recently to our newsroom. according to the foreign minister, seven of the eight kills were foreign tourists. security forces have filled the area around the museum. now, this is right behide tunisia's parliament building which has been evacuated. there have been reports of hostages. it's tough to get a handle on what is going on but at least two gunmen were reportedly involved. nbc learned that one kidnapper has been captured. we'll follow this story and bring you the latest as we learn it right here on msnbc. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue.
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6:44 am
military vet accused of helping isis. with me now congressman steve stivers. pleasure to see you. >> great to be here jose. >> let me about aske about this airman tairod pugh? what about this case? >> i've heard there are recruitments going on for people around the world to join islamic state or other islamic groups and we just need to make sure that we provide real economic opportunity for everybody, don't leave anybody out, and that we observe people's first amendment rights but also make sure they know that america's is place where they can be safer, but i'm glad that our prosecutors and our law enforcement folks are looking out for folks who have been radicalized and trying to prevent them from going to places like syria. this airman was trying to go to syria through turkey and law
6:45 am
enforcement found out about it stopped it and arrested him. >> now to the breaking news covers this morning. this situation out of tunisia in northern africa. eight tourists dead apparently eight people dead including possibly seven foreign toifrts in tourists in the bardo museum next to parliament. what's your reaction? a difficult place to deal with as far as geography? >> right. tunisia is right in the middle of it and frankly their fledgling any democratic government has been fighting islamic extremism and sounds like this is a really coordinated and unfortunate incident where people have lost their lives, and the tunisian government seems to be taking it seriously and obviously has evacuated the parliament building and is responding and i understand they may have already captured one of the folks already. >> we hear they may have captured one and may be up to three armed people that went
6:46 am
into this bardo museum. and tunisia, you know the smallest country in the maghreb region boardrdered by algeria and libya. an intense battle. we'll keep a close watch on that. congressman, i want to go back to the isis fight. seeing more and more help coming from iran, supporting iraqi forces as they fight these terrorists. is this a good thing or a bad thing? >> well it's a little of both to be honest, jose. so it's a good thing that you know, they're driving back isis, but iran has the idea of being very hegemonic in the whole middle east region and getting much closer relations with iraq obviously, iraq is mostly a shia population, but has been governed by sunnis for 30, 40 years, until recently, and so as another shia government, iran's trying to get much closer to the
6:47 am
government in iraq and i'm not sure that will be good for world peace, but certainly it is -- it's a positive sign that they're driving the islamic state out. >> congressman, thank you for being with me. appreciate t. thanks jose. >> all the best. coming up on "the rundown," the royals take on washington. prince charles and the duchess of cornwall have a full sdmeshl our nation's capital today starting with visits to the lincoln and martin luther king jr. memorials. first, check out cool picture picture, from the northern lights. pushing the lights further south than normal. look at these pictures. images like these have been captured in minnesota, wisconsin, the dakotas and washington state. be right back. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills
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a drive-by shooting massive cyber attack leah
6:51 am
strong. let's zoom through today's top stories. a massive manhunt in california for a gunman that opened fire at a market killing three, injuring four others. police say that drive-by shooting appears gang related. they say the market is a popular place for groups to gather at night. another cyber attack on major health insurer, pry mira blue cross says 11 million customers may have been exposed, they may have gotten clinical information, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates. says there's no evidence customer information has been used inappropriately. great news from nfl player devon still about his daughter's public fight with cancer. he posted this photograph on instagram. quote, that moment you get the best news you received and don't know what to do, so you just flex. doctors say they don't see active disease in her body. the four-year-old has further
6:52 am
testing but remain optimistic. she was diagnosed before her dad was cut from the bengals. after hearing the news team kept him on the roster so her treatment would be covered. prince charles and his wife camilla getting the royal treatment in d.c. this morning, first full day includes visits to lincoln and martin luther king junior memorials. with more i am a general loud webber. pleasure to see you. >> great to see you. >> this is called an educational and cultural tour. what is it really? >> it is exactly that. there are two reasons, the first is to cement the u.k. u.s. special relationship, which although they are best friends, there are tricky problems recently. u.k. have been cozying up to china which made the u.s. unhappy, and u.k. cut military spending. the british government are sending in the royals william and kate four months and and
6:53 am
camilla and charles meet white gold the president and vice president tomorrow. it is a pr campaign for charles and camilla in the u.k. charles is desperate for her to be crowned king when he is crowned king. this is all about them looking good abroad hopefully helping pr back home. >> after d.c. they're heading to kentucky? >> they are heading to kentucky which on some levels you may think is a bit surprising. the royals love horses so kentucky is very central to the equestrian community, also prince charles is about the environment. he has been talking about it for decades now, kentucky have some incredible sustainability programs. that's one of the reasons they're there as well. >> prince william and kate visited the u.s. in december, three months later charles and camilla. should we expect more frequent visits from the royals? >> on some levels yes, they are important diplomatically. you may ask why do they exist, they're figure heads to a third of the world. you won't see the queen on
6:54 am
trips, she's 80 years old, she's passing the trips down to her grandson prince william and son prince charles. the royals continue coming. this is charles' 20th trip to the united states official trip. >> what do you think of this harry thing, leaving the military? >> he is leaving the military. he will have been there ten years. if he stayed he had a desk job, that's not very prince harry. he is looking for a full-time job. he may follow in william's footsteps, he is an air ambulance pilot, doing something like that combining that with his royal duties. >> thanks for being with me. >> great to see you. coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown," we go back to breaking news we have been following morning out of tunesia. an attack at the museum next to the parliament building in the capital. at least eight killed one in custody. we will get the update on the very latest from tunesia. plus live pictures from capitol hill where defense secretary ash carter and martin
6:55 am
dempsey face lawmakers over isis. several new developments on that including a u.s. vet accused of helping the terror group. i have to give you viewers a shoutout. we posted our segment on speaker boehner and hillary clinton and the e-mail debate on our facebook page and this happened. it kept happening, and kept happening. now more than 500 comments. this is what i was referring to. as we scroll down all sides represented on this supporters on both sides, critics on both sides. don't tell me the political discussion is dead. take a look at that. and keep it going. i want you to be part of the show. you really are. you can see us on facebook twitter, instagram, and give us your opinion. we will be right back.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
have been killed in the capital. local reports indicate there may be hostages. new video shows them being taken from a building and loaded into ambulances. at least six people have been wounded, several killed and wounded are believed to be tourists. this is unholding at the national bardo museum in tunis. it is close to parliament which is being evacuated. nbc news learned at least two gunmen are involved. we just appeared this picture, appears to be the back of one of the gunmen. katie tur is following from london. >> they tell nbc news there were at least two gunmen. we hear from private radio there could be as many as three gunmen. we had reported earlier but too early to confirm that one of the gunmen had been captured. too early to know that for sure. we know two gunmen from officials, and look like they were dressed in military style
7:00 am
clothing at the museum next door to parliament. parliament was evacuated when it happened. you can see in this dramatic video people are running from something, it is unclear what's going on whether or not the hostage situation is still on-going. those pictures seem to show quite a few hostages. they confirmed that eight people are dead. officials confirm eight are dead. one tunesian 7 others not, foreign tourists unclear at this time who and where the tourists are from. they're not confirming any nationality. the museum is one of the most popular tourist spots in tunesia, has one of the biggest collection of roman mosaics. it is a newly democratic country, overthrew their authoritarian president in 2011. they struggled with islamic extremists, specifically with isis. they say as many as 3,000 tunesians have gone to join the islamic state. last month about 30 suspected
7:01 am
militants, some returning from syria, were arrested in tunesia for plan being what they were calling spectacular attacks. as for u.s. citizens the state department can't confirm nationalities, there was a warning for u.s. citizens traveling there to be on alert. no ban from traveling in that country, don't need a visa to travel from the u.k. or u.s. but as of now what we can tell you, 8 people shot and killed 7 foreign tourists at least two gunmen potentially three dressed in military style clothing. >> katy tur from london thanks so much. and a house hearing on isis a fight that got closer to home overnight. we will hear from defense secretary ash carter and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey. the point of the hearing is to talk about the president's request for more war powers in the fight with isis. at the same time, 200 miles away, a military veteran accused of trying to join isis will be arraigned in new york. for more on both stories, joined
7:02 am
by luke russert on capitol hill and ari melber in brooklyn. gentlemen, good morning. luke, start with you. can you give a preview of today's hearing? >> reporter: expect this hearing to be similar to the one that happened last week where we had administration officials come before congress and relevant committees and essentially make their case for the administration's authorization of use of military force agreement, which as we have said jose has come under fire from both the left and right. the left worried it could be a prolonged conflict in a volatile middle east region where they don't want to see repeat of the iraq war. the right, conservative hawks say this aumf the white house puts forward ties the president's hands, doesn't allow for enough ground troops if the need were to come forward. it also does not allow the united states to go geographically where they need to be to combat the threat. so expect dempsey and ash carter to push the administration's plan but i've got to tell you
7:03 am
sort of an underreported story from capitol hill we don't see as journalists that cover this day to day how the aumf in the administration will move forward in the house. it is not certainly having a floor vote any time soon. seems if it were to move forward, president obama would have to lobby people on his own team but john boehner is not giving any indication that he is overall supportive. what the administration did, jose close out with this they never sunset the 2001 authorization of use of military force which allowed the united states to go into afghanistan and sort of go for the war on terror. because that's alive, it allows the united states to continue to go into syria and isis to combat sorry, syria and iraq to combat isis. and as long as that's around this aumf while we talk about it it doesn't matter all that much. >> we are watching pictures of dempsey and carter arriving at the hearing, it is just about to get under way. and ari, tell us about this
7:04 am
soldier, what's he charged with. >> he is a u.s. veteran charged today behind me in a federal court in brooklyn with material support for terrorism, specifically trying to go into isis controlled areas in syria through the turkish border. that's the charge. he is also charged with tampering with flash drives evidence the government says shows his extensive interest in not only supporting or agreeing with isis but specifically trying to operationally join isis. another interesting thing, the arraignment that will take place in an hour is the public charge but u.s. authorities have been secretly privately holding him for about two months trying to get any information out of him that they could or potentially reaching any kind of deal. obviously clearly we now know no deal reached. after going through the secret process, the u.s. government here and specifically federal prosecutor loretta lynch moving
7:05 am
forward on these serious terrorism charges. >> thank you very much for being with me. now to dramatic developments from israel. benjamin netanyahu visited the wall in jerusalem after capturing a fourth term as prime minister. the latest joined by middle east correspondent hanley gamble. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. essentially what we saw is a last minute victory for the prime minister three or four days ago looked unlikely he would be able to pull it off. frankly, he did this appealing to the base. he did this by security versus economy. these are the issues the race was based on. what we saw in the last 24 hours is the prime minister coming out, said two state solution don't see it happening soon, he
7:06 am
pretty much pretty much kwaushed that. not something that the palestinian leadership wanted to hear, but something that many in the israeli conservative circles, their ears were open to it, and frankly that's how he managed to pull this victory off. >> all the reports were before there was a couple days polls couldn't be taken, it was razor thin, it was tied, that he could lose this. gave us a good understanding of what changed things in the final 48 hours. now what happens next as far as the parliament there? >> reporter: there's going to be a lot of horse trading and jockeying in the sense they're trying to form a coalition. from reports we are getting in the local press, we are hearing this will be even more right wing coalition than before. that will have serious effects. what you have now are many in the israeli community worried about the overall perception of the country, last couple years, had pressure from europe from
7:07 am
the united states that we didn't see over the issue of the palestinians, and you have benjamin netanyahu who has come out, vociferous in opposition to nuclear deal with the iranians. as we come closer to that situation being resolved there is serious pressure at home for that not to happen. of course we have to wait and see what happens in the next few days. certainly more of a right wing coalition. >> you covered tunesia, i want to get your expertise. you hear an attack eight dead maybe a number injured, two, possibly three gunmen by the parliament. tell us about that government. it is relatively young a country bore dered by algeria and libya. what can you tell us about tunesia? >> reporter: exactly and quite frankly it is another example of how fragile this region is particularly in north africa. we were over the weekend in shar mel shake in egypt where the president assisi is taking flack
7:08 am
for human rights. he is trying to get egypt on track, he took flack recently on libya. as many as 7,000 people joined isis from tunesia, it is a serious problem and highlights the fact that this region is in a fragile state, even those making strides toward democracy are still at risk. >> that region is so difficult. pleasure to see you. we will continue to follow breaking news out of tunesia where the government says eight people have been killed in the capital. lots ahead on the second jam packed hour of "the rundown." in the u.s., watching a key hearing get under way on the hill. military funding and fight on isis front and center. first, another huge bump in the road for the pick for attorney general, standoff over loretta lynch's confirmation
7:09 am
among the longest in decades. why is it taking so long. and shining a light on the dark side of controversy in ferguson, missouri where protests and violence in response to the michael brown shooting, all built on a lie? our next guest makes that case here on "the rundown."
7:10 am
♪ building aircraft,
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
7:12 am
the nomination of loretta lynch continues to be held hostage to partisan gridlock in the senate. tuesday, they blocked a human trafficking bill say the gop pulled a fast one slipping in an abortion provision. they refuse to confirm her.
7:13 am
assuming all other republicans vote against her and all democrats vote for her, that would make the tally 50/50 with vice president biden having to break the tie. joining me now, nbc national reporter trymaine lee. what's the holdup. >> reporter: republicans say it is a matter of priority to knock out this human trafficking bill first. yesterday i spoke with an administration official, sat in on a conference call with black leaders on and off the hill they say it is a toxic mix of race and political gamesmanship that her confirmation is held hostage in part to take continued aim at president obama and attorney general eric holder. they say that bad politics is bad politics and they're surprised the lengths the republicans are willing to throw a wrench in the machine here. also all of that an must at the
7:14 am
first black president and first black attorney general. >> by who? >> the republicans. >> long targeted the administration. the idea that they'll shift it to loretta lynch is par for the course. >> do you think there will be a king maker in this? >> there may be. only need four republicans to sign on. they had that so far, but perhaps senator mark till from illinois perhaps but there's four now. that's what they need. they may have cover. rudy giuliani over the weekend wrote a letter to senators saying despite our political differences, loretta lynch is beyond qualified and the senate should support her confirmation. >> trymaine lee, thanks for being with me this morning. i want to turn to explosive reaction to a piece in "the washington post." jonathan capehart someone we know well on this network getting back lash for his column on the hands up don't shoot narrative. after reading the entire justice department report on the
7:15 am
shooting capehart felt compelled to publicly correct the falls narrative that he had his hands up when he was shot by darren wilson in ferguson missouri. joining me now, jonathan capehart. pleasure to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> you're getting hit from the left and right. some people are calling you a race traitor. >> well you know jose it is one of the reasons i said this was probably the hardest piece i ever had to write. it was difficult and took me a week to write it first to read the report then to just get down precisely what i wanted to say, but when you write something like this as personal as this i was expecting this kind of reaction certainly from the left because it happened to be during a 2008 campaign when i said something remotely negative about then candidate barack obama, and i would get praise from the right for what they
7:16 am
viewed as my doing or saying the right thing. the same thing is happening now. >> if you haven't read it i strongly suggest you do. what does it say? >> department of justice put out two reports, one on the ferguson police department filled with statistics how the government police, courts all basically callused to finance budgets on the poor in ferguson and overwhelmingly african-american city. what i found sort of distressing was no one was talking about the report on the actual shooting of michael brown, including myself. so i decided you know what i need to read this. i need to see what this is about. and i did. as a journalist jose anyone that read any of my writings on any of the issues trayvon
7:17 am
martin, tap ear rice eric garner, they know i take these personally. i try to push strongly for the truth. when i sat down and read the doj report on the shooting of michael brown, i as a journalist felt compelled to correct the record, whether anyone agreed or not was beside the point. i had to be right myself going forward because we know this is going to happen again, and if i am going to have any credibility when the next time something like this happens, i have to be right with myself and right with the readers. >> jonathan capehart thanks for being with me. >> thanks jose. thanks very much. i want to tell you about college students from around the country traveling to ferguson to give back. they're giving up traditional spring break to help the community during the rebuilding process. i spoke to one of the students from howard university. >> why ferguson.
7:18 am
>> we are in ferguson because we saw a need. as howard students throughout history, when howard sees a need, it always finds a way to help. when there's a need it is shown that we meet the needs of communities far and wide because we are also international. i am from st. louis myself there was never better program to come help my city when they were crying out for need. >> watch the full conversation on our website, up next we will zoom through some of the other stories making news including reported death threats against the ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. and are interest rates about to rise? the financial world watching and waiting to hear from janet yell entoday. and the cover of this magazine causing a stir about the latino community in america. we will tell you why coming up in "the rundown."
7:19 am
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we follow breaking news out of tunesia. reuters reports two militants and a police officer are dead citing a government official also report by two local radio stations. nbc news hasn't independently confirmed it. the u.s. embassy is warning u.s. citizens to avoid downtown tunis where at least 18 people were killed at a shooting at the national museum. at least six wounded. most victims are believed to be tourists. the museum is close to the parliament building which has been evacuated. we have much more as this becomes available. a shocking resignation, kennedy threats, and kraft recall. zoom through some of today's top stories. aaron schock resigned from congress after weeks of
7:23 am
questioning about spending of taxpayer dollars. in a statement, the illinois republican says questions in recent weeks created distraction, made it too difficult to continue to serve. he had been hounded for weeks about his spending habits including a $40,000 makeover of his washington office based on the tv show downton abby. japanese police are investigating death threats to the ambassador of japan, caroline kennedy. japanese media say calls were made to the u.s. embassy, came from someone speaking english. they're looking into the possibility the person might be trying to blackmail the 57-year-old diplomat. the embassy did not have comment, but says threats like this against politicians and diplomats are not uncommon. adding to heightened ang hit, michelle obama who landed in tokyo, kicking off her educational tour promoting schooling for girls. new statewide rules were approved to help conserve water in california which is now in its fourth year of severe
7:24 am
drought. water regulators approved restrictions on lawn watering and added new limits on water use by businesses. restaurants only offer drinking water on request. hotels only change sheets and towels on request. new rules that take effect the 15th of april will be enforced by local cities and counties. kraft food recalling 6.5 million boxes of mac and cheese some packages may contain small pieces of metal. the voluntary recall applies to 7.25 ounce size of the original flavor macaroni and cheese with the best when used by dates of september 18th 2015 through october 11, 2015. kraft says no injuries are reported it was sold in puerto rico and some caribbean and south american countries. unfolding on capitol hill fierce debate over funding, the fight against isis and granting the president's war powers.
7:25 am
defense secretary ash carter and martin dempsey facing lawmakers now. i will have details ahead. a massive rally in moscow marking a major anniversary that shattered ties between the ukraine and russia. we are there live next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills
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7:28 am
does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! we have been keeping an eye on the hearing going on in the house of representatives. defense secretary ash carter and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey are testifying on the fight with isis. joining me to lend some perspective, retired general barry mccaffrey and senior analyst at flashpoint global partners. thanks for being with me. before we get to the hearing in washington, i want your perspective on what's going on in tunesia. general, let me start with you. it seems as though this is another terrorist attack and 8 people dead 7 appear to be
7:29 am
foreign tourists. >> well typical outrageous incident. you attack vulnerable targets, get tremendous international press, and at the end of the day, a small number of people create a huge furor. going to see this in the middle east the next 25 years. >> seems as though 7 of the 8 could be foreign tourists not from tunesia. the fact that tunesia is in a strategic area of north africa have there been any discussions or talk about the attacks there? >> there has been a number of attacks actually took place in tunesia already, mostly focused in the mountains, but there has been a proliferation of jihadist elements in tunesia. a lot of them connected to isis at least by ideology. others connected to al qaeda.
7:30 am
we have a group which is very active today, other groups connected to isis who have been sending fighters to syria, and places in iraq to fight with the group there, but haven't actually carried out operations inside tunesia. so this might be the sign that tunesian security forces have to really mobilize. >> i wonder if libya and the mess happening there could have helped, i mean they border libya and algeria. >> indeed isis has new fronts in libya today. they're in control of a number of towns, control of a large city, so there has been a lot of tunesian fighters fighting with isis factions in libya, a number of them even did suicide operations. it may be a victory for some of those jihadists and worries for both governments in libya and the government in tunesia. >> and general, let's talk about
7:31 am
this, the united nations security council said that isis is stake a foot hold in afghanistan. what do you make of that? >> yeah. well they certainly have popped up in several different places. afghanistan is such a mess the primary struggle there clearly will continue to be the taliban tribesmen against the rest of the country, i don't see that as isis threat to the international community, but afghanistan itself is in a hugely vulnerable fragile situation. it is hard to imagine how this is going to come out well as we continue to withdraw. isis is probably not the main problem, but it is an additional new factor. >> and leif iran is increasingly involved in the fight in iraq against isis. their influence in that country has worried people. >> it is worrying a lot of people. you have to understand iran
7:32 am
medicine he willed in the affairs in the region for years. has a lot of rainian fighters are fighting in syria. there's no surprise it moeb liesed some shiite militia to fight that mobilized against isis in tikrit and elsewhere. it is no surprise they see iraq as holy place for shiites, but also an area that if isis expands heavy in iraq or heavier than it has already done it may spill into iran and that would be a big problem for the iranian government. >> are you shocked a military veteran would be trying to join isis? >> i am not sure this is much of a big story. this is one sad sack lad, 47 years old, not rambo, self radicalized, air force mechanic.
7:33 am
years ago used to strip them of citizenship if they did that. it indicates u.s. intelligence is doing better the fact that turks cooperated returning him to the united states. another factor is we are seeing veterans show up to fight on the side of the peshmerga, which i am personally supportive of but that's another sort of free-lance mercenary thing that the state department is going to have to get a handle on. >> seeing more and more of that. thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. developing now in moscow rallies marking one year since annexation of crimea from putin. the annexation followed ouster of the president in february of
7:34 am
2014. jeff cut more joins us from red square, moscow. >> reporter: hi jose. it is half past 5:00 in the evening in moscow. this government organized rally has been running for about 30 minutes, a fairly noisy affair as you can tell and see from pictures. we expect it to run several more hours into darkness the aim really is to send a message to the western community and domestic russians about the strength of feeling in the feeling over this annexed territory. if you dive into the history books, any keet a crews chef gave away crimea they took that annexation as them rightfully reclaiming what was theirs.
7:35 am
not everybody greaseagrees with that. the white house insists this territory should be handed back to ukraine. some worrying developments tonight as we listen to the issues around this fragile peace deal over ukraine by kiev and moscow. tonight, foreign minister lavrov expressed concerns that the fragile peace deal may not last and so-called minsk agreement may not be pulled through to full course. some concerned we may see a flaring again of tensions between the separatist forces in ukraine and ukrainian government. let me send it back to you, with the live shots of this rally here in red square. >> geoff, that's troubling, the news you're giving us about ukraine. let's hope that cease-fire does hold. it is amazing to see, moscow put
7:36 am
up a concert venue. looks like it is total pr campaign. is putin going to be seen there today do you think? >> yeah these events are incredibly well staged managed by the government. it has a strong background in rolling out these kind of patriotic moments for russian people and then tell advising them around the region. we have seen some prerecorded clips of the president speaking. as you know he has been something of an elusive character over the last two weeks, finally turning up earlier this week at a photo opportunity, so we are hoping that he will make an appearance here, but you never can tell. we've already had some prerecorded comments. we will have to wait and see whether he appears in the flesh. back to you. >> geoff cutmore, thank you very
7:37 am
much. after a stunging re-election victory, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu plans to form a new government in the next two to three weeks. his party had a decisive victory over herzog and leftwing party. joined by ronan farrow. good morning. >> good to see you, jose. >> this victory by netanyahu, what does it mean for the white house? >> it was an incredible upset on the ground and for a lot of spectators who expected them to prevail. that was not how it went at the last minute that's a cause of consternation at the white house. this is a leader that president obama speaks to more than any other leader in the world. it is a thorn in his side for two major foreign policy ambitions, building a two state solution for the israel palestine challenge, john kerry staked much of his reputation on and for building nuclear framework with iran which is something the government is
7:38 am
scrambling to do as we speak, jose. we are essentially seeing antagonism on a massive scale in the case of the iran relationship where netanyahu actually came to the united states and said i want you to stop what you're doing, united states. this is maintaining of status quo in a case where one can imagine the administration wanted anything but that. >> and ronan, let me ask you about allegations u.s. taxpayer money was involved trying to influence the election in israel. >> this is fascinating. there's a group v 15 victory 2015 part of this insurgency of grass roots movements around the world that rose up against netanyahu. v 15 is interesting because it is funded by supported by and born from a u.s. group called one voice, created by liberal u.s. billionaires. at one point that parent company funded by the u.s. state department. they're saying they did not receive funds after a certain point leading to the election
7:39 am
and that money didn't go to any of their anti-bb. listen to what they said. >> not a single cent from taxpayer money. these are false allegations and have nothing to do with reality. >> that's the head of v 15. it hasn't changed the perception that we have obama for america alums teaching ground game to the opponents of netanyahu, another way the relationship is so fraught. >> great to see you. >> we will have more on the israeli election with andrea mitchell live from jerusalem at noon eastern, here on msnbc. up next the latest
7:40 am
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back to breaking news out of tunesia. we are getting word the crisis there is over but not before nearly a dozen people were killed. katy tur is following this story from london. what's the latest? >> reporter: hey there. the associated press and reuters is now reporting from tunesian officials that 11 people have been killed, including the two gunmen one officer, and seven foreign tourists. it is not clear what the nationalities of the tourists are. you can see from the video what a dramatic situation it was. it appears to be over at this time. you can see tourists appearing
7:44 am
to run from gunfire or the hostage situation. tunesian tv reports the hostage situation is over. we are hearing reports, as many as ten or more hostages were within that museum. we know the gunman stormed the museum this morning, opened fire killed 8 quickly, then held hostages. it appears this is over. the museum is next to the parliament building, that was evacuated once this started. it is a popular tourist site home to some of the most roman mosaics in the world. there's no world who is taking responsibility for these attacks, but tunesia is a relatively new democracy. they overthrew the authoritarian president in 2011. it is where the arab spring was started, it is a shaky democracy. they've battled a lot with islamic extremists. authorities say about 3,000
7:45 am
tunesians joined isis fought for the islamic state. they just arrested 30 militants last month for coming back into tunesia, some from syria, who reported or were saying they were going to take out spectacular attacks. as of now, no word on who is taking responsibility for this attack. the associated press and reuters is reporting citing tunesian officials, 11 killed including two gunmen, and appears the situation is over. >> katy tur, thanks for being with me. to the latest on the immigration front surrounding the president's executive actions and the human side of that story. lawsuit brought by 26 states against those actions wages on. tomorrow in texas, a hearing set before the same judge who put those orders on hold. beyond that, there's a growing problem my next guest sees first hand. some immigrants who are documented are denied driver's licenses, even though they're part of what's called the
7:46 am
temporary protected status that they've had since many of them in the '90s, leading some to lose their jobs. joining me an immigration attorney. nelson pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> take us down this road. there are about 200, 300,000 protected under protective service, tps, and they're here with documents, and yet hundreds of thousands are finding problems? >> temporary protective status is a humanitarian program this great country of ours has given to many people not only salvador ands nicaraguans, many other individuals. they're given the lawful right to stay in the united states and given a work permit which allows them to get a social security number and proceed to get driver's licenses. every time the period ends they get reextended and they're being here since 1999 2001 for
7:47 am
salvadorians. more than 200,000 individuals for a long time going through extensions, and the problem is that because there's so many of them, they can't be processed to get a new work permit so the expiration date on the work permit shows it is expired, but really it is not expired, it is automatically extended through federal registered notice given by the government, and that has every effect of the law. >> so they have a document that allows them to be here legally. that document runs out. then it gets extended. >> correct. >> because there's so many of them, the physical writing on the document, they don't have it but the government knows it is extended because they extend it. >> correct. >> how is it the government extends this privilege for people doesn't know that it has extended it and causes these people among other things to lose their jobs. >> department of motor vehicles then go to the federal government and should through the database be able to check status of individuals. that should be updated. and number two, through federal
7:48 am
registered notice which has the effect of law, they should abide by that notice and see that the individual still has lawful status and therefore be allowed to extend driver's licenses or retain their jobs or be given jobs and that's not happening in many places around the country. >> how many people do you think are being effected. >> thousands of them thousands. give you an example in california, they were notified in 2010 and it is still happening in 2015. i just helped an individual regain his driver's license. >> five years later. >> five years later, and there's documentation about that. indiana, individuals who are commercial driver's license, they are told they're no longer able to have commercial driver's licenses because they're in tps, even though they bought trucks are being productive the economy. in utah you have hundreds of individuals being denied driver's licenses. >> and nelson these are people here lawfully paying taxes, who have a social security number and who have done everything right by the law.
7:49 am
>> that's correct. >> thank you for being with me. from policy to politics the latino vote is up for grabs. why this cover of the economy sparked debate. we will be back on "the rundown." hmm... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter- -sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. the volkswagen passat handles like a dream. go ahead... step on it. yeah? yeah! that turbo engine packs a punch, right? oh yeah. pinch me. okay... and on passat models you can get a $1,000 volkswagen credit bonus. one more time. pinch me. it's not a dream.
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7:52 am
let me show you the new "the economist" cover. special report on america's latinos. you see the american flag there made of chili peppers. let's talk with strategist and a republican strategist. good to see you both. >> good to be with you. >> let me get your take on this cover. it has gotten a lot of controversy. the american flag made by chili peppers.
7:53 am
luis, how do you see that. >> it is unfortunate the focus is on the peppers. the reporting in that magazine was very helpful. it talked about the fact that latinos are not going away. this is something i said on this show you have 48 million latinos here legally. one out of four children in k through 12. the reality is they play as a younger population a vital role in the health and strength of the american economy going forward and helping cover costs of baby boomers as they retire including social security. >> and even in a positive story like this the cover has to be with chili peppers. >> i know. >> what did you think when you saw that cover? >> i was a little offended by it. first of all, i happen to like hot food but not mexican american central american, my heritage is not hot food. the stereotype of people which is unacceptable to other communities, and secondly i think it has a sub text which is
7:54 am
sometimes that latins are hot headed. goes with hot debate and so forth. i was a little offended by it. i think it was an unfortunate cover because i agree with luis one of the times we agree, it was a very good report inside. a very serious magazine. i think trying to be too cute. a lot of people take offense with it. and leave it at this. i think a lot of times in our community, people take license with hispanics and with latinos that they can't with other minority groups. and that's really offensive. >> i think part of the community's maturity has to come not just complaining about the chili peppers on the cover, but elevating the substance that's in there. >> but it is important to point these things out. >> i agree. >> stereotypes and generalities are never good. >> not tolerated by other groups. >> so let me start with you, luis we talk about 2016. and you and i talked about it
7:55 am
when you were at the white house, the president was reelected the last time because of 71% of latino vote went for him. how important is the latino vote going to be in the future in 2016, and is it up for grabs? >> it is significantly important. i think there's a portion of it up for grabs. i don't think you're going to have a tidal wave of latino support away from the democrats necessarily, but the republicans don't need to win every hispanic, they just need to get into the democratic advantage. there's an advantage by both parties. there's a lot of pitfalls. jeb bush this past weekend said one thing to latino audiences in spanish and something very different in iowa to white voters, and that's going to catch up with him. this is not 1994. he is running with an old play book. in today's day and age says something different to a latino audience, that's a problem politically for him. >> let me go quickly to the parts we disagree because i
7:56 am
agree with him initially. i don't believe jeb bush is flip flopping at all. he spoke before the most conservative group in washington and was booed because he was consistent on immigration policy. quickly what he has done in iowa the president is the one flip flopping on the issues. >> i have to go gentlemen, so sorry. time runs out. where does two hours go. >> i know. >> thank you for being with me this morning. that wraps up "the rundown." thanks for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. ding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today.
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8:00 am
gunmen are dead. this image taken inside that museum appears to show one of the gunmen. however, nbc news has not confirmed this. all but one of the victims are believed to have been foreign tourists. what's the latest on the possibility of hostages being inside? >> reporter: we heard that right now there are the injured tourists are being transferred, taken to a hospital nearby. we heard that there are 38 tourists injured and taken to different hospitals near the area but the security forces are in control of the building of the museum and still sweeping the area looking for


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