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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 19, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. breaking news now on "the rundown" rundown". less than an hour ago four people arrested in yesterday's shooting spree that killed at least 23 people most tourists. this coming from reuters from the president of that northern african nation. and we're learning new details about the attack. some victims can shot as they got off a bus to visit the popular bardo museum. others briefly taken hostage in the wake of the attack tu nis schaap tunisia's army deployed to protect the country. and the tunisian president says one was flagged to local intelligence but nothing specific. in a nationally televised speech late wednesday he said, ei want the people of tunisia to know we are at war with the terrorists. we will fight them to our last
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breath without pity. quote/unquote. what's the latest? >> reporter: jose the death toll has rizsen to 25 and includes 20 tourist. the two gunmen were killed in the standoff they were looking for other accomplices, as many as three yesterday but you mentioned, four people arrested. unclear what their connection might be at this time. it's still too early to tell. right now we're also just learning one british citizen is among the dead. a woman named sally aidy there on a cruise with her husband. also among the other victims who lost their lives, tourists from spain, italy, france japan, colombia and poland. now, last night a number of regular tunisian folks took to the streets for a candlelight vigil standing in defiance of the violence that is threatening to intimidate them. as you know, jose the arab spring started in this country in 2011. it was, it is a shining light for democracy within that region, and they rely heavily on
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tourism. so attacks like this which threaten tourism can be very detrimental to the stability of the economy of that country, and also the stability of the political process of that country. jose? >> and katy what do you know about who's behind this attack? >> reporter: we still don't know who exactly is behind the attack. nobody has taken responsibility. we can tell you there are 3,000 tunisian whose have gone off to join isis in syria and iraq. the most of any country, period. it's unclear if isis was involved in this but they are certainly applauding it at this time. we do know tunisian officials arrested about 30 people 30 militants, planning what they can walling spectacular attacks in the country, just this month. some of them who had just come back from syria, but, again, as of right now nobody is taking responsibility for this attack and the tunisian people are coming out and trying to say that they will not stand for this sort of violence.
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jose? >> katy tur in london thank you. and reaction from the white house. nbc's kristen welker joins us from the north lawn. good morning. >> reporter: jose good morning. president obama cornbobama condemning this attack isn't the strongest terms. they're in touch with counterparts in tunisia and the united states offered full assistance as tunisia conducts a response. a statement we got yesterday from the press secretary that says we do not yet know the identities of the attackers or their motives. we know they're cowardly acts will not intimidate the tunisian people whose storied heritage is showcased at the sight of of the attack at the bardo museum. offering full assistance to tunisia in this incredibly tragic time for that country. >> talk about the folks in charge of protecting the president and the white house. secret service director joseph clancy is facing another tough day on the hill today? >> reporter: he is.
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look director joseph clancy will be on the hill to discuss the budget. this is the second time this week had will be facing lawmakers to auk about the budget but all they want to talk about, of course the latest incident at the white house on march 4th when two top agents allegedly came from the party where they will been drinking and drove through an active bomb investigation outside the white house. those two agents have been moved to different positions. lawmakers are investigating and i can tell you there's fresh outrage today. congressman jason chaffetz telling me he is concerned about these surveillance video of that incident. he and other lawmakers were able to watch two videos which essentially showed the car driving up and then nudging an orange barrier that was at the scene, but lawmakers tells me those two tapes don't show the agents getting into and out of their car. so when they asked director clancy if there was more surveillance video they could view the response they got, i
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am told, was that director clancy wasn't sure more tape existed and if it did it may have been erased. proet dual erase. "as a practice the secret service maintains video footage at the white house for a period of 72 hours in the convenient of an operational security incident at the white house specific video footage is maintained for investigative and protective intelligence purposes." that is the word from the secret service, but i can tell you lawmakers on both sides of the aisle including ranking member congressman cummings very concerned about whether some of this surveillance video may have been erased in that 72 hours. so those are going to be among the tough questions that director clancy gets today on capitol hill base and prepared remarks we received he is going to say it's unacceptable he learned about this incident five
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days after it happened and vowing to take action once an investigation is complete. jose? >> so here's the question. that statement you just ready to us that it's only kept 72 hours, but unless or barring an investigation. well clearly, this was prompting an investigation. so any video that was related to that incident should have under this word been kept? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. and any video that captured that incident should have been preserved. the question is, did that happen? at this point in time director clancy, other secret service officials, aren't providing a clear answer and that's part of the frustration here. lawmakers saying why doesn't the director know whether all of the surveillance video has been maintained? director clancy has made it very clear that once he learned about this incident he turned it over to the office of inspector general for an independent investigation. he did not conduct his own investigation. lawmakers saying that was really the right thing to do. however, they wish he had a
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little bit more information so that he could be updating them and give them some of these pressing answers that they are looking for. director clancy again, will be on capitol hill today and expected to appear before congressional committee against next week to talk more about this. jose? >> kristen welker at the white house. keel keep an eye on that hearing later today. developing now in arizona, police are searching for a motive this morning after a shooting rampage left one person dead and five others injured. 41-year-old ryan jero behind bars now for the shootings after he was arrested late yesterday. police and human rights activists say he's a neo-nazi with a long prison record. police say it started with an argument inside a hotel room where one man was fatally shot and two women hurt. authorities say the gunman then shot a man working at a restaurant before forcing his into an apartment complex and shooting another man there. the video of his arrest shows him in a protective suit which is usually used on suspects whose clothing has been taken so authorities can collect dna
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evidence. authorities say they think jero acted alone and are in the process of interviewing him for more information. also developing now testimony about to resume at the boston marathon bombing trial. with an fbi bomb expert expected to return to the witness stand. to the federal courthouse in boston will ron mott is with some of yesterday's highlights and where the case is expected to go today. ron? >> reporter: hey there, jose. good morning. day ten of testimony set to get underway you mentioned this morning. we leave the government will start where they finished yesterday, going through some of the physical evidence collected in cambridge and watertown where m.i.t. police officer sean collier was allegedly gunned down by the tsarnaev brothers and watertown where it ended with the gun fight and dzhokhar tsarnaev captured in the boat. yesterday we heard from witnesses talking about the bombs themselves. one of these small pipe bomb that was allegedly thrown at the cops from the tsarnaev brothers did not detonate. jurors got a chance to see how those pipe bombs were physically
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constructed, bebes glued on the inside of those. we also heard from a blood witness who talked about dna evidence from the officer collier found on a glove in a car driven by dzhokhar tsarnaev. a green honda civic. today we expect once they finish with that evidence, they will go into evidence found and collected inside the home. a three-story triple-decker apartment building in cambridge that the tsarnaev brothers allegedly put these bombs together and also a dorm room at umass dartmouth were tsarnaev was student. we expect all of that to get under way today and of course jurors will have another three-day weekend. they've not been holding inging court on friday. >> thank you very much ron mott. just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, this video is getting a lot of attention. a university of virginia student taken down, face bloodied during an arrest outside a bar. we'll talk about the reaction from the uva community. and new details about what police say was inside real estate heir robert durst's hotel
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developing now in texas, the president's immigration actions are getting another day in court with the hearing set for this afternoon before the same court and the same judge who put those actions on hold last month. meanwhile, senator ted cruz is holding a hearing this afternoon on the hill. the subject, reining in amnesty. texas versus the united states and its inplacations. joining me to talk through this amanda smplt akuma, just back from texas. pleasure to see you. talk about exactly what is at issue today in this hearing? >> good morning, jose. today is another example of the
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massive delays we're searing with the executive actions that the plaintiffs in this case the 26 states suing the federal government over these executive actions are hoping to put these delays and road blocks and dismantle these executive actions. a brief context, just over a month ago a district judge in texas put a temporary freeze on the implication but left out the daca program design ford dreamers. today that program son the hot seat in texas where immigration officials will have to speak to allegations that they gave benefits to over 100,000 dreamers that gave them benefits to stay in the u.s. for three years instead of the mandated two years. now, the judge in this case will be looking to dig down to the details in this and see whether or not these immigration officials gave benefits that look and sound a lot like the executive actions that president obama announced back in november. >> because amanda it's important to put context in this. it gets complicated because of so it's stats, figures and
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number, but in 2012 when the president instituted douk edd daca executive order as well. about 750,000 young people were able to qualify. now, the judge is saying that there were another 100,000 that qualified under daca, to 12 2012 but using the 2015 implementation rules? >> a bit hairy because it's not all of the rules from the 2015 implementation. it's basically looking at 100,000 people who applied to the 2012 daca program and the allegations they were supposed to get temporary work permits two years, a driver's license, able to stay -- in a legal status in the u.s. for two years, and the allegations that are coming forward are that instead they are getting a three-year pass. now, many people are -- it's not clearness
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clearnessly this is under the application, and the reason for the hearing but it doesn't include the expansion to daca president obama announced in november meaning a larger swath of people who would apply for daca would be greater here. >> and let's talk about what senator ted cruz is looking to accomplish this afternoon. why a hearing now? >> he's certainly riding on the tails of this executive action lawsuit here in texas. it's his home state and people are certainly looking at him as a potential 2016 candidate and he's making a rise to potentially push the immigration further, debate further to the right here for 2016 candidates and one notable person on the panel today will be kansas secretary of state chris coback leading the charge for voter i.d. laws across the country. his presence will be notable because he might be tying the voter i.d. debate with the immigration debate, with the executive actions, and raising concerns that because those who qualify for the executive
6:17 am
actions would be getting driver's licenses, he's going to raise the concerns over potential voter fraud in this case. >> and amanda meanwhile, the 5, 5.5 million undocumented who would probably qualify under daca expansion or dapa the process created later this year, those people are still not in any way benefited by this? >> exactly. they're still waiting and watching the courts for this all to play out, and, really this is a time for them to gather their documentation. but we're already hearing reports that families are getting split apart. i mean the part of president obama's executive actions that have gone forward are the the enforcement priorities, and so president obama is very clear to you, jose in saying that nine qualified for these executive actions would not face deportation, but there is that fear within the community that this is something that they should be aware of that they're afraid of, and that they should be looking for in the coming months a. fear founded on actual
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events which are a reality that or countries today. what a pleasure to see you. thanks. >> thank you. next hour we'll be joined by the congressman from texas' district where the hearing will be held this afternoon. after the break, the latest on a controversy arrest of a uva student getting a lot of attention this morning. plus zoom through some of today's other top stories including a major payout from target for those affected by the massive data breach in 2013. find out how much you may be eligible for. plus about ten minutes from now my colleague andrea mitchell sits down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll have the exclusive first look at that interview right here on "the rundown," today. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. now to the camp ifrs of the university of virginia this morning the governor of virginia is asking state police to investigate the arrest of a student early wednesday morning by state lick iragents that allegedly left the undergraduate bloodied and needing ten
6:22 am
stitches in his head. it led to 1,000 students gathering in protest on the campus overnight. with more on the developments around this story, here's nbc's willie geist. >> he's bleeding! his head is bleeding! >> his head is bleeding! >> reporter: this video obtained by student newspaper "the cavalier daily" shows officers with the alcohol beverage control arresting university of virginia student martese johnson outside an irish pub early wednesday morning. >> i go to uva. i go to uva. >> reporter: johnson is seen on the ground yelling as officers handcuff him, i go to uva. >> how could this happen? >> reporter: the abc officers say 20-year-old johnson a member of uva's honor committee was detained after being refused entry to the bar. charging him on two counts obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. the virginia department of abc
6:23 am
saying in a statement, a determination was made by the agents to further detain the individual. based on their observations and further questioning. in the course of an arrest being made the arrested individual sustained injuries. >> thank god martese is able to stand here today. [ applause ] >> reporter: overnight, about 1,000 students gathered on uva's campus demanding justice for johnson. in a protest that was mostly peaceful with a few isolated incidents. >> yo, get out of the street! >> reporter: johnson, who received ten stitches following his arrest, spoke at the event. >> people deserve to respect each other especially in times like this. thank you. >> nbc's willie geist reporting, and the department of alcohol beverage control says it will assist in the investigation and the two agents involved in the arrest of restricted to administrative duties. the arresting agent in that case reported that johnson was very agitated and belligerent. now a terror leader killed.
6:24 am
demonstrations in venezuela and target's $10 million settlement. zoom through some of today's top stories. the u.s. drone strike kill add top leader of al shabaab in somalia. killing three other al shabaab members as well. believed to be the mast per mind of the 2013 attack at the westgate shopping mat in nairobi, kenya. 67 people killed in that attack. in venezuela, thousands of protesters marched through caracas. many of the demonstrators work or utilities company. wanting to collect 10 million signatures on a petition to president obama to appeal the sanctions. last week the obama administration froze assets and property of seven government officials and declared their country a national security threat. target is getting ready to pay up to settle a lawsuit over that massive data breach in
6:25 am
2013. the retailer will set up a $10 million fund for the victims, and each will be eligible for up to $10,000. this news comes as target also announced its raising its base wage for workers to $9 in april, trying to match competitor walmart. and finally, president obama has filled out his bracket. have you? time is running out, because the ncaa basketball tournament gets yurnlder way just after noon eastern time. the president picked kentucky to win it all. safe bet, considering they went undefeated during the regular season. i believe i picked them as well but i don't remember. it's a busy day for three 2016 presidential hopefuls. next hour we'll hear jeb bush both scott walker and hillary clinton have events today as well but should we be watching? plus the state of black america. a new report just released call it is a community in crisis. talking about the issues and solutions next. first, i want to take you now live to capitol hill. this is the house foreign
6:26 am
affairs committee hearing on iran negotiations. deputy secretary of state is testifying. congress and the white house have been at odds on how tough to come down on iran. several lawmakers writing a letter directly to that country, you'll remember. much more on this with our own luke russert, next hour on "the rundown." ♪ building aircraft,
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dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long. . it's a full day for three potential candidates who are leading the 2016 presidential race. jeb bush hillary clinton and scott walker all have public i vents today. we'll hear from jeb bush next hour when he addresses both chambers of the georgia legislature. governor walker is following bush's footsteps by heading south visiting the palmetto state today. this afternoon hillary clinton delivers a keynote address to the tri-state camp conference in new jersey. it joining me now from washington msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt and following hillary clinton in
6:30 am
atlantic city. thanks for being with me. jeb bush in south carolina tuesday, in atlanta today. what he trying to get out of spending time in the deep south as opposed to nevada or iowa? >> reporter: jose south carolina will potentially be critical for, or could be critical for jeb bush in that it's a state that has a long history of picking nominees nap didn't hold last time. south carolina used to be very proud of saying we've perked every republican nominee since we selected ronald reagan in 1980. newt gingrich obviously won in 2012 and did not go on to be the nominee. somebody like bush. bush's camp knows they need 20 win at least one of these early states. iowa new hampshire, south carolina, and south carolina's been a place the bush family has done well in the past. tapped out of more establishment type of candidates. the question is how much has the state changed? i also think hat party become more conservative? and that senator lindsey graham is a wild card here.
6:31 am
if he sees this presidential bid through to the south carolina primary, our conversations about this could not even they could be moot frankly. >> interesting. alex what should we watch for in hillary clinton's speech today? >> well jose these paid speeches have been controversial for hillary clinton but she actually tends to make the most news at them. longer a q&a, weighs in on news of the day. might speak about the israeli elections and almost certainly address the house gop budget and ongoing fight in congress. she's addressed that on twitter and made it clear through that that the house republicans, senate republican, those are going to be her primary foil, at least out of the gate in 2016 more than the presidential republicans that she may be up against. would not expect anything on the e-mail controversy on the foundation donors that have also been controversial. i think she'll stoic news of the day and probably talk about mouch, how wonderful camping is since we are at a camp conference, after all. >> and alex is this going to be
6:32 am
televised? at least the question and answer part of it? >> it will. cameras are here. full coverage, and the moderator, a former chairman of the new york party, jay jacobs a longtime clinton supporter. i'm sure he'll ask for than what her favorite cookie rsecipe is at summer camp. >> and scott walker in south carolina. how prudential how crucial is this state for him? >> not quite camping, jose but in columbia south carolina and greenville south carolina. greenville is a particularly important place if trying to run as the conservative candidate in the south carolina primary, where a lot of conservative voters live and for a candidate who seems to be positioning himself as scott walker is it's a very critical media market. he'll do a barbecue dinner there. for a candidate like walker south carolina is potentially very important. there's been a lot of conversation about how if he's
6:33 am
focused first on iowa getting out of iowa in good shape, south carolina is potentially the next place that could be hospitable for a candidate like walker. there is some questions about how he would fare in new hampshire with the independents who often play a significant role in the primary up there. it's pretty clear from their campaign schedule they'll put a high priority on this state. >> alex still looking at the possibility of an april launch for a clinton campaign? how many more paid speeches left on her calendar? >> only two. both of them monday and then a big, conspicuous gap. a woman who tends to plan months in advance. the fact there's nothing in april and all of her aides telling me coming sometime in april, there are already staff moving out to iowa. people quitting jobs in the fraught government. definitely looking at an imminent launch date for hillary clinton. that said, the day after her united states press conference she slipped into silicon valley
6:34 am
and gave an unannounced paid speech to ebay. there were be surprises but we're very close to a clinton launch. >> thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> thanks jose. >> thanks. developing now minutes ago the national urban league released its 2015 report on the state of black america. it comes at critical time amid battles over voting rights economic disparity and growing trust gap between african-americans and law enforcement around the country. the report asks "so what is the state of black america in 2015? 'in short, black america remains in crisis we see justice challenged at every turn. joining me director of lehigh university and professor a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. thank you for having me. >> do you agree with the finding in terms of defining where black america stands right now? >> well the series of quality
6:35 am
equality, that do a great job collecting quite a bit of data across metropolitan areas and around the nation called the general equality index as 72%. it's complicated, the way to read that is when you grag gate all aggregate the data black folk 77% of the average white folk and dissegregate it you can look at economics, education, things like income inequality proficiency on testing and gradways rais rates. there are different social justice indices, a complicated study with a lot of data. overall, 71.2% gives some indication of the quality of life of black folks as compared to the average white folks in america. >> right. and when you say, when you break down that 72 number i mean on economy, on the economics of it it's much worse. >> it is. it is. i mean income gaps are -- in
6:36 am
places like toledo ohio you see blacks and 50% of the median income of whites. no one, nowhere much more higher than 70%, and what that gives you a sense of jose the sort of structural economic inequality. there are a lot of factors that go into those gaps that has to do with our history, have to do with discrimination have to do with the erosion of public services. this is some of the -- sometimes, i'm saying look at the data jose it's difficult. we don't want to be too tech know creak. a lot of numbers in the report. people should read the report put kwau taitive lags al qualitative rationales. >> only with the understanding of the past can you go forward and create positive movement and i think that it's so important to get these kinds of reports, but professor, one of the things i find so frustrating, and when we talk about, for example when unemployment goes down you always see the rate of
6:37 am
african-american unemployment still so high. it creeps down so slowly. same with the latino unemployment. it creeps down much more slowly than does for everybody else. and i'm wondering, why is that? why is it that it's so slow for us to see progress in our community? >> right. as the report shows, in both black and brown communities, sometimes unemployment rates are twice that of their white counterparts, and, again, there's data there, but qualitative reasoning. yes, discrimination is a part of this. there's discrimination in the workforce. some of the sort of educational data we have here the proficiency in math and reading and gradways rates feeds into the unemployment numbers. so that's why the comprehensive number is important. sometimes as a nation we don't want to acknowledge the insta touche that contribute to low graduation rates and not always
6:38 am
attacking the problem where it actually lives an breathes. again why we have to look at the data, jose but there is qualitative context and that has to be addressed through policy and the long work of having honest conversations about racial discrimination we need to have to make progress in the nation. >> yeah and professor, going into a little of the political sphere. i want your opinion on this delay surrounding loretta lynch's confirmation at attorney general, some attributed to racism. senator dick durbin said this yesterday on the floor. >> loretta lynch, the first african-american woman nominated to be attorney general, is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the senate calendar. that is unfair. it's unjust. it is beneath the decorum and dignity of the united states senate. >> his republican colleague senator tim scott who is african-american sdrishdescribed that
6:39 am
as race-baiting. your reaction? >> 0 i don't think that's race-baiting. it's based on looking at the data how long this thing has been in stasis and compare it to other comparable proceedings but also there's that. they've just made her wait longer than other nominees, and they need to account for that. it's the nos racist and sexist then what is it? but this is interesting, too, jose. this was the frustration of progressives. loretta lynch is a very centrist if not center right sort of legal mind. i mean she's deeply invested in some of the exact same kinds of policies that folks on the right are invested in and they voted for her in the past which is evidence of theirs consensus in the way shes ledge slates legal policy and thinks about certain things around criminal justice. so i think the commonality that loretta lynch has whip some of the people opposing and obstructing her, particularly look specifically at theirs previous voting record for her previous nominations, it doesn't make much sense unless it's racist or sexist.
6:40 am
>> unless it is they're trying to block her, not because of her, her color of her skin or what she's stand for even but as a statement and a message to the obama administration about immigration which is a totally different discussion, but i think that those things also have to be discussed, because it's not just that they're necessarily blocking someone because of their skin color. but rather because they find policies objectionable. >> then the policies we are talking about and the president we're talking about, this has to do with race. first black president. obviously the immigration debate is fraught with racial tensions we do not speak about explicit explicitly. those folk concerned an immigration have certain issue, when it comes down to it are race-based issues. we're still not talking about race as informing things lie how the republicans deal with the president or how people are afraid of making progressive immigration policy. so we again, these are critical issues and race informs them
6:41 am
differently and the distinctly but still allultimately informs these ledge slapgss. >> all of these issues must be talked about. i appreciate you being with me this morning. >> thank you, jose for having me. i want to let you know the president and ceo of the national urban league will join andrea mitchell live today. and tightening up record dry conditions continue. top scientists saying california only has one year of water left. he'll be with me next. this is the northeast, getting ready for some snow on the first day of spring. would you believe it was the warmest winter on record? don't tell the folks in boston that but bill karins says it's true. he'll explain it, next. it's tile for the "your business" entrepreneur of the
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spring might officially be just one day away but the northeast is potentially expecting more snow. however, don't let that snow fool you. take a look at this map. that red shows the record warm temperatures the world has seen this winter. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with more on that. as i've been telling my friends in new york all winter come down here. it's warm. but you're saying i'm right. it is warm. >> you can -- call that map back up, jose. you can pretty much go anywhere else in the globe instead of the northeast and be armwarmer. two winds in a row. notice the red over the west coast. polar opposites between the east and west coast and that continues even as we go through spring. i can't believe we're talking about another snowfall forecast for areas of the mid-atlantic. i mean we don't get a lot of snow this time of year around philly baltimore and d.c., and we could get that tomorrow. here's the snowfall forecast. again, starts about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it impacts the morning commute, around baltimore, d.c., especially areas to the north and west of there.
6:46 am
five inches of snow. most of these people just got done with the snow. snow banks gone and now putting month back. during the afternoon and evening ride home, worse around new york areas of southern new england. thankfully boston's not getting a lot out of this one. >> and about to talk to nasa scientists about the water emergency developing on the west coast? >> horrible. >> and a drought monitor, an alarming map what that looks like. look at that. what does the warm weather mean for that for the drought? >> as far as the drought goes you look at off the bright red there. that really hasn't changed much as we've gone throughout this winter. remember, we went into the winter season thinking el nino. finally getting welcomed rain. it just hasn't developed and really didn't. the drought monitors we showed my map of the same thing, areas of northern california all the way to the south, just really dry. here's the rainfall numbers for this year alone. just starting in january. remember, we went into the winter with a horrible deficit. already five inches behind in los angeles. five to six inches behind san
6:47 am
diego to ocean side. further up the coast from san francisco to redding, to reno cac meant oh all locations are well behind where they should be for this time of year. jose, no rain in the forecast this next week. maybe a little in northern california and now we're heading into the dry season. it's just -- this is now three years in a row of this. i'm surprised there's not more water restrictions than there are howard and i think this summer will be tough. >> bill karins thank you good to see you. stay out west with california governor jerry brown said to announce emergency drought legislation that will prohibit certain water use. that's going to be later today. this announcement as record drought conditions continue in california. the nation's most populist state saw its driest january since recordkeeping began in 1895. our next guest is predicting the california only has about a year of water supply left in its reservoirs. with us senior water scientist at nasa and professor of earth, science at university of
6:48 am
california, irvine. professor, thanks for being with me. your prediction raised a lot of eyebrows. how did you get to that? >> well there's two components of it jose. there's the part that we can see, which is what our water managers tell us about, that we have one year of reservoir storage left and then the part we can't see which is the underground part. the groundwater, a huge part of our water supply. and for that we use nasa satellites to track ow the ground water supply is chainnging and it's being depleted rapidly. >> what happens after this year? >> a year of surface water. a year of water in our reservoirs. after that relying more heavily on groundwater. currently in the state we're getting about 75 maybe 80% of water from groundwater. if the surface water disappears because we've had this dry winter we just heard about, then we'll be 100% on groundwater and that's a problem, because it's -- it won't be replaced anytime soon. >> explain to me if you would, what the differences between the
6:49 am
reservoirs and groundwater is as far as amount? >> right. sure. >> how much water is under the ground? >> we actually don't have a good handle on that because we've nerve her to but the bulk of our water all over the world, bulk of our freshwater is in groundwater. it's not the water on the surface. but it has been unmanaged in part because our population hasn't been that big especially here in california. so we're really now just at the point where things are critical. we need to assess how much water is in our aquifers and understand how quality changes as we go deeper into the aquifers and have new groundwater legislation to help us get a handle on that. >> the governor is making announcement of emergency legislation. what is it going to do for us? >> i actually don't know. i just heard about it on your show. i mean yesterday, the day before we had the new state water resources control board, or emergency measures which
6:50 am
restricted water use mostly in the home watering the grass, which is huge by the way, but i actually had not heard about the governor's announcement. >> coming up shortly. of course, by the way, keep way, keep it on msnbc because we'll tell you all about it. this is very important, this discussion that we're having. appreciate your time. hope to see you soon. take care. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead this hour new twists in the case of real estate heir robert durst who is now accused of murder. police say he was ready to run. what investigators found inside the hotel room where he was arrested. we've heard of some of the things, but there's more to tell you about. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for
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6:53 am
and developing now. robert durst is on suicide watch at this hour in a new orleans area jails clell as new details emerge in the murder case against the real estate heir. police say durst had a latex mask, fake i.d. and $42,000 in cash inside his new orleans
6:54 am
hotel room when arrested. durst through his lawyer has denied all charges. i want to go live to new orleans and nbc's stephanie gosk who is with us this morning. good morning. what else are we finding this morning? >> reporter: good morning, jose. all these details come out of court documents out of houston, the arrest warrant for his house and what they said is basically the theory that police had that he left that home in houston came here to new orleans, and that he was preparing quite possibly to flee the country. they cite the fact that durst was worth in, their estimation about $100 million, and over the course of the months leading up to his arrest since last october he had been making repeated withdrawals from his bank accounts, $9,000 each time for 35 times according to police and also a close analysis of the investigation itself and how much will hinge on this handwriting analysis. now, police say they have two analysts who i.d. eid durst and
6:55 am
his lead attorney general says that handwriting analysis in general is basically junk science. jose? >> and what about, stephanie, the legal wrangling that continues between new orleans and l.a. as far as what legal steps are going to be next for this man? >> reporter: well, there are these extra charges. he's been charged on two counts of weapons possession here in new orleans. his next hearing isn't until monday. it's a bond hearing, but it has caught up this extradition process, and his lawyers are frustrated that they are still stuck here. >> stephanie gosk in new orleans, thanks so much. and be sure to watch a special "dateline" tonight, "robert durst, inside the long strange trip" that airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern time 7:00 central. coming up a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers are talking about the nuclear
6:56 am
negotiations with iran just as we're learning new details about a draft deal being discussed. and right now our own andrea mitchell is sitting down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who has been sharply critical of the u.s. negotiations with iran. we'll have some of that interview right here on "the rundown." also, next hour we're watching for the royals' first day of events where prince charles and his wife camilla are going for president obama this afternoon. we're going to get the very latest on the royal visit. look at them. they are always so happy and having such a great time here in the country. welcome. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®.
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♪ its effects on society really came about because, not because i was selfish and wanted one for myself, which i did. its because i had, had a passion. my whole life i wanted to teach myself to build computers. i wanted to build these things for free. i just wanted to do it for the world and you know when you want something, that's what you do the best. ♪ ♪ we are back with another hour of "the rundown" and breaking news on the iran nuclear talks. tony lincoln has been getting grilled about a potential deal with iran. in the past hour the associated
7:00 am
press reported that a draft proposal is being circulated which could force iran to cut hardware to make atomic bomb by 40% for at least a decade and it would also cap uranium's centrifuges at 6,000 for at least ten years and the deal would offer iranians relief from crippling economic sanctions. i want to go to nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. luke, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> if that's the deal that's worked out in switzerland between the united states and iran, you're probably going to be hearing a lot from lawmakers. >> reporter: if that is in fact the deal yeah we will be hearing a lot from lawmakers specifically regarding that hearing that mr. lincoln is in front of. he's coming under heated questioning from both democrats and republicans. democrats are talking about the need of a congressional review of any possible deal which is interesting because that's been something that has a lot of bipartisan support in the senate. this idea that any type of deal like the one you put up there
7:01 am
would perhaps be voted on by congress, the administration does not want that to happen. president obama said he'd veto any law that would come out of here that would suggest that but you do get this sense that congress does not want ton marginalized when it comes to this deal. the other thing that mr. blinkon is facing in this hearing, especially from republicans, is what incentive does iran have to abide by the deal once in fact it would occur, as you put it up there? and he is sort of saying well they have been crippled by sanctions. they need this in order to survive and really what this does is it stops the threat of iran of getbecoming a nuclear nation. it gives us time if anything else, but gives us time with the u.n. and iran. but there's a lot of skepticism regarding his comments jose and i'll be interested to see what exactly and how it plays out throughout the hearing how much stronger he can be on that point, specifically what they
7:02 am
can do to make sure that iran does not completely buck the rules once this thing goes forward. as far as the speculation about a possible deal coming at the end of this week next week i can just tell you from 30,000 feet up when it comes, it will be a raucous occasion here on capitol hill about people going through it line by line by line saying why it's problematic. i think there will be a lot more negativity surrounding it than support mainly because of republican opposition but also because democrats feel to some degree they have been marginalized by the administration. >> luke, i mean the fact is separate from this group of republican senators who sent the letter to the iranian leadership that's been so controversial, on capitol hill, on a deal specifically there would be bipartisan opposition to it. i want to take you a little bit, luke, to the hearing and haar what mr. blinkon was talking about just moments ago. >> i believe this administration is bending over backwards not to
7:03 am
try to threaten the mullah regime in iran in order to get a nuclear deal which will make no difference at all because it still leaves the mullahs with the right to own and possess a nuclear weapon that they didn't manufacture themselves. which leaves us vulnerable to these very same -- >> i want to assure you they won't have that right, period. >> and that's just part of the interchange or exchange of what we're hearing on capitol hill this morning, but, luke, there's also the issue of corker/men corker/menendez bill and if that bill say nounsed it will definitely get some legs. >> reporter: it will definitely get some legs and there's a possibility of both in the house and senate corker and menendez with the possibility that it could become veto-proof, two-thirds of each chamber so
7:04 am
the administration would have the hands tied and that speaks to a few things speaks to the degree to which a lot of members on both sides were research theive of prime minister netanyahu's speech here on the threat of a nuclear iran and do not want to cross him or his allies or just the legislative branch becoming angry at executive branch. they feel they have been rolled throughout this entire process. one thing blinkon has said in this hearing, jose is that it's very important for the world not to think that the president is being undercut at home by his own colleagues here in congress. a lot of members in that committee when whether blinkon said that sort of look at him skeptically and said yeah okay, thanks. thanks for playing. i mean that's something that resonates with a lot of people who felt like they have been kept out of the loop in this entire process. >> the fact is that the white house has had success, at least with conversations with the hill on for moment for example, delaying this
7:05 am
corker/menendez bill coming to the floor. that was successfully tapped down for some time but the end of this month is when everyone is saying is the end of the period where the negotiations must come to some fruition the 27th, the 30th, not into the summer. >> reporter: you have the sort of floating deadlines, right? going to be march 24th, or is it going to be later towards the end of march? the administration is saying that they would ideally like to be able to work all the way until june. understand that harry reid i think has actually done the administration a great favor by being able to keep democrats back from trying to move forward on more sanctions or a bill that would call for a congressional review of any treaty. it is harder to do that as the days go by because there's a lot of democrats who are just by nature uncomfortable with this so if reid can continue to do that, it will be a victory, but
7:06 am
don't be shocked if something moves in the house more quickly, jose especially on the sanctions front. heard a lot of chatter about that. people want to get on the board. >> nbc's luke russert, thank you. by the way, i'm just getting the first portion of andrea mitchell's interview with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. here he is talking about his relationship with president obama. >> why should president obama trust you when you came to congress to lobby against his negotiations with iran? >> i think there's an unbreakable bond between the israel and united states. the president has said that i've said that. >> but what about between you and barack obama? >> well i think that is reflected in the relationship between the president of the united states and the prime minister of israel. we have -- we can have differences, but we have so many things that unite us and we have a situation in the middle east that is very dangerous and presents a common challenge to us. >> has he called you yet to congratulate you on your victory? >> secretary kerry called me yesterday, and i'm sure i'll be
7:07 am
speaking to president obama together. we'll work together. we have to. we have our differences to iran. by coming to the u.s. i didn't mean any disrespect or any attempt at partisanship. i was merely speaking andrea of something that i view could endanger the survival of israel and i felt my obligation to speak up there, but there's so many areas that we have to -- we must work together will work together with the united states and with the president because we have no -- no other alternative. we're allies. we have to consult each other. not have fiats or unilateral imposition, but negotiated peace with our neighbors and support between allies and america has no greater ally than israel an israel has no greater ally than the united states. >> benjamin netanyahu's first post-election interview with msnbc's andrea mitchell. you can watch the full interview coming up at noon eastern time right here on msnbc. and now i want to take to you tunisia where the army has deployed to major cities across
7:08 am
country following a major shooting spree in the capital tunis. nine arrests have now been made in connection to wednesday's shooting that killed 23 people. four have apparently been directly linked to the attack. the vast majority of the victims were tourists visiting the popular bardo national museum when two gunmen opened fire. those gunmen were killed. the victims come from at least nine different countries including britain, japan, australia and colombia. the attack itself was shocking and the fact that tunisia is struggling with terrorism is not. it's a relatively new democracy. it's located in a very tough neighborhood between algeria and libya. 3,000 tunisians are believed to have joined isis more than any country on earth. isis praised wednesday's attack but has not taken responsibility for it. christopher dickey is foreign editor of "the daily beast." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> where do you think isis fits into all of this? >> well i think isis is an
7:09 am
inspiration for this kind of activity, even if it didn't have any direct command and control over the people who carried out the attack. one of the big questions that we asked in our article in "the daily beast" and that everybody is looking at these arrests are being made but what organization do the people actually belong to? at the end of the day, you know as long as you've got isis and al qaeda out there trying to promote war against the west including against western tourists, you're going to have these kinds of incidents take place. this one seemed to be fairly well organized, so i don't think it's just one of those lone wolf kinds of attacks, although the number of arrests that have taken place in tunisia doesn't necessarily reflect the size of the operation. there's sort of a roundup the usual suspects thing going on. >> totally agree with you. this seemed to be organized and at least funded somewhat. >> christopher, i've been asking myself, i can't wait to talk to christopher whether this because why is it that 3,000 plus tunisians have joined isis
7:10 am
more than any other country in the world. why tunisians? >> well you know i think there are several reasons. first of all, i think the economy is not very good in tunisia. i think the country has undergone a lot of upheaval. it's the only country that has gone through the what you might call the arab spring or what we used to call the arab spring that does seem to be developing in democracy, but if you're a young man on the tunisian street, that all may sound very good, but it doesn't mean that you have -- that you feel that you have a future. it is also a muslim country. a lot of devout people and the message of isis is join us fight for islam, have adventure, be a man, and i think that's a very seductive message for idle young men all over the arab world. why tunisia particularly? i'm not really sure i know the answer. >> christopher dickey always a pleasure to see you. appreciate it. >> thanks. we're learning more details in the man arrested in a shooting rampage in arizona that
7:11 am
left one person dead and five others injured. 41-year-old ryan jairo is a neo-nazi skinhead with a long prison work. more now live from phoenix. what are you learning about the suspect? >> reporter: right now we can tell you as you had just mentioned, that he does have a long rap sheet. he's served prison sentences in california, washington and right here in arizona. according to court documents he has seven felonies on his record. right now he is in custody being held at the fourth avenue jail right here in downtown phoenix, and we hope to learn later on more about exactly what he'll be charged with but this all took place yesterday morning at 8:45 in the morning just outside of phoenix in a suburb called mesa and it all started at a motel called the tri-city inn. that's where three people were shot inside a motel room and
7:12 am
one of those victims later on died and he was identified by his girlfriend as david williams who is 29 years old. now, mesa police have not officially named any victims in this case just yet, so that's why we say his girlfriend gave us that and then ryan giroux had taken off from that apartment complex or from that motel and made his way to a restaurant across the street and according to mesa police shot another person, and that person actually took to social media posting pictures of his wounds where he was shot in the shoulder and then according to mesa police this suspect, ryan giroux took off for another apartment complex, shot somebody in a home invasion there and made his way, according to mesa police to another place where he shot somebody and that he was eventually arrested there, and, again, as we just mentioned hours ago, he was moved from
7:13 am
mesa to right here in downtown phoenix. >> jacki ochoa with kpnx in mesa, arizona, thank you so much. fresh off a re-election win prime minister benjamin netanyahu sat down with my colleague andrea mitchell. we heard moments ago part that have interview. andrea joins me now by phone. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. we just left the prime minister's office in jerusalem and the first interview of any kind since being elected. i was going to say the main headline is he's trying to walk back his election day statements and what he said the night before the election about not supporting a palestinian state. he says he means in the current context with hamas united with the west bank fattia palestinian authority so he seems to try to be moderating that. he's rejecting criticism, widespread criticism globally and criticism from such commentators as tom friedman and joe kleine and jeffrey goldberg
7:14 am
who say that what he said about the arab voters was an attempt to suppress the arab vote and was bigoted and racist. he said he's not a bigot or racist, that in fact he has support ed supported arab israelis. he was simply trying to get his supporters out and not trying to stop arabs from voting, so he is denying that. he also says president obama has not yet called him. he's sure that president obama will call him, that he did talk to john kerry after the election which, of course has been widely reported and, again, spoke very strongly against the iran nuclear deal acknowledging that iran is going to have to have some nuclear capacity. it's not a zero option. i asked him about the reaction to today's reporting that the draft agreement is to let iran have 6,000 centrifuges for a period of ten years or a little more and he said that his point is it should not be a bad deal because iran has to change its behavior around the world and its support for terrorism before
7:15 am
he thinks that they should have nuclear power that could eventually be converted into nuclear weapons, if they choose. jose? >> andrea mitchell, you know it's -- it's got to be you. if someone is going to get an exclusive post-election interview it will be to andrea mitchell. thanks for being with me. i know you'll be preparing for your show and you'll be watching that interview with the prime minister of israel at noon eastern time on andrea mitchell's show. "andrea mitchell reports" noon eastern time only on msnbc. thank you, andrea. lots ahead on the second hour of "the rundown," new developments out of the boston bombing trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. we're getting word of new possible charges. i'll have the details in just a couple of minutes. stay with me.
7:16 am
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7:18 am
developing now. testimony is sunday way at this hour at the boston marathon
7:19 am
bombing trial, but we're just getting new information about additional charges. dzhokhar tsarnaev will be facing. i want to get the very latest from msnbc's ron mott outside the courthouse in boston. ron? >> reporter: hey, jose good morning. since we last talked in the last hour we've gotten word now from the middlesex county district attorney's office that the state does in fact plan to prosecute dzhokhar tsarnaev in connection with the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier. now, what we don't know is how long it's been since a grand jury handed up that indirnlgts but the state is planning now to prosecute him at the conclusion of this case. the news of that necessarily isn't surprising. what perhaps is the timing of this announcement, that the state has gone ahead and made it public that they do plan to hold a trial in middlesex county against dzhokhar tsarnaev regardless of how this trial concludes and we're expecting now that the prosecution, the government here in this case is getting close to wrapping this presentation of the case
7:20 am
perhaps the beginning of the next week we'll have to see. >> ron, confirming there's no court tomorrow as is tradition in this case right? no friday work? >> reporter: well i'm not sure i can understand that full question, but if we're talking about what we're hearing on the stand right now, jose, a little bit of a sidebar going on. the state started today finishing up what it started yesterday which was the presentation of the evidence collected in watertown. that's where the shootout occurred and where dzhokhar tsarnaev was in that boat and also evidence from the shooting there at the m.i.t. campus and the murder of sean collier. >> quickly, no court tomorrow right, friday? >> reporter: correct. no court -- well they have not been holding court on fridays. the jury has been getting a three-day weekend which is nice for them obviously. >> sure. ron mott good to see you. thanks so much. coming up next what americans really think about hillary clinton's e-mail flap as she prepares to give what may be her final paid speech before a presidential run. i'll tell you why republicans are paying very close attention to this when we come back.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
and new numbers this morning show the controversy surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail doesn't seem to be damaging her 2016 aspirations. the former secretary of state is up 15 points over both jeb bush and scott walker and her closest rival is senator rand paul who will announce his presidential campaign next month but still trails by double digits. with me to break this all down is senior political editor mark murray and lauren fox of the national journal. let's talk about the new numbers. why are bush and walker leading republican polls but have some of the worst newspaper of the pack against hillary clinton? >> well you know jose it's important to note this is just one poll. it's very early in the presidential season. things can often change but this is what we've pretty much
7:25 am
seen elsewhere where hillary clinton has a lead over republicans. i wouldn't necessarily say that come election day 2016 that democrats even believe they are going to be ahead by 15 point, let alone 3 or 4 points but it does show that this entire hillary clinton e-mail controversy hasn't i didn'ted her numbers all that much. her favorability ratings have taken a hit a bit in some of the polls here or there but as far as her standing among democrats, her standing in early general election polling really hasn't hurt much. the biggest consequence i would argue is that it's going to continue to allow republicans to have investigations and other types of probes into her e-mail and her tenure as secretary of state. >> and lauren something else in this poll. jeb bush's favorability rating is upside down with 47% saying they have an unfavorable view of him, highest of any potential candidate. where is this number coming from? >> a lot of this has to do with name recognition and where voters are on the bush family more generally. you know jeb bush is still
7:26 am
introducing himself to voters. many voters remember his brother and father's legacies much more closely and clearly than they do know about his tenure as governor of florida, so i think that's that's where this number is coming from, and it really shows what an uphill climb jeb bush has as he starts to introduce himself in some of the early primary states like he's been doing over the last few weeks. >> lauren fox and mark murky, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you. happening now in a texas courthouse, a hearing that could affect millions in the united states. a weigh-in against the president's executive action and a sudden resignation of aaron schock calling attention to spending action and do we need better oversight of some lawmakers? some answers next on "the rundown." ♪ building aircraft,
7:27 am
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time to check in on wall street. stocks are mixed today, a day after some encouraging words from the fed sent stocks soaring in the final hours. cnbc's mandy drury is here with "the rundown." >> absolutely right. it is mixed, edmixed. the rally yesterday after the fed reversing economic growth and inflation projections and reinforcing its data dependency so the market really read that as an indication that there is no rush towards the first rated hike, and they really liked that. kind of like removing the word patient but inferring the need for patience. one of the other reasons we're down today, energy shares as oil is also moving lower. that's certainly not helping, but in completely unrelated news, very big news out of target, which is following in walmart and tjx's shoes and increasing its wages to at least
7:31 am
$9 an hour that's going to start next month. here's the situation, jose. a healthier and tighter job market now so if you're a worker you've got more choice to basically go and work where you want, so therefore, if companies want to retain you, the pressure is on to pay you better. so it's a good news story there, and last but not least target has also agreed on a $10 million settlement in the lawsuit pertaining to that 2013 data breech when as many as 20 million and 40 million debit and credit cards were affected so things are winding down in that department. back to you. >> cnbc's mandy drury, pleasure to see you, thanks. >> see you tomorrow. back to capitol hill where this happened just moments ago. >> the honorable, the speaker house of representatives sir, i hereby resign as representative of the 18th congressional district of illinois effective march 31st, 2015 signed respectfully aaron schock,
7:32 am
member of congress. >> that wasn't schock that's the clerk reading schock's statement to the house just moments ago. congressman aaron schock the first millennial in congress becomes the first millennial to resign from congress. questions over the way he spent taxpayer money become well too much for the 33-year-old, and now the question is what happens after schock? two msnbc contributors jilly williams of bluenationreview didn't pom and a senior adviser to the bush and cheney administrations. thanks for being with me. jimmy, let's start with you. the millennial aspect how much that have played into what brought him down? >> that's the problem. he had literally, if you walk into a court of law and you present evidence his evidence was his instagram account. it's not lost on anyone that last weekend at south by southwest, splitted to speak on sunday at a panel about technology and millennials. he cancelled that appearance so by all accounts listen it's
7:33 am
very sad when something like this happens to any member of congress from either party, by the way, but he -- he did these -- these deeds. his instagram showed us the way. his house files showed us the way and his fdc files showed us the way and all of this was online. so for the first millennial to be in congress and the first millennial to resign from congress, technology did him in along with his actions. >> and robert shock said at a press congress that he's not the only member of congress to engage in this activity. a message here for others? >> well i think the message for others, particularly in public service, is to tell the truth and to play by the rules. here oat the larger issue here. the larger issue is that the house polices itself and kind of works on the honor system as it relays to the mileage and reimbursements and everything else. i respectfully disagree with my good friend jimmy about this. it's not about being a millennial. it's about arrogance and bending the law, it seems like and also not being truthful. has nothing to do with your age and everything to do with your
7:34 am
conscience, and so at the end of the day -- at the end of the day the capitol, unfortunately, is littered with people who have broken the law or bent the law regardless of their age or instagram account. the reality is it seems like he was disingenuous with the government forms and the reality is that's what did him in. >> i wasn't suggesting that his age is why he did this. i'm suggesting his criminality and what robert said about hubris and arrogance all certainly played a role in that yes >> the fact is probably millennials see this and say, oh, man, not a big deal. he had a great instagram. look at these pictures. come on neither one of us guys, the three of us could have a picture like that. we can't take a picture like that for a number of reasons. >> speak for yourself. >> if you tried to get me to do that, i'd be physical therapy for months if i tried something like that. >> back to the millennials aspect of it. >> that's very goal with the
7:35 am
aerosmith guy. >> but -- oh, look you see. what can i say on that? >> stop. >> what do you say on that the "men's health" magazine. >> millennials say he's one of our own, we identify. some weird thing about a car going more miles. you know is he someone who is -- does he have a future? >> listen his father said something very interesting. his father dr. schock in peoria illinois, said my son in two years will be fine unless he's in jail. that's literally what his father said to a press outlet. i don't know. i wish him well. he's only 33 years old, guys and the bottom line is whatever -- whatever happens to him, if there is any criminality, the howe house ethics committee has to stop investigating him as of march 31st but that doesn't mean state or federal prosecutors like the department of justice or the fbi, if they find wrongdoing wouldn't go after him. they certainly could, but even if they don't, he certainly has -- he has three-quarters of his life left over so there's no reason for him to feel bad about
7:36 am
where he is at this point of time. has he hit bottom? yes. but can he come back absolutely no doubt about it? >> robert real quick. >> very quick. i hope the message to millennials is this is not how you're supposed to act at work. okay to have a personal life. not okay to use taxpayer dollars or company dollars for your own personal gain. >> just can't break the law. >> that's not okay. that's the message to millennials. >> on that we all agree. by the way, i disagree that neither one of you guys could take a picture like that. >> not happen, my friend. >> robert jimmy, and jdb, we're out of this conversation. >> thank you >> pleasure to see you. for the first time one of the members of a fraternity under fire at penn state university is talking to local media as police investigate explicit pictures of female students on secret facebook pages. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: this morning police say members of kappa delta rho, the house at the center of the penn state fraternity scandal could, face criminal charges.
7:37 am
officially the local chapter is staying quiet but in an interview with "philadelphia magazine" one unnamed member says critics of the two facebook pages where fraternity brothers posted naked pictures of female students is unfair. >> it wasn't intended to demean anyone. it was an entirely satirical group. it's raunchy stuff as you would expect from college-aged guys. >> his major message is the media have blown this out of proportion. >> more than 100 people had access to the invite-only facebook pages but now investigators are looking closely to see who may have been responsible for posting that offensive material. >> this type of verdictization against women is very demeaning. it shouldn't occur. >> reporter: kappa delta rho's national headquarters has suspended the chapter for one year and is cooperating fully and after a video from the university of oklahoma went
7:38 am
viral, sigma alpha epsilon has been in full damage control announcing wednesday an extensive review of all chapters to prevent racial discrimination. >> the vast majority of xwreeks, as the vast majority of saes do things the right way. >> back at penn state. >> so upsetting, but what's more upsetting is how it doesn't surprise me. >> some students say this behavior is just part of college culture. >> they got caught i'm sure there's other fraternities doing it and other places and groups that do similar things but just haven't been caught yet. >> that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. up next, the british are here and making their way through the nation's capital. who can forget these images princess diana's white house dance with john travolta 30 years ago. and first, what screams america like little debby snack cakes? hmm. take a look at this. >> can i ask your audience something? >> yeah. >> you want to talk to the
7:39 am
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7:43 am
investigation is under way to determine whether authorities used excessive force arresting a uva student. the altercation left the student bloodied and needing ten stitches in his head this. cell phone video obtained by the student newspaper shows him being arrested outside the bar. they said he was agitated and belligerent. he's charged with public swearing or intoxication and both virginia's governor and the university president called for the investigation. the state's alcohol control agency are investigating while two agents are being restricted to administrative duties. first lady michelle obama and ambassador caroline kennedy expressed their condolences for victims in the tunisian shooting. they were at a forum to empower girls education, a day after japanese media report that had kennedy got a series of death
7:44 am
threats last month. the parents and family members of 43 missing mexican college students are taking their fight for justice to the united states. the group will visit more than a dozen u.s. cities over the next three weeks. hope to speak at united nations next month to call attention to human rights violations in mexico. the students haven't been seen since the 26th of september when they were allegedly stopped by police and turned over to a drug gang. finally an historic day for a. for first time ever the company's stock is part of the dow jones industrial average. the widely followed index of 30 u.s. stocks considered to provide a snapshot of the overall economy. appled is the largest company in the world by market cap valued at $700 billion. the company carried out a 7-1 stock split last june which helped become eligible for dow. now trading at $128 a share. prince charles and his wife camilla are visiting an armed
7:45 am
forces home this morning. they spent time yesterday at the martin luther king jr. memorial along with other sites. nbc's chris jansing joins us this morning. how are you? >> i'm good jose. how are you, jose? >> i'm good. the royals are expected to meet with president obama. >> reporter: they are, and they don't say officially what the agenda will be but i think we have some informed inside information here about some serious topics that you can expect prince charles to speak about with the president. last month the prince was actually in the middle east. he's very close to many of the royal families there, and he visited saudi arabia and kuwait and jordan and so you can expect the middle east and as it relates to isis to be on the agenda and some conversations about those leaders in those countries. in addition to that as you probably know, prince charles is a very well-known environmentalist. it's something he has done from the time he was a very young man, and the president today, in fact we just had a call with
7:46 am
some of the president's senior advisers. the president said to sign an executive order to cut back greenhouse gas emissions in the federal government by 40% over the next decade and so i'm guessing there will be some environmental topics on the agenda as well. but it's also been fun for the prince and duchess camilla. if you saw some of the pictures from yesterday they seemed to be having a good time surprising a lot tourists here in washington with visits to the lincoln monument and also the mlk, the martin luther king jr. memorial which if you haven't been that's one of the newer ones here it's really quite stunning. one little girl one schoolgirl even got a hug, so they had fun it seemed like running around in a jam-packed schedule before they had a pretty formal and hard-to-get invitation to an event last night and a jam packed schedule today. you mentioned that they were at this retirement home and also going to a charter school at
7:47 am
least charles is and then forensic science center is where camilla will be going. they split up for a while yesterday and splitting up today. quite a contra. i mean while they do cause a stir not quite the same as when prince william and kate came here earlier, and as you know he was also in the oval office just a short time ago, and also probably the most famous royal visit ever i think you showed it before the break, is when john travolta and princess diana danced at an official state dinner. we've got it chris. there it is. there are the pictures. there she is right there. a great shot. november 1985 is that when it was? >> reporter: is that when it was. you and i weren't really around yet. >> no we weren't. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> reporter: i do know the picture. >> now you and i can dance just like that if we want. >> reporter: okay. i've seen you dance. you're better at it than i am. >> no i'm not. >> reporter: anyway the 20th
7:48 am
visit of prince charles, so obviously he likes it here jose. >> chris jansing, like having you on the show. thank you so much. always a pleasure to see you. >> reporter: all my royal knowledge i could possibly give. >> and we've got it all. up next when saying good-bye isn't hard to do. microsoft is ready to phase out internet explorer. what? well, that prompts a little nostalgia around here on the rundown. remember the walkman? how was that to say good-bye to? our five things obsolete right here after the break. for most people, earning cash back ends here, at the purchase. but the citi double cash card doesn't end there. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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now to a consumer alert for anyone who has ever gone looking for free way if i. mill -- free wi-fi. many people tree to do it every day but what do you know about who is behind the free wi-fi? nbc's tom costello has been working with cyber security experts to investigate how easy
7:52 am
it is for cyber criminals to take control of your computer identity and even your bank account. >> reporter: the city, new york. the target anyone who searches for free wi-fi. we all do it but how much do we know about who is offering the wi-fi? the folks at sophos security are about to demonstrate how easily we can be victimized. security research chief james lynn offered free wi-fi access across the city from jfk airport to brooklyn using names like get online and free public wi-fi. >> we'll using this demonstrate how you are making life easy for szish criminals. >> reporter: a whopping 2,341 people connected to the hot spots, but even more astonishing, 109 people handed over their credit card information when james offered 24-hour access for just $2. >> of course in this case we're not actually taking the money, but 109 users happily hand their
7:53 am
credit card details over to a complete stranger, a company they have no idea about, and in this case me. >> reporter: to demonstrate how easily it's done james lynn sat down with us offering a free wi-fi hotspot. >> so i've taped in my name and e-mail address and i've hit enter. >> and immediately the information pops up over here. i can see your name e-mail and password and credit card details, if you were providing them. >> already, in realtime. >> reporter: and he's got control of my computer and all the information that's on it. he actually told the good people of new york what he was doing. it was right there in the user agreement. most people just click right past york they typically clicked agreed in 1.3 seconds. >> the problem is when you connect to a wireless network, you're handing over authority or where your information goes on the internet to the owner of that device. >> reporter: that little padlock on the wi-fi only means your information is encrypted on the way to the cyber criminal so what should you do to protect
7:54 am
yourself? use a secure wi-fi whenever possible. avoid paying for hotspots and keep your security software up to date and use web filtering to block malicious code or fishsing ingfishsing expeditions. once you open the door you've got the keys to the kingdom. >> use the credit card online very resimple. >> reporter: if the 109 people who gave their credit card information had been taken for $100 each the cyber criminal would have made an easy $11,000 in a matter of hours. >> nbc's tom costello reporting. scary. that's the issue about technology and new technology. one has to be really cautious. and by the way, speaking of technology, there's the older technology. one of those programs you might be using on your computer internet explorer. if you still use it it's time to move on. microsoft is nixing the browsering for its next version called spartan, the first piece
7:55 am
of technology taken out of commission so with that five things that are obvious lieutenant. number one, i may or may not have had one of these, apple's newton designed to be your own personal digital assistant. first went on sale in 1993 and discontinued five years later. number two, the sony cassette walkman. oh, remember the day when we could just play all our beatles cassette tapes on these things? first went on sale in japan in 1979. sony officially stopped selling the cassette player 33 years later. number three a two-for, the flown disc and cd-rom coming in all shapes and sizes, now used more for coasters than computers. number four, how about when your cell phone couldn't take a selfie? believe it or not, kids these things used to be hip, and there's the guy who created it marty cooper in 1973. i needed a briefcase to carry my first cell phone around. number five combine that phone with the maps and you've got a problem. thankfully for all passengers i
7:56 am
don't have to use one of these, called folding maps. i press go and the gps in my car takes me everywhere. and teleprompter that didn't make the list these words that appear on the camera am i supposed to be reading them? is that what a teleprompter is for, to read words that other people write? really? you learn something new every day. that wrups up "aps up "the rundown." catch andrea mitchell's full interview with benjamin netanyahu. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow. take care. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable
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when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! good morning, everyone. i'm tamron half. this is "newsnation." we start off with breaking news. the associated press reports a draft nuclear deal with iran is
8:00 am
now being circulated. the a.p. calls it the clearest indication yet the sides are nearing a written agreement as they race to meet that march 31st deadline. in his first interview since being re-elected nbc's andrea mitchell asked israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the reported draft deal. >> the draft agreement reportedly would permit iran to have 6,000 centrifuges and that it would last for ten years or more. why isn't that better for israel to freeze their program and have inspections than the other option which would be a military option which would only set them back a year or two? >> i think there are other options as well. i think you can get a better deal, and i think the one that i would have is to reduce iran's nuclear capabilities so you increase the breakout time. i mean if i had a vote on that negotiating team i would say zero centrifuges. i don't have a vote. >> you really do accept some -- >> i wouldn


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