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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 19, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the associated press reports a draft nuclear deal with iran is now being circulated. the a.p. calls it the clearest indication yet the sides are nearing a written agreement as they race to meet that march 31st deadline. in his first interview since being re-elected nbc's andrea mitchell asked israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the reported draft deal. >> the draft agreement reportedly would permit iran to have 6,000 centrifuges and that it would last for ten years or more. why isn't that better for israel to freeze their program and have inspections than the other option which would be a military option which would only set them back a year or two? >> i think there are other options as well. i think you can get a better deal, and i think the one that i would have is to reduce iran's nuclear capabilities so you increase the breakout time. i mean if i had a vote on that negotiating team i would say zero centrifuges. i don't have a vote. >> you really do accept some -- >> i wouldn't.
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i would say that that's something, you know, a smaller number would be something that israel and its arab neighbors would love but they could live with. >> more from that interview a little bit later but let's go to the iran bureau chief who joins us by phone. we're just getting word in from the state department disputing this associated press report that indicates this draft deal is being circulated around. what can you tell us from there? >> reporter: well, as usual, tamron. we're getting a lot of mixed messages from switzerland. a lot of information that comes out there, so there was a draft agreement, it means they really are in the 11th hour but as you say the state department disputed that. the other mixed messages we're getting out of switzerland is from the european diplomats who have been much less optimistic. one told reporters there that they were not close to a deal and blamed iran for not wanting to compromise in these last technical issues that remain. tomorrow evening is the iranian
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new year and i'm sure the iranian delegation wants to go home with good news but the final stretch will be very difficult as both sides try to leverage whatever they can in the final stages before they reach this end-of-march deadline. but i have to say, tamron, if this deal was to go south, it wouldn't be as bad for iran now as it would have been say six months ago because the rouhani government can argue that the negotiation was made in very good faith and congress influenced by israel made it impossible. all the time this would make hard liners in iran very happy because they would have gotten exactly what they want and wouldn't get any of the blame for t.tamron? >> i should point out the state department official says the fundamental framework issues are still under comprehensive discussion, but there is no draft document being circulated. again, just in from the state department. now to more developing news. nine people have been arrested in connection with that deadly attack in tunisia's capital
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according to multiple reports citing tunisia's president. officials say 23 people have been killed including two gunmen, and overnight tunisia's prime minister said one of the gunmen was known to intelligence agencies but it is not clear why. now, as we learn more about the gunmen who carried out the attack, officials say they opened fire on the visitors as they got off buses, even hunting some down as they attempted to hide. others were held hostage. most of the victims were foreign tourists a number of whom were from a cruise ship docked in tunis yesterday afternoon. last night theses of tunisians gathered in the capital for a vigil and tunisia's president said his country won't vow to terrorism saying quote, i want the tunisian people to understand once and for all that we are at war with terrorists and those brutal minorities won't fear us. we will resist them to the last breath without pity or mercy. and joining me now by phone is a journalist who is in tunisia
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right now. we understand there is movement according to some reports with military officials there. what can you tell us is. >> reporter: yes. today, unfortunately, the death tell as you mentioned is up to 23 people including 20 tourists and the presidency has stated that nine people were arrested including four suspects who are directly linked to the attack. we also had news about one of the -- the gunmen -- one of the gunmen who were killed yesterday, that the security forces went to his family tracked down his family's house in the midwest of the country and they arrested his -- his sister i think. and so the security operations are ongoing, and we're waiting
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to hear more about things from the ministry of the interior. a lot of large sweeping operations going on across the capital tunis. >> i know you'll update our audience as soon as you get information and according to reuters the president said the army is being deployed to protect cities all across the nation and there's a search under way in sweden for a gunman who opened fire in a restaurant leaving two people dead and injuring 15 others. the restaurant was full when men with automatic weapons storm in. authorities believe it may have been gang-related since there were known gang members inside restaurant. at least 3 of the 15 injured are in serious condition and several people have been brought in for questioning, but so far no arrests. and another story, the pentagon is confirming a u.s. air strike has taken out a senior member of the somali
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terror group al shabab believed to have masterminded that deadly mall attack in nairobi, kenya. he was hit by a drone missile in southern somalia last week. pentagon officials believe he was, quote, a key person responsible for coordinating targets in the u.s. and other interests. 67 people you'll certainly recall, were killed in the attacks at west gate mall in september of 2013. and stunning new details into the investigation of millionaire murder suspect robert durst. police believe he was getting ready to run right before he was arrested last week withdrawing tens of thousands from his bank account and discovered a gun as well as other things in his hotel room. nbc's stephanie gochg joins me now with an update. stephanie, right now we know his court appearance is on monday but this discovery is quite interesting found in his hotel
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room. >> reporter: it is really interesting. these details come out of the search warrant that was executed on his home in houston just a few days ago be and they talk about what they found in that hotel. went through the laundry list. more than $42,000 in cash, a fake i.d. that latex mask that we've been talking about that's quite strange, and then the ups serial numbers to in durst' words to police for a large sump money that would be sent to him. they estimate his net worth at about $100 million and in recent months up to his arrest he was making large withdrawals and by the time police caught up with him here the fear was he would flee the country. days before his arrest he used a fake i.d. to check into this new orleans marriott and when police searched his hotel room they found more than $40,000 in cash a loaded revolver and a rubber mask. those details are revealed in a search warrant executed three days later at durst' home in
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houston and in it they believe it will indication durst's efforts to flee law enforcement, to avoid apprehension and prosecution for the murder of susan berman. berman served as a spokesman for her millionaire friend when he was being questioned about the 1982 disappearance of his first wife kathy. 18 years later berman was gunned down in her los angeles home just as she was scheduled to talk to new york authorities about the newly reopened cold case. >> i can easily see writing that letter. >> reporter: and the recent hbo letter "the jinx" producers confronted durst with the letter he wrote to berman before the death. >> did you write the cadaver note? >> i did not. >> reporter: challenging him to explain the similarities between had it and the anonymous letter to police telling them where to find the body. >> the same misspelling. >> reporter: can you tell me which one you didn't wrote? >> no. >> reporter: it was concluded
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that it is probable durst was the author of the cadaver letter and in 2014 two other analysts went further identifying durst as the author of the cadaver letter and envelope but a legal expert says it will be hard for prosecutors to definitively connect durst to berman's murder. >> absolutely. the only thing they can do for certain is place him in the state of california. it's an awfully big state. >> reporter: when durst's home was raided they found two books about him including "a deadly secret secret" which claims durst is a serial killer. >> the fact he kept it with him all these years clearly struck a chord. >> reporter: today he remains behind bars. the lead defending calls handwriting analysis junk science, the lead defender for durst and points out that investigators in los angeles had once identified a totally different suspect in the berman murder case looking at that same envelope. it was only later that they changed their minds and said that it was actually durst.
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tamron. >> stephanie gosk thanks very much. now to the weather and a march snow storm that is approaching. tomorrow is the first day of spring, but it will feel a lot like winter with a slushy mix of rain and snow expected from washington, d.c. to new york city and parts of pennsylvania could see up to eight inches of snow, and if boston hasn't been hammered enough, and we know they have been a second round of snow moves into northern new england this weekend, and weather channel meteorologist greg postel joins us with a closer look at the forecast. >> thank you very much. exactly right, first day of spring but you'd never know it looking at what's coming up tomorrow. winter weather advisories set up for parts of pennsylvania and new jersey and into southern new england. this is for snow. that's going to try to get in there tonight, but it's really not going to make it there yet. you'll be dealing with rain and snow across parts of the higher elevation of virginia but tomorrow watch out for accumulating snow. pennsylvania all the way through new york city and southern new england as well. it will get into boston during tomorrow night.
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it will be snowing in northern new jersey southern connecticut and long island all the way up through song new england. not that usual, but you're tired of winter and i know you are, still will have to deal with five to eight inches of snow from that zone central pennsylvania into new york city. let's zoom in on a couple of cities, d.c. area an inch and northwest of the city and a little bit more as you head north on i-95 towards baltimore and even more as you go from philly on up into new york city. it looks like perhaps as much as five inches in central park. tamron back to you. >> weather channel's greg postel, thanks so much for joining us. >> sure. >> coming up strong accusations from senator dick durbin after republicans delay loretta lynch's nomination to be the next attorney general. >> the first african-american woman nominated to be attorney general is asked to sit in the
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back of the bus when it comes to the nomination. >> up next i'll speak with congresswoman sheila jackson lee and an investigation is under way after a violent arrest left a uva student with stitches. >> i go to uva. what is happening? >> what police are saying now. plus president barack obama suggests it is time for mandatory voting. are you game for mandatory voting? are you ready for the "newsnation" gut check. join our situation online. the team is at "newsnation." give them a follow and find me on facebook, twitter and instagram as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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loretta lynch, the first african-american woman nominated to be attorney general is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the senate calendar. that is unfair. it's unjust. it is beneath decorum and dignity of the united states senate. >> that was minority whip dick durbin the latest to criticize the long-awaited vote for loretta lynch and hours later tim scott, the african-american charged him of using race baiting. president obama nominated lynch to succeed eric holder four months ago and has waited longer than the last five attorneys general to be confirmed by the senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says lynch will get her confirmation vote but not
8:17 am
before democrats give in on a bill to prevent human trafficking. senators are debating that bill for the third straight day. >> it serves no purpose other than to further divide us. perhaps my colleagues and the senator from illinois in particular need to be reminded of their own record when it comes to the treatment of african-american women whose nominations were before this body n.2012 janice rogers brown an african-american, was nominated to serve on the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia, a court that had never included an african-american woman judge. the senator from illinois voted to filibuster her nomination in 2003 and again in 2005 when she was finally confirmed after waiting 684 days the senator
8:18 am
from illinois voted against the historic nomination. i would never suggest even with veiled rhetoric that judge rogers brown's race from the reason for the senator from illinois' opposition and he should extend i say to my colleague from illinois he should extend the same courtesy to me and my colleagues. i would also like to remind the senator from illinois about how we were able to fill vacancies in the u.s. district court of arizona last year effectively alleviating a judicial emergency with tremendous bipartisan support. >> we're listening in right now to senator john mccain on the senate floor directing some fiery reaction and words towards senator dick durbin. joining me now live democratic congresswoman sheila jackson
8:19 am
lee, i'm not sure if you heard him but makes the point that in 2012 a district court judge, african-american her vote was filibustered 684 days saying here if this is about race for loretta lynch, was it about race when this judge was blocked by democrats in 2012? >> this is a very emotional moment in history, and i can understand the emotion of senator durbin and many others. the key of that is that the individual was on the floor of the senate and they were engaged in assessing the confirmation or not doing the confirmation. in this instance this is the longest in history, as i understand it, in history that had a person who has been confirmed out of the judiciary committee in the senate has not even gone to the floor for a vote. it is extremely emotional, and it is extremely undermining of
8:20 am
the constitutional duties of the senate. that's the claim that i believe stands with great legitimacy and that is the advice and consent of the senate. the government cannot work when the president's nominees are not even given that opportunity, and that is what's happening to this distinguished litigator, this servant of the public having served in the 1990s in the u.s. attorney's office at various levels of leadership and ultimately being appointed the u.s. attorney for that region in 2010 by president obama. this has no basis in the constitution. it has no basis in fact and there are no allegations against miss lynch and there's no reason for the senate not to separate their disagreement over legislation, mere legislation, important legislation, but legislation by taking an holding this confirmation process up. >> senator durbin is responding if you could please hang on for
8:21 am
one second. >> i have to go. >> the time taken to confirm attorney general holder. why? in some cases these members are questions raised by the senate questions about their political views, their background legitimate questions that required time to answer. i sat in the hearing, the senate judiciary committee hearing for this nominee loretta lynch. there were no questions raised of any nature of any kind questioning her ability to serve as attorney general, none. when my colleague from arizona notes the fact that i have voted against african-american women nominees in the past it is true, and i am not arguing that every member of the senate should vote for loretta lynch simply because she would be the first african-american woman to
8:22 am
serve in that capacity. all i'm saying she deserves the same fair treatment we have given to other nominees for this job. >> okay. congresswoman, thank you so much for standing by here. is it fair to bring race into this equation or is this a debate about policy and this particular bill here the human trafficking bill that contains this provision to block government funds for most abortion? >> tamron, as i said this is very emotional, and it is from my perspective a factor in this a woman, an african-american woman. we don't step back from that. i think the distinction of what senator durbin is saying and saying it very well is that that individual was on the floor. there was a filibuster, there was a debate. there was a concern. we don't have even the scheduled nomination of miss lynch to be on the floor.
8:23 am
why did it take 131 days? we could have had a filibuster, a debate or anything. we could have had it weeks ago. we could have had it when she came out of committee, and so the onus and the burden falls on the leadership in the senate. they have not scheduled her for a vote. we're outraged about that, and we believe that she is being treated disparately, and we don't think that that is both appropriate, and we don't think the senate is following its appropriate duties which is the advice and consent. they are stopping the workings of government by blocking the chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america. they can't step away from that. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, thank you so much for joining us and sticking around. >> thank you for having me. i'm in the judiciary committee right now so i apologize. >> glad you stuck around. >> thank you, bye-bye. >> and developing now, was there a crash at the white house or not? new secret service director joseph clancy will be back in front of lawmakers today, and he's expected to dispute reports that some of his agents crashed
8:24 am
a car at the white house. a live report to clear this up is up next. >> two years from now he'll be successful, if he's not in jail. >> that is the father of congressman aaron schock speaking out. why he says his son was unfairly targeted. it is part of today's first read. ♪ [piano background music begins] ♪ we are one, we are essentially the same regardless of where we come from. um, there are definitely things that are different about us culturally and everything else but at the end of the day we are the same and we really need to start seeing the world as a place that was gifted to us. [thunder and rain] [thunder and rain] [thunder and rain]
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really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. developing now, the director of the secret service plans to tell congress this afternoon that reports of agents who had crashed a car after drinking at the white house earlier this month are greatly exaggerated. director clancy will say, quote, there was no crash. it will be his second appearance before a congressional commit they week. this comes with democratic congressman john lewis and republican congressman jason chaffetz each expressing concern after it was learned that white
8:28 am
house surveillance tapes of the incident may have been erased that under a protocol that most tapes get erased after 72 hours. >> there are literally hundreds of cameras surrounding the white house. we saw two angles but when we asked can we see a different angle, are there other angles the director said he wasn't sure if they had these tapes, they may have been erased are you kidding me? >> nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins us live. let's start with the testimony about there never being a crash. >> reporter: he's going to push in, that they barely tapped the orange barrier, car going one or two miles per hour based on the testimony but members of congress i talked to look doesn't matter if they crashed into it or tapped it these were secret service agents who were evading the scene actually of an ongoing bomb investigation. remember according to the police report by d.c.pd by
8:29 am
metro pd and i've seen that report. a woman got out of her car and had a package wrapped in her shirt and said she had a bomb. this was an ongoing bomb scene investigation. the fact that it turned out to be not anything doesn't negate the fact that they came up to this barrier. second part of it obviously is the charges of inebriation. you can't be driving a federal car when you've had something to drink and you certainly can't have lights going so those are the kinds of issues beyond how fast that car was going and how far they invaded past those barriers tamron. >> okay. let's go on to the issue of the tape being erased. as mentioned, this is protocol which a lot of people would be surprised by that as well, that after 72 hours the tapes are usually erased. >> reporter: yeah, and if you're joe clancy right, you're going to say if you know about this you're going to say let's get all the tapes and save them. remember earlier this week at what was a really tough hearing,
8:30 am
he basically said i didn't know about this for five days and i didn't hear about it except from a whistleblower which is the same thing that congressman chaffetz told me. he said four different whistleblowers called him, and, in fact he learned about what had happened from whistleblowers before he actually got a call from the secret service informing him about what had happened so that's going to be another part of the equation here. the fact that director clancy is upset about the fact that he didn't learn about it for five days doesn't change the fact that there seems to be no indication that he doesn't know what happened with all the tapes from all the cameras. >> excellent point. thanks very much. the father of illinois congressman aaron schock is speaking out about his son's resignation and has a lot to say. congressman schock, of course, a rising star with the gop announced he's stepping down amid a number of ethics and campaign spending allegations but his father dr. richard
8:31 am
schock, had this to say in an interview with a chicago station. >> yeah, he broke the law. if they are going to convict him on paperwork, they are going to convict him, and that's their privilege. if it's the law and he broke the law and they want to convict him on that fine but he has done a lot of good in his life. >> dr. schock also said his son has been unfairly targeted since he was elected. >> aaron is a little different. he wears stylish clothing and yet he's not gay. they can't figure out aaron, so he must be crooked. >> and he had this to say about his son's future once he officially he steps down from congress at end of the month. >> ten years from now he'll be successful, i promise you that.
8:32 am
two years he'll be successful, if he's not in jail. >> joining me live now nbc senior political editor mark murray. heard from the congressman's father and not him. >> that's right, and what was so stunning was the father even mentioning the possibility of jail time. you and i have been talking about this story. we're so fixated on aaron schock's rights star at one point in the republican party on the "downton abbey" type of renovations in his office, but really the crux of this story, as well as the resignation, has to do over taxpayer funds and whether he was getting reimbursed for things that he didn't deserve to be reimbursed for. >> it is interesting when you think about it. his father is a doctor not a professional politician, but to say him say if he's in the in jail knowing that some of this is still up in the air. it was a pretty stunning thing. >> yeah, i agree. it's not every day that you end up hearing a father give that type of interview when the consequences are so big. >> let's move on to the other
8:33 am
big political story. andrea mitchell's interview with netanyahu, the first since -- the first since a huge victory for his party. let me play a little bit about what he said to andrea about his relationship with the administration. let's play it. >> has he called you yet to congratulate you on your victory? >> secretary kerry called me yesterday, and i'm sure i'll be speaking with president obama soonch we'll work together. we have to. we have our differences on iran. by coming to the u.s. i didn't mean any disrespect or any attempt at partisanship. i was merely speaking andrea of something i view could endanger the survival of israel. felt it my obligation to speak up there, but there's so many areas that we must work together and will work together with the united states and with the president because we have no -- no other alternative. we're allies. >> so no call from the president, one from secretary kerry. you have many people wondering if we will see a reversal from
8:34 am
benjamin netanyahu on that promise which obviously was a reversal from the pledge he made with the united states on the two-state solution >> you know tamron so much has been focused on when will president obama call to congratulate prime minister netanyahu, but the biggest story of all has to do with netanyahu saying he opposes a palestinian state and said that on the eve of the election and that has the potential to fundamentally recast relations when it comes to israel particularly at the united nations. the united states not only has been an ally to israel but also is supposed to be an arbiter to greet geopolitical stability in the entire middle east and not having that two-state solution could recast that entire balance. >> all right. let's talk about this new poll out regarding how hillary clinton is faring even though she's not made the official announcement if she were to run in a head-to-head matchup, impressive numbers even after this whole e-mail scandal. >> the normal caution, just one
8:35 am
poll. >> of course. >> very early, so you have to take 2016 polls with a grain of salt this early, tamron. this first kind of full poll two weeks after the e-mail story turned into a national headline after national headline shows she remains pretty strong. leading the democratic field by 50 points and beating republican opponents in hypothetical matchups by double digits and has seemed to have weathered it. the question going further is how the republicans handle future probes. >> mark murray with the first read roundup. thanks very much. see you tomorrow. >> thanks tamron. up next a human rights group in arizona says the suspect in a deadly shooting is a neo-nazi. one of the stories we're following around the news nation. also ahead. >> i go to uva. i go to uva. how did this happen? >> an investigation is under way
8:36 am
about the violation of a university of virginia student and now protest remembers calling for justice. the latest on what authorities say happened. plus -- >> here he is look standing up on the motorcycle. >> a motorcyclist taunting police during a wild high speed chase in california. how police finally caught the showoff. one of the stories we're following around the newsnation. today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪
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[chorus singings:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ so i'm fighting weeds on opening day and preventing weeds while i get away. weeds stay dead as we carve this beast, and they still aren't back when i cook this feast. [chorus singings:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ one more time let me make it clear. with no more weeds it's your year. welcome back. at request of virginia's governor state police have now launched an investigation into the arrest of an african-american student at university of virginia that allegedly left him covered in blood and needing stitches. part of the student's arrest outside of a bar earlier this week was captured on cell phone video. it sparked a massive protest on the campus overnight. nbc's willie geist has more on the arrest and the aftermath. >> hey, his head is bleeding. his head is bleeding! his head is bleeding!
8:40 am
>> reporter: this video obtained by the student newspaper "the cavalier daily" shows the officers with the state's department of alcohol beverage control arresting university of virginia system martiz johnson out of an irish pub. >> i go to uva, i go to uva. >> reporter: johnson is seen yelling on the ground as overs arrest him. >> how did this happen. >> reporter: abc officers say 20-year-old johnson, a member of uva's honor committee, was detained after being refused entry to the bar, charging him on two counts of obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. the virginia department of abc saying in a statement a determination was made by the agents to further detain the individual based on their observations and further questioning. in the course of an arrest being made, the arrested individual sustained injuries. >> thank god he's able to stand here today. >> reporter: overnight about
8:41 am
1,000 students gathered on uva's campus demanding justice for johnson in a protest that was mostly peaceful with a few isolated incidents. >> get out of the street! >> reporter: johnson who received ten stitches following his arrest spoke at the event. >> we deserve to respect each oh especially in times like this. thank you. >> that was nbc's willie geist reporting. the department of alcohol and beverage control says it will assist in the investigation and the two agents involved in johnson's arrest are currently restricted to administrative duties. police have identified a man who shot and killed two in mesa arizona. they say 41-year-old ryan giroux, an ex-con with a long history of violence and drugs, some call him a neo-nazi giroux shot a man and injured two women at a motel yesterday morning. shortly after that giroux went on a rampage and shot three
8:42 am
others. they are still trying to determine a motive there. and singer and actor lizza minelli is back in rehab for substance abuse. minelli checked herself in and is making excellent progress. went on to say that lizza has battled addiction over the years and sought treatment when necessary. and a daredevil motorist who taunted highway patrol after an hour-long chase in l.a. is behind bars. he is charged with reckless driving and at one point stood on his bike while moving. he reached speeds over 100 miles per hour ran several red lights. he eventually pulled into a gas station and surrendered. major economic news in the headlines this morning. target says it will raise its minimum wage to $9 an hour for all of its employees, that beginning in april, and targeted is the largest or the latest in a growing list of big retailers to set a $9 minimum wage. joining me now is walmart, tjx
8:43 am
and marshall's. walmart is also promise a hike to $0 an hour for employees next year currently higher than the federal minimum wage which now sits at 7.25. joining me now is the "washington post" national retail reporter. thank you so much for your time. >> glad to be here. >> now we've seen this move here from target. as you well know we've seen i believe it's now in the second year of a number of protests outside of fast food restaurants and other places who -- where workers have demanded a higher minimum wage. is this a reaction to those protests or something else? >> the protests may play something of a role but likely this is simply a reaction to the changing conditions in the economy. we're on the best streak of job growth that we've seen since the early 1990s, and that's making these retailers take note. if they are going to get the best workers, they have to pay more as labor market tightens. >> the question is will others
8:44 am
follow after these huge retailers have decided their workers need to be paid more? >> i think that's very likely. in order to remain competitive these folks that have already moved in this direction employ so many people. walmart employs 1 million people in the u.s. and target about 350,000 so if you're having folks having to compete with the large retailers they probably will have to take a similar step. >> to your point the unemployment rate fell to 5.5% the lowest in seven years but some of those companies, particularly those that i've noted here they have made incredible profits as well. >> yes, they have made incredible profits so actually these things while they may sound splashy, are somewhat a drop in the bucket of terms of price, how much it would cost a walmart or a target to do something like this. with walmart, for example only 500,000 of their workers were actually affected by their wage increase so that's 5% of their 1 million person workforce so these companies are making a lot of money and an issue that doesn't actually cost them that
8:45 am
much. >> thanks for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. breaking news into us. the associated press is reporting that isis is claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack at a museum in tunisia's capital. nbc news is working to verify that claim. nine people were arrested this morning in connection with the attack. 23 people were killed including the two gunmen. it's estimated that 3,000 tunisians are believed to have joined isis. that is the most of any country. and up next our "newsnation" gut check. president obama is suggesting the u.s. should make voting mandatory. it's already the law in one state, and at least two dozen other countries. what do you think? gut check is next. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection by going under, around and through the nail. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching,
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purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. now to an amazing story of saving lives throughout art and a new documentary called "how i got over." the film follows a group of women struggling with some of
8:49 am
the toughest circumstances imaginable imaginable, homelessness, poverty and addiction. they not only create a play based on their life stories and perform it on stage as well even though known had acted before. >> a year ago i couldn't remember me. lost love replaced with a new one, one who consumed me. that love was a drug and a drink, but it didn't love me. >> we're going to start out with just some real training. >> what did your inner sole want to say to the soul because you have a larger stage to say it on? >> although we're homeless we're not hopeless and though i'm not famous you'll know who i am. joining me now is jill boxer, writer and producer and daughter of senator barbara boxer and joining me as well is one of the stars. i'm about to start crying. the clip of you and the other ladies and how you got over.
8:50 am
first, when you were approached to do this what was the pitch here and what made you go for it? >> i didn't even know what i was getting myself into first of but i just took a chance. i said okay, let me see what this lady is talking about. >> now, you are 47 years old -- >> 48. >> 48 now, you look 27 so -- >> thank you. >> they've described you as just the voice and the wit of this that people were so inspired by your story. you said you were a heavy drinker. how did you find yourself at that rock bottom point? >> how did i find myself? >> at the rock bottom point where you needed to pull yourself up? >> well i got put out of my place. i was with my significant other at the time and things were -- you know, i hit a obstacle i had a lot of obstacles going on and things happen. that's life it happens and i
8:51 am
found myself in a structured environment and i needed help. >> and you ended up in the emergency shelter. did you feel like you were alone or did you feel you had a support system at that time? >> when i arrived at a shelter, i felt like it was a safe haven, however, i had never been homeless before. i didn't even know what was going to happen. >> and this is an incredible documentary for many reasons but the fact you got these women, who a, who were not actors to present this not for a pity moment, it's to pull up other people. >> yeah there are 15 women who tell their stories inside the movie and that was all due to a theater company in washington, d.c., the theater lab, that had been working, teaching acting to women while in recovery in washington. they realized there could be a much bigger audience for this. it was so compelling and women were so intriguing.
8:52 am
they are stories were fascinating. so hers is just one toteally unique authentic story out of all of these women and all were worthy of sharing on the stage. >> you are a daughter of a senator. i'm sure many things in your life because of your mother's life afforded to you but you decided to carry your own journey, with how you were raised and how you were thwarted in some ways. was that a reflection moment? >> when i heard about the story and went to the village and sit down with each woman there was a clear thread this experienced some kind of trauma. for me it became this active listening to the stories and realizing how much i could learn from them. even though we had extreme experiences, i did not grow up in poverty in america, these women did. that, it was sort of my opportunity to em bed myself and learn what i could from my
8:53 am
neighbors. >> what do you hope people get out of this? >> my dream is for us to have compassion for one another and to really -- when you look at someone or pass them in the street, that you have em path for them. every single person you meet each day is someone you can learn from potentially. >> now that you are an actress, i mean listen angela bassset, they may start calling you instead of famous actresses out there. you have to be proud of yourself i would imagine. we don't often say we're proud of ourselves but you deserve to say that. >> i am proud of myself. >> we are proud of you, congratulations to you and all of the other women who participated in this. nicole congratulations, how i got over -- man, get ready, get your napkins. >> itunes. >> absolutely grab people see it together and have a big hug fest afterwards. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tonight you're going to be celebrating here in new york city, a big event for this. time for "news nation" gut
8:54 am
check, president obama suggested voting should be mandatory. he floated the idea yesterday during a town hall meeting and said it can -- >> it would be transformative if everybody voted. that would counteract money more than anything. if everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country. >> president obama cited australia as one of the countries with mandatory voting. at least a dozen countries have similar laws. president also said americans who don't vote tend to be younger and low income and part of minority groups and said those are people who we should try to get to the polls. do you think voting should be mandatory in the united states? go to look at what you're saying about
8:55 am
yesterday's gut check, starbucks campaign encourages a conversation to be sparked on race. howard shultz responded on an interview on cnbc's "mad money". >> we're trying to potentially doing something catalytic to start a conversation. we don't want to be intrusive on any level. >> we ask you, what do you think about this campaign? 59% said not a good idea. 41% said yes. greg from facebook said no paying workers more would be a better social -- jim chimed in it's a step forward, better than no step at all. by the way, how i got over video on demand you can check out that documentary we were just talking about. that does it for this edition of "news nation," up next andrea mitchell's interview with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. e time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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right now, the prime minister fresh off his election day victory, benjamin netanyahu sits down for his first tv interview with andrea mitchell and staukztalks about the threat from iran. >> the most important thing, we prevent this regime from having atomic bombs to carry out their designs of destroying israel and their mad fantasy of taking over the middle east from there to the world. good day, i'm kristen welker in washington. andrea mitchell is in jerusalem and just came back from netanyahu's office for his first election television interview. andrea, i know you covered a number of topics iran the palestinian peace process, what
9:00 am
are the major headlines from your interview? >> reporter: well first of all, i think he was clearly stung by the u.s. reaction white house reaction to his election day and election eve comments that he would no longer would support a palestinian state and comments on election day about arab voters that led to criticism that it wasdy divisive and racist. he agreed to do this yesterday and sat down with me for his first american and israeli interview, the first tv interview he's done since the election. and he tried to rebut that. he walked back his comments about the palestinian state, especially in light of the u.s. threat now, the white house threat to go along with a u.n. statehood vote something that the united states has always blocked in the past on behalf of israel israel. here's how it went. >> prime minister, congratulations on your victory. >> thank you. >> but --


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