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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  March 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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wagner. a press conference from the local fbi officials in mississippi. this is expected to start any minute and it is on the investigation into that body of an african-american man that was found hanging in a tree thursday. the fbi and the justice department have been looking into the circumstances of this individual's death. authorities believe the man is 54-year-old otis byrd but they have not officially confirmed his identity. at this hour law enforcement is saying investigators haven't reached any final conclusions about the hanging, but we do expect to hear more in this press conference of course. joining me now to explain is trumaine lee. what is the latest on this and a little background on the case for those who don't know it? >> the department of justice, the fbi, as well as the u.s. attorney's office in the southern district of mississippi, are trying to figure out if there is anything here to this case whether it is a homicide or suicide. otis byrd went missing two days ago after a visit to a local casino.
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he was found on thursday with a sheet wrapped around his neck and hanging from a tree. as many of our viewers will now, mississippi has such a terrible dark history of the lynching of african-american men and that symbol of a black man hanging from a tree or a black woman hanging from a tree is symbolic of so much of this nation's very dark past. folks on the ground are very concerned. when i spoke to eric holder earlier today, he said it is too early to determine one way or the another. as the investigation goes on, hopely hopefully more details about the incident itself will be e revealed. >> what else did the attorney general convey to you? >> he basically said there's a heavy federal law enforcement presence down there in mississippi to try to ascertain if foul play was involved whether it was a suicide, just
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to get the details. of course the kind of immediate reaction to an african-american man happeningnging from a tree -- he said there isn't enough to be known about how this man died. >> we don't want to get ahead of ourselves on any speculation. obviously we're awaiting this press conference with federal officials about an incident that as you say, depending on the investigation, could be highly in in incindiary for the community. what are we to read into the fact there is a press conference? by my radar, the fbi has something they want to put out there at this early point in the investigation. >> that's right. i have calls and e-mails out to other officials to get a sense of what they may be thinking ahead of this press conference but it can go in two ways. they might find it was perhaps
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suicide. there have been a number of hangings in mississippi over the past several years that riled folks up initially but it turned out to be suicide. they may be ready to announce that foul play played some role in this man's death. it can only really go one of two ways. >> trumaine lee, thank you for your reporting here. we're going to check back with you, of course, for updates as we keep on eye on that press conference. turning to another story. mere days after claiming he would not support a palestinian state, benjamin netanyahu now down playing those comments yesterday. today in a interview with casey hunt white house press secretary josh ernst said he's skeptical. >> the prime minister's withdrawal from that solution is troubling because it does go
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against the u.s. bedrock of policy in that region. >> late yesterday, the president himself recording a message himself urging the iranian people to support the potential nuclear deal with iran that israel and netanyahu have been opposed. >> our negotiations have made progress, but gaps remain. there are people in both our countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to you, the people of iran together we have to speak up for the future that we seek. >> today house speaker john boehner boehner's office announcing he will visit israel and meet with prime minister netanyahu.
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joining me now chuck todd. chuck, you follow these things closely and you know a lot of people at the white house. in your view is this the toughest it's been in this relationship in the obama era, even tougher perhaps than right after the address? >> it's definitely the toughest. it's not anywhere close. you have people inside the white house in the administration that are very much calling for the u.s. to support potential -- any sort of u.n. action that might recognize an independent palestinian or that might try to attempt to jump start and force a two-state solution in a way that -- nuke involvement is something the united states has prevented for quite sometime. now you have basically a divided white house internally on this question. i think it is a generational divide when it comes to these things. i think some of the older folks in the white house are saying, hey, it is about israel, not an
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individual so let things wait. look it's not good. and i think that's why netanyahu tried to backtrack as fast as he did. >> i want to ask you about the interplay of campaign politics. something everyone can understand and give wide berth to and the peace process. there's little president obama considers more loathsome than stoking racism to win votes. quote, given our own history, we have a unique perspective on the idea that minorities voting is not something to be condemned or feared said an obama official regarding netanyahu's closing argument. what's that interplay there? >> this has to do about the fear of israeli arabs voting in record numbers. this gives into a long-term
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fear. is there going to be a point where israel has to choose between being a jewish state and being a democracy? can it be both? is that going to be the case? there is a very real debate that is going on with some of the israeli political community on that front but the way it was used -- and the campaign is something that doesn't go over well with the president and a lot of american jews. >> one of the interesting things that netanyahu has been able to do at least with part of the american electorate is position israel's priority with iran as if it is equal to or greater than the u.s. priority. there are a lot of military planners who say if you look at the distance the neighborhoods, the nature of the relationships, the u.s. interests in iran are
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somewhat different than they are for israel. >> israel's concern is more acute. this is if iran gets a bomb. nuclear proliferation is very real. why is china and russia interested in this when they are usually not that friendly to the united states? they're not interested in seeing iran with a bomb. any bomb they might get -- moscow is easier for them to get to than anywhere in the united states, so that is sort of this world concern with the greater concern being, hey, if iran gets a bomb then suddenly you're going to see saudi arabia arm up. maybe they go and purchase the bomb, purchase the technology from pakistan. that's the concern with israel. it's watching the shia militias
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get more active in iraq. an emboldened iran will start terrorist attacks inside of israel, so there are -- there are two different concerns when it comes to iran. >> chuck todd thank you for joining us. you can catch him every sunday morning on "meet the press". the local isis faction claiming responsibility for multiple suicide attacks in yemen's capital. at least 137 people murdered over 300 injured when four bombers attacked two mosques in the city of is asanaa. children were among the victims there. one witness telling "the ap" that blood was running like a river. a fifth bomber targeted another mosque in northern yemen.
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he couldn't get past security. there was no casualties in that particular attack. this is the first high caliber attack carried out by isis in yemen. joining me now is our foreign correspondent. isis' points of attack are widening outside of syria and iraq. >> we're seeing this in a very spectacular fashion. this attack was in so many ways if you will a turning point for a country that has been marred by violence. now if you have isis carrying out these types of attacks, killing 137 people, you can imagine it is going to potentially drag that country more into a state of chaos and collapse. the u.s. has a robust counterterrorism operation. if you have a completely failed yemen completely engulfed in
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civil war, you're sitting on one of the most important access water points in the world. piracy could once again become a major international issue. this could be a disastrous situation. >> yemen is a problem for us vis-a-vis al qaeda. last june we have obama saying you look at yemen, a very impoverished country, we do have a committed partner there in the president of haiti and its government. what are we doing wrong if we've been talking about the problem, seeing the money escape seeing the drone program go as far as it can? what can be done? >> what has emerged -- and this is the hard part -- is this
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sectarian fault line. the houthi control nine province provinces provinces. they are very closely aligned with the iranian government. they get a lot of support from iran which means the sunnis population that the united states was backing are engaged in this fight against rebels. you have opened one more sectarian fault line. you have now one more front where the united states is supporting perhaps a sunnis government who lost control of the country against a rebel group that is being backed by iran. it does not look good from the united states perspective because you have that backdrop of a very strong presence of al qaeda and isis now. that's going to be a major cause of concern for u.s. officials who have been engaged in counterterrorism operations in
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yemen for close to a decade now. >> isis is a type of rebel group that has turf that has land which it says will restore a caliphate. that makes it different than stateless terror groups. now we're seeing of course some of the hallmarks of al qaeda style groups that are doing these attacks or loosely affiliated. boca haram stated it is pledging its allegiance to al baghdadi. what does that even mean? these other groups can work in concert with isis. >> that's exactly what has emerged. we're seeing al qaeda becoming less relevant. still very potent. what has emerged is isis in places like libya, yemen,
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nigeria. this doesn't necessarily mean isis and the so-called caliphate that al baghdadi runs of iraq and syria has any operational control over these places. but the fact that isis is now capable of inspiring groups in these countries to become even more extreme and to wave the isis banner and the isis ideology in the names of the attacks they're carrying out, that's going to be a much more destabilizing factor across the region. isis has a presence in egypt and libya and yemen. it is completely expanding at a rate that i think very few people who have imaged given the fact the coalition has been trying to target isis in iraq and syria. we're watching local fbi officials in mississippi starting this press conference.
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let's listen. >> i would like to talk a little bit about our progress and then i'll turn it over to the sheriff and at conclusion, we'll try and answer your questions. so overnight our forensics team completed a search based on a discovery from the state official wildlife agency which yesterday found the body that was confirmed to be otis byrd. the state medical examiner today confirmed that and we have just recently briefed the family as to those find,ingsingsfindings we'll expect next week to find a preliminary report as to cause of death. there are 30 agents from the fbi, the mississippi bureau of investigation, and other agents who were out trying to identify
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friends and family to gather additional information to help us paint a picture as to the cause of death for mr. byrd. we're searching a storage location owned by mr. byrd in further attempts to try to identify a fact pattern that might help us get to the answers that we all are seeking. the community deserves answers, specifically the family deserves answers, so we're doing everything in our power to be transparent and talk about what's going on. individual pieces of information and bits and rumors we're going to hold off on speaking on those until we can come to a conclusion and the truth that everyone deserves. the things we identify we're going to make sure we talk to the family first. our victims' witness coordinator is still with the family now
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offering them support and condolences and we're going to keep that as a priority as we move forward. everybody wants answers and they want those quickly. we understand that. everybody has heard rumors including myself as to who may be behind this and why. we're going to hold off until the facts can take us to a definitive answer that we are all seeking. in the meantime, i can assure you that members of the fbi, the u.s. department of justice, the civil rights section, the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of mississippi, and all of our state and local partners are going to actively pursue this until we get a definitive answer. at this time i would like to turn it over to the sheriff. >> good evening. first, i would like to say to the byrd family that life matters. our prayers go out to the community.
1:18 pm
i ask that this community allow the agencies to do their work. i commit to you that we'll not allow the shadows of the past to cast a shadow on the future. thank you. >> you said there are more than 30 agents investigating this case. doesn't sound like a suicide. >> we're going to bring all the resources that we have to bear. that's in conjunction with the fbi and the sheriff's department. we're going to bring in the resources to check as many leads as possible. >> what specific questions can you answer at this point? >> we're trying to figure out more about mr. byrd's life. we're trying to paint a picture of what was going on both personally and professionally to help us further identify potential reasons. that's going to be done in con
1:19 pm
conjunction with all other aspects, the autopsy report, et cetera. >> have you discovered any personal problems? >> i'm not going to discuss the nature of his personal life because that wouldn't be fair to him or his family. we're going to wait until we find anything of evidentiary value. >> can you tell us whether he was shot? >> excuse me. >> can you tell us whether or not he had been shot in the head? >> that is not anything that i'm aware of but if there's things we can provide to you, we will provide that at a later point in time. but no i have no information that there was any type of gun play involved. >> we've been listening to officials in mississippi giving an update on the investigation into the death and hanging of a black man. there are 30 people working on the investigation, but they have
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it is snow on the first day of spring and it is all across the northeast, including here in new york. march came in like a lion and yes, folks, it is going out like a lion. we have been wondering the snowy reaches of i-95 today. he joins us now. >> reporter: that's the first time i have heard that cliche bravo to you. we pulled over. we're in new jersey. 2.09 for regular is pretty good. we're filling up. you can see the snow that's falling, and it's pretty thick down here. this is about the worst conditions we have seen all day driving up from maryland. the traffic is starting to build into the rush hour now. we're starting to pull off now.
1:24 pm
now you can see a little bit more of the traffic and how bad it is out here. things have really slowed down. on the turnpike, they have reduced the speed to 35. we saw plows out. in some parts of new jersey they were clearing snow and ice and sleet off the road. we've been going through waves of sleet and rain and snow. for the last hour or two, it's been pretty much snow squint consistently as we're about an hour from new york city. it is probably going to get worse. the good news is that this whole thing, this whole spring thing, is moving through quickly and it'll be out of here tonight, i believe. it's supposed to be in the 40s or 50s tomorrow. so it is not freezing. for now, it is pretty treacherous. the traffic is moving though. a lot of the businesses emptied early on a friday.
1:25 pm
some schools cancelled afterschool activities in new jersey. i hope to-- enjoy the first day of spring. >> no sleep until brooklyn ron. thanks for that report. is that the deal snow for the rest of our lives, even spring? we are at the boards. what do you got? >> nothing lasts forever. spring officially starts at 6:45. that's when we're starting to say good-bye to the snow. so the good news here is that this is starting to shrink which is still great, but it is going to be a tough commute. hopefully this will be the last time we're talking about snow for the evening commute. pushing up into manchester and boston. already have over 2 inches on the ground through philadelphia and new york mainly on the grassy surfaces, but the concrete is going to start
1:26 pm
slickening up. the snow will pull out of here by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. we're on the back edge of this system from new york up to bridgeport. it is right around the coast where we're expecting the heaviest snowfall with this. we'll wake up to fog and cooler temperatures tomorrow morning, but it will be a nice rebound. 50 will be the high in new york. 63 in washington. the only problem that we could see is boston in the morning. you could have some left over showers. the stormy weather stays down to the south not only saturday but sunday as well and then out to the west, well, they've been dealing with spring weather and that's going to continue right through the weekend. they'll see temperatures 15, 20
1:27 pm
degrees above normal. wouldn't it be nice to be there? >> most of the map looks warm over the weekend. it is only if you're in the northeast. >> just where we are it's not. >> you have to blame yourself. if you chose to live in an overpriced city like us -- i blame you. just ahead, meercat, it is the hottest app in the tech world and it is entering politics coming up on "now." photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today.
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and we've got some fun stories in the newsroom this friday. a bus filled almost entirely by human waste will be introduced in the u.k. grownup new yorkers playing a lot for adult preschool. first, the brave new world awaits. the faa has given amazon the green light to begin testing drone flights. they have to conduct test flights in daylight at 400 feet and below only during good weather and the pilots must have a valid license. in other futuristic news, tesla announcing it will have a self-driving auto pilot car by
1:32 pm
this summer. we can basically go between san francisco and seattle without the driving doing anything. that's the goal of the future folks, not doing anything. joining me now lizz winstead. >> my hair looks huge. >> ronan farrow and abby. should we be worried about amazon getting its hands on the drones? >> you know i just at this point feel like humanity has left us. i feel very disappointed. i feel like the more remove people from our automation the less responsibility there is to anything and also it just means nobody is going to register for china anymore when they get married. >> i kind of disagree with that with this whole self-driving car thing. you think about how dangerous it
1:33 pm
is on the road now with texting and drink and driving. i have not driven a car in seven years. i would like a car that would self-drive me. i feel that would be far safer. >> the statistics on this are stunning. 47 of people in car accidents don't brake at all. computers are better at it. >> let me show you something about computers. last month on cbs "60 minutes," this is what happened when the computer programmers showed how you can hack remotely into the brakes. >> she thinks she's going to stop at those cones. >> let's make sure she doesn't. >> no no no no! oh my god. i can't operate the brakes at
1:34 pm
all. oh, my word. that is frightening. >> no not leslie stall. can you can't take leslie from us? >> first of all, the sad thing is that someone hacking into the computer did not occur to me. what did occur to me -- and i'm going to try to say this delicately -- every boyfriend i've ever had who has tried to get me to do something i didn't want to -- it's going to encourage bad behavior in a car. >> we have multiple topics here so we're going to move on to the next one. >> i said that delicately. >> a new bus in the u.k. will start running on a different kind of fuel human waste and more specifically human poop. >> oh hi.
1:35 pm
not everything we flush goes to waste. ♪ this is the geneco biobus. on a full tank of fuel this bus can travel about 200 miles. >> abby, this is what we call a talker in everyone is talking about it but the truth is there is a lot of human waste. there's a fossil fuel problem. there's a lot of wasted gas and they have something they say runs clean, efficient, doesn't have any odor related to the actual fuel product and they say it is going to be a good thing. >> i think any time you read poop or talk about poop people start laughing. to your point, this could be a real fascinating serious thing. poop is something we're never going to get rid of it. you might as well make use of it
1:36 pm
somehow. >> we have already piloted this in the united states. if we use methane from the livestock we have on a small scale it works. i'm in for the poop. >> poop just comes. you don't have to drill into the earth. >> lizz is regular. >> it keeps us going and moving. >> i'm so glad we had this talk. >> it is so nice to see in a news discussion with a range of views people come together around something. next up, we have adult preschool. a show and tell arts and crafts class is selling out. it costs from $333 to $1,000. we have a statement from the founder here. i think we had it somewhere. people need to get in touch with their inner child. people like preschool, so adults
1:37 pm
pay money to go immerse themselves in a child-like learning environment. what do you think, lizz? >> i feel really good about that. the next thing is going to be how do we insert adults back in the womb so they can hide and feel safe. >> i'm ready to go back ari. >> what does it tell you, abby that you have adults willing to pay money just to go back? >> i would love to go back to school. i would love to go back to preschool. those were some of the best times in my life. nap time. i think this would be a great thing for politicians, for example. this is where you learn how to get along with people. this is where you learn how to play and how to make nice. i think this could be a really good thing for people in washington to actually get something done. >> i think people in washington actually, a lot of them are of an age that didn't have preschool. my age and older didn't have
1:38 pm
preschool. we started at kindergarten. >> that explains so much about your generation. >> i know. >> less entitlement. less school. let's not do school anymore, ari. >> you pay money to be back in a structured school environment, there's something there. >> can we fix the actual school first? >> that would be hard. we've been doing a lot of fun stories. you know they're fun because i'm calling them fun. we have a serious story of sorts. arctic sea ice this winter lost an area of ice bigger than the entire state of mississippi. this is science, but it is also politics. these are the kind of details that you would think move people but as far as i can tell politically we haven't moved people far enough on the issue. >> politicians seem more willing to hedge on global warming and
1:39 pm
climate change. the fact is it is never a political selling point. in our own business we are all people who have covered the environment. it is not a topic that ever rates. it doesn't connect with people. people don't want to come face to face with these issues. >> you're right about that. it doesn't rate with people. it is fascinating to me when you have the experts on this. 99 out of 100 scientists saying this is a problem, this is real and yet this is such a political issue. to your point, we are still very divided on this. i remember in the campaign last time my dad sent a tweet out saying call me crazy it's science. he called himself crazy because he knew it was a crazy statement at that point in time in the primaries. that's not where republicans are at this point. ultimately the experts, i think, speak the truth here. >> president obama is walking the line here. he's imposing some new
1:40 pm
regulations. there are other people who say he shouldn't be regulating this at all. >> can you make climate change jokes? >> i think we need to replace the polar bear from the piece of sea ice that's melting and put a mcdonald's on it or put a pair of spanx on it. >> that would be a story. >> people would take to the streets. do you guys have any big plans for start of spring spring weekend in new york? >> spring weekend in new york? >> yeah, are you doing anything? >> no i'm going to watch it snow and complain like all the other overprivileged people. >> when this camera goes off, we'll all be spooning and continuing the conversation of global warming. >> i'm hanging out with my puppy puppy. my golden retriever george.
1:41 pm
>> thank you. everybody, you can catch abby and me on "the cycle" 3:00 p.m. every weekday on msnbc. this meerkat madness may upend politics and the press. that's ahead on "now." what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. some questions can't wait until morning. so i'm one of many nurses at cigna with answers anytime, day or night. i'm lauren, and i've got your back.
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there is a new social media app that's taking the tech world by storm and it seems to have happened really overnight. it's an app named after meerkats. what it does is allow people to live stream and broadcast video from their cell phones directly online through their twitter accounts. once you are done live streaming, that video is gone. it is like snap chat if that means anything to you, but with video. it made its debut last weekend at south by southwest. it has now wracked up 100,000 downloads. politicians aren't going to be left behind on this one. jeb bush streamed his speech on
1:50 pm
wednesday from meerkat. how will the tech fad change the media landscape? >> thanks for having me. >> the cool thing about this first of all is most of the time people who see something have to take a second step to share it right? you can make a video, but then you have to go somewhere and share it and depending on who you are and what's going on no one may find it. there is a lot of comments on the internet that nobody else will see. this is instant. >> because it is so different and instant and because you know it is not going to be saved, there are no repeats. if you miss it, you missed it. it can be rough. it doesn't have to be so polished, so people have a little more fun just showing what's going on in front of them right away and they know it is not going to hang around forever. >> it is one that parents always stress to their children.
1:51 pm
hey, the internet is pretty permanent. this is written in pen, not pencil. a lot of these new apps actually work on vibing or getting people in the culture of something less permanent like snap chat. >> there will be people who can still record this off their other phone or find a way to capture it off their desk top computer so of course nothing really disappears. we're getting more casual with what we're sharing. what also drives the interesting part of meerkat is that you feel like you might be missing out if you don't tap in right away. what happens with me is i'll get a notification with anyone in my twitter feed who just starts a meerkat. that makes me go what's happening right now? >> that's "saturday night live." the idea that something is happening now and it is live and
1:52 pm
anything can happen but it is devolving it down to the user level. dan fifer is all excited about it. it could do to tv what blogs did no newspapers by removing financial and structural advantages of legacy media institutions. no offense to me i guess, but the idea speaks to that. some of what goes on, particularly on the documentarian side if you're at a protest or looking at police conduct or in the middle of tunisia, you have some of that power to share it out there. >> what's interesting about that is two things. one, it is so easy to use. everyone jumped on it because it piggy backed off the existing infrastructure of your twitter network. this wasn't another social network where you had to ask all
1:53 pm
your friends to sign up for it. your twitter feed already had you as a friend. because they use that they quickly got a big following. when it comes to big events that happen, it will be interesting to see if meerkat does have a way to save your stream to be watched on repeat later. you better hope someone is recording your meerkat or you could record it yourself. you yourself can save it to your phone, but someone viewing it can't necessarily save it. >> these are meerkats that have been saved. that's an option although that may not be the main thing. >> it's a personal option. >> we talk about privacy, but it seems to me privacy concerns especially acute here it's anywhere in public. not only do you see someone monitoring or videoing you, but it is instant meaning the
1:54 pm
invasion of your privacy is done before you can say, i don't want to be in this picture. everyone has a cell phone at all times and anyone can be recorded. you have to realize everything is always on at all times. it is just part of the way we have to get used to thinking about things. >> easy for you to say. you're on tv. you're used to it. >> yeah, i am. >> there goes the sun. it is all right. coming up on "now." ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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♪ building aircraft,
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. it's being billed as the most impressive solar eclipse in over a decade. millions of sky walkers were treated to the celestial event early this morning. most revelers saw a partial eclipse, but more than 11,000 tourists flocked to islands
1:58 pm
where they were temporarily plunged into darkness where the sun was completely obscured by the moon in that part of the world. the u.s. will be treated to a total solar eclipse august 21st 2017. that's what we call news you can use. we have an update on the spring snowstorm sweeping much of the country. nearly 600 flights are already cancelled. 583 are delayed. winter weather advisories are in effect. back with us on this unseasonable weather day is, dominica davis. >> it's going to be a long friday evening for a lot of folks in the northeast because we are getting flight delays and also it's going to be delays on the roads. leading edge up through boston and manchester back down through new york and philadelphia we're still looking at snow. clearing out in the district
1:59 pm
but we have delays at bwi. we're averaging about an hour to an hour and a half delays. this system is going to continue as snow with a little freezing rain mixing in on the back end and it clears out by about 9:00 10:00 tonight. we'll see it move out. the roads are going to be slick, though. but by tomorrow the snow is gone. the first full day of spring will be a dry one for much of us in the northeast with temperatures about 15 degrees warmer. so that's certainly a better picture. >> do you feel as a weather person dominica this has been one of the worst winters in a while? >> it's been cold. we've had a lot -- we haven't had a whole lot of snow here in new york, but it seems like the cold has been pretty rough for us. >> it's been brutal. it has. thank you for the weather. have a good spring weekend.
2:00 pm
>> you too. >> that is the show for today. that is "now." "the ed show" is up next. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from pensacola, florida. let's get to work. tonight -- >> we have to figure out how to make this new economy work for everyone. this is an important issue for everybody who works. and later -- >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. plus -- >> there are a lot of folks ingauged in hydraulics. the problem is we haven't established clear guidelines. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the question is can hillary clinton motivate the entire liberal dem


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