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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that is "hardball" for now, thank you for being with us. chris matthews will be back on monday. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. tonight on "all in." an incredibly racist fake movie trailer made by police officers in ft. lauderdale. >> there is someone with a hood kkk, in the video. >> tonight three officers fired, another quit. how deep into the department does this go? >> then as the president reaching out directly to iran he gets slammed for his treatment of israel. >> he has such an extraordinary identity with middle eastern nation.
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>> so tonight, another worker says he was punished for his environmental views. he joins me live. and disturbing allegations from fraternities asks if the greek system is completely broken. >> stunning video tonight out of ft. lauderdale's political department. >> all four officer's conduct involved racist text messages exchanged between themselves and a former officer created a video that was racially biassed. we are coming and drinking all of your beer and killed -- and
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the n-word again. here is the first 23 seconds of the video that includes offensive language. >> the video goes on to show a kkk hood an image of president obama with a gold grill and gold neck lace, a reference to a run away slave, and an image of a black man on the ground while he was being bit by a dog. he said the offending officers claimed the video was a joke and that every ft. lauderdale police
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officer will have to attend a human diversity class on a human basis. they insisted at today's press conference that it does not deflect the department as a whole. >> you're dealing with about 1% of the police department. that is not a reflection in my mind of a problem within the police department. it is a reflection of a few bad apples in a bunch. joining me now is dan who was at today's police conference. tell us about how this came to light. >> it started with the police officer that made that video that you showed to your viewers here. it started the five-month long internal investigation that ended today.
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>> what kind of questions, and what kind of reaction was there in that press conference today. obviously this is incendiary stuff. it is coming on the heels of high profile cases. what kind of questions was the chief facing? >> i can tell you that a member of the dream defenders organization watched the video with me. she called the video hurtful, and she said it is deeply disturbing and it all comes down to a problem of trust. they are unable to trust the members of a law enforcement community when something like this happens. they said this was all a big joke, but obviously no one is laughing here tonight. they are calling it dispickble deplorable. >> an african-american man, you
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have to ask if a video like this was created and it was not just thrown together thought was put into this brewpresumably officers and they brew the whistle. >> this is the first african-american police chief. this was born and raised so this is very disturbing. this video is raised on an i phone a. the officers were back and forth used the n-word repeatedly. and another text lessage, he said we're going into their community, going to drink their
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beer, and they were deeply hurtful text messages. >> the news out of ft. lauderdale comes on the heels of -- part of what they said was a pattern of racism. joining mu now, my guest works with police departments on diversity training and racial equity throughout the country. what is your reaction to this. they're genuinely dispikespicable. what are we to make of this.
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>> well i think the thing we have to make of it is when you have these things that are sort of barroom or locker room behavior and there is a badge and a gun behind it the keyword is trust. it's not about the character of the four officers. and whether or not there is a problem. it is whether police officers to what they're doing in their spare time. and that harm to the community is not just hurt feelings it is a dire to call the police or not when something terrible has happened. and if they don't call the police, and it endangers public safety. >> the exfiance of one of the officers brings the tape forward. it was not just the four officers who heard them use the
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n-word. presumably there was folks around them who kind of knew what they thought and it drilgers others. >> it leaves a great doubt in all of our minds. it's possible that you have these people that think these incredibly hateful, vile and disgusting things. that is the seed of doubt in community members minds tonight. >> that is extremely chartable. it is dupely implausible to me. we showed you the part we can show you because the other parts are so offensive we can't show them to you. these are just straight up stone cold racist messages. which we flow the bless
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conference today where black communities interact with people there and do their job with professionalism professionalism. >> there is nobody in any black community that kneels under siege by law enforcement that doesn't feel like this is vindication. maybe these are the e-mails my officers are going through and that is the damage. that is the poufr, not just in ft. lauderdale but everywhere. and i think that has to be the change in this. i am hearing constantly from community members nationwide let's -- that i no locker trust that law enforcement not only shares my values but sees me as fully human. that is the thing we have to
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fix. you say it is not even a systematic -- >> my mind went back to one nugget in the police department in which there was a sign to which we saw as a forward operating base in places like iraq and afghanistan, an idea of being in enemy territory which is a view you hear a fair amount from police officers and shows up in this video. >> that is exactly right. when we are talking about training throughout the country when we do the training in the tactics, it is important their community oriented policing training is not separate from that. >> having a relationship
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viewing people as people is part of the tactic of doing good policing and keeping your people safe. >> thank you very much. we have a update on breaking news from last night, the investigation of a death of a african-american whose body was found hanging in a tree in mississippi. his name was otis james bird. there was no signs of a struggle, but investigators are leaning towards suicide but they say it is too early to say what did happen. they're all still on the scene investigating and autopsy results are expected next week. we'll bring you the story as it develops. zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. in small business you have to work hard, know your numbers, and stay focused. i was determined to create new york
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the investigation found a pat herb of racial bias not abuse in their report.
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a group of fourth graders from lincoln h. school bot it in the bill to name the red tail hawk as the official state raptor. when they arrived in the house gallery to watch their bill come up for a vote they were greeted by enthusiastic applause. it was short lived and the fourth graders soon learned they were not there to make friends. more than one lawmaker questions their choice of the red hawk over other raptors. one representative said they were being --
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their customer experience is virtually paperless which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools so you only pay for what's right for you which saves money. they settle claims quickly which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save. because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. president obama's latest outreach to the riern people is bringing accusations that he is selling out.
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the president called on the people of iran to speak up in the favor of piece. >> our negotiations made progress but gaps were made. and there are people who oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to the peep of ryan is that we have to speak up to the people we seek. >> it was not received well by those who accuse president obama of renouncing israel in favor of iran. >> this is unusual, a president addressing a serious adversary, an enemy of the u.s. where the leader leads chants of "death to america" and he takes a swipe at a loyal ally. if only he would draesaddress as warmly the israelis as iran and their leaders.
5:18 pm
>> they deserve to be treated with more respect, not less than the respect this president and the white house is giving the supreme leader of iran. he would not say the things about the supreme leader of iran now that he is saying about the prime minister of israel because he would not want to endanger his arms people. >> according to rush limitbaugh he was talking to his people. >> so the president of the united states addresses his people, the iranians. >> netanyahu wins in a landslide, and barack obama is so ticked off that he decides that israel is not worthy of friendship any more because this victory is such a diss that he will side up to the iranians.
5:19 pm
>> that was echoed by mike huckabee. >> he has such an extraordinary sense of identity and sympathy for many of the other middle eastern natures. i think he re-- the trip, get this is scheduled to happen this month just in time for the march 31st deadline for negotiations. well the speaker of the u.s. house of represents is condemning a foreign policy breakthrough by his own president. that would be unprecedented. this comes as the nuclear negotiations enter a critical phase. john kerry travels tomorrow to
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try to solve the remaining issues. i spoke with ann curry who was reporting from switzerland on update of where the talks stand. >> they're not resolved for the system, the plan, of sanctions relief. this isn't the sanctions the world has imposed on iran and trying to limit responsibilities. and specifically one of the most important places is from the united nations. so what is going on is that of course iran wants a pretty quick release of those sanctions once they agree to all of the requirements in this deal. however it is clear that the united states and many others in these talks want to prevent iran from having too many sanctions relieved too soon. >> i'm curious how you think the letter by the republican senators authored by tom
5:21 pm
cotton, the victory of netanyahu, how the access of resistance to this deal has affected the desirability of getting the bill. >> the getability is perhaps a little affected. iran has brought up the letter and netanyahu and even congressman boehner and other people involved in the resistance to the deal. that may be a negotiating tactic to use that as a negotiating tactic to try to get concessions from the obama administration but i don't think it has been the single bidding factor for iran. >> they may have failed thus far, but you can bet they won't let up with the deadline looming. the iran deal has come to stand in for their worst darkest fears about president obama.
5:22 pm
advances a narrative from when he was first president. he is essentially a man -- candidate working for us. joining me now is matt and i'm amazing at how quickly we have coalesced on this talking point. >> there is a couple things you have to take here. first on these criticisms this is something he has done every year since he took office. i think it is a very smart tactic. they recognize that this is a very effective tactic. he is saying to the people of iran that the propaganda that you're hearing is false. the united states does not hate
5:23 pm
you. we have a problem with the policies of your government but we want a relationship with you. obama's critics say your leaders are right, we hate you, i don't understand. >> and the digging in we're seeing, you know and the saadysudis who are hated has much, we could be on a reordering. >> i think that may be a bit too far. president obama's goals here are a bit more moderate. he is saying let's deal with this nuclear issue and if we can close this final on a measure of trust, it might create the
5:24 pm
opportunity to move beyond this issue. it's not to say that the u.s. and iran will be the closest of friends despite what many conservatives would like us to believe, we can just dial down the attention from over 30 years. >> i have been struck to another talking point that has emerged saying that iran is a bigger threat, a bigger enemy on isis. it is unclear who has done it hundreds are dead right? and last week i saw a few different people talking about it. earlier last year, basically saying look maybe if it is between isis and iron maybe iran is the lesser of two evils. >> that makes so sense to me let's look at what isis is
5:25 pm
doing, burning people alive, beheading team all over the place, this just seems crazy to me i'm not defending anyone. iran at the end of the day is a state actor. we have cooperated with them in the past in afghanistan very productively until that was cut short, and while we're on president bush if we're calling someone, these critics suggesting that -- let's see how they benefitted from the iraq war. by that standard they're both sleeper iran agents. >> also something he has done in the past. >> jason, who has been held by
5:26 pm
the iranian authorities, president obama calling for his release, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> we told you last week that officials in florida's department was banned from saying anything about climate change. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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alice groves daughter was found dell in this abandoned
5:30 pm
warehouse in july of 2013. she was found naked and decomposing with evidence suggesting she was bound and gagged. she was just 20 years old. the cook county medical examiners office could not determine a specific cause so they determined it a homicide by unspecified means. a copy of the death certificate noted recent heroin use, a significant, but not a cause of death. her death was ruled a homicide by the cook county medical examiner and was later reclassified from a homicide to a noncriminal death investigation. last week two people were charged with concealing her
5:31 pm
death, not her murder. it was leondra martin and desmond collins, a convictsed sex offender. they say she overdosed on heroin and he and martin wrapped the body in a sheet, carried it to a car and hid it in a warehouse. the two staged the scene to make it look like she was killed in that warehouse. her case was highlighted by chicago magazine saying they have under reported the number of homicides in the city by reclassifying certain cases as death investigations. we went to chicago to look into the story. here is what her mother told me last year. >> so you lost your daughter and you're told it's a homicide. is there any point where the police come back to you and say actually we determined that we
5:32 pm
don't have evidence. do they ever say that to you? >> no. >> no one says this is not a homicide, we're so sorry. we can't do it. >> no nobody came and told me nothing at all. it was like she was a piece of trash just throwed away. >> she says that charging two people with concealing her death is not justice. they say they found the numbers devastating, and she was the backbone of our family. doers they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do.
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there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead, triple that recipe! a drop of dawn and grease is gone. new developments tonight on a story we first brought you last week that officials in florida's department of environmental protection were banned from using the words climate change in official reports and communications.
5:36 pm
and that this policy began after rick scott, and established climate change denier came into office. >> shortly after rick scott was elected in 2010 and was inaugurated at the beginning of the next year the general council's office called a staff meeting with all of the lawyers to warm us that things were going to change a under the new administration and under those changes were new policies that would limit us from using terms like climate change and sea level rise. >> governor rick scott denied this reporting. >> were you aware that scientists were being told not to speak about climate change and will scientists in the future be able to speak about climate change in their studies. >> that is untree at the department of environmental education. there is lots of conversations
5:37 pm
about this issue. further repoerting indicates that the ban is wise spread and just yesterday we got to see what it looked like as a real life example in action. governor scott, chief of emergency management seemed so determined not to say or even repeat the words climate change that lawmakers in the hearing created a running joke about it. >> i used climate change but i'm suggesting we use atmosphere atmospheric reemployment. >> but my understanding is that we are require future versions of our mitigation plan will have
5:38 pm
language discussing the issue such as that. >> the issue that you were speaking of earlier. >> i'm going to turn the chair back over. >> now on top of all of this there is a current department of environmental protection employee who says he was suspended from his job for sharing his views on the keystone xl pipeline during the coastal managers forum in tallahassee. they say he is on leave, and that man joins me now. tell me what happened. >> i participated this in a conference call and one of the agenda items was a report by the florida fish and wildlife commission regarding habitat and wildlife adaptation to sea level rise. the next the agency updates
5:39 pm
where every other agencies said they had concerns about sea level rise. i first said they was glad to see that the subject was being discussed in land management plans. and that i personally had a strong position on limits the keystone pipeline. >> so you said that in this conference call which seems maybe slightly off topic, but not a huge violation, what happened next? >> the conference call moderator was very shocked by my statements. asked me whether that was my personal opinion or the position of my division of state lands. i made laid it was my personal position.
5:40 pm
she also said she was concerned whether the florida coastal manager would be able to keep having conference calls as if i had crossed a line. and i typed up my notes of different reports and agencies regarding sea level change and climb change and i sent it to my boss and the conference call moderator. >> how did they respond? >> the moderator was concerned because the way i typed up her notes was using her word document of the jaengs and she thought that i was trying to make it look like her agenda had these reports with the words climate change and sea level rise in them so i was directed to remove the word agenda and
5:41 pm
say that it was a partial meeting summary and then resent the document. >> and then you were ordered to seek psychiatric evaluation. >> first i was given a rep reprimand, and i was told to take two days of leave, and then i was told i was on compulsatory lead until a doctor said i was okay to return. >> and this is all because you said you thought the keystone pipeline was a bad idea and wrote up notes in a way that made the conference moderator fear you were imputing to her an official agenda that dared to use the terms global warming, climate change, and sea level rise? >> that is correct.
5:42 pm
>> are you still an employee? >> i am but i obtained a psychiatrist to sign the release forms saying that i was fin to return to my job. >> you have to have someone say you're sane because you spoke about florida being swallowed by sea level rise. >> essentially yet. >> we're going to stay on this story. governor scott or if any of his people are watching this we would love your side. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> can you -- all right. here is a question. should fraternities be banned permanently everywhere? oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man.
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there was a delicious rumor on the internet today that president obama may have bought the hawaii estate used in the filming "magnum p.i." >> what's going on? >> no no not my house. magnum p.i. lived in the guest house of the estate known as robin's nest. it sold for $8.7 million.
5:45 pm
so it president obama buy it we got the answer today. >> the sale of a well known home in hawaii has sparked rumors that he has made a property purchase any truth to this? >> they are not. >> who bougtsht it? it was a close friend of the president who didn't have any partners or coinvestors in the deal. he was treasurer for president obama's first presidential run and is chairman of the barack obama foundation that will build the president's future library. still unclear is if the house comes with the two labs. >> the slightest variation can result in dangerous mood swings. >> certainly wouldn't want that, would we? it gets a little stale. when dad opens up the window what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance
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tonight "all in" can report that north carolina state university has suspended a fraternity and alcohol consumption. their pledge book was filled with racist and sexually violent comments. we have not been able to independently verify the contents of the book that has been condemned by nc state and the fraternity's. meanwhile at pennsylvania state university revelations that the fraternity kappa delta row had a
5:49 pm
facebook that posed pictures of naked women. also members of a fraternity at oklahoma were caught singing a racist song. >> the university expelled the two students in the video. there is ample evidence that these incidents are not isolated. sael says other members have been brought to the attention of head quarters staff and people are continuing to come forward with their speerps. a fantastic piece talked about arriving at college in kentucky freshman year to find a confederate flag in every window
5:50 pm
of the second floor one of the dorms. we're going to speak to the author of that piece next are s it a few bad chapters or an entirely broken system? in small business you have to work hard, know your numbers, and stay focused. i was determined to create new york city's first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. and now you have 42 locations. the more i put into my business the more i get out of it. like 5x your rewards when you make select business purchases with your ink plus card from chase. and with ink, i choose how to redeem my points
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[ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. all right joining me now is tracey clayton who wrote "a black girl's history." and mike peska.
5:54 pm
a contributor at npr and a big wig at the intergreek council. >> i was also softball official of the year -- >> that is for monday's block. >> jr. story, first of all was a great story and very powerful. just tell me what your experience was like. >> very sporthort it was kind of a mess. i like to say i got two great educations, a great education in the classroom. they are the harvard of the south. but i got a great social education. i think when i started we had ten black students on campus or
5:55 pm
in the class but it was a school record. it had taken that long to get ten black students in one space. and you just really feel the pressure of being "the only one" in a situation like that. as it is being like the only black person wasn't enough we had so much confederate things around campus. every day there was rows of confederate flags. >> including one fraternity that had like southern heritage history days. >> some background the dorm is named after jackson davis who was an alumni. he efswas the president of the confederacy. so the second story of davis hall, where the fraternities hall was a confederate flag in
5:56 pm
each and every window. they were there because it was an unofficial emblem of the fraternity who whose spiritual founder was robert e. lee. >> so obviously this is something that is snot necessarily a story about fraternities, but we saw it in oklahoma, right? southern racism doesn't need fraternities to exist, but there is a connection that the institution is coming from a time when a bunch of basically white dudes got around and broke down with each other in a way that maybe when it is continued -- >> they were founded as a reaction to society, and they
5:57 pm
waned in the vietnam war when it was all counter culture. great guys but they would dress up at confederate generals, and the girls were southern bells, but the president, i told you i was vice president the president was a jewish guy who was also a k.a. the symbols, though offensive, i don't even know that they knew necessarily how offensive they were and i think that was changed, and i'm not here to defend the k.a.'s who are great guys to bro down with. >> why should we have -- why should we keep them. why should there be green -- >> i'm not here to defend the bad ones or do the thing the few bad apples and there are racists in all walks of life. i think society has a little bit
5:58 pm
of an issue of men of the ages of 18 to 22 when we used to make them warriors and now what do duo with them. sometimes in the military there are problems sometimes in sports teams there are problems. when you get men together from that age there are problems. my best friends from life were in many fraternity. i would not want to throw that away. but without the fraternity would i have been friends with great guys, sure. >> do you think your experience as a student and black student improved? >> yes, i would have smeedimmediately felt more welcome and safer. it kind of blew my mind that i had to explain to people that seeing the confederate flags do not make me feel safe. and it's a distraction to me as i'm on this campus spending money trying to get an
5:59 pm
education. so without the confederacy strewn about campus i would have had more energy to focus on what i want to do. i still would have been one of ten or 20 black students, but -- >> it was a focus, a central point for that kind of nostalgia and that kind of celebration of the white supremacist past. >> yes, and i understand that it is ran by a lot of old money. >> can fraternities change in profound ways. 18 and 22-year-old men are kind of a problem as a generalization, can they change? >> i think they are, and i fault the school and the fraternity. i think being in that hot house environment, that eco system you can make mistakes. i think about the story about
6:00 pm
the nc state kids. it's a terrible thing, but is it a national story? racism does really bother me. >> we are institutionalizing it and passing it down -- >> it's good their getting a come upance. >> that is "all in" for this evening. thank you at home for joining us this hour. happy friday to you. i don't own a car that can park itself, but will are lots of cars throughout that can park themselves. it's weird you take your hands off the wheel and your feet off of the pedals. you somehow indicate to the car there is a marking spot you would like your car to get itself into and the car parks


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