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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 23, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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america. and that is why today i am announcing that i am running for president of the united states. >> the first term senator did not make the announcement in his home state of texas but instead chose virginia's liberty university an evangelical college founded by reverend jerry falwell. fitting because of his popularity with conservatives. cruz announced intention to run in a video message posted on that social media site. and cruz caught many off guard foregoing the preliminary steps, launching into full scale campaign as the houston chronicle points out that cruz is running, he celebrated his pace already, rapid three year rise from a tea party insurgent in texas to a political force in washington. kasie hunt joins us from liberty campus in lynchburg, virginia. ted cruz likes to do things his
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own way, including bucking the establishment of the party with how he's rolling this out. >> reporter: hey tamron yes. the houston chronicle put it in that cruz doesn't need to do any more exploring, he was ready to jump in. that's what you saw today. this has the look and feel of a megachurch sermon. he was wearing a small microphone on his jaw line that's common in such broadcasts. and he really over the course of the past 20 minutes put his rhetorical skills on display. >> from the dawn of this country at every stage america has enjoyed god's providential blessing. over and over again when we faced impossible odds the american people rose to the challenge. you know compared to that repealing obamacare and abolish the irs ain't all that tough.
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the power of the american people when we rise up and stand for liberty knows no bounds. >> reporter: cruz was giving a version of his speech that he honed the past couple weeks on the campaign trail, including biographical information, a little of what you heard there, a lot of references to faith and the role it played in his own life. to give you a sense of cruz and where he has come from it is a rapid rise. 44 years old. born in canada renounced canadian citizenship the past year. grew up in houston, attended princeton and harvard. not the type of pedigree that would immediately appeal to the base of the party, but at the same time those are the voters he is going after here. he clerked at the supreme court, was texas solicitor general, and worked on the 2000 bush campaign. he was a lawyer working on the
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florida recount. he was elected first to the senate just in 2012. so there are many republicans in his party who think that this step is a little ambitious for somebody only in the senate about three years, but cruz has been unapologetic and straightforward about his ambitions to run for president, and that led him here today becoming the first republican to announce he will run for president in 2016. tamron? >> what's the next step for senator cruz? >> reporter: we are waiting to hear details of immediate trips he may take to early states. he has fund raisers planned in new york city starting tomorrow. that's going to be one of the toughest things for him to do out of the gate. it will be a real test as to whether he can bring in the kind of money that he needs to compete with some of the establishment candidates like jeb bush, even like rick perry who can raise a lot of texas money. cruz is also going to have a lot of appeal with web grass roots, small donors. i think we will get a sense in the upcoming financial quarter
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whether he can compete in that way, raise a lot of money from small donors in the republican party. >> thank you very much kasie hunt live in virginia. joining me houston chronicle political reporter teddy sh liefr who broke the news on senator cruz's announcement along with ed rendell and conservative radio talk show host steve days author of "rules for patriots." steve, i will start with you. is this the candidate, is this the man you and others have been waiting for? >> well he certainly sounded like it in the speech he gave this morning. what you heard is a powerful compilation of belief that we have heard in a generation. when ted cruz opens his mouth, the republican base comes out. he is the first born child of this new anti-establishment environment that a lot of people like myself and others have been involved in crafting. now has he to show he can put together a credible campaign
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that he can rally people that he can make that transition from soldier to general. and i think that's now what the next phase of the process is about. >> governor rendell, brings us the question of credible campaign when you start out with going after obamacare. let's play what senator cruz said in this announcement. >> imagine 2017 a new president signing legislation repealing every word of obamacare. imagine health care reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor and that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable. >> so governor rendell, we know that's an applause line but how do you believe this will play beyond that audience and some of
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the conservatives who still get rallied up when they hear repeal obamacare with very little it would be replaced with quite honestly. >> clearly the biggest problem is by that time there will be 23 24 million people thrown off health care if you repeal obamacare. and that's not practical, that's not something anybody is going to want to do. senator cruz has three battles ahead. one, the battle for the conservative republican right. and he is going to battle mike huckabee ben carson scott walker, rand paul. he has to win that battle. secondly the money battle. big test is how much money can he raise, can he raise enough to be in there for the long haul. the third question is can he convince republican voters even some conservatives who might like what he says who might like the way he delivers a message, but are worried about winability. can you campaign the way ted
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cruz is campaigning now and win a general election i would submit the answer to that is absolutely not. >> that was the question asked throughout the republican primary as well the last go around. ted, let me read what you wrote about the money. over the course of the campaign cruz will aim to race between 40 and $50 million and dominate with the same tea party voters that supported his underdog senate campaign in 2012. but the keep to victory cruz advicers believe is to be second choice of enough voters in the libertarian to could be together a coalition it defeat the establishment. what happens beyond if he can cobble together a coalition, can he end up in the white house? >> right. it is march madness season. senator cruz sees it as primary campaign as a series of
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brackets. it is compelling to see his plan for victory in the republican primary is cobbling together a conservative base, and those that may break for mike huckabee, and those breaking for rand paul. once he gets that coalition, governor rendell is correct. the next question is how does he advance that hodge podge coalition of conservatives and bring that into general election against hillary clinton who he is currently trailing solidly in early public opinion polls. >> even earlier this month, ted cruz is in the eighth slot of voters that see them supporting in the republican party. you see him at the bottom. you mentioned that he has a caricature of being a rebel
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texan, but seems to be something he embraced over time even to the point it seems he gets under the nails of other establishment gop. >> even though senator cruz trails the pack in early public opinion polls, his senior advisers and others argue his support is firmer. senator cruz's supporters come out on an iowa winter to caucus for him and be there no matter what. that to them is a key advantage, might not be able to said for supporters of governor bush walker or governor perry in texas. >> steve deace, let me bring you in. harvard educated, senator cruz has been criticized for a number of things including recent remarks on climate change. was on "late night with seth meyers" being on a number of shows, trying to expose himself to americans who will vote. here is what he said. >> i just came back from new hampshire where there's snow and ice everywhere.
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and my view actually is simple. debates on this should follow science and should follow data. and many of the alarmists on global warming have a problem because the science doesn't back them up. in particular satellite data demonstrate for the last 17 years there's been zero warming, none whatsoever. it is why, remember it used to be called global warming, then magically the theory changed to climate change? >> sure. >> the reason is it wasn't warming, but computer models say it is, but satellites show it is not. >> there you have it. hip show, obviously shot in new york appeals to young people many of which would gasp thinking of that climate change was not seen as something real particularly by a harvard educated attorney here. with that said that might play in the primary. how does that play beyond for ted cruz and other candidates? >> well, a couple of things, tamron. number one, what y'all find divisive is what unites
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coalitions just about everywhere else particularly in the republican party. he gets hero's welcomes everywhere else he goes outside the 212 and 202 area code. i don't care what polls say. i wouldn't care no matter which candidate i was. if i would have told you at this point in the cycle in 2008 that mike huckabee would win iowa you would have laughed. if i said rick santorum would win iowa in 2012 y'all would have laughed at me. we don't care what the polls say, you have to let the process play itself out. the other thing is this is how obama changed the game. take this as credit highest form of flattery is imitation. obama proved you don't win elections by changing minds. they know kim kardashian broke the internet. they don't know joe biden is vice president. you win elections targeting your voters finding who's the most likely to vote for you, and even driving them to the polls and turning out. micro target use social media. that's the new game.
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the electoral college is pretty much locked in. there's only a handful of states, virginia being one, that are truly up for grabs for both parties, no matter who each side's nominee is. that's where obama has shown that the on the ground political game changed in this era. ted cruz being 44 years old, sees that he is not necessarily running the same campaign that we are running in the '80s and '90s. the rest of the republican field that wants to be a conservative alternative to jeb bush would be wise to follow that lead. >> governor rendell, let you respond to steve. >> well no one who won the iowa republican primary has gone on to win the nomination. iowa is not very representative of even the republican party. >> that is not true. george w. bush won the iowa caucus and nomination. we picked the last four general election winners. your guy and george w. bush. >> talking about iowa republicans.
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the bottom line is what ted cruz has to do is appeal to american voters, it is not just good enough to get your base out. just think of what governor romney did in the first debate. he swayed enough independent voters and conservative democrats to surge almost ahead in the polls, so content does matter. if ted cruz feeds the base and feeds red meat content that doesn't make sense to ordinary voters, he is going to lose enough voters in the primary process. >> the reason romney did that in the first debate is he sounded like ted cruz on the stage of liberty today. that's why he lost. he didn't draw contrast at all. and remember george w. bush won the iowa caucuses won the nomination, won the presidency. we picked the last four general election winners. i know y'all hate iowa there, but the truth is the truth. the record is the record. we picked the last four general election winners. >> that's not true in the
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republican primary. he has to win iowa. if he doesn't win iowa he is done. finished, toast. >> that's true of almost everybody in the field. true of jeb bush and everybody else. >> we will have more to discuss obviously as more candidates decide. >> please brush up on who won the iowa caucuses. >> we don't hate iowa steve. i will leave it on that note. thank you for joining us. up next the isis hit list, what the pentagon told some of the u.s. soldiers whose names, addresses, pictures were released by that terror group. this comes as yemen nears a state of collapse. the u.s. backed government lost another city to rebels. richard engel is up next. and a manhunt under way for the driver that shot a texas woman in the head in apparent case of road rage. how she survived. and an update on that highly
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developing now. officials tell nbc news all 100 u.s. service members on an isis hit list issued this weekend have been contacted by the military. a group claiming allegiance to isis posted names, pictures alleged addresses of service members, claiming the americans carried out air strikes against isis targets in iraq and syria. the group urged its followers in the u.s. to hunt them down. nbc pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us. how did they get information and details on individuals to put on
8:19 am
social media and other places? >> reporter: military and defense officials say there's no indication that any official military or defense department websites have been hacked. all of the information appears to have been gleaned by whoever this isis hacking division is has appeared to have been gathered from social media sites and or some public reporting. newspapers television and the like. appears to be no evidence that any systems were hacked. we have a breakdown on service members who are on this list, including 58 air force 41 sailors or marines, and 1 soldier. the navy and the army are not providing any additional security to the families. they're all getting advice to be aware of surroundings whenever they move about and to check the privacy settings on all their
8:20 am
social websites to make sure they're as secure as possible but the air force is the only one of the services that is offering some kind of additional security measures to those that want it but it is not clear what that is. there's no indication that it means any kind of armed service protection tamron. >> thank you very much. so disturbing. also isis appears ready to fill the power vacuum in yemen once touted by president obama as a model for fighting the war on terror. it is now spiraling out of control as rebels seized more territory this weekend, the u.s. withdrew the last of its special forces after the rebels drove out the u.s. backed government from yemen's capital last month, and as for evidence isis has its sights set on yemen, it claimed responsibility for friday's five suicide attacks that killed more than 130 people at a shiite mosque in yemen's capital. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us live in studio.
8:21 am
first, richard, talk about evacuation of advisers. how significant is that? >> quite significant. last several years, the u.s. embassy has had as primary mission a counter terrorism mission. there hasn't been a lot of normal diplomacy going on with yemen. the main focus of the embassy has been to support drone strikes, to support counter terrorism efforts against al qaeda in yemen and other radical groups. now that the diplomats are gone now that special operations troops are gone the u.s. is effectively blind on the ground. you can fly drones or aircraft overhead, they have intelligence assets on the ground that operate covertly but you don't have the day-to-day contact as in the past. enormous setback for counterterrorism. >> more of a setback or something spiraling out of control like syria? >> i think there's a possibility, i have spoke tone
8:22 am
u.s. military officials that think that yemen is on the path to becoming a new syria. it is a sectarian war. we talk about the rebels versus the government. there's a fight going on for a long time, but has really been escalating the last couple months. on one side you have the government, a sunni government and rebels that are shi'a rebels backed by iran. as that sunni shi'a fight is going on isis is trying to expand terrain, which is the same thing that's happening in syria, you have a larger fight and then isis moving into it and same thing in iraq. isis taking ground. >> and the u.s. is effectively blind now that these advisers have been evacuated. what are the options for the obama administration now? >> not good options.
8:23 am
the government, the government that's backed by the u.s. which is still internationally recognized is trying to return to power, trying to work out some sort of negotiated settlement with the rebels. it is not working. they're actually fighting each other, there's fighting going on in another new front. so the best that the administration can hope for is that there's some political reconciliation where the government either returns to power or returns to some power sharing agreement, but we don't seem to be seeing that now. >> richard engel greatly appreciate you joining us in the studio. developing now, millionaire robert durst back in court. a california arrest warrant has more to do with the hbo documentary than probable cause. a live report coming up. the president should get over it, get over your temper
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just peachy...literally. ink from chase. so you can. something entirely new is being built into bounty. dawn. new bounty with dawn. just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... new bounty with dawn. developing now, millionaire robert durst is appearing before a judge in a new orleans courtroom. the hearing to determine whether durst should be granted bail on weapons charges. his attorneys are arguing his arrest for murder was unlawful. they say it was time to -- times to coincide with the documentary. durst's attorney says his client is innocent and he is eager to get his client to california to
8:28 am
make his case. >> i think that anybody would be a fool to think there was no connection between the final episode of the series and the arrest of mr. durst, i think they're clearly linked. but when we go to court, they're going to have to have more than a tv series to present as evidence. >> nbc's sarah dallof joins us from new orleans. the judge is expected to weigh in how big a flight risk durst is, especially when you consider some things recovered when he was arrested. >> reporter: yeah. let's talk about some of those things tamron when he was arrested in new orleans, that includes a latex mask cash authorities believe he may have been planning to flee the country. so the judge's rulings today are going to term the future of the case legally and also of course possibly geographically. durst is facing a murder charge
8:29 am
out of los angeles for the 2000 death of his friend susan berman. his attorney said he did not do it, does know know who did. here in new orleans, he is facing two weapons charges. they carry a penalty up to 20 years in prison which for durst, given his age and health problems his attorneys have alluded to could basically amount to a life sentence. legal analysts say the case in l.a. is the harder to prove of the two cases. they say one here in new orleans, a bit more of a slam dunk. that hearing is under way right now. it could be short, if it just focuses on bond. if the judge in fact agrees to hear the preliminary hearing today or later this afternoon, it is going to be a much longer and more complex day. just a fascinating, very interesting case to watch, tamron. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up the first amendment faces a crucial test in the supreme court over texas license plates that show a confederate flag.
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today i am announcing i am running for president of the united states. >> texas senator ted cruz becoming the first candidate to officially enter the 2016 race. that tops our political story we are watching this morning. also in the headlines, president obama's latest remarks on netanyahu and the promise that there will be no palestinian state under his watch. >> we take him at his word when he said that it wouldn't happen during his prime ministership that's why we have to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don't see a chaotic situation in the region. >> and the president's comments to the huffington post drew
8:34 am
sharp criticism from senator john mccain. >> the president should get over it get over your temper tantrum, mr. president, it is time that we work together with our israeli friends and try to stem this tide of isis. the least of your problems is what bibi netanyahu said during an election campaign. >> also this morning, a bipartisan group of house members released a letter sent to president obama, expressing concern over the on-going nuclear negotiations with iran. joining me for first read senior political editor mark murray. we know we start with news made in the last hour with senator ted cruz. >> yeah. and what's fascinating, tamron is that there are three big pillars of the republican party, establishment, big money pillar you have the social conservative pillar and you have your tea party libertarian pillar. ted cruz today in his remarks hit on two big pillars, the
8:35 am
social conservative one and liberty, libertarian ones and often in past republican presidential elections, always put your money, place your bets on the establishment winning the republican nomination but as we saw in 2008 with mike huckabee and in 2012 with rick santorum winning in iowa you can end up getting relevancy, make traction by appealing to the social conservative pillar. >> first read has the official state of the 2016 field and where things stand. >> and tamron you and i have been talking about 2016 for probably the past two years. it is interesting to note that today for the first time we have a major candidate who officially announced his or her own presidential bid. other folks have either exploratory committees or the majority set up political action committees or 527s to be able to raise money. worth noting that hillary clinton has no committee whatsoever. today we at least hit a milestone, we finally have an
8:36 am
announced presidential candidate. >> who do you think will follow? >> that's a great question we know april 7th rand paul will be announcing his bid from kentucky, so whether anyone wants to go before him now, but this is why ted cruz wanted to go today. being first, you get in the limelight. there was a lot of attention paid to his speech. >> a lot of attention being paid to benjamin netanyahu and the election in israel. i want to play what the israeli ambassador said regarding back and forth over a two state solution. let's play that. >> our concern, chuck, is that a palestinian state today would be a palestinian terror state, so the prime minister is not against a demilitarized palestinian state. he is against establishing a terror state on the west bank which would create not another gaza but 20 gazas. >> the explaining continues. >> absolutely. but it is hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube. and right before his election prime minister netanyahu had every ability to put that context in his remarks, but was
8:37 am
asked would there be a palestinian state under his prime ministership, he answered there wouldn't be one. that's what the united states as well as the obama administration is interpreting and that's why they see this as problematic. particularly their quest to be a fair ar bitter between israelis and palestinians. >> lastly 367 members of congress sending a letter to the president regarding negotiations with iran. >> the administration getting a deal with iran isn't the least of their problems. the other one is that congress wants to be able to have a say in the negotiations. one of the parts of sanctions from iran are sanctions, congress will have a role. waiting to see the legislative branch flex muscles when it comes to this. >> mark murray with our roundup of politics today. coming up a look at today's
8:38 am
top stories, and houston woman recovering after being shot in the head in a road rage incident. is there a disturbing up tick in the number of cases around the country? we dig into that and this. paying back three faerts of my signing bill taking money i earned. this to me is just about health. >> chris bore land hear more of what he said. and there's more things going on this morning. the supreme court is hearing a free speech case to decide whether the state of texas was wrong to reject a specialty license plate featuring the confederate flag. texas voted against that from sons of confederate veterans in 2011. they say it promotes the legacy of confederate soldiers that fought in the civil war.
8:39 am
other states approved similar plates. a ruling expected by end of june. pope francis received an unusual gift. a camera in the crowd captured the moment he reached out to grab a hand delivered pizza from the owner of a pizzeria. it was made in the colors of the vatican, in a recent interview, he says one thing bugs him about being pontiff is not being able to go out on notice to get pizza. he visited a local jail, had lunch with inmates in the dining hall. among those dining several transgender inmates and inmates hiv positive chosen to represent those sectors of the prison population. those are things we thought you should know. be right back. yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck.
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in the past hour freshman republican senator ted cruz of texas became the first major candidate from either party to jump into the 2016 presidential race. officials tell nbc news all 100 service members on an isis hit list issued over the weekend have been contacted, told to exercise caution, even though the pentagon believes the hit list is mostly for propaganda purposes. once hailed by president obama as a key ally in the war on terror yemen continues to desend into further chaos. shiite rebels seized more territory over the weekend. as a result the u.s. evacuated the last special forces. police are searching for a man that shot a woman in the head in a suspected road rage incident. it happened friday morning in rush hour traffic on the freeway. as nbc janet shamlian reports, road rage incidents have been on the increase for some years now. >> reporter: she's home rafr a
8:44 am
terrifying close call. the bullet hole shows how lucky she is to be alive. >> tough cookie. >> reporter: it started as a routine drive to work north of houston, that suddenly went very wrong. >> what we developed into a road rage situation. >> reporter: she told police she was merging onto situate 45 when a man in a white suv cut her off. she honked angering him. says he started to taunt her, pulling around to the passenger side firing one shot which hit her in the back of the head. >> the victim was coherent enough to steer her vehicle off the interstate 45 freeway. she called 911. she was incoherent she was in and out of consciousness. >> reporter: with bullet fragments lodged in her brain, she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> if i ever find out, get wind of who it is not going to be nice. >> reporter: according to aaa, aggressive driving incidents increased by 7% a year since
8:45 am
1990. the advice from authorities, just don't engage. >> exit and get away do that. in a position to call 911, we want to hear from you. >> reporter: janet shamlian nbc news houston. >> thank you, janet. seven children killed an fire in brooklyn are being buried in israel today. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation." the fire tore through the home saturday morning. officials blame it on a malfunctioning hot plate warming food for jewish sabbath. the victims range from five years old to 16. the children's mother and 14-year-old sister are in critical condition. they survived by jumping out of a second floor window. the family lived in israel before relocating to new york two years ago. san francisco 49ers linebacker chris borland talking about his decision to retire from the nfl after one season over concussion fears. borland says it was the best decision for him, had this message for his critics.
8:46 am
>> to play one year is not a cash grab as i have been accused of. i am paying three-fourths of the signing bonus back. this to me is about health and nothing else. never played for money or attention. >> he had a four year contract that included a signing bonus of more than $600,000. and starbucks baristas no longer write race together on coffee cups. the ceo said part of the campaign to spark the issues was criticized. starbucks will continue the campaign in other ways putting more stores in minority communities and hiring 10,000 unemployed young people. up next more on today's breaking news. do you think that senator ted cruz has a serious shot at the gop nomination? that is our gut check for you. and this. that's a clip from the french
8:47 am
film "girlhood" that looks into the world of women and gangs. "the washington post" calls it frightening, liberating empowering. up next i talk live with two of the stars of "girlhood." access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe and to us that feels really good. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards
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time now for the "news nation" gut check, as republican senator ted cruz becomes the first major candidate to enter the 2016 race the new york times argues that tea party favorite is a long shot to win the gop nomination. the reason? mr. cruz has done nothing to endear himself to the elites in his own party. perry bacon argues cruz finds himself with support among the party's grass roots but almost none from republican party elected officials and key donors. those party elites don't trust cruz personally and worry he's too conservative to win a general election. what does your gut tell you? do you think senator cruz has a
8:51 am
serious shot at the gop nomination? cast that vote and we'll read the results and your comments tomorrow. after the movie "boyhood" made a splash this year girlhood is getting a lot of attention around the world. follows four teenage girls in the working class suburbs in paris. the film is a candid at times questioning look at how the female identity is formed despite heartbreak at times male domestic nation. joining me two of the stars. thank you both for joining us greatly appreciate it. let me start with you here this film already opened at the cannes film festival last year and received honors there, in philadelphia as well film festival. why do you believe that this look at gangs and female identity resonated so much at
8:52 am
this time in the world? >> i don't really understand the questions -- >> why do you believe so many people have found this to be such a powerful film? >> yes, i think it's a very powerful film because a lot of teenager can recognize themself in this film. it's about sisterhood friendship and beautiful women with friends and it's about black girl in suburb it's things that never happen in paris, like french movie, this is why the film is going to be something big. >> absolutely. that is a great point, that these characters are not often seen not just in french films but honestly even if films made here in the united states. we don't often see characters like this represented. >> yes that's right. so that's why we're very happy to be here and with this movie, something that's very very good for us. >> the movie also talks about
8:53 am
the social pressures and the difficulties that young teenage girls face. did either of you identify with those characters and some of those pressures as young women who are actresses but surely whos have already faced difficulties. >> of course it's the same we all have the sisterhood, the friend where we can have fun with and in the beginning of the film when my teacher wanted me to do what i really want to do he wanted me just to have a job and want me to continue my studies, something that happened in real life for me. when we go in the shop and the bodyguard are following us because they think we're going to steal the clothes, is something that happened when we're in paris and we're just having shopping something we don't really understand why the bodyguard are following us. maybe because we are black or because we don't know why. so yes, we were very very happy
8:54 am
when they put the things on her film and we were very excited to show that to the world. >> were you surprised at the reaction that the film received? it opened in the u.s. last month and won the special jury prize at the philadelphia film festival were you surprised at all of the praise from the critics? >> i speak english a little -- i understand but i can't speak at all -- >> yes, it was a surprise to be in cannes we never think about this huge things around the film. >> the first -- the first film and then being here it's something very crazy. >> well you know it's been praised across the board and congratulations to you ladies for this bold movie that you are a part of. and certainly hope the people have an opportunity to see your great work. congratulations, thank you so much. >> thank you.
8:55 am
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fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," and they're off, ted cruz is the first out of the block launching his 2016 campaign at a christian university that is at the heart of the evangelical movement.
8:59 am
>> five years ago today the president signed obamacare into law. within hours, liberty university went to court filing a lawsuit to stop that failed law. >> imagine in 2017 the new president signing legislation repealing every word of obamacare. >> while hillary clinton stays above the fray over her e-mails and calls from elsewhere for elizabeth warren to challenge her. on the brink, yemen teters into civil war as u.s. special forces pull out and afghanistan's new leader the pentagon rolls out the red carpet as the white house considers weighing the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. we sit down with ashraf ghani and why he's considering a
9:00 am
longer deployment? xbl. >> terrorism is changing becoming much more brutal. because of the weakening state system are collapsing syria, iraq yemen, libya, it's expanding. ♪ in gayday everyone, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. ted cruz political thorn in the side of his own republican colleagues is first in. choosing an iconic christian university attendance for students was required. >> today roughly half of born again christians voted. they are


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