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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 2, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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a 20 minute window instead of a two-hour window. then this. hillary mere cats bill mumbling to himself in bathroom wins internet. and finally hillary says all gawk moly on me. thank you, hilly. >> good morning and welcome to "way too early." it's april the second. we begin today in indiana where a deal has reportedly been struck to revise the religious freedom law. they are reporting lawmakers are going to announce this morning a proposal that's going to clarify the law and ensures businesses can't discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. but this doesn't go as far as establishing them as a protected class of citizens. this comes in a day in which we've got a basketball tournament coming up. a lot of people talking about it
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and the final four coaches for this weekend actually released a joint statement agreeing with ncaa's criticism of the bill. jeb bush who at first said he supported the law outright it's now reportedly softening his language saying we shouldn't discriminate based on sexual orientation orientation. meanwhile in arkansas lawmakers pass their own version of the indiana bill they're changing what their approach is on religious freedom own an their measure amid a similar controversy in arkansas. >> city that changes be knead in the legislation, and i've asked that the leaders of the general assembly to recall the bill so it can be amended to reflect the terms of the federal freedom and restoration act. my son, seth signed the
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petition asking me dad, the governor, to veto this bill and he gave me permission to make that reference, and it shows that families and there's a generational difference of opinion on these issues. >> well his son, seth may have been upset about it so was wall in the. the arkansas based retail giant came out in opposition of the bill releasing a statement commending the governor for reconsidering and encouraging the legislator to make sure any legislation does not encourage discrimination. a lot of movement on that story. all of it seeming to break away from the indiana and arkansas bills. let's go to breaking news overnight from overseas. police say mass gunman are cornered after they stormed a college campus in kenya. the ap cite reports that at least 15 are dead and 60 others
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wounded. at this hour officials say there are similarities to al shabaab attacks. students ran out of the buildings as the shootout began between the gunmen and the guards. most of the dorms there have since been evacuated. al shabaab claimed respondent for the upscale attack the attack on the upscale maul back where more than 60 people were killed. to iran now. from overtime to double overtime in the talks with iran. iran and the united states and five other world powers are still negotiating a possible nuclear deal. that's two days after the deadline pass we heard about for so long. the united states once again said enough progress had been made to keep talking and the secretary of state is now staying through today. germany's foreign minister is
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warning the talks could collapse and new pr poe sales were likely. the latest round of negotiations were, quote, truly an all nighter and meanwhile "the new york times" is reporting that just hours after tuesday's initial deadline president obama told kerri to ignore the tame table. kerri reportedly told him there was no way the deal would be reached on time and the times says the president told him to make clur that the united states would extend the deadline for another day but was ready to walk away from negotiations. the white house says that remains the case. the failure to reach a deal with iran is leaning to strong criticism from john mccain. >> doesn't it look a little unscreenly when the greatest nation of the world, the secretary of state keeps begging for another day of negotiations? doesn't that give the advantage
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at least psychologically to the iranians who at the same time at the negotiating table have gone a new control lebanon and yemen and damascus and they now have baghdad. they're on the move. >> you know i was reading the new york times story this morning and it was fascinating that actually john kerri reported to the president that the deadline didn't mean anything to the iranians. it meant a lot of the united states and they knew that so they were stalling for time. i'm not sure why you give them even more days if it doesn't mean anything. in california resorting to drastic measures and drastic measures to address the historic drought. the governor ordering the first ever mandatory restrictions slashing state water use by 25%. our national correspondent has the latest on this dire
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situation. >> reporter: in the snow starved mountains where the snow pack measuring station should be buried under five feet of snow the governor made history. >> w we're in a historic drought and that demands action. it's for that reason that i'm issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reduction across our state. >> the governor says water use must be slashed by 25%. >> reporter: because reservoirs across the region are running on empty as seen on this drone video documenting record breaking conditions. nasa says this epic drought now effects 64 million americans across the west. scientists call what's happening here unprecedented. >> very likely the single worst drought over the last 150 years and possibly approaching the
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worst one over the last 500 years. the governor says californians need to change the way they live but in a state with 1 1/2 million swimming pools and sprawling growth that's not easy. they have fined businesses for wasting water. now they're installing new water meters, so-called electronic ankle bracelets to monitor consumption. >> they know we're watching and you can't hide. >> fallout will soon tarnish some of the most spak tookular sights. yosemite will turn to a trickle by june and some state rivers will soon become creeks. even trees are dying. >> this is the new normal and we'll learn how to cope with it. >> the new normal in california very little rain and very hot weather. at the same time we face the extremes on the east coast.
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speaking of the east coast, let's turn to politics on the east coast. new jersey a powerful senator robert menendez and his friend have been indicted on federal corruption charges. it's a first indictment against a sitting senator in 35 years. federal prosecutors say a doctor in florida traded perks like rounds of golf and expensive trips in exchange for political favors. both he and the senator have denied any wrong doing in the past. this investigation has been going on for three years. doj lawyers are accusing robert menendez of using his office to push the obama administration to change medicare reimbursements to help the doctor make millions of dollars. the senator temporarily relinquished his roll as the ranking member of the senate relations committee. he addressed the indictments last night walking out to massive applause saying from his
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earliest days he's fought against corruption. >> i am proud of what i have accomplished. and i am not going anywhere. i'm angry. i'm angry and ready to fight. because today contradicts my public service career and my entire life. i'm angry because prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and have chosen to twist any duties as a senator and my friendship into something that is improper. they are dead wrong, and i am confident that they will be proven so. >> we'll see how that turns out. let's turn to business and big news from mcdonald's which announced it's going to be raising average pay but not for all employees. we're live from london. what can you tell us?
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>> good morning. that's right. workers groups around the country don't think this is enough. it's going to apply to 90,000 workers but not the vast majority of workers who work at mcdonald's franchises. still, it is a step forward at a time when workers around the country are protesting better pay and better working conditions. i also want to talk about the markets because it is all about jobs at the moment. we had an adp read yesterday but investors care about tomorrow's number that is the nfp jobs report. this is expected on the right side. this comes back to when the federal reserve is going to be hiking interest rates and that depends on the job market. >> let's go to apple. apple watches start next week. what are experts predicting in terms of sales for that? >> well it is supposed to be very hefty in terms of the
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preorders but when sales starts that's where the big estimates are, and one analysts expects in the first weekend you could see up to a million apple watches sold. he's actually on the conservative side. there's big expectations but when you put that in relation to the iphone that is relatively low. this is a new product. one million would still be a very good showing and for the year on average, analysts expect apple to sell about 20 million watches f. if you're anying about getting one, you probably want to get in line soon because it's an apple event. we know how these go. fren zi. >> still ahead here on "way too early." several big developments of the crash of the german airliner in the french alps including how the airline is compensateing families. plus this jockey's first ride
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didn't go so well. what the amateur rider did wrong and how he's doing this morning. that story and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> some very serious news to share with you. the vatican is telling us pope john paul ii has died. the news has come down at nearly 10:00 in vatican city. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent?
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so. many. stories. vo: join us and save without settling. verizon. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at ferguson. >> a new report released yesterday puts the number of foreign fighters currently fighting for isis or al quite at over 25,000. the foreign born terrorists come from over a hundred nations and the number of fighters has jumped 71% since the middle of
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last year. the current flow of current fighters is higher than it's ever been. recovery efforts following the crash of germanwings flight 9525 is in a few phase. one week after the tragedy, crews say they're finishing collecting human remains but families must wait a month as officials keep trying to match the remains to dna profiles. not one body was found impact. meanwhile a report saying lubitz lied to doctors. citing sources close to the investigation says lubitz told doctors who was on sick leave and wasn't even flying airplanes. >> set aside $3 million to cover the expense of the crash. and now $7.5 million to
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families. and french place denying video of the plane in the final moments before it crashed. now to sports. mvp statements. harden put up a career-high 51 points. this guy keeps getting hotter. serena williams wraps up her career win advancing to the semi finals yesterday. she was presented with this impressive cake right after the match. well done. i am hungry. and a scary moment on the track when an amateur jockey falls off his horse just before a jump. >> how many flips? one 1/2. >> he was reportedly unseated
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before the jump which mika can tell you is a big, no no. he goes flipping through the air landing ravel hard on his back but look at him, he's somehow able to mount his horse and walk off the course. >> you used to do horse jumping yourself? >> you say i used to. if you look at my figure. look at this. >> it's perfect for horse jumping. >> i'm 6'4" and remember the camera adds about 150 pounds. the horses love it when i get on them. hard to jump over anything eve an pebble. what's going on with the weather today? >> we're going to warm all in the east. you'll be happy about that. we're warming it up but flooding concerns over the next couple days and severe weather and the worst weather in the country this morning without a doubt is right in downtown kansas city. you're getting drenched. thunderstorms are rolling through.
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another half hour and it should lighten up. severe weather later today. we're watching an enhanced risk of severe storms. the biggest threat is damaging winds and large hail. little rock st. louis, but especially areas from springfield to paducah back over toward the cincinnati and louisville area. good friday more severe storms. louisiana through tennessee and northern mississippi. we've been quiet. not a lot of tornadoes. the threat will be there. strong storms and for areas in new england, getting a little bit better. it will be windy. still haven't had that perfect spring day in new england yet where it's 60 but not windy. that's not in the cards yet. we're heading there. >> yesterday wasn't too bad. everybody that talks on the east about how, you know you don't have climate change because it's so cold. look at out west. what a year of extremes. >> i've been saying for a while.
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>> hot and dry. >> if the drought was happening in the east, just imagine. the headlines every single day. it's become the norm. >> it has. unfortunately as jerry brown said that's the new norm. who are you picking for the final four? >> in my bracket i have kentucky over duke. that's not fun but that's what everyone wants to see. >> that will be an exciting game. still ahead we're going to tell you how you can buy an american pie for $1 million. he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here.
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in those around them as early as age two. that's the same age they begin adopting the attitude and vocabulary of their parents. so use that opportunity to let your children know that it's okay to not only talk about our differences, but to celebrate them. that's a lesson
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they're never too young to learn. the more you know. >> it's time to get a check on the mornings's other headlines. >> david letterman asked long time friend and senator about the controversial new religious freedom restoration law. here's what franken had to say. >> what can i do now to make the governor feel uncomfortable? >> as a matter of fact there's an open seat there. look, when people come to me they say, young people say how do you back united states senator and i say well do about
2:54 am
35 or 45 years of comedy and run for the senate. and, you know it's worked every time. so i think you should run. >> what do you think? do you think kids out there across america could run? >> i love that. it works every time. dave is kind of a political guy. ? >> he is. >> we shall see. what a fascinating run. i would love a senator letterman. just look at him. >> i think that would be good. this story is for you. soon you can buy two american pie when the original the asking price for 16 pages of the handwritten notes is at least $1 million for his part mcclean says he's selling the manuscript because his wife and children don't seem to have the knack for making money and i seem to have
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that. >> good enough reason. >> let's go to tv news. variety reports that the former today's show host katie couric is shopping a fictional story. the currently it would feature her as an executive producer. they say they aren't drown draun directly from her experiences. they said fiefr and couric are pitching alo fictional tv series. >> greatly appreciate it. mika let's bring you in. that sounds familiar. >> it does. i like it a lot. you said something very entretsing. we were showing earlier this guy getting thrown off his horse but you know something about this. >> look at a that this. like an at kro bat. >> you say something like that
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happened to you in virginia. you said he fell correctly. >> beautifully. look at him rolling. i don't know what his condition is maybe i don't know. >> he's doing fine. >> do they teach you how to fall? it's a dangerous sport. >> it's dangerous and you have to think about it because you have to get away from the horse as much as possible and that was as good as the riding. >> exactly. so what do we have? >> a lot. another busy news today. lawmakers in indiana and arkansas change their bills that critics say allow discrimination against gays. the two likely presidential contenders who have not taken a position on the issue and double overtime in talks over iran's nuclear program. is it time for the u.s. to walk away from the negotiating table and let the sanctions fall where they me. we'll have guests on that.
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plus actress elizabeth moss and jason bigs. we'll talk to them. how cool on our show. >> and madmen. >> we'll talk about that. thank you so much for being with us on "way too early." stick around because "morning joe," up next. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at
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♪ ♪ >> we want to be known as a state that does not discriminate. >> now hutchinson is sending the bill back to lawmakers. >> it's going to be interesting to see how asa hutchinson balances his base. >> walmart. >> with walmart. >> i think -- >> negotiations to stop iran from building a nuclear bomb were extended again. >> secretary of state kerry briefed president obama and his national security team by teleconference. all the negotiators are tired and frustrated. this is like groundhog day. >>


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