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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  April 2, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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will be eligible for five days of paid time off, whether they work full or part time. but this does not affect the vast majority of the company's workers. the 750,000 employees who work at mcdonald's franchises. that is all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show". live from detroit lakes, minnesota, let's get to work! >> iran will never be permitted to develop a nuclear weapon. >> tonight, the iran deal. >> we have negotiated as a team. >> we have made achievements. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. there's no bigger story around the world. historic news out of switzerland this evening. after decades of strained
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relationships between the united states and iran. we are one step closer to a nuclear agreement. iran and six world powers have reached an understanding on the framework which aims to pave the way towards a financial deal. the news comes after eight days of marathon talks, two deadline extensions and a lot of speculation on the details. president obama delivered a statement earlier today where he laid out some specifics. >> this framework would cut off every pathway that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. iran will face strict limitations on its program and iran has also agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever negotiated for any nuclear program in history. so this deal was not based on trust. it's based on unprecedented verification. many key details will be
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finalized over the next three months. nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed. here are the basic outlines of the deal that we are working to finalize. first, iran will not be able to p you are sue a bomb using plutonium, because it will not develop weapon grades plutonium. the core of the reactor at iraq will be dismantled and replaced. the spent fuel from the facility will be shipped out of iran for the life of the reactor. iran will not build a new heavy water reactor. and iran will not reprocess fuel from the existing reactors, ever. second, this deal shuts down iran's path to a bomb using enriched uranium. iran has agreed that its installed centrifuges will be reduced by two-thirds. iran will no longer enrich your
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uranium for at least the next ten years. the vast majority of iran's stockpile of enriched uranium will be neutralized. today estimates indicate iran is two or three months away from acquiring the raw materials that could be used for a singular nuclear bomb. under this deal, iran has agreed it will not stockpile the materials needed to build a weapon. even if it violated the deal for the next decade at least, iran would be a year away from acquireing enough if r a bomb. and the strict limitations will last for 15 years. third, this deal provides the best possible defense against iran's ability to pursue a nuclear weapon covertly. and that is in secret. international inspectors will have unprecedented access not only to iranian nuclear facilities but to the entire
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supply chain that supports iran's nuclear program. from uranium mills to the production facilities that support the program. if iran cheats, the world will know it. if we see something suspicious we will inspect it. iran's past efforts to weaponize the program will be addressed. with this deal iran will face more inspections than any other country in the world. so this will be a long-term deal. that addresses each path to a potential iranian nuclear bomb. there will be strict limits on iran's program for a decade. ed a the igsaladditional restrictions on building new facilities or stockpiling materials will last for 15 years. the unprecedenteded transparency measures will last for 20 years or more. indeed, some will be permanent. and as a member of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty iran will never be permitted to
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develop a nuclear weapon. in return for iran's actions, the international community has agreed to provide iran with relief from certain sanctions. our own sanctions and international sanctions imposed be the united nations security council. this will be featzed as iran takes step to adhere to the deal. if iran violated the deal sanctions can be snapped back into place. >> meanwhile, other american sanctions on iran for the support of terrorism, the ballistic missile program, will continue to be fully enforced. now let me reemphasize, our work is not yet done. the deal has not been signed. between now and the end of june the negotiators will continue to work through the details of how the framework will be fully implemented, and those details matter. if there is backsliding on the
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part of the iranians if the verification and inspection mechanisms don't meet the specifications of the nuclear and security experts, there will be no deal. if iran follows through on the framework that our negotiators agreed to. we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security and to do so peacefully. >> president obama at the white house this afternoon talking about this historic day in international relations, and this potentially historic deal. it is a framework. it is tentative. there is no deal signed. but this is as far as we've ever been with the iranians in contemporary time. and within the last 90 days there's been a tremendous amount of pressure on this president to walk away from negotiations hearing the hecklers in the stands saying there's no way iran will ever be an honest broker. but you have to start somewhere. this is a heck of a start. and it possibly is a foundation
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for more agreements down the road, if we can get this one, maybe we are watching hope and change in the process. the last administration showeded us what war can do. this administration is demonstrating to the world what leadership is in a different fashion, and also demonstrating to the world what negotiations can actually do nothing is lost until you give up. for more let's turn into admiral joe sestak with us tonight on "the ed show." admiral, good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> i'm getting static in my ear. i will just ask you questions, admiral. how big is this in your opinion. how good of a first step is this? >> thgs an exthe record fairly significant first step. look we have to be cautious. we have to make sure that the details are locked down by the end of june and the final agreement. but what this mean is for 15
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years we can absolutely stop iran from having a nuclear weapon. because if it got one, then saudi arabia gets one and all of the sudden you have a nuclear arms race there. we could strike them but notice what this agreement did, ed. it took underneath hundreds of feet of rock that we never could get to inspect and we couldn't bomb it into oblivion. now we get inside there, and we can inspect it every day. the one place that we couldn't get to with our military. this is a very significant agreement if we get the details locked down and the inspection regime is a day in and day out watching them. president obama basically spoke for the world. telling the iranians that your credibility is on the table here. there are six world powers here who are facing you. and we have all agreed in a tentative deal. and we're not going to be the
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ones to walk away from it if you do everything you're supposed to do. as a news consumer i felt like the president was presenting it as if the iranians of some sort were being boxed in on this. and there's no way out. there's no way they can cheat. you're thoughts on that? >> this was america doing what it does best. leading the world. we sarted this years ago. and we coalesced everyone through negotiations and sanctions that worked. look in iran today, they have to pay twice what they have to to buy a box of cereal than they had to a couple of years ago. their economy plummeted. it was tough, hard negotiations that made it hurt in a way that wasn't a bomb on target. that we knew we could only with the military stop the program for four years. no. this is where america coalesced the world. even difficult people like our nations like russia and china, to clamp down on them. this, if successful and again,
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i caution the details aren't locked in i think would end up being oneover the best foreign policy achievements of this administration. >> well, i would tend to agree with you on that. in fact i think the obama critics have got to take some pause, and they're not out and about at this hour critical of it because they want to know what the devil in the delltails are. if this truly is what it sounds to be, a concrete first step forward, it is historic no doubt. what kind of reaction do you expect from the congressome we all know if we can keep iran from getting a nuclear bomb and a threat to the world, it's a win for everybody. do you expect any political divide that could sour this good start? >> we know there's always been a disagreement here at home. but the fact that they would actually have sent they being the 47 senators including senator toomey from
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pennsylvania, that actually sent a letter to the ayatollah, who had said death to america. disregard our president negotiations, meant that they don't get what security of america can be and how it can be brought about. i hope they've learned their lesson. i hope they understand they should be sitting here if they disagree with the agreement, and internally debate it, if they want. but don't divide our nation abroad. i hope that partisanship has stopped, finally, at the water's edge. much like it did when president reagan or nixon brought home start or stop talks to the soviet union. i hope hope doesn't spring eternally again. >> and your thought on what is the -- sounds to be like a new camp david summit. there are six nations representeded from the middle east at camp david later on this spring. and president obama is going to take a community effort in that kind of globe if this is going
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to unfold properly. how important do you see regional partners in this? >> absolutely vital. we know the dangers to us like tourists, come from over there. they can protect themselves. so much not here at homeland defense. but over there abroad. look, they also understand that the creature, like isis that some of those nations like saudi arabia helped create. and iran that is bent upon the destruction of saudi arabia as it is the united states and israel all the sudden, we may have the opportunity to ban together jointly and face common adversaries that threaten israel and the united states. i think this is a significant moment. proceed with caution. double check everything. but let's try to bring about peace without having to use the military. >> admiral joe sestak with us tonight here on "the ed show." good to have you on. thanks so much. share your thoughts with us on twitter.
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like us on facebook. you get my video podcast at we'll have more on this historic day. a great start between the two countries coming up throughout this hourt. and later, the fix is in. we'll have an update on indiana's religious freedom law in just what unfolded in arkansas. stay with us. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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and we are back. thanks for watching tonight. here on "the ed show", the president is working on selling the nuclear deal to european leaders. this afternoon he spoke to discuss the framework of the deal. his toughest task may be selling that to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the president responded to p
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skepticism earlier today. >> and our concerns will remain so long as iran remembers the sponsorship of terrorism. the support for proxies who destabilize the middle east. the the threats against america's friends and allies. like israel. and we can make those actions in standing with the allies. it's no secret the israeli prime minister and i don't agree on whether we should move forward with a peaceful resolution to the iranian issue. if in fact president netanyahu is looking for the most effective way to ensure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon this is the best option. and i believe our nuclear experts can confirm that. more importantly, i will be speaking with the prime minister today to make clur that will be be no daylight. there is no daylight.
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when it comes to our support for israel security and our concerns about iran's destabilizing policies and threats towards israel. that's why i directed my national security team to consult closely with the new israeli government in the coming weeks and months about how to further strengthen the cooperation with israel and mablg clear the unshakable commitment to israel's defense. >> no doubt, israel is a big concern to the united states. joining me now is jim mcdermott from washington and editor at large if the atlantic. gentlemen, great to have you with us. you first. what message does this send today to the advocates of more sanctions. were they wrong? have we gone far enough to say sanctions have done what they were supposed to do and we don't have to look any further? >> my belief is the president has handled this brilliantly. he held back the the people who wanted to throw a monkey wrench
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into the negotiations, and he has accomplished what he set out to do, bring a comprehensive agreement to the american people. that doesn't mean for one second that those who want to throw a monkey wrench in his plans won't trood to do it in the future. but do it at their own risk. the question you have to ask is what is your alternative? you going to keep squeezing? you think iran will go away? the president put a plan on the table to control it for 15 years. it's a fabulous piece of work. i know there's details. the devil is always in the details. and you want to see the written agreement. but he has a skeleton agreement that really makes a lot of sense. >> israel's strategic affair minister released a statement following the deals announcement today saying the smiles detached
2:20 pm
from reality in which iran refuses to make any concessions on the nuclear issue and continues to threaten israel and all other countries in the middle east. pessimism galore it seems like. will the president be able to sell this deal to the prime minister? is there any way israel will move at all on this? >> i think so. i think president obama will do exactly what netanyahu did when he was appealing to american citizens. barack obama will paint a very clear and lucid picture of the options ahead and how reducing iran's nuclear fuel by 97%, getting into previously unreachable program. getting iran to agree to a substantial two-thirds reductions in the centrifuges and locking it in place, which are pretty crappy. so when you take all of that to the israeli citizenry, i think you'll see the change. you just can't have a kind of
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new orleans levy strategy hoping a big storm won't come. you have to actually do things that fundamentally change the dynamic in the middle east and president obama has done a masterful job. i agree with congress man mc mcdermott in moving the needle. it's a big needle. but he's moving it. and it's breathtaking to watch. >> the president also had ha message if the iranian people in a statement. here it is. >> to the iranian people i want to reafoirmfirm what i've said since the beginning of many i presidency. we are willing to engage you on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect. this deal offers the prospect of relief from sanctions that were imposed because of iran's violation of international law. since iran's supreme leader has issued a against the development of nuclear weapons, this framework gives iran the opportunity to verify that its program is in fact peaceful.
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it demonstrates that if iran complies with the international obligations, that it can fully rejoin the community of nations. thereby fulfilling the extraordinary talents and aspirations of the iranian people. that would be good for iran and it would be good for the world. >> congressman, it sounds like the table has been set for this deal, if it goes through, to put a pressure on the iranian people to make sure that the country follows through with this. because they've struggled with these economic sanctions. they want to prosper in their society, in their country, and i just got a feeling today listening to the president that that was a big olive branch to the iranian people but also a challenge to them to make sure that it goes through. how did you read it? >> well i thought it was a very conciliatory statement by the president. very nice statement. and he's really acknowledging that the -- you remember the last president of iran whatever
2:23 pm
his name was, who went around yelling all kinds of scary things, the man that is now the president and the foreign minister are very reasonable people. they've both studied in the united states. they know us as human beings. and when i talk to their staff a long time ago, they said if we can get a situation where we have a win/win. where we the iranians win, and where the rest of the world wins, we have an agreement. you heard the morn minister today say that's where he thought they were. they had a win/win sisks. and i think the iranian people will back them in the political process. i think you have got something going here that's really very exciting. >> what's your take on that steve? >> i think it's interesting. i was just on a white house call with senior administration officials. they said iran is not a democracy like ours but they
2:24 pm
have politics. their pollic plays just like our politic plays. and barack obama is giving a tilt to reformist. to the people with aspirations for iran. of saying to them your life can be better. everything can be better. hold your leaders accountable. make them move forward on this. and so i thought it was a nice move. very important to talk directly to iran's people. >> well, steve, nothing is ever peaches and cream. where's the rotten apple in this deal, if there is one? where is the fly the ointment here? >> well i think right now there's still opportunity in the next few months to botch this this up. you can be different interpretations of what is considered appropriate behavior by iran in getting this sanctions relief. there could be a huge difference of opinion on what reducing iran's nuclear fuel means, where it goes how it's managed, and
2:25 pm
so there's plenty of opportunity left for the nay sayers to do this. but i hadn't seen the disagreement. we were talking about the outlines for some time. i think it is several notches better than i expected it would be. >> you know, they're talking like that. what do you think, jim? >> well the real bump in the road here is that the other side has tried for six years to prevent the president from having any success. whether it's with the affordable care act or anything else. and here comes an international agreement, which in my opinion is bigger and has more impact for americans than does the affordable care act. this is a huge agreement if it goes through. and i don't know how the republicans are going to switch and say we support him. i mean that's going to be their tough thing, so figure out how can they either find some way to tear it down or come to the
2:26 pm
president and say, you know you've done a good job. thank you. >> that's where it's going to be. >> yeah and they send somebody out there like john mccain or lindsey graham. those are probably on the way. good to have you with us tonight. appreciate the conversation. up next john kerry has a message for congress as a deal on iran's nuclear program is tentatively in place. and later, aaron's religious freedom law gets a rewrite. stay with us. we're right back. and developments on that in arkansas as well. edings with scotts turf builder lawn food helps strengthen and protects your lawn from future problems. thanks scott. feed your lawn. #
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and you can use up to 4x less. charmin ultra strong. given the importance of this issue, i have instructed my negotiators to fully brief congress and the american people on the substance of the deal. and i welcome a robust debate in the weeks and months to come. i am confident that we can show that this deal is good for the security of the united states for our allies and for the
2:30 pm
world. >> welcome back to "the ed show." this historic potential deal with iran has been a major hurdle for the united states. so far. until 20 minutes ago, the united states and iran were not speaking at all. not on speaking terms. the toughest sanctions against iran were put in place by congress. some congressional republicans have been critical of these talks, calling for the united states to talk away secretary john kerry asked for congress to be patient. >> the status quo with respect to iran's nuclear program is unacceptable. and certainly we will continue to consult closely in the days ahead with the united states congress. they and we understand that in iran that had a nuclear weapon in the context of today's troubles would be even more problematic. we sincerely hope that members will continue to give us the time and space we need to fully explain the political agreement that we have reached and to work out the remaining details of a
2:31 pm
final deal. >> and a joining me tonight, the founder of the world that values network. and david corn bureau chief of mother jones in washington. rabbi, we've had pretty intense conversations about this. did you hear anything today from president obama or secretary of state john kerry that would give you any level of encouragement at all? >> ed how could i have heard anything from the president, when it was drowned out by the niz of nonalcoholic champagne popping all over iran. they keep the underground nuclear facilityies open. they maintain the entire nuclear apparatus and get billions and billions of dollars in unfrozen assets. why would they not agree to this deal? when president obama just said in the clip that you showed that ayatollah said there's a fa the wa against nuclear weapons, he's the foremost murder alive. who would trust him. but why do we trust him when he says i'm not going to build
2:32 pm
nuclear weapons? but when he says death to america, death to americas this is north korea all over again. we saw the same deal with north korea. we saw the same inspections are, and they have bombs and now we can't do a thing about the the people they murder because they have rendered immune because of their nuclear weapons. >> that's what you're very good at. but there are a lot of facts to discuss. it's parameters. we don't know if we can sign this by the end of june. it reduces the iraq program. you take 10,000 kilograms and bring it down to 300 kilograms and you have very intrusive inspection processes. and all by itself without anything else makes it much harder for them to get atomic
2:33 pm
weapons. >> that's right there. that's what i i want you to respond to. the president says iran will not have weapons grade plutonium. what about the facts? forget the behavior. there's all differences about terrorism and everything. i'm talking about saving the world here. a country will not get a nuclear weapon. what about the facts? did you hear anything today to give you any hope we are headed in the right direction? >> i first want to thanks him for my rhetorical skills. god bless you. and let me respond specifically to your question ed. did i hear anything that will make me feel at ease that iran maintains the entire nuclear apparatus? >> that's not true. that's not true. >> david, how can i maintain -- how can i demonstrate my rhetorical skills when you speak over me? you can disagree with me afterwards. it's a matter of not enriching at the same level right now.
2:34 pm
they're not dismantling. >> so the answer is no. >> no, the answer is -- that we -- that the assurances president obama gave us are the same assurances the clinton administration gave with north korea. the same deal same speech. same intrusive inspections. what is the is significant difference between the deal done with north korea intrusive inspections and then they have a weapon? is tell me the difference. that's what i need to know david. >> there are a lot of differences. to begin with getting rid of two-thirds of the centrifuges. taking out one entire facility. in north korea. you say they maintained the nuclear apparatus. it's really not true. it's not going to function the way it's been functioning. and the question is also what is the alternative? there is no way you're going to get a harder sanctioned regime than what president obama pulled together in a multilateral way. he said if you don't try this
2:35 pm
deal, you have one course of action. which is military action. >> all right. we have to run. rabbi, go ahead. quickly. comment on that. >> the "washington post" said north korea developed nuclear weapons with 2,000 centrifuges. iran has been left with 6,500 centrifuges. >> we'll leave it there. rabbi, david corn good to have you with us tonight. we'll have you back for sure. coming up the quick fix. questions still surround indiana's revised religious law. rapid response panel on that is next. stay with us. we're right back. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks in the shortened trading week with some gains. dow is up 65 points. s&p up 7. the nasdaq at 6 points. oil prices closed down nearly 2% after iran and world powers agreed on a nuclear deal framework. prices were down as much as 5% after that announcement. and jobless claims unexpectedly fell last week. dropping by 20,000.
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and we are back. thanks for watching tonight on "the ed show." today republican leaders introduce changes to the restoration law. the rewrite states businesses could not refuse service based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the law cannot provide a legal defense in a civil action suit. the law also states religious organizations are exempt. state democrats say it doesn't go far enough and the ce of angie's list agrees. he says the changes don't get to the heart of the issue. there was no repeal of the law and no end to discrimination of
2:40 pm
homosexuals in indiana. employers in most states can fire a person for being lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender or questioning. in arkansas, a strippeded down version passed. governor hutchison backed out of the signing of the arjal bill. senator tom cotton says criticism of the bill was blown out of proportion. >> i also think it's important to have a sense of perspective about priorities. in iran they hang you for the crime of being gay. >> and in north dakota it's legal to chris name based on sexual orientation and identity. today the forum called on lawmakers fix the law before north dakota becomes the laughing stock of the country. meanwhile owners of an indiana pizza parlors have become that.
2:41 pm
they support the law and would refuse to cater a same-sex wedding. they received a flood of bad reviews and closed doors on wednesday. a donation website popped up to help the business. looks like the free market is pretty much at work in indiana. the law is officially a 2016 campaign issue, and republican contenders ted cruz and mike huckabee, jeb bush tried to modify his previously supportive stance of governor pence. the sports world repains a platform for social change and activism. the coaches for each of the final four teams in the ncaa tournament issued a statement opposing indiana's law today. the discrimination of any times should not be tolerated. voices around the country are coming out loud and clear for change. ed delaney and george takei,
2:42 pm
actor and activist. great to have you both with us. mr. takei, what would be a good fix based on what you know of the indiana law? would it be a total repeal and a startover? what do you think is going to satisfy most folks in the country on this law? >> well a total repeal is going back to square one. i think what we need in states like indiana or arkansas is law that protects lgbt people from as you said being fired. they -- in indiana, you can be fired if you're lgbt with impunity. so we need those protections to ensure that lgbt people are a part of the indiana community or a part of the arkansas community. we want equality. and to me it's very interesting that the people that introduced this bill who claim that it's not discriminatory were the
2:43 pm
very same people that tried to amend the state constitution to ban marriage equality. so we know what their agenda is. and now that this bill has been nullified, we just go back to where we were before. so what we feed to really have good change is is a bill that would protect lgbt people. >> okay. representative delaney, do you think indiana can reach what mr. takei just described? >> well mr. takei has it exactly right. we're back where we were a couple of weeks ago. so the bill is not an additional weapon against people of different sexual orientation. we kind of help a little bit there. the speaker refused to hearing a bill that would preclude discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity. there's been a great education. they now know what the terms me.
2:44 pm
so the speaker is learning. we had a formal debate in this let alone next year. >> even with all of the pushback? i find this interesting, mr. de will, a, delaney. even with all the pushback and the corporate dollars at stake and the injurious atmosphere to the economy of indiana, they still have got their feed dried in concrete on this? >> yes, sir. the speaker and the president of our senate stood with 15 to 20 leading business executives who to a person said let's do this little fix and then let's get the big deal. let's go forward and protect folks on these issues. even though they stid there, the they have not agreed to even vote on the issue, let alone what way we would vote. there's a lot of learning going on. but i have to tell you, they are learning. they're slow, but they're coming along, ed. >> yeah. it's a sad state of affairs, no
2:45 pm
doubt. >> it is. there's no doubt. >> you have a lot of friends, mr. takei? >> we have a lot of friends in indiana, and in particularly in indianapolis, and they are outraged. i think it's important for the people of indiana to know the legislators they have. representative delaney stands for the best indiana. indiana has a lot of good people. these people advocating for discrimination are the -- i like to think, are the people in the minority. and the people of indiana need to do something about it. people like those legislators have to go. >> well, they're paying attention. they're paying attention. with 95% of the people or many in favor of being fair to everybody. i don't think it's an issue. the politicians are a little slow. the public is ahead of them.
2:46 pm
they will catch up. i home the damage in the meanwhile isn't too high. we were crowded with people for the final four. it's wonderful. we want to continue that. and i think that will eventually trump the whole issue. >> and mr. takei -- >> those are doing real damage to indiana. i do want to leave you with the opportunity to speak to this, mr. takei. there have been past comments well documented by governor pence that it clearly is a belief system on his part. is that something that can be changed. >> well he's a politician. and when the pressure was on him, you know even at that point, he couldn't really see what that religious freedom bill said. because he kept saying that it's a mirror image of all the other 19 states as well as the federal 1993 bill.
2:47 pm
there's a dramatic difference there. and so i think he comes from pa position where he's not going to change his ways. >> well i think he was using that statement as a decoy. >> exactly. >> when he knows exactly -- he knows exactly what this bill is. and this was his best attempt to try to get it through. and it's horribly unfortunate. i do want to show you the cover of the fargo forum. the headline that is up right now because of the state of north dakota. north dakota house stops sexual orientation discrimination bill by a margin of 2-1. i mean, that is amazing. >> we're coming along. we'll get there, here in indiana. >> state representative ed delaney and george takei, great to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> we've got more news on today's historic deal with iran coming up. stay with us. we're right back.
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and finally tonight, isn't it ironic the most obstructive
2:56 pm
president is about to make history? i'm joined by democratic strategist and david corn msnbc analyst and, of course, with "mother jones." going back to a "new york times" story of 2007 president obama said he was going to take a different approach with iran. the president envisions a new iran approach. and he said that the senator at the time said that if iran would pretty much behave themselves that he would come to the table and not seek regime change and would seek some type of nuclear deal. proving it's a marathon not a sprint, bob, what's your reaction? >> i think what the president has done is extraordinary. what secretary kerry has done proves that persistence pays off. this is not a bad deal. it's actually a better deal than we thought we were going to get. what republicans are doing is very dangerous. you know in 1963 when president
2:57 pm
kennedy was negotiating the treaty president eisenhower came out and endorsed the treaty, the senate leader endorsed the treaty and that was the end of it. the natural person to do that, by the way, would be george w. bush but he can't because his brother is running for president in a party whose base is absolutely opposed to progress here. >> interesting take. no question about it. and analysis. david corn how are republicans going to respond? it's been several hours. we haven't heard anything yet. >> i think they have a bit of a problem on their hands. i think we now see why they were so voice sif rouse. and there's no deal yet. it's still an outline. it could fall apart in the next few months but i think they are scared of being faced with two options or having the public being faced with two options. one is trying a deal and seeing if that works and can be maintained and restrained under
2:58 pm
any nuclear program or in essence, going to war. i think it's pretty clear after what's happened in the last decade or so the american public does not want to see another war in the middle east. and yet i think a lot of people on the right want to see that. but if there's a choice of the deal advocating war is going to look really bad. they've backed themselves into a corner and may be waiting for bibi netanyahu to lead them out of the corner but it will be a very hard mission given where the american public is these days. >> one bit of irony here today is that you ran the kerry campaign in 2004, bob shrum, and during one of the debates, bob, your candidate and now our secretary of state john kerry was asked, what's his biggest concern? and he said nuclear proliferation. and here we are 11 years later, 12 years later, you know -- you
2:59 pm
know, you've got john kerry sitting across from the iranians doing the deal. >> yeah. >> i mean i find that rather fascinating. what do you think he's thinking tonight? >> oh i think he's -- first of all, ideally suited for this job but, secondly i think he's cautiously optimistic that this is a big breakthrough that as david says it could fall apart but i don't think it's going to fall apart. i think there's momentum behind it. and if that momentum is sustained, we're going to live in kind of a different world. iran may even begin to become part of the international order again. so i think it's a very, very big break through. it's going to make a fundamental difference and i think it's a big feather in the cap for the president and the democrats. david is right, what are the republicans going to do? go to war? >> it is an issue of war or peace. i mean if they deep six it it's going to be on their shoulders, no question about it. gentlemen, great to have you with us. bob shrum and david corn here on
3:00 pm
"the ed show." and that is it. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening. >> good evening, ed. thanks for tuning in. we start with more breaking news. president obama is hailing the potential historic framework for a nuclear agreement with iran. it's an agreement that could stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb, help stabilize the middle east and secure a lasting foreign policy legacy for president obama. >> after many months of tough, principled diplomacy, we have achieved the framework for that deal. and it is a good deal. a deal that meets our core objectives. this framework would cut off every path way that iran could


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