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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 3, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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s country are weird and not in a good way. this is a good way. i live for the day when the other states in our nation compete for the title but right now it is so clearly yours, all yours. it's yours alone. "first look" is up next. >> good morning. right now on "first look" a real life survivor's story. a man missing at sea for 66 days is rescued. the jinx flight data recorder is found. then to a variety of incredible caught on tape stories from police topping a wrong way driver to absolute mayhem at a hotel bar. that and much more on that holiday marking good friday. good morning to you and thank you so much for joining us today. it is past away and survivor rolled into one. a man stranded at sea 66 days floating on a wrecked boat is back on dry land. the coast guard's rescue is on video.
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a storm broke the man's mast while he was fishing alone on a 35 foot vessel back in january but yesterday a german tanker spotted him off the coast of north carolina. the coast guard air lifted him to a hospital. he survived mostly on rationed food raw fish and rain water and not long after the rescue he spoke to nbc. he called the whole experience a blessing and a gift. >> it helped me to understand what's important in life. family. those who love me and those who i love and making a difference in the world making the world a better place for others. >> you can hear more from tom costello's interview. republican governors have indiana and arkansas are signed new versions of religious freedom laws but only after criticism that the earlier
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versions allow discrimination. tracy pots is live in washington. good morning tracy. that's the reaction to those fixes in. >> it's mixed. there are some servetive groups that say it's too much that the legislation has been watered down on the other side. you've got groups that opposed it that are now applauding it. one of the big forces in arkansas was walmart. they opposed that original language that they say did not protect employees who were gay or lesbian. the largest employer based in arkansas. the governor in arkansas signed a law that he says more closely mirrors federal protections and he ordered that before signing it. in indiana where the fire storm originally began, the grover has signed a new law that has an amendment that specifies companies cannot discriminate against or refuse to serve people based on their sexual orientation. but churches religious groups
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or religious schools are exempted and this is prompting some like angie's list which is based in indiana to say that this law needs to be repealed. >> all right. thank you so much for that. and this morning severe weather threat in the threat zone the midwest and the south. millions are bracing for thunderstorms, damaging winds and possible tornadoes. the same system that just hit missouri and kansas. reports of tornadoes in kansas. look at this funnel cloud caught on tame. the storm left hundreds out power. how long have the severe weather threat last? let's go to the man in charge of that beside's mother nature. >> as far as the weather went last night, eight reported tornadoes. mooirn damage. a barn was destroyed in one case. the flooding around louisville is really bad. i 65 i heard about water res
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chis. very strong storms. a tornado windchill. this is just very heavy rain. today's severe weather threat. the storms now in missouri will die off a little bit and then they'll flair up this afternoon. if you get the sun in this region, it could be a moderate risk of severe weather. greenville to jackson, mississippi, a chance of severe storms and even a few tornadoes. the worst weather today kentucky tennessee and northern the mississippi and alabama. rain through the mid atlantic. no saturday that storm exits. we will be watching a cold rain and snow in northern new england. middle of the country recovers nicely and easter sunday the only trouble is heavy rain east the texas and areas of oregon. the rest of the map looks a lot quieter. >> we just have to get past it and then sunny skies ahead for
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some people. >> to a horrifying massacre overseas in what could be the deadliest attack on a university ever. 146 people dead after an extremist group stormed a campus yesterday afternoon. what's the latest this afternoon, bill? >> reporter: well, have there have been protests and prayers for the 147 dead. this is a country in shock after a massacre without mersy. at least four gunmen and there may have been more than that stormed a college campus. at the beginning started firing everywhere aiming to murder as many as people as possible but then they started singling out christians survivors described the horrifying events that they asked the students are you christian or muslim. anybody who replied christian was shot on the spot. it took police and troops some
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time to corner the gunmen. after some hours the siege was gunmen. they were from the al shabaab group. kenya's president has called for national unity but was visibly shaken and this is a country shaken by this attack. there have been dozens but this is the deadliest in many many years. >> thank you so much for that. and iranian nuclear outline moves forward. secretary of state and his fellow negotiate to bes have hammered out details. it restricts iran's ability to create nuclear weapons. some critics are not fully convinced. senator john mccain questions some of the elements and some wonder what if iran cheats. we had a front row seat to it. >> reporter: after marathon talks that almost broke down and
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agreement far more specific than many expected. the negotiators set off to sell it back home as president obama launched what will be a tough campaign snmt. >> if iran cheats the world will know it. if we see something suspicious we will inspect it. iran's past -- >> reporter: to reduce the number of operating nuclear centrifuges from 19,000 to just over 5,000. to increase the time it would take to make a bomb from a few months to a year and to convert the underground plutonium to peaceful. and iran gets relief from sanctions only fit meets its commitmentings. iran's foreign minister claimed victory on sanctions. >> when we implement our measures there will be no sanctions. >> but he and kerri couldn't
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agree on when they would be lifted. they tweeted there is no need to spin using fact sheets. they also couldn't agree on a joint statement. >> if you couldn't agree on standing up together and announcing together exactly what you've agreed on here what makes you think that in the next three months you're going to come to an agreement. >> because there's a great deal of difference for them between what happens now and where this goes and what can happen when you have a final signature. >> do you think you can get a deal by june? >> i'm not promising anything. we've opened up the opportunity. >> reporter: first they'll have to persuade congress and others. >> this morning two big developments in the crash in the alps. one inside the search zone. the other on the co-pilot's home computer. >> reporter: in the french alps among the scattered debris recovery workers say they've
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recovered smashed cell phones and finally the normally orange flight data recorder looking so badly burned it was black. still j investors say they are hopeful it's intact. inside the second black box french investigators hope to learn from the co-pilot was doing when he was alone in the cockpit and whether just before the plane began its steep decent the auto pilot had been manual changed to 100 feet as the tracking flight radar suggested last week. meanwhile inside the apartment german investigators hope to learn more about who he was and why he would crash the plane. they released some of what they found on his computer. the user name and the entered search words carry the
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conclusion that the device was used by the co-pilot said prosecutors. from march 16th to march 23rd the week leading up to the crash he studied medical treatments various ways and possible methods of committing suicide and that he spent several minutes on cockpit doors and their security measures. >> that was katy tur reporting. now to three stomach churning crashes caught on tape. in texas out of nowhere a truck slams into a store. witnesses rushed in to help. this is what it looked like from outside. one woman was killed. seven others were hurt. the driver barrelled into the store while fleeing the scene of another accident. and in oklahoma, this. an suv hits a school bus head on. police say it was speeding when
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the driver lost control. 36 students were on board. six had to be taken to the hospital. investigators are not sure if the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. they're waiting on test results. now to tennessee. >> wow. a cop uses his own cruise tore stop a wrong way driver. the woman was going south on a northbound lane. the officer and the driver were hurt but are okay. the crash is under investigation. 11 minutes past the hour. let's talk sports. lebron james reaches a milestone. he scored his 24,816 point against the knicks. he surpasses the hall of fame center. stanford and miami ended in an overtime thriller. >> he finds reed on a back door
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cut. i think he's got to go. jason randall. leans in. no foul calls. they do call the foul. >> foul called with just 3.4 seconds to go and he will hit both free throws to edge out miami 66-64 for the title. college basketball's best took part in a skills competition in indianapolis. ka sandra brown won the three-point shootout. and really. my goodness. impress the crowd with this high-flying dunk. he flaw leslie jumped over his assistant for the jam and the title. a scary collision during a spring training game. dodgers right fielder collides with second baseman in the fifth inning against the angels. he left the game and was checked by a doctor. fortunately the dodgers said there is no injury. the passing of one of america's most well known creatures.
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died. robert shuler. the famed man had been battling cancer. he was known for the hour of power. his message so strong presidents came to worship. he started worshipping at a drive in theater. in 2010 his crystal ka thooet theed ral ministries filed for bankruptcy. in oregon police to leave. cameras caught it on tape. he targets the bartender. the woman barely escapes getting hit while on the phone with 9-1-1. the guy took off but was caught.
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it's time for your tgif edition of scrambled politics. miley sigh ris is going after come cotton for these comments he made. >> i think it's important we have a sense of our priorities. >> she tweeted happy hippies to call out why freedom is important to us and our country. >> and bob menendez pleaded not guilty but "the new york times" editorial board says it's time to go. they wrote he would be doing a disservice to new jersey by clinging to power. his colleagues in the senate
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should demand he step aside. also when asked if he would consider being a lobbyist harry reid said i'd rather go to singapore and have them beat me with whips. from the national journal jeb bush is taping his private events as much as possible. it looks like an attack on anyone in the future who would, quote, mischaracter rise what he said. somewhere out there you can almost hear mitt romney saying good idea. and idea of 2016 with the ads in your mailbox, they say 40% of adults look forward to checking the mail. how good was president obama's impression? we'll show you and you decide. >> we had our own brand of diplomacy. shake with your right hand but hold a rock in your left. >> there is not frank underwood.
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this is barack obama. happy april fool's day. frank learned it from me. >> i'd say it was pretty good. >> the first lady was here for an appearance on the tonight show. they talked about the first time they met. >> yeah. you wore a suit and it was so hot. >> a three-piece suit and brauk was like where you go? >> i was sweating and he goes dntd you get the memo? it's a bbq. >> that was your barack obama? >> yeah. was it good? >> no. >> come on. >> and she would know. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. all right. it is friday and that means the hill's kevin sarili joins us. the gop may not like this preliminary nuclear deal with iran but do they have the votes to kill it?
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>> it's all going to come down to whether or not republicans can get a hand full of democrats to get on board in order to -- and it's not necessarily kill it. they want review of the final details of president's iran's deal, and president obama really kind of tieing this to his legacy yesterday in a rose garden speech saying it will help prevent iran from getting a nuclear bomb but republicans as well as some democrats expressing a lot of skepticism about my sort of deal in that they say iran is not to be trusted. >> it's not just republicans. even top democrats say they want to review this tentative deal but if they go against the president and kill it how would that weaken the president's power on a global stage? >> i think if enough democrats support republicans in congress to pass legislation that is co-sponsored by democrats
2:24 am
including ben cardin the top senator on the homeland security committee, you have a relation where democrats are going to really be able to decide the fate of a huge portion of president obama's legacy. whether or not that weakens him on the global stage, i think it would send a larger signal to the world that congress is behind the president if this message comes with congress and the white house. >> will this become red meat for presidential hopefuls? >> absolutely. we already saw that. last night former secretary of state hillary clinton issuing a statement saying quote, unquote, the devil is in the details. already it's 2016 material. >> okay. thanks to much for joining us. we appreciate it. have a good weekend. just ahead michelle obama show us us her mom dance and tenic mistake on air that left a price is right model in hiding.
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in entertainment news nbc universal's furious 7 is expected to rule this weekend's box office.
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this will be late actor's wall pauker's last performance. on the price as right the model accidentally reveals an answer early resulting in a jackpot. >> boom, no. oh. i won it. >> congratulations. we just gave you a car. >> i've seen that happen before. >> no do overs and the first lady gave jimmy fallon the evolution of the mom dance. >> i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on nbc. "way too early" starts right now. ♪
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i'm not promising anything nor is the president. we've opened up the opportunity. we have a chance now to work with congress to answer questions, so look at this carefully and negotiate it out in an appropriate way and seal the deal but the people i've talked to who have just become aware of where we are seem to be quite satisfied that this is much stronger than they thought it would be. >> good morning. it's friday april third. welcome to "way too early." for the first time in decades the u.s. and iran are looking at each other as partners on the heals of a nuclear deal that both sides are celebrates. the two countries along with a group of world powers agreed to limit a teheran's nuclear program. still plenty of questions remain particularly from members in congress. first, the specifics.
2:30 am
iran would reduce centrifuged. and limit its ability to produce plutonium. in exchange the u.s. would begin lifting economic sanctions. under the deal the white house says it would take iran at least a year to develop a bomb far longer than the current estimates of two to three months but the limits would only last for ten years after which iran could step up production. after


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