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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  April 3, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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floors in a brooklyn building and the move gears clinton up for her widely expected presidential run. alex sites wald joins me from washington with more on this. talk about why the clock is ticking. 15 days ahead of us. >> thomas once you do anything campaign related under federal election laws you have 15 days to officially declare your candidacy. she's in a testing the waters phase and technically exploring whether she wants to run. she has a lot of people working for her but not paid working as volunteers, as soon as you put money out and sign a lease or anything like this the clock starts ticking. we're looking at sometime by if not next week the week after next. >> so let's talk about that. they are working as volunteers and not being paid. they are just there and hanging out in brooklyn, just waiting to see what happens? >> it's a little bit more planning than that. they have job titles. most of them as far as i know have not been given a salary
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expectation but they are working. they are meeting and taking copies with people walking out of coffee shops and hotel lobbies and apartments and all have this expectation they are going to start working sometime soon. a lot of them don't know exactly when. it's a very closely held date inside the clinton campaign. and they can't be back paid officially or legally. so they are all excited for this opportunity. it's the most -- world's most exclusive volunteer program i'm calling it. >> the expectation doesn't put food on the table. what do people eat, ramen noodles all the time back to college? >> it puts people in an awkward position but these are campaign professionals, either people who recently left jobs where they were paid well or believers or die-hards and willing to go work for secretary of state clinton and be part of what they think is an important effort. >> brooklyn was a contender for the dnc but now it seems like
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it's got to be a hot bed of activity no matter what. >> right, absolutely. clinton's home is in chap pa qua new york they initially looked at putting campaign headquarters in that area but instead focusing on brooklyn and queens making it easier for people coming up to washington to get to the campaign headquarters. it's going to be right in downtown brooklyn. this will give it a kind of youthful vibe that i think she's definitely hoping will rub off on the campaign. very different when it was head quartered in a former immigration detention facility. but brooklyn is also one of the most diverse places in the entire world. huge immigrant population and much more representative than iowa or new hampshire. >> and more fancy real estate than many believe it once was. alex, great to see you, thank you. >> breaking news out of louisville where 200 firefighters are trying to put
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out a fire at the storage facility owned by ge. the building is partially collapsed. no reported injuries at this point but people who live within a half mile radius were told to stay inside until further notice. it's unclear what started the fire but we'll bring you more details when we get them. live pictures out of hill air force base where president obama is delivering remarks on the economy. his remarks come hours after a new and lower than expected jobs report. the u.s. economy added 126,000 jobs last month and ending a year long streak of sturdy and snow balling job creation. the jobless rate remains the same at 5.5%. michelle zbin risco joins me now. i said sturdy and snow balling because we have seen the advance of the numbers every month. so what do you think factored into this slowdown? >> well i think it was a different kind of snowball we were talking about this morning or at least the chill of the winter was really a factor here.
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we did see some of the most weather sensitive industries take a hit, construction leisure and hospitality, and restaurant employment. those were two signs that weather did have an effect. now that wasn't the whole story. we did see also decreases slowdown in mining jobs of course off of energy prices that have been slow since mid last year. as well as manufacturing is taking a hit as we have slower overseas growth and fewer overseas buyers for them to sell goods to. >> if we break down the jobless rate and do so by race very little or no change. how might the new numbers impact the fed's decision to keep interest rates near zero through the summer? >> the unemployment rate is still looking good in their minds. i think another key factor here and this is something that fed chair janet yellen has been mentioning is wage growth. we did see a little bit of a
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modest tick up in wage growth this month. at least it didn't deteriorate is the low bar we're using now. but wage growth is a key factor. they want to see a sign and be confident that that is going to tick up over the medium term in order for them to raise interest rates. >> thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. a philadelphia woman is in court later this afternoon to face charges that she tried to join isis. this new case involves a 30-year-old woman and authorities say her name is kiona thomas and brought a plane ticket to turkey in late march after researching routes online and posting support for isis on twitter. news of thomas's arrest comes one day after two new york city women were accused of plotting to detonate a bomb as an isis inspired operation. new developments in the historic deal in iran's nuclear program. president rouhani called it a
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historic moment for iran but tweeted this if other negotiating party fulfills promises iran will fulfill promises. if they choose a different path other options are available. the deal isn't without its critics, netanyahu blasted it saying the israeli cabinet is united against the deal. >> such a deal does not block iran's path to the bomb such a deal paves iran's path to the bomb. and it might very well spark a nuclear arms race throughout the middle east and it would greatly increase the risks of terrible war. >> ali, what's the reaction been like in iran? and is it accurate for the prime minister to say this is truly a path when the fact that international inspectors need to be a part of every part of this deal? >> well thomas to answer the first question there were
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scenes of jubilation last night when the news was announced, they were driving around tehran honking horns and flashing victory signs and waving the iranian flag. when the foreign minister zarif arrived this morning from negotiations, he was treated like a rock star thousands went out to greet him taking pictures of him. he really was the man of the hour. social media lit up and these guys, rouhani and zarif are pretty much heroes. rouhani was voted in on a mandate of getting the sanctions lifted and so far they seem to be delivering on that. obviously they have to sign on the dotted line on the 30th to finalize everything but yid's accord is a major step towards finalizing that. to answer your second question i think the israeli obviously have their own concerns but this is a very robust deal. a lot of us here we're seeing
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details coming out of it and we don't have all of the details, were quite surprised what iran had agreed to especially the level of intrusive inspections and the program being under such close scrutiny and having iranians were very worried, look has to have a sunset clause. it doesn't have a sunset clause and some of the clauses in the agreement are there for poourp tuddy. they could turn around at some point and throw inspectors out but that would be detrimental to them. i think it is a fairly good deal for now. >> ali arouzi thanks. we switch gears talking about president obama and the fact now back at home he has to sell the deal to congress. may be a tough one to sell not only for republicans but some democrats and francis rivera
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spoke to elliott engle this morning. >> it's certainly a mixed bag of tricks and we have to assess it in the next few months while the bill and details are being hammered out. >> luke russert joins me live from washington, d.c. how tough of a sell is it for the president? we hear elliott engle there but chuck schumer has not been overly excited shall we say, about learning about the deal. >> a short statement from chuck schumer purported to be the next minority leader of the democrats, thomas this is going to be a tough sell for president obama. he's going to face near universal republican opposition. we're starting to see statements coming from republicans such as homeland security chairman who setd the consequences will be dire if the deal moves forward and john boehner saying he wants to have a robust examination of the perimeters of this deal and that congress wants to get a real good thorough look at it. what's going to be interesting though, you're starting to see a
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lot of democrats saying we're not going to reserve judgment just yet on this deal but what we're going to do is really want to be able to have a review of it. you sort of have seen the legislative branch and executive branch we don't want you guys to have all of the power here. right now according to my calculations, 64 senators that would like this corker menendez deal which would congressional review of any final iran deal to move forward. they are approaching close to a veto proof majority. you can see that as well as those numbers could be there in the house. make no mistake, this was a significant announcement yesterday. but between now and june 30th the president has a lot of lobbying to do within his own party and republicans are really going to mobilize and try to beat back what they view as the most problematic aspects of this agreement. >> right now we're about halftime through this whole process. >> good way to put it. >> thank you, luke appreciate it. >> the friday before easter much of the country is being hit with hard nasty weather.
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one person has died and 163 others have been rescued from the waters in the past 24 hours and it's far from over with another 1 to 2 inches of rain possibly hail expected later today and tornado watches are still in effect throughout the south and plains region after several had touched down yesterday in oklahoma and kansas. meteorologist vivian brown tracking storm systems from the weather channel headquarters in atlanta. what are you keeping a close eye on? >> it is that very same system that brought severe weather yesterday that will be moving east. this is a targeted weather today from east texas all the way to southern illinois, indiana and parts of ohio through the blue grass state of kentucky too. the radar does show most action to the north. not much going on across texas and arkansas yet but we'll be watching it throughout the afternoon. let's hone in on these areas. this one in southern illinois already prompting severe thunderstorm warnings. hailstones and high winds and
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locally heavy rain here. and speaking of the heavy rain look at the blob of heavy rain moving across the central parts of kentucky and southern ohio. just south and east of cincinnati continuing to move east. keep in mind this is the area that we're watching. grounds are very sat lated. flash flood watches have been issued from central west virginia through southern illinois and indiana, ohio and much of the blue grass state of kentucky. we're watching for additional flooding today. >> a lot for people to pay attention to as they travel. thank you so much. so fix is in but is it good enough? we'll talk about the adjustments in the arkansas and indiana religious freedom laws. what they do do and don't do and the framework of a deal is now in place but there is still a lot of detail to figure out the connection with iran's nuclear program and how the world is going to be overseeing this. we'll take a closer look just ahead and how a 36-year-old
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welcome back two changes designed to end the criticism over controversial religious freedom bills are signed into law. the governors frz arkansas and indiana gave final approve yesterday after days of intense criticism. indiana's change bar service providers from using the law as a legal defense for refusing to provide goods and services facilities or accommodations while arkansas's change makes it more like the federal rfra but not businesses or individuals. but how far do the changes go? think progress the author of injustices, the supreme court history of comfortable the
10:16 am
comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. ian, good to have you here. let's go through the states and changes. >> sure thing. both of these it's important to understand are very modest fixes. our thought isn't much of a thought at all. 22 states have explicit protections for lgbt people at the state level, both before and after the fix in most of both states, if you're gay, you're not protected from discrimination. in indiana there's some municipalities, indianapolis has a local order yans protecting gay people. under the indiana fix that now cannot be trumped by religious objection. if you live in indianapolis and you're gay, you have some protections. in arkansas arkansas may be the worst most anti-gay state in the country now because their law forbids localities from passing nongay laws. >> right the
10:17 am
anti-anti-discrimination law. >> that's exactly right. these fixes do very little. they prevent some inencroachment on gay rights about the don't expand the narrow scope of rights in the two states. >> i want to give a quote from the editorial that appeared in the indy star about the change. the revisions will not satisfy everyone by agreeing to address legal protections for citizens in cities with local anti-discrimination ordinances republican lawmakers have upset many social conserveativeconservative. advocates for gay rights are not satisfied that the efforts will go far enough. but for those against this the social conservative the indy star pointed out about advance indiana, the non-profit lobbying group run by eric miller and they noted among the things that will happen christian bakers and florist and photographers will be forced to participate in a homosexual wedding or else be
10:18 am
punished by the government. what this website did is expose the fact it wasn't about hobby lobby as it was about marriage equality coming to indiana in the fall. >> that's right. i should say, i'm not satisfied with this fix. i support gay rights and i don't think it's too much to ask you can't discriminate against people because they are gay or trans. that said what happened in indiana is a huge defeat for the christian right. the reason why is because they have been saying for years that their fire wall they think they are going to lose on merge equality and lose the battles and their firewall was supposed to be religious objections even when they lose, religious objectors would be exempt from gay rights laws. what the backlash in indiana shows is that the american people aren't going to buy that. mike pengs is one of the most conservative governors in the country and even he ultimately decided he had to cave on this issue. it is a big political defeat for
10:19 am
christian right. >> thanks appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> we go back to the historic and tentative deal on iran's nuclear program. the framework we have? >> three months are going to be so crucial in finalizing that deal and meeting the deadline at the end of june. between now and june 30th multiple disputes must be resoxd. let's starts with the first one, iran sanctions namely when do the united states european nation and united nations lift them? lifting iran sanctions is a key agreement in exchange for a nuclear deal but there is disagreement among the negotiating parties as far as the time line. iran wants sanctions lifted immediately and united states want to lift them gradually and u.s. wants iran to commit to the deal before it provides sanctions relief. number two here enforcing the deal. how will the united states and allies ensure iran doesn't cheat on this deal?
10:20 am
here's what president obama had to say about that. >> if iran cheets the world will know it. if we see something suspicious, we will inspect it. iran's past efforts to weaponize its program will be addressed. with this deal iran will face more inspections than any other country in the world. >> and one way to enforce the deal is what negotiators are calling a snap back. you heard that in the president's speech also secretary of state kerry's speech after it would automatically reverse u.n. sanctions if tehran fails to comply. but russia strongly opposes this option. that brings us to number three. could the congress here block the deal republicans have strongly opposed a nuclear deal with iran and lawmakers from both sides want to review a final agreement. president obama warned the issues at stake are bigger than politics saying this is a matter of war and peace and congress could still squash the deal here. tom cotton who wrote a letter to iran against the deal had this
10:21 am
to say. >> there is no deal framework with iran only a list of very dangerous u.s. concessions that will put iran on the path to a nuclear weapon. >> now to number four nuclear inspections and this is crucial, the deal doesn't mean much unless inspectors can verify iran honors the deal and the success of the deal largely hings on iran's cooperation with inspectors. they are the iaea and the deal says iran will be required to grant them access to suspicious sites. many are saying the devil is in the details here. so we'll see how congress pushes back in the two-week recess. and of course we heard in the president's remarks there saying, if congress kills this the united states will be the one to blame for failed diplomacy and we know how important this is as far as president obama's diplomatic legacy with china, with cuba and
10:22 am
then now iran. >> it's fun to watch and we'll talk about this again. we're at halftime on this one. >> good way to put it. >> coming up a sailor is rescued after 66 days lost at sea. his amazing story of survival straight ahead. plus the latest from the germanwings flight 9525 its investigation, what the second black box proves the co-pilot did in the final moments before impact. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill?
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♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. now to the story of a real life casta way as a south carolina man spends more than two months lost at sea. >> the amazing story of louis jordan. he wanted to catch fish and went on a sailboat back in january disaster struck but there is a happy ending. >> reporter: hey thomas this story, at first is hard to believe but then when you hear all of the details come together, you start to think, you know maybe this really
10:26 am
happened. 36-year-old louis jordan who had been reported missing two months ago was out at sea 200 miles out of sea when he was rescued yesterday. he says he survived for 66 days by eating raw fish by drinking rain water and rationing what food was already on the boat. and then it was this massive german containership that came along at just the right moment on thursday. after 66 days lost at sea, louis jordan walked from the coast guard chopper under his own power into a norfolk hospital on thursday to an emotional reunion with his father. after 66 days at sea. >> it seemed like a lot longer. >> reporter: friends and family knew he had gone sailing january 23rd aboard his 35-foot sailboat but no one heard from him for more than two months and his parents were frantic. >> what had the last two months been like? >> it's been terrible. it's -- you live moment to moment and those moments turn
10:27 am
into days. >> have you given up hope? >> many times. >> what no one knew is he drifted into the atlantic and mast and rudder broken and boat capsized three times. >> i was flying through the air somersaulting and everything was upsidedown and backwards. >> reporter: for two months he rationed his food and ate raw fish capturing rain water to survive. thursday morning an incredible stroke of luck. jordan's small sailboat was spotted by the houston express, a massive german containership 200 miles off the carol line that coast. >> they saw me waving my arms and turned that huge skyscraper around. >> reporter: a coast guard chopper lifted him from the deck of the houston express flying him back to norfolk. >> thanks for your help. >> reporter: louis is thinner and big shaggier than before his ordeal but happy to be home. >> are you ever going to sail again? >> i don't really know. >> reporter: will you ever let
10:28 am
him get on that boat again? >> i don't know. not in the ocean. >> reporter: i asked him, how did you pass the time day after day for 66 days drifting on the ocean? he says his answer was interesting given it's easter weekend. he said he read the bible cover to cover, back and forth over and over again. he says he became a much more spiritual person and determined to live the rest of his life out of love and out of happiness and trying to give back. thomas, back to you. >> isn't that amazing? >> astounding 66 days at sea will absolutely do that. he has his own little wilson to get him by. >> the boat was named angel and resorted to the bible to help pass time and re-established faith. god bless him. so glad he's back with his family. no listen to your mother don't go back out. >> at least not for now.
10:29 am
>> we're going to be talking about that breaking news coming up out of the alps as investigators examine the secretary of defense black box recovered from flight 9525. the new disturbing details what the co-pilot was doing in the final moments of descent and the latest from kenya after the devastating attack that killed 150 people and were there warnings about an attack that it was eminent? we'll take you there. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start
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we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome back. negotiations with iran have led to a landmark deal on curbing their nuclear program, however critics from washington to tel aviv remain skeptical more than 100 water rescues made in louisville in the past 24 hours. several more storms are forecast today across the south and midwest. hillary clinton making moves and news today because a lease has been signed for office space in brooklyn that is expected to be the headquarters of a 2016
10:32 am
presidential campaign. the move signals a campaign launch is likely eminent. >> and the latest job numbers signal a slowdown in economic growth. now we want to bring you the latest from the developments of the crash of germanwings 9525. we have brand-new pictures of the second black box recovered yesterday and you can see it's typically orange but black and chaured. initial tests show the co-pilot used the autopilot to lower the plane to 100 feet and repeatedly increased the speed of the plane during its descent. claudio lavanga is in france. what can you tell us about this report? these details definitely back up what people already suspected? it does thomas you've seen the pictures of the black box. it was a pretty bad state and nevertheless the investigators
10:33 am
managed to get some records out of it an enormous amount of data, we're talking 5500 different records of the plane from takeoff to the moment of impact. what they say essentially is that data just confirms what they suspected all along, the co-pilot did set the autopilot to an altitude of 100 feet therefore setting the plane into a descent eventually and on the french mountains. the most important piece of information is the revelation that during the eight minutes steep descent, lubitz increased the speed of the plane a number of times. that can only mean one thing he was very alert during the last eight minutes of that flight and very aware of the consequences of his actions. thomas. >> it's so sad for the family and everyone still trying to figure out exactly what would have driven him to do this. again, the detail coming from this black box, the fact he accelerated in the descent is chilling. claudio lavanga reporting in
10:34 am
france thank you. we turn our attention to kenya, a nation in mourning following the deadliest attack since the embassy bombings in 1998. there is a heavy military presence at the college where 150 people were killed when gunman overpowered guards and open fire yesterday morning. the death toll could climb. bill neely is the chief global correspondent in nairobi following the latest developments for us. bill? >> reporter: yes, thomas plenty of mourning today and may be more to come. the death toll -- >> unfortunately we're having issues with bill's transmission out of kenya. we'll go back to him for the update there. again, this is the largest and deadliest incident they've had
10:35 am
in kenya since the 1998 embassy bombings there happening on the garissa university college campus. at home we turn attention to indiana and arkansas and the steps they've taken to stop criticism over religious freedom bills. in other states there are more a done that introduced similar bills this year. in north carolina the house speaker is slowing down the process so that lawmakers can figure out what impact the bill would have on their state's economy. texas lawmakers introduced an amendment to the texas constitution and it would prohibit the government or any entity from imposing burdens on religious freedom. in georgia, lawmakers end the legislative session without voting on a bill. what is the effect as we look at this on a bigger scale, the events of the last week having on other states that would see fit to institute bills like were attempted in indiana and arkansas? >> the aeffect is similar to the one we saw last week in jan brew
10:36 am
area er aegs decision to veto a measure. she was facing backlash and at the time there were dozens of similar bills pending and all stopped dead in their tracks. post hobby lobby we saw them come back with a vengeance but we've seen a similar pumping up of the brakes in at least four states, in michigan we heard governor rick snyder issue an unusual statement saying he would veto the religious restoration act that hasn't had a committee hearing yet. that's a pretty clear sign that that bill is not going to go very far this session and georgia as you said the session came to a close without a vote on that state's religious restoration act in north carolina. earlier we heard pat mckrorry question the need and we heard
10:37 am
the texas association of business speaking out against three type measures pending in the state. it's not clear if any of them will have a committee hearing. >> it's amazing as we talk about big business and the fact that walmart spoke out against the bill in arkansas the backlash that indiana phased being immense, not only for the fact businesses would pull out holding a convention and the ncaa, money is what all of the politicians are responding to. >> money is a big driver of how these governors act. they are the ceos of their states and you know nobody wants to see -- nobody wants to cost their state millions of dollars in revenue. that's just not a politically smart move. it's not surprising that we're seeing a lot of hesitation expressed from republican governors now in response to religious freedom measures moving through the state. >> good paying jobs for citizens
10:38 am
that they are governing over. great to see you. we return to our top stories, the historic and tentative deal on iran's nuclear program. francis is here with how this lifting of sanctions could impact all of us as oil starts to return to the free market out of iran. >> we already saw immediately following the announce. ing oil prices fell as much as 5%. and nuclear deal would help iran claim its lost ground in the global oil market and in turn we feel it help our gas prices here at home. let's show you how. iran holds the world's fourth largest crude oil reserves. look at this graph here let's show you when you look at january of 2012. that's when we saw the european union agree to i am pocketmportimports, iran was
10:39 am
producing 3.5 million barrels a day. look at the drop in july of 2012. you can see that huge million barrel dropoff once the ban went into effect. interesting when you put it in that perspective. on kbrusly iran has the capability to produce much more than that. you can see the wealth of oil as far as oil pipe lines as you see in green right over here all of these areas are where those pipe lines are especially around the western part of the country. and around a dozen oil refineries and just as many ports around here were those ports and oil refineries are along the persian gulf. you can see from that perspective how much that is. iran used to be the fifth largest oil provider and as you can see because of sanctions here, it's dropped all the way to this number 14th place in exports, that's according to the u.s. department of energy. now here's where exports stand right now. the top five are these nations, saudi arabia russian second and
10:40 am
united arab em irates thirds and then iraq. they estimated to reach 35 million barrels and iran with without a doubt keen on collecting revenue because sanctions crippled its economy. you can see how it's such a big deal, you're talking about sanctions and how that benefits the game of oil in iran and also for us at home especially when you put it in this perspective here, each $10 per barrel decline of oil can send gas prices down to 25 cents a gallon. you think of it -- this is a deal ultimately where each and every day your drive to work you can feel it. >> i think americans looking at their wallets and figuring out what is in the bank account, this is important. for human rights abuses and ballistic missiles programs in iran, that the sanctions will remain. so we're going to continue to hear the critics talking about the fact that there's an easing and sanctions being lifted. >> that's not back -- in case
10:41 am
they decide to go against it. >> all right ahead, the state of frats. msnbc's ronan farrow went to penn state after another fraternity closed over reports of bad behavior. the common denominator he found in all recent incidents, we'll have it for you. the price is right model making a $22,000 mistake. ♪ >> give me the price tag to the hyundai sonata 19,,000, 22,000 which is it? >> $19,849. >> go ahead. no. >> oh! >> i won it! [ laughter ] >> congratulations, manuella just gave you a car. ♪
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more news on fraternities out of control at penn state on thursday night the frat announced the temporary closer of the penn state chapter following allegations of hazing. this is just two weeks after another fraternity on campus was suspended after a facebook page emerged which had nude photos of incapacitated women among other things. ronan farrow found these problems had one common denominators. >> i spent a year reading civil lawsuits the complaints in civil lawsuits against fraternities, never once read one in which a whole narrative paragraph did not explain very clearly how everyone drunk to the point of blackout.
10:46 am
>> reporter: she says alcohol is at the root of a host of problems. >> let's talk about the inflicted trauma of hazing. let's talk about the sexual sadism, these are things that shouldn't have a place in a formal organized sanctioned college club. >> reporter: this student left with disturbing claims about hazing and asked we conceal his identity fearing retaliation. >> the lowest part for me when i was cleaning out the basement filled with dead animals and manure and sometimes human feces, i started failing my classes. i left and that was kind of it. >> fraternity houses like this are at a heart of a new wave of scandals across the country. some in greek life are trying to clean house. >> we did alcohol free housing. the culture was dominated by alcohol and that was at the ent he ter of everything we did. >> reporter: one of the first and oldest national fraternities
10:47 am
to switch to entirely alcohol free housing in 2000 they met with resistance some of the most intense at penn state. >> the chapter at penn state was literally here. >> right here. it was one of the grand old fraternities here at penn state. there was just a series of behaviors and incidents that occurred that were in violation of commonwealth's law and our policies and we made the decision to close the chapter. >> reporter: a decision that met with a fight and not just from students. >> there's a pocket of alumni who are resistant to what we were trying to do with alcohol free. they sued us and we won. >> reporter: but the experiment worked, the fraternity's 2010 paper showing alcohol free housing, great point averages up and insurance premiums down and steady increase in new members. >> people need to look at what are the catalysts behind these catalyst and try to drive them out of the culture. that's what we did. >> thanks to ms nbc for the
10:48 am
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them too. so talk to them about what they publish and post and what they don't publish and post like--like phone numbers addresses, and things they might regret someday. have an open dialogue with them, and help your kids navigate the internet safely. the more you know. . okay. so a congressman is working to clean up the government but not the way that you think. >> he just announced the accountability responsibility on naming the motions act of 2015. it's also known as the acronym act. see, honda says that he named it but he is tired of adding extra words to create a cleaver acronym, and wants it to stop.
10:51 am
he says this. he has had enough after the pension and social measurements and linking everyone's asavings environment act. the acronym more that is pass me through. >> now with the huffington post and he joins us from washington dc and explain to us that they say that things are so ridiculous is this a necessary evil? >> yeah this maybe the first bill that's an april fools joke and picks up steam. it is completely observed and in the article about the press release, we added a few more and, you know, my favorite of all of them ever is the patriot act. just coming waive and give up the acronym is impressing and let me see, the usa act and it
10:52 am
was the uniting and strengthening america by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism act. that was days of staff time. and obstruct you don't obstruct terrorism. you might address the root causes or confront it so now we have a law that says that we're going to obstruct it as if we're going filibusterer it. so that they can come up with the u.s. patriot act. >> in this day to talk about it what are the criticism of saying out of all of the things to tackle and what we should consider a priority. this is down right frivolous? >> maybe it's a quality of life thing. this chaps people. if you can improve somebodies quality of life and not having them confront things then maybe
10:53 am
you have made the world a better place. nothing is going to pass this and get signed by this president any way even something like this. >> this is known as the aa? >> yes, the aa. >> okay o. they may all need a stiff drink after getting through this one. great to see you and have a holiday weekend. >> you too. so much is happening and just look at this at the top of the hour we're going take you there live and reprting at the fire at the ge facility in louisville. the scary information here revealed by the planes flight data recorder. on a much lighter note the egg crack challenge. thele challenge that has people smacking eggs on the forehead. where it came from and guess who is doing it.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
hi everybody this hour a massive six alarm fire and smoke scene for miles and neighbors told to stay inside. also ahead. >> are you ever going to sail again? >> i really don't know. >> here from him yourself a man rescued after two months at sea. how is he able to survive. else in the middle east not the same reaction. >> israel will not expect an agreement that allows a country that vows to nile late us. >> what needs to be resolved before there's a permanent deal. glad to have you with us. we do want to begin with the breaking news out of louisville kentucky. 200 firefighters are trying to put out a fire at a massive storage facility. the fire broke out at 7:00 this morning and no reported injuries at this time. people that live within a half
10:58 am
mile raidous are told to stain side until further notice. an employee that had the day off, describes his reaction to the fire. >> i just look out and i see a big wall and glad of smoke. i saw ge appliance and i was like oh my god. that's where i work. >> just amazing to look at it. joins us on the phone is gray and the reporter for the journal. grace, let's talk about today being a holiday, so this storage facility did not have employees on the inside, correct? >> thubl just a few people and i think that they were really a crew because it shut down on friday. the whole park was basically shut down for a few people working. >> meanwhile it's a tale and crews have had not one but two
10:59 am
crisises and we have had a fire and extreme flooding that's taking place. how have the flooding efforts put an impact on the resources for getting to this huge fire? >> well it was pretty daisy because there were roads closed. they were rescues going on with people driving into standing water and getting stranded is. the alarms that were sounded they had a good respongs to kbrks e because that's such a big place. yeah, it was just a wild morning. when that comes on the heels of president obama's visit yesterday where he was three hours late because of the iran announcement and traffic everywhere was shut down. people were kind of feeling under seas right now here. >> we're looking at the images and this is where we're seeing the building front waum cave and the roof collapsing under the pressure and heat of this blaze.
11:00 am
grace, have you heard from any of your sources about what a cause might have been? >> no there's been -- i mean they're still really working on ventilating the building next door where they build high end refrigerators that's building and camping down this blaze and so for the workers that were told to be off next week. that was confirmed by the union president david quinton. otherwise, there's not much information coming out about the fire. they did extend the shelter in place to a two mile raidous because the air is really right the smoke is banking down and it poses a health risk. we don't think that there's anything in there. >> no we can see the black clouds that are coming out of the top and billowing to the left side of the screen. grace with the carrier and grace, we're going to let you
11:01 am
get back to work. thanks for your time. >> thank you. developing news in phil philadelphia. investigators say that 30-year-old keogh that thomas booked turkeys in march and researching beforehand and recently supported the support for isis and desire to be a mar tar. it comes after two new york woman appeared in court inspired by isis that they planned to set off a bomb here in the u.s. a. aday after announcing an agreement the world agreed to sell the deal. he took to state tv and said it was a massive step. secretary of the state took his case to the american people and pending to the boston globe and calling the deal an important milestone in the year's mile long effort. among those not sold issize ral and he called it a grave disaster toize ral survival.
11:02 am
>> the deal would greatly boost the economy. it could give iran tremendous means to grow throughout the middle east. >> joining me now from iran nbc news and nbc news corespondent chris. i want to start with you ali. let's talk about the reaction of the people there. we have the foreign minister receiving the welcome when returning back from switzerland. how is the government selling the deal to the people? they're making it appear that it's completely sold? >> well, just the deal being announced did not need a lot of selling. the point that they reached was a huge deal and honking the horns and flashing the victory signs. they needed a foreign minister
11:03 am
at the airport that treated him like a rock star. people trying to get around the car to take pictures of him. the president came on tv and sold the deal as a huge step for iran. he said that iran has come out of this with dignity and going to keep the nuclear program in tact and proved to the world that it's a peaceful saks. this is music to the ears of the iran people. they have been having a tough tough economic time and being frozen out of the world banking system, so they're selling this deal as a huge success here but they're having a hard line and news tech said that there was a good deal for america and a bad deal for iran. a lot more can come out of this. >> okay. krirks as we talk about the reaction in iran obviously this deal has it's critics because they're people saying that this raises iran to an international
11:04 am
respect level that it does not deserve. the president would say that it's an easing of the sanction on the country and the best option because the other is going back into war. >> reporter: yeah, the president says that's why we have the verifications build into this deal and so look here is what happens and it started yesterday and 20 minutes in the rose garden with the president and now we're seeing a senior adviser out in the air ways and really pushing the idea that this is the alternative and a diplomatic solution with verifiable benchmarks opposed to another middle east war. we saw a lot of them out today, and we're going to hear a lot more from the president. he has been making phone calls and talked to benjamin and said strongly aposes to the deal and talked the saud octavia arab
11:05 am
octavia and to come and talk about regional security but a lot of this is going go and sell it here because there are a couple of bills in congress that would give them the power to over where this deal goes. something the white house does not want to happen and there are some critical votes and one from the senator chuck that staid a little bit lukewarm and we're going to be watching closely and one of the things that's interesting is that if you walk into a capital hill and everybody is gone on vacation and what it's given is the white house and there are cameras that they can walk to in their hometown and get a national audience and we heard yes. >> all white there in nbc. great to see you chris, have a great easter. >> thank you. you too. >> still more work to be done and francis is back now and the
11:06 am
what's next. >> what is next is three months of very crucial negotiations in here and finalizing the deal. we're talking between now and june 30th. multiple disputes and here are the most burning questions. number one sanctions and when did the united states and united nations lift them and lifting iran sanctions is a key agreement for a nuclear deal. there's disagreement among the negotiating parties as far as the time line. now the u.s. wants iran to commit to the deal before it provides sanctions relief. number two enforcing the deal and how would they ensure that iran does not cheat on the deal. here is what president obama had to say about that? >> if iran cheats the world will know it. if we see something suspicious we will inspect it. the past efforts to recognize the programs will be addressed. with this deal iran will will
11:07 am
face more inspections than any other country in the world. >> here is a way to enforce it. it's called a snap back and it would reverse sanctions in if they failed to survive and russia aposes that option. and no number three could the united states congress block this deal? they apose the deal with the lawmakers from both sides and they want to review a final agreement and president obama warn that had the issues here are bigger than politics. he says that this is a matter of war and peace. congress could still cross the deal and senator that wrote a letter against the deal had this to say. >> there's no deal or frame work with iran. there's only a list of dangerous u.s. sanctions that's going to put iran on a path to a nuclear weapon. >> to number four and nuclear inspections.
11:08 am
the success is on irans cooperation and they're handled by the energy agency or the ia ea. it says that iran will grant access to suspicious sites. now as many are saying the devil is in the details when it comatose the deal. we just heard that congress is away in the break. we will see what kind of push back they're going to give when they come back from the two week recess. as president obama said in the remarks if congress kills the deal it's the united states that's going to be blamed for a failed diplomacy. we know cuba and china and watching as the u.s. diplomatic. >> let's hope that everyone comes backrested and they end of june, we should know for soon. now the new develops out of the crash of germanwings. investigators revealing detail that is they learned from the second black box recovered. it's the flight data recovered.
11:09 am
it was found yesterday by one of the receiversearches of the crash site. what are the investigators saying about what the second black box revealed? >> reporter: well investigators are saying that essentially the data recovered is just confirm confirming what they thought all along. he set it at -- it september it into the mountains and more importantly they found evidence from the second black box that he during that eight minutes steep descent he increased the speed several times. that can only mean that he wanted to crash the plane, and he wanted do that as quickly as possible. >> chilling details and accuracy now being put together after recovering both black boxes. claudia, thank you. developing news back here at
11:10 am
home. hillary clintons came pains signs a lease for office space in brooklyn. they can see more before the day is done. and this. >> they saw me on the front of there waving my arms and turned a huge sky scaper around. >> rescued after being at sea for two months. one mans tale of survival. you don't want to miss it. we will be right back. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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11:13 am
more storms are in the forecast for the evening with another inch or two and the weather channel is in missouri and that's also bracing for more storms this afternoon after yesterday's rain. what's the latest out there. >> reporter: thunderstorms race here in and southeast, missouri through the morning hours. branson had some wind damage and southwest missouri reported golf bail size hail and then a tornado watch up in northern arkansas that expired at 9:00 a.m. without any issues and coming in from the north and west and look at the blue skies. isn't that beautiful. we're still ahead of the cold front and that's coming through the afternoon. that may spark showers and storms and there's a flood wash and that's the forecast now from the local weather service office. we had two-thirds an inch of rain and looking up to the sky to the south and west and then
11:14 am
the clouds with the severe threat. we're done with the risk of severe weather accept for some storms in the afternoon and clear sailing and sunny skies back and saturday and sunday temperatures head to 60 if not better. we will be chilly and more areas of frost in parts of the show me state. >> back to you. >> thanks mike. for more on the rash of storms that are taking place jen is with the weather channel and joins us live in atlanta. we're looking at the red and/or range that's going through the southern states. >> it's a large area thomas. a large area that we're looking at for thunderstorms today. everywhere in the red zone is possible and from houston to dc and lightening to see a little bit out there. the worst of the weather in the red area and we want to talk
11:15 am
about the tornado conditions and it's a four and southern kentucky and damage to northern alabama and there's an area that we're highlighting for the risk of tornado ask today. we want to show you where there's a or the watch out. it's in louisville all the way through bowling green and nashville in the tornado watch. we're going see storms fire and already seen it happening. we're going to show the satellite and the clouds and the rain. this area right here we started to see popping with thunderstorms that have brought hail already and gusty winds. what is concerned as we get through is some of the storms and the ones that are the individuals storms these could turn or the nad i can. we're going watch this area. this is a forecast now and we're taking the radar and put it in forecast mode. going through places like louisville we're going to see a
11:16 am
round of storms coming in today and then by tonight we can get the front through and thomas clear things out for the easter weekend. >> okay. we will see it. great to see you jen, thanks so much. so the banners are up in indianapolis and in time for the ncaa games. how the freedom law impacted the ramp up to the final four. also ahead you may have seen this in the facebook tweed or twitter time line. the inspirational campaign raising money for diabetes. we will be back after this.
11:17 am
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love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that. main you have seen it popping up in the facebook feed or time line. the egg crack is raising money and a lot of awareness for juvenile diabetes. it was the division of a senior
11:20 am
that was inpyrespired by the bucket challenge. at 15 he was diagnosed as a diabetic diabetic. >> okay. i did not like that. oh god. sadly will that was captain of the lacrosse team unexpectedly passed away from complications of the flu. to inspire and celebrate his high school friend and the family champion will's egg crack mission and joining me is lindle and paige. paige is a close friend and linda is his mom. i want to start with you. how do you think that will would feel on the ignition switch has been flipped, and it's starting to trend? >> i think that he -- we have mixed feelings. he did not like to bring a lot of attention to himself, but he also lived his life with a lot of kindness and joy and seeing
11:21 am
people crack eggs on their head would cause him tons of laughter and secondly bringing awareness and money to try to cure the disease, he would be thrilled about that. >> paige, you have been a real champion for his cause. >> thanks. >> you went to high school together and prom and great friends. >> yes. >> what was it about the egg challenge and the passing that made you want to take this on and make sure that will had a legacy about it? >> well will was a great friend and he helped me out through a lot of things that i went through. i knew that we needed to create a legacy that was as selfless and funny and kind as he is. i knew that i wanted to help that happen so i made the buzz feed article and facebook page and now everybody is getting cracking. >> yeah, everybody is getting cracking. you have had a great response. chicken of the sea in san diego
11:22 am
had 100 of the employees do this on april 1st. it was not a joke, and they donated $10,000 and the research that's being helped to find a cure and 1.2 million americans have it. the statistics of by the year 2050 it's expected that 5 million people will be td 1. for the experience that you went through and the experience that you're going through now in trying to make sure that will's life had tremendous meaning for research, explain what you you hope can hope with the money that's being raised? >> well two things. i am thrilled about the awareness to the disease as well because there's a lot of miss conceptions about type one diabetes, but i hope that the money goes to not only making the money easier to mange the disease with the project and things like that but also the money will also lead to
11:23 am
researchers to find the cause and a cure for the disease, so nobody else has to go through it. we are family is dealing with it right now. >> yeah you have been through a lot. for anybody that sees this paige you have a recommendation and if they do not want to use a real egg you can do the vegan challenge and that's the plastic egg. >> yes, we're going to do it really quick here. we filled it up with glitter and we're doing this to target ellen degeneres and she is so kind and lovable and so we did it for here. >> okay. so that's the nice very gag alternative. there's a graphic that we have made made. we have got ms. america and then jessa because the people of the sea challenged here.
11:24 am
i know that you have an event in baltimore. i knowhope that a lot of people come out. linda and paige, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it, and have a great easter weekend. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> if you want to fight and help join in the research you can contribute to jdrf. coming up next we're going to talk about the nuke deal and how congress can derail the agreement. rescued at sea. a man rescued after spending two months adrift. the incredible story of survival. we're back after this. ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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it's good friday and perhaps an end to the longest standing conflicts. ♪ good afternoon as we come on air and head into the holiday weekend we face a debate on whether the deal with iran is
11:54 am
historic or a misor the i can mistake. hillary clinton feels the same and john banner calls it naive. now the next major fight between congress and the white house. a big point that we will get to in a moment. iran seen dancing in the streets and president obama's comments are broadcasted live on state tv and no censorship needed. let's start off with nbc ali and gagging the reaction from there. what are you hearing? >> well there's been a sense of jubilation here when the
11:55 am
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