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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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okhar tsarnaev. deliberations could start as early as today. tsarnaev faces a total of 30 federal charges, 17 of which carry the death penalty. his attorneys already admitted that he committed the attack that killed three people and injured more than 240 others near the finish line of the boston marathon two years ago. today, his lawyers will try to set the stage for the next phase of the trial. there are two big questions that remain. will tsarnaev take the stand once the sentencing phase begins, and will he ultimately be sentenced to death. ron mott is in boston for us. i understand a number of top state law enforcement officials and commanders of watertown police department will be in court today. >> reporter: yeah hey there, tamron good morning. a busy day at the federal courthouse in south boston. a lot of law enforcement officials here inside the courtroom today to hear these verdicts being read. perhaps if we get them today. there was not much defense in
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this case. what's happening now is the judge is going through the instructions. after the instructions, there will be closing arguments. so the prosecution goes first, about an hour we are told and then the defense will come up. we don't expect the defense will go long at all. if the government has rebuttal they will go at that time. and then we are probably getting a lunch break, perhaps the jury will then get instructions this afternoon and then take the case. the question folks are asking is not so much whether there will be guilty verdicts as we mentioned all along, the defense said that dzhokhar tsarnaev took part in the bombing, so the video that you see of him placing that bag down on the ground, that is him. that was the words from his own attorney on day one of this case. so the jury is expected from a lot of circles to find guilty verdicts here. 30 counts in all to go through. that process could be quite lengthy. then of course tamron there will be a break of some kind we understand before they start the penalty phase. as you mention, the question is
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whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will testify during the penalty phase. there's a good chance that he perhaps can testify because the defense has said all along that his brother is the one who sort of roped him into this conspiracy to set the bombs off at the boston marathon. the defense or prosecution rather is going to argue that there is plenty of evidence that suggests that dzhokhar tsarnaev was an active participant on his own to participate with his brother in this conspiracy so they are going to argue that he should be sentenced to death in this case. a lot of moving parts today. a lot of victim family members are here. as you mention, a lot of law enforcement as well tamron. >> going back to what you describe the defense is likely to layout in the sentencing phase which would be after the guilty phase is done. for those watching at home the same jury will hear the sentencing phase as well but this defense, ron, is called svengali defense, in legal
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context that is the presentation of one person being used as a pawn of the more influential master mind here. with that said the jury has to make a unanimous decision if it will pursue the death penalty here. >> reporter: correct. and this is a death qualified jury here in this case tamron. obviously the commonwealth of massachusetts, the death penalty is not in state court, not legal here in the state of massachusetts in state court, federal court is obviously much different. a lot of people sitting on the jury, a lot of people in the jury pool are essentially against the death penalty. the folks sitting on this panel had to get on the panel by saying they had an open mind and could sentence someone to death if that's the case here. 17 of 30 counts do qualify for the death penalty. and what the government is going to try to do is show aggravating factors they believe should qualify this person dzhokhar tsarnaev for death. the defense will do the
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converse, try to show us mitigating factors that his brother was undue influence on him. we could expect another two or three weeks with this penalty phase. >> ron, thank you very much. turning to another developing story we are following in the next hour columbia journalism school will have a news conference on the "rolling stone" story a rape on campus. it was published in february and included a graphic account from a woman known as jackie who said she was victim of a gang rape at the university of virginia. the independent review calls the story, a quote journalistic failure. the reporter that wrote it did not attempt to contact three of jackie's friends, even though she attributed quotes to them. the magazine actually never identified the alleged attackers, and "rolling stone" never gave the fraternity accused of being involved in the attack a chance to respond to the allegation. the magazine has apologized and is retracting the story.
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also apologized in a statement saying i did not go far enough to verify jackie's story. i allowed my concern for jackie's well-being, my fear of retraumatizing her and confidence in her credibility to take the place of more questioning and more facts. the magazine publisher said all involved will keep their jobs. msnbc reporter joins us from columbia university campus. just to note the attorney speaking for jackie had no comment on this report but you know the big headline for many people, why is someone not losing their job as a result of this. >> reporter: absolutely tamron. well in a few minutes, we're going to hear more from the folks inside columbia journalism school about their report. what we already know is that there was failure to follow basic journalistic practices, including formal practices of fact checking that were in place at "rolling stone." at many points along the way,
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her editors were aware she hadn't contacted friends that are quoted in the piece. they were aware she didn't know the name of the supposed lifeguard who allegedly assaulted jackie and yet they moved forward with their story. so the question is why hasn't anybody been fired, in stories like "the new york times" with jason blair fabricating stories, both top editors were fired. but he stood by his editors and sabrina saying she will write for the magazine again. >> you know in the wake of this article, fraternities on campus were suspended until january 9th. now the fraternity fie cap a sigh was reinstated after it was initially closed. in her apology that she sent out, she never apologizes to the fraternity and the question is whether that is necessary also at this point with this scathing report and admissions from "rolling stone" as well as this reporter. >> reporter: one of the concerns
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that was raised in the columbia report, even though there was a cursory attempt to get in touch with the fraternity to say will you comment, there was no opportunity to respond in detail to specific allegations that would be laid out in the story. had they had more information, they might have said there was no data bank nobody works as a lifeguard at the pool. that's certainly, the fact there was no specific apology from the reporter i believe that was not lost on the fraternity. we haven't officially heard from them. they're expected to deliver a statement after the press conference. >> speaking of statements we have one from university of virginia president teresa sullivan. she said "rolling stone" story "a rape on campus" did nothing to come pat sexual violence and damaged serious efforts to address the issue. irresponsible journalism unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and university of virginia. also statement from virginia attorney general, saying the "rolling stone" failures in a
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difficult position shaken a university community and injected doubt at a moment are building a national momentum around efforts to end campus sexual violence. >> reporter: it is important to note the university of virginia was under a detailed focused federal investigation for compliance with title 9, gender equality amendment to the civil rights act, and it was already under scrutiny for how it was handling sexual assault. it needs to be seen in context. there was a national movement continues to be national movement to fight sexual assault on campus. it didn't begin and end with the "rolling stone" story, but it is certainly true that victims already have trouble telling their stories, they're already faced with a profound amount of skepticism and victim blaming and the journalistic failures in this story aren't likely to make it better. turning to president obama's strong defense of the
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preliminary nuclear deal reached with iran last week calling it quote, a once in a lifetime opportunity. that as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said yesterday about iran, quote, they're getting a free path to the bomb. now republicans and even some democrats are demanding a vote before the deal is finalized. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell joins us from washington with the very latest. >> reporter: hi there, tamron. high profile "the new york times" interview, president obama is answering prime minister netanyahu's criticism and other critics at home of the iran deal. his clear message, he's got israel's back. with the nuclear deal under fire from israel and many in congress president obama chose acclaimed new york times columnist thomas friedman veteran middle east analyst, to mount vigorous defense of the nuclear framework and guarantee israel's defense. >> i understand prime minister netanyahu is expressing the deep
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rooted concerns that a lot of israeli population feel about this. what we will be doing even as we enter into this deal is sending a very clear message to the iranians and the region that if anybody messes with israel america will be there. >> let me start. >> reporter: that will not appease prime minister netanyahu on "meet the press." >> i think this deal is a dream deal for iran and it is a nightmare deal for the world. >> reporter: the administration is counting on secretary of state's partner, the energy secretary. a nuclear physicist, to defend it. >> we blocked all of these pathways to a bomb. this is a long term arrangement. >> reporter: since thursday's agreement, iran and the u.s. are disagreeing about what they settled on in lausanne. disputing claims sanctions would be phased out gradually. key nuclear facilities
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contained, and stock piles of nooung nuclear fuel eliminated. >> it seems to have been designed to create enough space for each side to build the political support it needed to get us to final agreement. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the agreement was deliberately left ambiguous to avoid having it shut down immediately by hard liners in iran. that could make it harder to nail down the final agreement, the one that's supposed to be binding on both sides come june. tamron? >> andrea thank you. we are following several new developments in the university attack in kenya last week that left 148 people dead. a spokesperson says the kenyan military launched air strikes last night in a remote region of somalia used by the group al shabab to cross into kenya, and two of the group's camps destroyed. it is the first major military response to the attack at garrisa university. al shabab took responsibility for the attack saying it was revenge for kenya sending troops to somalia.
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there are also new questions about the immediate response to the attack. a kenyan newspaper reports police waited seven hours before sending a special tactical unit into the university to fight the gunmen. once inside it took the officers only 30 minutes to kill the four gunmen. according to the associated press, one of the gunmen has been identified as a 20-year-old law student and son of a government official. still ahead. rand paul is up next the 2016 race is on. he is out with a new video saying he is a different kind of leader. this as hillary clinton's yet to be announced campaign makes several major hires. and jeb bush now responding to a report saying he listed himself as hispanic on his official paperwork. it is today's first read. also ahead, hbo john oliver grills edward snowden and what many call a must see interview. >> how many of those documents
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have you actually read? >> i have evaluated all the documents that are in archive. >> you've led every single one? >> here snowden's answer and the question that stunned edward snowden coming up after this. plus. >> an unbelievable stretch drive to the championship game. >> okay. here we go odds makers say the game between the badgers and blue devils is too close to call. we will preview the men's final and tomorrow's women's final with nbc sports. join the conversation on any of the topics. the team at "newsnation" on twitter, i am on facebook twitter, instagram under my name. be right back. about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults.
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now to our first read on
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politics and some major developments in the 2016 presidential race. on twitter this morning kentucky senator rand paul promoted his big presidential announcement tomorrow with a two and a half minute video that features a "mad men" style silhouette. hillary clinton also ramping up her organization ahead of an expected announcement adding a number of high profile staffers to her team. and the "the new york times" is out with a critical look at jeb bush's 2016 efforts. bush's early campaigning looks like the juggernaut that wasn't for the bush family in he have itability is not what it used to be. joining me senior political editor mark murray. mark, let's start with rand paul in this teaser video. let me play a snippet of it and we'll talk about it. >> sure. >> it is time for a new way, a new set of ideas, a new leader. one you can trust. one who works for you and above all it is time for a new
8:18 am
president. >> mark what new way or new ideas is he bringing to the table? >> tamron there are a couple ways he can bring freshness, and where his campaign is incredibly interesting. he is trying to make in roads with demographics that democrats haven't done well. he does better among inched pentss, some has to do with getting libertarians involved. he also does better than republicans have in past elections among african americans. for example, his statement after the ferguson missouri conflict there. so you have those demographics on one hand. on the other hand, you end up having a situation where he is not a foreign policy hawk. as we have seen as the conversation is about iran it is about isis most of the republican party today is
8:19 am
hawkish. and rand paul isn't. >> you know rand paul tries to distinguish himself to your point, for example, reaching out to different demographic, "the new york times" is taking a look at jeb bush and some of the mistakes that have been made and perhaps the cloud that will hover over his campaign. >> of course it is still very early, tamron. outside of the mistakes jeb bush has made one is having one of his foreign policy advisers james baker, addressed a liberal leaning jewish american organization. james baker, of course was jeb bush's father's secretary of state, and republican big donors, including sheldon adelson was upset about that reportedly. outside of that jeb bush's biggest challenge and obstacles to the republican nomination are going to be when it comes to ideology. can someone who favors comprehensive immigration reform who favors common core win the republican nomination.
8:20 am
those are the central issues whether he can win or not. >> the conversation on morning joe was interesting as relates to the tea party as it was pointed out for nearly eight years, you have members of the tea party trying to fight the affordable health care taking on anything the president would support here and some of those conservatives, some of those on the far right are asking where was jeb bush during those years. >> that's right. and today's republican party when it comes to president obama is a confrontational one. sometimes the test is who has been more confrontational, who has stood up stronger to president obama, and if today's conservative voters the people are going to turn out in iowa new hampshire and other states are the ones that want to fight, continue to take it to president obama, that's not a good situation for jeb bush. on the other hand, a year later as focus is more on hillary clinton, less president obama maybe that's a window for jeb bush. >> rapid fire here. jeb bush listed himself as hispanic on the 2009 voter registration application.
8:21 am
what's behind that, and i guess he has tweeted about it this morning. >> he tweeted about it. he said it was essentially an accident. actually his son started first, said lol, dad, what were you doing. this looks like a mistake. jeb bush ended up saying my mistake. i don't think i ended up fooling anyone. using humor to diffuse a story some might have tried to seize on. >> a few hires from hillary clinton, including christina shock ee. who is she? >> she worked for first lady michelle obama, seen as someone who helped remake her image. this is about hillary clinton trying to learn from mistakes of 2008 to make herself look more personable, more relatable. and a lot of people think the more she ended up learning about her loss and making corrections could benefit her in 2016. >> mark murray with our first read. see you tomorrow. thank you. >> thanks, tamron. coming up nbc news investigation on the hidden problem causing hundreds of cars
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to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. there will be no undefeated champion. wisconsin with a stretch drive to the championship game! >> there you have it. a thrilling end to what will go down as one of the biggest upsets ever in the ncaa basketball tournament. it is set up to a historic showdown for tonight's championship game. after putting an end to the
8:26 am
kentucky wildcats undefeated season. and for any sports fan that loves to root for the underdog there couldn't be a better matchup. the badgers' only basketball championship, 1941. while this of course is just continuation of the legendary history of coach k, his 12th final four appearance. could be his fifth championship. joining me from nbc sports college basketball analyst ben perfect easy. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> we all love the underdog versus david and goliath story line. both great schools. you made a point when we were chatting on commercial break, the badgers have something nostalgic about them. >> they do. been since 1941. tamron, everything on paper makes you want to pick duke to win. they have probably the number one pick in the draft, julian okafor. you look at the wisconsin ball club, they're the team of
8:27 am
destiny. it is hard to pick them they're the throw back opposite of duke and kentucky. nobody leaving early as freshman or sophomore from the nba, four year guys that stayed there in madison. >> talk about duke playing michigan state saturday beating them by 20 points. >> their defense was phenomenal. about a month ago mike krzyzewski was complaining about the defense. their defense in this tournament has been off the charts. michigan state couldn't get anything going. now it is a situation. mike krzyzewski loved the four year player as well but he has young stars, julius okafor jones, interesting to see how they come out. >> frank the tank. >> people are loving this kid. >> frank the tank kaminski. two years ago as sophomore, averaged four points a game. nobody knew who he was in college basketball. he just got better and better and better. >> taller. >> his parents are pretty tall too, when they zoom in on them.
8:28 am
>> they have to be to produce a giant like that. my goodness. we don't talk enough about women's basketball people feel every time we do the final four, what about the women's. tom cruise was at the u-conn maryland game in the stands. >> notre dame women have been in the championship game four of the last five years. all we do is talk about u-conn they just won. if he wins tonight, ten national championships, tying john wooden. that's remarkable. >> the president's bracket busted like many of us picked kentucky to win. how are you holding up? >> i picked kentucky to win. i had duke and wisconsin, but had kentucky to win. how is your bracket? >> we have a "today" show bracket. savannah guthrie is behind me. so what do you think will shake out with this game? >> i think i'll stay with wisconsin, right now, i think they're the team of destiny. i think they get it done through
8:29 am
experience, perimeter shoot and tough defense and not betting against u-conn. aaron hernandez's defense team says they're putting one witness on the stand. and the case could be in the hands of the jury as soon as today. a live report coming up next. also ahead. >> you're giving documents with information you know could be harmful which could get out there. >> yes. >> so many people are talking about this interview. we'll have much more of john oliver's interview with edward snowden and discuss it coming up. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed.
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(son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. welcome back. we are following developing news in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez.
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attorneys for hernandez began presenting their defense this morning and the case could go to the jury as soon as this afternoon. the defense called a drug expert to the stand and a forensics expert. the defense argues it made no sense for hernandez to have wanted to kill 27-year-old odin lloyd since the two were friends. prosecutors rested thursday after more than two months of testimony, laying out the case that hernandez allegedly masterminded lloyd's death with two other men. nbc's ron allen joins me with more. i believe it was the headline in boston globe talking about the fact the trial was so long and now we could see a quick end here. >> couple of months 130 witnesses, and it could end this week, the jury could get the case. the defense says basically they're putting on a couple of witnesses, should last one day. their argument is that the prosecution hasn't proven its case. so they're not going to put on a lengthy defense, they're going to let the jury hopefully come
8:34 am
to the conclusion that hernandez is not guilty because the prosecution didn't prove it. the expert today is a drug expert. talking about pcp, angel dust use. they're trying to peck away at a mountain of circumstantial evidence that apparently links hernandez to the crime and perhaps points to the two other men charged with him. they will be tried separately later, however. they're trying to say hernandez didn't do it. one of the other two guys did perhaps. there's no murder weapon no independent eyewitnesses. again, it is all circumstantial evidence. some of the most damning evidence is videotape surveillance footage from hernandez's home security system. a lot of grainy images that show him before and after the murder was committed. some of them showing a gun that was used. trying to prove to the jury hernandez was there, the problem is they haven't come up with a lot of evidence that says essentially that hernandez was involved in committing the actual crime, pulling the
8:35 am
trigger. but by being there, plotting this, being involved in this having intent to carry out this deed allegedly, he can be convicted. and he has another murder trial to go, he is linked to another double homicide. a lot of trouble. >> ron allen. thank you so much. california's governor is responding to critics who say farmers should be included in the state's historic water restrictions, this as two days of rain are in the forecast. it is one of the stories we are updating and following around the "newsnation." see what's being called one of the toughest interviews edward snowden has faced. i talk live with variety magazine senior tv editor. but first, there's a lot going on this morning. here are some things we just thought you should know this morning. thousands of families are gathered at the white house south lawn for the annual white house easter egg roll. the president, first lady easter bunny got the festivities going a short while ago. the president got down to
8:36 am
business with reading "where the wild things are." >> the wild things cried please don't go. we'll eat you up we love you so. and max said no. wild things roared their terrible roars. let's hear some roars. >> very entertaining more than 35,000 are expected to take part in today's event. and aides to michael bloomburg shooting down reports that he is considering running for mayor again, this time in london. follows a report by the sunday times of london which cites friends of the former mayor saying he is considering running as a touring candidate next year. those are things we thought you should know. be right back.
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now. closing arguments started minutes ago in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the case will then go to the jury. tsarnaev is expected to be convicted on most of 30 counts against him. the penalty phase will begin next to determine if he gets the death penalty. the columbia journalism school issued a scathing review of "rolling stone" discredited story about a student that claimed she was gang raped at university of virginia in a fraternity house. "rolling stone" is now apologizing and has officially retracted the story published in december. president obama strongly defending the preliminary nuclear deal with iran reached last week in a "the new york times" sbie. the president saying our best bet by far to make sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. it is called one of the toughest interviews nsa leaker edward snowden faced. the headline in "the daily beast" john oliver makes him squirm. he pressed him on key concerns that two years after he leaked thousands of pages of classified
8:41 am
documents about u.s. government surveillance programs, then fled to russia to escape prosecution. >> how many of those documents have you actually read? >> i've evaluated all of the documents that are in archive. >> you've read every single one? >> well, i do understand what i turned over. >> there's a difference between understanding what's in the documents and reading what's in the documents. >> i recognize the concern. >> because when you're handing over thousands of nsa documents, the last thing you want to do is read them. >> i think it is fair to be concerned about did this person do enough were they careful enough. >> joining me live brian steinburg, senior tv editor for variety magazine. first of all, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> the texture of it a mix of humor, you hear the chuckles seriousness. >> he challenged edward snowden, what he did, what he has done and the impact he has had.
8:42 am
it was not a softball interview by any means. >> talk about the build up with john oliver and for mat that made this almost a perfect storm of interesting tv. >> this is a unique show. i think people thought when he first came on hbo, it would be like "the daily show." quick bits. it is an in depth news probe, not unlike "60 minutes..." >> this man is praised for being brilliant in bringing the next level of the game of what jon stewart has done bill maher and others to the example we keep pointing at this snowden interview. >> it is like "snl" weekend update. it would take -- you get some news from that learn some stuff from that. last few months and years, you're seeing a genre of tv where people use humor to tell a
8:43 am
truth. these programs take in depth looks at serious topics not flinching from tough questions. >> look at another key exchange about one of the consequences of the material leaked out and some of the consequences that played out since then. let's play it. >> so "the new york times" took a slide, didn't redact it properly and in the end it was possible for people to see that something was being used in mosul on al qaeda. >> that is a problem. these things do happen in reporting. in journalism we have to accept that some mistakes will be made. this is a fundamental concept of liberty. >> right. but you have to own that then. you're giving documents with information you know could be harmful which could get out there. >> yes. >> so only a handful of american journalists have traveled to russia to interview edward snowden. you saw that headline saying that he seemed to squirm there. almost like he didn't know what to expect and how in depth this
8:44 am
was going to be here. >> i think john oliver kept him on edge. supposed to be a comedian are you getting a comedic interview or hard questions and he got both. >> he absolutely did that. i guess viewers were surprised last night that it was revealed oliver traveled to russia. this went with very little promotion. >> we knew it was an extra long show, 50 minutes rather than a half hour. took him for a loop. who knew he was travel. >> interesting, people are still talking about it. we will continue the conversation on our social media page. thank you for joining us. greatly appreciate it. up next turning tragedy into purpose. two women who lost nearly everything after hurricane katrina started a small business to help the community heal and get this they have more than 200 locations nationwide. it is a cool idea. i will talk with the owners of painting with a twist. it is today's born in the usa. and be sure to like the "newsnation" on facebook. be right back. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter
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join the "newsnation" on twitter. find us @newsnation. police in indianapolis are looking for three men suspected of shooting five people, that included three children. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation." it happened around 9:30 in an apartment. no word on a motive. investigators say the suspects knew the victims because there were no signs of forced entry in that home. california governor jerry brown is defending his decision not to include farmers in the state's first ever mandatory water restrictions. his executive order announced last week requires residents to cut water use by 25%. but when asked yesterday why that doesn't apply to farmers, brown said they're not using water on their lawns, they're providing fruits and vegetables to places all over the world. california growers use 80% of the state's water supply makeup less than 2% of the state's
8:49 am
economy. meantime, a change in weather pattern will bring rain to much of the state today and tomorrow. the latest installment of "fast and furious" has the highest grossing for april. it is a bittersweet move for the fans of the movie as it was paul walker's last film. he died in that awful car crash halfway through filming. time for the "newsnation" gut check. "rolling stone" magazine is apologizing, officially retracting the story about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia after columbia university school issued a scathing review calling it journalistic failure that was avoidable. the author also apologizing however the magazine says everyone involved, the auj offer and editors will keep their jobs. what does your gut tell you? go to to cast a vote on that one.
8:50 am
time for our born in the usa, series highlighting american business success stories. today's business created after two friends came close to losing almost everything after hurricane katrina. cathy's home was flooded and maloney's husband business destroyed. they said all of the devastation they knew they needed to help their community destress and start laughing and perhaps smiling again. they developed corks and candidates, it's a way for people to get together paint and relax and have a little wine. cathy and renee each invested money and in 2007 began offering two to three-hour painting classes several days a week. the customer supplied the wine and the studio supplied everything else. today it is called painting with a twist and guess what there are more than 200 franchises across the country. they join me now from the great city of new orleans. thank you so much for joining
8:51 am
me. talk to me about the hardship that you faced after katrina that made you not only want to bring your own life up but others around you? >> well we live in a small town north of new orleans on the shores of lake pontchartrain and it was pretty devastating. once that was done and everybody was still reeling, we realized we needed something. we needed to laugh and needed to sing. we needed some color put back in our life and that gave uts the i ampetus to get this started. >> i'm looking at the numbers as i mentioned, company started in 2009 a same store sales are up this year by 37% in eight years more than 2 million customers painted. how did you know you hit a sweet spot with something that seems so simple and so enjoyable but
8:52 am
had not really taken off anywhere. it's your idea. >> really we spoke to our customers. there was a time that the power went out in the middle of one of our classes and all of the customers pulled their cars up to the front of the building and turned the lights on in their car. we painted through the lights of the car through the windows and said why is it -- why didn't you go home and we could do this another night? they said you don't understand, we don't think about the flood. we don't think about fema and the trouble. we can escape in this wonderful experience of art and music and it was an escape. it was relaxation. >> it was also risky as i pointed out. here you are worried about your home and trying to get back on your feet that way. and also whether or not you can invest this money that may or may not result in a return. >> well we just -- we went with our gut. we just felt this was a good idea. once we had done it we thought
8:53 am
this would be a great place for people to get away and for women to get together. it was a lot of the women impacted by the storm. their homes were gone. and they needed a place to get away with other women also. they could talk and they could -- they could brain storm and they could just relax with other women. really i think that's the heart of this business. we do have a lot of men that come. we have date nights and valentines. it's really a gathering place for women. >> it's interesting because you've expanded and you have coffee and canvas in the morning. you do corporate team building events. renee, where did you get the business know-how to not only start this but then have a strategy in expanding it? >> i was running an orthodontic practice before the storm and had a little of the business side and combined with art and creativity and wonderful artists in the community that she was connected with being president of the art association, we kind
8:54 am
of teamed those two parts together. you spoke about the daytime parts. when we looked at the numbers and making 75% in 25% of the time doing primarily night time business, we knew it was time to expand in those daytime parts and due team building and coffee and canvas and reach out to the rest of the community and fill that daytime hours. >> as i understand it cathy, you expect to add up to 70 locations soon and you also have this painting with a purpose. a monthly fundraiser. tell me about that. >> well renee and i met volunteering in the community and so it was really part of our dna giving back to our community and we really enjoy it. it's a passion for us. when we did our business we wanted to build that in. we do painting with a purpose classes and our franchises do them once a month. and at least 50% of those proceeds are given to a 501 c-3 and to date we raised over a million dollars for non-profits
8:55 am
where we have franchises. this year alone over half a million dollars. it's one of our proudest achievements. >> it is amazing and cathy, renee, thank you both for sharing business model with us and success is absolutely inspiring. i think a lot of people might start sketching down ideas figuring out how they too can turn an idea into a successful small business. congratulations, ladies. >> thank you for having us. >> that does it for this edition of "news nation." you can catch us every weekday 11:00 a.m. eastern time. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member to start shopping today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ . rolling stone admits its story about a gang rape was false. we heard from the head of the columbia journalism school about the independent investigation into the fraudulent report which
8:59 am
it calls a story of journalistic failure. >> if this reporter had just contacted you, could all this have been avoided? >> absolutely. >> hard sell president obama calls the nuclear deal a once in a lifetime opportunity while telling israel we've got your back. >> it's been personally difficult for me the sort of expressions that somehow we don't have this administration has not done everything it could to look out for israel's interest. >> but our congressional republicans and key allies buying it? >> i think this deal is a dream deal for iran and nightmare deal for the world. >> and closing arguments, the jury is expected to get the case today in the boston bombing trial. even though a guilty verdict seems all but certain, two big questions remain. >> will dzhokhar tsarnaev take the stand in the follow-up trial to come and what penalty will be
9:00 am
imposed? ♪ >> good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell "rolling stone" as officially retracted its story after a scathing independent review from the columbia school of journalism. they are holding a news conference at this hour about its review we'll go to that in a moment. it called the report a journalistic failure that was avoidable. "rolling stone" has apologized for damage it did and the reporter issued a statement saying in part in the case of jackie, the name they gave this woman and her account of her traumatic rape i did no go far enough to verify her story. i allowed my concern for jackie's well being, my fear of retraumatizing her and confidence in her credibility to take the place o


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