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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  April 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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watching "the cycle". 78-year-old john mccain says his senate career is just getting started, and twitter breaks its 140 character rule. first, there are new officially two republican candidates running for president. it's tuesday, april 7th and this is "now." >> we have come to take our country back. >> rand paul off to the races. the kentucky senator announces he's running for president. >> the washington machine must be stopped. >> senator paul calls himself a different kind of republican. >> washington is horribly broken. >> before he wins over a broad part of the country, he'll have to convince his own party first. >> the republican party says it wants to change it needs to change. do they want to change in the way and as much as rand paul is saying? >> they are afraid of him.
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>> he hasn't been afraid of getting voted off the island for talking about these issues. >> we the people must rise up and demand action. >> rand paul has achieved liftoff today. he's going to be a major, major player. >> rand paul the libertarian ophthalmologist and junior senator from kentucky is officially running for president. >> today i announce with god's help with the help of liberty lovers everywhere that i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> for a politician who has spent his short term in the senate focused on dramatically reduceing the size of government, including abolishing government agencies, senator paul kicked off his campaign for commander and chief by focusing on his medical record. >> the truth is i love my life
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as a smalltown doctor. every day i woke up. i felt lucky being able to do the things i loved. i was grateful to be able to put my scrubs back on. peer into the oculars in the microscope and focus on the task at hand. >> further evidence of a shift from washington rabble-rouser to medicine man, rand paul's twitter handle. it was changed from senate rand paul to dr. rand paul. then there is the pseudo eye chart campaign poster that paul ran today. it reads dr. rand paul for president, defeat the washington machine, unleash the american dream. senator paul may be running as a small town doctor but it is his views on foreign policy that are ruffling party feathers. today on the same day paul
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annoyancea announced his bid, he is running this ad in early primary states. >> rand paul supports obama's negotiations with iran and he doesn't understand the threat. rand paul is wrong and dangerous. tell him to stop siding with obama because even one iranian bomb would be a disaster. >> joining me now is president and ceo of freedom works matt kivy eugene robinson and robert costa. robert, let me start with you first given your deep tentacles in the republican party as a reporter. how stiff are the head winds that dr. paul faces at this moment? >> very stiff head winds. he did not want to run a foreign
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policy campaign but now the republican party is seeing a resurgence of a talkish impulse. >> matt you think he is facing establishment head winds for establishment republicans. >> there is some talk about that but i think when it comes to politics particularly presidential politics, you don't get perfect. you get someone like senator paul who is trying to translate libertarian ideas into more populist themes things like that. even on foreign policy he is asking fairly practical questions like, if we want to do all this stuff how are we going to pay for it. >> there are issues when it comes to defense spending. that's a bread and butter issue for libertarians and
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republicans. do you think there will be more consternation or discussion about integrity? >> i suspect over time rand paul is going to look like the rational one on the republican stage. it looks a little bit like the obamacare chart. it is so complicated. you wonder if government can do such complicated things. i think he's bringing the republican party back to where it was pre-9/11. there was a lot of focus on restraint. >> eugene i just thought that ad that one of the strategists from swift boats veterans of truth, comparing rand paul to obama seemed like out of left field, if not right field specifically speaking. is that a potent line of attack in the long term?
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>> it tells you how some people are worried about rand paul and how he might shake up this base. he is a lot closer on these foreign policy issues to where people are than the republican establishment. most people aren't as interventionist as the republican establishment. most people are confused about that sort of spaghetti chart of alliances and friendships and double-crosses. most people wonder what if anything, the united states can accomplish by interveneing in any more of a substantial way than we're already intervening in that part of the world. i think people are worried he might be on to something. >> lindsey graham has pulled no punches when he has talked about rand paul's foreign policy. he said -- i'm paraphrasing any
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republican could have gotten a better deal with iran other than rand paul. lindsey graham is maybe running for president. john mccain is announcing he's running for president. can you hear me? >> i can hear you loud and clear. i sat down with senator paul's political operation. i said how are you going to navigate this tricky terrain because you have all the hawks coming at senator paul. their gambit is there's enough of the republican electorate that is war weary. they think this outside group, the elite hawks, they don't represent the rankin file republicans. >> lindsey graham maybe running for president. john mccain running for the senate. matt to the question of
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minority outreach when we talk about rand paul opening the tent running as a republican i wonder if you think he will actually bring people of color into the tent given the rhetoric from the rest of the party, if not on some occasions senator paul. >> i would like at his record. he was the first republican in washington to start talking about those things. instead of rejecting his views on those, everybody is joining him in what is the only real bipartisan conversation happening in washington, d.c. today and he does so without abandoning his values based on liberty, his values based on washington, d.c. getting too involved in our criminal justice system. i think that is a model for how he does reach people of color, young people, people who have not traditionally supported the republican party.
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>> i wonder though given his position on the social safety net, on a lot of programs that help get folks of color, poor people, young people to the next rung of the economic ladder whether the criminal justice reform stuff is enough to neutralize his position on other issues which is not to denigrate the importance of criminal justice reform but he has been very vocal on other issues. >> and it may not be enough. the way to get the votes of people of color is to go ask for them and go talk to those people and most republicans won't do that. most republican candidates don't bother to do that. if rand paul does in fact do that you know there's a better chance of bringing some people at least into the tent this year than there have been in the past two elections because frankly with barack obama on the ballot it wasn't going to happen.
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it may not happen with hillary clinton on the ballot or whoever it is, hillary clinton. better shot i'd say than you had with obama. if he's willing to take that shot, i say great. >> robert what's up with the ophthalmology talk? this is a bid to say he is a man of the people. does it work though? >> it works in a sense. he knows he has a lot of competition for that outsider persona. ted cruz is running as an washington outsider. rick perry is doing in the same. ben carson. another doctor who is likely in the race. paul is trying to say you know me as a libertarian, you know me as a combative senator, but i'm more than that. he doesn't want to be totally associated in his biography with
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his father. >> what about glen thrush has called his daddy issues? he casts a very long shadow over a second paul accountcandidacy. how much does he have to show the rest of the country he's not his father? >> rand paul calls himself a constitutional conservative. ron paul is that purist libertarian that was really running to inject those ideas into the republican party. rand paul is trying to translate those ideas to liberty to a majority coalition that can win the presidency. i don't think it's an issue. i think it is an asset as long as we understand these are two different guys. >> eugene does he bring his father on the campaign trail? >> not that often, no.
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not very often. >> who brings their surrogate on the campaign trail more? >> i think bill comes with hillary more often than ron comes with rand. >> i want the under-over on that. thank you guys all for your time and your thoughts. >> thank you. >> thanks. after the break the jury in the boston marathon bombing trial is deliberating right now. might today be judgment today for dzhokhar tsarnaev? edward snowden spotted in a new york city park? i'll explain. later as iran contemplates a nuclear deal with the united states, what is the state of human rights in iran? all of that is coming up on "now."
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after a month of emotional testimony and disturbing evidence, a jury in the trial of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev began deliberations today. 17 counts carry the death penalty. if the jury finds him guilty the trial will enter a second phase before he is sentenced to death or life in prison. although tsarnaev's lawyers believe their client should be held accountable, they have sought to portray his older brother, tamerlan as the master
1:17 pm
mind behind the attack. joining me now are my guests. ann, let me start with you. in terms of the legal strategy here to paint tamerlan tsarnaev as the master mind and dzhokhar tsarnaev as an unthinking accomplice, how effective do you think that strategy is? >> i wasn't surprised, but it matters not as much at this phase, the guilt phase, as it will play in the penalty phase. those are mitigating factors that could be considered by the jury under the statute. >> scott, so much of this trial has opened old wounds. the footage, the graphic nature of the testimony, the graphic
1:18 pm
nature of the video footage. you're in boston. has the trial been more -- has it been more cathartic or more painful for the residents of that city? >> that's a good question. the trial has not significantly changed the narrative of what happened. we know what happened, but it's been very incremental. almost boring at times. i think it was very cathartic in the beginning to see some of the victims there. certainly the parents of martin richard, the 8-year-old boy who was killed. it just breaks your heart to see that. i think that has lessened a little bit as the trial as gone on, but i think emotions will tick back up as we get a verdict. >> what about the imbalance of witnesses called to the stand? i believe the prosecution called 92 witnesses to the stand.
1:19 pm
the defense only called four. what's the strategy behind is that -- that? >> he was 19 at the time. we don't put to death anyone of the age of 18. it is unconstitutional in this country. he is 21 now. you go focused on these four witnesses that showed it was the brother, it was the brother, it was the brother and then go into the penalty phase. the prosecutor has to put one foot in front of the other and try a methodical case. the prosecution has the burden of proof. >> let me follow up on that. i read somewhere in part not having withering cross-examinations on the part of the defense was an effort to get in the good graces of the jury, if you will. does that sound accurate? >> absolutely. it's the old velvet hammer especially with a female defense lawyer. somebody like judy clarke that is iconic. you have a young defendant.
1:20 pm
you have an attractive defendant. you have a sympathetic defendant in some people's eyes. if you go through that in a way you are not alienating a jury you're going to have points. >> to that end, the polling on this in terms of the city of boston supporting one outcome or the other -- 62% of the city boston voters polled would sentence him to life in prison. 27% would sentence him to death. how did you read those numbers? >> it's not that surprising. massachusetts is not a death penalty state. the only reason we're talking about it here is because this is a federal case. death penalty has a long tradition here. that said, this was a unique attack. this was an attack on the city itself. it was a horrific attack.
1:21 pm
look, the government has made a big decision to go for death here. they have put a lot of resources into this. they have not backed down. i have no doubt that judy clarke and the defense team has tried to negotiate a deal with them for months and the only reason we're seeing a trial is there is no deal. the government won't do it. this is a big test i think, when it goes to the jury. we haven't had one of these in a long time. i think it will be really interesting to see. all they need is a little bit of doubt in those jurors' minds. they're not letting the guy off. we don't like what he did. let's put him away for life instead of putting him to death. >> you mentioned the velvet hammer judy clarke. tell us a little bit more about her background. >> she's had all kinds of incredible defense non-death cases. almost everything she's done. what she does is she humanizes her client with family history,
1:22 pm
with what kind of things they like to do anything that that jury can say that's a human being there. that's somebody who deserves our sympathy and somebody that needs to be understood. that's her forte. she paints a portrait as someone who deserves to live. he was on the cover of "rolling stone" looking like jim morrison of the doors. i'm like oh my gosh. this could have happened to my family. you think of the jurors. >> we'll contrast the image of the "rolling stone" cover and the bloody attacks he played a role in. it is a testament to our criminal justice system that he has the lawyer that he does. >> exactly. >> thank you guys both for your time. >> thank you. coming up the people of ferguson missouri go to the
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imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. today in ferguson missouri power is in the hands of the voters. for the first time since the shooting death of michael brown and the protests that followed, volunteers are urging residents to get out and vote for new city councillors. with three seats held by white representatives, with three of these seats up for grabs, ferguson could see a black majority for the first time. after the justice department's investigation, the police chief, city manager, and municipal judge all resigned. it's up to the voters to see if change comes to the city council as well. while ferguson is 2/3
1:27 pm
african-american the vote is split 50/50. we have to get out and vote. just ahead, senator john mccain brushes off concerns about his age, vowing to run for re-election when he's 80. and twitter pushes the limit, the 140 character limit. that's next on "now." when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart
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in other news unrelated to ophthalmologists who may or may not be running for president, more frat fall out. starbucks which saw its race together campaign fall flat. starbucks is trying an easier pr lift, covering the costs of four
1:31 pm
years online college tuition for pleas. and a college sophomore is busted for drug dealing on campus. first, rand paul wasn't the only senator with a campaign announcement today. bracketing dr. paul was one of his nemesises, senator john mccain, who announced he will run for a sixth senate term in 2016. he will be 80 years old on election day, a concern mccain chose to brush aside during an interview with nbc news. >> i say watch me. i say watch me. take a look. take a look at my 18-hour days. take a look at the hearings we have. take a look at my legislative accomplishments. listen, i'm just getting started. >> joining me now is joy reed
1:32 pm
ophira and my last guest. watch me. "take ♪ take a look at me now ♪ what do we do with his announcement today? >> be a grandpa. relax. you earned your retirement. >> we always cry foul when people are ageist up here. mccain has a lot more energy than i do at the young age of 22. i do hand it to him on that front. there's a certain consternation about someone being an octogenarian
1:33 pm
octogenarian. >> well, my mother lived long. >> but your mother also wasn't a sitting senator for the united states. >> a sitting senator, that's a good thing. can you sit for 18 hours a day? >> better that than stand. >> mccain also comes from a different era of foreign policy. he keeps harkening back to a cold war world. if he was an adaptive octogenarian, that would be different, but he's still trying to have ronald reagan's foreign policy to invade every country on earth. >> strom thurmond was 100 years old in the senate. >> and look at all the great stuff he did. >> john mccain should do corporate sponsoring for red bull. >> you're erring on the side of look at him now. >> with that energy he's pushing the agenda.
1:34 pm
he's changing the discussion about issues. i think he's really a role model. maybe when i'm 80 i could run for senate myself. >> rand paul was not psyched that john mccain was like what day are you announcing? i'm announcing that day too. starbucks is expanding college tuition for its workers. the chain will cover the entire cost of a four-year online undergraduate degree. the estimated value $60,000 per worker. dean this is impressive to me. >> they're going to spend $250 million on this initiative. >> just to do the right thing. the labor force is tightening up too. >> do they have to study things related? like major in frappuccino. >> most of the people that work at starbucks already have master's degrees. >> you bring up the labor force.
1:35 pm
it's a salient point. the labor force is tightening up. you need to incentivize workers to stay. this is no strings attached. you can take the four-year course. you do not have to work at starbucks afterwards. >> you're seeing more action on the corporate front in terms of raising wages and be more aggressive. i think the left has won a victory here in the messaging and these corporations do feel like it is good corporate communication and responsibility to be seen as not the bad guy. i think you are seeing movement on the wages that i think the left can claim a victory for. >> when these people graduate are they going to be able to get a better job? >> that's a question. maybe in five years we'll know the answer to that. >> these mcjobs are getting really good. >> if they don't have to write
1:36 pm
race together on a cup, that in and of itself is a better job. the latest in the frat wars. after a series of alcohol-related incidents on campus rutgers has announced it is banning all fraternity and sorority parties for the semester. it's a bad time. >> everything greek-related is falling apart, by the ways. i think, yeah we've gotten to the point where it is pretty clear that these people don't understand their limits. these frats aren't contributing anything positive. >> the negative definitely makes it to the surface more than the positive. there are people in greek
1:37 pm
societies who say this is a brotherhood, a sisterhood. it teaches us the spirit of community. we give back. we hear the stories of drunken racist chants on buses and alcohol poisoning. >> i was in a greek society. we had a lunch every year and discovered the checks and balances of the constitution. i'm serious. >> does that frat still exist? >> on paper. it was a national political honors society. we're only seeing the negative. i'm very sensitive to only seeing the worst examples being muslim. when i see this there are some bad frats. >> a muslim frat boy. >> we never talk about it very often, but i just did an event with the delta sigma theta chapter that is near detroit, michigan. there are some of these
1:38 pm
fraternities and sororities are saying we are doing positive things. i met women in their 60s and in their 20s that have a lifetime bond. there are people who are in some of these fraternities and sororities that go on and do amazing things and form a network that young people can grab on to. >> now would be a time for some of those success stories. dean, it is great you are standing up for your frat. good news for the more verbose tweeters among us. i think that includes me. twitter's new retweet feature is now better. you can embed other people's tweets in your message without using up to any of those precious 140 characters. i know you to be a prolific writer. i feel like on some level this
1:39 pm
is wrong. while i enjoy it you can tweet 280 characters then. >> it is going to make it more like facebook. >> no. >> it's going to make it too long winded. >> too long winded at 280 characters, right? >> i'm already long winded. >> i think allowing people to comment with a lot of characters has never brought out the best. >> most of the comments are going to be idiot, idiot, idiot. >> yes. >> i have a question for both of you guys. do you think people are funnier and wittier when brevity is the order of the day? >> that's one of the things i love the most about twitter. >> people can be short. don't usually see things that are funny. i see you're an idiot. with the new embedding, the
1:40 pm
original tweet doesn't work. seriously on the top when it gets retweeted, that link is no longer active. you have to click twice to get to the original tweet. >> that's really witty and very very smart. finally, buying your drugs using a mobile payment app. probably not the best strategy. some columbia university students who used venmo to buy their kale salad, that's what they called it are freaking out after a campus dealer was arrest arrested by the police. venmo is a public site. when you were making these requests and purchases -- >> a lot of people are now using it. >> it's like paypal alex. don't worry about it. >> paypal for illegal kale.
1:41 pm
>> exactly. i think this is a lesson for millennials. you cannot untouchable. you can't buy drugs on a public app and expect not to get caught. >> this has to be a practical joke because the idiocy of having an electronic paper trail and their funny emoticons -- >> everyone who wanted to buy the drugs had to refer to the drugs with a funny expression. kale salad. halal, snoop dogg's shizzle. the best one is road trip groceries. >> it is brains without common sense. these are people who are going to be the leaders of society but with no basic common sense. >> snoop dogg's shizzle.
1:42 pm
you know what i'm talking about. snoop dogg's cds. >> i went to a blue-collar school. we were not dumb enough to do this. i went to fordham. how do you not know this? >> i went to one and most of the people would do this because it is privilege. people feel like they are untouchable. >> we have no more time. thank you my friends for your time and thoughts. coming up with a pending nuclear deal all eyes are on iran's hard liners. what is happening inside the country? i'm talk to frida pinto. aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus.
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with all eyes on iran this week and the celebrations there over a potential nuclear agreement, it is easy to forget that iran remains a country under crippling social and political constraints, where activists of all kinds are routinely harassed. six iranians were arrested last fall for dancing in a music video to pharrell's single "happy." that's the focus of "desert
1:50 pm
dancer." frida pinto plays a young iranian woman who joins an underground illegal dance troupe. >> if you want to be smart, maybe the last one should take the key with them. >> can i audition? >> joining me now is actor frida pinto. thank you for joining the program. >> thank you so much for having me here. >> this is extraordinary timing that this film is coming out as the worlds eyes are trained on teheran, the inside of iran. what drew you to this many years ago? >> four years for this film from the inception to two years later when i was approached and it's taken two years for the film to find its release. i think what drew me to this
1:51 pm
project more than anything else is the fact i was living in some sort of oblivion. you get all your news from television or the internet or newspapers, but you never get the human story. you never get to hear what the youth of iran get to say about this. it is a universal story. you're talking about dance as a universal form of expression being banned. your sexuality is ban -- you're not allowed to express yourself. >> repression of all kinds. >> the universal element of this film is what drew me to it and more than anything else this character. she's this amazing set of contradictions all in one. she is pleasure and pain and the high and the low. for an actor, this is always the most charming thing to play
1:52 pm
complexion characters and indulge. >> how about the iranian aspect? how did you do your research into the circumstances that informed this character? >> what was very disappointing to me was i couldn't go to iran. i really wanted to with every film i've played. i had the opportunity to go to israel to research a character in another case, but i couldn't in this case. instead what i did was -- besidingbeside ing s reading a lot of books and meeting people and also cooking -- >> food tells you a lot about a culture. >> it does. i was cooking with this iranian mother character, who was fantastic. what i did is try to understand
1:53 pm
through artists who left iran living in england at this point in time. through them understand what it is that they feel either drove them away or why they had to leave. it traced back to grandmother, to mother to themselves to their children. how different times were before the revolution and how different they are now. it's been 35 years. that's not a very long time. >> it's not a long time but you're no stranger to controversy and taking on issue and activism. it is true you were very responsible for helping to bring the documentary "india's daughter" to the united states which tells the story of a med student that was brutally gang raped in 2012. the rapist in the film says a decent girl won't roam around at 9:00 at night. a girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. the indian government won't show it because they say in some way
1:54 pm
it legitimizes the aggressor. >> and that is shaming the country in some way. >> how hard was that to take on? >> as an indian living outside of india, i guess the first thing you want to do is defend. this is a generalization. it's not how all women are in india or men. i felt like it was a massive responsibility to take this film as a global issue. rape, sexual abuse, it is not something that is restricted only to india. >> certainly not. we're talking about it in the u.s. this week. >> i know and i've been reading about it. i felt like this was a great conversation starting point. you know what it is more disturbing in this documentary is not the statement of just the rapists, but the statements of the lawyers. we're talking about educated men who have studied for a couple of years to get their degree to
1:55 pm
practice law and the statements that come out of their mouths are way more shocking. >> that is always more disturbing when the learned have much more disturbing views. it's great to have you on the program. >> thank you so much. >> the film as we said before is in limited release beginning april 10th. thanks for your time. coming up, edward snowden is in new york city. well, he's sort of in the city. more on that coming up next. to satisfy the adult.... and kid - in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini wheats®.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. yesterday edward snowden was seen in a new york city park, specifically a 100-pound bust of snowden was illegally installed. an hour later, authorities took it down. maybe the statute itself wasn't the point. the artists behind the bust
1:59 pm
which took six months to mold and create the statement behind it remains. >> if you engage in polite debate, it stays at the status quo. without risk there really is no reward. we look at this as a gift to the city but gifts are sometimes not accepted. we have gone to great lengths to make sure that asesthetically the item is honoring everything in place to the bronze patina finish. everything has been made so it feels like a cohesive unit but we're also installing it in a way that it could be removed without doing permanent damage to the structure. if this thing gets taken down right away it will be disappointing, but we think it will be worth it thanks to the
2:00 pm
internet. an image like that can never be undone. it can inspire people to speak up in their own creative ways. >> indeed it has. hours after, another group of new york artists replaced the statute with a hologram of edward snowden. that's all for "now." good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. >> tonight the rand illusion. >> the government should be restrained and freedom should be maximized. >> plus iran deal under review. >> congress has a right to weigh in and i support it. >> later, climate change on the ballot. >> it is easy to fall into this trap that's created by the left. >> and america's


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