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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> i learned two things. i learned that black women are more likely than non-hispanic white women to become a manager. you really don't like campaign consultant, i also learned. >> not a lot. breaking news out of the middle east. >> one american dead. >> and iran has ships steaming towards yemen. after saudi attacks. one bit of advice for iran i wouldn't screw around with saudi arabia right now. not a good time. you're over your skis you might want to back up. >> if it's way too early. >> it's "morning joe." >> what's next mika? >> "the rundown." have a good day. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown" this morning, developing news out of north charleston a police officer charged with murder after a deadly shooting of apparently an unarmed black man. a demonstration organized by the
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chapter black lives matter set to begin in a half hour. the dramatic incident all caught in a disturbing cell phone video. take a look. [ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] >> white police officer michael slager seen firing eight shots at walter scott, who was seen running away from the officer as a traffic stop for a faulty taillight. slaerg reportedly said he feared for his life after scott allegedly grabbed his taser. >> when i saw it i fell to my feet and it just -- my heart was broken and i said, oh, no. it can't be. and -- when i saw it i just couldn't take it anymore. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us
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from charleston north carolina. the fbi is investigateing as well? >> reporter: exactly right, jose. the fbi is investigating to see if there were any civil rights violations here and this community is shaken. puck lib officials during that news conference seemed very emotional, taken aback by this video that surfaced yesterday. this incident as you mentioned happened on saturday. and walter scott was stopped by this police officer and fled, police say, and there was some sort of altercation. police said there was a struggle over a taser. then as we can see in the video, he then left. fled on foot and the officer appeared to, shot him eight times, and he fell to the ground. now, his parents say that they are thankful with how quickly public officials have moved to charge the officer. at the same time they do feel that if this video had never surfaced that there would not have been charges, or at least wouldn't have been charges this
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quickly. this is a town that is about 100,000 people. about half of the population is african-american, but only about 20% of the police force is black. right now the officer, now he could face life in prison or even the death penalty, if convicted. so far he has not commented. and we're right now not -- it's currently unclear whether he has an attorney right now jose. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez. thank you very much. i want to bring in james johnson, president chapter of the national action network. thank you for being with me and start by asking your reaction when you see this cell phone video video. >> it is very disturbing. very disturbing. after we heard on the local news about the shooting, we immediately assembled at the spot and we had a candlelight vigil. so we wanted to police department to know that we were on the case and we were not going to let them get away with
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this this time. so we gathered all the information we can after the shooting. we spent about five or six hours out there talking to people trying to get the information. and north charleston is not a stranger to shooting of a black person, racial profiles in this city. >> the incident show as need for police to have body cameras. do you agree? would it have made a difference in this case? >> it would have made a big difference in the case. i know that some manuals were allocated for body cameras but not delivered yet. we want the body cams the police officer can't turn off himself. so we actually -- are fighting for that kind of body camera in north charleston. >> let me talk to you about our new poll that finds a racial divide. when it comes to how people believe police treat minorities. 50% of blacks say police treat minorities more harshly. 35% of latinos say the same and
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only 20% of whites agree. what does this tell you? >> well it tells me that the why not don't experience what blacks experience, and -- in america. at my office i get calls every week of police brutality. of police misconduct. it's real in north charleston because in the last 15 years we have had about nine police-related deaths in north charleston, in racial profiling and i do believe that mr. scott's death was racial profiling because his family told me he only owned the car for three days and bought a set of real shiny rims to go on the car and his mother said to me that he told mr. scott that that would be a target, those rims and the next day he was dead. >> stopped for a broken
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taillight i understand. >> that's what i'm trying to find out from slager because his report is not out yet. were that taillight working, that's just mr. scott's excuse for doing what he did. >> the investigation clearly will continue. james johnson, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. appreciate you too. we'll continue following the story throughout "the rundown" and keep our eyes on that demonstration set sow begin shortly. next hour, hearing from a state representative renewing this calls for police officers to wear body cameras. that's in the next hour. a developing story out of afghanistan. one american soldier is dead. two more injured after after afghan soldier opened fire on a group of u.s. officials. the shooter killed at the scene. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me. >> reporter: in jalalabad, to be specific. after a meeting by u.s.
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officials and of aafghan officials. a friendly force opened fire on american security forces killing one american soldier, wounding at least two others. the condition of those wounded is still not known, and it appears that the american officials who were at the scene still unidentified at least publicly were not targeted by this gunman. an investigation is under way to try to figure out what the motivation was was there a connection to the taliban? was he somehow disgruntled with his own commanders? which we've seen in the past? or just want to see the americans out of afghanistan? but it is a grim reminder that even though the u.s. is beginning to withdraw from afghanistan, they're no longer directly involved in impact brations, they're still in harm's way after day their boots are on the ground there, jose? >> thank you very much. and developing right now the jury in the boston marijuana bomb -- marathon bombing trial begins.
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seven women five men began deliberation yesterday. so far the jury deliberated about 7 hours 30 minutes. before they got the case tsarnaev's lawyer said the 21-year-old participated in the 2013 attack but said it's his older brother tamerlan who was the mastermind. the two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the boston marathon's finish line on the 15th of april two years ago killing three people and injuring 260 others. keeping a close eye on the deliberations and will let you know of developments as they occur. now to developing news out of the white house where u.s. officials are pointing the finger firmly at russia for a recent cyber attack on white house computers. kristen welker is at the white house with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. that's right. tensions have been mounting between the u.s. and russia for months over issues including ukraine, iran and syria and now u.s. officials tell nbc news it was russia that hacked the white house last year stealing
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sensitive information even about the president. it was a brazen cyber attack on the white house computer system last year. now u.s. officials say russia is to blame. the breach allowed hackers to unclassified still sensitive information including the president's private unpublished schedule. >> we've spoken to the fact that there was an event last year. we have classified systems that are secure and we take regular precautions to secure our unclassified networks as well. >> reporter: nbc news first reported that the white house had been hacked last october when the u.s. and russia were in a standoff over ukraine. at the time u.s. officials suggested russia was the likely culprit. now they say the investigation proves russia was behind the attack, and that the hackers gained access to the white househave through vulnerabilities at the state department. >> they can use to make policy
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decisions. >> reporter: one official tells nbc, they took immediate measure measures to mitigate the attack bud others warn it's possible the hackers are still inside the government's computer systems. >> when adversaries get into these networks it is often very difficult to completely remove them from the network. oftentimes they set up back doors and other ways in. >> reporter: u.s. officials stress no classified information was breached but have said russia has been ramping up its intrusions recently causing the u.s. to re-evaluate its cyber security protocols. >> the russian cyber threat is more severe than previously assessed. >> reporter: now, federal officials are still investigating. one source tells me adversaries try to access the computer system here at the white house every single day. so the challenge is detecting the threats early and then preventing the hackers from getting in. jose? >> kristen welker thank you. just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." up next, the results of the
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first-ever msnbc telemundo marist poll taking a gauge of the ever-growing latino population. plus rand paul hits the road. first live tv interview to nbc's savannah guthrie. live to new hampshire. weather alert. just under 30 million people facing a severe weather threat today. the storms could pack heavy rain hail even tornadoes. your complete forecast coming up next on "the rundown."
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and developing now senator rand paul hitting the road for his first full day as a presidential candidate. the kentucky republican will hold an event in new hampshire with an eincident a couple hours. further stop a karaoke event,
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the senator mingled but did not take the mike. in an nbc news exclusive interview this morning on "today," senator paul got feisty when my colleague savannah guthrie asked if he's changed his position on key policy items. >> through a litany of things you say i've changed on why don't you ask me a question have i changed my opinion on that? >> have you changed or opinion. >> a better way to approach an interview. >> no no. you've ed tore allized. no no no. listen you're editorialized. let me ask you a question. you ask a question, have your views changed instead of editorializing saying my views have changed. >> and at paul's announcement yesterday now in new hampshire. good morning. day one. how's it going for the campaign? >> good morning, jose. as you saw this morning with this interview with savannah prickly about iran.
6:16 am
some saul it isolationist other's non-interventionist. pushes back to his views changing ober time the comments made about iran were in 2007 and israel is an ally and so forth. what i'm told about today is the message is going to be similar to what you heard yesterday, but we are in new hampshire. the live free or die state. more about taking the power out of washington and returning it to the states. one of the messages on his campaign is defeat the washington machine, and he is running as an outsider although a senator, notice on his twitter handle, dr. rand paul. used to be senator rand paul. however, he is running as the outsider, outside washington and from what i've heard here in new hampshire, that's a big selling point. >> and he's going to be crossing through a couple of states this week. right? >> that's right. that's right. and to show his organizational muscle. it's not giving one big speech and returning to washington. he's showing he has strength in the early states and has organization already on the
6:17 am
ground. most in foortpart to what this father built in 2008 and 20712. today in new hampshire introducing him, father co-chair in the 2008 campaign. >> heading to south carolina, neff never and iowa in the next few days. >> right. >> thanks for being with me. >> thank you. president obama is hitting the road today. heading to panama meeting with u.s. issens of western hemisphere leaders and where u.s. renewed reses with cuba will be front and center. and ahead of the summit we've got our first-ever msnbc telemundo marist poll taking a poll of the la teentino populations. they approve of the diplomats with the cuban regime and likely encounter raul castro and first in-person meeting since nelson mandela's memorial service in 2013. you see it then. joining me to walk through the
6:18 am
new numbers moderator of nooep"meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> what can we read into approve approval of the new relations? >> what i find interesting, jose put cuba in the president's decision to start a new diplomatic relationship with cuba and it's front and center now just as the opening with iran is being heavily debated and this nuclear deal heavily debated but i find it 235s fascinating, the public skeptical on iran they've moved on on cuba and this is a policy change that you won't -- my guess is you won't have presidential candidates saying that they're going to rescind the president's actions on cuba as aggressively saying they could nullify anything he's doing on iran. a lot has to do with poll numbers like we're seeing in our poll here which is a majority of
6:19 am
the public thinks it's time to move on with cuba. >> interesting. nothing in cuba changed for 56 years, yesterday, a very interesting thing. >> i know. >> maybe by attrition? people just say, look -- >> a little of that. look, jose you know this well. third generation any immigrant group, sort of just sort of -- they ease their sort of reasons for perhaps why they left the country that they left, and it becomes different. it becomes sentimental. i think also now when you, as more as more kuhns from south florida are getting comfortable traveling back and forth, you're just -- even locally, i don't sense, you tell me i don't sense the pressure to say oh no. roll back the policy. there isn't. i think there is more oh, well i get to travel there. this is what i want to do. it's more opportunities to see relatives. so i think we're moving in that direction. >> yeah. going to be interesting, chuck, to see what folks like marco rubio and jeb bush have to say
6:20 am
about this because i don't think they've been very specific what they would do on this if they become president. >> but i find it fascinating watching senator rubio in particular. he, i feel like, has -- he was outraged at the beginning, almost as if he heard the feedback from south florida and realized, oh. this isn't as unanimous as maybe even he thought it would be. it really is splitting more generationally and more along age, and he seems to say, well we shouldn't rush into this. you know, it's now more about the speed with which we open up reses with cuba. >> yeah. well, look forward to hearing them in the future on "meet the press." i'm sure you'll have both of them on eventually. right? >> absolutely. rand paul on this sunday by the way. >> perfect. perfect as usual. the relationship with another country, venezuela. the president in the tennants of the summit. numbers in our new poll show half of all adults poll and just over half latino adults think the u.s. got it right with the
6:21 am
recent economic sanctions imposed on seven venezuelan government officials. what does that tell president obama going into the summit? >> well look, i was surprised that about right number was as high. telling me one of two things. either folks believe that, hey, you know, this is thoughtful policy, or they're not following it closely and just essentially trusting that this is the right policy to go. so hey, look i think, you know it will be -- to me what will be interesting, i think the president's going to get a different type of reception at this summit than in years' past because of what he's done on cuba and even though he's getting tough on venezuela i don't think you'll see as many latin-american countries rallying around ven swal la and cuba and the cuba issue. in this case not just public opinion but even in latin america there isn't there isn't a sense that the u.s. is doing the wrong thing here with
6:22 am
venezuela. i think the sense is they're going the right thing. >> remember venezuela has a lot of economic ties with latin-american countries and very beneficial treatment by venezuela with the petro dollars. so quite a quiet on this issue. >> quiet but that says they haven't been outwardly critical what the u.s. has done nap says something. >> pleasure to see you. >> all right. find out what latinos are saying about the president's executive action on immigration. catch rand paul this sunday on "meet the press." and today's other top stories after the break including the latest legal wrangling over illegal immigration. and a debate on live tv. we'll tell you what happened, next.
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a fire rescue. immigration legal wrangling, and a mayoral candidate faints onstage. zoom through some of today's top stories. the los angeles fire department rescued two trapped into an office building downtown. intense flames shooting through the roof. the building built in 1966 did not have a sprinkler system. it took 177 firefighters almost two hours to fully put out the fire. one person hurt. not seriously. a setback for the illegal immigration action. shielding immigrants from deportation a. the same judge issued the hold-back on the 16th of february after 26 states file add lawsuit to overturn the president's immigration action. the justice department's appeal is scheduled for next friday. in philadelphia. scary moments during the first debate of that city's mayoral race. ten minutes in candidate lynn
6:27 am
abraham fainted. she quickly regained consciousness and helped offstage and thinks her blood pressure suddenly dropped, although abraham didn't return to the debate her campaign tweeted out this thumbs up photo and she still held a flusnews conference afterwards. pictures from charleston, north carolina holding a rally, the unarmed black man killed by a white officer last week. that after now charged with murder. much more on this developing story still ahead on "the rundown." ♪ one, two, three o'clock. four o'clock pop. ♪ five, six, seven o'clock. eight o'clock pop. ♪ ♪ nine, ten eleven o'clock ♪ ♪ twelve o'clock pop ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ ♪ put your glad rags on and join me hon' ♪ ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop ♪ ♪ ...around the clock tonight. we're gonna pop, pop, pop ♪ ... 'till the broad daylight. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ pop in new tide pods plus febreze
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. and developing right now hail wind rain even tornadoes expected in the midwest. there's a cold front sweeping through. severe thunderstorms today and tomorrow forecast to batter the already hart-hit region bringing even more flooding and damage.
6:31 am
and though it may be technically well into spring there's snow in the forecast for the northeast. nbc meteorology bill karins has the details. bill, more snow? >> yeah a little built out of this. northern new england still hasn't really felt the effects of the warm spring but all attention, jose 100% on the tornado threat. really, a handful of these days each spring. today and tomorrow one of them. hope they'll miss not hit. the setup here. we have warm winds out of the south coming off the gulf of mexico. already into the mid-60s, near 70 in st. louis. on the back side cold air. it's just a classic setup and recipe for severe weather. we already have strong storms. if you're in missouri you already keep an eye to the sky. severe thunderstorm watchbox producing baseball-size hail possible. not worried about a tornado threat. that's later this evening. round two is later, storms forming over top of wichita. enhanced risk. could go up to moderate later. new update around 1:00 this
6:32 am
afternoon. from the ohio valley all the way back down into north texas with a chance of these storms. the worst of it though in this orange area. enhanced risk of severe weather. about 11 million people in this risk area where we expect the best chance of widespread severe storms and pobls of tornadoes, large hail and damping winds. tulsa, springfield, joplin and columbia st. louis, a wind damage threat and, jose do it over again tomorrow. a huge section of the ohio valley into arkansas. as far as the worst of it getting tornadoes tomorrow watch st. louis and chicago. i mentioned, a lot of big cities involved in the severe weather outbreak. now we sit and wait and be about 4:00 this afternoon when we start getting our first tornado reports. >> hope for the best. bill, thanks. appreciate it. also staying on top of developments from north charleston south carolina. a demonstration under way now. a day after a white police officer was charged with murder in the shooting of an apparently
6:33 am
unarmed black man. >> when you're wrong, you're wrong. and if you make a bad decision don't care if you're behind the shield, or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision. >> 33-year-old michael slager ay accused of murder after firing eight shots at 50-year-old walter scott. slager stopped scott for a faulty taillight. police say scott fled after allegedly trying to grab the officer's taser. let me bring in philadelphia mayor michael nutter. mayor good to see you. >> good morning, thank you. >> what's your reaction to the situation unfolding in south carolina now? >> a, a tragedy and, certainly our hearts go out to the family of the gentleman who was shot and killed. i've seen the video that's been posted and it's certainly i respect and appreciate what the mayor just said. the video is horrifying.
6:34 am
obviously, i mean, at the moment no -- there's no particular explanation for what has happened here, and the man was shot down rung away. i don't know what he did, but this is continued reason for serious concern. across the united states of america. about police and community relations, how people interact with the police how police interact with citizens but clearly an explanation needs to be made. obviously a full investigation but it's a tragedy and certainly our sympathies go out to the deceased gentleman's family but we need a full explanation and you've got to get to the bottom of it but it is bad. >> and mayor, i want to ask you about brand new numbers on law enforcement and how they appear to treat minorities in the united states. first-ever msnbc telemundo marist poll shows 65% of all adults this local police treat
6:35 am
minorities the same. among blacks treated more harshly and 35% of latinos and 20% of white, more harshly treated by this. what do you make of the numbers? >> i'm literally seeing it as you put it up on the screen. bottom line we know there are issues and challenges in community and police relations and that serious work and attention has to be give ton it and action plans put into place. mostly at the local level but i think certainly the federal government has a role to play. president obama made the call put forward the 21st century policing task force, co-chaired by my own police commissioner police commissioner ramsey and lori robinson. they delivered that report to president obama march 2nd, and we are already in philadelphia at least in the process of implementing the many recommendations from that report. so work needs to be done. we need to acknowledge there are issues there are challenges.
6:36 am
you know spend a little less time individually pointing fingers, but collectively putting our hands together and getting work done on behalf of all americans, but certainly african-americans and latinos in particular are feeling negative feelings in many instances in some communities. things are not perfect in philadelphia, but certainly we have a cooperative working relationship but we know we have work to do. >> so but, mayor, what are some of the things -- i think everybody can agree more work needs to be done -- but what are the things that need to be done that maybe aren't being done? >> you know, in philadelphia at least, we focus on police relations in specific police districts. officers walking the beat. having more citizens come in to the police district and talk with officers, more importantly, officers out on the street. if there is an issue, try to address it as quickly as possible. there must be more dialogue between and among community and police officers. in articulation from the top.
6:37 am
myself, police commissioner ramsey and leaders of the police department. that we want to have positive relations with our citizens at the same time the officers are out risking their lives to make sure that all the rest of the citizens are safe. no one will tolerate bad policing. good police officers don't want bad officers on the force. citizens certainly don't want bad officer on the force. so i think if you look at the 21st century community policing task force report you will find that it is filled with a variety of recommendations certainly on use of force, lethal weapons, how to have more training for the officers so that they can de-escalate situations. just make better judgments. again i don't want to judge the north charleston situation, but the gentleman from the video at least is running away. he's running away. so, again i don't know what he did, but he clearly was not a threat to the officer in that situation. and that is the primary deciding
6:38 am
factor in terms of the use of lethal force. whether or not the officer is in danger at that moment. >> and i agree with you. one needs tony investigate the entire picture. it didn't seem he was armed running away. >> subsequently, it's been found that he was unarmed, but, again, the bottom line is, that man was was -- 20 30 feet away from that officer running away. there was no imminent threat. to that police officer in that moment. that means that you need to step back think about what your next action should be but i don't necessarily know that shooting the guy, 20 30 feet down the road is that next action but, you know again, i'm sure there will be a full investigation, but it doesn't -- it damages the nature of how people think about policing in the united states of america. each of these incidents is damaging to the overall relationship that you want
6:39 am
between good citizens and good police officers. >> mayor michael nutter thank you for being with me. so appreciate your time. >> thank you. ferguson missouri voters made history choosing a local path. two black candidates among three candidates just elected to city council meaning soon half of the city's six council members will be african-american. turnout increased substantially nearly one in three voters casting ballots. it was the first city-wide election since last summer's shooting death of an unarm eded man. race never shown to be a factor in that shooting. a big night in chicago for mayor rahm emanuel. voters giving the embattled mayor a second term. he beat his challenger jesus "chuy" garcia. >> grandson of an ingrant and an immigrant which is why we are
6:40 am
the greatest city in america. and don't let anybody ever tell you -- around the world there is no other city that an immigrant from mexico and the grandson of an immigrant from moldavia could both run for the highest office of this great city. that is why we are the greatest city. >> the 55-year-old emanuel will almost immediately have to find a way to close $2 billion in deficit, city hall and the public school system. coming up defense secretary ash carter warns that al qaeda could be making big gains on the ground in yemen. taking advantage of the chaos there as the u.s. steps up arms delivery to help in the fight. all covered four next here on "the rundown." good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company.
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6:44 am
strikes this morning. the latest round of attacks targeted hoot eded houthi rebels. speeding up delivery of weapons to the saudi coalition. ash carter says it's critical the situation stabilize in yemen. >> the terrorism threat to the west including the united states from aqap is a lonstanding and serious one. that one we will keep combating about obviously change the way go that according to the circumstances there. obviously we hope order is restored to yemen not only for that reason but because there's a lot of suffering going on in yemen. >> bring in msnbc contributor and editor at large or "the atlantic." good morning. >> good morning. >> the point made secretary carter and the threat of instability in yemen? >> ash cart hear it right.
6:45 am
aqap will try to fill the void left between the fighting of the current houthi government and houthis and kaychaos, they actually seized and took over a border crossing site between saudi arabia and yemen. the situation is very dire and hard to see how this goes because iran is also reported to continue to be arming and training these houthi rebels and this is a lot like what crimea and east ukraine are. iran engaging in hybrid war with yemen as the sandbox it's going after. >> the difference is saudi arabia is certainly a lot more intense ar defending its border. it's been a lot more proactive in the past in dealing with people crossing into saudi arabia, but i'm just wondering, steve, look it's been weeks since this war campaign started. air bombings, i should say, by the saudis. have we seen progress? >> the saudis have -- right now
6:46 am
it's very hard to call what progress. you can sort of say each side scored gains against the other. what's happening is the saudis are organizing the gcc and its allies into a fighting force. they're preparing ground troops. they have developed naval capacity to sort of inhibit and go after any hipships or naval traffic in and out of yemen. you're seeing saudi arabia become a new muscular force in the region. so this is more important, just yemen, a critical national security issue to saudi arabia. the first time eave seen saudi arabia develop organized, synthesized combat missions bringing in all allies and deploy that in yemen to restore stability. the real foe is iran. so it's high stakes for saudi arabia and honestly what you see the saudis doing is impressive. >> yeah.
6:47 am
steve clemons, good to see you. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. developing now in massachusetts deliberating at this hour two separate high profile cases. the jury in the boston marathon trial in its second day of deliberation, in the case of dzhokhar tsarnaev for the deadly april 2013 attack. not far from there a jury deliberating the fate of former nfl player aaron hernandez in the june 2013 killing of odin lloyd, the man who was dating his fiancee's sister. let me bring in msnbc legal analyst faith jenkins, host of "judge." faith, good to see you. >> good morning. >> talk about the tsarnaev trial. before deliberations picked up a short time ago the jury posed this question to the judge. "can a conspiracy pertain to an event over multiple days or a single event?" what does that tell you? >> that the jury is going through each and every count in this case. there are about 30 counts they are considering. 17 of them would carry the death penalty as a possible punishment
6:48 am
and that tells me that they are going through each and every count, making sure that they are getting this right. i still think that in terms of the first phase of this trial, jose the prosecutors have proven their case. the defense attorneys have admitted that tsarnaev was involved that he did commit this crime. they're just saying that he's less culpable than his older brother. i still think you're going to have a fairly quick resolution in the first part of the case and that he will be convicted on most if not all 30 counts. >> and then in the second phase, i guess it would be an opportunity for his lawyer to put him on the stand then. do you think that's going to happen? >> i don't think that's going to happen. but i think throughout this entire trial the defense's strategy has been geared towards the penalty phase. from the very beginning i think they knew he would, they know he's going to be convicted and really judy clark's main goal is to somehow get at least one
6:49 am
juror, because, remember it has to be unanimous vote for the death penalty. her main goal get at least one juror to show some kind of mercy and vote not guilty in terms of the death penalty and try to get his life spared. i think that's what all of these arguments have been tailored towards throughout this entire trial. >> and faith, talk about the aaron hernandez trial. the first time his lawyer yesterday acknowledged that hernandez was at the scene of the killing and saw it happen described it as a kid who didn't know what to do. what's the strategy? >> interesting. anytime, you know at the very beginning of this case the lawyer opened with the state can't prove that he was there and that he did anything. and so we really turned after the facts came out and after all the testimony and the evidence i think he had no choice but to say, and conceive the point aaron hernandez was there. a strong circle case. that puts him at the scene. that argument i think, it has issues because anytime you put your client at the scene of a murder and in all states in
6:50 am
every, in all of our states jose, there's this theory about joint venture. if you're a part of a homicide you don't have to be the one to pull the trigger to be guilty. so now he's put aaron hernandez at the scene. the jurors they've watched the videotapes. know he's the one that got odin into the car, drove out to the industry park, shown with the gun three or four minutes after odin was murdered. it's an issue for them. >> after the defense said he wasn't there. >> right. exactly. so this is -- this is -- the jurors will look at this and is this lawyer credible? can they believe what he's saying and consider that in the context of the other evidence in the case. team hillary, next. aren't the only ones...
6:51 am
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6:54 am
as the political world holds its breath waiting for hillary clinton to announce her presumed presidential run any day now, new details are emerging about the role her husband may play on the campaign trail. here is nbc's andrea mitchell. >> we will grow again. >> reporter: never known to shy away from a campaign hillary clinton vowing to step back when his wife runs in 2016 telling "town and country" magazine my role should primarily be as a back stage adviser to her until we get much closer to the election. still offering advice even before she's formally announced her campaign. i think it's important and hillary does too, that she go out there as if she's never run for anything before he said. the former president was hardly the perfect advocate in '08. sharply criticizing his wife's opponent, barack obama. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever
6:55 am
seen. >> reporter: the man who ran the white house twice and won rave reviews for his convention speech for obama in 2012 says he doesn't think he's good at campaigning any more claiming i'm not mad at anybody, i'm a grandfather, and i got to see my granddaughter last night and i can't be mad. instead, the former president tells "town and country" he will focus on clinton global initiative. even at the volunteer event last month, clinton was a magnet for reporters. >> president clinton, what's your opinion. >> that i shouldn't be making news on this. >> reporter: deflecting questions about whether his wife would enter the race. >> i have nothing to say. >> i think i know which way you would vote. >> no, you don't. i don't yet know which way i am going to vote. >> reporter: now saying he will be a back stage adviser landed bill clinton back on the front page. andrea mitchell, nbc news washington. >> that was andrea mitchell
6:56 am
reporting. coming up on "the rundown," new developments out of north charleston, south carolina a rally under way seeking answers about the death of walter scott, shot and killed by an officer last weekend. we are also on verdict watch as the jury deliberates the fate of dzhokhar tsarnaev the boston bombing suspect. that decision could come at any moment. and look at this funnel cloud spotted over the skies in sacramento, california. didn't touch down but that may not be the case today. from oklahoma city to wichita and st. louis, the severe weather forecast next on "the rundown." there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too.
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7:00 am
this is a day after a white police officer was charged with murder of an apparently unarmed black man. >> we are not just reacting to the shooting we are not just reacting to that. this has been a long-standing affair. this has been a long-standing occurrence and something we had to live with. what you're going to hear is passion of the people. not reacting to a video like you might be but reacting to a live situation and opportunity to finally share with the world, to finally put the spotlight on north charleston city hall. >> this morning, the family of walter scott is calling for calm. we have more from nbc's gabe gutierrez in north charleston. gabe good morning. >> reporter: jose good morning. city leaders here are stunned. the fbi is now investigating whether there were any civil rights violations. peaceful protesters are gathering behind me at city hall at this hour. we should warn you, this video
7:01 am
is disturbing. this morning, the outrage over this video is growing, a white police officer drawing his gun as a black suspect runs away his back turned. the officer fires eight shots. the suspect, walter scott, is killed. >> 223, shots fired, subject is down. he grabbed my taser. >> a chilling video shows the officer handcuffing scott who is face down on the ground. he reportedly said he feared for his life after scott allegedly grabbed his taser. but on tuesday as the video surfaced the officer was charged with murder. >> when you're wrong, you're wrong, and if you make a bad decision, don't care if you're behind the shield or just a citizen on the street you have to live by that decision. >> reporter: police say the confrontation started after the
7:02 am
officer pulled scott over saturday for a broken taillight, and the two fought over the officer's stun gun. scott's family is heartbroken. >> we can't get my brother back and my family is in deep mourning for that. but through the process of justice has been served. >> overnight, walter scott trended on social media, his death the latest in a string of officer involved incidents in ferguson, and elsewhere that sparked a national debate about lethal force by police. >> what if there was no video? what if there was no witness or hero as i call him to come forward? >> thank you, lord. >> this wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the city of north charleston has about 100,000 residents, about half them african-american, but only 20% of the police force is african-american. as for the officer, he is a coast guard veteran but hasn't
7:03 am
commented yet. he could face life in prison or the death penalty if convicted. right now, it is unclear whether he currently has an attorney. jose? >> nbc's gabe gutierrez. thank you so much. more about the officer charged in this case. joined by frances rivera. >> jose we know quite a bit about this officer. he has two stepchildren and baby on the way due next month. he signed his oath of office in march of 2010. he pledged to faithfully serve the citizens of his city and never abuse my authority either by words or acts. and police documents describe slager enthused reporting for duty. said he demonstrated great officer safety tactics encountering suspects and kept calm in a tricky situation. as far as his past record had two complaints launched against him in five years with the
7:04 am
police department. documents released show in january of 2015 there was a complaint involving failure to file a police report. unclear what disciplinary action he faced, if any at all. september of 2013 he was cleared of another complaint regarding use of force, and in this case a man said he used a taser for no reason and slammed him to the ground. police documents show he was cleared. slager's attorney says he had no disciplinary issues during his time with the department. we have to note that attorney as of last night no longer represents the officer. prior to joining the force he worked as a waiter spent several years with the coast guard. that application in 2009 stated he had not been convicted of a felony in the past seven years. he was subject to annual mandatory training the last one in 2014. that training covered subjects including ethics bias based profiling and taser use, and as in past years, he passed jose. >> frances rivera thank you
7:05 am
very much. another live look where the group black lives matter is protesting. we will bring you updates on "the rundown." we are keeping a close eye on a developing story from boston. jurors in the marathon bombing trial are in the second day of deliberations in the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is facing 30 counts for the april, 2013 attack that killed three people and injured 260 others. 17 of those counts could carry the death penalty. msnbc's adam reiss is in boston. good morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jose. defense attorneys and prosecutors meeting with the judge at this hour in a bench conference to discuss two questions the jury had yesterday after seven hours of deliberations. one, conspiracy. is it something that's one event or over a period of days. question number two, aiding and abetting. they wanted to know the difference between aiding and abetting.
7:06 am
the judge gave instructions sent them to the jury room. they will begin day two of deliberations. 30 counts to consider, 17 capital. if they come up with a guilty verdict, we move to the penalty phase where they will consider life in prison or death. family members and victims upstairs waiting for a verdict, hoping it will happen today so they have some kind of closure. jose? >> adam reiss, thank you so much. the white house is trying to make a hard sell to congress to try to get them on board with the president's proposed nuclear deal with iran. kristin welker is live at the white house. good morning. how much defines is the president facing from lawmakers? >> reporter: he is face ago fair amount of defiance jose just to breakdown the situation, there's legislation being proposed by senators corker and menendez that would effectively give congress the ability to approve the iran deal. the white house is saying that could ultimately scuttle efforts to get a broader deal. so they're asking lawmakers to hold off on passing that
7:07 am
legislation, but corker says he has 66 votes that he would need from democrats to essentially have a veto proof approval of this legislation, so the question is can the white house hold off and convince enough democrats to oppose this legislation and to essentially hold the president's veto in place. the white house making a robust effort at outreach to lawmakers on capitol hill. we also know they're planning some closed door briefings they'll hold with lawmakers. yesterday, white house press secretary josh earnest asking lawmakers to evaluate the iran deal on its merits not on the long history of distrust with iran. and that deal, broad outlines of the deal call for iran to limit centrifuges and also would scale back sanctions on iran over time once the administration can confirm that iran is in fact following through with the terms of the
7:08 am
deal. it is an incredibly controversial deal as you know but again, the white house says any legislation that passes in congress could ultimately scuttle hopes for getting a final deal in place, that final deadline june 30th. jose? >> kristin welker at the white house, thank you. coming up new numbers reveal what americans think about president obama's executive action on immigration. and historic vote in ferguson missouri. and another live look at north charleston south carolina, where black lives matter is demonstrating in the wake of cell phone video showing a white police officer shooting an unarmed black man. that officer is now charged with murder. >> tell the story of a man who's tired of having to talk with my son, who's tired of having a talk with my daughters. i am a black man that shouldn't
7:09 am
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7:12 am
and developing now in north charleston, south carolina these are live pictures coming in of walter scott's family home in north charleston. the mayor and chief of police expected to arrive there any minute to visit scott's family. demonstration is also going on nearby in the wake of cell phone video showing a white police officer shooting scott who was unarmed. that officer is now charged with murder. meanwhile, today is a new
7:13 am
day in ferguson missouri after historic city election. half the city council will consist of african-american lawmakers. black candidates won two of three council seats up for grabs. it was the city's first election since the shooting death of an unarmed teenager by a police officer. officer darren wilson was not charged in michael brown's death, race wasn't shown to be a factor in that shooting. joining me adrian hawkins, one of the candidates that ran successfully for a seat on the council. that's for being with me. good to see you today. >> thank you, it is wonderful to be here thank you. >> tell me about the feelings in ferguson. are they different today compared to yesterday? >> i'm just excited we have new people on council in place, i am excited about all of the new things that are coming to ferguson. >> tell me a little about the new things that will come to ferguson and why you're
7:14 am
optimistic about it. well i know that there will be change as far as the demographics of the way our city council looks. i am hoping there will be lots of new energy lots of new ideas, and you haven't seen the last of me yet either. i am bringing in the national black chamber of commerce and they're supporting my economic development plan 100%. so i think i still won. >> tell me a little about you. tell me about your plan on economic development. tell me about the economic development needs for ferguson. >> we are a community that is 67% african-american. there are areas in ferguson i believe if we empower the people who feel like things aren't fair then i believe we can move forward and definitely put ferguson first by making sure
7:15 am
there are jobs and people can feed their families if we have a community that where the economic development matches the demographics of the community, i think we will be better all around. >> how do you do that how do you get economic development to arrive and to be part of everybody's reality, not just part of some people's reality? >> i think that the people of ferguson who are in need of being empowered, i think they just need hope. i think they need jobs instead of job training programs. we need to make sure we have on-the-job training programs so they can feed their families while they're learning a trade and then to employ them with jobs that pay more than $8 an hour. you can't feed your family for $8 an hour and make sure they
7:16 am
have somewhere safe to live. i think if we changed those things, you'll start to see real change in ferguson. >> adrian hawkins, good to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> take care. turning now to yet another legal setback for the president's immigration actions, the same federal judge that put the president's actions on hold is denying request to lift that hold. all ahead of a hearing on that stay before the federal 5th circuit next friday. and in our first ever msnbc telemundo dough marist poll we are taking this to the latino population, a majority of adults and large majority of latinos approve of those executive actions. joining me to breakdown the numbers, senior political editor mark murray. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> how surprising was this msnbc telemundo poll a majority of adults approving those actions? >> it wasn't terribly surprising, other times it
7:17 am
polled, it showed it was getting majority support. one thing worth noting jose while this is a controversial political topic, seeing tremendous back and forth between democrats and republicans on this issue, the way the question was worded when it says the people that would qualify under this are people with no criminal record who are parents, who lived in the country at least five years, when you put those important qualifications on the question you'll see more people be supportive rather than the normal back and forth when it becomes in the prism of whether you like president obama or not as you get in political questions. >> looking to immigration reform pathway to citizenship, priority for all adults a large majority of latinos, i was surprised, mark by the fact that a lot of people said they would support immigration reform even if it included legalization and not a pathway to citizenship. >> and that's right, and there's still support for a pathway to citizenship. the problem is the political reality that that's not coming up in this congress didn't come
7:18 am
up in last congress at all. one of the reasons you get to that question whether this should be a priority. when you add up those who say this should be done now, maybe next year you get about 65% of the country saying yes. but again, just 41% end up saying it should be a priority this year for this congress as well as this president. and you kind of get the sense of yes, support it but it is not something they're really fighting for now. >> mark if immigration does not become a reality, who gets the blame? >> the poll ends up showing, shouldn't be terribly surprising, they blame the republicans more 43%. president obama gets a quarter of the blame, 26%, 11% blame congressional democrats. a lot of blame to go around plurality directed at congressional republicans. >> and pope frances, how has he done with the image of the catholic church?
7:19 am
>> every poll about pope francis shows he is a rock star more than the american politicians we survey. 37% say they've given him more -- he has given a more positive opinion of the catholic church. that's similar to an nbc, "the wall street journal" poll released on this about a week or so ago. and shows that he is very popular and a lot more popular than all of the other things we were talking about, jose. >> mark what's interesting to me he got lower positives among the latino community than at large, right? >> right. i can't explain that at all, but one of the interesting findings what was great about the poll jose, you get the total respondents as well as a substantial sub sample of latino respondents in the poll. good gauge of the latino community. >> mark murray, thanks. we are watching video from walter scott's family home in north charleston. mayor and chief of police just arrived to visit scott's family.
7:20 am
you see them arriving in the wake of a cell phone video showing a white police officer shooting scott who was apparently unarmed. that officer is now charged with murder. you see them arriving. up next we will zoom through some of the other stories making news including a drug smuggling tunnel discovered near the u.s. border. take a look. and inspiration behind "american pie" revealed. don mclane speaking more about that. details coming on "the rundown."
7:21 am
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7:23 am
ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. west bank violence drug smuggling tunnel and million dollar "american pie." two israeli soldiers were injured in a suspected terror attack in west bank. one of the soldiers stabbed in the neck taken to the hospital in critical condition. the other slightly injured in
7:24 am
the incident on a major road near the jewish settlement of shiloh. according to the military forces shot and killed the palestinian attacker. check out images of a tunnel discovered in the mexican border city of tijuana, believed to be built to struggle drugs into the united states. it extends nearly 500 feet equipped with electricity, ventilation systems, found below a house under construction two blocks from the federal police offices in tijuana. the passage was unfinished was not believed to have reached u.s. soil. mexican authorities say nine people were arrested in the house where 44 pounds of marijuana was found. and don mclean's "american pie" manuscript sold for $1.2 million. it left a generation in the dark about all those lyrics what they meant. he confirmed the day the music died was inspired by the plane
7:25 am
crash that killed singers buddy holly and others. there are hidden meanings up for interpretation in this american classic. we are just about an hour into the trading day and the markets are off to a pretty good start. want to bring in dominic chu. good morning. what are you watching today? >> good morning. i will take the $1.2 million manuscript, raise to $70 billion. that's the size of this oil and gas deal. royal dutch is going to pay $70 billion in cash and stock to make the deal. it is going to boost shell's oil and gas assets in places like australia and brazil make it a solid number two in the global energy sector behind exxonmobile. this would be the biggest deal in a decade in the energy industry, might lead to more deals in the future. a lot of traders are watching this closely in the energy patch. on the company front, we are watching aluminum giant alcoa.
7:26 am
report earnings after today's closing bell on wall street a lot of investors look to this report as the unofficial kickoff to earnings season. this time around analysts are not as positive on earnings power of corporate america as they have been in the past. estimates are that we could see a year over year profit decline for the first time since the financial crisis. certainly one to watch, alcoa, as we get going for earnings season. back to you. >> dominic chu, thank you so much. good to see you. coming up california drought threatening to squash a trend in the food industry. we are live from a bison farm with details. we are on verdict watch in boston with the accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev could be getting the death penalty. a live look in north charleston, south carolina. protesters call for justice for walter scott, shot and killed by a police officer saturday. here is what scott's father said earlier on "today." >> when i saw it i fell to my feet. my heart was broken and i said
7:27 am
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7:30 am
black lives matter. black lives matter. >> that's what you see at north charleston city hall on-going black lives matter demonstration, one day after a white police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of an apparently unarmed black man. also happening now, the mayor of north charleston police chief, and police chaplain visiting with the family of walter scott. they arrived moments ago. the shooting occurred saturday. it was captured on video by a bystander, shows the officer firing his weapon eight times. we should warn viewers, it contains graphic images.
7:31 am
[ gunshots ] the officer is a 33-year-old, michael slager the man killed walter scott. the officer says he first fired his taser according to police reports after scott ran from a car during a traffic stop. as two men struggle the stun gun wires appear to be extending from scott's body according to "the new york times." the times reports an object not clear if it is the stun gun, tossed or knocked to the ground behind the men as they scuffle. then as the video shows, scott turns to run, is about 20 feet away when the officer draws his gun and fires. according to police report the officer radios into dispatch saying quote, shots fired, and the subject is down. he took my taser. as the video continues, the officer then places scott in handcuffs, then returns to where
7:32 am
the two men initially struggled and picks something off the ground. the officer then returns and drops the object near scott's body. new details in the shooting of three american soldiers in afghanistan. nbc news can confirm the ambassador, political adviser to the u.s. military in afghanistan was meeting with local officials near the scene of the shooting. yam a moet oh had already left when an afghan soldier opened fire, killing one american soldier, wounding two more. the shooter was also killed when the americans returned fire. also developing now in boston the second day of deliberations in the marathon bombing trial under way. jurors are deciding the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev for the deadly twin bomb attack near the end of the finish line nearly two years ago. jurors began the day after already deliberating for seven hours 30 minutes yesterday. joining me metro editor for the
7:33 am
boston globe. mike bellow. >> good to see you. >> what's the sense in boston with the jury in the second day of deliberations? >> i think the jury had two questions yesterday, which the judge was supposed to answer today. we don't know the exact questions, but they apparently involve the definition of aiding and abetting and another question involving the details of a conspiracy charge. the judge addressed that this morning, and the jury resumed deliberations. this jury seems to be very deliberative. they could be there, it is unclear how long obviously. there are all kinds of different folks on the jury legal secretary, computer experts, it was whittled down to 12 jurors yesterday. there will be some analysis by the jury today. everyone saying it could be today, but it is unclear. i think this jury is intelligent, they'll look at the evidence. even though defense attorneys said in court that dzhokhar was
7:34 am
there at the scene of the bombings was involved in the conspiracy, he faces 30 charges. 17 of which could involve the death penalty, even though he admits defense attorney admit involvement. the jury is still going to look at all of the evidence. could take awhile today. >> mike what stood out for you in closing arguments? >> i think the prosecution really detailed a graphic case of impact of the bombings especially the autopsy photos of three people who died martin richard, detailing how dzhokhar had stood with the bomb near the richard family before it went off, waiting several minutes. the defense is trying to say that, you know tamerlan was the master mind that dzhokhar followed him. there wasn't a lot of presentation of defense witnesses, just saying tamerlan basically got the bomb parts, that it was tamerlan's computer
7:35 am
that downloaded jihad material. i think there's a lot of evidence to go through. incredible amount of witnesses, forensic evidence. i think the jury is taking its time to look at this stuff and to make sure they come up with a sound decision. and of course then there's a death penalty phase that will take place if he is found guilty. >> mike bello, good to see you. >> thank you sir. now to a revealing new interview with former president hillary clinton in the current issue of "town and country." yes, he talks about his wife's expected presidential announcement. former president clinton doesn't expect to take a prominent or leading role in the campaign. many of his staffers from hillary clinton's 2008 white house run contend the former president was hard to manage given his off the cuff nature. something they hope this time will be different. joining me jackie kucinich and david. good morning.
7:36 am
president clinton expects to be a back stage adviser to his wife's campaign should she run. how comfortable is bill clinton taking that role? >> i'll believe it when i see it jose honestly. it is hard to imagine president clinton as a back stage player in any way. maybe he'll stay off the trail, but it is hard to believe someone that loves the spotlight so much who people seek out to be in the spotlight taking a back seat role at this point, but you know when you talk to people in the almost hillary campaign, they're committed to not having a lot of drama. we have to wait and see. >> david, on the other hand when you have someone as popular, a strong campaigner even though he says i'm not into campaigning any more fact is he is a strong campaigner very persuasive. it will be tough to not use him. >> how to contain bubba. i don't know if there's an answer for that in hillary
7:37 am
clinton 2016. what's going to happen with clinton foundation? he's out there in public arenas very frequently promoting the foundation, which is very important to him. is he going to not do interviews on cable, on network television? if he does he is obviously going to be asked about the campaign. he will obviously indulge that urge. i think this will be a difficult task to contain him in the 2016 campaign. >> jackie if hillary clinton wins as president, president clinton said he would first have to assess what hillary clinton wants him to do. what do you think hillary clinton would want him to do? >> i don't know. that's a question for hillary clinton. i have to say, he is an asset on the campaign trail. and he will be an asset, particularly with demographics that hillary clinton might not be as popular with blue collar demographics, white males. he really does have a good base
7:38 am
with used to be reagan democrats. it is hard to see what he'll do if he ends up being in the white house again. we have to wait and see. hard to imagine him not being used for all of the talents that he has as a politician. >> jackie kucinich of the daily beast, david canton east from u.s. news and world report thank you for being with me. now to a weather alert. damaging winds, rain hail even tornadoes are possibly on the way for much of the country, and there's snow as well up to eight inches possible in parts of the northeast. this after a week that's been packed with bad weather. nbc meteorologist bill karins has more. >> good morning, jose. the atmosphere is primed. it has a lot of moisture in it. a lot of temperature contrast out there, a couple of storms moving across the country. already we have seen damaging wind through indiana, that's sweeping toward cincinnati. new severe thunderstorm watch for cincinnati with a strong line of storms coming through.
7:39 am
stay indoors the next half hour there. also storms continue to produce large hail in central portions of missouri. had two inch larger than golf ball size report. those headed to columbia shores. this is the warm up acts. the main event is this evening. i don't think the timeliness isn't until 4:00 or 5:00 central time. it will be a late event. storm chasers will be out there, pictures will come in as storms happen. some may be after dark those are the most dangerous storms when you don't know what they're producing, especially tornadoes. that could occur through sunset period this evening. 9 million people at risk today. as far as the storms go 7:00 p.m., storms are south of kansas city near wichita. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, mostly back in missouri same spots they're at now. late tonight, middle of the night, very strong winds arrive in st. louis area. that will wake a lot of you up throughout the evening. as we look to tomorrow severe
7:40 am
storms continue. a large area from arkansas northward. this will be a bigger event than tonight. there will be more storms and possibility of strong tornadoes. there's the language we will use going through the spring. you get isolated a few tornadoes. you hear a meteorologist tell you we get possibly a few strong tornadoes, those are ones that can do significant damage to towns if they hit one. those are ones that are usually the most deadly and ones we want to avoid. >> absolutely. bill karins, thanks. coming up rand paul takes his campaign on the road. first stop in new hampshire. we will tell you what else is on the presidential hopeful's agenda. jane wells is covering the west coast drought from a bison farm in california. jane? >> reporter: jose i am home on the range. we have given the bison a little snack to get them closer. demand for bison meat is way up but california ranchers running into a huge problem to their growth drought. we will have that story if they
7:41 am
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7:44 am
california's record breaking drought shows no sign of letting up days after governor jerry brown enacted the first ever mandatory water restrictions news broke february was the worst month yet for conserving h 20. it hit everyone from farming to tourism. one that's taking the hit from the drought, bison. jane wells joins me. good morning. jane? jane is frozen because that's how the satellite business works. it is live tv. we will try to reestablish that live shot with jane. she's in the middle of a bison farm after all. we will get back to that in a minute. want to take you back to presidential politics, nothing freezing about this.
7:45 am
senator rand paul starting his white house bid with a trip to new hampshire. it is the first of four states on his itinerary the next four days all of which are early players in the 2016 election. meantime, jeb bush is weighing in on paul's campaign and if the differences between the two men are substantial. >> libertarianism has a place in the gop. we share a common believe to limit government's power, people make choices for themselves freedom is the bed range of motion principle of this great country of ours. i think there are differences of opinion on foreign policy but look, we're just beginning this journey. >> joining me now, political editor for boston globe. good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> thank you. so there is clearly difference of opinion on things like foreign policy et cetera between jeb bush and rand paul. >> yes, absolutely.
7:46 am
rand paul kind of tried to dance around the issue in his announcement speech yesterday, but he's known certainly in the context of the republican field as more of a dove compared to some competitors in congress who are more of what you call a hawk. i also point out that jeb bush might have used the word libertarian when he referred to rand paul, but rand paul didn't use the word libertarian in his announcement speech. he doesn't want to be viewed as a fringe candidate like some people maybe in the republican primary might have viewed his father. >> interesting. and his first big interview with savannah guthrie on "today", the senator got intense telling her how to conduct an interview and talking over her. given what we know about his relationship with the press, is this going to haunt him in the future? >> it is a potential problem spot for senator rand paul he is not going to be dealing with national press, he is going to be dealing with local press in new hampshire, iowa south carolina. and it is not the first time he tried to talk over a female news anchor over a live television
7:47 am
interview. whoever talks to him, does his media training may want to mention this isn't the best tactic for making friends early on in the campaign. >> honestly i don't know that he would have not talked over a male interviewer that was asking the same questions, but that remains to be seen. but this is interesting, the paul campaign is urging supporters to change social media pictures to ones they have on their website. they have fishermen for rand italian americans for rand no mention of women or latinos for rand. >> i'm sure if you're a supporter of rand paul you can probably figure out a way to draw your own social media graphic if that's how you want to represent yourself on social media. it is notable, given rand paul wants to extend the typical republican primary voters base to acquire more support. that's why you saw yesterday this campaign announcement incredible diversity among people that introduced him and the audience.
7:48 am
that's one of the big points. he wants to be seen as republican candidate who can expand the field and party's reach in 2016. >> what do you think rand paul is most underestimated? >> i don't know if i am ready to say he is the most underestimated, i think it will be the most interesting candidate in the republican field to cover in 2016. he is unique tries to do a lot of cool things with social media, he's obviously trying to reshape what he thinks the coalition is that will be the republican party of the future privacy advocates, i think foreign policy is notable. it will be fascinating to cover. i don't know if he's underestimated. >> let's see how his voice effects the remainder of the gop field. certainly going to be interesting to watch here. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> good to see you. and let's try this again. victor can you break out the freezer, it was frozen a second ago. let's try to head back to jane wells. are you there? there you are. i know you're there.
7:49 am
>> reporter: i am, jose. >> last time i saw you, i saw a lovely frozen picture of you. here you're moving. >> reporter: no more frozen bison meat only fresh here. bison is big business at least it is getting bigger. i am at the star b buffalo ranch in california where they're dealing with a special problem. bison meat the market continues to grow even though it is much more expensive than beef but it appeals to a health conscious consumer who have more disposable income. you can get really full on an 8 ounce bison steak, it is so lean compared to 12 ounce beef steak. for the whole foods crowd and paleo diet crowd, the national bison association expects revenues in this market will be $300 million this year up 7%. retail, it is about 12 bucks a pound. filletss 30 bucks a pound. finding grass is more difficult
7:50 am
because of epic drought. even though demand is up rancher ken raise fewer animals. >> we depend on the rainfall for our grass to grow. and if we don't get that grass, that means we simply got to cut back how many animals we can keep on the property. we pay horribly high prices for alfalfa when we need to purchase it. now, that's one of the things we try to avoid is supplemental feeding. >> reporter: now, the problem is there is alfalfa grown in this part jose this part of the state, but a lot of it is shipped overseas to places like japan where they can get more money. so even though they can grow it here it's not necessarily being supplied to local ranchers. >> jane you're really close to those big animals. >> reporter: back to you. >> it's good they like you. >> reporter: don't look kids. >> okay. jane wells, thank you. good to see you. turning back now to the developing news we've been
7:51 am
following all morning. just moments ago we heard from new york city mayor bill de blasio reacting to the apparent shooting of an unarmed black man in north charleston, south carolina. >> we're all feeling some pain today i imagine. i certainly am. we watched a video yesterday, once again we are watching a video. we watched a video that's so disturbing and so painful you can't watch that as a human being and not feel pain. it makes no sense according to what our core notions of humanity are. >> new york city dealt with its own high profile incident. the jury in that case did not indict the officer. we're continuing to follow this morning's black lives matter rally in north charleston which has been taking place for more than an hour now. we'll be right back. audible safety beeping
7:52 am
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well we're just a few minutes away from rand paul's first campaign event as an official candidate for president. our big question will be he wearing any of his campaign gear? that brings us to today's five things campaign swag. for 20 bucks you can buy your own i stand with rand flip-flops. if you come to miami you can wear them all year round. apparently the hillary pac doesn't think it's too early to break out the champagne. four hillary bubbles glasses. but warning right now they're out of stock. leave it to rick perry to turn his mugshot from last summer into a merchandise opportunity. for $25 to the rick pac you get a t-shirt, on the front his mugshot with the word wanted and then on the back rose marie for driving while intoxicated in 2013. no word on if they'll sell rick perry glasses.
7:56 am
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7:59 am
good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with developing news the mayor of south carolina and top city officials have met with
8:00 am
the family of walter scott, the man killed by a police officer as scott was running away. it was all captured on video by an eyewitness. the officer involved 33-year-old michael slager is now charged with murder. still, a rally held by black lives matter campaign is being held right now. this afternoon also city officials are set to hold a news conference. we certainly want to warn you the video which we're about to show you is disturbing. [ gunfire ] >> slager was arrested yesterday shortly after the "new york times" released that video of the shooting captured by the bystander. this happened again saturday morning. now rk scott a coast guard veteran and father of four was initially pulled over for a broken taillight on his mercedes benz. according to "new york times" moments before the shooting


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