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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. right now an andrea"andrea mitchell reports", caught on tape. a police officer in south carolina shoots and kills a man as the man is running away after a routine traffic stop. the officer has been charged with murder. this morning, the mayor and police chief visited the family of the victim 50-year-old walter scott. >> when i looked at that tape that was the most horrible thing i've ever seen. i am very very upset. i almost couldn't look at it. to see my son running defenselessly, being shot it
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just tore my heart to pieces. an american is killed in afghanistan. a u.s. soldier has been killed two others wounded, when an afghan soldier opened fire on american forces in jalal bad while a u.s. embassy official was visiting. new details ahead. plus rand on the ropes after a slick 2016 presidential campaign rollout in kentucky. senator rand paul faces his first test an interview this morning with "today" show's savannah guthrie. >> have you changed your opinion -- >> there's a better way to approach an interview. >> is iran still not a threat? >> no no no no no. listen. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. another incident of deadly force by police causing an uproar
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across the country today. a white police officer in south carolina michael thomas slager is in jail charged with murder after disturbing cell phone video surfaced clearly showing him shooting an apparently unarmed black man, walter scott, multiple times in the back. the officer says he first fired his taser after scott ran from a car during a traffic stop. the video appears to show an object. it's not clear whether it is the stun gun either tossed or knocked to the ground behind the man. as the video continues, the officer then places mr. scott in handcuffs. he then returns to where the two men initially had struggled, picks something off the ground then returns and dropped that object near scott's body. msnbc's treymain lee joins me from south carolina. there's been a murder charge apologies, explanations from the mayor and other officials.
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>> that's right. i think everyone here is using ferguson as a point of reference. they say unlike ferguson where authorities dragged their feet on not just releasing details about the situation but also announcing they presented to a grand jury here just days later, there's an indictment of this officer. here people say the system is working, but it's working in a way that indicates a long history, they say, of racial profiling, of various abuses. so while there isn't that uproar you saw in ferguson that raw anger, there is concern that this is just, you know more of the same in terms of what led to the young man's death. >> and the mayor visited the family. we wanted to play a little bit of that. >> it was personal between the family and us but to let them know we love them we care for them, we're sorry for what has happened. that doesn't make it go away.
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we're just very appreciative of their attitude in working with us. and we'll be there for them for the long haul. that's what they needed to know. >> trymanine, this is a community that's 50% african-american, the police force, only 20% african-american. we still have the same basic imbalance on the police force, even though the reaction from the mayor is very different from ferguson. >> as we've learned so many lessons from ferguson the tone was completely different and has been from the very beginning i spoke earlier with the ncaa vice president over in charleston. they say while they're satisfied so far and want the process to take its course they still want federal authorities, the department of justice, the fbi, to really come in here and take a good deep look at all the local agencies because again, they say that while this situation is playing out much different than they've ever seen before, the fact a police officer was charged with murdering someone, an unarmed black man, is shocking in
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itself. they still want a closer look at these municipalities and agencies policing these communities for so long. >> we're told by the justice department that the fbi is officially investigating whether there was a civil rights case here. this morning, nbc's matt lauer asked walter scott's father about the video of his son's shooting and whether he believes the outcome would have been the same without a cell phone video capturing the shooting. >> it would have never come to light. they would have swept it under the rug like they've done many others. and i thank god that this young man, whoever it was, had the video. when i saw it i fell to my feet and my heart was broken. i said oh no it can't be. when i saw it i just couldn't take it anymore. >> south carolina congressman james clyburn joins me now. this is a very sad day for the country, for the community,
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clearly. what about south carolina and what this says about police use of force in that community and elsewhere? >> well, thank you so much for having me andrea. let me begin by extending my condolences to the scott family. i really really appreciate also that the mayor has gone to visit with them. i really appreciate the way he's handling there. having said that i'm not surprised at the shooting. i'm really saddened by it. and i'm not surprised by the chief's reaction to it. i want to thank the chief of the police department. he said that he views his department as a family and many of his police officers as children. but i want to say there comes a
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time in dealing with our children when we have to have some tough love. i think that this calls for some tough love in this instance. i'm sure he is going to respond that way. i know both these gentlemen, and i hope that they won't disappoint me in dealing with this issue. >> you know there was a tweet from lindsay graham who tweeted -- senator from south carolina. he tweeted, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of walter scott. the horrific video is very difficult to watch, deeply troubling on many fronts. so you've got a white republican senator joining you in expressing these thoughts. this is receiving universal condemnation. and really the differentiator here is the video. it's the fact that african-americans and other people have been claiming that police have been using deadly force with impunity in many communities for decades.
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and now we have cell phone video. is that the big difference? >> that is a big difference. i've said in many instances, i've advised young people keep your cell phones tuned up. keep the battery charged. don't hesitate to turn them on when you see things happening that's unbecoming or you think may cross the line. because i think that we are going to have to do more of this because i think that's what it's going to take for police officers to really think twice before pulling their weapons. to see a young man running away -- they had his car. he's running away from his car. they didn't have any problems identifying him. why pull out your service revolver and start shooting? i mean eight times.
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and the man is running away from you throughout the entire ordeal. what is that about? and i think that a climate has been created in the country. i've been saying this for some time now. i get nasty little letters telling me about playing the race card. well, i'm not playing the race card. i think what is happening in too many of these instances, that these perpetrators are playing the race card. we're just responding to what they're doing. so this whole issue that police misconduct is an issue that all of us know is here and must be dealt with and we ought to stop making excuses and ought to stop holding -- start holding people accountable for them because that's all that's going to be required for us to make this thing right. >> is there a law in south
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carolina congressman, which doesn't permit police or doesn't encourage police to have video cams? >> no. i think if all the information i've gotten is correct, north charleston police department has just received somewhere around $400,000 for -- to equip their officers with cameras. if that is correct, i hope they will do it. there's no law against it. in fact, there have been laws proposed to did it universally. if they have the federal grant to do it i hope they will do it though i still am not comfortable with just dealing with police cameras. we got to deal with police training. we've got to deal with sensitivity. just having the cameras there to help verify what you're doing, i
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don't think that gets at the issue at all. the issue is whether or not you're going to treat everybody out there with the same dignity and respect that you treat people who may be your next door neighbors. or because we learn in the book of luke that your neighbor is the one who shows compassion. so we need to be neighborly show compassion and stop being so trigger happy when we find ourselves in these kinds of situations. >> congressman jim clyburn, thank you very much for joining us on a really difficult today. appreciate it sir. >> well thank you so much for having me. and on another political front, rand paul is in new hampshire where he started the day by taking on none other than savannah guthrie on the "today" show. not a good move. it was a memorable interview that quickly went down for the newly declared presidential
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candidate. >> you seem to have changed over the years. you once said iran was not a threat. now you say it is. you once proposed ending foreign aid to israel. you now support it at least for the time being. and you once offered to drastically cut -- >> before we -- >> wait wait. wanted to cut defense spending. now you want to increase it 16%. i just wonder if you've mellowed out. >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me okay? before we go through a litany of things you say i've changed on why don't you ask me a question have i changed my opinion? >> have you changed your opinion -- >> that's a better way to approach an interview. >> is iran still not a threat? >> no no no no. listen. you've editorialized. let me answer a question. you ask a question and say, have your views changed instead of editorializing and saying my views have changed. >> chuck todd is nbc political news director and moderator of "meet the press." what can you say? >> this is a standard trick in the playbook of some
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politicians. they don't like the premise of a question they know puts -- exposes hypocrisy and does this you know, you immediately attack the premise, attack the thing. it's sort of standard. particularly, i think some republican candidates believe there's no downside to it because the base is always ginned up when you beat up the press. you're never going to have the base republican voters side with the press. but i think he's developing a -- he's got to be careful here. this is turning into a habit, particularly over -- this is now two prominent women interviewers -- >> kelly evans of cnbc. >> savannah now. he seems to jump on it before -- this is a tricky place for him to be. he needs to probably watch videotape of himself. >> because the rollout was widely praised. >> well done. absolutely. it's like this is -- this seems to be -- >> but the rollout was an orchestrated, carefully
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constructed, no-interview zone. it's very different when you go up against -- >> any interview here. last night on fox, even with hannity, he wasn't as argumentative as he was with savannah, but he's trying to brush off the past as if oh well, i was just talking. i was a private citizen saying crazy stuff. pay no attention to what rand paul of 2007 said. that isn't that long ago. he certainly was preparing to be a public figure. he was a surrogate for his father's campaign. you know especially if he wants to bring up things that are 25 years old with the clintons he's got to be prepared to deal with things that are eight or nine years old with him. >> especially since he doesn't have a long track record in public life. >> right. >> if he wants to be a senator jumping into this the way barack obama did, you have to be prepared to answer questions about where you were ten or so
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years ago. let's talk about iran because this is the huge white house push. now you've got tim cain and chuck schumer signing on to the corker bill which would give congressional oversight. it's still to be negotiated just when, and i think there's a lot of running room there, to make it more compatible with what the white house wants, which not to interfere with this during these next three months when they still try to nail down the details. >> it does appear the white house is trying to -- they've sort of -- they realize this corker bill is inevitable. schumer signing on to it may almost make it inevitable this thing is going to pass. you get a sense they're trying to shape it. shape and delay, which is try to figure out ways to amend it. you know i was talking to somebody very familiar with one of the senators before they signed on to corker even giving the white house an opportunity to talk them out of it. they couldn't, but said hey, before you sign on maybe you want to do this.
9:16 am
maybe ask corker to change this part of it. the point is the white house has found ways they think they could grudgingly accept the corker bill if they can amend it. >> now at this hour at least when we went on the air, john kerry was with the president of the united states. the president is waiting for a recommendation from kerry to -- >> cuba, right? >> to delist cuba as a state sponsor of terror. nobody involved in this process has been able to find any evidence of terrorist activity by cuba going back at least until 1996 when there was the miami-based anti-cuba group. so it's very clear what john kerry's recommendation is going to be. it could be now. it could be any time from now. we expected it before the big summit where raul castro and president obama will meet on the margins of the summit this week. >> i think the question was whether it was going to come before he leaves or does he do
9:17 am
it at the summit as an olive branch there. other than that it feels like -- >> and the president will go along with this. that starts a 45-day clock once the president submits it to congress. the congress has to affirmative affirmatively vote to overturn the designation being lifted. that's very unlikely given the current complexion. a lot of republicans want a better relationship with cuba. this is so fundsamentally important. the cubans are furious about this. american banks are refusing to give them credit here in the u.s. their diplomats can't even cash a check because they say they're not going to do it. >> this is inevitable. i think the timing is fascinating. we're going to have marco rubio announcing his presidential bid on monday. this is going to come up. but even his rhetoric on the president's cuba policy has shifted from i can't believe he's saying he would never have done this to well slow down how quickly you plan on doing this. i think what that is that gets to the point you were just
9:18 am
making. there's support in congress to basically move on and start this new relationship with cuba. enough support there that taking them off the terror list i don't think -- look you're going to see some loud complaints from some predictable corners on, this but beyond that, i think you're right. i don't think there's universal republican support for this. >> but there is universal support for something. >> what's that? >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> i was seeing if we could -- >> we can't do that. >> the gridiron. >> is this red velvet? >> it is. >> somebody told you right. the best chocolate red thing you can have. so thank you. >> we love you, chuck. thank you. >> can i eat it? >> yes, you can. and coming up more on a serious story from south carolina. of course, the shocking video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black man. >> no more! >> no more! >> no more! >> no more!
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this is not an isolated incident. eight shots in the back. >> in the back. >> we are screaming no more. >> no more! >> no more! >> no more! >> no more! >> a rally by the group black lives matter outside the north charleston city hall this morning, reacting to the shooting death of walter scott. another instance of an interracial police shooting adding to already strained relations in law enforcement. i'm joined now by the president and director council of the naacp legal defense and education fund. thank you very much for being with us. we know that eight shots were fired from the police officer's gun.
9:23 am
we don't know how many actually hit mr. scott. that will all be determined. but how important was it that there was cell phone video? because it certainly tells a very different story than the police incident report. >> andrea i think many people would agree that were it not for the cell phone video in this case, the officer's account of this case would probably be the account that was accepted by law enforcement and by the prosecutor's office. the account that he was in a struggle with walter scott and in the midst of that struggle he fired his weapon. we've heard this so often before. we've heard about the gun that suddenly winds up next to the victim. we've heard of -- you know we saw his hand move to his waistband. these are becoming troeps in the african-american community terms that we're all familiar with. and they're not believed. i was watching the video you showed of the rally outside city hall in north charleston today. i think it's important for
9:24 am
people to understand that lest they think it is limited, the concern, to the black lives matter movement or to protesters in particular cities or locations, i've been talking with people all over this country, young people, faith leaders, church members, some of the most influential business leaders in this country who are african-american, and this issue is number one for everyone. we are in the midst of a national crisis and the crisis is that a significant number of americans are losing or have lost faith in the rule of law and lost faith in our law enforcement system because of what we saw on that horrific video. >> and the differentiator i was talking to jim clyburn about this earlier, is really the video. we've had decades of african-americans believing that they have been treated unfairly in fatal or otherwise incidents with law enforcement. but now there's proof. and that kind of proof could have been what led to the difference in the way the mayor
9:25 am
and the police chief responded here in north charleston compared to ferguson. >> well i think that's true although i have to say it's kind of an interesting phenomenon that we've seen in south carolina over the past year not only in this case but many people have seen the video of the african-american man shot four times by a trooper when he was just trying to retrieve his i.d. that officer was prosecuted. so interestingly, south carolina has had a number of prosecutions of police officers, which sadly have not happened in some of the other jurisdictions we've seen this year. there have not yet been convictions. and that, i think, is critically important. i think what you point out, andrea about the video, says something very deep about the way in which this is received by african-americans. we have not been believed. we have been talking about this for decades. we have been giving our accounts, and we have not been believed. there has to come a point when
9:26 am
the word of an african-american citizen also has value. so i'm glad that people can now see the truth. it shouldn't have taken this, but now that we all can overcome the credibility gap that seemed to plague this issue over the last few decades, it is time now for us to step up and realize there is a problem that affects not just african-americans but everyone in this country when a man like walter scott can be chased like prey and killed by a law enforcement official. >> and what is the solution here? it's not just video, as you point out. is there training? is there a different kind of exam of attitudes before people are given guns and sworn in as law enforcement officers? >> anndreaandrea, i think we have to be looking at who are we bringing in to the police force. we should be looking for the best and brightest, the most upstanding, those with the greatest mental toughness, and those with the greatest empathy not just those who are willing to shoot their guns. and the training has to include
9:27 am
training on bias both explicit and implicit how to de-escalate encounters, how to deal with encounters with the mentally ill. we should be looking at the diversity of police departments. the federal government provides an extraordinary amount of funds to police departments across this country. those funds need to become contingent on the kind of training we've been talking about, and the training is not enough. there has to be supervising and accountability within the police department. the last thing i'll say is this is a national issue. i was listening to your conversation with chuck todd. i'm going to tell you if they want to come through the african-american community, every candidate who believes that they want to run for office to lead this country, that they want to be president of this country, should be asked this week about that video. they should be asked what they think. this is the time for those who want to be leaders to step up and face that we're in a moment of potential national crisis and to speak out and say wrong is wrong, right is right, justice is justice, and it's time that
9:28 am
we show courage and get our hands around this issue. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> and coming up jury deliberations in boston. an update from pete williams as we await a verdict in the marathon bombing trial. and just ahead, backstage husband. really? can bill clinton keep his promise to stay out of the spotlight as hillary gears up for a white house run? hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill?
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i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. a verdict could come at any time in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors are deliberating for a second day today. the jury was back in court this morning with two questions for the judge after deliberating for 7 1/2 hours on tuesday. if tsarnaev is convicted on any of the 17 death penalty charges, the penalty phase of the trial involving a decision about the death penalty could come as early as next week. nbc's justice correspondent pete
9:32 am
williams joins me now from boston, where he's been in the courtroom throughout this dramatic and emotional trial. pete, i know you were there when the jury asked their questions. they asked a question about conspiracy when does it start and stop and about aiding and abetting. one of the charges involved. is there any way to interpret what this means other than that this is a complicated case and the jurors have a lot to consider? >> a blustery day here andrea in boston. and the answer is no other than the fact that it must mean they read all 30 counts. those two questions apply to every count in the indictment. three of them are conspiracy counts. the other 27 all involve aiding and abetting. that's the government's theory here that this was a partnership, these crimes. the bombings the subsequent crime spree that happened that took all the way through thursday. they say that the two brothers were intimately involved with both and that that's why the aiding and abetting charge and the conspiracy charge are really the hallmark of this case. it's not surprising that we didn't get a verdict yesterday.
9:33 am
there are 30 counts a separate page for each. many of the counts have subparts. it requires the jury to answer a total of 99 separate questions. i've asked a couple of law professors today what their interpretation is of these questions. they both say it just means the jurors are being very thorough. >> so it doesn't mean in any sense that they could be dismiss manager the central argument here that dzhokhar was involved with his brother. the defense was that his brother was influential, was the key instigator. but they would have to decide that dzhokhar with all of that video evidence of him placing the bomb and walking away and buying the milk and all the rest and being unrepentant, that he was completely influenced controlled by the brother? >> no it doesn't appear to mean that at all. i think the best thing is the law is full of things like aiding and abetting that are basically reduplications of each
9:34 am
other. it's an unfortunate fact about the law, but there's all sorts of repetitive things that mean the same thing. the jury was saying i think, probably saying well it says aiding and abetting so what's the difference between the two? there's an and there. they must be different. of course, they're not. that's basically what the judge told them. so i think they're just trying to get their hands around the peculiarities of the wording of the law. >> giszi guess we now know the composition of the jury and who they chose as a foreperson. >> no we don't know who the foreman is. we won't know that until the verdict. >> but we know the composition, men and women. >> yes. seven women, five men. pretty good cross section of boston. people who work for the city and the state, lawyers, engineers, a woman who's a registered nurse, a fashion designer, an unemployed auditor. this jury took about two months to select. now it's down to 12.
9:35 am
the six alternates who were in the courtroom for the entire trial, now have to sit outside while the jurors the 12 are deliberating. they have to be there in case any one of the jurors drops out. and the same thing will happen to them during the second phase. they'll have to sit through the trial and still be available when the deliberation comes on part two. >> and forgive me my asking i'm not familiar with what's been happening up there on this issue. since they went out, are they sequestered? >> no there's no sequestration. the jury hasn't been sequestered during the entire trial, and it won't be either for the deliberations or the second phase. >> pete williams on a blustery day, as you point out, up there in boston. thank you. and coming up a campaign promise. bill clinton speaking out on his future role on team hillary. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating
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9:39 am
to make it official any day now. this week next week. but even before she announces, bill clinton is talking about how the couple will handle their campaign roles. he told "town and country" magazine he'll be the backstage adviser this time around. joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza msnbc contributor and founder of "the washington post" fix blog, and julie pace, white house correspondent at "the associated press." both of us all of us have watched bill clinton for a long time. chris, it's interesting to think of him as a backstage adviser. >> yeah interesting is one word for it andrea. unlikely might be another. look, you have two competing things here. one is that bill clinton is probably the most popular, certainly ex-politician, in the country. his favorable ratings have never been higher particularly in a democratic primary. he's seen as a credible serious person who led the country through what democrats believe was, you know, eight great years. on the other hand, we have the
9:40 am
relatively recent history of the fact that during the 2008 campaign, particularly in a state like south carolina, some of the comments he made about barack obama and about the primary more generally were not helpful to his wife's campaign. so taking advantage of his popularity while avoiding the mistakes of last time it's a tough and delicate balance. >> and there are a lot of layers to this, but as you point out, and joou lie pace you know this very well he's talking about his role and trying to differentiate it from what it was in 2008. he says at one point, i'm not mad at anybody, i'm a grandfather, and i got to see my granddaughter last night. i can't be mad. which reminds you of how angry he was and how that did affect voters in a couple of states. >> absolutely. we're going to see the softer side of bill clinton here. there's been a lot of talk about hillary clinton showing the grandmotherly side of her. we may see the grandfatherly side of bill clinton.
9:41 am
what he does in the campaign i think, particularly in the first couple of months still seems to be something of an open question. there's a desire from the hillary clinton campaign to have her in smaller events perhaps that means he ends up in bigger events. they also want to build out her biography as an individual separate from bill clinton. she's obviously going to be associated with him, but they want people to get to know her. so that could argue for a lower profile role particularly at the start of the campaign. >> it also would argue for keeping him not only from overshadowing her but also for her to be, you know striking out on her own more and not seeming to be a replay of clinton one and two. you don't want a third clinton term. that's going to be one of the big issues chris. >> yeah look -- >> this is something new and fresh and she's a change agent focusing on her gender rather than another clinton presidency. >> that's right. and look the thing they can't change is her last name is clinton. there's going to be some level
9:42 am
of this is a third clinton term. that's an easy attack. i think what she -- at least what we're hearing she'll try to do is focus more on her biography, on her accomplishments. and look, i always say this to people. whether you like or dislike her, whether you think she would be a good president or bad president, her resume is deep and quite impressive. she's been the nation's top diplomat. she's been a senator from new york. she's been the first lady. she was an accomplished person all the way dating back to college. so focusing on her, and i would argue the historic nature of her candidacy as likely to be the first female nominee for either party, was probably always the right strategy. in the planning stage, they've realized that central. >> a lot of things are in place, julie. what are you hearing about
9:43 am
timing? we know the lease was signed last week. according to law there's 15 days or so after spending money on a campaign you're supposed to announce it. >> yeah we are right in the middle of that window right now. the actual date is probably one of the most closely guarded secrets, i would say, in politics. it's become this elaborate guessing game. people say she wont announce on tax day, april 15th. april 14th happens to be equal payday. seems like there could be a thematic tie-in there. this is a matter of days not weeks, at this point. >> and julie, are we going to have another video launch or are there going to be events? >> if you look at both hillary clinton's history from 2008 and what candidates have been doing in the last couple campaigns, it seems likely you'll have some sort of social media announcement, whether it's a video, twitter. this is not just a way to put the message out there, but it's also a great way for campaigns to gather data and information about potential supporters.
9:44 am
so i would look for something in that nature first, and you'll see her hit the road quickly in states like iowa and new hampshire. >> julie pace chris cillizza, thanks so much. and it wasn't easy but the second time around was the charm for chicago mayor rahm emanuel, who won his second term last night in a run-off victory. he beat his challenger jesus garcia by 11 points last night in the city's first ever mayoral run-off. he was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate. and coming up a u.s. soldier killed today in a deadly shooting in afghanistan. new details just ahead. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. it tastes better when you grow it. it tastes even better when you share it. it's not hard, it's doable. it's growable. get going with gro-ables. miracle-gro. life starts here.
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9:48 am
scene. the incident occurred after a meeting between afghan and u.s. embassy officials. the motive for the attack remains unclear. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me now. i know you've been investigating this all morning. this is another ambush another insider attack and exactly what the new government of afghanistan had said they were going to try to prevent. >> you know interestingly enough, u.s. military had feared this kind of attack on american forces the most as the u.s. draws down. and begins to draw its forces out of afghanistan. what the military calls a green-on-blue attack would occur at a moment's notice. it's almost like a lone wolf in uniform. you never know when an individual like this is going to strike. that's what happened this morning. as you say, one soldier killed two wounded. and it did happen shortly after a high-level meeting between
9:49 am
u.s. government officials and afghan officials. and we're told that it was u.s. ambassador donald yamamoto who's been assigned to the military as a political adviser there in afghanistan. fortunately, his group had departed before the shooting occurred. as you said no motive established, not clear yet any kind of militant or taliban ties but it is a good example, or you could say a bad example, actually, of how dangerous it is for the u.s. military even as they withdraw, they're still in harm's way every day as long as there are boots on the ground in afghanistan. >> and we do know that they're slowing down that withdrawal after the agreement with president ghani. this still means, though they're going to be withdrawing. it's only a matter of months before the end of the year. and that clock is ticking. >> that's right. but the number of forces that are going to remain in afghanistan is going to be
9:50 am
around that 10,000 mark. but by the end of next year 2016, all of those forces are supposed to be out, except for a very small local force that would work with the primarily in the capital working with the government and military leadership there. so the clock for them is ticking, but president obama turned that clock back just a little bit to keep more forces in there for the time being to assist the afghans in their transition to taking over all the military operations there in afghanistan. >> jim miklaszewski from the pentagon thank you very much. and coming up close encounters. a preview of the highly anticipated meeting between president obama and cuba's raul castro coming this week in panama city. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology
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which political story will
9:54 am
make headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza is back with us. it could very well have to do with cuba with cuba attending the latin american summit for the first time since the u.s. removed its objections. the white house faces a big decision. as soon as the recommendation comes from john kerry to lift cuba the terror designation on cuba, which by all accounts there's no substantive reason for many decades to keep that going. we expect that any day now, if not even today. >> you know this better than i, but taking cuba off the list of u.s. state-sponsored terrorist countries would be a huge deal. raul castro attending the summit, more than three decades in coming. big news. the president not scheduled -- your information may be quicker and more updated than mine but when i last checked, not scheduled to do any sort of
9:55 am
bilateral meeting one on one with mr. castro although obviously the opportunity for photo ops will certainly arise. certainly a very big deal. both symbolically and otherwise. >> i think what's going to happen, if it's not an official meeting, it's going to be a meeting along the margins. they'll meet. they will visit. they will talk as they've talked on the phone already. first there's going to be a john kerry and bruno rodriguez meeting on thursday which is the highest level meeting between a u.s. and cuban official since the embargo in more than half a century. we have a new nbc news marist poll. 59% of all registered voters 56% of latinos with a margin of error of 3%. identical findings. in favor of the diplomatic opening to cuba resuming relations. >> and just one quick note.
9:56 am
congress will be watching. obviously we know about the debate in congress about iran and the sanctions or lifting of the sanctions in the wake of a deal. but cuba as well has been a point of significant consternation and disagreement. they'll be watching what happens down in panama as well. >> and so will we. in fact, we're headings down there. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." join us tomorrow and friday as we report live from the summit of the americas in panama city. remember follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter @mitchellreports. thomas roberts joins us with what's coming up next on "msnbc live." >> you have one of the busiest passports of anybody i know. >> it's true. >> all right. thanks andrea. coming up next we'll take you live to south carolina and the north charleston mayor speaking out on the stunning video of a police officer allegedly killing a man after a routine traffic stop. we've got the moment by moment analysis of how that shooting unfolded. and we're going to get reaction from the ground. just see it for yourself and you can decide. the hashtag #rudepaul is picking
9:57 am
up steam with people asking if rand paul can answer the tough questions. and a late-day jolt of mojo mika joins me. it's all coming up on "live with thomas roberts" after this.
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reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. coming up today on "msnbc live," we're awaiting this live news conference from officials in north charleston, south carolina. this is a day after michael slager, the officer arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott. we're going to lay out exactly what we know and how the video captures the tragic event as it unfolds. plus, we're also following these new developments out of afghanistan where three american soldiers have been shot, one fatly, in this now deadly exchange of gunfire. right now we're awaiting the white house response to reports of a shocking cyber security breach by russian hackers. we're going to take you live to the north lawn for an


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